Deadly Playthings (2019) Movie Script

CREEPY VOICE 1: Jennifer.
CREEPY VOICE 2: Jennifer.
CREEPY VOICE 3: Jennifer.
MOM: Jennifer.
Hey, sweetie.
What are you coloring?
MOM: I just don't know what we're
going to do about these
awful headaches, dear.
We may have to take you to a doctor.
DAD: Lots of children get headaches.
You're making more out
ofthis than it really is.
MOM: These are more than headaches.
They're severe... like migraines.
DAD: She's too young to have migraines.
MOM: I don't care what you think.
We're taking her to get checked.
Her issue isn't going away.
Help us.
MOM: It's getting worse.
DAD: Is our insurance going to cover it?
MOM: Who cares?
DAD: I care.
We can't be stuck with...
Why won't you help us?
DAD: ...another doctor
billright now that we can't pay.
Things are tight enough as it is.
MOM: I don't believe you just said that.
Your wallet over your
daughter's well-being?
DAD: All right. All right.
You win.
Set up an appointment
and have her looked at.
DAD: See?
I told you where all this would lead.
Now they want our
daughterto go see a shrink?
MOM: She needs help...
the drawings, theimaginary
people she sees...
DAD: Hell, every kid has imaginary friends.
What's the big deal?
MOM: Not every kid sees dead people.
DAD: You really want
to go through with this?
What if they mess her up even more?
Then what?
MOM: Do you seriouslythink
it can get any worse?
She's had enough stacked
againsther since the pool accident.
Her appointment is Tuesday.
Now, there's nothing to worry about, honey.
This new doctor just wants to talk to you.
That's all... about the
thingsthat you've been seeing.
I love your doll.
What's her name?
She doesn't have one, really.
That's OK.
Do you like her?
She's my best friend.
I used to have a favorite doll.
It went everywhere I went.
Is your doll like that, too?
Jennifer, tell me about
your other friends...
the ones you sometimes see.
They're not my friends.
Then who are they?
It's OK.
You can tell me.
I don't know what they want.
Are they bad?
They're good... mostly.
Do they ever try to harm you?
They ask me to help them.
To do what?
I don't know.
But one's a little girl, and she's nice.
Tell me more about her.
She's nice.
She's my age, but the other ones are old.
What's her name?
Do you know?
Her name is Amy.
She tells me that theother
ones can't hurt me.
She tells me to ignore them, but it's hard.
Jennifer, these headaches you have...
do they occur when you see these people?
How did you know?
Just a lucky guess.
Are you afraid of them or Amy?
Should I be?
I suppose not.
How can I help them?
That's what we're going
tofigure out, you and I. OK?
You see, sometimes whenpeople
pass on, they get lost
and they need someone
tohelp them find their way.
They seem to have chosen you.
You're special.
I wish they all had dollies like me.
That's a good point, Jennifer.
Maybe your dolly can help us... you and me.
The next time you see these people,
send them into your doll.
Will it with your mind.
Direct them.
Since you love your
doll, and they like you,
the lost spirits will
find solace in the doll.
Can we try that?
I guess, but wouldn'tthey
want to come back out?
It is a warm and special place, and you
will always be there for them.
I'll bet in no time, you'llhave
everyone where they belong.
Go to the doll.
Find your peace in the doll.
Go now.
Here's Mr. Wyoming now.
It's about time.
If we buy this place, they
won'tlet us wait as long to pay them
as we've had to wait for him.
Elaine, it's all right.
I know.
I'm just impatient.
Hello, everyone.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I had to stop by the realtor's office
and pick up these stat
sheets on the property.
Hi, Mary.
She's not feeling toowell
today, are you, dear?
Well, maybe she'll do better
once she gets in a house
she can call home, right, dear?
Well, yes.
I really think you'regoing
to love this house.
I've got these stat sheetsthat
you can keep, as always.
Thank you.
Well, what can you tell us about it?
Well, why don't we do this?
I'm going to show you
around,and then after we're done,
If you have any questions, I'd be
more than happy to answer them.
Mary, you OK waiting here for us?
We won't be long.
Well, let's start in here.
housewas originally built in 1911.
It has a new roof, siding, and windows,
so it's energy efficient.
Of course, you'll have tomake
any modifications because
of your daughter's disability.
The house has only had
fiveowners since its construction,
the taxes are reasonable,and
the price is right,
considering its proximity
tostores and the school district.
The furniture comes with
thehouse as part of the sale.
The pool in the yard is fairly new,
and it rests on the one-acre property.
Are you all right?
She must have gotten it
caught up in her chair.
Well, what do you guys
think of the property?
Are the owners willing
to negotiate the price?
That's not possible.
Any negotiations on price for this property
have to go directly
throughthe real estate office.
The owners are gone.
What do you mean, gone?
They just disappeared.
Nobody knows.
It's a little bit odd, wouldn't you say?
Nobody just leaves their
home and life behind.
Well, that's exactly what these people did.
Now, the police think they were involved
in some shady business deals.
They skipped out of
town...maybe even the country.
But it's legit.
The bank owns thisproperty, and they simply
want to get out from under it.
It's a win-win situation.
You're not going to find
abetter house for this price.
Obviously, we'd have to talk it over.
Sure. Yeah.
I understand.
You have my business card.
If and when you make
adecision, just give me a call
and we'll talk.
But remember, I'm showing
thishouse to three other couples
tomorrow, and I wouldn't
waittoo long to make a decision
if you're interested.
What did you think of the house, Mary?
Now come on, pumpkin.
It wasn't that bad.
I liked it.
You have to admit, can't beat the price.
But what'll it cost to
retrofit it for Mary?
We'll need ramps, a stair lift...
what else?
I'm a contractor and a carpenter, dear.
I can get that all sorted out.
I don't know.
Don't know what?
Well, the disappearance of the owners...
it's spooky.
I mean, what if they
were into something bad?
What if they came back and we were there?
I just think you're looking for an excuse
to stay in that rat
trap apartment we've been
renting for the last two years.
That is not true.
I resent you saying that.
Well, I think it is true.
I'm sorry, but that's just how I feel.
You said you wanted a normal life again.
You know, like we had before the accident.
The accident you caused.
Don't pin that on me.
Not in front of Mary.
You think she doesn't
knowthat you're the reason...
your drinking slammed us
into the telephone pole?
We'll talk about this later.
I think that would be a very good idea.
This one's gonna be a cinch.
Can I help you, young man?
You appear lost.
Just going for a walk.
Is that a crime, Mister?
Mind your own business.
The safety of thisneighborhood
is my business.
You live around here?
New in town.
You know where I can get a job?
Little bit down my luck right now.
There's not much work in this town.
Got five bucks I can add?
No I don't.
Then fuck you.
What asshole sells this houseand
leaves all this furniture
and belongings behind?
Oh well.
Jackpot for me.
Maybe that's where they
keep all the antiques.
Expensive little doll.
You might be worth some money, bitch.
So you're hell-bent on
going through with this?
I think it'll be good for all of us.
I hope you're right, Duncan.
I hope you're right.
It's about time we sold this property.
This place gives me the creeps.
Well, we need to go to
the room right next door
and figure a few things
outbefore the moving van comes.
We won't be long, honey.
Now that we have our
bedroomand Mary's squared away,
I was thinking we couldturn
this into my work room.
No, Duncan.
We need this as a
walk-incloset for family stuff.
Why do you have to bring your work home?
You have an office at headquarters.
I was thinking it would give me
more of a chance to be at home.
We need this for the space.
So you'd rather haveme
work late every night?
Oh, don't be selfish, Duncan.
We need this for family stuff.
A walk-in closet is family stuff?
That's just an excuse to
keep crap we don't need
and never throw anything away.
Well, fine.
We can use it as a spare
bedroom for when family
and friends come to visit.
We don't have any friends,and
our family never visits.
You are being impossible.
Well, can we at least talk it over?
What the hell?
It's all right, honey.
We're here.
This robe just fell on you.
That's all.
You're fine.
Maybe she's just excited about moving in.
You really gave us quite a scare.
You need to be more careful.
Oh great.
The previous owners
left their clothes, too.
Now we got to get the place fumigated.
Where'd you find that?
Rolled up in this towel.
We used to find them everywhere, remember?
That was before.
I don't need it anymore.
Well then, what is it doing here?
Must have been left over from before.
I don't need it anymore.
You should see the wonderfuljob
Mary did with her room.
We should put her in chargeof
organizing the whole house.
That's great, Mary.
Duncan, will you take
thisout to the garage for me?
Sure, what is it?
Oh, just a bunch of
dishesthat we don't have room
for and certainly don't need.
Hey, these are the plates my aunt
gave us for our wedding gift.
And I wouldn't bedisappointed
if you accidentally
dropped them, either.
Not funny.
This looks as good a place as any.
Damn it.
Ah, man.
Cute kid.
Who is this?
Answer me.
What do you want?
It's Mr. Wyoming?
I'm just checking in to see
ifyou guys are settling in OK...
you know, an after the sale courtesy call?
We're moving in slowly.
Are you OK?
Forgive me.
It's just that someone's
been calling the house
and they haven't been saying anything,
It's probably just neighborhood
kids messing around.
I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Thank you for calling.
Sure thing.
And let me know if you or your husband
need any further assistance.
Have a good night.
Mary, get a hold of yourself!
It's Mom.
I'm sorry.
I must have startled you.
Listen, dinner's ready.
Let's go before it gets cold.
This is a momentous occasion... our first
night in our new home.
And many more.
You know, you need to get someone
to check out the phone line.
Because a realtor
calledtoday and it took him
three tries to get through clearly.
Why do we even have a landline?
Because the service here stinks.
That's why.
I'll look into a new service provider.
You know, I was thinking...
we only need a ramp out front.
We don't need one off the back porch.
I agree.
You know, what's going
to be awful is opening
up the stairwell for the lift.
I can do all that.
It won't be too difficult.
Well, when can you get started?
Who could that be?
Fun here never ends.
Who's there?
I don't know who it was.
That's what I'm talking about.
First, the phone, and
thenthat's crazy knocking?
Someone in this neighborhoodhas
it in for us already.
Stop overreacting.
OK, wise guy.
Fun's over.
Maybe we should call the cops.
Why'd you slam the door shut?
I didn't.
The wind must have blown it.
Maybe it's locked.
Come on.
It's freezing out here.
It's stuck.
It won't open.
Use some force.
I am.
It won't budge.
Go around back.
I'll let you in.
All right.
What are you doing down there?
I... I tripped.
That doesn't beat all.
I hope we don't have a
money pit on our hands.
Everything's fine, dear.
Don't worry.
Well, I guess it's justme
and the undead tonight.
ELAINE: Duncan, look out!No!
We're going to crash!
Why do you have to be so stubborn?
It's better if the dish-wear goes here
and your paperwork anddrafting
stuff goes over there?
What difference does it make?
We'll probably nevertouch
this stuff, anyways.
Oh, don't be ridiculous!
Look, could you just try it
myway, and we'll see how it goes?
Way to go.
You're making a bigger mess.
ELAINE: It's a child's doll.
She's cute.
I saw this doll before.
We just found it.
No, in the garage.
There was a box of pictures.
There was a little girlin
one holding this doll.
She was, maybe, alittle younger than Mary.
ELAINE: Why do you think
she got left behind?
I don't know.
Kid got too old for the doll.
And it never made it to the yard sale.
ELAINE: I think we should give it to Mary.
Mary would love her.
Oh, I don't know.
What is it?
Ah, she's a little old for dolls.
And besides, it's dirty.
A girl is never too old for dolls!
Honey, we found something
foryou we thought you might like.
And if you don't like it,we
can always throw it out.
I told you!
Honey, are you ready for lunch?
DUNCAN: Now, hold on.
It was your idea to give her the doll.
And now you want me to get rid of it?
That's exactly what I'm saying.
What the heck for?
She loves the doll!
It'll break her heart.
I told you what happened!
A draft blew the door shut!
It wasn't a draft.
It was something.
Something what?
Something strange!
I felt something strange!
The doll... I just feel
differently about it.
That's all.
Once again, your...
I know, overreacting!
But I'm not!
That doll is creepy.
And you are going to get ridof
it the first chance you get.
That's all there is to it.
Yes, we're getting moved in.
Everyone's doing fine.
It's just, it's a bigadjustment
for us all, you know?
Mary seems to be adjusting.
Duncan... Duncan is coping.
He hasn't touched a drop.
I know how you feel.
Stop reminding me!
Well, once we're completely settled,
you could come for a long weekend.
I'm sure Mary would be
really glad to see you.
Of course, I would be, too.
Bye bye.
You told me you got rid of it.
I did, really.
Well, then, why is she
still playing with it?
Answer me that!
Well, this may sound weird.
I'm listening.
...twice, I threw the doll away.
Twice, it found its way back to Mary.
You're lying!
You didn't get rid of itbecause
you knew she'd be upset!
But I don't care!
I hate the damn thing!
I swear it's the truth!
You know what I think?
I'm sure you're going to tell me, even
if I don't want to hear it.
I think you're drinkingagain,
that's what I think!
And you can't remember
whatyou have and haven't done!
I haven't touched a drop!
Well, I'm going to get rid of it, then,
if you can't manage to do it.
I'm sorry, Mary, but
giveme that doll right now.
I'm not asking you.
I'm telling you.
It's for the best, Mary, trust me.
Mary, stop it!
Stop it, Mary!
Stop it, both of you!
A lot of good that did!
She attacked me!
How did she get out of the chair?
You were close enough tograb
onto, isn't it obvious?
I was too far away!
There is something really wrong here.
This is getting out of control.
We have to do something!
You need to calm down, Elaine.
You're making more out of this than it is.
Don't patronize me, Duncan!
I hate this house!
I hate that doll!
Sometimes, I even hate Mary!
- Don't say that!
- Why?
It's true!
She's hardly even ourdaughter
anymore, ever since...
The accident?
Yes, the accident, your fault!
You ruined us!
You ruined this family!
Are you happy?
What do you say to a comment like that?
Oh, don't say anything!
It's what you're good at!
Are you finished?
We got to get to the bottom of this.
She needs help.
She needs professional help.
She needs help?
What about you?
Don't you turn this around on me!
She needs a therapist!
This whole doll thing
isspooky, almost supernatural!
If something is going onhere
that's bigger than us...
Well, what do you suggest?
I think we need to find out, for starters,
where that doll came from.
Could have come from anywhere.
You know the realtor, he might be
able to tell us where the doll came from
or who had it before Mary?
What would that prove?
We've gotta get to the bottom of this!
Maybe if you took that
photothat you found in the garage
to the realtor, he could
pointus in the right direction.
If you insist.
I do insist!
And I'm going to find
someprofessional help for Mary.
I'm sorry, Duncan.
I just don't know who this little girl is.
Well, who were some of
theprevious owners of our home?
We need to know.
Is something wrong?
And I was hoping you could help us.
Well, the previous owners,the
ones who disappeared,
they didn't have any children.
Before them would have
been the Stone family.
But they had a teenaged boy.
Before them were the Crenshaws.
They had a couple children.
But I don't know if theyhad
a little girl or not.
Well, that's not much to go on.
Sorry, it's all I have.
All our records,unfortunately, were washed
away in the flood 20 years ago.
Well, that sucks.
Is there anything else
youmight be able to remember?
There's something.
It's kind of strange.
But it's probably nothing.
There's this woman.
Her name is Jennifer.
She's a psychologist.
And she lives in the next town over.
She randomly calls about
theproperty you just purchased.
I don't know.
I assumed she's been
interested in buying it.
Can I have her contact information?
Sure, I see why it would hurt.
Are you looking for a good psychologist?
You have no idea.
He didn't have much
infoon the previous owners.
But he did refer us to a good psychologist.
Don't worry, honey.
Everything's OK.
We're just going to meet
thiswoman and ask a few questions.
Well, hello, everyone.
I'm Jennifer Kraft.
You told me on the phone that you were
referred me by Mr. Wyoming.
He says you routinely callhim
to ask about the house?
The house we live in.
I'm sorry, Jennifer.
This is about our family matters,
not the house we live in.
Duncan, what are you talking about?
It's OK, Elaine.
This is an interesting case.
We haven't told you anything yet.
I wouldn't do that!
It's you in the picture, isn't it?
Yes, never thought I'd see the doll again.
Could somebody tell me
whatthe hell is going on here?
She's the girl in the photo.
The doll is hers.
Maybe she can help us.
Well, that's just a
weirdcoincidence, isn't it?
No, the doll always finds its way home.
Doesn't she, Marry?
We have a lot to discuss.
And it concerns more than just the doll.
I lived in your housewhen
I was a little girl.
My uncle took that
photo of me and the doll.
I love that doll.
It was my best friend.
When we moved away,
Iaccidentally left it behind.
I always assumed it had
been washed away in the flood
with half the town.
May I ask you a question?
Have you noticed anythingstrange
going on in your house
since you discovered the doll?
That's an understatement.
When I was a little girl, I had this gift.
I could see spirits, ghosts, all around me.
They would beg me to help them.
And I could do nothing.
The experience gave me terrible headaches.
I met a therapist who
helpedme channel the spirits
into a better place.
I chose the doll.
All those sad, lonely spiritsI
saw went into that doll,
all except one, a little
girl who played with me.
I think you need help.
Let's go, Duncan.
Let's hear her out.
Why do you think all this strange stuff
is happening to us?
Maybe, in some way, your daughter
has stirred up all the spirits and they're
ready to move on again.
Can't we just destroy the doll?
The doll always finds its way home.
I cannot believeyou're listening to this!
Well, do you have a better answer?
I know it sounds bizarre, especially
coming from a therapist,but,
believe me, it's real.
Well, we'll call you if we need you,
especially for anexorcism, or a cleansing,
or a voodoo blood bath.
Come on, Duncan.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, Jennifer.
Call me if you need any more assistance.
Thank you, I will.
- I knew it!
- Back off!
I'm under a lot of stress!
Well, maybe that voodoo
therapist across town
can help you exercise your demons!
Maybe she could cast a
spellthat'll keep your mouth shut!
You know, I thought,maybe,
we could start again,
repair all the damage you've done.
Oh, it's all my fault?
All of this is your fault!
This whole mess is your fault!
Maybe I wouldn't have to drink if you
weren't such a nagging bitch!
How dare you!
Any woman with half a brainwould
have left you years ago!
Oh, so you're admitting
youhave less than half a brain?
Half a brain for half a man!
You dirty...
ELAINE: Oh, Mary, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Oh, Mary, no, no!
Yes, I'll be right there.
MALE VOICE: Jennifer, Jennifer.
This may sound far out,but
you and your daughter
are in great danger.
Oh, please, let her speak.
I did some research sincewe
last met in my office.
And I've uncovered some information
that will help us all.
Such as?
When I was a little girl, I played
with a little girl, a ghost.
To me, she was a friend, a playmate.
But I saw it for what it
wanted me to see it as.
What was it, then?
JENNIFER: It was a demonic spirit,
a demonic spirit called Ademos.
That's frightening.
JENNIFER: Ademos is a
forcethat preys on children,
uses them to get what it needs, souls.
You see, the demon usedme
to put all of the souls
into the doll?
For what purpose?
To store them all in
oneplace, to feed off of them,
to grow stronger.
And I helped to do that.
God, forgive me.
But why would it need you to do that?
So it can finally be free forever
and unleash its evil plagueon
anyone weaker than it.
I saw it earlier today on my way here.
It's growing stronger.
So the doll is just a vessel?
And Mary?
The Last Supper.
Her soul will tip the
scale and set it free.
Well, we can't let that happen!
We have to do something!
That's what we're going to do.
What's this?
That's what we're up against.
ELAINE: It's an abomination!
It's more, much more than that.
What do we do?
We have to pull the energy out of the doll
before Ademos is at full strength
and fill the doll vessel
with a pure spirit.
It cannot last on our plane without it.
How do you know there is another plane?
JENNIFER: I drowned inthe
pool right out there.
It was my fault. I jumped in before anyone
came out to lifeguard.
It was a strange experience.
I saw lights and flew through the skies.
And for a second, I glimpseda
dark place full of anger,
and hate, ugly shapes reaching out for me.
I passed by them and
wasstanding in a white room.
I saw a cousin I knew, and my grandpa.
They were so happy.
Then a figure approached me.
His face so bright.
He knelt down.
And I could feel his love.
He embraced me.
I didn't want to leave that place.
But I heard a calm whisper in my ear
telling me it wasn't time yet.
Someday, I can cross over all the way.
The next thing I knew, my father was
pulling me out of the water.
I never told anyone about this until now.
So, yes, there is another plane.
There's a bright beautiful
onefor the good of this world,
and a dark and burning pyre for the rest.
Wow, that's quite a story.
Do you have any
religiousbeliefs, either of you?
No, not really.
Well, you know about five minutes
to believe in something.
Because we're going to needall
the strength we can get.
I'm sorry, Mary, but
giveme that doll right now.
I'm not asking.
I'm telling.
It's for the best, Mary.
Trust me.
Mary, stop it.
Stop it!
Oh, help me!
Stop it, the both of you!
A lot of good that did.
She attacked me!
How did she get out of the chair!
You were close enough to grab onto.
Isn't it obvious?
I was too far away!
There is something really wrong here!
ADEMOS: Jennifer.
I knew it!
Back off!
I'm under a lot of stress!
Well, maybe that voodoo
therapist across town
can help you exercise your demons!
Maybe she could cast a
spellthat'll keep your mouth shut!
You know, I thought,maybe,
we could start again,
repair all the damage you've done.
Oh, It's all my fault?
All of this is your fault!
This whole mess is your fault!
Maybe I wouldn't have to drink if you
weren't such a nagging bitch!
How dare you?
Any woman with half a brainwould
have loved you years ago!
Oh, Mary, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
No, Mary, no!
Let her come!
We'll stay right here, thank you.
As you wish.
Is she not so pretty
standingwith her own strength?
You believed in me once, Jennifer.
I believed in a little girl I could trust,
a little girl who wasn't real.
I helped you.
You helped me.
No one was deceived.
Give us our daughter back.
She is not yours to take.
our baby girl, not yours!
I own many souls.
Hers will be the last!
Even the deceiver can be deceived.
Faint talk for the faint of heart.
Don't you remember what you taught me?
You taught me how to transfer souls.
SPIRIT: We've waited so long.
Now, it is your turn!
I love you.
Thank you for everything.
She's completely transformed!
Thank you!
JENNIFER: Thank you!
We all helped one another!
It wasn't looking good there for a while.
What happened?
Well, it was simple.
I used the trick thatAdemos
taught me to collect
lost souls into the doll.
I freed those lost souls.
And they took their revenge upon him.
Well, where did they go?
Each to a path they paved before.
Only they know that now.
Is it over, I mean, for good?
I sense it is.
ELAINE: But they... your
doll,what will you do with it?
JENNIFER: I know a place
Ican take her where she can't
be used as a vessel anymore.
She'll go there.
Take care.
Enjoy your new home.
Are you ready to try
thisfamily thing for real now?
I am.
Damn, that was close.