Deadware (2021) Movie Script

So, did you get it?
Have you got it installed yet?
Yeah, no, it's great.
I'm looking at myself right now.
You're missing out.
Okay, I'll send you an invite.
- Hey!
- Hey!
How's it going? Look at you!
Good, good!
How are you?
I'm good! It's good to
see your virtual face.
Yeah, same, oh my gosh.
So, welcome to the future.
Yeah, right?
I'm still stuck in the past, I guess.
I'm trying to match your speed.
Well, I mean, I love this.
I'll never have to leave the house again.
And why would you?
I mean, you have a nice pad!
Ah, thank you.
Yeah, I guess I'm-
How's San Fran?
Yeah, it's good!
It's been kind of weird.
There was a bit of culture shock at first,
but I got used to it.
A culture shock.
Okay, what is it,
bougie, or is it not
bougie, or what is it?
It's kinda hard to explain, but,
basically, it's really loud here,
and I wasn't used to that.
And it's buildings, and
people, and cars, and,
yeah, it's a little bit,
it's a little bit much.
But you sort of get numb to it,
so I'm enjoying that.
So, how are you?
You're still in San Antonio?
It looks like I might die here.
Yeah, I mean,
my college degree in history
isn't doing me any favors,
but oh well.
I mean, there's worse things
than breakfast tacos and clubbing.
At least I've got my own space now!
Yeah, I was gonna say, it's nice!
I don't see your mom anywhere.
That's right, that's right.
I'm not solo, I have a
roommate, but you know,
it's not bad.
I finally cut the cord, out on my own.
Okay, all right!
Now, how about you?
I mean, we've been talking
about me the whole time.
I noticed you've got
a pretty extensive collection behind you.
How's the new place?
It's been good.
Yeah, I definitely
expanded my video library.
I actually sold some records.
But it's kind of this,
and then a kitchenette,
an en suite, and then I've
got a fold out couch bed,
but it's too small for me
to actually fold it out.
So, that was kinda depressing.
But it's good.
I just, you know, it's everything I need.
Oh, my imagination is running wild.
How about things with, what's his name?
Donny, David, right?
Of course I can't even
pronounce the most basic name.
How are things with Da-veed?
Yeah, okay, so,
believe it or not, that
didn't last super long.
Yeah, because I moved out here for him,
and we were doing the
open relationship thing,
and he managed to cheat on
me, which is hard.
In an open relationship.
Yeah, lines were crossed.
I'm sorry, that sucks, Rach.
You should follow my lead.
Multiple partners is not the way to go.
I'm loving life with zero partners.
It's working out great.
It's going well for me.
Yeah, I don't know.
It's like, I came out here for free love,
and I get no love, but a good video store.
And, you know, that's all I need.
Very comforting.
You moved out there
for him though, right?
Are you gonna, you're
gonna stay out there?
I think so,
it's just been a little
bit embarrassing, because
he left me for this girl that he met
in this real vampire chatroom, and-
- Vampire chat room?
Are you kidding me?
Yeah, real vampire.
Real vampire chatroom,
as opposed to fake vampire chatroom.
Yeah, 'cause you would think that,
because there are no vampires,
that a real vampire chatroom
wouldn't be a thing.
It is a thing.
It's a thing.
What is it?
Okay, so it's like a
subset of the goth scene,
where they have little fake names,
and little stick-on fangs,
and soul bonding.
And they are eternal beings
who cannot pay their own rent.
But yeah, I mean, I just need to-
- So, you didn't see any red flags when
he didn't have a reflection,
or refused to eat anything with garlic?
Nothing about him?
I mean,
he's microbiotic anyway,
so I didn't fully comprehend
his dietary restrictions, or whatever.
But yeah, no,
I'm pretty sure he's
not actually a vampire.
Sorry, Jay.
But you're still
gonna stay out there.
Yeah, I'm definitely,
yeah, I've got a job.
You've got a job?
- Huh?
- Still in film?
You've got a job, still in film?
Kind of. It's mostly video,
but you know, it works.
I clean some films sometimes,
and I've done some PA stuff, but,
hopefully, something will happen.
I mean, that's still amazing.
I mean, that's awesome.
You're doing what you love.
I'm proud of you.
Well, you're doing what you love, right?
So, what about Amy?
Getting there.
Why isn't she here, huh?
- What's that?
- Amy!
Yeah, what are you guys up to?
Was hoping you wouldn't bring that up.
Things are kind of...
I don't know, I haven't
heard from her in a while.
It's been a year or two.
That's weird.
What did you do?
You guys were so close!
Yeah, it's kinda awkward.
So, she...
We were always hanging out together.
You know, you saw the connection,
everybody saw the connection.
It was kind of like,
I thought we were getting along great,
and I figured the next step
was going out on a date,
but she saw us more as just friends.
But I was like, most couples
start out as friends, right?
And to her, she just, you know,
kind of ghosted me after that.
Oh, man.
Well, you know, she doesn't
like labels, so that could be,
could be part of the problem.
But I'm sorry.
I mean, I wasn't asking
for a label, but it's,
whatever, you know, I'm over it.
We've moved on.
I think it's, it's fine.
You haven't talked to her
or anything, have you?
No, not really.
Yeah, I admit, I was kinda
distracted when I moved out here,
but I did send her some emails
and never really got a response.
But it's not that big a deal,
'cause when you're close...
You know, I just feel like there's
an unbroken thread between us,
and we don't have to talk every
day, or month, or whatever.
But yeah, I mean, I see
her on AIM all the time.
You know, maybe I should
just give her a call.
I don't,
I don't think that's the
best idea, to be honest.
What other features does this thing have?
Well, we have this
thing called share screen.
So, basically...
What do I do?
So, we'll be able to
both see the same thing,
and go to websites together.
Okay, let me open up a browser.
Okay, I think...
Okay, I think it's working.
Okay, well, who chooses where we go?
I think we both do.
How did that get in there?
Okay, no.
Oh, shit.
Sorry, I thought I closed that.
It's okay, you don't have to delete it.
It's fine.
Oh no, it's just,
it's just corrupted or something?
I don't know.
Okay, I'm gonna give her a call.
Wait, you're not calling her, are you?
Rachel, No!
Amy, yeah, it's me!
Oh my god!
Yeah, I'm just talking to Jay right now,
and your name came up.
Yeah, he's,
yes, yes!
No, he's really sorry for
being such a jerk, oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god, your face.
She didn't answer!
You're being an asshole!
Why would you do that?
I'm sorry, I thought it'd be funny.
Why do you want
to see her so much?
I don't know!
It's just, seeing you, and,
you know, we were a bit of a trio.
You seem really,
don't worry, it's fine.
I'll just send her...
I'll send her a little message on AIM.
What is-
- "House of Hunger?"
Let me try something.
Okay, so it's a graphic choose
your own adventure type game.
It looks like a,
you know, the,
that's weird, the knocker
looks like a hungry ghost.
A what?
Hold on.
Okay, here it is.
"Hungry ghosts, demon-like
creatures described
"in Buddhist, Taoist," blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah.
"Texts about the remnants of the dead
"who are afflicted with insatiable desire,"
"hunger, or thirst as a result"
"of bad deeds or evil carried
out in their lifetime."
Found in the Far East.
They're "human-like wraiths
with mummified skin",
"withered limbs, bulging stomachs,"
"long necks, and tiny mouths."
Let's play, let's do it.
I'm not...
I'm not into this type of stuff.
No, I know you like this stuff,
but I gotta work in the morning.
I'm not trying to play this all night.
But they're hungry, and
they've got long necks!
Come on!
Rachel, I don't like
this weird shit.
Honestly, I think that's
most of the reason
why Amy and I stopped talking.
She's into the weird occult shit,
and no offense to you, I
know you like weird shit too,
but she was just a whole different level.
Wait, my Amy, really?
I mean, she seemed kind
of squeamish, right?
I'm a little bit more
religious, I think she's not.
So, I think the cult stuff is for you, I-
- Oh.
Okay, one sec.
Yeah, hey!
I got your email, I did, I'm sorry.
I'm just kind of bad at
replying right now.
Yeah, work's been crazy.
Yeah, if you could send
that, that'd be good.
Could you get past cookies?
Oh my god, thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, no, it's good, it's good.
Again, just really busy.
Okay, I mean, yeah, I'll definitely try
and come for Thanksgiving.
I said try.
I'm not gonna make any promises,
I don't want to break them.
Mm-hm, right.
Love you, bye.
Sorry. Hey, what's up?
Oh, change your mind, huh?
I didn't do anything.
Well, it must've decided for us.
I don't, I didn't click it.
It's probably
automatically set to select yes.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Let's just try it for a few minutes.
Rachel, I have to work in the morning.
Okay, do you have any booze in the house?
I live in San Antonio,
what do you think?
Okay, well let's go get a shot,
and let's go meet some hungry ghosts.
All right.
See you in a sec!
- Hey.
- Party!
To friends who are uniting
and encountering spooky ghouls.
Spooky ghouls.
Oh no!
One second, sorry.
What are you, 12?
I guess it's been a while, ugh.
That was nasty.
All right.
You ready?
I guess so.
Let the game begin.
Amy's name.
And it's the only name.
Maybe it's unreleased.
How would Amy be the only
person to play something?
I told you, I'm a big gamer,
I've never heard of this.
Maybe she was the only one.
Are you gonna sign in?
"Welcome to the House of Hunger.
"Inside, you will guide yourself
"through the endless rooms and hallways
"in order to make it out alive.
"Terror awaits you at every corner,
"so make each choice wisely.
"Find the skeleton key and you will escape
"to tell the story of your adventure.
"Choose the wrong door and your soul
"will be stuck in here forever.
"The House of Hunger has many dark secrets"
"and lost souls inside."
"Good luck."
Kinda creepy.
Yeah, a little bit.
Okay, Mr. Gamer.
What are we looking at?
Well, it's a graphic puzzle adventure.
You click a door, takes
you to another room,
you solve some kind of
puzzle, and then you move on.
Which door do we choose first?
The left one, I guess.
What now?
I don't know, I don't
see any other doors.
Maybe one of the,
maybe one of the books does something.
No, nothing.
What about the desk, or typewriter?
The typewriter?
What is that?
Where do I know that from, "Six realms?"
And there was a hungry
ghost on the door knocker.
Hold on.
Let's see.
In my Religious Studies class,
we actually had this chapter
all about Buddhism and rebirth,
and they talk about six realms.
Here it is.
Yeah, so it was,
six, yeah, Buddhists believe in six realms
that you can be reborn into.
It's Heaven, Asura,
the human, animal, ghost, and Hell.
Hold on.
There's a book on the
shelf that looks red.
Let me see.
Okay, there we go.
Ugh, I think this might be
a little bit too intense for kids.
Just for kids?
This hallway looks different.
Yeah, it's more modern.
Come on.
Are you sure you're doing this right?
We've been down the same hallway 10 times.
Well, there's nothing else to click.
What about the frames,
the frames on the wall?
Here, let me.
Well, shit.
Maybe it's purgatory, or something.
I think we made the wrong choice.
What the hell was that?
I don't know!
Can you go back?
There's something at the
end of the hallway now.
Here we go.
Which floor should we go to?
You know the weird thing?
The girl?
Didn't it kind of look like Amy?
Oh my god.
Rachel, it's a game.
It's made of ones and zeros.
Amy is a human.
Okay, it's stupid.
I'm just getting a little spooked,
which I think is the intention.
So, floors.
Start at six, work our way back?
Hold on, I bet these
six floors all represent
those six realms that
we were talking about.
Oh, what were they?
It's Heaven, Asura, human,
animal, ghost, and Hell.
Let's avoid Hell for a second.
That's fair.
How about, human sounds neutral.
Human is not as expected!
It's like human suffering.
I guess.
Wait, do you hear that?
Is that a voice?
I hear it.
All right, let's move.
Why don't you pick this time?
Oh, okay.
What did we do last time?
Okay, let's go right.
Well, great choice.
"If I am not
my body, not my feelings,"
"not my mind, then what am I?"
I didn't click it.
Wasn't me.
But it opened right when
you said that.
There's no voice activation.
It's impossible.
It wasn't me.
It's weird.
Never mind.
Little help?
I don't wanna play this anymore.
What are you talking about?
It's just a stupid game.
It's getting good!
We're in the center of the game.
No, it's late, I have
to work in the morning.
I gotta go.
Oh, come on, Jay.
We're probably almost done, right?
I don't like this occult shit!
It's starting to freak me out!
Do I accept?
Let's just see what she wants.
Hey, Amy!
Amy, can you hear us?
That's enough for me, I'm out.
Jay again, oh my god.
What the hell, nothing better to do.
Come on.
Ugh, fuck.
No, it's okay, I'm sorry.
It's probably just a glitch
from Hell or something.
I know, I know, it's just,
I was trying to play without
you, and it wouldn't let me.
It said, "Waiting for player two."
I know, it's kind of annoying, but
I just feel bad not
finishing it, you know?
I don't want to leave it open.
I need closure, Jay.
Oh my god, amazing, okay.
I will send you an invite,
and I will see you in a second.
How's it going?
Rach, you look a little on edge.
Ah, no, sorry, I'm just...
You know.
We could play some other time.
No, no, no, no, please.
I just, I'm ready.
I won't be able to sleep
unless we finish this.
Listen, it's 2:10 right now.
At three, I have to go.
It's a blast solving all
these Buddhist riddles
with you and everything,
but at three, I gotta go.
Is that a deal?
Yes, it's a deal.
Good, good.
So, it wouldn't let you play without me?
Yeah, it kept saying,
"Waiting for player two."
That's weird.
"Aren't they beautiful?
"Some of the rarest works in the world."
"Each painting, a
creation from the creator."
"A painting is complete when
it has the shadow of god."
So, this must be the Asura
realm, or the God realm.
God created the universe, created us.
When we create art,
we're mimicking God.
Oh, nothing, I just,
I guess I kind of forgot
you were religious and shit.
I don't make fun of you
and these trippy games you take me to,
and all these weird riddles.
Actually, I don't even
know what you believe.
What do you believe in?
Let's maybe not go there, okay?
No, I want to know!
What is it?
Tell me.
I'm, you know, I'm a realist.
This is it.
But why?
This is it, why?
I just know, okay?
Okay, this is dumb, but David
and his vampire bride...
Yeah, when that was going on, it seemed
really horrible,
just kind of watching them fall in love.
And obviously, now, I realize that
he wasn't the most
amazing man in the world.
But at the time,
at the time,
it seemed like everything was
gonna end when he left me,
and I didn't want to
have to deal with that.
I wanted to kinda end it first.
And because I'm kind of
an evil bitch, I guess,
I thought that,
I don't know, that if I
killed myself,
I don't know.
But yeah, it wasn't a great choice.
But basically, I got really drunk,
and I took a bunch of pills, and...
I mean...
There was nothing, honestly.
The only light was when I was brought back
and I saw the fluorescent
tubes of the hospital.
I woke up with my wrists
tied to a bed, and I was so fucking happy.
now I know.
Oh, don't look so sad, it's fine.
No, that's really uplifting.
I'm glad to hear that
there's nothing.
I'm glad that you're okay.
- Now if you'll-
- Me too!
Come on, haven't you ever
done anything really stupid?
Done a lot of stupid things, but...
I dunno, I hope you change your mind about
the afterlife, just because-
- I mean, I have time now, so!
Well, just 'cause you- Anyway!
Were lying on a
hospital bed doesn't mean
that you have the answers.
Now, if you'll join me in prayer.
Oh, come on.
Okay, no more religious
talk, I'm kidding.
Moving on.
"View each painting
carefully and choose one."
We should probably stay
away from the gory one.
But maybe this is one of those things
where the one that looks the
worst is actually the best.
It could be, but
why don't we just see
what else is in here?
Am I tripping,
or does that painting
kind of look like-
- Me.
Should we choose it?
Let's skip this one, okay?
I guess this is the only one left.
Seems okay.
Definitely, just a haunted forest.
What's not to like?
That didn't really make any sense, right?
It was the birth of something.
Just like an artist creates a painting,
I think creation is
supposed to represent birth.
Okay, looks like we're in
some kind of crypt.
No, catacombs.
Oh yeah, like in Paris!
This one's different, though.
What realm do you think this is?
Judging by the bones,
suffering and death,
I'm guessing Hell.
What is that?
The shadow thing,
at the end of the hallway?
I don't see anything.
Right there, by the mouse?
Are you gonna go?
Yeah, okay.
"Life is uncertain."
"Death is certain."
Okay, "Daniel, 38,
male, death by drowning."
"David, 45, male, death by unknown."
"Amy, 31, female, death by murder"?
What the hell?
Dude, it's like a spirit board.
"The spirits from the
other realms await you.
"Each player must place two fingers
"from each hand on their mouse
"to talk with the other side.
"If anyone lets go of
their mouse at any time,
"the session will end immediately."
"Good luck, and remember,"
"it's just a game."
Okay, that's my cue.
This is enough spirit stuff for
one night, I think I'm good.
Oh, come on.
I mean, if it were a real board,
and there were candles, and we were naked,
I would get your point.
But come on, ones and zeros.
Doesn't count.
Rachel, this is not just a game.
Virtual checkers is a
game, charades is a game.
This is like what you play before
you're about to tear open a
cat and sacrifice it somewhere.
I don't want any part of this.
Come on.
It's too weird.
Jay, come on,
just go like, put your
little fingers on the mouse.
It'll be fun!
We're almost done!
Yay, thank you!
Go ahead, ask the question.
What do I ask?
I don't know, you're
the spirit board expert.
Is anyone there?
Did you move it?
No, I swear to God,
I didn't move at all!
How many years have you been dead?
It's her.
What's your name?
What the fuck?
Jay, Jay, don't let go.
Stay there.
If you're...
If you're really Amy, prove it.
Who's that?
Mom, it's already tomorrow!
No, I'm not watching any
of that stuff anymore!
I'm talking to a real girl!
You owe me some privacy!
Go to bed!
Mom, go to bed!
Go to bed!
Sorry, my roommate is just
being ridiculous right now.
Your roommate sounds
a lot like your mom.
I thought you said you moved out.
Okay, guilty, guilty as charged.
I'm still planning on moving out,
it's just taking a little
bit longer than expected.
And, I don't know, you're
doing all the stuff
in San Francisco, I'm
stuck here in SA, and-
- Jay.
Jay, come on.
I don't know.
I just, I thought you'd be honest.
We're really far away from each other.
Honesty helps, okay?
No more lies.
I'm sorry, no more lies.
So, what'd I miss?
It just kind of stopped.
Do I accept?
I don't know.
I mean, it was just
a blank screen before.
Click it.
Are you trying to freak us out?
I don't think she's there.
Was she hearing voices when you left?
I mean, this is pretty
weird, Jay.
She was normal, or her version of normal,
for a while, and then
she just kind of flipped,
did a 180, and
went from typical Amy
to ignoring my calls, emails,
shut me out.
I don't know.
Did she have a blog?
Oh yeah, she had that stupid,
it was so stupid,
it was "Amy's Hidden Corner," or,
no, it was stupider than
that, it was "Amy's Hideaway"?
One sec.
"Amy's Hidden Nook,"
"Amy's Hidden Nook," that's it.
N-O-O-K, it was so stupid.
Okay, let's see.
Looks like she didn't finish it.
What's HOH?
I don't know.
Oh, the game.
She was obsessed.
I told you, she was
obsessed with this book,
was it "Ghosting a Machine"?
"Ghost in the Machine"?
It looks like she thinks
the game is haunted.
I'm starting to believe it.
Okay, videos.
Well, let's check them out.
Can we close Amy's chat window?
It's just starting to creep me out.
Let's just wait, maybe she
left for a bit, you know?
What is that?
Oh my god!
They're trying to
summon the hungry ghost.
The heart was some kind of offering.
They feast on the dead.
Jay, in the video,
was that Amy?
I told you she
went off the deep end.
I mean...
One video left.
Part two?
Is this a picture?
I think,
I think it's like a live stream.
But who would live stream a graveyard?
There's something there in the back.
I don't see anything.
Can you raise the brightness?
There we go.
That's Amy.
No it's not.
That's Amy, it's her.
Wait, the graveyard.
It's from the game.
Is this from the same live stream?
I don't know.
the woman is still there, Jay.
Let me see if we can still move.
That's Amy, I'm telling you.
That's Amy's shirt.
Close it!
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't.
I don't want to play this anymore!
I don't either!
Amy, are you there?
Amy. Amy, we just saw you.
She's not gonna want
to talk to us.
Could you come out
and talk to us, please?
- She's crazy.
- Amy, we just want to know
what's going on here, okay?
I'm telling you, she's twisted.
She's messed up in the head.
She's not gonna do it.
Jay, what the fuck?
We just want to talk.
Wait a second, do you hear that?
That's not her voice.
Who the fuck else would it be?
You still live in the same place, yeah?
Really close to Amy,
right, a couple blocks?
I think you should probably
go check on her, okay?
Hell no, are you crazy?
But I mean, please, she could be hurt.
I just, please.
Or she could be waiting with a knife.
I think we should call the police.
No, no police, no police, uh-uh.
No police.
I might've made a teensy mistake.
Jay, what the fuck did you do?
You said it yourself,
we were inseparable.
We were hanging out all the
time, we were best friends.
And I agree with you, everybody saw it.
We're together, we're laughing,
we're enjoying each other's company,
so I ask her out on a date,
and she shuts down.
She rejects me.
And not only did I lose
just the possibility of a
relationship with my best friend,
but I lost my best friend.
I lost everything.
And so, I hacked into her computer,
I blocked her family and friends
so that she would maybe think that
they weren't there for her, and I was.
I just don't want the police
to see all that stuff.
I think it could go horribly wrong.
You fucking bastard.
When I, she...
You didn't even fucking-
- It wasn't my proudest moment,
I admit it, it was wrong,
I shouldn't have done that.
But I've moved on, she's moved on,
I think everybody's moved
on, I figure we can move on!
I regret it!
You fucking regret it!
Jay, go now!
Go right now, and you
make sure that she's okay.
If you do not go, I will call the police,
I promise you.
I'll go, okay?
Does that work for you?
It's gonna take,
I don't know, she's five minutes away.
I will call the police in 10
minutes if you're not there.
I am sorry.
Amy, I hope you're there.
Amy, somebody's coming.
She doesn't answer?
I don't know.
Don't kick the door down.
Can you just use a
credit card or something?
Rach, do you see me?
No sign of her yet.
This place is a mess.
Look around, okay?
Just see if you find anything.
Oh, shit.
Look familiar?
Holy shit, that's from the game.
There's gotta be
20 paintings of you in here.
Ugh, fuck the paintings.
Check her desk, okay?
Looks like she has some, wait, is that,
MiniDV tapes over here.
What do they say?
It's "House of Hunger," one through six.
Okay, come back and
bring them with you, okay?
It looks like the footage is digitized.
Can you share her screen?
I don't know how.
Just the little option menu,
in the right.
Is it working?
Oh, god.
There's a file named houseofhunger.
Click it.
Okay, I'm here.
Where's everybody else?
Wow, love what you've done with the place!
Yeah, of course you're sorry!
You're fucking pathetic!
You know what, I'm always
here helping you out,
trying to make sure
that everything's okay.
What do you ever do for me?
I'm getting really sick of this shit, Amy!
No, you know what?
I am done.
I'm fucking done helping you out.
You can fucking die for all I care!
I am so fucking sorry.
I'm selfish, and I'm small.
And I should just have left you
and been happy, but...
I felt so empty.
I thought,
I thought I needed more, and
bigger, and better, and...
Fucking idiot.
But I just wanted
I wanted a big, crazy life.
I wanted...
I am so fucking sorry.
Amy, I am so fucking sorry.
I thought that,
I thought that if I was gone,
that you would find somebody better,
that you would find somebody
who could just be happy.
just fucking talk to me.
Amy, just fucking talk to me.
I need to hear your voice.
Is this,
is this Amy?
do you hate me?
What do you want me to do?
What do you want me to do, Amy?
No, no...