Dealer (2004) Movie Script

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Inforg Stdi and Filmteam
A film by Benedek Fliegauf
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Don't you recognize me?
- No.
- We were in the same class
in high school. - No problem.
You got a light?...
You're welcome.
- I didn't recognize you.
- It's okay.
You changed a little.
- Well, it's been a fuckin' long time.
- Yeah.
- See ya!
- Yo!
Well, it's not the strict diet,
that's for sure.
Listen, I can't follow him around
all day, every second.
Not with a man like him.
I can't follow him
to the bathroom, you know.
How am I supposed to get him in?
I don't know, but it's a mess.
It's going to be a madhouse in there.
They're going to take
the whole stadium apart.
Four trains came only from Romania.
They have this agreement
with the railway company.
I don't know.
Six-hundred something whatchamacalits
came with this charter plane.
From America, yesterday.
If he doesn't get out there very fast,
I don't know what's going to happen.
I don't know.
I don't know.
But you can't pump that man's stomach
or give him an enema.
I don't know who that doctor thinks he is.
The German doc is having a look at him now.
I don't know. I hope we'll survive this,
get though it somehow,
I don't know, then he'll have
to go into detox again. That's right.
Wait, the guy's here.
Good day!
We spoke on the phone
a half-hour ago.
Tell me how much
and let's hurry up.
- What are you talking about? - What
do you mean what am I talking about?
I'm talking about Father jvri,
you know very well.
- Where is he?
- Inside.
So you'll have to settle it with me.
I only do business personally.
Fine. Come with me.
Just leave it,
you don't have to lock it. Hurry.
Come on, come on!
Let's do it, quickly.
Come on!
Hurry up!
He needs an enema. -That's
impossible. It's out of the question.
Why is it impossible?
It is a simple and safe method.
This man is the leader of
one of the largest religious
communities of the country.
You can't give a man like that
an enema.
We have to keep all sorts of
other aspects in mind.
I'm talking about spiritual aspects.
800 grams of smoked salmon could
not have caused a problem so great.
He could have eaten more,
or something else in addition.
This man is suffering from
pathological constipation.
What we're really talking about here
is an impaction of the bowels,
which is in close connection
with cocaine intake or withdrawal.
His system is seriously poisoned
from the toxins
that have leaked into
his bloodstream from his colon.
His circulation is having
a kind of panic reaction
to the large amount
of consumed food.
This reaction is further increased by
the chronic peristaltic deficiency
of peristalsis stemming
from the withdrawal of drugs.
If you really want to give him cocaine,
he says it will be your responsibility
and he cannot give further assistance.
In addition, he warns you that directly
following the ingestion of the cocaine
the patient will have a dramatic
discharge of excrement,
or rather,
a kind of explosive diarrhea.
So he suggests that if it doesn't go
against spiritual aspects,
the patient should be undressed
and placed on a nylon sheet.
Fine, let's do it.
Do it, do it.
Tell Helmut thank you,
the helicopter is waiting for him outside
and we'll transfer the money.
That's the way is goes. Shit!
All because of that one thing.
I couldn't fall asleep 'cause that
stupid bitch got me worked up.
I can't ever sleep as it is.
Who the fuck can fall asleep?
No one can.
So I took three sleeping pills.
'Cause that's all it takes
when I get worked up.
But it wasn't enough.
I thought I might get
in the sun bed to relax.
They just had one delivered
to our fitness center.
It wasn't programmed yet.
I thought I'd get in it for a while.
Then I fell asleep inside.
It got really hot.
I burned to a crisp, man.
My kidneys stopped working.
So that's it.
And everything
was going so well, too.
A couple of years and
I could've quit working.
I would've hired
some people, and now...
But that's the way it goes.
What do you say to that?
How much you need?
I dunno.
I thought maybe you'd tell me.
How much do you need to...?
To what?
One last time.
And that's it.
I don't want to come back.
It depends when you shot last time.
Nothing for years.
Not even a cigarette.
Then a half gram is enough.
A half?
You sure?
That's doesn't sound like too much.
It'll be enough.
That just goes to show
what a good guy you are.
You know fuckin' damn well
what's going on.
I don't have to hear you say
don't give up and shit like that.
You know what the doctors say?
That they'll do a skin graft
and everything will be okay.
I asked, what skin?
Pig skin, they say. You get that?
That's just so harsh, man.
They want to sew pig skin on me.
And then everything
will be fine and dandy.
Fuckin' butchers, man.
My mom's a nut case too.
Well, whatever.
Hit me!
Sorry man.
Here's the stuff you asked for,
but I'm not doing it.
Don't do this to me.
I can't do it myself, goddamnit!
Well then get someone else
to do it for you.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
Don't do this to me, don't.
You know I'll pay you.
I got money.
I've got a whole lotta money now.
I don't give a fuck about your money.
And me?
And me?
Man, don't you give
a fuck about me?
Can't you see I'm suffering?
I've turned into a piece of dried shit.
You're my buddy.
We're pals.
Were pals.
We went through
so much shit together.
And this is the last of the shit.
And your parents?
My parents?
Oh they're having a ball.
I told you so and all that crap.
And they're so happy now
that they're right.
And now my mom is like,
oh, it's all right baby.
Everything's all right.
Now the family...
will be together again.
A friend of mine died today.
Who? Did I know him?
I don't think so.
He used to shoot,
but he'd been off it for two years.
He started working out
and opened this beauty farm.
And what happened to him?
He got burned.
What do you mean, got burned?
He stayed in a sun bed too long...
And before he died
he gave me this key,
and told me to do
whatever I wanted with it.
You were there when he died?
We should sell it.
Only I don't have the papers.
Yeah, that would be a good idea.
You could quit dealing then.
It's starting to get to you.
You'll relapse again.
You said two weeks.
Don't worry, I'll get it out.
Good, 'cause you can't keep it here.
Just quit doing the whole thing.
Ten years ago it was okay, but now...
I ran into one of our old classmates.
I don't know his name.
The whole guy was one big tooth.
A tooth?
One of those sandwich men.
And what did he look like?
I couldn't see too much of him.
He was standing
inside this huge tooth.
What do you mean, and?
I thought
we might have a conversation.
About a tooth?
No I just don't understand
why I have to go to Lisbon right now.
Just because you're flyin' to Lisbon,
now I pack my stuff and go there,
I don't get it how you think
you can control me.
I'm sure you mistake me
for someone else... has nothing to do with
what you're sayin'.
I don't know, you just call me,
and then I just have to go to Lisbon.
No it's so boring,
there's nothing we can do there.
No, I can't go, understand me?
Just forget it, ok?
I'm not going to Portugal
just because you
are my boyfriend and you tell me to go.
Think about it, OK?
No, I don't know what happened there,
that's a different story,
no it's another story.
France is
not a desert like Lisbon
and actually I didn't go there for you,
but because I wanted to go.
Can you imagine
that you're not the only one
who can do anything?
Because you know,
I'm also like that, believe me:
this is what I am, and not some
stupid little bitch you often call me.
Yeah, I went to St Tropez
to have fun with my friends,
'cause I felt like it, and
maybe OK we had some problems,
but I don't know
how this has got to do with everything.
That's what you're paying
the cleaning woman for, all right?
No, you come to where I work now.
Pack up all your stuff
and hop over here tomorrow.
Okay. Let's play our funny game:
just 'cause you don't get it.
Let him in, baby.
Honey, can't you hear me?
Let him in. I asked him over.
- Hi!
- Hi!
Hi Wanda!
Sit down.
Sit down already.
Will you be standing there?
It's been a long time!
You're clothes won't get dirty if you sit.
The place is clean.
Yeah, I can see that.
Bogika, go and play a little!
It's okay.
I've been calling you for two days
and you won't pick up.
I even left a message, and nothing.
What's up with you?
Nothing. I'm fine.
I'm fine too.
There's nothing wrong with me.
The kid has everything she wants.
They want to take Bogi
away from me.
They think Bogi talks so little
because she's with me.
They think I'm some stinking junkie.
They think that Bogi can't talk right
because her mother
is a stinking junkie.
They want to take her
to an institution.
And they're talking
about foster-parents.
But why? Everything is in order here.
Everything is clean.
I love Bogi so much.
You know how much I love her.
I'm her mother.
They won't give me
any Depridol either.
'Cause they think
that I should stop taking it.
But my bones will split if I stop.
You know what they asked me?
The fuckers asked me
what makes me think
that Bogi loves me?
Give me some Depridol!
I'm getting some the day after
tomorrow from someone,
but I can't hold out until then!
I don't have any Depridol.
What do you have then?
You got some H?
Do you?
Then give me some, please!
I'm going to court tomorrow, and
if they see me like this, then it's over,
they'll take Bogi away from me.
I'm shaking, I can't walk like this.
And if they take Bogi...
Give me some heroin.
Do it for me.
She'll love you too.
Just like she loves me.
You just have to tell her...
...that you are her father.
Then she'll love you too.
You knew, didn't you?
You had to feel it.
Couldn't you feel
that Bogi was yours?
Look at her eyes!
Those are your eyes.
Or do you believe what they say,
that she doesn't talk,
because she doesn't love me?
Bogi loves me.
Of course she doesn't say it.
Her father never said it either.
Don't worry, I won't let them
to take her away.
I'll get off this shit.
I just need time.
A lot of time.
Come on, get off.
Look, see this girl coming?
She'll take care of you.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Hi there, I'm Barbara.
What's your name?
Where did you get this little girl?
Her mother is sick.
You said something on the phone
about her being yours.
But you don't have children.
Or are you really her father?
I'll call you later. Thanks.
No problem.
But I don't understand.
How come you never said
anything about having a daughter?
- Or...
- Her shoelaces are untied.
I've come to see Dragan...
You say Dragan?
Dragan's right here,
can't you see?
Did you bring
what he asked you for?
What is it he asked you for again?
Really? And where's the pizza?
I can't see any pizza in your hand.
I've never seen a pizza delivery boy
without a pizza in his hand...
People work in this place.
For long years people have been
working their fingers to the bone here.
My father worked in this store,
my grandfather too.
This store existed even before
it was in this country, understand?
Men die very young in our family.
And they die sooner and sooner.
But my little brother is
too young to die.
Too young to look like he does.
Because you know exactly
what he looks like.
I don't want to see that dumb
shitfaced expression on him again.
I don't care what he tells you.
And I don't care if he gets
the heroin from someone else.
And I don't even care
if he begs you, understand?
I don't want my mother
to find the poor fucker with a needle
in his vein again, understand?
There's my mother.
You see my mother?
Look into my mother's eyes.
Then think.
Think while you still can.
While you can.
That goes for you too, douchebag!
I'll take everything from you!
I'll take your car too!
Get the hell out of here!
You can't live
on your mother's back forever!
Oh, cut the crap.
Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad...
We did everything just like you said.
We weighed it and
counted everything out.
And everything was
just great, you know?
Everyone felt real good.
And like, thanks and everything,
for getting us the stuff.
But there's a bit of a problem.
Not a big one, just a little one...
...Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad...
or rather,
a pretty big problem.
With Linda.
'Cause she can't seem to get off it.
And she's been on it for six days...
And she doesn't look like
she's flying high or anything.
Even though she did everything
just like you said.
And so...
And what?
What do you mean, and what?
We ate the mushrooms
and it was a great trip.
And you know,
she's a mathematician.
And when it was over,
she locked herself into her room.
And she wouldn't let anyone in.
Not even me.
And she didn't even answer.
And I swear,
I thought I would go crazy.
And in the meantime, her folks,
who are away on vacation,
asked me what's up with Linda.
'Cause they're calling her cell
and no one's answering.
And so like I said
that everything's OK.
And when she finally
came out of her room,
I found this notebook in there.
- So...
- So?
And look at this notebook.
It's scary, the stuff in it.
Look at the end here.
And the crazy thing about it... that it all fits together.
Only it's complex.
And from here on, I'm totally lost.
I ate the rest of the shroom.
And now I'm starting to get it.
Okay, so?
So, you need to take a look at Linda.
Is this why you called me?
When you asked me
for mushrooms, I asked you,
do you know
what mushrooms are?
And you said,
yeah, sure I know.
Now I understand everything
except one thing.
Why am I here?
Come on!
- Take a look!
- Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad...
That's what she's been doing.
Since yesterday.
What am I supposed to do now?
Just tell me
what I'm supposed to do.
She's shaking just like before.
And she still has
two exams this week.
Will she be better?
'Cause right now
it doesn't look like it.
I'm not a doctor.
Just tell me
what I'm supposed to do.
'Cause I can't call the ambulance,
'cause then they'll take her in.
What's gonna happen to her now?
If she's lucky,
she'll be back in a few days.
And if she's not lucky?
Then sooner.
Don't call me anymore.
And delete my name from your cell.
Take care of yourselves.
- Hello?
- It's Wanda.
Is she there with you?
Bogi's there with you?
What are you doing?
Where are you,
you son-of-a bitch?
Tell me where you are!
Who do you think you are,
taking her away?
She's not some goddamn stereo,
you shithead, she's a child!
All you do is fuck me over all the time.
What did you do with her?
You hear me? Say something!
Answer me, you asshole!
Oh, so now you're so quiet all of a
sudden, you sneaky little bastard!
You want to talk to her?...
What's wrong?
Bogi! What's wrong?
Shall we call your mommy?...
Stay here, I've got something to do.
- Where you going?
- Listen, if anyone asks,
tell them you're with your daddy
and he'll be back in a minute.
Just stay here.
Don't go anywhere.
Where's your father?
- Hi! You wanna go now?
- Yeah. I've been looking for you all over.
- Where are we going?
- Back to your mom.
How can you be such a scum-bag,
taking her off without a word?
If you dare come near her
one more time, I'll have you offed.
The stupid fuck you are,
you really believed she was your kid.
You think I'd bear a child
for some jerk-off like you?
I should be the one telling you that
a junkie will fuck anyone over for a fix?
- After you got it.
- What?
You said it after you got the hit.
Fuck this shit.
Never, you hear?
Don't you ever go near her again.
You're not her father!
She's my child!
You're sick.
You were sick before,
but now you're shooting too.
How can you be so low?
You want your daughter to see you
sprawled out on the floor knocked out?
But you're not sick, right?
You're feeling just fine.
You're just a shitty pusher,
nothing more.
Some fucker who's off the smack
so he thinks he can be
high and mighty.
Well, I'm not listening to your lecture.
You're a zombie.
The heroin's out and what's left?
A big nothing.
Who do you think you are?
How many people's lives
have you destroyed?
You gave me the first hit yourself,
don't you ever forget that.
I look like this because of you.
It's not my fault, it's yours.
That's not how I remember.
What I remember is...
- forget it. - No, let's not forget it.
- No, no, just forget about it.
No, let's not.
Let's get it over with.
I never ever want to see you again.
I never want to talk to you again
or see your fucking
sour face anymore.
Then what you'd better do is not call me
anymore, crying and begging
for me to bring you some heroin.
What a fucking bastard!
You think you can buy this kid
for a hit of heroin?
You're the one selling her.
You're selling her for heroin.
This is what's become of you.
Take a look at yourself.
Come on, baby, we're going home.
Everything's fine now, I'm alright.
This is not your daddy.
Come on.
Come over here to Mommy.
I love you.
He isn't your daddy.
It's open.
It's open goddamnit...
My old lady doesn't like noise...
Look at you.
You're a mess.
You're hands are ice-cold.
I got some real good stuff.
Not that blended...
...crap you give me.
It was pure, man.
Pure as the snow
on fucking Mount Fuji.
I gave myself the usual hit, and pow!
So why you wanna buy from me?!
'Cause I wanna get off it.
That's logical.
At least I can quit
with the stuff you give me.
That's how you got off it, right?
Yeah, but I quit
by not shooting anymore.
My mother doesn't like for us to talk
about nasty things like this.
I'm watching this video,
by the way.
You seen it before?
A few years ago.
That's me, a couple of years ago.
I was a fucking prince, man.
I was a member of the
all-star youth team, man.
My wrists were like rubber.
My mother's saying something here,
only I can't hear
'cause this piece of shit is fucked up.
Put some volume on it.
Quit yelling already!
My mother's got company.
What's up with her?
Haven't seen her for a while.
My old lady?
Since she's out of work,
she does these sances.
Summoning up spirits
and stuff like that.
Gods, demons,
spirits, things like that.
I was in there myself last time.
The Sun God was there, man.
That's serious stuff.
He's not the guy they built
all those temples for.
That's just some little demon.
The Sun God, man...
that's serious shit.
I've got your money, by the way.
Wait a sec.
It's fucking great, man.
You just gotta keep quiet.
'Cause then the Sun God won't come.
Just the shitty little demons.
I've got your money, you know.
But I've only got it in change.
But I can cash it if you want.
There's no smoking allowed in here.
Put it out.
Good afternoon.
Can you help me take him in?
Where? His bed is right here.
I have to take him into my room.
Everyone's there.
It would be better to leave him here.
He's freezing cold.
He always goes cold at such times.
You want to leave me money again.
The money you brought me last week
is still there.
I haven't touched it.
Last week?
I haven't been here
for more than a year.
Last year.
Last year.
Of course, last year,
that's what I meant, last year.
I thought I might visit you.
You know
you can always come here.
You can stay here, sure.
Your room is just how you left it.
I haven't touched anything.
You can always come home.
You can stay here.
Your mother'd be happy too
if you'd stay.
The best thing would be if you'd
stay here and not go anywhere.
Always running around.
What for?
You're always welcome here.
You know you can always come back.
I kept your room like it was.
If you want I can clean it up
in a few minutes.
No, it's fine.
Everything is fine.
Everything is fine.
You can't spend
all your time cleaning.
And washing.
And tidying.
Stop this.
But she's just standing there
in the window with the rag.
Washing the window...
She's outside, all the way outside.
Just washing
and scrubbing the window.
Suddenly she slips and
falls out and splatters.
And, and, and I just stand there.
And what are you doing?
You're just eating.
Eating in your chair, and
not doing anything, just eating.
But what could you have done?
You're still so little.
A little shit.
And, and, and,
what am I supposed to do?
Jump after her?
Or what?
What am I supposed to do?
But you're there.
What should I do?
What am I supposed to do?
Do you know what they want
to do with your mother?
Do you know?
They don't want to do it anymore.
But they wanted to.
And they would have done it.
You know?
But I didn't let them.
Because what they wanted to do
was come out here with these machines
and everything, and jack-hammers,
and make it disappear,
level it, fill it with cement.
But that's not her grave.
That's what they said too.
And the workers said that too,
you know?
And even the municipal council
said so, you know?
And the doctors, you know?
And everyone
always said so, you know?
That it isn't her grave.
Not her grave.
That it's just a hole.
An indentation.
That it's just a dent that
her body made in the sidewalk.
That her body dented the sidewalk.
Mother's grave is in the cemetery.
But your mother isn't there.
Your mother is only here, you see?
She's only here.
And not in the cemetery,
because she's not there.
She's only here.
And I told the workers
not to bring their concrete,
or their cement, or tar, you know?
Or gravel, you know?
Or their sand and pebbles,
because this is a grave.
You all understand? A grave.
And that would be
disturbing hallowed ground.
- And they say...
- She's dead.
What does it matter
where her grave is?
Mother fell out the window and died.
It was an accident, that's all.
That hole isn't her grave.
Her grave is out in the cemetery.
That's what you should be
concerned with.
Or not even that.
- Come down with me!
- Why?
You have to come down with me.
Come on!
Let's go down together.
See, he's here.
He's come.
Your son has come.
I told you he'd come.
Say hello.
I'm not saying hello to a puddle.
This is not a puddle.
This is your mother's grave.
And you will say hello
to your mother.
You see, he came.
I knew he would come.
Say hello.
She's there. You see, son?
There's her face.
That's an oil stain.
Don't be angry with him.
He doesn't know what to say.
He's a nice kid, but...
Let's go, Dad!
Let's go.
I'm not going,
I'm staying here for a little while.
And you should stay too.
Talk to your mother a little.
At least say hello.
Hi, Mom!
You see?
I told you he was a good kid.
Okay, let's go now.
I'm going.
Go, son.
Aren't you coming?
No, I'm staying here.
There's another mug
here somewhere.
A sip from yours is enough for me.
From mine?
You can't drink from my mug.
I brought you the ball.
Taste this.
Because I think it's sour.
It's fine.
Are you sure?
There's something about you.
- You're so...
- I know how to make great cocoa.
You like cocoa?
You hardly said a word this afternoon.
And now you're talking.
Mom was feeling pretty terrible.
That's why I didn't talk this afternoon.
But you said she is still unwell now.
Yes, but...
...this is different than that.
I hate it when she pricks herself.
I really hate that...
Did you really get her addicted?
Was it really you?
No way.
It's a long story.
She took it out of my pocket.
At first I didn't even know
she was doing it.
Mom lies a lot.
But not because she's bad,
but because she's sick.
Of course she's not bad.
She really loves you.
Do you think you're my father?
I don't know.
I always ask.
I always ask everyone
she tells is my father...
Is she in the bedroom?
I want to talk to her.
No, you can't talk to her.
Understand? You can't.
Listen, Bogi!
I came here because...
Do you feel like coming with me?
To ride your bike and stuff.
It would be fun.
And would Barbara come too?
Maybe. I don't know.
We could live together.
I have this fitness center.
With weights...
and a sun bed.
What's a sun bed?
You can get a tan in the winter
if you lay inside.
We'd have a good time.
Until Mom is in the hospital.
But Mom isn't going to the hospital.
But she has to.
She is very sick.
And then we'd sell the stuff together?
What stuff?
You sell drugs, don't you?
You brought some for Mom today.
Can't I talk to her?
Mom doesn't like seeing you.
She always gets upset
when she sees you.
Then what do you think I should do?
Drink some cocoa.
It tastes real good.
Maybe next time.
The ball!
You look terrible. What's up?
I just had a hard day.
And it's not over yet.
Where's Bogi?
At home.
I suppose she's boiling heroin
for her mother.
She's a really cute kid.
And she adores you.
You should be together more often.
You might do each other some good.
You said you'd quit dealing.
You have money.
Take a vacation.
Get to know some new people.
Think over things a little.
I've run out of ideas, Barbara.
I don't feel like going to this party.
Well, you did a good job of
putting yourself together anyway.
I haven't even gone inside yet
and already I'm bored.
And how do you like Bogi?
I don't understand.
I asked a simple question.
Do you like the kid or don't you?
Of course I like her.
Because I like her a lot too.
And if anything were to happen to me,
you need to look after her.
Nothing more can
possibly happen to you.
You have a daughter.
You are her father.
She's not my child.
Sure she is!
It doesn't matter whose she is.
All that matters is that if something
happens to me, think about her!
Don't you feel like coming up
to my place instead?!
I came here to work.
Then I'm going to Lisbon tomorrow.
Of course.
What do you mean, of course?
Of course you're going.
Take care of yourself.
I will.
This is yours, isn't it?
Produced by
Andrs Muhi
Written and directed by
Benedek Fliegauf
Pter Szatmri
Co-produced by
Istvn Major
Szalai Kroly
Sound engineer:
Tams Znyi
Executive producer:
Judit Stalter
Assistant director:
Sra Czira
Location manager:
Antal Dberling
DVD Multimdia Kft.
Published 24.07.2009.