Deadman Inferno (2015) Movie Script

Where's the car?
Not answering.
Sorry, boss. I'll go check it out.
What's that?
It's not your job, bro.
I want to get something
from the convenient store too.
Buying ice cream for Hinata again?
Go on.
Anyway, way to go, boss.
Enough already.
What is it?
Not your concern.
-Come on.
-Forget it.
You see any foul yakuza
with Kansai accents lately?
They came to our club.
They were the worst.
The boss raided their office.
He said, "Fuck around, I kill you."
Is that nice?
"Is it nice"? You idiot.
It was classic.
Really a sight to see.
What's with that car?
Too bright, fuckhead. Turn off your lights!
Good evening.
Who's there?
Being outside after your stint
with the Takeshita gang?
Who are you people?
We run things.
Run what?
Run like this?
The ol' "you're already dead."
Call an ambulance!
The trigger man at last night's shooting...
...was arrested at the rival gangs office.
I'll get out in no time.
Hold it!
Get off me!
Get off!
"10 years later"
You're late.
What is this?
There was traffic.
So what?
Leave home earlier, then.
Morning? You're late too.
You big ape.
Sorry doesn't get back lost time.
Stop apologizing. You're still late.
You two are old enough to be punctual, no?
If sorry is no good, what is?
Right... What should I suggest?
Ah, how about eating shit?
On a bowl of rice.
Shinya, don't.
It's just a joke, you know.
This is why I hate Kanto people.
Give me that.
You don't tell me it's an ear pick?
You guys are slackers.
Go away.
I am very sorry.
Who does he think you are?
Hearing a Kansai accent reminds me
of the Takeshita gang, and it makes me so angry.
-I'll trash him.
-Stop it.
We're straight now.
Hurry or we'll be late picking up Takeshi.
-Let's go.
Hinata, what's up?
What? Hold on, Hinata!
Stop coughing.
How was it?
It was good. Great, I'd say.
Right? Refreshing, huh?
Isn't it illegal?
If the police catch on, then what?
You care?
A tough looking guy like you cares about the law?
I'm cool. Real cool.
Why'd you gave it for free?
A token of friendship to you islanders.
You're charging now?
Pass if you like. It's 10,000 yen a pack.
What? You know how many squids that takes?
Like 90.
That many? Too much.
Let's call it off then. OK?
Get your kicks elsewhere.
Screw this. I don't need it.
I'll take two bags!
Thanks. Thanks.
I only have 500 yen. Spot me 9,500.
You came for me?
Of course.
Thank you.
Your leg...
The nerves were severed in the fight.
I'm sorry.
No need to apologize.
You even took care of Hinata.
Don't be so formal.
Oh yeah. You quit, right?
Hey there!
What's this truck?
It's how we make a living now.
When you said island I imagined a resort.
Smells like fish.
Then, just take a hike home.
But I've ran away from home.
-I know all the runaways.
They're my friends.
That makes no sense.
You sure?
Your dad is going to be released from prison today.
What better reason...
...for a teen to run away?
Don't be mean.
What's your excuse, Seira?
Because my home is over there!
Don't say it like a quote.
It's way too much!
So nuts it's cool.
Cool, it's not.
-No, total cool.
Like mountains and wind.
Yasushi Kiyoshi comedians!
What the? You totally got me.
I win!
Hey creeps!
-High school girls!
-What, what?
Let's go. I won't do anything, promise.
Come back if it gets worse.
Yes, thank you very much.
Take care, please.
Ready for another patient?
I need a break.
We haven't had a break since morning.
Everyone has the same cough and fever.
It's the flu?
Like fashion, the flu comes from Tokyo.
Not always.
I'll go ask when I go
to the main island next weekend.
Like I care?
I'm thinking.
Come with me.
No way.
Can't we start over?
No way.
At least, just this once, come to my place?
You're horny.
Not just horny.
I'll swear it's not just that.
Swear to what?
My penis.
-Screw you.
I don't mean that.
Suck me.
What if I cut it off?
Can't have that, no way.
Cut off my penis and I'll crush you!
Sure it's not already cut off?
-How much?
-Once more.
-How much?
I want her to let me finish.
Boy, do I love sadistic women.
Next please.
Mr. Nishiyama, please.
Sakuta, cut the noise from your boat.
What noise?
It's a high-power magnetic speaker unit.
Sakuta Original Speaker or "SOS".
Only I have such boat speakers.
No music, no fishing.
You should go home and sleep. You're sick.
I can't believe it. You live like this?
I'm always in the truck anyway.
How can the boss live like this?
Expelled yakuza live like this.
The Takeshita gang are to blame.
Why were we expelled?
It's the headquarters' decision.
Everyone else died except for us.
Why didn't you attack them?
I stopped him.
He felt,
he had to help the families of the dead.
He gave them his savings.
To feed Hinata, he borrowed money.
He waited for you.
Damn it.
We shed more blood than anyone for that hit.
I couldn't even avenge those who died.
I'm really sorry.
Boss, no.
My parents deserted me.
I'd be a punk if you hadn't picked me up.
I'd be a dog today.
To me, boss,
you're my real father.
It goes deeper than blood.
I make enough to take care of you.
take your time for now.
Let's save up and do something big.
For the time being, relax and enjoy.
I'll spend time with Hinata today.
About that...
I'm worried as lately she only writes, no visits.
She's in school?
I got a call.
She's out and said not to look for her.
She said not to worry.
She's run away?
It hasn't even been one day.
-What were you doing?
-Picking you up.
Why didn't you tell me?
It's all about timing, you know.
What the hell?
My girl has ran away and you're here sipping tea?
"Prepare a gravestone before your death"
I'm back.
Welcome back.
Check this out.
Soon, everyone will be buying.
First, you should rest.
I'll hit it big with my original drug.
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
-What? No.
-I'm in pain.
Your amateur drug is dangerous.
It's just a mixture of drugs and cold medicine.
Then it's not a new drug.
Why not?
You're just mixing stuff.
All new drugs are mixes.
You boil it.
It goes "Shoo."
In the end, like this.
Then some white stuff.
The reaction makes something great.
Those university graduates
do research everyday.
They boil it for a reaction.
A high school dropout yakuza like you...
It goes like this.
I did fine with stuff from the fridge.
I did it many times.
This isn't stir-fried vegetables.
Get some rest.
Fucking shut up.
Why do you think I gave it out for free?
Do it later.
Now is the time.
Not the time to sleep, fool.
I'll get rich.
I'll make you happy, so shut up, bitch.
Oh please, no!
That's kick-ass stuff.
I see school girls, am I hallucinating?
I think they're real.
They're stoned.
Let's go.
Two cute little puppy dogs.
Get blown by a blow fish, perverts.
-Don't push them.
-Hey girlie!
How about swinging on this?
Nothing to grip to.
Amemiya, let's snatch them.
Sounds good to me.
Seira and I are martial arts experts.
Martial arts? We're street fighters.
I also learn dance, English,
tea ceremony, and flower arrangement.
That's why you ran away.
It's a full plate education.
You didn't mention anything like this.
If I told you, you wouldn't come.
There's no way I'd come to see a punk die.
Then why did you come?
If an ex-girlfriend calls and cries,
it usually means one thing, sex.
What are you thinking?
I just broke up with my girlfriend.
My balls are ready to pop.
You're a doctor, right?
Just a local one. I deal with...
...colds, cuts, and scrapes.
Burns at best.
I'm not confident about flu and broken bones.
Just do something.
It's the crazy disease that's going around.
On top of that, he took an unknown drug.
I'd say he's utterly fucked.
He's going to die.
He's definitely going to die.
He's dead.
He's so dead.
What are you doing?
How can you die in such a stupid way?
I didn't want to be rich.
I just wanted to be with you.
Don't you die like this!
Get up!
Get up!
He didn't have any pulse just now.
Motivation switch on!
One, two...
He's the boss! What are you doing?
Boss? He's a son of a bitch.
My real daughter is missing.
Didn't you just say that
our relationship is deeper than blood?
Nothing's deeper than blood.
Do you know who I am?
You're just a truck driver.
You're an ex-con.
I set-up that raid for you.
You shot a cop, idiot.
You're an idiot.
You're the idiot.
You're the idiot.
You're five times the idiot.
10 times.
100 times.
You hit him hard.
He was so gross.
You said, "Don't die."
Really gross.
Maybe he died again.
That was harder.
1,000 times!
10,000 times!
100 million times!
Infinity idiot!
Endless idiot!
Damn it.
Do you still remember that I like horror?
So what?
It's a zombie.
Stop fucking around!
Stop doing helium.
As if.
As if.
Don't copy me.
Don't copy me.
We don't look alike.
We do, right?
Don't ask me.
Which one?
It's the one that you'll get infected
once bitten.
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
Which is it? Walkers or runners?
Crap! It's the runners!
That felt wonderful!
Good stress relief.
I'm beat.
What are you two doing?
Not so good...
Shirokawa, get them.
Shut up and get them.
This is so troublesome.
Always complaining.
Hiroshi, what's going on? Are you okay?
You okay?
Officer Isezaki. Help me.
What's happened?
A living dead guy is chasing me.
I mean... Oh shit...shit...shit.
Shigeru, you okay?
Shoot it. Isezaki, shoot.
What the?
Shut the fuck up, old man!
That hurt.
He got the old man!
A yakuza is eating the old man!
You're not my boss.
Get out from this house.
Please apologize to the boss.
No way.
You're not a kid.
He took care of Hinata
like she was his real daughter.
Of course he got worried
when he got the call from her.
But with you in for ten years,
he had to go get you.
Don't be like this.
I'm sorry.
I said too much. I'm very sorry.
Don't be.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault. I'm sorry.
No, I'm the one who's sorry.
It's me. I'm sorry.
No. I'm really sorry.
It's my fault. Forgive me.
It's my fault. I'm sorry.
-It's my fault.
-It's my fault.
Blame me. I'm the one to blame.
Another champagne?
Bring it on and on.
It's good.
Hello there.
Sorry to bug you. I got a question.
You would only come out when there's trouble.
Make an appointment with my secretary.
Relax and let's have a drink.
Why should I drink with the likes of you?
What's this?
Sorry, he's kind of nuts.
He can't control himself.
What's your excuse?
It's totally involuntary.
It's scary.
All this lust deep inside me.
Sorimachi, what do you teach them?
I just let them be.
Why are you here?
Akira Yoshida, one of my men, ran away with drugs.
That's not my business.
You sell drugs on the cheap.
It's business.
There were some reds we bought recently.
We bought them too.
This is just a hunch.
I think Yoshida sold you them,
made some cash, and ran.
Do you screw with me over a fucking hunch?
Know what happens?
No, what happens?
Between your snot-nosed boys
and the famous Takeshita gang?
Tell me.
Picking a fight?
I picked one.
All right.
The ol' "you're already dead."
You'd do this here?
Do it if you dare.
Are you sure? I'll do it if you say so.
I'll make your nostrils one.
Okay, okay.
I'll tell you what I know.
Pull the knife out.
It'll get covered with snot.
You're a quick learner.
Don't want trouble over small stuff.
Where did he go?
To the hometown of his girlfriend.
How should I know?
I'll call your gang and file a complaint.
Do as you like.
What are you doing?
Underwear. A souvenir.
What color is it?
Bras too?
Against the rules.
One, two.
You two must be exhausted. Give it up already.
There you go.
Oh, shit.
You really want to do this?
You must know about obstruction of justice.
I'm not a dunce.
I got no choice.
It's a pistol.
Why are you pointing that
at a couple of school girls?
Because you seemed okay with those thugs.
You know some martial arts, right?
Even so...
He's bluffing.
Listen up.
I became a cop to shoot a gun.
I wanted to go Tokyo,
but was assigned to my hometown.
You know monkeys that would ruin crops?
Should I handcuff monkeys?
I feel like shooting my gun
and quitting this job.
A cop shouldn't do that.
Know what?
I want to live like Grand Theft Auto.
This guy is the pits.
My friends tell me I'm a good guy.
I'm sorry.
I understand so put away your gun.
Good. If you were ugly,
I'd probably have shot you by now.
Fuck that shit.
Just kidding. Follow me. It's over there.
I know it's a pain.
-A total pain.
-It is.
Pain in the ass.
Excuse me.
Fuck this.
Don't say that.
Hello, boss.
That's right. Today is the day.
A welcome back party?
No, it isn't.
Shinya, whenever I see you, you seem bigger.
I reached 111 kilo yesterday.
Is a repeating number a good thing?
We're not here to chat.
It doesn't seem like you're here to see me either.
That's right.
Hinata ran away from home.
Oh that. I know because she called me.
She called you?
I am her mother!
Where is she?
Remember when we went to Zeni Island?
She went there.
Where is she staying?
Guess I've no choice. Let's go together.
Why are you going too?
Because she'll hate me
for telling you where she is.
If you're going there, I'm going too.
You abandoned her. Don't act like a mother now.
I did not. She didn't want to live
with my new husband.
The boss has been taking care of her.
While you were in jail, I saw her almost everyday.
I paid her living costs every month.
You were in prison. You did nothing as a father.
What? You gray haired, ex-con yakuza.
-You're a tough cookie.
-Sure am.
If Sakura comes too,
maybe it'll be easier to get Hinata home.
What are you smiling about?
Like I told you.
I'm vacationing with my parents.
Like I told you.
Only runaways travel in their uniform.
Where are you staying?
Benten Inn.
No point in lying.
I told the truth.
Can we go back to the inn now?
Then can you keep quiet about this?
I don't want to write a report.
Just go home first thing in the morning.
-We can go?
-You're a god.
Don't walk around or I'll pick you up again.
-Got it, pops!
Now go!
Don't call me pops.
Bye, pops.
Thanks, pops.
You startled me, Shige.
This is serious. Very real.
You sound like Degawa.
We have to go! Who are these hot school girls?
You're talking nonsense,
but they are hot. Now relax.
Who's that?
Isezaki is back.
What about us?
He might not let you go.
Are you serious?
Where's his bike?
He's acting odd.
His neck is bleeding.
This is bad.
Isezaki. Are you okay?
Crap, his eyes are creepy
and so are those scars.
Take your gun and shoot him!
-Just shoot him!
Shoot him!
Did you kill him?
He really shot him.
I totally shot him.
He'll get up.
What's happening?
Let's run.
Let's go!
Good work.
Thank you, sir.
Megumi's hometown is Zeni Island
with a population of 12,000.
I have her address, I'll leave the rest to you.
Get one of your punks to do this shit work.
50 million yen of junk? Can't let a punk do it.
Then do it yourself.
It's the end of a month. I'm busy.
Counting money doesn't make you yakuza.
Yakuza don't fight now.
Omura's gang? There's gonna be a fight.
They know fights are over.
We came to an agreement.
You're the one who sent us to Omura!
Know who I am? I'm a chief, asshole.
Who fucking cares?
Your Kanto accent makes me ill.
Speak with a Kansai accent.
You're from Okayama.
I specialize in fighting. You do the collection.
Yoshida wasn't good at business.
But he was good at fighting.
Please do this.
Are you calling us dumb?
Shut your fucking trap!
Hey Joe.
What's the deal with you?
Are you alright?
Kiyama, looks like you got a fighter here.
I headhunted him.
He doesn't know about you people.
I apologize.
Enough bullshit.
Do it for me.
The reason you're having a good life
while doing nothing...'s because he makes you money.
When dangerous work like this comes up,
let him hear what he wants to hear.
If you say so.
Please do your best.
Why do you guys always have to fight like this?
Aren't you brothers?
All right.
Let's do this.
You guys go together.
This is my order.
But sir...
It's my order.
My order.
An order.
What time do they think it is?
We're closed.
We're closed for the day.
What the?
It hurts!
Get off me!
Coffee for the boss and my brother.
Tea for my sister.
She's no longer your sister.
It's fine.
Want some mint?
Sure do.
One? Two?
You'll die.
Don't play the clown.
Takeshi, I called the hotel to confirm
they were staying there.
Don't be so nervous.
She doesn't answer my call.
Runaways don't answer phones.
Try again.
Do it yourself?
I just got out. No phone.
I won't be persistent like you.
She doesn't hate me.
Look, you're going to the island of memories.
Not about this woman.
Not yet, papa?
You stink like smoke.
If you quit?
Not possible.
Who wants papa to quit smoking?
Don't say that.
He said he doesn't listen to you, Hinata.
Come on...
Is it okay if she hates you?
Quit or I'll hate you.
Don't say that.
Your only choice is to quit.
All right. I quit.
I'll quit for you, Hinata.
What about my lighter?
How about putting it in a time capsule?
What's that?
In a time capsule,
you put things and open it when you're all grown up.
Want to make one?
Okay, let's do it.
Now, this is the last item to put in.
What did you write?
What is it?
No. This is for you to read
when you grow up.
-Can you wait?
Good girl. He quit smoking now.
Do the "good papa."
Up you go.
Good papa, good papa.
Want to hop on?
Carry me, please!
You love that, don't you?
No, you can't fit in with us.
We can rest here.
Wait, Hinata isn't with us.
Shit, we lost her.
Gotta find her.
Hold on.
It's a cesspool of danger out there.
She's alone with all those monsters!
Saku, we're in trouble.
What? What is it?
Shoes off.
It's an emergency.
Our buddy Sakuta.
A hot school girl?
Are all you guys here cretins?
This is really, utterly bad.
Who are those people?
Saku, try to relax,
Can't. They're freaking me out.
What now?
An accident?
They're leaving.
Tell me, who are they?
I'll explain it slowly.
Remember Megumi, my ex?
-Who went to Osaka?
She came back with a punk.
And so?
He brought drugs to the island.
I heard there was some trouble.
Isezaki wanted more patrols.
What a pain.
The punk shot the drug and died.
That's stupid.
Then, he came back to life.
I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.
No way.
The punk wouldn't die no matter
what you did to him.
A zombie.
It's a damn zombie.
It's not funny.
I shot him and he didn't die.
You always wanted to shoot that thing.
Be serious.
Be serious about this?
Explain those people.
Candid camera.
Who would do that to you.
On this island?
Then what?
I said it's real.
What do we do? They don't die.
Shoot them in the head.
The films.
This is one big joke.
It's worth a shot.
If bitten, you turn into a zombie.
In one kind, you get infected by a virus.
In the other, it's medicines and chemicals.
If infected by a bite, it's likely a virus.
Like the cold going around?
I think the punk turned because of a disease.
So, you'll become a zombie if you got bitten?
But he was using drugs.
Exactly, but it all depends on the movie,
Chemical zombies tend to move fast.
Virus zombies move slowly, I think.
In this case, it's basically caused
by a virus so they move slow.
But, those who took the drug move fast.
That punk was moving fast.
He must be a hybrid of the virus and the drug.
This is nuts.
You're only using movies as a database.
Sorry, can you repeat?
Listen closely.
Enough. Let's go.
Saku, come with us. The more the merrier.
I'm off today. I'll go with you.
Can I go to the store?
Don't you get it?
Any famous celebrities came here?
It's not candid camera.
We have to go find Hinata now.
It's here.
I don't know what to say when I see Dad.
He'd get depressed if he heard that.
He has been in jail
as long as I can remember.
You always said that you would marry papa.
He always carried you.
Did he? I don't remember going anywhere with him.
We did often.
Don't you remember
the time capsule at Zeni Island?
We did that?
We did.
This picture is from then?
We buried it by the shrine.
Go see for yourself.
Sounds fun.
Make him worry a bit then come home.
See, Hinata. Papa had quit smoking.
Give me the "good daddy" and I can do anything.
To my lovely Hinata.
From papa.
Look at those creeps.
I said I'm going home!
She's not answering.
I put the hotel into the GPS.
Why are you riding with the boss?
The truck is made for two.
Let's move.
It's total hell riding around with someone I hate.
Just drive, coin bank baldy.
Who's bald?
I'll put a coin in.
It's not for coins, it's a scar.
Cut the shit you two.
Can I do Yoshida's girl?
Is that all you think of?
Yes. We're here cause of that punk.
Do her until she explodes.
You want her too.
You're last.
Not me.
What's that?
A souvenir.
It's underwear.
Let me hang them here.
What's your fucking deal?
You ain't got no vibe.
Must be here.
The truck can't fit in there.
Let's ask someone.
Excuse me.
Do you know where we can park?
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
What is this? Stay back.
I warned you. Are you okay?
Boss, get back.
Oh crap!
Take that, granny!
Too hard! She'll die.
She started it!
Do it.
Kind of rough, no?
What's happening?
Who are you?
I am the one who saved your life.
Here they come.
This way!
Let's go!
What's happening?
They're here!
Why not let them in?
It's not candid camera!
What are they?
I'll explain upstairs.
You're Hinata's father, right?
I'm her friend Seira.
Where's Hinata?
You are?
Her dad.
The ex-con jobless guy.
Shoes off?
This isn't the time.
What's with this island? Who are they?
You're kidding.
You saw. They don't die unless shot in the head.
They're already dead.
That's impossible.
Right? It's candid camera.
Shut up.
He's right. I hit her but she kept coming.
They're multiplying.
Where's Hinata?
They attacked us and she got lost.
We're looking for her.
I shouldn't have sent her to this island.
Who could see this coming?
We were returning to the inn.
You called the cops?
I'm a cop.
You're a cop?
Can't you call someone on the radio?
This is intra-island and the other cop is a zombie.
Police station?
Not on this island.
Call the main island for backup.
Don't know their number.
What's the protocol for emergencies?
It's our first emergency.
Be serious. You're a cop.
Listen to the ex-con, wannabe Yazawa.
It's not like I'm...
You look happy.
You're paid by taxes.
So is prison food.
I'll kill you.
That's a felony.
Screw this!
Call 110.
A cop calling 110?
You don't know the number.
That's amateurish.
Just do it.
This is 110.
I'm calling from Zeni Island.
Incident or accident?
He asked if it's an incident or accident.
An incident.
How do I explain this?
Tell them the situation.
Well, you see, Zombies are...
They'll think it's a prank.
Well then?
Break it down and explain things.
- What happened?
A bunch of them are attacking us.
We escaped but they're still outside.
- "They?"
Moron. I told you not to say zombies.
This isn't working. I'll do it.
Can you?
Of course I can.
Sorry to keep you.
Is this a prank?
No. Please listen to me very carefully.
Go ahead.
A disease is killing people on the island.
The dead revive and attack.
Be serious.
I am. They don't die unless hit in the head.
If bitten, you get infected.
By zombies.
I said no zombies.
It's hard to explain without it.
Move aside.
You sure?
-I'm hanging up.
-No, wait.
My daughter is missing.
When was this?
Yesterday morning.
Explain in detail.
I got out of prison yesterday and...
Prison? What did you do?
I made a raid and shoot a cop.
Shoot a cop?
Whatever! What if the zombies ate my daughter?
I said no zombies.
You suck, you gray-haired, ex-con yakuza.
Not me.
Give me that.
Another one? You won't get away with this.
It's no joke.
What then?
It's one serious, creepy crisis!
It's total zombie hell!
He hang up.
It's near impossible to explain.
Damn it.
We have to find Hinata on our own.
First, the inn.
That was our plan too.
Are they with an acting troupe?
It's not candid camera.
Let's go to the inn.
All quiet?
When do we get there?
I'm following the GPS.
Wait. Is that an accident?
It's a chick.
Look what you did, moron.
She came at me.
Is she dead?
Throwing yourself at a car? Must be a junkie.
It's proof Yoshida's selling drugs.
She's still alive?
What's that?
Not an ordinary junkie.
A fucking monster.
Bloody hell.
What? Is this for real?
Dumb ass monster.
Look here.
Cut it out.
What happened here?
What's that?
Are they like that woman?
Shoot. Shoot!
It's a waste of bullets.
Get in the car.
Fuck this.
Back it up!
-Crap. Go down and get him.
Who do you guys think you are?
How did you get down here? From here?
Around this spot?
Maybe from around here?
Where is Hinata's room?
It's called "Ayame."
Where is it?
The second room upstairs.
Takeshi and I will go.
There's the vacation home of a rich family nearby.
They hunt and own rifles. Can I go get them?
Ok, you take care of that.
Shige, Saku, let's go.
-Let's check it out.
You seem so happy.
This is serious.
We'll go to the kitchen to look for some food.
Seira too.
-Let's go.
All right.
No, there's no reception.
You can do that?
I'm pissed off.
What's with this island?
This means he was here.
Should we look a bit more?
We're here for drugs and Yoshida.
Son of a bitch.
Hold on. Kiyama is right.
What about Joe?
All he can do is fight. He won't die easily.
Let's find the drugs and leave this creepy place.
Why'd he have this?
Why are they walking? It's gross.
Why don't they die?
I gotta take a dump.
Not another one.
Give me a second.
Here and here.
Again, again, again.
Hold on. Hold on.
It's Yoshida.
Help me!
I'm human.
So what? Yoshida!
I just killed Yoshida.
Oh, a girl.
Girl, girl...
Girl, girl.
-Thank you!
I'm not here to save you.
Check out her rack!
What are you doing?
I'm going.
Wait. Can you hold her legs?
Are you nuts?
-You can go after me.
Wanna watch?
No way!
She bit my fucking ear!
She ate my goddamn ear!
It hurts!
There are geriatric zombies too?
What's wrong?
They didn't notice us.
You're right.
It's sound. They react to it.
That's why you're the boss.
Let's go.
She's not here.
It's open.
A warrior's sword.
Warrior's armor.
More swords.
What about that?
It's locked.
Give me that.
Fuck yeah!
A shotgun.
This is a shotgun.
That was a rifle.
Hello. You must be one of the actors.
Great makeup job.
Look out.
Don't be stupid.
Shirokawa, do something!
They're taking this too far.
I told you this is for real.
Holy shit. This is serious.
-Too slow!
-Too slow!
It's called "mission clear."
Let's find Joe.
Well, I'll take the drugs and leave.
Cut the crap.
Don't talk to me like that.
You're a motherfucker.
What are you doing?
I have an announcement to make.
What are you saying?
I'm not a fucking gofer.
Count me out of the Takeshita gang.
The ol' "you're already dead."
You'll regret this.
Just die.
We'll split the fifty million.
You planned to do this from the beginning?
Of course. No one fucks with me.
Now let's find Joe and live it up.
Later for you.
I'll fucking kill you.
So says the dying man.
Come on.
Sorry, all we found was water.
Are you serious?
We can take them on now.
These were in the kitchen.
They'll kick ass for sure.
We can use them just in case.
Sounds good to me.
I'll take these.
For real?
Two rifles, so I'll take one.
Wait, everyone wants a rifle.
It takes skill to use.
Can I get a shotgun?
A cop, I understand. You, I cannot.
I've seen lots of gun movies.
Screw you and your movies too.
I'm fine with this.
The sword.
You know how to use it?
I know kendo.
Don't see it.
I'll save Hinata.
Nice backlight.
I'll save her.
Since you were in the baseball club...
I want a gun.
How about I take this and this.
A ball?
I was in the baseball club too.
I'll take that.
You sure?
I can't shot and stabbing is too gross.
Thank you for picking this.
Maybe you should just take cover.
I came here with Hinata.
I'll take a rifle.
You need experience to use it.
A bat requires more experience.
Just think of it as candid camera.
I can't no more.
Now that we have our weapons,
I think it's time we use them.
I just figured out that they respond to sound.
They did move away before.
Are they blind?
The old lady zombie could slightly see us.
Maybe they can sort of see.
They can sort of see,
but they basically react to sounds.
That's so vague.
Then, I can't fire this?
They'll hear it!
What's the point of rifles?
If you feel better with it, keep the rifle.
We'll take the truck to where you lost Hinata.
Then what?
Then we go to the boat.
At the port.
Can we all fit?
Of course. It also holds my SOS.
What's that?
Sakuta Original,
Speaker Unit.
We've no time to enjoy music.
As soon as we find Hinata,
we'll leave the island by boat.
I'm sorry to involve you with Hinata.
Without my revenge,
I've been a living embarrassment.
Don't say that.
I'm your "father."
I almost lost my life once.
Let me give it for my family.
Thank you.
I've no plans to die.
We'll all survive. We'll all make it out.
That looks good. We'll change cars.
It's got keys.
That's not Joe anymore. It's a monster.
Can't be helped.
Joe, "You're already dead," literally.
How about giving him a goodbye.
Joe, if I'm a girl in the next life
you can fuck me all you like.
What a nice farewell.
-Let's go.
Look, everyone stay close.
What is it?
Where we buried the time capsule.
Boss, go ahead. I'll check the shrine.
Hey, idiot.
I said to stay close.
Annoying fuck.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Saku. Run.
Please, no.
Pull yourself together.
Let's go home.
Back to Tokyo.
Good papa.
Good papa.
Good papa.
Sorry. I'm sorry I was too late.
I'm sorry I couldn't be like a real father.
Sakura, run!
You don't have to die.
Just run!
No, I'm her parent too. I'm her mother.
What the hell are you doing?
She would feel weird if it's just you two.
You gray haired, ex-con yakuza.
You two!
Boss. You have to finish us.
I can't.
We're done for. Hurry, before we turn to monsters.
No, brother. Let's go back together.
Let us die.
Boss, I'm happy that I was able to meet you.
Same here, asshole.
Thank you for everything.
Let's go.
Fuck this.
It's endless.
What did you just do?
Man, I got bit.
Why did you do that?
I surprise myself sometimes. I can't help it.
Don't suddenly be a good cop.
I have two dreams.
One, to hold a school girl like this.
The other, to shoot a pistol.
Both of them came true.
I'm done with my life.
Stop trying to be cool.
I'll attract their attention, run.
I don't want to.
Don't go.
It's fine. I'm checking out now.
Saku, okay?
You guys okay?
We've managed.
We gotta get to the car.
What is it?
The cop...
What about him?
He tried to protect me.
Let's go.
Give him back, asshole.
The truck is gone. Everyone in the car!
What? Someone other than us is alive.
Follow them. They might have a boat.
They're not coming?
Isn't that the stolen truck?
Are you okay?
What's up?
We're getting on that boat.
Can you give us a ride?
Look, they're in trouble.
We gotta help them.
Just get on the boat.
What is this?
No time for fun. Do it now.
We're helping them.
I said, "No."
What the fuck did you just do?
It's not loaded.
Give me the key.
Never gonna happen.
I'll shoot her face.
The key.
Okay, I'll give you the key.
So long.
You okay?
I'm not okay, not at all.
Hang in there.
Hang in there.
Naomi too?
Never saw anything like this in the movies.
I can't.
Who can shoot their ex-girlfriends?
Welcome back.
The key doesn't fit.
Fucking kid.
Check me out. This is so utterly hot!
I'll help you!
I can't, Saku. I'm totally bitten.
Don't say that!
Get off him!
Get off!
Run and survive.
What are you talking about?
We'll escape together.
We gotta go now.
You'll die too.
Please get up!
Goddam bloody hell!
He's been bitten.
Flowers in both hands, asshole.
What was that key?
House key.
Think you're cute?
If that pisses you off,
would you mind killing me?
So long.
Get in!
Thanks. What happened to you?
Got shot.
I'll drive.
Come on!
Hand over the key to the boat.
What the hell?
Why are you here?
Why are you here, asshole?
You mother fucker.
Why are you angry?
You forget? You killed my people!
Fuck off.
It's Munakata's boss.
Why are you here?
Long time no see!
I'm not going to die, bitches.
Kiyama! Why does it have to be you?
No more bullets.
Start it!
Come on. You hang in there.
Looky here.
Thought you were expelled. You look well.
Thugs like you are outcasts these days, right?
True. It's tough times for both of us.
I'll take my revenge now.
Say, you know the phrase, "You're already dead"?
I'm alive, moron.
That's why I hate Kanto people. No vibe.
I hate Kansai people. Too much vibe.
Playing with life is a perk of being yakuza.
I'm not like you.
You're too lively.
I'm straight now.
Who says that while swinging a sword?
The active player wins.
What the?
Thanks to you, my leg nerves are gone.
You let me stab you on purpose?
You're the last living man I kill.
"You're already dead."
It's what they call,
"I've no regrets for the life I've lived."
Shinya. Hit it!
I can't get out.
Get on the boat!
Go home alive.
Boss, what are you doing?
Boss, no! Don't do that.
Hey. Get on the boat.
No, I can't leave without him.
Just get on the boat.
Takeshi. I'll be with you soon.
Never, ever underestimate the power of SOS.
Once again, we're the sole survivors.
"Deadman Inferno"