Deadly Pickup (2016) Movie Script

( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) Whoa... Hey, thanks for
stopping. Where you headed? Wherever you are. Hop in. I'd never know love And probably lose my Mind... You are my inspiration Need you like
flowers need rain My name's Josh. I'm Breezy. Thanks again for picking me up. It's awfully
nice of you. No problem.
No problem at all. You a student? A student? State University.
That's where I'm headed. That's an awfully nice ring. You like it? Solid gold. Gotta represent, right? So, you headed
there too? Fall semester
starts in a week. Oh, I see. Um, no, I'm not a student. I'm just... travelling. Free spirit, huh? That's right. I like that. Do you play football, Josh? Yeah, I do.
How'd you guess? Well, you look like you're in really
good shape. Yeah, the team hits the weight
room twice a week. Do you always pick up
hitchhikers, Josh? Uh, no. Not really. I mean, never, before today. Well... then I guess
today's your
lucky day. I guess it is. Pull up over there. Oh, uh... yeah. Buckle up, Josh. It's gonna be a bumpy ride. ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) All right, I'm off to work. I'll be pulling
a double shift tonight, so I'll be home late. Try to miss me. Honey... I'm sorry. Sorry about what? Sorry you have to
work so hard. Maybe I should
just give all
this up. Brian, don't be ridiculous.
We agreed. I'll work
while you go to school. Once you have your
engineering degree,
we'll be set. Yeah, and in the meantime,
my wife is schlepping booze to drunks
on a nightly
basis. It's only for a little while,
and the tips are pretty good. Any response to our ad? It only came out yesterday.
Give it some time. The extra room is just
sitting empty up there. We can get somebody to rent it, you won't have to work
these double shifts. I won't lie.
I wouldn't mind that. ( door bell ringing ) Speak of the devil? Do you think? Who else? Can I help you? Hi. Are you the one that placed
the ad about the spare room? We are. Well, I'm interested,
if it's still available. Of course, come on in. Please, have a seat. We'd like to ask you some
questions, if that's okay? Sure. My wife's gotta
go to work, but-- I have time.
So, you are? Breezy, Breezy Johnson. Breezy. I'm Traci, and this is
my husband Brian. Nice to meet you both. So, what do you do
for a living, Breezy? I'm a student
at State University. We're an awfully long way
from the university. Oh, I know, but
I registered late, so all the housing was taken,
and I can't afford anything closer
to campus. How will you get to school? I have a friend
whose parents live nearby. He's gonna pick me up
and we'll car pool. You know the room's 500 a month. Right. We'll require first and last
month's rent ahead of time. That's fine. Well, would you like
to see the room? Sure. Here it is. You have your own bathroom, and there's an exit
off the back hallway,
so you have complete privacy. This is really nice. No parties, and no
overnight guests. Oh, you don't have to
worry about that. You'll hardly even
know I'm here. So, is it settled then? Sure. Great. So, your keys are here
on the dresser. Do you have any bags
you need help bringing up? No, I'm good,
thanks. Okay, welcome. ( music playing ) Holy shit! Sheriff Bates, this is Deputy Randall. I'm out on Route 30. Found a car
on the side of the road. There's a dead body in it. Where the hell's that paper? ( shower running ) Hello? ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) Welcome home, honey. Hey. Maybe I should
work a double
shift more often. Have I told you lately
how much I love you? You have, but
you can never
say it enough. I really appreciate
everything you do. What's gotten
into you? Nothing -- can't a man
show a little affection
for his wife? Of course. Is our house
guest home? Hmm? Oh, no. I think she left
early this morning. Probably had a class. Good. ( music playing ) What's gotten into you, babe? Ah, I missed you. ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) Sheriff, I got the autopsy
report on that John Doe. Well, he's not a John Doe
anymore. Vehicle registration
came back to a Clark,
Josh Clark. We're checking him out
right now. So, did you find anything
interesting in this? Poisoned. - Poisoned?!
- Mm-hmm. Fast acting one,
too, according to
the medical examiner. Says they found a little
pin prick on his neck. So, what you think, Sheriff? Hitchhiker? Could be, but where'd they go? Maybe he got picked up
by another car. Yeah, it's possible. See if you can dig up that bulletin
we got a while back on those
unsolved murders
out in Nevada. Yeah, hold on. I believe that was
a hitchhiker then, too. That's right. Here it is. Poisoned, if my memory serves. Yeah, there wasn't much
to go on here. Same M.O. Poison. And, they found a small
pin prick on his neck. So, we didn't get any
usable finger prints. But the lab boys, they swabbed
the wound on our vic, and if they come up
with any foreign DNA, they said they'd
let us know right away. I got a friend that works
over in the state lab. I'll give them a call,
tell them to put a rush on it. Good. And after that, I want you to go back up there and
canvass the neighborhood in that canyon. If we had a hitchhiker
going through there, I'll bet you somebody
saw something somewhere. Right, there's
not many homes up there. I'll do it this afternoon. Good. ( music playing ) ( metal detector beeping ) Hi. Hey. How are you? Good. Find anything? Nah. Hasn't been my lucky day. Well, your luck
might be changing. I'm Breezy. Breezy? That's an
interesting name. Thanks. I'm Rick. Nice to meet you. Same here. So, what are you
doing today, Breezy? Just bumming around the beach? Something like that. I just love the ocean, you know. The way it crashes on the shore, over and over
again. Yes... it's almost erotic. I'm so glad you understand. Hold on. Listen, I got a van up there. Let's go take
some shelter, huh? ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) That's it? Well, what did you expect, baby? You pick up a guy at the beach. There's not exactly
gonna be flowers and candy. You know what I mean? I know exactly what you mean... baby. ( door bell ringing ) Can I help you, Deputy? Just need to ask you
a few questions. Can I come in? Yeah, of course. What's going on? Don't know. Nothing to be
concerned about, ma'am. I'm just talking
to all the neighbors. Wanted to make sure they
haven't seen any strangers the last few days,
anything unusual? No, nothing. There is Breezy. - Breezy?
- She's our new tenant. She just moved in yesterday. - Is she here now?
- No, she's out. Okay, I would like to speak
to her as soon as I can.
Do you know how to contact her? No, I don't.
Listen, what's this about? There was a murder
on Route 30 yesterday. - What? A murder!
- Oh, my God. We think it was
a hitchhiker. Most likely, long since gone, but we just want to be thorough. Hello. Hi, you must be Breezy. That's right. I'm Deputy
Randall. Hi. He's here asking
about a murder. Well, that's not exactly
accurate, but I would
like to speak with you. Okay. Where were you
yesterday, before
you came here? Ma'am, if you
don't mind, I'd like to do the questioning. I would like
to speak to her alone. Of course. Traci. Would you like
to take a seat? Okay. Your full name. Breezy Johnson. Breezy? What can I say? My parents were hippies. I'm told you arrived
here yesterday. That's right. From where? Portland. Portland. And how did you get here? I took the bus. The nearest bus stop's
in Blairesville. Right, I had a friend
pick me up. He drove me here. And you're going to State. Yes, or, I will be. I haven't registered yet. And your friend's name. Joe. Joe what? Oh, gosh, you know, I actually
don't know his last name. He's really a friend
of my brother's, go
to the same school, so he offered to pick me up. I saw the ad for the room here and I had him drop me off here. I think I have enough
information for now. Great. Well, if you need to talk again, you know where
to find me. Well, if you see anything
or anyone suspicious, you give me a call. My number's on the back. You call me
day or night. Thanks, Deputy. You can call me Jeremy. Jeremy. I'll do that. ( coughing and gasping ) ( music playing ) So, the cops were at your place? Yeah, some kid apparently
got killed a few days ago, left his car
on the side of the road. Oh, yeah, yeah.
I heard about that. Yeah, I guess you never know
when you're gonna buy it. But, Charlie,
the same day that happens, this woman, Breezy,
shows up at our house. You're telling
me that's a
coincidence. This is your new tenant? Yeah, and frankly, something seemed off about her,
right from the beginning. So why did you rent to her? We need
the money. Brian's going to school, and we can't live off
what I make in this dump. Hey! No offence. Well, did you do a background
check, did you check her credit? No, she's just a college kid.
Paid in cash. Well, it's none
of my business, but if I have
a potential murderer living under
my roof... I'm not sure I'd go that far. I mean, she talked to the cops
and they let her go. Still, I mean, if it were me,
I'd look into it. Well, what can I do? I can't exactly kick her out
without a reason. I'm not saying kick her out, I'm saying,
learn more about her. How? Well, she's not
always home, right? She goes out.
Next time she does. Sneak in her room,
look through her shit. Really? That doesn't seem right. What's right got
to do with it? She's living in your home. You got a dead body
down the street. The cops are knocking
at your door. I think you're
way past right and wrong
here. Trust me,
you'll sleep
better. Maybe you're right. Okay, thanks. You know, I really appreciate
you guys getting right on this. Yeah, thanks. I got some background
on our vic. Josh Clark. Registered
as a student at
State University. Well, that makes sense. I think the fall semester
starts up this week. Right. Well, that was your
pal over at the lab
on the phone. They got some DNA off
the wound which is
not Clark's. So that's got to be our killer. I got them checking all
the national data bases and we ought to have
an answer by morning. Well, even if he's not
in the system, we come up
with a suspect, we'll have something
to match it with. Right, now how did
your door to door go? Spent most of yesterday
canvassing the neighborhood going up and down the canyon. 20 homes total. Anything? Well, nothing to be
suspicious about really. Pretty much a dead end. Ah, that's okay. It was a long shot anyway. ( telephone ringing ) Sheriff's station.
Deputy Randall speaking. Wait, what? Where? Where exactly? Okay, don't touch a thing.
We'll be right there. I mean it. Don't touch a thing. What's up? They just found
a dead body on the beach. Drowned? No. Looks like it could be
the work of our hitchhiker. Damn! Hello? Is anyone home? Come on in. You sure
it's okay. Yeah, no one's home. You know, I don't
normally do this. You know, go home with someone
I just met at a bar. Shut up and take off
your clothes. No, no, not here.
Let's go to your room. Okay. ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) Ahh! ( moaning ) ( laughing ) Same wound, all right. That's definitely
our second victim. Looks like we got a serial
killer in our small town. Sure looks
that way. Looks like the body's
been here all night. Medical examiner's on the way. He should be able to
confirm the time of death. These marks
in the sand. Looks like he fell
from up there. I'll go and check out that van. You stay here
and wait for the M.E. Right. ( phone ringing ) Deputy Randall. "Deputy Randall." That sounds so official. Hello, Breezy. What can I
do you for? Well, I was wondering if
I could see you tonight. Uh... you have some
information for me? Well, if that means that you'll go out with me tonight,
then sure. Uh, I'm on duty tonight. Oh, so, do I have to commit
a crime or something to see you? No, I certainly wouldn't
want you to do that. You don't have to stay in the
office the whole night, do you? No, no, the calls
are being forwarded
to my cell. I'm on patrol tonight. It's a small town,
but we do have a... we do have a crime to deal with. Well, on these patrols,
do you ever happen to patrol near
Charlie's Bar? Yeah, that's on my route. And is there any chance
that you would be patrolling there around
9:00 p.m. tonight? I very well could be. Fine. I'll see you then. ( music playing ) Hi. Hey, what can I get you? I'll just have
a beer, thanks. Cool, coming right up. Need another round
for table three. Breezy? What are you
doing here? Traci, you work here? I do. I just came in for a drink. Okay. Somehow, I feel like we got off on the wrong foot. You don't seem
to like me very much. I'd love it
if we could
be friends. I don't know you very well. We should change that. We should. Let's get
together later and have a girl's chat,
shall we? I would like that very much. - All right, can't wait.
- There you go. Thanks. Yeah. Hey, that table's
had enough, okay.
They're cut off. Right, thanks. Talk to you later. Great. Well, hello, Deputy. What a surprise to see you here. Yeah, well, my patrol
just happened to pass by, and I thought
maybe I'd come in and see if any devious
activity was going on. I swear, officer, I'm innocent. Pa-kow! Hey, Deputy,
what can I
get you? Hey, Charlie.
Uh, soda.
I'm on duty. - Thanks for coming out.
- Yeah, no problem. We can do this again
when I'm not in duty and I can have more
than just a soda. I'll look forward to it. So, tell me about
yourself, Jeremy. Uh, well, not much
to tell, really. Well, are you from around here? Yeah, I grew up
in a town about 50
miles west of here. My uncle was the sheriff. So, when I became a cop,
I looked for a job nearby, and this is the first place
that would hire me. You must be terribly exciting. Uh, I'm a small town
cop, really. I just deal with stray cats
and write parking tickets, well, until
recently. Oh, right, the murder. Did you ever find the person
you were looking for? The one that killed that boy. No, not yet,
but we're making progress. However-- However? We found a body this morning. Oh, no. Yeah, same killer. That's horrible.
Do you have any leads? We have a DNA sample. If we get a hit on that, we might find our man. Well, that sounds promising. Yeah, but it's a bit
of a long shot. It's not like it is
in the movies. You know, if the person
hasn't done a crime or served active military,
they probably won't be in the system,
but it's a start though. Listen, Charlie,
I'm taking off early. What? You're here till 2:00. No, that's my
tenant over there. And as long
as she's here, that means that
she's not at home. I'm about to
take your advice. I should learn
to keep my mouth shut. I didn't know it was gonna cost
me my best waitress tonight. I'll see you later.
Thank you. Listen, I got to get going.
I got to stop by the station
and get back on patrol. Well, you know, I've never seen the inside
of a police station before. Ah, it's nothing
terribly exciting. Why don't you let me
be the judge of that? Let's go. Well,
this is it. Not much
to it, really. I think it looks real nice. Is this your desk? Uh... Yeah. You want a cup of coffee? Sure. What are these?
Top secret police documents? Nah, those are the DNA results from that kid we found
in the car the other day. So scientific. Well, forensics are the way
to solve crimes these days. Oh, my gosh.
I'm so sorry. No, it's, it's okay. It's not your fault. I hope I didn't ruin anything. No, these are just copies
of the report from the lab. Oh, good. Breezy... ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) Oh, yeah, please! Oh, God! ( moaning ) Bates:
Randall! Randall,
you here? Oh, shit, it's the sheriff. Come on, put on your clothes. Go out the back door. Randall! Damn kid! ( phone ringing ) This is Sheriff Bates. Oh, hey, Hector.
How you doing? You lab boys find out anything? We did. We just got
a positive hit on that DNA sample
you sent us. I'm emailing you
the details now. Well, how about just
giving me the short version? It's a woman. Her name's
Brenda Johnson. Arrested a few times
back in Michigan for petty theft,
simple assault,
nothing major. Well, sounds like she's
hitting the big time now. And check this out. She worked
for two years at her
father's chemical
processing plant that manufactured
rat poison. Well, that sounds
like that's our girl. Okay, I'm
gonna send you
the details. Okay, I'd appreciate it. ( music playing ) Sarah... Josh? What the hell
are you doing
in here?! Um, I was, I was
looking for you. Stay out of my stuff! Oh, gosh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry,
but listen. I don't think this
is working out.
You need to move. - What?
- You can stay here tonight. But I need you out of here
by tomorrow afternoon. But... I thought, I thought
we were finally getting
to know one another. I don't know a thing about you. I'd love to share. You're so
beautiful. Don't... Brian:
Honey, I'm home! That's Brian. Look, I need to go,
but just remember, out of here
by tomorrow afternoon. ( music playing ) ( phone ringing ) Deputy Randall. Yes, Traci. You found what? It said Josh. In her stuff? Breezy. Vehicle registration came back
to a Clark, Josh Clark. Did you ever find the person
you were looking for? The one that killed that boy. Randall:
They just found a dead
body on the beach. What are these? Top secret police documents? Got out of your house now. Go directly to
the Sheriff's station. Don't make any stops. ( music playing ) Hello,
anyone here? Oh, hey, we're
actually not open yet. We open at 11:00. I'm not here
for a drink. Okay, well, what can I
do for you then? I was hoping
Traci would
be here. She wasn't home
when I got up
this morning. Oh, yeah, you're her new tenant. I wanted to
talk to her. We had a little
bit of a fight
last night. Hmm, she's mentioned you
to me a couple of times. She can be a little nervous. There's nothing
to be nervous
about. I'm perfectly
harmless. I don't know about that. Do a lot of harm with
this hot bod of yours. Well, aren't
you sweet? So, when do you
expect her? Hmm...just a few minutes
before we open. You can come back then
if you want. I could,
or I could just hang out here,
if you don't mind. Well, I don't mind. Like I said though,
it's gonna be a few hours. Well, what
could we possibly do in
those few hours? I've got a thought or two. I bet you do. But aren't you with that deputy? I'm not
with him now. Right here? Right here. ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) ( music playing ) Hold it right there! Put your
hands up! Jesus, man. She came on to me. Shut up, Charlie.
Step away from him, Breezy. One more move and I'll kill him. That's poison she has
right there, Charlie. Dude, if she's your girl-- She's not my girl. Aw, how can you say that? After everything
we've been through. Stay back. I mean it. This is where it ends, Brenda.
The DNA match came through. We know all about
your escapades back east, and your internship at your
father's chemical factory. My, my, you've been busy. How did you know
to find me here? Traci called me. She found your bag of souvenirs. I figured you'd come back
here looking for her. You're so clever, Jeremy, too clever. ( pistol firing ) It's Deputy Randall to you. I can't believe we had
a murderer living
in our house. I'm so sorry, sweetheart. It's not your fault.
How could you have known? Makes you wonder why
she did all those things,
all those murders. Who can say? Jilted lover, broken home. Maybe she just snapped one day. We'll probably
never know for sure. She had everyone fooled,
except you. I knew something was wrong about
her the minute she walked in, but we needed the money so bad. Ha, not anymore. Yeah, a $50,000 reward
is a pretty nice way
to end this nightmare. Yeah, it's a good thing
Deputy Randall gave you the credit for turning
him onto Breezy. You mean, it's a good thing
I'm a snoop. Yeah, that too. And now that my tuition is paid for, you can stop working
those double shifts. Thank God. And, when I graduate
and have that nice,
cushy job, maybe we can start talking
about having a family again. That would be wonderful. I love you. I love you. What are these?
Top secret police documents? Oh, so, do I have to commit a crime
or something to see you? Maybe you're right. They just found
a dead body on the beach. Yeah, and in the meantime,
my wife is schlepping booze
to drunks on a nightly basis. Hey, that table's
had enough, okay?
They're cut off. She goes out,
next time she does, sneak in her room,
look through her shit. You know I don't
normally do this, you know, like, go home with
someone I just met at a bar. Where you headed? ( music playing ) My graceful baby How could you do this to me? Whenever you kiss me You show me ecstasy If it wasn't for you The sun would never shine I'd never know love And probably lose my mind You are my inspiration Need you like
flowers need rain You are my soul's attention Don't wanna be
with anyone else You are my intoxication My intoxication ( music playing ) Sweet brown-eyed woman Look what you've done to me From the moment I met you I knew this was meant to be You give me utter bliss When you love me like you do I'm like an alcoholic Can't make it without you I'll be there when you want Just call me any time of day You've got my number now I'll do anything
you say, baby Yeah It's a brand new sunny day Can't wait to get to you There's a warm
feeling in the air I think of
making love to you If it wasn't for you The sun would never shine I'd never know love And probably lose my mind You are my inspiration Need you like
flowers need rain You are my soul's attention Don't wanna be
with anyone else You are my intoxication My intoxication My intoxication ( music playing ) ( music playing )