Deadly Outbreak (1995) Movie Script

[music playing]
55 seconds.
Relax, Ramos.
[phone ringing]
Baron here.
We're all done here.
The five devices
have been placed.
Washington's ready
to blow, Colonel.
You better hurry, you
have a plane to catch.
[suspenseful music]
[beeping noises]
I see you're still workingon your little side project.
Is that a correct
assumption, Dr. Levin?
Dr. Berg, it's a derivativeof the bio-asset X antitoxin.
Could be far more effective.
Have you tested it?
No, it's just
a theory for now.
The US Delegation
is arriving tomorrow
for a demonstration of thecompound and it's antitoxin.
I need you to process fourounces from the storage room.
I'll have it ready for you.
DR. BERG: Thank you, doctor.
[boy giggling]
[man groaning]
Oh, man!
Come on, dad,
teach me how to kick.
OK, come on.
Up you go.
All right, go on your left.Aim for the ball.
This is called a heel hook, OK?
All right, hands facing
each other, knees bent.
Now, lean forward, look behindyou, and lift your back heel.
OK, again.
Lean forward, look
behind you, kick.
One more.
So, lean forward,
look back, kick.
TJ: Dad, what's this kick for?
Well, it's in case somebodycomes around like this.
[dutton groaning]
Dad, are you OK?
Good kick.
I'm fine.
[music playing]
MAN: Target jet now in range.
Switch to manual heading 250.
Hey, fellas, would
you like some coffee?
[gun firing]
[music playing]
MAN: Global 257,
descend to 5,000.
Roger.United Heavy, turn to 030.
[gun firing]
Continue to point B.Colonel Baron, Luther here.
I have control of the jet.
OK, jam the radar.
You ready?
1, 2, 3, now.
What the hell?
What's going on?
348 just disappeared.
It's not working.
[music playing]
It's-- it's back.
It's right.
Got it.
LUTHER: Good luck, Colonel.
Well, pal, it's about timefor the old man go to work.
What do you say,
you ready to go?
Just don't forget
about tomorrow.
What's tomorrow?
Oh, tomorrow.
As in your birthday
tomorrow, right?
Yeah, don't forget.
I wouldn't forget about it.
In fact, I gotta get
going, get to the store.
TJ: Cool.
So get me something
better than last year.
Last year?
Last year, I took you
to the circus last year.
Yeah, with what's-her-name.
Well, listen, got
to get you home.
You got homework,
and I got work work.
[music playing]
Gentlemen, I hope
you keep in mind
that there's a big
payday in store for you
if the mission is successful.
Don't fuck this up.
BARON: Hello.
I'm Dr. Andrews, head
of the delegation.
BENNY: Hello.
Pleased to meet you, doctor.
I'm Benny Epstein,
head of Research
Defense Institute security.
This is Sergeant Hatfieldfrom the US embassy.
Welcome to Israel, doctor.
Thank you, Sergeant.
BENNY: We'll be escortingyour delegation to the hotel.
But we won't be
going to the hotel.
This is for Dr. Berg.
He's expecting us,
as you can see.
And we're kind of
anxious to get started.
Well, these aren't
my orders, sir.
I suggest you call Dr. Berg.
[dialing phone]
This your car, soldier.
Yes, sir.
Doctor Ramos, you
and I will accompany
Sergeant Hatrack in his car.
Hatfield, sir.
It's Hatfield.
- Close.
My apologies, Sergeant Hatfield.
It's confirmed, sir.
We're to escort you
to RDI immediately.
If you don't
mind, Mr. Epstein,
my assistants and I
will ride with Sergeant
Hatfield in his car.
That is, if he doesn't mind.
No, it's my pleasure.
[music playing]
BARON: Will you be
joining us on a tour
of the facilities, Sergeant?
No, sir, Doc.
My job is just to ensureyour safe arrival at RDI.
Oh, we appreciate
that, Sergeant.
How long have you been
in special operations?
A little over 10 years.
How did you know I
was in special ops?
I was a career man myself.
Is that so?
I was point man
military intelligence.
Retired a colonel.
That's quite a career, sir.
It was a long time ago.
Another life.
Tell me, Sergeant,
seen any action?
Stupid war.
Stupid war.
Could have eliminated
Saddam in '85.
Most people are so afraid tomake a decision, that they
don't make any one at all.
Minimum risks, maximum results.
Is that why
you're retired now?
Let's just say I gave
advice to my superior.
He disagreed.
Now he's the head of theJoint Chiefs, and I'm retired.
[music playing]
Delegation approaching.
Oh man, what have
you got in here, Doc?
The kitchen sink?
Some of our equipment's heavy.
[music playing]
[knocking at glass]
Dr. Andrews.
It is a pleasure and
great honor for me
that you have brought allthese brilliant minds to RDI.
All the honor is mine.
I can't tell you what a pleasureit is to finally meet the world
renowned Dr. Berg, whose workcan save and destroy the world.
Thank you.
Let me introduce myassistant, Dr. Eliot Stein.
And two of my mostbrilliant chemist Dr. Abrams
and Dr. Burkowski.
Why don't I introduce
my colleagues
once we're inside the facility.
Had a rather bumpy ride.
Please, follow me.
[music playing]
I have name tags for everyone.
Dr. Andrews.
MAN: Yeah.
DR. BERG: Dr. Shone.
DR. SHONE: Here.
DR. BERG: Dr. Johnston?
Right here.
DR. BERG: Dr. Shafer?
DR. SHAFER: Right here.
DR. BERG: Dr. Landis?
Right here.
DR. BERG: Dr. Belsberg?
DR. BERG: Dr. Ramos.
Dr. Stanislov?
Dr. Stanislov?
I can't seem to
find Dr. Stanislov.
Well, it's not the firsttime he's fallen behind.
He'll catch up.
Eliot, I'll take that.
He'll be with us shortly.
Identify yourself.
Corporal, stop that man.
[gun firing]
Colonel, enjoy
your stay in Israel.
Leaving us all
already, Sergeant?
Yes, sir.
Mission accomplished.
You're going to
miss all the fun.
Well, knock yourself out, Doc.
Nice man.
Well, Dr. Berg, if we're throughwith all the formalities,
shall we proceed
to the facility?
Of course.
Dr. Buklowski, Dr. Abrams,Eliot, please follow me.
The rest of you, enjoy
the refreshments.
[music playing]
[gate buzzing]
Hey, excuse me, do I turn leftto go back out to the highway?
Excuse me, hey.
[guns firing]
[van exploding]
What the hell--
Holy shit.
Base sector four,
we're under attack.
Come in.
MAN: Ring the alarm!
Quick, call for backup!
MAN: They've got guns!
[guns firing]
Oh my god.
[guns firing]
[music playing]
Oh, shit.
Well, this is anotherlesson I've got myself into.
[music playing]
IRA: This is RDI.
We're under attack.
Come in, please!
WOMAN: Colonel, you
better get this.
IRA: There are terrorists here.
I repeat, there are
terrorists here, over.
[gun firing]
Hold tough.
We're on our way.
Just hurry.
MAN: Eight ball in
the corner pocket.
[grenade exploding]
Get down, motherfuckers.
[guns firing]
Go check on the others.
Ira, come in.
What's happening?
What's happening is
the guards are dead.
We control RDI now.
Be cool, bro.
We'll be in touch.
OK, patch General
Levy to my car.
Let's go, boys.
We've got a situation.
MAN: Yes, sir.
[music playing]
[alarm sounding]
[music playing]
[guns firing]
Over there!
[guns firing]
[barrels exploding]
Good choice of cover, Dutton.
[guns firing]
COMPUTER: Good evening.
Enter password.
Password accepted.
Communications blocked.
[music playing]
Well, hope the toy
store stays open late.
What's going on
here, Dr. Berg.
How do you do?
Welcome to my party.
Would you like to accompany us?
Get your hands off me.
That's no way to treat a lady.
I must apologize for
my colleagues behavior.
Shall we?
Who are you?
My name is Ira Finer.
I'm a guard here, sir.
All right, relax, Rambo.
I'm Sergeant Hatfield, USMC.
I'm one of the good guys.
Colonel, I just saw the
embassy boy and a guard
in the north hallway.
BARON: Good job, Hopper.
Keep your position.
They shut off
all communications.
They killed all
the other guards.
Isn't there anyone left?
I saw Dr. Levin
hiding in the restroom.
All right, look, exactlywhat do they manufacture?
Well, I'm not sure.
I know that they're workingwith chemicals or something.
Dr. Levin, she
would know better.
Dr. Levin.
All right.
I've got to get to
her before they do.
Look, you just keep goingthe way you're going.
Try to find your way out.
You'll be all right.
IRA: Wait, are you
leaving me here?
All right, here, take this.
There's one in the chamber.
The safety is on.
Shoot anything that moves andlet God sort out the rest.
Don't worry.
You're going to be all right.
Where's the compound?
Dr. Levin, she must have it.
The alarm triggers a time lock.
This door cannot be openedfor another 10 hours.
I'll find Dr. Levin.
I promise.
Dr. Berg, you find her,
or you're a dead man.
Colonel Baron.
Colonel Baron, the American,the one who was driving the car,
he's still in the facility.
Yeah, Mr. Gallo
here let him go.
Let me go after him, Colonel.
We'll go to the
communication center
and we'll proceed from there.
I want to know everythingthere is to know
about this Mr. Hatfield.
I want to know it now.
[music playing]
[sirens waling]
Come on.
Get you men to the
evacuation tunnel.
It's the only way in.
MAN: Got it, sir.
Colonel, the phone
system is deactivated.
I also saw a woman
in the third floor
restroom holding a cylinder.
Gentlemen, would
you be kind enough
to go to the second floor andbring me back Hatfield's head.
Go to the third floorrestroom, get the compound.
Kill the woman.
Doctor, the blueprints please?
You fuck up this time, andboth your heads are on my wall.
[music playing]
The evacuation tunnel.
Give them 30 minutes to
start the counterattack.
[music playing]
Move it!
We've made contact, sir.
Yeah, this is Colonel Gideon.
Colonel Gideon, yoursecurity forces have surrounded
the fort, I'm afraid.
Surrender the facility
before we storm it.
I have all the chemicalsstored in this facility
wired to explode.
We are not going
to be intimidated.
That's very
admirable, Colonel.
Let me give you a taste
of the destructive power
that I control.
[device beeping]
[bomb exploding]
I'll get back to you.
Well, I think we got
their attention now.
Good job.
You'll get your share.
[music playing]
[device beeping]
This will add a little color.
[ira gasping]
[guns firing]
- Lost another one, asshole.- What?
Like your shit doesn't stink?
No, it doesn't stink.
[music playing]
Damn it.
Please, this is impossible.
Where are you, bitch?
MAN: Knock it off, Gunther.
We got our orders.
I know Baron said
kill the bitch.
Hey, fuck the girl.
We need the stuff.
I say have a little fun withher before we waste her ass.
[music playing]
Hello, baby.
You don't know
what you're doing.
Really, you don't.
- Oh yes, I do.
Believe me, I do.
Get off.
Get your hands off me!
Let go!
Let go!
[allie screaming]
Fucking bitch.
[music playing]
Get off!
Come on, man.
Let's do bitch and go.
Don't fuck with me, bitch.
Come on, baby.
That's not practicing safe sex.
[gun firing]
[music playing]
Are you all right?
Hey, are you all right?
Yeah, I think so.
Who are they?
I don't know.
But I'm going to find out.
And while we're
at it, who are you?
I'm Sergeant Hatfield.
I'm with the US embassy.
I escorted these guys in here.
Good work.
You know, I just saved
your bacon, sweetheart.
And now you're complaining.
You know, you need to
check your priorities.
What the hell are you doing?
The man's unconscious.
Yeah, well, when he
wakes up, he's going
to have to crawl after us.
Be careful.
Give that to me.
And I am not your sweetheart.
Sorry, darling.
Is this what they're after?
All right.
Whatever it is, I got toget it and you out of here.
Get ready.
[music playing]
Hey, Doc, don't you
think I should go first?
You got a phone
around here, Doc?
ALLIE: There's one in my office.
What the hell's
in there anyway?
Possibly the most
deadly chemical
warfare agent ever designed.
If it makes contact
with water, it causes
death almost instantaneously.
Gallo, you find the American?
Not yet.
Nice line of work
you're in, babe.
Don't call me babe.
It's Dr. Levin.
But you can call me doctor.
Would you give me
a break with this--
BARON: Arutunian.
Arutunian and Gunther,do you have the compound?
Sorry, Colonel.
I got the babe and
the magic sauce.
My old buddy, Sergeant Hatrack.
It's Hatfield.
It's good to hear your voice.
How you doing?
Your party stinks.
There's not enough ice cream andthere are way too many clowns.
Look, Dutton Elvis Hatfield--
I was born in Memphis.
--now you stop fuckingaround and give me what I want.
That way the hostages don'tget hurt, and no one else
has to die.
Well, sorry, Colonel.
That's my other line.
Got to go.
[music playing]
MAN: General Miller, theWhite House needs an update.
Call them as
soon as we're done.
All right, give me
the file on Baron.
MAN: I have it right here, sir.
Looks like Sergeant
Rambo wants to play.
Storage room.
And all of the entrances
are rigged, Colonel.
BARON: Good.
Go to the second floor.
Kill the sergeant
and his girlfriend,
and bring me back the cylinder.
Yes, sir.
My office is right here.
All of the offices
have an emergency exit
leading to evacuation tunnels incase of any chemical accident.
COMPUTER: Access authorized.
[gun firing]
[music playing]
Not now, Doc!
I'm busy!
[guns firing]
COMPUTER: Enter code.
Access denied.
Easy, slow down, slow down.
Come on.
OK, come on.
Well, General, I'm sorryto have kept you waiting,
but you know, if it's notone thing, it's another.
It's been a rather
hectic day here.
GENERAL MILLER: Stop the games.
What the hell do you want?
Well, for starters,
how about an apology
for the forced retirementyou made me accept?
Go to hell, Baron.
You're still a
goddamn embarrassment.
OK, General.
Now look, not only do I havecontrol of the RDI facility
here in Israel, but
as you already know,
I have Washington
rigged to blow.
Now, sir, do I have
your attention?
Go ahead.
I'll tell you
exactly what I want.
I want safe passage to
the Tel Aviv airport.
No interference with myjet landing or taking off.
Half a billion dollars wiredto an account, and $10 million
cash loaded onto my jet.
You're nuts.
A half a billion dollars.
Anyway, I have to
discuss passage
with the Israel authorities.
And when you speak to them, youmight want to explain to them
that I have Washington
ready to explode,
and the Middle East willbe thoroughly contaminated.
Now I think when you explain
that to them, they'll
find half a billion afairly small price to pay.
Why don't I get back to you?
[music playing]
[dial tone]
Get me the president, now.
[music playing]
Sub level one.
Right on schedule.
You made it.
You two know each other?
I guess you know
the good doctor here.
Come on, I got to get
you two out of here.
What do you mean, you two?
Are you coming?
Can't leave that maniac
staying in control.
Wait a second then, if you'restaying, I'm staying too.
No, you're not.
Those are my friends in there.
Hey, I wouldn't mind leaving.
MAN: Freeze!
Let me see your hands!
Sergeant Hatfield, US embassy.
[device beeping]
It's a trap!
[bomb exploding]
[men screaming]
[music playing]
[bomb exploding]
Anymore bright ideas?
What is it?
You're leaning on my chest.
Sorry about that.
You OK?
OK, come on.
Come on.
We gotta keep moving.
Let's go.
Get up.
Come on.
It's all clear.
Come on in.
Oh my god.
I hope this works.
Lucky guy.
Well, looks like you're
a Bogey fan, huh?
Well, here's looking
at you get, kiddo.
It's here's
looking at you, kid.
And he didn't say it to Bacall.He said it to Bergman.
Who do you want to contact?
Try to get to the US embassy.
BARON: Hopper, Gunther,
Hatfield and the girl
are in Dr. Levin's officeon the third floor.
How the--
[gun firing]
Jesus, Dutton.
Now can you do
something about that,
or am I going to have to shootevery camera in the place?
I'll try, OK?
Ira, stay here and take careof the good doctor, will you?
Where are you going?
To welcome our guests.
[music playing]
What the hell happened to you?
The bastard cut my leg,
and killed Arutunian.
[gunther shouting]
Watch it!
[music playing]
Oh, shit!
Son of a bitch!
[grenade exploding]
You think you can give us alittle more warning next time?
Only if you say please.
IRA: Are you OK?
COMPUTER: Enter password.
Password accepted.
I got into the
security system.
It's about time.
Dr. Berg?
What just happened?
Dr. Levin is a
computer genius.
I assume she
entered the security
system's computer and--
And what?
We have lost
our eyes and ears.
Yeah, well, I guess
it's the blind leading
the blind, isn't it Colonel?
I'm coming after you, Hatrack.
I'm online with the embassy.
What should I say?
RSO Dutton Hatfield.
Hostile take over at RDI.
Separated from enemy forces.
Running diversionary tactics.
Have enemy's target.
Biochemical agent.
[music playing]
They're not responding.
Any ideas?
[guns firing]
The door!
Open it!
Come on!
Move it!
Take cover.
[grenade exploding]
Come on!
[music playing]
General Miller, thesituation here is serious.
At the moment,
we have no answers.
However, I must ask you torefrain from the use of force
until I hear from the president.
With all respect,
sir, I don't exactly see
this is an American problem.
That madman hasWashington wired to blow.
The situation is
critical here as well.
I have my orders to
ensure that no one
pulls that asshole's chain.
Excuse me, General.
We have a lot ofexperience in our country
when it comes to terrorists.
You may be terrific
at state dinners,
but now these guys are
playing on our field.
We'll see about that, Colonel.
Let's go.
[music playing]
[steam hissing]
[music playing]
GALLO: Son of a bitch!
[dutton shouting]
[gun firing]
Get her out!
Come on, Doctor.
Come on.
Come on.
[allie gasping]
Surprise, surprise, Doctor.
[music playing]
How noble.
[gun firing]
[allie screaming]
Too bad.
You bastard.
Say goodbye, asshole.
Dutton, no!
Now you get yours.
When he wakes up, he'll
have to crawl after us.
DUTTON: You died a hero, pal.
It's OK.
[allie crying]
Why did they have to kill him?
Ira was too young to die.
Would you leave me alone?
Look, I know what you'vebeen through is tough,
but if I'm going to get
us out of here alive,
you have got to get it together.
I'm going to need your help.
I'm sorry.
It's not you.
[music playing]
My husband was a pilot
in the Air Force,
and was killed in Iraq.
He didn't have to die either.
I'm sorry, I--
I didn't know.
After Alex was killed, Iaccepted this fellowship,
and I forced myself
to work as many
hours possible so I don'thave to remember him,
to ease the pain.
That's my son, TJ.
I'm supposed to be out buyinghim a birthday present right
He's really cute.
He looks like you.
Well, his mother's on the backof a Harley somewhere, riding
around with my ex-best friend.
Do you still love her?
I'm just jealous now.
I always wanted to own a Harley.
[music playing]
You'll get us
out of here, right?
I have to.
Toy store opens at 9:00 AM.
Aw, fuck.
Taking a nap, Vartan?
Come on, get up.
Get up.
Get up!
Maybe with this,
you won't miss.
Come on.
Come on.
COMPUTER: Enter code.
Access authorized,
Hold it.
So where is the antitoxinto your magic sauce here?
I can't get to it.
But I have a formula thatbreaks down the oxidizing
agents of the compound.
So what's the problem?
Well, my formula hasn't
been tested in the lab.
It may not neutralize in
practical application.
Take this.
Go back to the lab.
Work on your formula.
[music playing]
Oh boy.
Well, if I can just remembermy explosives training,
I can do this.
I can do this.
OK, that means it's eitherthe green, or the red wire.
So I'm either going
to be real right,
or I'm gonna be real wrong.
Say good night.
[gun firing]
That way.
No, it's this way.
You wanna go that way, you go.
[music playing]
[hopper groaning]
Good night.
[music playing]
Come on, bad ass.
Come on!
[music playing]
Forgot to wear
your bulletproof cup.
[music playing]
Mr. Gallo.
Looks to me like you don'thave the cylinder with you.
- Vartan's dead.
- Where's Hatfield?
He's still alive.
If you fail again,
you'll envy Vartan.
You'll pray to join him.
Is that understood?
Now go find the girl.
Let's contact our
sergeant and tell him
that we'll be
executing a hostage
every 30 minutes if he doesn'tgive me what I came here for.
Dr. Berg.
Doctor, I would
like you to choose
one of your associates to die.
Or you die first.
Don't make me do this.
Choose one of the
hostages, Dr. Berg.
Wasting my time is not smart.
Dr. Abrams.
I'm sorry, who?
Dr. Abrams.
Oh my god, David, no.
David, please.
For the love of God, please.
Dr. Berg is
playing God tonight.
Why don't pray to him?
David, please.
No, David.
Honey, I'm home.
[allie gasping]
Jesus, you scared
the shit out of me.
What happened to-- oh my god.
Oh, it's nothing.
Forget about it.
It's deep.
Does it hurt?
Only when I breathe.
Be serious, OK?
Listen, that
stuff I said earlier
about babe and sweetheart,I didn't mean it.
That's-- I'm not used to beingaround the woman like you,
I guess.
Pulling my leg, aren't you?
[music playing]
I'm not.
So, how's it coming with
your magic potion here?
It's coming.
I need more time though.
It's coming.
BARON: Sergeant Hatrack,one hostage is already dead.
I want what's mine.
You have 10 minutes
to deliver it.
Bring it to the warehouse.
Hold that thought.
I ran out of bullets.
[music playing]
Take her.
If he's not there in
nine minutes, kill her.
WOMAN: Oh my god, no.
DR. ELIOT: Leave her alone!
Take me.
All right, take him.
Body's a body.
Well, the good news is itseems that Dr. Eliot likes you.
Bad news is he's
gonna be dead soon.
Dutton Elvis Hatfield!
Come on, Elvis.
It's showtime.
Bring it forward.
Let the hostage go.
I will.
Walk it forward now.
Come on, come on.
Put it down.
Right there.
Now back off.
Back up.
Back off!
Very good.
Now Doctor, you're gonna
go get the canister,
and you're gonna bring
it straight back to me.
Bring it back.
No detours.
Straight back to me.
Now, bring it back.
[gun firing]
[guns firing]
[music playing]
[tires squealing]
[music playing]
[gun firing]
[building exploding]
COMPUTER:Decontamination complete.
Exit authorized.
Dutton, I'm finished.
Dutton who?
Dutton darling?
[music playing]
Give me the cylinder.
I don't have it.
You don't have it?
I changed the code on it.
You don't have me to
open the cylinder,
even your dentist won't
be able to identify you.
Take me to it.
[music playing]
[gallo screaming]
What'd you do?
Where's the cylinder?
I don't--
Where is the cylinder!
ALLIE: I don't have it.
Well done.
And here's the rest of theinformation on the sergeant.
Wonder if the sergeant'sson looks like him.
[door thumping]
Oh, shit.
[music playing]
GENERAL MILLER: Colonel,our president requests you
stand by for further requests.
I understand.
I'll try to cooperate withyour president's wishes.
I have to get clearance
from my government.
Very good, Colonel.
Yes, sir.
The reaction with
water is quite virulent.
The resulting effect isblistering of the esophagus
and lungs, a complete
of the respiratory system, andthereby causing instant death.
Here, allow me to show you.
BARON: Sounds very exciting.
DR. BERG: Yes, it is.
[music playing]
[gun firing]
Are you crazy?
What have you done?
BARON: Well, it seems to work.
[music playing]
Get in there.
WOMAN: Allie!
My god, are you OK?
Found this in her pocket.
It's the antitoxin.
Good work, Gallo.
Hope everyone's happy.
Where is Dr. Berg.
He's on sabbatical.
For a long one, I'm afraid.
[music playing]
is Colonel Gideon.
Come in.
Colonel Gideon, how
nice of you to call.
Your terms have
been agreed upon.
An RDI bus is being prepared.
Send it to the back loadingdock and get your driver
out of there right away.
Any more games, Colonel, thisthing could get even uglier.
MAN: Sir.
Sergeant Dutton, have
you misplaced someone?
Hi, Dutton.
Don't worry about it.
Are you OK?
Well, she is for now.
If you hurt her,
I'll kill you.
Well, I'll tell
you, Sergeant, seems
that her fate is in your hands.
See, if I encounter
you anymore, if I
have any problems with you,I'm going to kill her first.
You're going to
be all right, Allie.
Just hang tight, OK?
Goodbye, Sergeant.
Take the hostages to point four.
You underestimate Dutton.
My dear, he's a marine.
You double his IQ, and it stillwon't be in triple digits.
He has a heart, unlike you.
Ramos, take care of her.
Gallo, bring me
Hatfield's heart.
[music playing]
Luther, we're heading
out to the airport.
Ramos, go check the bus.
Stand back.
All clear, Colonel.
Let's go.
[vans colliding]
Come on, move it.
Come on, come on.
Let's go!
[gun firing]
[dutton shouting]
[gallo shouting]
[van exploding]
[music playing]
COLONEL GIDEON: You in the car,cease and desist all activity
and ease to the courtyard.
Hold your arms where
I can see them.
I'm Sergeant Hatfield.
US embassy.
Come on.
That's the road to
Ben Gurion Airport.
It's been cleared of traffic.
We can make an assault.
I wouldn't do that, sir.
He's got hostages onboard.
He's got the canister too.
RAMOS: We've got company.
Guess you need a lesson.
WOMAN: Let her go!
You son of a bitch!
[gun firing]
DUTTON: Get me closer.
Back off!
Please, no.
Back off, goddammit!
[eliot screaming]
Back off!
Damn it.
OK, wise guy.
Burkowski and the
beautiful Dr. Starkov
are incredibly dead
because of your heroics.
You keep it up, and roadwork is gonna be scraping
Dr. Levin off the pavement.
Listen, he's gonnakill the hostages anyhow.
Get me down on
that bus right now.
Can you get us in closer?
You got it.
Lower, lower!
[gun firing]
[dutton shouting]
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
Drop the gun or
I'll snap his neck.
[gun firing]
You think you got one more?
[gun clicking]
Oh shit!
Come on, get up.
Get up!
Oh shit!
DUTTON: Come on, go, go!
[vehicles exploding]
[music playing]
Hold this.
TJ: Dad!
[music playing]
Let me take the money,and you can have your son.
If you get you son out of theway, I'll have a clear shot.
If you understand me,
raise both your arms.
Let him go.
Shoot me, you chicken shit.
Come on, I'm the onethat killed your friends.
I'm the one you want.
Come on!
Get ready, TJ.
Hang on.
Come on, chicken shit!
Come on!
Come on!
[gun firing]
[dutton groaning]
[music playing]
[gun firing]
TJ: Dad!
ALLIE: Dutton.
TJ: Hey, get up.
[music playing]
I love you, daddy.
I love you too, son.
[music playing]
Well, it's a week
late, but at least
I got a good excuse this year.
So maybe we should talk aboutwhat I want for my birthday.
[music playing]