Deadly Secrets by the Lake (2017) Movie Script

You wanna know
what it's about?
Abby Blake.
That's what it's about.
I can't tell you anymore
and you know why.
You're gonna
regret this!
Newscaster: Award winning cyber
journalist Victor Townsend
was found murdered in his
Thornwood Heights office
late last night.
Your sister was the only person
found at the crime scene,
her fingerprints on
the murder weapon
covered in Victor's blood.
You're that bitch's sister.
It's nice to see
you Jen.
I saw your father at
the police station today.
I can't believe how angry
he still is with me.
That he still holds
me responsible.
Abby was my best friend and
I loved her like a sister
and you know I had nothing to
do with her disappearance.
She left to meet with you that
night and she never came home.
My father ordered us never
to speak to a Riley again.
But I could never stay
away from you, Jen..
Get the hell outta
my house!
Dad, please.
That family is poison,
all of 'em!
Stay away from my family
or you'll regret it.
Trouble seems to follow
you around Ms. Riley.
Something's going
on in this town
and I'm gonna figure out what it
is with or without your help.
(phone vibrates)
(heavy breathing)
(heavy breathing)
(heavy breathing)
Jen, what's wrong?
Another nightmare?
It's nothing, go
back to sleep.
It's the third one
this week.
These missing girls.
They're really
getting to you.
I just can't stop thinking
about the families
and what they must
be going through.
You're gonna burn
yourself out like that.
I'm missing something.
Hey, even the best
homicide detective
in the city needs
a break.
They need me.
I need you too.
Jennifer: So how's
the remodel?
Santos: It's almost done.
That reminds me, you've
got the day off.
The weather's supposed
to be nice,
so I was thinking we'd
take a drive
and swing by that two bedroom
apartment I told you about.
I thought we
already agreed--
Once the renovations
are finished
I'm gonna be spending a lot
more time at the restaurant.
That apartment is right between
it and the precinct.
It makes perfect sense.
Things are already perfect.
Why risk messing them up
by moving in together?
Come on, Jennifer,
It's been two years.
What are you
so scared of?
I love you.
(phone vibrates)
It's work.
I have to
take it.
Just think about
it, okay?
How many were there?
Okay, thanks,
I'll be right in.
I know, you've
gotta go.
But we're still on for
dinner tonight, right?
Remember those parking
tickets I asked Stafford
to pull around the clubs where
the girls have gone missing?
None of the cab drivers, valets,
ubers or public transit workers
remember seeing any of
the girls leave the clubs.
He's probably using his own
car to transport them.
Parking in the city on the
weekend is almost impossible
to find so I plotted a
map of all the clubs
where the killer has been
grabbing his victims
and now I just have to go
through a thousand or so tickets
and see if anything
interesting comes up.
So that's a no to
dinner tonight?
Can I have another
one please?
What are you doing?
It's the middle of
the afternoon.
What do you
care what I do?
Lauren, what's
gotten into you?
You like I don't know
what you're up to?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Come on Victor don't
play games with me.
Secret calls, late
night meetings.
I'm not an idiot!
Look, okay, keep
your voice down,
you're starting
a scene!
Screw you!
Look, put your jacket on,
I'm taking you home--
I'm not going anywhere until you
tell me what you're working on.
I have no idea--
I saw those photo's
on your computer.
I know you're working
on something.
Photo's on my computer?
Yes, those missing girls!
You wanna know
what it's about?
Abby Blake, that's
what it's about.
I can't tell you anymore
and you know why.
I don't work
with drunks!
Go home!
You're gonna regret this!
Stafford, I
found a match.
Two tickets issued
to a Walter Kramer.
151 Fowler Street near
the Gable projects.
It's on my way home, I
thought I'd swing by.
I'll call if there's anything
out of the ordinary.
(phone vibrating)
Hey Stafford, yeah
I'm still here.
I was just gonna
head home.
A car just
pulled up.
I'm gonna
take a look.
(muffled whimpers)
It's okay, I'm a
police officer.
I'm gonna get you
out of here.
(muffled scream)
(heavy breathing)
Good morning.
Smells delicious.
What's the celebration?
You kidding?
It's all over
the news.
"Detective Jennifer Riley
takes down New York City
stalker single-handed."
To Jennifer Riley,
New Yorks finest.
(phone vibrates)
You better answer it.
It might be
the press.
It can wait.
(phone vibrates)
Go on, answer it.
I know it's
killing you.
Yeah, I'll accept
the charges.
What's wrong?
Give me a sec, it's a collect
call from my sister.
Lauren, what's
going on?
Are you okay?
I'm in real
trouble, Jen.
What happened?
Where are you?
I'm in jail.
What for this time?
They're charging
me with murder.
I don't understand.
Why the rush?
I already told you.
Lauren needs my help.
Why not let your other
sister deal with it.
She's there already.
No, she can't.
Not this time.
Do you want
me to come?
Lowell can look after
the restaurant for a bit.
We could drive up
there together.
It'd give us a chance
to talk about things.
Look, I appreciate
your help I really do,
but my family is
very complicated.
I haven't been back
home since I was 17,
and everyone
there hates me.
And I really need
to do this alone.
Whatever you need.
I promise I
won't be long.
I'll miss you.
I'll call you as soon
as I get there.
I've gotta head over
to the restaurant.
Let me know if you need
anything, okay?
Why didn't I keep my promise
to your sister that night
instead of staying
with you?
What happened
that night Abby?
Always remember.
Never forget.
Newscaster: Award winning cyber
journalist Victor Townsend
known nation wide for his
controversial website
was found murdered
in his Thornwood Heights
office late last night.
Lauren Riley; Townsend's
business partner
and daughter of Thornwood
Heights police chief Tommy Riley
has been charged
with his murder.
Lauren's sister Jennifer
Riley was implicated
in the disappearance of
Abby Blake 20 years ago.
Can you tell chief Riley his
daughter's here to see him?
(clears throat)
Ms. Riley?
Deputy chief Pat Lewton.
Your reputation
precedes you.
Thank you.
Is my father around?
No he's taking
some time off.
You mean he's taking a leave of
absence because of my sister?
Well, it's a bit of a conflict
of interest, isn't it?
Can I see her?
I'm sorry, they've moved
her to holding.
No bail?
With her history the judge
considered her a flight risk.
If my father's on leave, who's
leading the investigation?
I am, Ms. Riley.
It's detective Riley.
Maybe in New York.
Not here, not in
Thornwood Heights.
If you're looking
for your father,
you might want to give
Fraser's bar a try.
Thanks for your help.
Well, well.
Jennifer Riley.
I thought I chased you from
Thornwood Heights for good.
I'm just trying to help
my sister Mr. Blake.
You think because your
father's Chief of Police,
that your family's
above the law.
Well he's not gonna cover
things up this time.
Not like he
did for you.
Abby was my best friend and
I loved her like a sister,
and you know I had nothing to
do with her disappearance.
What I know Ms. Riley,
is that she left to meet
with you that night and
she never came home.
Keep your claws away
from my sons.
Heyden and Daniel
are off limits to you.
You know, there's a
perfectly good cop bar
across from the station.
I'm happy you're here.
Just wish it was under
different circumstances.
How'd you know
where to find me?
Deputy Lewton.
Thinks this might
be his big break.
You know I haven't touched a
drop since your mother died.
Screw Lewton.
I'm not gonna give
him the satisfaction.
I can't believe how much
you remind me of your mother.
Dad, what happened?
The last time I talked to Lauren
she said everything was fine.
I don't know.
Last time the rehab
seemed to do the trick.
She was so happy working
with that Victor Townsend
on the website.
She said they had
a third partner.
An investor?
Lucky Martin.
Made a fortune
friendly housing.
Victor was married to
his daughter Isleigh.
There were rumors Victor and
Lauren were having an affair.
Did Lauren say
that was true?
Doesn't matter what
she said, Jen.
People saw your sister
arguing with him
the night that
he was killed.
So they had
an argument.
That's not enough to--
She was found
next to his body.
She was covered
in his blood.
Her fingerprints all over
the knife that killed him.
I don't think I'll be
much help this time.
You staying at
the house?
I thought it would be better
if I stayed at a hotel.
I wasn't sure if Nova
wanted me at the house.
Your older sister
might live with me,
but I still make
the rules.
You're staying in
your old room.
Glad you're back, Jen.
How are you
holding up?
Okay, considering.
Tell me what happened.
That's the thing,
I can't remember.
I must have
blacked out.
All I know is that
I woke up
in Victor's office
covered in blood.
(panicked breaths)
Police officer: Get down
on the ground!
Hands in the air!
Jen, I know you and Nova
think I'm a screw up
and maybe I was messed
up, but I cleaned up, okay?
I thought the worst
was behind me.
But you were drinking?
It was a
bad day.
I had a fight
with Victor.
Were you two
sleeping together?
No, we were working together,
we were partners.
There was nothing
else to it.
Then what were you
fighting about?
Because he was
lying to me.
About what?
He'd been acting really
weird for weeks.
Wouldn't tell me what he was
doing, where he was going.
So I hacked
his files.
He was working on a
story without me.
And that bothered you?
That company wouldn't
be where it is today
if it weren't
for me.
He promised me that
we would work
on all the big stories together,
but he was shutting me out,
he was lying to me about
what he was working on.
So what did
you do?
Left him a nasty
Guess it kinda sounded
like a threat.
I was pissed
off, Jen.
I didn't mean it.
And the fight
at the bar?
He was upset that I
was drinking again.
Wanted me to go home, but I told
him I wasn't going anywhere
before he told me
what he was hiding.
But he said he couldn't
tell me because of...
Lauren I can't help you unless
you tell me everything.
He couldn't tell me
because of you.
I don't understand.
That story he
was working on.
It had something
to do with Abby.
People still think I had
something to do
with her disappearance.
Jen, I know I've done a lot
of really, really stupid things,
but I've never lied
about them.
I know how this looks,
but I didn't kill Victor.
You have to
believe me.
I'm here and I'm not
going anywhere
until we figure
this out.
(clears throat)
Jen, the files
I saw...
There weretos.
Victor had posted online looking
for other girls in the state
that had gone missing around
the time that Abby disappeared.
I think he might
have found one.
Heyden: Patience was never
one of your virtues.
It's nice to see
you, Jen.
What are you
doing here?
You always said you were going
to leave Thornwood Heights.
I went to med school after Abby
disappeared and I got married.
But things change.
My father wanted me home to run
Blake Enterprises with Daniel.
Your brother's
still here too?
Yeah, turns out I wasn't
cut from the same cloth
as my father
and Daniel.
I mean corporate
life wasn't for me.
So you decided to work
with dead people instead.
My father never mentioned
you were here.
That's not much of
a surprise is it?
He hates all
of us Blakes.
He certainly made it
clear he wasn't happy
that I was working on your
sisters case either.
What can you tell
me about it?
Come on, Jen.
You know I can't discuss
that with you.
Heyden she's my sister.
I know.
But I wish I could help
you, I really do.
Lauren told me that Victor was
working on a story about Abby.
Maybe there's a connection
between Victor's murder
and Abby's disappearance.
We could finally find out
what happened to her.
Let me show
you something.
We know that Victor died
from severe blood loss
due to multiple
stab wounds.
Someone must have been
really angry with him.
Do you have any details
on Lauren's condition?
I only have the report
from her Breathalyzer.
She blew over, but only
by a small amount.
But she said she
blacked out.
Well if she did, it wasn't
from the alcohol.
I'm still waiting on her blood
tests and forensic report.
Can you call me when
they come back?
It's really good
to see you.
I'm glad you're back.
I didn't believe it when
dad said you were back.
20 years is a long
time to be gone.
Hi Nova.
You just decide you're gonna
waltz back into our lives now?
Let's not do
this, okay?
Why are you here?
Lauren called.
She asked for
my help.
Where were you all the other
times that she needed you?
When I needed you?
Come on, you know I
didn't have a choice.
Well, I guess that makes
two of us, doesn't it?
I'm the one that
had to stay here.
Be strong, take care of this
family for all these years.
I don't need
your help now.
Okay, you've done
so much already,
so let me help for
Lauren's sake.
Give me a chance to
make things right.
Did Nova mention what
she's been up to lately?
No, but I noticed
the uniform.
Well there's
just no hiding
those crackerjack detective
skills of yours is there?
Worked nights to put
herself through school.
She's digitizing all the records
for us down at the station.
How come Lewton didn't
put you on leave too?
He wanted to.
I'm the only one in that place
that can actually find anything.
Is there a chance I could look
at some of the case files?
We're already down to one
paycheck in this house.
And you're not exactly welcome
in Thornwood Heights.
Lauren said that Victor was
working on a story
about another girl
that went missing
around the same
time as Abby.
What girl?
I don't know, that's why I
want to look at the files.
Well I haven't seen anything
like that in the files
that I've logged
so far.
Maybe you missed
Yeah, you're
right, I missed it.
'Cause I wouldn't notice
anything like that!
Nova, I didn't
mean to--
I've lost my appetite.
Give her some time,
she'll come around.
Santos: Hey.
I've been worried,
how are you?
Settling in.
How's the remodel coming?
Yeah, it's coming along.
But I'm guessing that's not
why you really called.
I just needed to hear
a friendly voice.
Where are you?
Well I stopped by your house
to check on the mail.
You feel like telling me
what's really going on?
It's been a
tough day,
I'd rather not get
into it right now.
Yeah, of course.
Just know that I'm here
if you need me.
Listen, I'm beat.
I'm gonna call you
tomorrow, okay?
I love you.
It's nice to see
you, Jen.
(phone dings)
Look, I simply can't tell you
how sorry I am for your loss.
We don't always
see eye to eye,
but if you need anything
I'm there.
So how's that beautiful daughter
of yours holding up?
This must have come
as such a blow.
Keeping up appearances.
Just like you.
You know it really is a terrible
shame you'll have to shut down
that online rag
of Victor's.
Where else where people
get their misinformation
about Blake Enterprises?
Get out.
I wish you all the
best of luck.
Excuse me.
I didn't think anyone
still smoked.
I don't.
I just wanted an excuse to get
away from everyone in there.
You don't look familiar.
Are you a friend
of my husband's?
I'm a detective.
I already gave the
police my statement.
It's funny,
I thought you might have
been one of his girlfriends.
My husband liked to "work late"
if you know what I mean.
I think he was also
having an affair
with the woman
he worked with.
She probably thought she was
the only one in his life, too.
Are you sure he was
seeing other women?
I found a spare
cell phone.
He said he used
it for work.
Said it was for
anonymous sources.
A lot of journalists
I believed that too.
One day he left it at home and
I read some of those texts.
There's nothing professional
about them.
Do you know where
that phone is now?
Don't you guys
have it?
Hold on.
What'd you say your
name was again?
Lucky: I believe that's
Jennifer Riley.
Lauren Riley's sister.
You're that bitches sister?
How dare you
come here!
You'll need to leave.
I'm very sorry for your
loss Mr. Martin.
(phone beeps)
(phone ringing)
Detective Riley.
Jen, It's Heyden.
Look, um, can
you meet me?
Sure, where?
How about a walk
around the pier?
Okay, give me about an hour,
I've got something to do first.
(phone beeps)
Heard you put on quite
a show at the Martin's.
That certainly got
around fast.
Small town, remember?
Make a hell of an entrance,
sis, I'll give ya that.
What are you
doing here?
Burner phone.
Isleigh said Victor had a second
cell he used exclusively
for his sources.
Any chance it was recovered
at the crime scene?
Can you just take
a quick look?
There's nothing about
a second cell,
and I checked the
evidence logs,
there are no files on
missing women either.
You happy?
No, not even close.
Lewton: Detective Riley.
I'd love a chat
with you.
My office.
We received a
complaint today
about a disturbance
at the Martin home.
I'm not sure I'd call
it a disturbance.
More like a discussion.
Well, Lucky Martin's gonna
call it trespassing
if it happens again.
This investigation of yours
needs to be over.
Do you understand?
What I understand is that
you're not interested
in conducting a thorough
Is that what
you think?
Isleigh Martin said that Victor
was seeing other women.
She has an
airtight alibi.
And he ran an investigative
website known
for attacking people
including Connor Blake.
Who knows how many
enemies he had.
This has nothing to do with
Isleigh Martin or Connor Blake.
Your sister was the only person
found at the crime scene.
Her fingerprints on the
murder weapon covered
in Victor's blood.
The evidence against
her is clear.
Lauren couldn't have
done this, I know her.
How old was she
when you left?
20 years is
a long time.
People change.
Her blood reports came
back this morning.
Opiate levels
off the charts.
I've seen 200 pound
junkies overdose on less.
She told me she only
had a few drinks.
Well, I guess maybe you don't
know her as well as you think.
I already told you
I was clean!
Then why weren't
your test results?
I don't know!
Maybe the lab
screwed up!
Come on Lauren.
You can't seriously believe I am
capable of killing someone?
I don't know what to
believe anymore.
What happened?
You were such a
happy little girl.
I don't remember
being happy.
I just remember mom
dying, you leaving,
and Nova not being
fun anymore.
Maybe things would've
been different for me
if you'd stayed.
If I'd stayed things would've
been a lot worse.
For who?
I can't change the past,
but I'm here now.
There were no prints or
fibers at the crime scene
other than the ones belonging
to your sister or Victor.
I'm sorry, I wish I
had better news.
Me too.
I used to love coming here
when we were kids.
I remember.
You remember the time Abby dared
me to moon Sandra Penny?
She always loved getting
me into trouble.
So who's the
lucky girl?
Do I know her?
Oh, no.
My father introduced us.
She was the daughter of a
potential business partner.
Didn't work out, we've been
separated for a while.
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to--
No, don't.
I heard you were at
Lucky Martin's today.
You learn anything?
Not too much.
Just that Victor
was unfaithful,
and he had a work cell that
seems to have gone missing.
Your father tell you
I was there?
He and Lucky don't
seem to friendly.
They've been at each
other's throats for years.
Lucky built his business
around the idea
of developing communities in
harmony with the environment.
He's been actively working
to block my dad
from expanding and
developing his mines.
So he was using Victor's
company to aid his cause?
I ran into your father
at the police station.
I can't believe how angry
he still is with me.
That he still holds
me responsible.
You did eventually
tell him I didn't go
to see Abby that
night, didn't you?
You didn't?
How could you let
your parents think
that about me all
these years?
Did I really embarrass
you that much?
Jen, you don't
No, I don't
Jen, please, let--
(phone beeps)
(doorbell rings)
Mr. Martin, I'm sorry
about earlier.
I know this
is difficult.
I just need a moment
of your time.
We have nothing
to talk about.
It's about Connor Blake.
You have two minutes.
I couldn't help but overhear
your conversation.
It sounded like Connor didn't
like Victor very much.
Let's just say that Victor
wasn't very kind
when he wrote about
Blake Enterprises.
Do you think that Connor hated
Victor enough to kill him?
If he wanted
Victor dead
he could have had it
done long time ago.
Connor Blake may be many things,
but he's not a stupid man.
Did Victor ever mention
anything to you
about a big story he may
have been working on?
Victor was always working
on a big story.
He was skilled in the
art of exaggeration.
What about a story about the
disappearance of Abby Blake,
or Blake Enterprises?
I have no idea what Victor
was working on.
He and I weren't close,
I just tolerated him
because my daughter
was in love with him.
Victor was about
the story.
He was a manipulator,
and he didn't care who
got hurt in the process.
Even if it meant
hurting Isleigh.
Well, thank you
for your time.
Nova: Hey, Jen.
Hey, I didn't know what time
you were coming home,
so I put a plate
in the oven.
What's that?
Victor's files
from lock up.
I made you
a copy.
But if Lewton finds out,
you'll lose your job.
You and dad aren't the only
Riley's around here with balls.
Lauren deserves a
full investigation.
Thank you Nova.
You just help
her, Jen.
(deep breath)
(phone rings)
Santos: It's late and I didn't
hear back from you.
Are you okay?
I'm good, being back home was
just a little overwhelming.
I'm sorry I haven't
You sure you don't
want me to come?
(breaking glass)
Oh my God.
What was that?
I have to go.
(wheels screeching)
Ms. Riley.
Any idea who'd
do this?
But I haven't been too popular
since I've come back home so...
Maybe you should
consider leaving then.
Just a damn second!
This is my house,
you sonovabitch!
Harper, we're done here.
Get back on patrol.
So I'm guessing you're done
with this investigation too?
I've got more important
things to do than
to figure out which one of your
neighbours is missing a brick.
Get out!
Maybe this wasn't
such a good idea.
I don't want you
getting hurt.
No one is going to scare
me away this time.
What do you want?
Well, I heard what
happened last night.
I wanted to make sure
you were okay.
You shouldn't be here.
Okay, I guess I
deserve that.
What do you
want, closure?
I'm okay.
Jen, I just--
I wanna explain.
I was never
ashamed of you.
Of us.
That night that we spent
together was perfect.
And then I went home
and things got crazy.
I mean Abby never
came home.
My mother, she
was frantic.
She called the police
and they came over,
and they started asking
all sorts of questions.
Before I could even tell
them where I'd been
my father told him I'd
been with him all night.
Why would
he do that?
Well, first I thought he
was trying to protect me.
And then I realized he
was just using me.
To protect his reputation.
Turns out he'd spend the
night with another woman.
And changing your story would've
ruined your father's reputation.
I was young.
I was stupid,
but I didn't know I'd be leaving
you without an alibi.
How would I even know you
were gonna be a suspect?
I should've
come forward.
I should have
said something.
I know I can't make
it up to you,
but let me help with
the investigation.
It's the least
I can do.
Look at this.
Thank you.
These are accounting records
from my father's company.
20 years ago.
My father keeps his confidential
records secure.
I wonder how Victor got
his hands on these.
Looks like some of the larger
transactions are highlighted.
Yeah, this doesn't
make sense.
What's that?
Well, when you have
transactions this large,
the ledger should say where
the money's transferred,
but on these transactions
there's no information listed.
Meaning someone may have had
their hand in the cookie jar.
Hard to tell.
What the hell are
you doing here?
Heyden: Chief.
Jennifer: Dad, you've
been drinking.
I went to see Lauren,
she's falling a part.
Get the hell out
of my house!
Dad, please.
Heyden: Hey, I
was just leaving.
Don't you get it?
That family is poison!
All of them!
He's just trying
to help.
Your mother warned me.
I should've
listened to her.
What were you
looking for Victor?
The old boathouse.
That's the same day
Abby disappeared.
Heyden: Jen?
Listen, I'm sorry
about my dad.
No, don't be.
I shouldn't have come
to the house.
I was just going through
Victor's files,
and it looks like he was
collecting police reports
from the night that
Abby went missing.
What sort of reports?
Everything from domestic
disputes to noise complaints.
Why do you think he
was doing that?
I think he was looking
for something
the police might
have overlooked.
Did he find anything?
I can't tell, but one of them
was a vandalism report
from down at the
boat house.
That's Abby's special place.
She used to take me there a
lot after my mother got sick.
Yeah, she went there when
our parents were fighting too.
Took Daniel and me there
a couple of times.
So the report says the police
found a broken fence,
but they wrote it up
as vandalism.
I thought I'd go
take a look.
I'll meet you there.
Okay, see you
in a bit.
Heyden: I always wondered
what that meant.
Abby had the
same locket.
Always remember,
never forget.
She made me take an oath that we
would be best friends forever.
I don't know why, but
after my mother died,
my father declared your
family off limits.
Even Abby.
I was so terrified about
what he would do to you
if he found out
about us.
My father ordered us never
to speak to a Riley again.
But I could never stay
away from you, Jen.
I never meant
to hurt you.
I know.
We shouldn't.
It's too complicated.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Oh God, are
you okay?
What is it?
(radio chatter)
You okay?
What if it's Abby?
We don't know
that for sure.
Who else could
it be, Jen?
(clears throat)
County Sheriff's sending a
forensic team in the morning.
I could just
start now.
No, you're too
close to this.
Go home.
Give your folks
a heads up.
Just in case.
I'll take your
statement later.
Trouble seems to follow
you around Ms. Riley.
I think that Victor was
working on a theory.
What sort of theory?
I'm not sure yet.
But he was keeping it
a secret from Lauren.
Lauren said she saw a file in
his office about a young girl
who went missing around the
same time Abby disappeared.
What does all this have
to do with the boathouse?
This was Abby's
special place.
I thought I'd
come back
and maybe find something
that was missed before.
You wanna hear
my theory?
I think Lauren killed
Victor to protect you.
Maybe you came here to check
up on your handy work.
You don't wanna
believe me?
That's fine.
But something's going on in
this town, and I am going
to figure out what it is with
or without your help.
I don't know how long it's
gonna take forensics
to identify the remains
that you found.
But if I were you,
I wouldn't plan on leaving
Thornwood Heights anytime soon.
(deep breath)
(phone beeps)
Make sure the courier picks
that up before you leave.
And Daniel's car is
going in for service,
please arrange for him
to get a company car.
You're waiting for
Daniel Blake?
I'm Jamie Chen, Daniel
Blake's assistant.
Can I get you something
to drink while you wait?
Do you have any idea how much
longer he's going to be?
Well, he is a very
busy man,
and you did show up
without an appointment.
Daniel: Jennifer.
Daniel, I won't take up
much of your time.
Good, because I
don't have much.
What do you want?
Victor Townsend.
Did you have any
Whatdealings with him?
He was on Lucky
Martin's payroll
and as you already know our
families don't get along.
So no, I've never had
any dealings with him.
Did you know he was working on a
story about Blake Enterprises?
Wasn't he always?
Well, this one was actually
based on information
coming from inside
of your company.
Let's take this
into my office.
Are you suggesting that
someone in this company
is leaking information?
I'm not sure, but I know that
Victor was working on some sort
of expos using old accounting
ledgers that he obtained
from someone who
works here.
Do you know who
that person is?
Not yet.
I'm still looking for the
cell phone Victor used
to contact his sources.
Thanks for letting
me know.
I'll have security
look into it.
Is there anything else?
Not for now.
Thanks for your time.
Jamie, please show
Miss Riley out.
(deep sigh)
Connor: A little bird told
me you were here.
I just had some questions
for Daniel.
I thought I made my
feelings clear.
I'm trying to help my
sister Mr. Blake.
I warned you once before to
stay away from my family.
Are you threatening me?
I wouldn't be
that crass.
Consider this a promise.
Stay away from my family
or you'll regret it.
Answering Machine: You've
reached Dr. Heyden Blake,
leave a message I'll get back
to you as soon as I can.
Hi Heyden, it's Jen.
I hope you're okay.
I'm at Victor's office and I'm
going to take a look around.
Heyden: Jen?
Hey-hey-hey, Jen,
are you okay?
It's me, it's Heyden.
What happened?
I don't know.
You tell me.
I got your message,
and I came over.
When I was pulling in I
saw a car racing off.
Are you okay?
Make and model.
Did you get the make
and model of the car?
It was dark.
It was a black SUV.
I think the last three numbers
on the plate were 609.
Let me take a
look at this.
Ouch, you're gonna need
a couple stitches,
but you're gonna
be okay.
You shouldn't have
come here alone.
What were you
looking for?
The phone.
Where is it?
What phone?
Victor's burner phone.
There were text messages.
Isleigh was right, Victor
was having an affair.
With who?
From what I read, his source
at Blake Enterprises.
Did you see a name?
No, but I remember a number,
and whoever it was,
was really pissed off,
and wanted Victor to leave
his wife but he wouldn't.
That must have been
who attacked you.
Okay, let's get
you fixed up.
I don't have time, I have
to find that phone.
No, you need
a doctor.
Give me a second.
What are you doing?
At least whoever attacked
me didn't get these.
Look, if you would just
sit still for two minutes...
I don't have
two minutes!
I need to figure out
who took that cell.
And how are you
gonna do that?
I've got the NYPD
tracing the number.
Did I hurt you?
No, the number's
not in their system.
It's probably whoever's
been sending me
those threatening
text messages.
What threatening
text messages?
It's nothing.
A brick through
your window,
somebody just split your head
open, that's not nothing.
They're just trying
to scare me away.
Maybe Nova can help us
with those partial plates.
She could cross-reference it
with all the black SUV's
in Thornwood Heights.
It's a long shot, but
maybe we'll get lucky.
Okay, well,
you're done.
Just promise me you won't get
hit in the head again, okay?
What's in there, anyway?
Victor's notes on all the
stories he was working on.
I think maybe I
was wrong.
About what?
The money Victor
was tracing.
This isn't a story just
about Blake Enterprises.
Sorry, I'm not following.
These highlighted
accounting records
were all from the same month
that Abby disappeared.
It looks like Victor thought
that the missing funds
were connected to Abby's
If that's true, then whoever
was supplying Victor
with that information, they
could be in danger.
We just have to figure
out who that is
before someone else does.
Tell me you're
not serious.
I know it's not a lot to go
on, but it's all we've got.
You've got no real
description of the car,
and an incomplete plate.
Just run it against
the DMV records
and maybe we'll
get a hit.
Do you have any idea
how long that'll take?
And I can't get on
the database
without alerting Lewton
until after work.
Finding the owner of this
car is Lauren's only chance.
I went to see
her yesterday.
Dad's right, she's
not doing well.
Okay, well then let's
get her out of there.
Thank you.
Detective Riley.
Apparently you don't
take me seriously.
How's that?
You were with my
son yesterday.
Yes I was.
And I think he's old enough
to make his own decisions
about who he spends his
time with, don't you?
Get your hands
off me!
Look, I'm used to people
doing what I say.
You may think you own this town,
but you never owned me,
and you never owned my
family and you never will.
Don't I?
You may want to check with
your father about that.
Heard you found a skeleton
at the boathouse yesterday.
You think it's Abby?
I don't know.
Can't believe
I missed it.
If I hadn't, maybe the last 20
years would've been different.
There's no way you would
have been able to find it.
You would have had to know
where the body was.
The only reason I found it was
because of the wood rot.
Sorry about before.
It's okay.
What's going on?
Something Connor Blake said to
me today at the police station.
Go on, spit it out,
what did he say?
I told him that he
didn't own us,
and he said I should
ask you about that.
Dad, what did
he mean?
When your mom took ill,
things got a little rough.
Insurance didn't cover
all the treatments,
bills started piling up.
I remember.
I wanted to ask
Connor for a loan
but your mom begged
me not to.
Said no good would
come of it.
I knew if the treatments
stopped she'd die,
so I went to ask him anyway
behind her back.
Did he help?
It came with
a price.
He'd gotten in a bind
with a working girl.
He roughed her up.
Connor knew what
it would cost him.
So I made
it go away.
What did you do?
I had her stitched
up, I paid her off
and put her on the
first bus out of town.
I thought that was the end
of it, but I was wrong.
Connor said he'd tell
people what I'd done.
They'd stop paying for
your moms treatments
if I didn't cooperate.
What happened?
One night he came to the
house looking for me
and I wasn't home,
but your mother was.
What did she do?
Your mother,
bless her heart.
She was never one
to mince words.
She told him she wouldn't take
his blood money anymore.
She stopped the
And died one
month later.
No wonder you
hated him so much.
There's something else
I need to tell you.
The night that Abby disappeared,
she came here looking for you.
Dad, what did
she say?
She was crying.
Almost hysterical.
Okay, please tell me
you helped her.
Dad, did you
help her?
I told her
to leave.
How could you
do that?
She was just a
little girl.
I let my feelings for Connor
get in the way.
Why didn't you
tell me?
Why didn't you
tell anybody?
I was ashamed.
I just thought you'd never
be able to forgive me.
Are you okay?
I had nowhere
else to go.
Come on in.
Your father never could have
known what was gonna happen.
Nobody could.
I was supposed to
meet her that night.
But I stayed with
you instead.
If only I'd gone.
We should have
told her about us.
She wouldn't have
It's okay.
It's okay.
Answering Machine: You've
reached Jennifer Riley,
please leave a message
after the tone.
Was Nova able to trace
the owner of the car?
No, she's still waiting
on the DMV.
I'm going to have to
find another way
to figure out who
Victor's source is.
Maybe Jamie Chen
can help.
Daniel's assistant?
I'll come with you.
No, I have to head
home first.
Look, um, Jennifer,
about last night...
It shouldn't have
There's too much going on
for both of us right now.
All right.
Um, well, promise me you'll call
if you hear anything from Nova?
That's some fine
coffee right there.
There you are.
I was worried
about you.
When did you
get here?
He just showed up a
little while ago.
Decided to make
us breakfast.
Should've told me
you were coming.
Well I would have if
you'd call me back.
I'm so sorry.
I completely forgot.
I've been following
a lead all night.
It's okay, you're dealing
with a lot right now.
I understand.
Sit down, let me make
you something to eat.
We good?
(phone ringing)
The only match to that plate
in Thornwood Heights
is an SUV registered to
Blake Enterprises.
Do we know who
it belongs to?
No, it's a company
car, so no name.
That figures.
See if you can find any moving
violations issued to the driver
of the car in the
last few years,
they'll have the name
and address.
I haven't digitized all the
moving violations yet.
I'm gonna have to
pull the paper files.
Okay, well text me
the license number
and let me know when
you have a name.
It's okay.
I'll hang out with your
dad until you get back.
Thanks for understanding.
Hey Heyden it's me.
Jamie Chen called in sick, I'm
gonna swing by his place.
Detective Riley.
This is a surprise,
is everything okay?
I called your office, they told
me you were out sick.
Yeah, I've been feeling a
little under the weather.
I was hoping to ask
you a few questions.
Well, maybe you can come back
later when I'm feeling better?
It'll only take a
few minutes.
I'm not sure I'm gonna
be much help.
The other day when I
was waiting for Daniel,
I overheard you making
arrangements for a company car.
Yeah, so?
Are there a lot of employees at
Blake Enterprises who have them?
Yeah, why?
Do you know which employee
was using a company car
with this license
plate number?
I think whoever's been
leaking information
to Victor Townsend
may be in danger.
I have a company
directory in my office.
Want me to
get it?
Would you mind?
Just give me
a second.
Jamie: You meddling bitch!
Why'd you have
to come here?
Put the gun
down, Jamie.
People know I'm here.
Shut up!
Outside, now.
Where are we going?
Shut up and
keep walking.
Into the trees.
Everything was fine
until you showed up.
Why'd you have to go sticking
your nose into things?
You were Victor's source.
He said he loved
me, okay?
That we were gonna
be together,
but he was just using me
to get what he wanted.
He deserved
everything he got.
Jamie, nobody else
needs to get hurt.
Do you have any idea what Connor
and Daniel will do to me
if they find out
it was me?
Thanks to you, I have to leave
town before that happens.
You don't need
to do this.
Heyden: Jennifer!
(painful scream)
I called Nova on
the way over.
It was Jamie Chen.
Hey, you're
gonna be okay.
They found traces of the same
drug that was in your system
the night Victor was murdered
in the trunk of Jamie's car.
You're coming home.
They're letting me go?
Thank you!
You're welcome.
Really gonna hate
to see you go, Jen.
Would be nice to have another
Riley at the station.
I have to get back to
my work in the city.
Jen, maybe I was wrong
about Heyden.
Dad, my life is in New
York with Santos.
Don't be a
stranger, okay?
I won't be.
I still need answers
about Abby.
Um, I'll call to let you know
if there's anything else
that could help in
Victor's files.
Where are you off
to in such a hurry?
Lucky Martin has agreed to
continue financing
The Townsend Report, so
I posted photographs
from Victor's file online.
This guy named Trevor
contacted me.
Said he recognized
one of the girls.
Thinks it might
be his sister.
I'm gonna meet
him for coffee.
I gotta go to
the station.
You take care, Jen.
Bye guys.
We should get moving if we
wanna miss the traffic.
I'm sorry I was so
hard on you.
You don't have
to apologize.
We've all been
through a lot.
I'll call you when I
get to New York.
I was worried
I'd missed you.
I feel like we just
got you back.
Now you're leaving again.
The county lab
just called.
That skeleton we found.
It wasn't her.
It wasn't Abby.
You take care of
yourself, okay?
Heyden I'm not
gonna stop trying
to figure out what
happened to her.
I'm gonna get
a head start.
I'll see you at
your place.
Okay, I'll meet
you there.
(phone beeps)
You're alive.