Deadly Yoga Retreat (2022) Movie Script

Race you to the top?
How is someone who
lives on the 30th floor
afraid of heights?
I don't go
near the windows.
I'll meet you
in the water.
Come up here!
It's beautiful!
I can't hear you, babe!
Jump down to me!
Behind you!
This is a pleasant
The professor
didn't show.
I didn't get the email until
I'd already left, so...
Hey, you look off.
I'm fine!
I realized this morning
that it's been a year
since I taught
my last class.
You mean yoga?
I thought that was
just a hobby, for fun?
I thought so, too.
But, lately, I...
You're right.
I'm off.
I just feel so off-balance.
Like I can't focus.
My anxiety comes
in waves and...
I don't even recognize myself
when I look in the mirror.
Hey, do you want
to drop out of law school
and go back to teaching
yoga full-time?
Well, okay.
I'm out of ideas.
I wasn't asking
for a solution.
I was just sharing
how I feel.
I'm sorry you're
feeling bad, babe.
Maybe go see Dr. Horner?
I have some work
to finish up,
and then I think
maybe I will.
Ooh, I
got to go to work.
I love you.
Love you.
I applied five times when
I was teaching, and nothing.
And out of nowhere,
I get an invite?
I mean, of course
this happens when
I'm in law school.
Pat, this retreat, people
say it's life-changing.
Remington morrow
is a genius.
It's one week.
- I think...
- Okay.
If I get
all my work done...
Did you just say okay?
Honey, you haven't
been yourself for a month.
I love you.
I also love the woman
that I married.
I miss her.
If Remington Steele here
can help make that happen,
I say let's buy a plane
ticket tonight, okay?
We have miles.
Thank you.
Oh, thank goodness it's you.
I thought I just snapped
my finger in front
of a stranger!
It's been forever.
I know!
God, this place, it's
like they reached into
my dreams for
the blueprints.
Well, let's go
get you checked into
that dream of yours.
Hey, are you
still with Peter?
Patrick, and yes.
How about you, are you
still with Craig?
Oh, god, no!
That was, like,
two husbands ago.
I'm currently free and
easy if anyone asks.
Especially him.
Well, that was
certainly a moment.
Yeah, he's
very charismatic.
That's one word for it.
He looked right at you.
I heard
he's intense.
I'll say.
You're sweating.
You know, sometimes
things just don't work out.
You get bored
and you cheat.
We are so damn
lucky we got in.
I've been applying
for years.
Me too!
And I don't know why
this is the year.
I mean, I'm not
even teaching.
Law school.
Longtime dream kind of
turned into a nightmare.
Don't they all.
Forget about real life.
We're in paradise.
This is going to
be an amazing week.
Mm, which if we don't
make it to orientation,
it's going to be over
before it starts.
Well, it's okay if
we're a few minutes late.
Read your
welcome packet.
It mentions tardiness,
like, 900 times.
then, let's go!
Everyone looks so cute!
I know!
did you get that?
Part of why we're here is
to get away from technology,
and here I am... no, I'll
never ask you to do something
I wouldn't do myself.
The theme of this
year's retreat...
Look inward.
Sounds like a yogi
greeting card, huh?
Sometimes the things
that are most obvious
are the hardest
things to see.
I've spent a lot of
time looking inward,
and it is so hard
to see ourselves.
Because we put
masks on, don't we?
For our friends,
our spouses.
Even ourselves.
These next few days will
be about confronting
who we really are,
the good and the bad,
regardless of how
difficult it is.
And it will be difficult.
And I will have exacting
goals for each of you.
And some of you will
fail to meet those goals,
and those who do will
be asked to leave.
You're here because I've had
my eye on you and I think
you have potential.
But don't be surprised if
one of your own suddenly
disappears one morning.
It's all part of the process.
And part of the reason these
retreats are so exclusive.
If you haven't
already, unpack.
Take a nap, unwind,
breathe in this fresh,
beautiful ocean air.
Because tonight at 4:00 P.M.
we meet right back here...
And the journey begins.
I'm not sure I like
the idea that one of us
could get kicked
out at any moment.
They give the
same speech in law school.
He's not going to
kick anybody out.
Well, let's not give
him a reason to kick
either of us out.
Sure, honey.
You have
to ask yourself,
what is my relationship
with pain.
Do you run from it?
But, if you can make
pain your friend,
your ally... walk next to
pain instead of having it
in your path... that is
where the true magic lies.
Adho mukha shvanasana.
Extend your arms.
Left leg higher.
Hey, are
you doing okay?
He wants to see me.
Ooh, that can't be good.
Or maybe it is good!
Who's to say?
Look, he's not
going to cut anybody
on the first day.
I'm Isabella and
this is Pam.
I'm Nina.
We're all going
to laugh about this
at tomorrow's
morning session.
I'll see you there.
It'd be easier to
pity her if she didn't
look like a supermodel.
You wanted to see me?
Oh, I've already
seen you, Nina.
See, this is why we don't
judge a book by itS cover.
You look at the abs,
the cuts in the arms,
the way the thighs curve
up towards the waist
and you think, my god,
she's built for this.
But you're not, are you?
I am.
I will be.
I'll work harder.
Will you, though?
Are you really willing to
do anything to stay here?
I was married, once.
I find it conflicts with what
we're trying to achieve here.
Maybe that's why you had
such a hard time today.
I don't
think that's it.
Oh, so worried.
So jumpy!
Am I really that scary?
No, not at all.
No, not at all.
I'm not scary, see?
I'm not scary.
Remy, I'm sorry.
I love my husband.
Your husband
is a lucky man.
And I am sorry
if I overstepped.
Want one?
No, really, Im
allergic to shellfish.
Imagine that.
And you filled out your
medical questionnaire
and the dietary restrictions
form for the retreat, right?
I did.
And I carry an Epi-pen
with me because of it.
I know.
Jeffrey, I just
got to my office.
There's been a
terrible accident.
Come quick.
Well, hi.
How's it going?
It's ah...
That good
or that bad?
Well, that's
never bothered you before.
And now don't tell me we
moved heaven and earth
for you to have
a Meh experience.
No, no, it's
not a Meh experience.
was the promise, right?
There's still time.
I'm just, uh...
I'm just tired.
I miss my wife.
You okay?
Yeah, I just, I...
I'm excited for
you to be back home.
Get some sleep.
I love you.
The goal is to
make sure that none of
the retreat is affected.
Or the fellow
attendees, the hotel,
staff and guests.
But, of course, the retreat
is our top priority.
I'd hate to have to
find another resort.
There is, of course,
the question as to what
to tell the family.
And what's
wrong with the truth?
What was Nina
doing in your office?
Are you forgetting
about me?
I did everything
I could to save her.
I nearly broke her ribs
trying to dislodge that...
And you want me... me...
To deal with this now
while I have a class waiting?
How dare you?
That doesn't
look like a very
pleasant conversation.
Have you ever dealt
with a hotel manager?
Hey, notice anything?
It's still early.
She'll come.
She's not coming, iz.
I told you.
That guy does
not mess around.
It's weird.
It's exclusive.
That's why a certification
at Remy morrow's retreat
actually matters.
Ah, the small details
of running a retreat.
Sometimes I don't even
know why I bother.
But then...
I see all of you.
And I remember why my
efforts are worth it.
Child's pose.
Let's begin.
Oh, literally every part
of my body hurts right now.
What is your
relationship to pain?
Do you run from it?
When I look at all of you, I
remember why this is worth...
Is that really
what I sound like?
No, I was just...
May I?
It's okay,
I'm nothing special.
Destroying the ego is part
of the curriculum, remember?
So, it's just
that Im... so, so, me...
We don't
want to be sent home.
I was watching
both of you today.
And even though your
form wasn't perfect,
I didn't see anything
too embarrassing.
You have nothing
to worry about.
Am I really
that intimidating?
No, not at all.
Of course, you are.
You said girls would
be getting sent home,
and one already has.
Why would we not be
questioning everything?
Whether or not
we're good enough?
Oh, you know,
I consider myself
an impeccable judge
of character.
Earlier today when I saw you,
I thought to myself,
now, there's
someone special.
There is a woman willing
to speak her mind,
to scaling the plains of
complete understanding
and achieving the privilege
of deserving it.
Which, in itself, is rare.
Maybe it's something
I need to work on.
Being more open.
And vulnerable.
I thank you for this.
The last thing I would
ever want is for someone
to feel unwelcome.
And I can assure you...
No one who leaves
won't be undeserving.
And everyone who stays...
Will be quite deserving.
Okay, that was
really steamy.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
My Isabella, I'm so
rare and deserving.
Don't tell me you didn't get
electric shocks up
your arm just then!
You're being silly.
I'm... I'm being jealous!
If he even looked
in my direction,
I'd be going home
ashamed and happy.
I'm married.
Why would he look at me when
he has all the other girls?
Have you ever met a
member of the male species?
They all want what
they can't have.
As we flow, connect
with your breath.
You feel it, don't you?
The physics of this room
collect and hold
onto the heat.
Hold it.
This is not your
standard hot yoga.
But we want that
extra pain, don't we?
We welcome it.
The goal is to unleash
the goddess within,
the greatness within.
Greatness feeds on adversity.
You can't nourish a
goddess with platitude.
She needs to digest pain.
Hey, I really
think you need some water.
I'm fine.
Is everything okay?
Does everything
look okay?
She needs a hospital.
Call an ambulance.
Did you see the
way he picked her up?
Like she
didn't weigh a thing.
You guys don't
think this is his fault?
How is it
his fault, iz?
Yeah, I mean,
she pushed herself.
It was her choice!
No, it's
the atmosphere.
If she didn't feel like she
could say anything or take
a break because she doesn't
want to get kicked out.
I mean, we all saw
what happened to Nina.
No, Nina
couldn't cut it.
And I'm not going
to blame Remy for having
high standards.
Especially if
we aren't the ones
failing to meet them.
Well, either way, I
liked seeing him help her.
Maybe I'll fake a heat
stroke next session.
that's good news.
Back up and okay
in no time.
She's gone.
She won't be coming back
to any of the sessions.
But she was
just dehydrated.
She was weak.
You don't raise the average
by letting the losers stay.
She's gone.
You know, of
all my students,
you're the most
wary of me.
Not wary,
just married.
Please, I have
two rules,
never with a student and
never with a married woman.
That's two nevers.
May I?
So, I won't take up
too much of your time.
It's just...
Pam told me you
won't be joining us
at the party tonight.
Yeah, Im
here for training.
So, if we get
a night off,
I'm going to let
my body rest.
Oh, believe me,
your body is the most
important thing.
But you really don't
want to miss tonight.
I don't have
anything except for
yoga clothes to wear.
These are
small problems.
You really don't
take no for an answer,
do you?
It's one of my virtues.
Or vices.
Depends on
how you look at it.
Just say you'll
think about it.
Fine, I will
think about it.
Yes, success!
I didn't say yes.
You didn't say no.
So, tell your husband I left
like a meek little mouse.
See, look, I'm not
even touching you.
Get out of here.
I won't say a word,
but tell me everything!
Sometimes policy
interferes with my desires.
I was told
I had to leave.
And that came
from you, right?
I wish it
could be different.
I put my whole
life on hold to come here.
I want to stay.
What exactly in
your life did you have
to put on hold?
Your mother's dead
and your father likes
the bottle more than you.
I don't have to...
Yes, you do.
You want out of your
stifling cubicle.
You believe you have more
to offer this world than
the unfortunate hand
that you've been dealt.
I mean, that's what
you wrote, isn't it?
What more can you offer?
What more can
you offer me?
What, nothing to tell?
I've had a lot of men
leave my hotel my room...
I mean, a lot... and
I know a happy camper
when I see one.
He just came to
ask me to go to the party.
I mean, I off-handedly
mention that you might
not come to the party and
he skips up seven flights
of stairs and begs you?
I mean, it's adorable.
I hate you.
Mrs. Miller...
Compliments of Mr. Morrow.
From our resort collection.
Thank you.
Oh my god.
So, yoga's not the
only thing you can teach.
I've got to get
back to the party.
I'll just get the sand off
of me and meet you there?
The party is for
registered guests only.
Well, Im...
But your efforts
are commendable.
My efforts?
But the sum of your
parts is nowhere near
where they need to be
to join the group.
You bastard!
Men like you think
you're untouchable.
But you know what?
We're alone.
This entire beach
is a closed door,
and no one knows what
happens behind closed doors.
You're not untouchable!
You assaulted me.
You forced me to
have sex with you.
You're finished.
Are you?
Oh, I'm just
getting started, Remy.
To Lahaina...
Lahaina Luna.
Where the mountains
are green
you will find me
in Lahaina...
Lahaina Luna.
Well, don't you look
like 10 million bucks.
Hey, please don't...
Tell anybody?
Did I
make a mistake?
Accepting a gift like this?
It's not 1955.
He needed you here, you
needed the dress, it's fine.
I'll be your chaperone.
Lahaina Luna.
In Lahaina...
Lahaina Luna.
I'm so glad you all
made it here tonight.
I was afraid you were
going to be too tired.
Each year I pick a few of
my most promising students
to go into the mountains
with me for an adventure.
It's yoga under the stars.
It's meditation
in the mountains.
It's beauty inside...
And beauty outside.
This year I've chosen
four of you to join me,
the most we've ever had.
And Isabella.
That's why he
needed you here.
We're in!
Congrats, girl.
So, wait, it's just
the five of us?
I don't know.
But if I have it my way,
we're only going
to need four tents.
We're going to need a couple
of bottles of champagne.
And what do you
little girls want?
And the rest of you
will enjoy the lovely
amenities of the resort
until we return.
So, after
the diagnosis,
it was hard for
me to do anything.
If I only had one lung,
I wouldn't move a muscle.
Are you kidding?
It was hard,
but I wanted to move.
Yoga's always been such an
important part of my life.
So, I figured, half
as many lungs means
working twice as hard.
Amen to that.
Cheers to that.
about you, girl?
How did you get here?
Yeah, it can't be
just to look hot, right?
You know, part of
being body positive is
accepting good bodies, too.
of course it is.
Why, what
are you here for?
Spiritual fulfillment?
You know what?
I think that Pam and I are
here for the same reason.
And what's that?
Excuse me.
Uh, we're
here because there's
something missing at home.
All of my favorite
people all at one table.
I knew the winners would
naturally find each other.
May I?
There's a seat
right here, sir.
You can call me Remy.
I mean, when
you earn a sir from me,
you get a sir from me.
The only secret
I'm interested in
is how you got
these forearms.
This can't be just from
yoga and genetics, can it?
They look amazing!
Hey, can I just
steal you for a few minutes?
I have some questions
about today's lesson.
Sure, we can go
talk in my office.
Or in my room.
Umm, come on.
The dress looks
beautiful on you.
Ah, thank you.
Well, they took
my lung but, apparently,
they got her dignity.
Did, did you mean that?
When you said that
I was looking for something.
You mean why we're here?
I just said
that so you wouldn't get
in a fight with everly.
But are you?
for something?
Yeah, I am.
Like, like the concept.
Like, clarity!
I, I love
my husband.
Got to love
your husband.
And I love,
I love my job.
And I
love my future.
I, I don't love my life.
Oh, got to
love your life.
Why don't
I love my life?
But why?
I mean, do I have
to change something?
But why do you change
something if there's nothing,
if nothing's wrong?
That's why I'm here.
This is, this, that's
why I came here.
I came here for clarity.
Pam, I...
It's 5:00 A.M. here.
You okay?
What are you wearing?
I'm outside.
In a dress.
I can see that.
Maybe you should
go to bed, honey.
I'm looking
for something.
And what's that?
Yeah, I know.
Why don't
I love my life?
I don't know how
you want me to answer that.
night, Patrick.
I love...
You haven't been hung over in
a really long time, have you?
How are you
even functioning?
You're going to
want a cold shower.
Drink that in there,
we're leaving in 20.
Do you remember
last night?
The good parts.
I called
my husband and I...
And what?
You know what?
You can tell me on
the way up to the mountain.
I really hope you
don't, though.
Oh, looks like we beat
what's her face, "Evilyn."
Everly, and
she's not coming.
Wait, why?
I don't know.
She sent word to the
front desk this morning
before I woke up.
Maybe a spot opened
up on a reality show.
So, you didn't
actually talk to her?
No, but she's
done this before.
Last year in Fiji she went
home early because
her boyfriend was
lonely or something.
She flakes sometimes.
Good morning, ladies!
What a beautiful day!
I hope you're ready to
get closer to heaven.
Now, I've taken the Liberty
of packing your individual
hiking packs, complete with
tents and water bottles.
Make no mistake, this
is going to be the most
difficult trek
of your life.
And as much as I
hate the addiction,
if you need to use those
horrible little devices
to make any calls,
do it now.
Because up there...
Is mystery, wisdom,
spirit, romance.
But no cell service.
Sorry, I'll just
be one minute.
There's always one.
Hi, hon!
I see you got
the hangover glasses on.
Oh, uh...
Yeah, I called
you last night.
Oh yes,
yes, you did.
Well, I hope
I didn't say anything...
You were
in a place.
I don't know what place,
but it happens.
Hey, listen, every
year they do this exclusive
thing where they take a few
girls up to the mountains
and do some
special sessions.
Anyway, there's not going
to be reception,
so I just want to let you
know I'll call you tomorrow.
Sounds good.
I hope you find some
clarity up there.
We talked about
that last night, didn't we?
We did.
And I...
Have mine.
Isabella, we're ready!
I got to go, pat.
Sounds like
the big man needs you.
Is that
your better half?
Ha-ha, Patrick!
Hey, Remington.
It's nice to meet you.
Isabella speaks
so highly of you.
Well, Isabella is
the ultimate example of
who and what
I'm looking for.
I feel the
same way, actually.
Do you?
That's wonderful to hear.
She's told you about our
upcoming expedition,
I take it?
Yes, the mountain.
I'll take good
care of your wife.
Nothing to worry
about here.
I, uh,
appreciate that.
Time to say goodbye.
Well, I love you and I'll...
Whatever that was...
It stays here.
Let the adventure begin!
Let's go.
We're getting
closer to the stars.
That might sound crazy, but
every step we take is peeling
away a layer of the stifling
world that's attached to us.
Breathe in that mountain
air, that electricity.
That is all from above.
I really want to believe
everything he just said,
but all I'm hearing
is less oxygen.
This next move is
called ujjayi pranayama,
the ocean's breath.
The purpose of this move is
to calm the righteous heart,
to let you see beyond
what's in front of you.
To unlock healing...
Even when you want to
shut the world out.
It's just you and me
in this moment.
I hope you can see why
I brought you here.
I hope you can feel it.
I can.
It's all about you.
And that...
Is ujjayi pranayama.
Okay, so here's a
question that's been
on my mind.
How the hell do you sit
there so relaxed after
that hike and yoga today?
I mean, your endurance
must be incredible.
I don't allow
for anything to be in
my life that I don't
want to be there.
I chose not to be
tired, so I'm not.
You know, in
law school we would call
that a non-answer.
Do you think I'm lying?
I just don't think
you answered the question.
You caught me.
I get tired like
everybody else.
But I do believe in
willing a feeling away.
The conscious mind is so
much more powerful than
we give it credit for.
I don't like for there to be
weakness in my life, failure,
so I will it away
the best I can.
So far, it's suited
me pretty well.
So, is that
why you do this?
The yoga, the
teaching, the retreat?
When I was young,
my father left my mother.
She had her issues.
She moved in with her
boyfriend at the time...
Who then became her dealer.
I confronted him and told him
to stop giving my mom drugs.
I was 12, an idealist.
He beat me unconscious, and
when I woke up my mom told me
I shouldn't upset
him like that again.
I learned two very valuable
lessons that night.
Strength comes from within
and weakness is all around.
So, focus on the strength,
eliminate the weakness.
So, what
happened to him?
The boyfriend?
He died in a
horrible car accident.
Drunk driving.
Some other kind of driving.
But here I am focusing on
the ugly past when there is
so much beauty
all around us.
So much...
I think Im
going to go to bed.
So soon?
Yeah, long
night last night,
and even longer day.
So, I'll see you
all in the morning.
Yes, oh...
What are you doing here?
You want me here.
I saw your face.
You want me here.
I don't.
You are a goddess.
The moment I saw you,
I knew exactly what
you were doing here.
You're missing something
out of your life
and you want it
to be fulfilled.
I'm married.
What are the bonds
of law when spirits
want to bond.
Please stop.
You don't
want me to stop.
You want to be held.
You want to be taken.
You want to be owned.
You want to be worshiped.
You want clarity.
I think
I just found it.
No, this...
This isn't what I want.
You found clarity.
I love my life.
Your life is nothing.
Your life could be
so much more.
You're mistaking
clarity for weakness.
Kind of
feels like strength.
We can discuss
this further.
Not in
this tent we won't.
I'm truly sorry if I
misunderstood your intention.
I usually have a better grasp
at what women want from me.
We'll just
chalk this up
to a misunderstanding,
But it will be the last.
The very last.
That's the worst
ending to a fairytale
I've ever heard.
We all saw the way
you were looking at him.
I was not looking.
Yeah, you were!
Listen, I'm not going to tell
you how to live your life.
I was married, too.
But what I do know is that
you don't get too many
opportunities in life to
experience real passion.
So, if you don't want
him, I'll take him!
As many times as I can.
Life isn't about
supposed-to, iz.
Yeah, it's not
about running, either.
And a night with Remy,
that's running.
Now, I'm going to finish out
the week, go home to Patrick,
and whatever issues we
have we'll work them out.
There was
something else, too.
There always is.
When I told him no,
I saw a glimpse of something.
A glimpse?
Of what?
I'm not interested
in glimpses, iz.
I want the whole show.
You kill me, girl.
What happened here?
Hikers die
here all the time.
Way more than the
brochures tell you.
Dangerous terrain...
If you don't know
where to step.
Enticing, isn't it?
Not even
a little bit.
Fear of heights?
Just not
particularly fond of them.
Fear is a
manifestation of the mind.
Just like no, it
can be overcome.
Fear can also lead
you down the right path.
Fear can also
be a good thing.
Just like no.
Gold was a huge
industry here in the 1800s.
This land is rich
for so many reasons.
We must respect the land,
the water, the earth,
for we are all connected,
we are all one.
It says
don't touch.
We are halfway
to the peak.
Halfway to achieving
total consciousness!
Up here, there is nothing
between us and the gods.
The zenith, the pinnacle.
Yes, the air is thin.
Yes, it is harder to breathe.
But that is because you
are so much stronger
than oxygen itself.
You thrive where
it struggles.
And you achieve that
through hard work,
and you only get to
stay through harder.
Look inward.
This next move is
sagaar Ka motee.
The ocean's Pearl?
It is the ultimate
test in balance.
Your environment
is unbalanced,
but your soul must be.
That'll be all.
I have no Patience for
unprepared in my class.
Get your breathing
under control.
That's lunch.
Calling your husband?
Yes, I am.
I thought I told
you to leave that at
the bottom of the hill.
Iz, come on, the whole
point of being up here is
to get away from the world.
She'll never
get service.
Some people just
don't understand.
And some people do.
How long is lunch?
As long as
we want it to be.
Hey, are you okay?
Maybe we should
go get you some water.
All right.
All right, can
we take it slow?
Of course.
Sit down, okay?
We head down
the mountain tomorrow.
Our journey has almost
come to an end.
Where's Pam?
I'll say this
about your friend,
she is not saddled
by the same fears
that keep you weak.
She's fully committed
to the process.
She's an angel.
She doesn't know me.
You do.
You just proved
it down there,
to everyone
and yourself.
The two of you
go back to the peak
and look for a signal.
But you said...
Oh, little girl
with one lung,
how I planned on making
a spectacle of you
when we got
down the mountain.
But, we plan,
god laughs.
Oh, this whole thing is just
going to be so, so messy now.
I might have to take a few
years off after this one.
This is useless.
It might
not be, okay?
But he said it was!
You can both stop.
The air, her
lungs, the work.
I did everything I could.
You sent us out here!
To get a signal.
You said there
was no possibility of
getting a signal.
We laughed about it when
we were in the woods!
I thought
there might be.
Wait a minute, you
just wanted us away from her.
I wanted all
of us to help.
I don't believe you.
I think iz is
right about you.
Right about me?
Isabella, whatever
could she mean?
And we just...
God, you are disgusting!
You don't know what
you're doing, do you?
Walk over
to me, Pam.
I have one superpower,
and that's knowing
when a man is
over his head.
And, buddy, you could swim
70 feet straight up
and still be under it!
Pam, stop.
No, I'm not done.
We are headed down this
mountain without you!
And when we get back
to civilization,
we're going right
to the authorities.
That's enough!
Now I'm done.
Run all you want!
Run from your life!
Wow, what a throw!
You know, I've spent
20 years going up and down
this mountain!
I've hunted it
for 20 years, too!
Babe, you really
should come to me!
I truly don't
want to hurt you!
I mean, I let you live
last night in the tent!
Do you have any idea
what that means?
Run all you want!
Run from your life.
You can't run from me.
I'll find you!
You know the others are
meaningless, right?
But you, ha-ha!
You have got
strength inside you!
Like me.
And we need to explore
what that means, together.
This is really
disappointing, Isabella!
The only way for you
to get out of here with your
sad little life still
inside of you is if
you give me what I want!
I don't like being
denied, Isabella.
Been denied my whole life.
And I have found the only way
you really get what you want,
you really achieve it,
is if you take it.
I'm not going
to give you anything.
She stopped running.
You do what you
need to do and I'll do
what I need to do.
So, is that a yes?
You know, it's such a
shame you won't get
to experience me,
It unlocks a door
within your soul,
just the pure
pleasure of it.
I would say to ask your
friend Pam, but...
Keeping cool even in
the face of death?
That's what I
saw in you!
That's it,
I knew it!
I was right!
Oh, but you were, you were
too weak to let me in.
You were too weak
to let go.
That's the problem.
All the women I've
told to look inward,
they all want to know
the same thing.
They want to know, Remy,
what am I supposed to see?
Want to know the truth?
You want to know what they're
supposed to see, huh?
Do you want to?
I want to know.
I don't know.
I literally have no clue.
All I know is that these
desperate women want so bad
for their desperate
little lives to feel
a little less sad and
a little less little.
And you have nothing inside.
Hey, Remy?
I looked inside.
Oh yeah?
What did you see?
What happened?
Are you okay?
How are you here?
I love you.
Did you find what
you were looking for?
I did.
Let's go home.