Deadly Secrets of a Cam Girl (2023) Movie Script

What is it that you find
so fascinating about her?
She's everything that I want
everything that I want to be.
The money, the job, the power.
Life could be so much easier
if I just had hers.
It sounds like
you want to take her life.
I do.
When launching
your first business,
it's important to do
a thorough self-examination
of your personal values
as an entrepreneur.
Many new entrepreneurs
will forgo a projects
they are passionate about for
one they believe will be more
profitable in the long term.
They think from watching
success stories on TV
that their dreams
will come true.
That they can move up
in the world.
That social mobility
is possible.
And for some, it may be.
Since this is your final project
before graduation,
I'm expecting something
very polished.
Who knows
this business plan may be
the start of a new career.
Here are the pairings
for your group project.
Taylor and Amy,
Jessica and Marco,
Arianna and India...
Ryan and Kiara, Jaden and Jenny,
Jason and Gwen.
All right.
Good luck.
Thank you, all.
See you next week.
Arianna, may I speak with you
for a moment?
Is something wrong?
I was actually gonna
commend you.
It's been a difficult unit for
most of the other students,
but not for you.
I wanted to know if
you'd be interested in
leading a student group.
- I think you're brilliant.
- I'm sorry.
I-I really don't
have the time for that.
I understand it would be
another thing to add
to what I'm sure
is a very busy schedule,
but you would really help
the other students.
I'm sure if they want tutors,
they can afford to buy them.
Now, if you could offer me
a wage for my work,
that would be different.
Well, I can't force you.
But I think the socialization
Thanks, Professor Edwards, but
I'm running late for something.
I really have to go.
And I trust you'll be able to
work with India?
What? You think I don't know
how to play well with others?
Is everything okay?
What's going on?
Everything's fine. She's fine.
We're just calling about
an unpaid balance?
If it's not paid by...
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
I'll pay it by today.
This is your final
notice. It's out of my hands.
Yes, thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Thank you.
You wanna tell me
what you did today?
Well, I, um...
I played with, um,
with, um, with Eliza,
and, um
we played chess
and, and-and it was fun!
That amazing! But did you win?
Are you-are you,
are you kidding?
Of course I won.
Of course you did!
I'm so proud of you!
- I wanna play.
- Now?
You know, it looks like
someone else is playing now,
but-but we can play after.
what did you do today, I guess?
Nothing much.
I had a lot of classes.
I actually...
I found out I have to work
with India on a project.
That'll be so fun!
I already told you...
Suze, I-I'm not friends
with India, anymore.
Wait. Did I-did I forget again?
You need friends,
you, you need friends, Ari.
You need a friend,
you need, you need,
you need, you need
you need friends,
you need friends.
- Ari...
- I know.
I need to talk to you
in private.
You need friends.
I know.
And here is the billing
statement for the month.
Yeah, uh, just give me a second.
If you can put down
a quarter of the cost today,
I can get the people at billing
to get off your back
for another week.
But we can't help you
after that.
A quarter?
Is there another payment plan
I can get on?
My hands are tied, I'm sorry.
Hi. I'm Angel.
Who do I have the pleasure
of speaking with?
Okay, Big Daddy.
How was your day today?
Damn. I've been
watching your content
for months,
but to finally see your face...
Take off your mask,
I wanna see your eyes.
Oh, you are so beautiful.
Why don't you tell me about
your work, Big Daddy?
What did you do for work today?
Been sleeping
on my desk all day,
dreaming of the moment
I get to see you naked.
Oh, yeah?
And what did that look like?
What's it look like? Well...
You had the most gorgeous body
I have ever seen.
Best tits ever. Your skin felt
so smooth on my hands...
More, Big Daddy! More!
Tell me more!
I'm getting
so close, Angel. I'm so close.
How close are you, James?
Are you ready to explode?
You can see me?
You know, I don't think Susan
would be too happy
to hear you're cheating on her
with some cam girl,
don't you think?
This is not cheating,
you're not even real.
Oh, I'm not real? What about my
gorgeous body, James?
And the best tits
you'd ever seen?
You can't ruin my life
like this. You stupid bitch!
As much as I want to,
I'd rather you sent me $1,000.
Now! Or else
Susan knows everything.
And your kids...
God, what were their names?
James Junior,
and Colette, will never look at
you the same way again
after getting a video of you
jacking it to some cam girl.
Thank you, James.
I hope you have
a wonderful night.
I mean, that's the promise of
the American dream, right?
Anyone who works hard enough,
can succeed in this country.
And that is exactly what
presidential candidate Park
wants us to think he's
supporting, but what about
for whom the American dream
is simply survival.
What about them...
- Can I eat now, Angel?
- Not yet, baby.
But I'm so hungry,
Angel. I might wither away.
You can eat
when I tell you can eat.
Yes, Angel.
You can eat now, baby.
Thank you so much, Angel!
I'm so grateful for you.
Hi, I'm Angel.
Who do I have the pleasure of
speaking with?
You are such a hypocrite.
Excuse me?
There's no way
Angel is your real name,
and you want to know mine?
Oh, I never said you had to
give me your real name.
You can call me... Bonnie.
Like Bonnie and Clyde.
Are you gonna try to rob me?
That's funny.
You are funny.
I can see why men are
attracted to you.
Well, what about you?
Are you attracted to me?
Actually I just
need someone to talk to.
I don't know, somebody that I
don't know who I can vent to.
Yeah. Sure, okay.
What do you wanna talk about?
Well, I suppose that it's
important to mention that I'm
very successful.
You can say rich,
I'm not gonna puke.
I'm working for a medical
tech company.
We're currently doing trials
on a drug
to reverse the effects of
traumatic brain injuries.
- Like NeuranX?
- Exactly like that.
- Yes.
- Really? I...
I mean, I've-I've studied
your business story!
And I heard that you guys are
up for another round
of funding soon that
that's really gonna help
your company
push to the next level.
Yeah, it's been a
interesting journey.
I'm actually working
on a project of my own
that I can't really talk to
anybody about it.
Secret projects,
major company, thick wallet
it doesn't sound so bad
to be you.
Trust me.
You don't want my life.
Well, it sounds a lot better
than drowning
in student loan debt.
Do you ever feel like
there are parts of your life
that nobody could know about,
or it could
ruin everything for you?
Yeah, I-I know exactly
what that's like.
That's what
this project is like for me.
I have to be extremely careful,
especially around my husband.
Your husband Clyde?
very difficult
when it comes to
changing his mind.
If I was to take this project
public it would definitely
get in his way.
And lately, he's been pushing me
to have kids.
And he knew from the beginning
I didn't want any.
Lately, I've been thinking
that my husband wants to
dispose of me.
Trade me in for a younger model.
But we can't let that happen.
Do you feel like
he's cheating on you?
I don't know.
Maybe I'm getting ahead
of myself.
What about you?
How does a smart
young woman like
you doing in this line of work?
Smart girls go
where the money's at.
It helps pay for my education.
What are you studying?
Is that why you know
so much NeuranX?
Well, actually, it's, ah
it's because of my sister.
She was in a car accident
last year,
and it took everything from her.
She was
paralyzed and suffered
a traumatic brain injury
that stunted her mentally
and physically.
You know, she was always
smarter than I was.
She showed me everything
that I know and now I have to
pay someone to keep her alive
because I can't do it myself.
That must be
incredibly challenging.
Yeah, that's why I do this,
for her.
For the money.
It's just nice to able to
forget about me for minute
and be someone else.
And honestly, I like the power.
But if it got out that
I was a sex worker,
it could really hurt
my job prospects post-grad,
and I need a good job
to support my sister.
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, this-this was
not supposed to be about me.
Let's-let's get back to you.
Thank you for trusting me
with your story.
I'm so sorry, I have to run.
Well... But we've only been
talking for like
five minutes,
I only charge $2 a minute.
- How's $2,000 a minute?
- Excuse me?
I hope this helps
with your sister.
Talk soon.
And I don't actually know
what they are called.
And, I'm at fourth,
I guess I'm right.
No, right.
- Hey, what's up?
- I'm sorry for calling so late.
But it's just like a really
crazy day.
I need to talk to someone.
Hey, it's okay, don't worry.
What's wrong?
I don't know, he's
really starting to freak me out.
I'm scared.
What are you talking about?
He figured it out.
He figured out what I'm doing.
He figured it out...
Oh my God!
Can you just give me one second?
Where are you?
No, no, no, no! No!
Please, a woman named
Bonnie was just assaulted
at the NeuranX offices, you need
to get someone down there
as quickly as you can.
So as you can see from this
graph that GDP fluctuation.
More or less steady over
the period of last ten years.
Does anyone have any questions?
Okay. Well, thanks class,
that's it for today.
See you all next week.
Could you stay back
for a minute?
I'm sorry, I really have to...
I noticed that you were very
distracted in class today.
- I know, I just...
- That's not like you.
Yeah, I just have a lot
going on right now.
Overbook yourself?
Something like that.
Well, if you need any
extra help,
you just let me know, okay?
Yeah. Yeah, fine. I will.
Glad to hear it.
Looking forward to
seeing your presentation.
You always manage to impress me.
Arianna Aguilar?
- Can I help you?
- I'm Detective Justin Choi.
I understand you had a concern
about a Bonnie at NeuranX?
Yes, thank you.
Did-did you find her?
Yes, actually,
she was hiding out
among all the other imaginary
people who work there.
Excuse me?
You know,
it's a federal offense to make
a false report
of a crime, right?
You don't wanna get
involved with those feds,
they're a notoriously
fickle bunch.
It wasn't a fake call.
I saw what happened to Bonnie.
No one named Bonnie
has ever worked there.
And when police arrived
on the scene, they didn't
find any evidence of an assault.
But let's backup for a second.
What do you mean
you saw what happened?
Are you saying
you were you there?
I... No.
No, I...
I was on the phone.
I was looking for
customer service, and I
thought a woman named
Bonnie had answered.
I must've just gotten
her name wrong.
All right, well...
I don't like my time
being wasted,
so if you happened to
come across any more crimes
involving women who don't exist,
maybe just call it in
to your friend
or a therapist, not the police.
Have a good day, Ms. Aguilar.
I suppose it's
important to mention
that I'm... very successful.
I have to be extremely careful,
especially around my husband.
Lately I've been
thinking my husband wants to
dispose of me.
All right, so I was thinking
that we could start by
restating the lecture...
- Woah, um, hello?
- Hi.
Listen, I really don't have
a lot of time today, so...
So you come in late and then try
to take over the whole project?
- What is up with you?
- What's up with you, Ari?
Why was a cop
talking to you yesterday?
- What happened now?
- It was nothing.
Don't worry, I don't need your
parents money or connections
to get them off
my back this time.
That's not fair.
If it weren't for me,
you'd probably be in jail.
- So it wasn't about...
- No.
It was just a misunderstanding.
Seriously. It had wasn't
about Suze, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
So, in Unit 6, Edwards discusses
conglomerate culture...
How's Suzette?
How's Suzette?
You know, you could
visit Suzette to find out
how's Suzette, she's
fairly easy to track down...
Yeah, I-I should...
"The conglomerate is
encouraged to grow,
"and expand, but does that
detract from the original
invention that they built
their company around...
Maybe if I visited her,
I could convince her to
hack another school's
mainframe again.
Yeah, she's good.
She's communicating well.
I've actually eyeing a promising
new treatment for her.
- Where's the treatment?
- It's at NeuranX.
It's this company with
new medical treatments
that could really help her.
Aren't those treatments
like super expensive?
- Do you need...
- No.
I'm still working on
the details.
How's Dean?
We broke up.
You were right.
Hey, Jeff, how many times do I
need to have this conversation
with you, huh?
First my packages were
getting stolen,
and then there was
suspicious activity
from the neighboring buildings,
and now
my apartment has been
broken into.
You need to install a security
system for this building.
You cannot keep saying that
things are gonna get better
and then do nothing about it.
I don't know, Jeff,
you're the super. Do your job.
- You must be Ms. Aguilar. Hi.
- Hi, it's nice to meet you.
I'm Lana, Olivia and Ryan's
Thank you so much for
coming in today, we're really
looking forward to interviewing
you for the position.
Well, thank you.
Bill, our head of HR will be
interviewing you today,
but his last interview
is running a bit long.
If you don't mind I could give
you a quick tour while you wait?
Yeah, yeah, that's sounds great.
Awesome. This way.
We are very impressed
by your accolades.
You graduated Summa Cum Laude
from Princeton
with a degree in business,
worked at Apple for five years,
and now you're going back to
school to get your masters.
Well, you've done your research.
Wow! You guys seem busy.
You working hard?
We are currently
working on prototypes
to interest some potential
Ryan is gearing up for
a new round of funding
which will be great
for our expansion.
Do you know if Olivia's around?
- Oh, you know Olivia?
- Well, not personally.
I just, just what I read.
Well, she is stepping back from
the company for the time being.
Her and Ryan and are trying to
start a family.
Oh, wow! That's so exciting.
You'll have to congratulate her
for me.
Thank you. Um, she's such
an incredible boss.
We'll miss her, but we all
just want what's best for her.
This way.
And these are the
executive offices.
Good eye.
Not very private.
Olivia and Ryan
try not to enforce
a strong hierarchy
in the office.
By having a work space
that's visible to the team,
they're breaking down
the barrier between
boss and employee.
They like to treat it
more like family.
Do you have any other questions?
Uh, no, no,
so far I think I'm good.
You can have a seat here.
Bill should be with you
in about ten minutes.
Sounds good. Thank you, Lana.
I'll be back to check on you.
There's no way that's happening.
Mr. X.
Hi. I really need to
speak with you.
Excuse me. Who the hell are you?
I'm Arianna Aguilar,
I'm interviewing
for the business affairs team.
Well, I just really wanted
the chance to
tell you what an absolute
genius I think you are.
And I'd love to hear more
about your creative process.
Give us a minute?
We'll circle back with
those reports, Todd.
Let me know
what the investors say.
You know, this isn't exactly
how we do things around here.
There are protocols.
Well, I apologize for the
intrusion. I just...
Well, I'd really love to be
just like you someday.
I'm sure that's not true.
My life isn't that interesting.
All I do is
go to meetings all day.
It's my team who does
all the hard work.
How did you get started?
Well, I started developing
prototypes of the product
when I was in college,
then dropped out
to pursue this venture full
time, let's say it worked out.
Well, now you have
this amazing empire, so...
That's truly a testament to your
hard work, and your teams.
And your wife? Has she been
a great help to you?
Yeah, um, I mean,
she's been so supportive.
She practically
held my hand through
the entire patent process.
So, when I was finally
ready to launch my company,
she was right by my side.
That's beautiful.
You know, I hope to have
my own company one day.
And maybe, if I'm lucky,
I'll have a supportive partner
by my side too.
I'm sure that will happen
for you.
You seem very intelligent,
and attractive.
Well, thank you.
I hear that you and Olivia are
planning to start a family soon?
And lately he's been
pushing me to have kids
and he knew from the beginning
I didn't want any.
IVF can be very draining, so...
Liv's decided to take
a few days off of work.
But we're very excited.
Well, I'd love to speak
with her one day soon
and, you know, hear about her
experience as a woman in tech.
She's incredibly inspiring.
You know, I think you would be
in much better hands
with me as your mentor.
When it comes to teaching people
Olivia can be rather
Well, thank you, that is...
that's truly a kind offer.
I just... Well, I hope you
aren't too busy with the police.
The police?
Well, Lana mentioned
that there was an incident.
Were you or Olivia there?
Is everyone okay?
No, no one was there.
It was just a prank call.
When big companies
try and go public
people like to create drama to
delay the process or derail it.
Unfortunately it's quite common.
Lana shouldn't have
said anything.
We like to keep
those things quiet.
Speaking of...
Mr. X, sorry to bother you.
I believe our interviewee
got... lost.
It's fine, Lana. Thank you.
It been a pleasure
getting to meet
one of our potential teammates.
You know, uh, in the early days
of the company,
I was the one interviewing
new employees.
I miss getting to know everyone
from the beginning.
The pleasure was all mine.
You're truly inspiration, Mr. X.
I mean, the videos that I've
seen of you speak...
I'm very flattered, but I'm
just like anyone else.
Those videos are edited well.
You can tell any narrative
you want
these days with good editing.
But, I do appreciate it.
Look, I've got to take this,
but thanks for stopping by.
Right, of course.
Thank you so, so much!
Can you get the door?
Okay, Olivia.
Let's see what you you got.
You live here now?
May as well.
It's always something to
get done here lately.
This new round of funding has me
burning the candle at both ends.
This could be huge, you know.
For all of us.
Just wanted to say goodnight.
I'm headed out.
Come here.
I've been meaning to ask you
what you thought of the new
business affairs candidate?
She seems really smart.
You should ask Bill though,
he interviewed her.
Yeah, but, who is she?
Where did she come from?
She came by standard procedure.
Honestly, I think she is
Everyone just wants to be
a part of the magic I suppose.
Thank you, Lana.
Can you lock up for me?
Of course.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Any last questions?
Well, I have one.
You talked about the ethics
of drop-shipping.
Could you discuss the use of
American versus international
Of course. As entrepreneurs
launching American companies...
No, thank you, India.
I'd like to hear from Arianna.
We've barely heard
from her all day.
Right, uh...
That's a great question
and I'll
think about it
and get back to you.
Right, uh...
All right.
You're all excused for
the afternoon, thank you.
What's going on with you lately?
You can barely focus.
I just didn't get a lot of sleep
last night,
it's not that a big of a deal.
You know you can talk to me,
About anything.
If the workload is too much,
just say the word.
You know, maybe I could focus
better if my professor
wasn't too busy
hitting on me to do his job.
- Excuse me?
- You need to back off.
This behavior is incredibly
inappropriate, Arianna,
and I cannot fathom...
what you're implying.
I think you know exactly
what I'm implying.
If you're this excited to
see a student,
maybe you should invest
in looser-fitting pants.
You good?
Yeah. Thanks.
What is going on with you?
- What do you mean?
- What do I mean?
Arianna, you've been acting
weird for weeks.
I'm, I'm worried about you.
You don't need to be worried
about me, India, back off.
Woah. You can't talk to me
like that.
You don't get to be worried
about me... or demand answers.
You're the one
who didn't want to be
in my life anymore, remember?
You understand why I distanced
myself from you, right?
You have to get that.
You stopped talking to me,
you never even gave me
an explanation.
I didn't think I needed to.
Well, obviously
I'm not smart enough
to understand what's going on,
so maybe you should
spell it out for me.
You completely isolated yourself
after the accident.
I mean, at first
I understood it.
I got it that you needed space,
honestly I did too...
I couldn't stop thinking
about the accident.
I was there too, remember?
And I knew...
I knew that you probably
needed some space away too,
and you didn't seem to
want me at the hospital
with you and Suzette,
so I kept my distance.
So, what, you thought that meant
I never wanted to see you again?
No, Ari, you acted like you
never wanted to see me again.
If you didn't want to be my
friend anymore, just say that.
I'm not saying I didn't want to
be your friend,
I didn't feel welcome to
be your friend,
and then everything happened
with Dean...
I was mourning the loss of
my sister
the loss of the sister
that I knew,
and you were worried about me
making you feel welcome?
Months had passed.
We barely spoke,
and when we finally did,
it was for you to tell me that
my boyfriend was cheating on me.
Yeah. Because he was.
And you didn't wanna
listen to me, you stopped
talking to me, you chose him.
How did you know he was
cheating on me?
- I just knew.
- Exactly.
You just knew. The only thing
that made sense
was that you were the one
he was cheating with.
No, that's not true.
Then why can't you tell me
how you knew he was cheating?
You push people away, Ari.
What did you expect me to do?
- No, I don't do that.
- You're doing it right now!
When I was with you,
I could not stop thinking about
Suzette, and I felt so guilty.
You shouldn't feel guilty,
what happened
to Suzette wasn't your fault.
Yes, it was.
Yes, it was.
I was the one who was driving.
I am the reason that
she needs someone else to
take care of her like a baby
for the rest of her life.
You should have never had your
parents help me
with those cops...
We're not friends.
Back off.
This has to work.
Devastating footage sent in
from an anonymous party
reveals Olivia X., COO
of medical tech company,
was attacked and kidnapped
a full week ago.
But employees of NeuranX
say they were told
that Olivia was reportedly
taking time off
to start a family.
But just think, if we extend
this wall
out a little bit further,
we can hedge the cox here
and it's gonna
make sense in the long run.
Mr. X, Detective Choi here
has a few questions for you.
Oh, sure. Give us a minute.
So, uh, last time we spoke,
you mentioned
Olivia's laptop was stolen.
- Anything else missing?
- Not that I know of.
All right, then let's get down
to some real questions then.
Why did you tell your employees
that Olivia was taking time off
when clearly she's been missing
for almost a week?
I obviously wasn't aware
that she had been harmed.
No alarm bells went off
when she failed to come home?
Sorry, it's...
I lied... about us
starting a family.
Truth is, we got in a fight
a couple weeks ago
about starting a family,
and the company second round
of funding going public,
She said she was going to stay
with her mom for a while.
So, am I to assume
that it was you
updating her social media
profile the last few days?
That's incredibly
strange for someone
who thought she was
staying with her mother.
She was logged into her account
on my phone.
I thought if it stayed active,
no one would question us.
Everyone knows
when you are going public
any in a scandal can in you.
There are people out there
that would do anything
to see you fail.
And do you think the person
who kidnapped your wife
is one of these people
who wants to see you fail?
That would be my bet.
Why lie to the office?
Why does it matter to you
if they know you two
are struggling or not?
Our business is based
on our marriage
our team work.
We have to present
a united front.
It matters to them
that we do that.
Didn't seem worth it to
damage that over an issue that
I thought would be resolved
in a matter of weeks.
Every marriage
has its ups and downs.
Yeah, but not everyone's wife
goes missing.
I'll let you know if I have
any more questions.
Good luck with the, uh,
remodeling here.
- Hello?
- Ms. Aguilar.
It's Detective Choi.
Do you have a few minutes?
May I come up?
Not sure I can help you,
but yeah, sure.
You, uh, called the department
a week ago
regarding an assault in NeuranX,
and now footage of Olivia X.
Being attacked
has been publicized.
Yeah, it's tragic.
And I have a feeling
the footage came from you.
Why didn't you share it with me
when I came to
talk to you at your school?
And why send it to the news
instead of to the police?
You're not gonna believe me.
First generation,
lower-middle class family,
sister suffered
a traumatic brain injury
following a car accident,
you have medical bills and
student loans to pay for,
and now I'm hearing that you
are interviewing
for a position at NeuranX?
That's impressive considering
that you're a student
with little to
no work experience.
How exactly did you manage that?
I landed an interview
with Olivia, shortly before.
She agreed to interview me
and I didn't know
that our pre-interview chat
was recorded.
I saw her attacked.
And it wasn't until recently
that I realized
that my computer had recorded
the chat
and when I realized I had it,
I sent it.
Because Olivia sounds
a lot like Bonnie.
Easy mistake.
Why send it to the news channels
instead of to us?
If a white woman's disappearance
goes viral,
the entire internet pitches in
to solve it.
Especially, if they're rich.
I figured that it would help
the investigation
to have the public on her side.
When that girl went missing
last summer, the internet
practically showed police
where to look.
And honestly...
I don't really trust the police.
After the incident
involving your sister?
Look, are we done?
I'm running late to class.
I'll see you soon.
I-I didn't hear you come in.
I have my next class in 10.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. I just, uh...
I just needed to catch my
I'll get out of your hair.
I'm worried about you.
Please, talk to me.
Why is everyone so worried
about me today?
I'm fine, really,
I just need to go. Ah!
You're hurting me.
I don't understand, why you've
been dodging my calls.
You're calls? I...
How can you act like
there's nothing between us?
I miss hearing you tell me what
to eat, when to speak.
Watching you command me.
I miss you.
It's because you don't get to
tell me
what to do here, isn't it?
I can defer more to you
in class,
Angel, whatever you want.
- My name isn't Angel!
- Please!
I'll do whatever it takes
to get back what we had.
I don't care if the school
doesn't support it,
I'd rather be with you
than employed.
I love you.
I, uh...
I'll do whatever you want,
Angel, please.
I'm not your Angel,
and you aren't my client.
Not anymore.
Let's make this money.
Patience is a virtue,
but, hypothetically, what
would you take off me first?
Look, I don't know who you are,
or what you're about,
but you should be glad
that somebody leaked that video.
Unless you don't want her
to be found?
People love a missing
white women
and now everyone
has their eyes on this case.
Does that scare you?
Arianna, it's Detective Choi.
I have to say,
I didn't expect it to be you.
I have to say,
I wasn't expecting
you to have so many secrets.
Look, I don't like people
knowing how I earn my income.
But now that you know, I promise
I'm not hiding anything else.
Do you know who that was?
Asking you about Olivia?
I have no clue.
Well, they seem to think
you know more
than you're sharing.
If I have any more questions,
I know where to find you.
Sure thing.
Hi. I'm Angel.
Who do I have the pleasure of
speaking with?
No one important.
I have a hard time
believing that.
It's true.
I'm just a man trapped
in a little black box.
You're not wrong about that.
So, Mr. Black Box, may I ask
what you do for a living?
You know, I'd much
rather talk about you.
What do you like?
I like all kinds of things.
But I wouldn't want to
waste your time.
I'm here for you, baby.
It's not a waste of my time.
It feels wrong to be, well
intimate, with a stranger
without getting to know them
a little bit first, no?
I, um... I'm a student.
Okay, hotshot,
what do you study?
I'm a business student.
I'm graduating soon.
Ah. Business.
I know a thing or two
about business.
I imagine you're looking
for a job?
I'm starting to, yes.
And I can't imagine
you're including your work
as an internet whore
on your resume, no?
Excuse me?
I mean, you'd have
a really hard time
getting hired if this came out.
Well, I'm sure a couple of
ultra-feminist companies
would take you in
with open arms, but, frankly,
I don't believe
there are too many of those.
Where's this going?
Whoa there, where did
sweet little Angel go?
Are you back to Arianna now?
How do you know my name?
What do you want?
The question is,
what do you want?
I just want you to be
more careful, Arianna.
It's never a good look
to be so
When it comes to teaching
people, Olivia can be
rather... incorrigible.
I wanted to warn you, as someone
who works in business myself,
to be careful.
You are treading on thin ice.
I will. I don't know why
you're harassing me.
You're acting like I'm the one
that's responsible
for your wife's disappearance.
That's all I needed.
I've gotta run,
but it was a pleasure.
Wait, no!
What was that?
Holy shit!
Oh, my God.
That's the motive.
It was her idea and he stole it.
- Hi.
- Hi, Ryan.
It's so good to hear your voice,
how have you been?
I'm well. I'm well.
I missed you at
Alumni Weekend this year.
- How are you doing?
- Good.
I-I've been good,
you know, considering.
- I heard.
- Yeah.
You know, it's been hard,
but we're hopeful that
she'll be home soon.
Is there anything I can do?
You know, that's kinda why
I wanted to talk to you.
I think you can help us
find Olivia.
I need a favor.
What a interesting surprise.
What are you doing here?
I'm sure you know why I'm here.
Thanks for sending me
all those secrets.
How'd you know it was me?
Anyone could've figured out
it was you, Lana.
You left your file address
at the footer
of all the documents
you sent me.
Well, I guess
it's better to leave
all of the espionage to you.
What I don't understand is why.
I mean, in some of those
private emails you sent me,
it's clear that you and Ryan
are having an affair.
So why are you
betraying him now?
I'm... I'm hoping
you can help me.
I've kept Ryan's secrets
for far too long now.
Out of fear of losing my job.
But, with Olivia missing...
I'm too afraid
to keep letting him
get away with harming people.
Look, I don't know how
you're involved, but you are,
and if he's done
something to her
you need to expose him
before he exposes you.
What do you mean?
I mean, it just took
a quick internet
search and a phone call
to figure out
that your entire
resume was fake.
And what you actually
do for a living.
Yeah, he tried called me.
I think...
I think he was trying
to scare me.
Maybe you should be scared.
There's a reason
he's hounding on you so much.
Look, if Ryan thinks
someone is after him
he will do anything
to bury them.
You need to watch
your back, Arianna.
Thanks for the warning.
This wasn't in the folder
I sent,
but I think you should see this.
What is this?
It's email communication between
Ryan and David Price,
our attorney, regarding the
first set of NeuranX trials.
Yeah, the ones where
those patients died
because of that nut-job doctor?
I-I already read this,
he was fired.
Keep reading.
You got to be kidding me?
Ryan knew that the tech
wasn't ready
and had them proceed
with the trials anyway?
Yes. And he blamed everything
on the doctor,
who, by the way, was very vocal
about pushing back
the trials until
the tech was ready.
He ruined his reputation
and his life.
This is what I mean, Arianna.
He will do anything to bury you
if you don't get him first.
Thanks. What are you doing here?
Listen, you're going to find out
some things about me.
Some... things that are
gonna surprise
you and some things
that you may not like.
But... I mean, if you were ever
a friend to me,
I need you to do this for me.
Take this information to the
police, ask for Detective Choi.
Okay? Promise me.
It's the disappearance
that's rocked a nation.
Ever since video footage
of Olivia X's
apparent kidnapping was leaked,
fans are already starting
to search the internet
to solve the case
and bring her home.
The COO, philanthropist,
and computer scientist
has captured our hearts, and
the effort to bring her home
has been spearheaded by
her loving husband, Ryan X.
Ryan, I understand that you've
chosen to come forward
with this new information...
What are you up to, Ryan?
aid in the search for Olivia.
I believe the prime suspect
in the case
is a sex worker,
who attempted
to infiltrate our company
to blackmail us
and create chaos.
Her name Arianna Aguilar.
We actually have some footage
you provided of her
current confession.
I'm the one responsible
for your wife's disappearance.
- Detective Choi?
- Yes.
- Who are you?
- Here.
I'm a friend of Arianna's.
She wanted you to see this.
All right, let's go.
I'm fine. I just...
I just won't be able
to come around for a while.
- W-Where are you going?
- Nowhere.
Nowhere, and I will
be back really soon, okay?
I'm fine, I just need
to go away for a bit.
How long, how long is a while?
Are you, you're...
you're leaving me?
No. No. I would never,
I would never leave you.
What is going on?
Listen, I'm fine.
I'm fine. I just...
I just need some space so that
I can figure things out, okay?
I don't understand.
It's fine. It's fine.
I-I'm coming home really soon.
I promise.
- What are you doing in here?
- I'm sorry for scaring you.
I just really needed to
see you...
- Are you leaving me, Angel?
- How did you get in here?
Did you break in here last week?
You sick fucking bastard!
All I want is to be
with you, please.
I'm so sorry.
- I really messed up.
- Messed up how?
That man from that office called
with all these questions
about you.
I was so mad that
you rejected me, I...
I told him everything
about your career.
Our relationship.
I shouldn't have.
- I-I just missed you!
- God!
I am all over the news!
People know what I do, they
think that I killed someone!
Anyone who knows you knows you
could never do
something like that!
I could have never known
he'd go to reporters with this.
This job of yours is beautiful.
It brought us together...
I wish that I had never met you!
You're right.
You're so much better off
without me, Angel.
You have no balls.
No one likes you.
You are a weak,
pathetic little man!
I am, Angel.
Get on your knees.
Yes, Angel.
Call this number and tell them
how weak you really are.
If I do
can we be together, Angel?
You don't deserve me, pig.
911, what's your emergency?
H-hello, I'd like to report
a break-in?
I'm doing this for you, Angel.
I love you.
Wait for me.
What are you doing here,
Holy shit, you're alive?
Are you alone?
We need to get out
of here right now!
No, I can't.
- Is someone here?
- No.
We need to go now,
before he comes back.
I'm so sorry that Ryan
did this...
Arianna, stop.
He could get in here
at any moment!
He's not coming.
And I'm not leaving.
I don't understand.
I'm fine, Arianna.
You did this?
What do you know?
NeuranX was your idea.
All along, I-I found
your patents,
your-your old drawings,
the malpractice investigation.
Ryan took your idea and pitched
it to the world as his own.
He killed people! All those
people in the trial
and he blamed the doctor for it.
He killed people,
and he needs to be in prison!
You still don't get it.
You can't create new medicine
without a few people dying.
I had to protect the company
in order to get funding
so we could fix the technology
to really start helping people.
Why did you do this?
I was in love with him
in college, so...
I trusted him.
I had an idea for a tech company
that I thought could
the medical tech space.
I knew it would.
So, we started working
on the prototype together,
and he, he used me.
When I confronted him about it,
he just gas-lit me.
He told me that he didn't even
know what I was talking about,
that I was a big help
in creating his idea.
He married me and made me
COO, and told me that
I was pivotal in the creation
of his project.
it was his face.
He would be known for the idea.
Nobody would know
what he did to me.
But why couldn't you
just come out
and say that it was your idea
all along?
Why all of this?
he made question
if it really was my idea.
I woke up.
Nobody would have known my name.
After framing him
for my kidnapping,
I would tell the world
how he silenced me.
I would return a battered
ripe for public sympathy.
I would get back
what's rightfully mine!
So why did you
pull me into this?
Why couldn't you do it alone?
Oh, God!
I needed help.
I needed someone
with problems of their own
that they needed to make right.
- I needed you.
- Me?
One day at a social club,
I heard this housewife
talking about this cam girl
that was taking on
high powered men.
Thought it was pretty ballsy.
So, I sought you out.
I knew that when
I faked an attack
you would come and help me.
Because you needed me.
That's what it's about, right?
To help your sister?
Although I only expected you
to send the tape to the cops,
I didn't expect you
to show up here.
- I wanted to help you!
- You don't know me.
You saw that I was in pain
and you took the opportunity
to profit off of it.
Just like you do
all of your clients.
You're no better
than anybody else.
you were right about one thing.
America loves
a missing white women.
They write articles about our
lives and our disappearances,
social media prays for us.
People get weirdly obsessed
with our dead bodies.
if the husband
is the one that did it.
I'll return a battered woman,
and America will believe it.
You bitch!
You took advantage of me,
of my sister.
You treated me like I was a pawn
in your little game.
Don't be so emotional,
it's just business.
Be that as it may though,
you're a liability.
- Honey, I'm home!
- What are you doing here?
You didn't think
I was gonna let you frame me
for your kidnapping, did you?
Damn. That was clever.
- What the hell is going on?
- Arianna.
Thanks for figuring out
where Liv here was,
making it easier for me.
Never would've guessed
she'd be here though.
She hates this place.
I brought some champagne
to celebrate finding you
safe and sound.
I called the cops, they should
be on their way now.
here's the story.
Arianna was obsessed with you.
She wanted you to be her mentor
and to help pay for
her sister's treatment
so she kidnapped you.
We get to go home
act like none of this
ever happened.
You know, you're lucky.
I thought your little publicity
stunt was gonna hurt us but...
Turns out, your
little plan saved the company.
Investors actually wanna
give us money out of pity!
I'm sorry, Arianna, do you
want a glass of this too?
You're insane.
Back at you, babe.
I don't know why
you're doing this to me. To us.
It was mine!
Everything was mine!
And you took it from me!
Accusation like that
is more damaging to my life
than I have ever been to yours.
Let me take you home.
Why? So you can be my hero?
You really think you can
get away with this?
A girl can get away with
anything if she plays nice.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
This has nothing to
do with me. Let me go!
- Relax. Relax. Here.
- Let me go!
You know too much for us
to let you go.
How could you do this me?
You know, it actually
does make sense
that you were in on it
with Ryan all along.
I mean, you conveniently
interviewed at my company,
when you were the only one
that knew I disappeared.
You positioned yourself
for a new life.
Mmm, and that's what
you wanted, right?
- My life.
- What are you doing?
I wanted to help you!
I thought...
I did what I had to do
to survive.
And I think you know
a thing or two about that.
I'm just surprised it took you
this long to figure it out.
I guess I'm just surprised
you didn't think
I could find a way
to record this, too.
Let me help you.
Moving in on the suspect.
I was actually hoping to catch
Ryan in the act, but...
Looks like
I proved something else.
She got you, Olivia.
It's over. You're done.
You took from me.
You took from me.
You took from me.
You're gonna ruin my life!
You did ruin mine first!
You took everything
I cared about!
I'm gonna
take everything from you!
Oh, my God.
Help! Help!
- Stop. Stop.
- Please help me!
You're under arrest for the
murder of your husband Ryan.
- Turn around. Turn around.
- What are you doing?
I was just defending myself. No.
Let's go.
I was just defending myself!
Arianna! It's me. It's just me.
- How did you...
- Choi's a good guy.
We figured you might leave some
on your camming page.
I can't believe you had to deal
with this all on your own.
And what would you
wanna do to me, baby?
I would take you in my arms...
And I would
put myself inside you...
And I...
Careful there, hotshot.
I'm sure your wife would hate
to see you cum on camera.
Wendy, what the hell?
How can you see me?
Maybe you should spend a little
less time cheating on your wife
and a little more time
divorce attorneys, asshole.
You stupid bitch!
I swear I will...
It was a really good idea for us
to start this business together.
Who knew you could get
so much joy out of helping
people get proof their
spouses are cheating?
Hey. What's up?
One year ago,
the world was devastated
to learn about the
perceived disappearance
of international business
magnate, Olivia X.
And today, a jury has
unanimously decided
to drop all charges against her
prompting her release
from prison.
Despite the video confession
that haunted the nation,
the jury declared that
they felt confident
that Ryan manipulated Olivia
into acting as if she staged
her own kidnapping
because he knew
the cameras were running.
Olivia was also declared
as innocent,
in the murder of Ryan,
arguing a case of self-defense,
and that she was a victim
in all of this madness.
We are so grateful that
the truth has come out,
and that Olivia can
finally come home.
Here's what Olivia had to say
when we spoke to her earlier.
I'm just so thankful
that a jury of my peers
was able to recognize the truth.
Now, also strangely involved
in this case
was Arianna Aguilar,
a cam girl who was dragged
into Ryan's dastardly plan.
Do you have anything to say
to Arianna today?
if you're listening to this,
please know that I understand
that you were a
victim in this, too.
I want to thank you
for helping me
and for sticking by my side
in the face of a dan...
I've made a donation...
So, what? She just gets
to get away with everything?
After that sociopath used you.
I guess it's just
the lengths that some
women need to go
just to survive.
It's not exactly like
I was an angel either.
I don't know.
I guess sometimes
I just I wonder if I'm
actually a good person.
Everyone has actions that
they look back on and regret.
But I hope you're proud
of the person you've become
over the past year because I am.
And I know Suze is.
You're a really
good person, Arianna.
Oh, yeah.