DeAr (2024) Movie Script

My dear wife!
Hey, you are my cutie!
Captivated by your sweet allure
That I find myself yearning for more
Your sweetness outshines honey's delight
As bride and groom, our love takes flight
In ceaseless caress
My love remains unwavering
At your touch, I'm enraptured
Lost in your allure
You're my dear Laila
You've made me dance
Like a peacock in a joyful trance
You turned my heart into a prison
Where I find myself captured
Within its walls
I don't want to burden my father-in-law
Declining any gold dowry suffices
With you alone
My life ascends like a rocket
I become sovereign over all
I avoid any behavior
That may cause discomfort
You are undoubtedly
The best husband in the world
No need for extravagant displays
Or elaborate declarations of love
Your mere presence is more than enough
Truly overwhelming
My dear wife!
Hey, my sweet candy!
Your gaze ignites flames within me
Douse them with water
Your presence overwhelms me
I need space to breathe
Bae, shall we take some cringey selfies?
Oh yellow bird, you're my midnight kulfi
Come close, my dear
Joyfully near
For I am your husband
Hold me forever dear
Refrain from mischief
I'll gently guide
Are you ready to become
A good boy by my side?
Hey, my sweet candy!
My dear wife!
I'll shower you with love
Embracing every way
With tender caresses
I'll cherish you every day
Using "honey" as a nickname
Has become quite a bore
I'll call you "my dear" instead
And love you even more
make something sweet today.
It's your father-in-law's birthday.
Two minutes late.
Have you given Mom her tea?
Yes, I have.
Did you get a chance
to read the stories I've written?
What's your opinion?
What story?
The short story collection that I wrote.
I had asked you about
compiling it into a book, remember?
-Press here firmly.
Why is he still sleeping?
Isn't he late for school?
He has his cycle test today.
He slept late in the night after studying.
That's why I keep saying,
he should study
whenever he gets time.
Studying at the last moment
will only lead to this.
did that wastrel wake up?
Your younger brother, right?
He usually wakes up by now.
He must be up.
The flight is at 2:40 p.m.
Everyone should assemble
at the factory by twelve.
Did you discuss this with your brother?
Discuss what?
He must have his own opinion, right?
What's for breakfast?
You had asked for dosa.
I asked you to make onion chutney.
Is that done?
No, I'll do it now.
Go and make it.
I know how to take care of my brother.
-Is the water heater on?
Where are you?
Where did you keep the knife?
Nothing stays in place in this house.
You said the handle was faulty.
I was repairing it.
Why didn't you do it yesterday?
You were idle, right?
Did you take that engagement plate?
I forgot.
In this house,
I have to take care of everything, right?
Is your precious daughter
going to the office today?
Or has she taken an off?
Why should she take off today?
The groom's family is coming.
At least today she can stay home.
They are coming only in the evening.
Why are you getting hyper now?
Talking about my problems
makes me seem hyper to you?
Take that plate.
Take the bigger one.
Not there!
It's on top.
It's right there!
The one which my mother gave to me.
That one, yes.
-Close it.
If she comes home late today,
you will face my wrath.
Youngsters these days
are so quick to find a partner.
Our daughter didn't find one on her own.
The least she can do
is marry the one we select for her.
She should like him as well, right?
Listen, we can't keep searching
for a groom for your daughter anymore.
We should just order one.
How many grooms should we see?
You look
really beautiful.
I snore a bit
Are you serious?
Yes, I snore a lot.
You snore?
Not that much.
Just a little.
Only when I sleep.
Are you serious?
Is it okay for you?
It's alright.
We'll find someone else.
That guy's face
looked very mature, right?
It's alright.
We can find another one.
Hello, hello, hello, Wife!
If someone comes for an alliance,
one should discuss likes and dislikes.
Would anyone talk about snoring?
I haven't seen this anywhere!
It's okay, chill!
Just like you found a naive guy like me,
won't my daughter find one?
Just be patient.
Hey, turn it off and eat.
If your dad comes, he will shout at you.
I have already informed them
that he's not doing okay.
I'll discuss this at the office.
I'll call you.
-Serve Saravanan first.
-Kalpana, did you make the sweet?
-Yes, Mom.
Serve that first.
Why today?
Is it someone's birthday?
No, I just felt like
having something sweet.
So, I asked Kalpana to make it.
Do you know what is the only
condition Deepika had in her profile?
It should be a joint family.
They have brought her up well.
Deepika is the right
person for our family.
Arjun, didn't you have an interview
with an English news channel?
What happened?
That's ABS news, Anni.
The interview has not been fixed yet.
I have been following up with HR.
can I get married after I get the job?
I didn't tell him anything.
Arjun is just
You're getting older.
When will you think of getting married?
Shouldn't I get settled first?
When will that happen?
I have been telling you to come
and join me at the factory.
Instead of doing that, you're spinning
yarns about news reading and journalism.
Do you know how much your friends earn?
At least
let me finish my interview
Okay, but what will you do
if they don't call you for the interview?
Just marry her and later you can follow
your passion, ambition, or whatever.
-Please, Mom.
Just listen to her, stop talking back!
I didn't pick some random girl for you.
We thought about it a hundred times
before even bringing this to you.
I know very well about
your likes and dislikes!
Stop confusing yourself.
Deepika is the right one for you!
The flight is at 2:30 p.m.
Be at the factory by noon.
You're getting married in two months.
-Good morning, Arjun!
-Good morning!
-Good morning, Arjun!
You have decided to say no
without looking at her picture?
What does he have to look at?
His brother is there to decide.
The wedding is at Coonoor, right?
Jenni, we'll start the trip at Coonoor,
visit Ooty, and then Masinagudi, okay?
I should get married so
you can go on a vacation?
You talk so well here.
Why don't you
do the same with your brother?
Be content with what you have.
Don't have unreasonable
expectations, Arjun!
-Sir, it's ready!
-Sir! We are live!
-We're live!
-Hey! it's live!
-We're live!
"The love between me and this damsel
is like the union of body and soul."
A very good morning!
Today's Headlines
What is this, Ranga?
On television, he used to look fair.
-Is that all makeup?
-Please don't mind her.
She is our neighbor.
She is a part
of everything in our household.
That's alright.
I have
seen you somewhere
Were you in Chennai before?
It's been 30 years since I shifted
to Coonoor from Trichy.
I have never left this town.
At Trichy, did you go to
St. Mary's School?
Yes, how did you know?
It's me, Lakku!
I was in Daisy ma'am's class.
You were in Natarajan sir's class.
Arjun, it's fixed!
What do you mean?
Call him.
Did you see?
Saravanan is always right.
She was my best friend in school.
She used to be my best friend.
-It's been so long. How have you been?
-I am good.
My son manages his own business.
He takes care of me well.
Your husband?
He had a lot of debt. He left home
when my son was four years old.
Leave it.
So what if he left?
You have two precious sons.
Looks like you are already close.
Why don't we exchange the plates already?
Won't you show me my daughter-in-law?
I got excited seeing you and totally
forgot about it. Just wait.
Deepika, come.
Could you go and check it?
There is constant power
fluctuation in this area.
-That's why.
-Ranga, couldn't you check it beforehand?
Now they might say that
it's an inauspicious event.
The power came back. It's all good.
Grandma, even during
A.R. Rahman sir's first recording,
there was a power cut.
-There's nothing wrong in that.
Hey, Ranga,
-who is this Rahman sir?
-My uncle's son.
There are bottles of alcohol there.
Oh, that!
Dad used to drink.
He is in withdrawal now.
What about you?
Very rarely.
I'm a social drinker.
without my brother's knowledge
Just two, or three puffs. That's all.
Is that a problem for you?
No, no, nothing like that.
when Dad drinks,
I have a drink as well.
Mom doesn't know.
Is it too cold?
For people from Chennai,
even Coimbatore is too cold.
Coonoor is
too much.
Have you been to Chennai before?
Yeah, I have been there
for an interview once.
I don't know how you guys bear that heat.
Do you know one thing?
A person's character
and decision-making
can change according to
the weather conditions they live in.
What are you saying?
Yeah, if there is too much humidity,
you'll get tired and angry very soon.
You won't have the maturity to empathize.
But, if you live in pleasant
weather like this,
you'll be calm and happy.
So, you're hinting that all
Chennai people are angry?
Hey, nothing like that
-Arjun, just a minute.
-I'll be back.
-Sure, sure.
-Do you like him?
Yeah, he seems to be good.
Why are you sulking then?
Don't blabber about your snoring.
I am about to discuss it.
I'll inform Lakshmi about it.
You don't discuss it with him.
Mom, I'll just tell him.
I'm begging you.
Just leave this issue.
Just listen to me this time.
I'll talk to him.
Arjun, are you guys done?
The auspicious time is almost over.
You guys have all the time to talk later.
Let's go in?
Splendid wedding of a perfect couple
As flawless as the fusion
Of sugar and coffee!
Whatever she says
It's a pleasure to hear
Now even the crow sings
With love's gentle glow
A beautiful flower is destined to wilt
Yet the roots of love triumph
Over every soul
Don't let small bumps dim your cheer
And don't walk with demons, ever near
Even when you hold pepper close
It appears large
But from afar a mountain peak seems small
You're my December bloom!
My treasure!
Come, take my hand in yours
You're mine
A perfect match we share
Come, let's unite and flourish together
We must communicate what's in our hearts
And be truthful to each other
When problems arise
We must step back and then reflect
When you haven't charged the battery
Even the toy car won't work
Life is like a mirror
Don't let it fall
The newlyweds should avoid fighting
And refrain from using abusive language
Refrain from using abusive language
Refrain from using abusive language
Splendid wedding of a perfect couple
As flawless as the fusion
Of sugar and coffee!
Whatever she says
It's a pleasure to hear
Now even the crow sings
With love's gentle glow
You're my December bloom!
My treasure!
Come, take my hand in yours
You're mine
A perfect match we share
Come, let's unite and flourish together
Hey, if you're sleepy, we can just sleep.
No, nothing like that.
No, I didn't mean it in a wrong way.
Even I am feeling sleepy.
Can we talk for a while and then sleep?
Life is full of surprises, right?
if you find out that there
is some fault in me,
what would you do?
Hey, what fault would you have?
You are intelligent and beautiful, and
you are very sweet when
you interact with my family.
Actually, I used to think that J-Law
was the most perfect woman in the world.
-Jennifer Lawrence.
Oh, Jennifer Lawrence.
But, after seeing you, I just felt
you were the one!
I love you, Deepu!
Life is full of surprises, right?
I have a surprise for you.
What surprise?
I'm actually a very
very very light sleeper!
Even if I hear a little noise
I'll just abruptly wake up!
I am a newsreader as well,
so I should look fresh in the morning.
That's why
It's really important that
I get my eight hours of sleep.
Why do we work?
To sleep peacefully, right?
So, can you remove these bangles?
What about you?
Light sleeper or a sound sleeper?
Are you a light sleeper
or a sound sleeper?
Sound sleeper.
You are so lucky, Deepu.
Being a sound sleeper is a gift.
Okay, I'm feeling sleepy.
Good night.
Hey, Kalpu
We should have just told him
the truth that day.
It's all because of you.
What did I do?
There was a lot of time
after the engagement.
Why didn't you tell him?
Weren't you the one who told me that
you'd discuss it with your friend, Lakku?
Now, look, a huge issue has erupted
because of hiding the truth.
Mom, what do I do now?
Give me some ideas, please.
I'm thinking.
It's better if you don't sleep tonight.
It's the best option for both of you.
I'm super sleepy now.
It's just for a night. Adjust somehow.
I will stay awake.
You also don't sleep tonight.
Keep talking to me.
It's your first night.
Why should I stay awake all night?
I am feeling sleepy.
Good night!
What, Kalpu?
-Is it coffee?
There is a little too much sugar.
Are you still thinking about it?
Arjun didn't ask you anything.
So, just leave it.
Shall I suggest an idea?
It's your honeymoon.
Tell Arjun when he is
in a good mood, okay?
So, use your honeymoon well.
Load the luggage.
-Hey, your marriage certificate.
They might ask you at the hotel.
But, why do you look so grumpy?
You're going for your honeymoon.
Be excited!
Please don't get me wrong for asking
I'm your elder brother. I have seen
the world before you. Just ask me.
Last night
Was there any noise from my bedroom?
-Welcome, sir!
-Welcome, ma'am!
-Welcome, sir.
Good evening!
-Nice place, right?
I'll just be back.
I'm going to the washroom.
Sir, it's Krispy, not Kripsy.
Would the noise from the room
be audible outside?
Sir, our resort is
Nothing would be heard outside.
You can be as loud as you want.
-Thank you.
-Thank you, sir!
I want to discuss something.
Hey, that's too loud.
Correct, Arjun.
Others might like it.
We need to adjust.
Why should I adjust
if the sound is deliberate?
What will you do if the
sound is not deliberate?
Even if that's the case, I can't adjust.
One should think
from the listener's point of view.
That it will irritate them.
No one will make sounds
to deliberately irritate anybody.
For example,
when we have hot tea, we must slurp it.
Or we could make it cold and drink.
How can one drink like that
and disturb the people nearby?
-People who slurp the tea like that
You please eat.
You said you wanted to
discuss something, right?
I forgot.
I'll let you know when I remember.
Shall we watch a movie?
Water? Okay.
I need to pee.
I don't know how to talk
to her about her snoring.
Yeah? Just a minute.
Ouch! My nose.
Where did you poke your nose, sir?
While I was on honeymoon
Oh, on your honeymoon?
You're awesome, sir.
Sir, I saw your wife's photo.
She looks divine!
You are a perfect couple.
You're a lucky man, sir.
Give me your hand.
Do women snore?
Why? Don't we have a nose?
No, but just like peeing on the walls,
I thought this was also a guy thing.
Have you guys lost it?
Of course, women snore.
You're talking about it like
it's a miraculous thing!
This idiot has canceled his honeymoon.
What should I do now?
Go and talk to her, you fool!
Take her somewhere
and speak your heart out.
Only then will you know her point of view.
I found it!
Jenni, looking at the size
and shape of your nose
You snore a lot, right?
Just accept it!
Oh, you're the one to talk
about the shape of a nose, is it?
-She is hitting me.
-Just stay silent for a while.
I wanted to tell you on the day we met,
but my mother said
she'll discuss it with your mother.
I found out about your sensitivity
to sound only during our first night.
Arjun, I didn't have
any intention to deceive you.
I'm sorry, Arjun.
Hey, Deeps, why are you apologizing?
I didn't know how to address
this topic with you.
You won't hate me because of this, right?
Deeps! Come on, Deeps!
I have a lot of dreams.
A job at ABS News.
An interview with the FM.
My mom should feel proud of me.
I want you by my side.
I love you irrespective of the situation.
Thanks, Arjun.
Since when do you have this issue?
Ever since I was a kid, Arjun.
There's an extra layer of skin in my nose.
That's the reason for the snoring.
We tried a lot of treatments.
But, nothing worked.
Deepu, you sleep peacefully.
You don't hear your snoring?
You can't hear.
Leave it.
An old friend of mine lives in the UK.
He is an ENT specialist.
Can we get a second opinion?
What is this spelling? Change it!
How many times do I have to teach you?
Strike it out and rewrite.
-Tell me, dude.
your wife's snoring cannot be solved.
What do you mean?
What is the solution then?
The solution is you need to adjust.
How can I adjust?
Hey, if your house
is near the train station,
initially it would be difficult to sleep.
In three months, your mind
will adapt to your wife's snoring.
That's what I had said
in the beginning itself.
Leave it.
Don't stress about it.
I'm the one who has to adjust.
You will just sleep peacefully.
The snoring doesn't disturb you.
You know it has been two days since
I slept properly. Do you know that?
So? You'll get used to it, Arjun.
Your world won't collapse
if you don't sleep for just two days.
You're blowing this small issue
out of proportion.
What small issue?
We can live without eating for two days.
If we don't sleep,
our body's metabolism will be affected.
Because of that,
our character will be affected.
There will be high blood pressure.
Because of that, there is
an 80 percent chance of heart attack.
If this sleeping issue
persists any longer,
google tells me there is
a high chance I will get cancer.
Yeah, and after that you'll get
Corona, and then AIDS.
Why are you talking like a fool, Arjun?
Does no one else in this world snore?
Or is there no one else that sleeps
next to a person who snores?
My sleep is very important for me.
I want my eight hours of sleep. Period.
Okay, let's talk about this later.
I'm hungry. Let's go and eat.
We can eat.
But after we eat, you'll feel sleepy.
If my sleep is the issue,
I won't sleep at all, Arjun.
Will that be enough?
How long can you go without sleep?
Be practical, Deeps!
Okay, Arjun.
I'll go to my mother's place.
You sleep here peacefully
and have your eight hours of sleep.
Even then, I'm the one who would suffer.
My mother and my brother would keep
attacking me with questions.
Of course, they will ask you, Arjun.
Go and tell them.
"My wife snores.
I can't bear it! What do I do?"
Go! Go!
What do we do now?
I don't know.
If I sleep, you can't.
If you have to sleep,
I shouldn't sleep, right?
Super idea, Deeps!
What idea?
What you just said.
What did I say?
You just told me.
If you sleep, I shouldn't.
And if I sleep, you shouldn't.
What about it?
Why don't we sleep on alternate days?
Arjun, stop blabbering like a fool.
It's an issue if you go to your house.
It's an issue if people at my home
get to know about this as well.
And after 100 days, I'll get
used to the sound too.
Three birds with one stone.
I don't understand.
What did the comedian, Vadivelu, say?
What did he say?
"Whatever the issue is,
it should be sorted within four walls!"
Within four walls!
Okay, so, who is going to sleep tonight?
Is it you?
or is it me?
Please, please.
Shall I sleep tonight?
Sleeping beauty!
Sleeping beauty!
Cute sleepy face
Tough mate
Because of you, I feel unsettled
No sleep throughout the night
Haven't even learned how to kiss
All the sweet dreams
Were recounted with unrest
There is no space for peace here
Looks like your face
has started to glow after the wedding.
What happened?
Whose turn is it today? Yours or mine?
Sorry, sorry.
Every morning
You prepare bed coffee
And offer your wishes
Yet at night
Your snoring disrupts my rest
You make noise without regard
While I wander sleepless and weary
There's no romance
Just mosquitoes as companions
Mom, I cannot endure
These sleepless nights
So, Arjun?
Looks like your face
has started to glow after the wedding.
Are you enjoying married life?
Yeah, I'm glowing.
Marriage feels great.
See, Saravanan is always right!
I didn't ask you to address me
With endearing names
Nor did I engage in playful antics
To amuse you
Unaware of the hour
I tirelessly run like the hands
Of a clock, without respite
Deprived of restorative sleep
I find myself weakened
Akin to a worn-out weekend
I'm super tense right now.
I need to crack the interview somehow.
I'll get the job, right?
Don't worry, Arjun.
Attend the interview in a happy mood.
You'll do it.
Less tensed now?
Only a little bit
I found one Dr. Poornima on the internet.
Oh, an ENT?
Book an appointment tomorrow.
No, she's not an ENT.
For whom?
Arjun, there is something
called cognitive therapy.
They said your sound issues would be
cured if you attended a few sessions.
After the sessions,
you won't hear my snoring at all.
It's superb, right?
I don't have a mental illness.
Come on, Arjun.
Psychiatry is not just for mental illness.
It's just a treatment.
Once your sound issues are cured,
we won't have any issues, Arjun.
Oh, the reason for our problems is me?
Hey, we tried the alternate days thing
based on your suggestion.
Try this for my sake. Please, Arjun!
I can't!
Why can't you?
I just can't!
I told you!
I don't need any psychiatric help.
Why do you avoid this?
This is not fair, Arjun.
Just try it once!
Had your family treated this before,
we wouldn't be having this issue now.
Should I attend my interview,
or should I fight with you?
The rate of gold has fallen today.
The rate was high for a while
but has plummeted today.
The rate that was climbing
for the last two days,
has finally dropped today.
-May I come in, sir?
-Come, Come in.
Welcome, Arjun!
-Please, sit down.
-Thank you, sir.
I was just talking with your chief
about you joining ABS.
we conducted fun activities
for employees this week.
Aunty, that's an employment
engagement program.
Ever since Deepika started
coming to the company,
attrition has drastically reduced.
What is attrition?
Nothing, Kalpana.
Employees quit their jobs, right?
That is attrition.
But, if they are happy
at their workplace, they won't quit.
That's what we are trying to initiate.
If it's less only now,
then the employees weren't happy before?
Why do you fear?
That's what it means, isn't it?
Mom, am I that strict?
Have you seen someone as jovial as me?
Of course, of course.
-The power went off.
-The power went off.
-Bring the candle.
-Careful, don't trip.
The employees have kept
-a nickname for him at the office.
-What is it?
Everyone, go sleep.
What is it? You tell me.
It's Small Hitler.
Dad, Small Hitler?
-Hitler himself looks small.
Why are you guys laughing?
He is not short or anything.
So you are okay if we call him Hitler?
-You are not Hitler.
It's enough.
Deepika was less brutal.
You are constantly staring at your phone.
Won't you talk to us?
What should I talk about?
Well, you are a new groom!
It's been two months
since the wedding.
Any exciting news?
Exciting news?
Nothing like that.
Why do you sulk? Bored already?
Why, Deepika?
My brother is being weird.
No, nothing like that.
Actually, I do have exciting news.
But I don't know
if it will be exciting for you.
What is it?
I have got the job at ABS.
That's great, Arjun!
You're saying big news
like this in a casual tone.
-Deepu, even you didn't tell me.
-That's good, Arjun. Superb!
-You haven't slept yet?
I'll sleep now.
I needed one small help.
-What is it?
-Come with me.
I don't know where I kept
my "Ramayana" book.
Here it is!
There should be a photo here
It must have There it is!
Who is that?
You haven't seen it, right?
This is your father-in-law.
You look good together.
Was it a love marriage
or an arranged marriage?
Love marriage.
Love marriage?
Come, come.
Tell me the complete story.
Who fell in love first?
Who proposed first?
We don't have a very interesting
love story or anything.
My father was an accountant.
He used to work for my dad.
We saw each other. We talked.
We liked each other.
I told my family about it.
My father said okay. We got married.
Aunty, why are you saying it
without any spice?
Only during the time we fell in love,
there was spice.
After marriage,
we used to fight every day.
For each and everything.
He is very dominant.
He has a short fuse.
But if he wants something,
he'll sweet talk and get it done.
Being in a situation where
we start hating the one we love the most
is the most painful thing.
Marriage is beyond lust and fights.
A sense of understanding
Getting to that place is marriage, right?
Youngsters these days talk
about "Middle ground."
Achieving that is really difficult.
You need a lot of patience.
During times like these,
I tell myself this
However bad the day is
it'll last only that day.
I am talking a lot.
You sleep.
Okay, aunty.
Hello, Arjun here.
Yes, chief!
Yes, chief!
I'll come, chief, I'll come.
Yeah, yeah.
No, sir.
We can do it, sir.
Okay, sir.
No, sir, nothing like that.
We can manage.
Okay, sir.
Thank you.
The Finance Minister
is in Chennai for his personal work.
He has agreed to give us
an exclusive interview.
Wow! That's great, chief!
Yes. Today's Prime time.
Prime time is in two hours.
You're going to do it.
Prime time is usually hosted
by Bhavana, right?
But, today you're doing it.
Arjun, be confident.
You can do it.
Do it boldly.
Brother, thanks.
Do watch it.
I have asked Mom to watch it as well.
Sir, welcome, sir.
-How are you, Franklin?
-I'm good.
Please, sir.
Had you told me you had an interview,
I would have let you sleep last night.
It got confirmed just now.
What can I do?
Do you remember what day it is?
The 100th day!
Of course, you didn't forget.
Okay, what is that psychiatrist's name?
Arjun, are you serious?
I'm serious.
Why are you crying?
I love you!
What? I can't hear you.
I love you.
I couldn't hear. A little louder.
Your brother is nearby.
Shall I say it out loud now?
Let that dumb fellow be!
You say it.
Where did he go?
Doesn't realize the seriousness.
Now, we're joined by the Finance Minister
of India, Mr. Dharmarajan.
Welcome, sir. Thanks for joining us.
I have a lot of dreams.
A job at ABS News.
An interview with the FM.
My mom should feel proud of me.
I want you by my side.
Let's go.
Arjun, I never expected this to happen.
I am really sorry, Arjun.
Arjun! Arjun!
-Just, don't.
-Please, Arjun.
-Please, Arjun.
-Leave my hand.
-I love you so much, Arjun. Please!
Forgive me, please!
I'm sorry, Arjun. Please!
Please, Arun. I love you so much.
Oh, you love me?
Then please leave me.
Arjun, give me one chance.
Why the heck should I give you a chance?
Deepika, just leave.
I'm afraid I'll do something.
I need one last chance, Arjun.
I'll fix everything.
What the heck will you fix?
What will you fix?
Everything is done.
My career is over now.
They humiliated me and sent me off.
Everything will be alright.
We'll go meet the psychiatrist.
We'll solve this.
Reapply for the job again.
You'll definitely get it.
Arjun, it's just a phase.
A mistake happened.
But you'll come out stronger.
Please, move on, Arjun.
You're right.
I should move on.
-I will move on.
I'll move on.
Hey! Hey, Arjun!
You're saying India is shining.
Our country's inflation rate is high.
And GDP is going down the hole.
What's your opinion about this?
Per capita income has increased.
Do you agree?
Sir, even the price
of onions has gone up.
Do you agree?
Onion prices have not risen recently.
Aren't there any other vegetables
besides onions?
Tell me.
Being the Nation's Finance Minister,
your answer is irresponsible.
So, people should behave according
to your likes and be silent?
In our government, we have
freedom of speech
and freedom of choice.
Did the previous government have that?
My next question is
One minute.
Yes, aunty!
Arjun is here.
He is sleeping here!
Shall I wake him up?
Hey buddy! Hey!
It's your mom!
It's your mom!
Attend the call.
Mom, I have decided.
Please don't keep talking about this.
Hang up, please!
Deepika doesn't want a divorce.
Why don't you just cancel it?
Why is everyone giving me advice?
Things didn't work out.
I'm calling it off.
-Why do you guys have an issue?
-What is her fault in all this?
You are a divorcee.
Why are you giving me advice?
I'm telling you not to do it because
I have gone through all of that.
One who loses even
the second chance he gets, loses in life.
I have lost in life. I know the pain.
Will I get my divorce for sure?
To this day, I have
bought divorce for 140 people.
I have a very lucky hand.
I'll cut it off!
Don't worry!
I'm stressing because
It's a non-mutual divorce.
Don't worry about all that.
There are a lot of holes in the law.
-Pattu, is everything ready?
-Yes, sir.
Don't stand in the way,
come stand in the corner.
Please, read this.
-Have you given the love letter?
-I'm asking about the love case files.
-Yeah, given, sir.
-Who's the judge today?
-That lady?
-Sir, the judge is inside.
She's a strict feminist.
She even calls her husband
"Kumari" instead of "Kumar."
What to do now?
Deepika is still interested in him, right?
If you talk to Arjun
we can solve this outside court.
We have to break the shell
to get the nuts.
I'll get the payment
only by separating them.
Once I get paid, you'll get your salary.
-You want your salary or not?
-I want, sir.
-Then shall we separate them?
-I'll separate, sir.
Affair, dowry, physical abuse
What's the reason? Tell me quickly.
Your Honor!
The case is
My client's wife
Silence! Silence!
Would someone really file
for divorce because of snoring?
Your Honor, there's a case in Delhi
where a wife obtained a divorce
because her husband used to snore.
Similar cases exist
in the US and China as well.
What is this, Adaikalasamy?
You're blabbering about the US and China.
You took up this case
to become famous, right?
your face seems familiar.
Your Honor,
he is a newsreader at Q TV.
Yes, correct!
Sir, you're all educated.
You work in the media.
Would you really pursue divorce
just because of snoring?
Your Honor, actually my client is--
Tell me your problem.
Madam, I would like to live with him.
I don't want to live with her.
Just grant me the divorce.
You can speak
only when I give you the chance.
What is this, Adaikalasamy?
You didn't tell him?
Do you really want to live with him?
Yes, madam.
I want to forget everything
and live with him.
What? Newsreader Arjun?
Look at her.
How mature she is!
But you are asking for a divorce
like a kid demanding candy.
Now, look, go home, and think about it.
Madam, I've thought about it.
I'm not asking for a divorce
after getting married yesterday.
Because of her snoring, I lost my job.
I lost my life, I lost my family.
I lost everything!
Please, grant me the divorce!
I can't grant a divorce just for snoring!
I'll put you in mediation.
Go for three sessions.
-Everything will be fine.
-Madam, please! I need the snoring!
Sorry, I need the divorce!
Please, madam!
Adaikalasamy, please take him away.
Yes, yes, Your Honor.
Let's go.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Come here.
Arjun, why did you do this?
You made a laughing stock out of us
instead of dealing
with it within four walls.
I'm not saying this as Deepika's father,
but you could have handled this better.
You are a divorcee, right?
Aren't you his friend?
Couldn't you tell him?
I told him
you better apologize now
and cancel the divorce.
I can't apologize!
They cheated and got her married to me.
Now, they're faking tears.
I don't understand.
Buddy, this is that snoring family.
He has filed for
a divorce for that reason.
Heal, oh, heart
Heal God's commands are six
Heal, oh, heart
Heal God's commands are six
For the current
Eroded human to live correctly
Why did you switch it off?
It's a meaningful song, dude.
I am extremely angry.
Please, go away!
What's he doing?
He's angry. You talk to him.
Looks like you got it
nicely from your brother.
I gave it back as well.
Doesn't look like it.
Why don't we interview him in our show?
TRP will shoot up.
Great idea!
I will interview him.
We shall prepare questions together.
Do you think I will allow it?
Not even in your dreams.
Go to Hell!
Nowadays, the best business is
to poke into others' personal life.
And in our case, the victim is a woman!
A woman has filed for divorce
as her husband is bald.
Where were you guys then?
Fake feminist groups!
No, we're just opportunists.
Don't drink too much.
Go to bed early.
Oh, he came out with the beer can.
You talk to him.
I'll go check on the food.
You didn't tell me you were coming.
Do you want coffee or something?
Do you need all this?
You're making a huge mistake, Arjun!
Just come home with me!
Have you decided not to listen to anyone?
What else is wrong with Deepika?
I did love her, Mom.
I really tried to sort it out.
You know that.
Even she tried.
She likes you so much.
Why don't you think from her perspective?
I can't, Mom.
I'm clear about it.
I'll give you a tight slap.
Won't you listen to us?
Are we all fools
to tell you this?
Honestly, you should have
supported me in this.
But others are more important
to you than me.
What are you saying?
I never treated you like that.
You didn't react when
Saravanan slapped me that day.
You didn't even question him.
If the family's reputation is tarnished,
it's natural to get angry.
You know your brother's anger.
Both my sons are equal to me.
You're lying.
You questioned me so much now but
never once you asked me how I'm doing.
If I'm eating properly.
You never asked me.
Are you a kid?
Just for a small thing
Just leave it, Mom.
This is my life.
Be it right or wrong,
let it be my decision.
And your "Family reputation"
will be protected
by your perfect elder son.
Please, leave me alone.
Try to do as I say.
Say that your wife is having an affair.
In the name of infidelity,
it's easy to get a divorce.
That's inappropriate, sir.
I can't do that.
What's wrong with this, Arjun?
I just added a statement
that his wife is bipolar.
We made up a fake witness
from her office itself.
Tomorrow is the final hearing.
Today itself he has come
with celebratory sweets.
Bro, do you want some?
The problem between me
and Deepika is the snoring only, sir.
Get me a divorce with that.
Whatever the problem may be,
what we want is a divorce.
This case was filed in Chennai.
What's the need
to transfer it to Ooty?
To trouble you, right?
They're clear from their side.
Let's do one thing.
Convince your wife
for a mutual divorce.
We can easily break it.
I wanted to meet you.
Tell me.
I'm pregnant.
What? You are asking how?
I'll literally punch your face.
What should I do now?
We should celebrate, Deeps.
You could've just texted me about this
instead of calling me so many times.
this is not a small thing
to divulge via a message.
Deeps, I'm so happy.
Which doctor are you consulting?
Does Coonoor have enough facilities?
Hereafter, avoid traveling.
Take a break from work
for the first trimester.
can we reconsider the divorce?
I know we spoke about it a lot.
But, let's just move on?
It's not too late.
What's there to think, Deeps?
What about this baby, then?
How is the divorce
and the baby connected?
It's my baby.
I know how to be a good father
and raise the baby.
I'll take care of it.
-And regarding money, I'll take care--
-Hey, hey!
Who said anything about money now?
You keep your money, Arjun!
Okay, okay. Don't get tensed.
You shouldn't get tensed, especially now.
All you have to do
is raise this baby well.
And, you should agree
to a mutual divorce.
Why are you talking like this, Arjun?
Think practically, we can be separated
parents and still raise the kid well.
Don't drag the divorce into this.
Let's just part ways amicably.
-Mom, I need to tell you something.
-I said it's something important.
-What's that super important thing?
I'm pregnant.
Why didn't you say that first?
I should convey this to Lakku first.
You don't have to do that.
I've decided to abort.
What are you saying?
Watch what you speak, you fool!
He said he would give money
to raise the kid,
but he needs the divorce.
What do you want me to do?
Weren't you the one who said that
having a baby would sort everything?
Look at how he speaks.
Yeah, I said that.
Why are you looking at me?
It's her life, her body.
It's her decision.
We don't have any right to talk about it.
Do you realize what she wants to do?
What will I say
if Arjun's family asks me?
Let them ask. I'll tell them.
Can you consult Arjun once
and then decide?
Why should she consult him?
He was very clear
about his stand in court.
What is there to ask him now?
If there is no baby, there is no chance
for them to get together.
Why should they get together?
Then? Are you going to keep her
here till the end?
Everyone will laugh.
Let them laugh.
If someone laughs because my daughter
stays at my home, let them. I don't care.
Her happiness is important to me.
Let her stay.
No one is understanding
that it's her life
Come here.
She is not interested
in talking to you.
Deepu, I need to
talk for two minutes.
Dad, just a minute.
I'll talk.
Why are you showing the anger
you have on me on the baby?
Arjun, I didn't make this
decision out of anger.
I took time and thought about it.
Then why this decision?
We can raise the kid well.
As separated parents?
I want the father to be with the kid.
I don't need a guest
who visits once a week, Arjun.
Or you try to change yourself.
Let's start fresh.
We can raise this
kid together, Arjun.
Is that okay for you?
I won't abort.
What if the kid has
the same issue as me?
You can divorce me.
But what will you do
with the kid, Arjun?
It's possible, right?
Tell me.
How do you expect me
to have this kid, Arjun?
Even if the kid has no issues.
What if the kid grows up and asks you
why you don't live with his mother?
What reason would you give?
That I snore?
I don't know about you.
I can't set a bad example for my child.
This is not fair, Deepika.
It's my kid as well.
I have equal rights.
-You can't abort without my permission.
-Who said that?
Who said that?
The law says I don't
need any permission.
-I've decided, Arjun.
-Deepika Rangaraj!
What are you still talking about?
Let's go.
Deepika, please!
I lost my life because of you!
I can't lose my kid as well.
That's my kid!
You don't need her,
but you need the child?
Just go.
Don't you have any sense?
-You are supporting her for an abortion!
He is my father.
Don't you dare utter
another disrespectful word about him.
I'll sign the divorce papers.
You can leave.
If she is not getting better, we can
take her to the hospital in the afternoon.
Take care, Mom.
Hey, Santhosh!
It's getting late for school.
Come soon.
-Say bye to Grandma.
Bye, Grandma!
Take care of yourself!
-Bye, Mom.
-Bye! Be careful.
-Kalpana, get that file from the bedroom
What, Mom?
What will you say
if your father comes back home?
Why are you thinking about that
all of a sudden?
For the past two days,
I have been having thoughts of him.
That's what I'm asking.
Why all of a sudden?
Okay, leave it.
Let it be, I just asked
because I felt like it.
Anni, tell me.
Mom, it looks like a fever.
Come, let's go see a doctor.
Give it to me, I'll fill it.
Just a minute.
What is all this?
You look shabby with the beard.
There's no time, Mom.
You don't have a job.
You're idle at home, right?
Hello, I am not idle.
I'm into gardening these days.
You know, I'm a professional gardener.
Now, this is your new passion?
You forgot about news reading, right?
Mom, news reading is my profession.
This is just a stress buster.
You're talking about stress
and BP at this young age.
Where do we go then?
You are an iron lady.
Your heart can bear anything.
It can only bear so much.
How long are you going
to visit us like this?
Just come home, Arjun.
You started again?
Okay, I will come.
But your "perfectionist son"
should agree to that, right?
You and him are a team.
You'll discuss it together and decide.
Don't get tensed now.
I'm just kidding.
I'm the one stuck between you two.
Shall we do one thing?
I'll come to your place.
I'll stay with you for a week.
I'll come here for a week.
No, no!
It won't work out, Mom.
It's a bachelor's house.
It will be a bit messy.
It won't be apt for you.
Oh, really?
You can't drink if I come, that's why.
Why do you look at her?
Try to stop that, Arjun
Okay, okay, I'll stop.
Also, quit smoking.
I can't even come near you.
Have you had lunch?
-Panda has ordered food, it's okay.
-No, no.
You eat here.
Look at yourself.
-You bring the plate, Kalpana.
-Why don't you listen?
-No, Arjun
-I don't know when you'll come next
What happened?
Sit, sit!
Anni! Anni! Please come here.
What happened, Mom?
Show this at the canteen.
They'll serve you juice.
The patient's name is Lakshmi Shanmugam.
Shanmugam is not required.
It's just Lakshmi.
She has her bypass surgery in two days.
-We're here to donate blood.
-Come with me.
Who asked you to come home?
This happened to her only because of you!
You are the perfect son, right?
Why didn't you take her
to the hospital on time?
Hey, it's my perfection that--
It's my perfection that paved the way for
you to study and become a newsreader.
You left home like some bigwig.
You have nothing now, right?
You used to talk back.
Now you couldn't, right?
I know. That's why
Saravanan is always right!
Sir, he left long back.
When did he leave?
When you started your rant
about perfection.
They'll serve you juice and biscuits.
Don't forget to collect them.
-Kalpana, what happened?
She was speaking properly.
Suddenly, she just collapsed
holding her chest.
What did the doctor say?
Sixty-five percent blockage.
We have to do a bypass.
-An operation is always a risk!
What is the operation date?
Mostly in the next two to three days.
Thankfully she is not diabetic.
So doctors said it's not that serious.
Why are you crowded in front of the ICU?
-Uncle, give me a coin.
-What? Why?
Just give.
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
I can understand why you
took the decision to abort.
I know the pain of raising a child
without a father's guidance.
I'll apologize for what my son did.
Aunty received a letter two days back.
It's from her husband.
What? Are you serious?
Thankfully, it came when I was there.
Had it come when my husband was there,
he would have wrecked the house.
I feel so bad for her.
She has received a letter
from uncle after so many years.
But she can't even talk
to her sons about it.
No chance.
Please, Arjun.
Are you joking?
Why should I go search for him
and that too with you?
If you want to go, please go.
Why are you like this?
A good son should do things
before his mom asks him to.
I don't know about you.
But, I feel sad looking at her.
-Like he is going to come back!
-He'll definitely come back.
Why else would he send a letter
after so many years?
Only because he wishes to come, right?
How can you find him with this letter?
Have you ever seen him?
Even I haven't seen him.
My brother destroyed
all his photos.
I feel guilty that aunty is in this state
because of our divorce.
Her wish is for us to be together.
That won't happen.
Let's do this at least.
Please, Arjun.
Try to understand.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Dear Airlines.
This is your captain, Anand.
This trip is just to bring him back.
We don't have any other give and take.
Even the expenses should be separate.
Give me 100 rupees for the coffee.
Did you say something?
Yes, sir?
Can I switch my seat?
Is there any problem with the seat, sir?
There are no issues with the seat.
Sorry, sir, the flight is full.
What? She said
you can't switch seats, right?
You don't have an option.
You have to sit next to me.
And Arjun
Even I am not interested
in talking about our past.
We are just travel strangers.
Thanks for the coffee.
Deepu, you started snoring.
-Yes, sir.
-Look I got to work.
-Ask her to stop snoring.
-I'll check, sir.
Deepu, please be quiet.
Excuse me, sir.
Please, tell your wife
to lower her voice, sir.
-It's disturbing the passengers, sir.
-Sorry, sorry.
Deepu, please be quiet.
Please wake her up, sir.
We can't tolerate this.
Even I can't,
if you can, try waking her up.
Hey, wake up your wife, man.
What nonsense is this?
I've been flying for the past 24 years.
I've never heard such a snore in my life.
I have paid 2400, plus GST.
Even I paid that 2400, plus GST.
Even I paid
Deepu! Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!
What? Was it a nightmare?
Have we reached?
it hasn't been five minutes
since take off.
Sleep peacefully.
I'll wake you up when we land.
What kind of place is this?
This looks like a house
straight from Conjuring.
Uncle's place is nearby.
That's why I booked here.
We've to leave early tomorrow
to go and meet him.
Hey, that's tomorrow.
I'm very hungry now.
Let's have dinner first.
I am very tired, Arjun.
Let's freshen up and leave for dinner.
What a silent place!
Dew drops
Raja sir!
My god!
Have you come here just to drink?
Can't you behave properly?
The lawyer had called.
The final hearing is in ten days.
Get lost!
Go away from my life!
Hey, Arjun!
Is she your wife?
Yes, bro.
She is such a headache.
Wives are always a headache, bro.
-Have you seen my headache?
There it is!
KD lady!
Stay away from me
You are my biggest headache
You've eroded my mental health
All highs subdued, yielding to stealth
You've turned my life like a dry fish
Forcing me to cover my ears
During the sleep I wish
She made me come here
By breaking my heart
Believed your words
Now I'm lost on the streets apart
I don't suffer your torture daily anymore
But still
You're my biggest headache somehow
Without any feelings left within
Goodbye to my headache
Life is a beautiful feeling
Filled with cute little moments
At the start
It felt like a harmonious duet
But eventually
Everything turned out to be a lie
Whatever she told is the truth
There's nothing wrong with it
Everything is true
But my mind couldn't accept it
And my heart couldn't bear
May all my ill fate depart from me now
I don't suffer your torture daily anymore
But still
You're my biggest headache somehow
Without any feelings left within
Goodbye to my headache
In love, every day poses a challenge
And your presence is utterly futile
Your existence brings only tension
Making each moment a headache for me
You're my constant headache
My greatest strife!
My fate, indeed, it's all my life
You and I are like Tom and Jerry
A duo that I never want in my life
I don't suffer your torture daily anymore
But still
You're my biggest headache somehow
Without any feelings left within
Goodbye to my headache
KD lady!
Stay away from me
You are my biggest headache
You've eroded my mental health
All highs subdued, yielding to stealth
I don't suffer your torture daily anymore
But still
You're my biggest headache somehow
Without any feelings left within
Goodbye to my headache
-One cappuccino.
Sir, just a minute.
I heard that the person
in this photo stays here.
-Is he here?
-One minute.
He must be around.
Let's see.
I follow your news regularly.
Hey! Arjun!
Aunty had a heart
attack two days ago.
How is she now?
Bypass is done.
She is out of danger.
You don't worry.
She'll be happy if you come.
How can I face her now?
She is not angry at you.
Please don't overthink.
Get ready to leave.
She won't accept me
just because I show up.
Won't he ask why I've come now?
He'll definitely ask.
But isn't their anger justified?
You have to face them at some point.
When I left them,
Arjun was five years old.
He would have suffered a lot, right?
I can't come.
-Please, forgive me.
-Uncle, please.
She is trying to say something.
Don't you have
any sense of guilt?
He must know how much
we suffered because of him.
They used to ask me in
school about my father.
"He is out of station."
"He has gone abroad."
I've shamelessly lied.
You left us with your debts.
My brother started working
at such a young age.
You ran away,
but my mother was blamed.
Only after reading your letter,
she had a heart attack.
-Hey, Arjun. Stop
-Just wait!
All these years, we lived without you.
We will live without you.
Please, don't come.
If Mom asks,
I'll tell her that you are dead.
Also, when you left me,
I wasn't five years old. I was four.
You finish your food and come.
Because of him,
I've faced only
humiliation in life.
Do you know how they used
to mock me in school?
Do you know how often
I've woken up scared and crying?
That's the reason why
I became a light sleeper.
When my dad left,
Saravanan was a bit mature.
He understood.
My mom got used to it
over a period of time.
I could neither understand
nor get used to it.
Arjun, it's okay.
It's okay.
He would have been there
for Saravanan, right?
He would have taught him
about life, right?
-I'm just all alone.
Arjun, you are not alone.
Arjun, I'm not justifying your father.
But he is still your dad.
Honestly, Arjun,
nobody is perfect in life.
We evolve.
Life is so short, Arjun.
What are we going to do
with anger, revenge, and vengeance?
If someone realizes after making a mistake
and apologizes, it's good enough.
That's all.
I know you must have
struggled a lot without a father.
But he's back now.
He needs you, Arjun.
Hey, have you fallen asleep?
what do we do now?
You were also there.
He was clear that he can't come.
We shouldn't beg, Deepu.
If he wanted to come,
he would have come long ago.
Please, come in.
Come in, please.
Please, come,
we'll keep the luggage inside.
You talk.
I'll be right back.
I've made a lot of selfish decisions.
For my happiness,
I've made all of you suffer.
Forgive me, Arjun.
Even after all this
if I don't come visit Lakshmi,
I'm better off dead
like you said.
Arjun, I
really wish to live with my family.
Will you give me a chance?
Sorry, Dad, I shouldn't have
spoken to you like that.
Without my conscience
An enormous amount of love
Is tormenting me
Do the nearby clouds, the rainy clouds
Suggest that it's our time to reunite?
In the midst of my predicament
A clash of rocks is fostering
The blossoming of a flower
In the midst of my predicament
All the unanswered questions
Point to you as the solution
Existing amidst confusion
Yet these sorrows forge
A path towards clarity
I am seeing you in a new light
Perhaps the love within me
Is undergoing a rebirth
You are the silence I speak
And you're my unspoken love at its peak
Who is destined for whom?
The heart longing for you questioned
To become a part of your life
The question my heart does strive
The day we unite will arrive
As you forgive my mistakes, we thrive
What will they talk about now?
They'll get nostalgic and think
about the good moments, right?
What good moments would they have had?
They would be talking about the story
of how he ran, and how she stayed alone.
-That's all.
are you saying they never
shared a good moment?
What about when they gave
birth to your brother?
Your birth.
He ran away only after
you were born, right?
Then definitely they won't
be talking about that.
Panda said he would
speak with the editor.
He asked if I wanted to rejoin.
I'm thinking about
whether I should go back.
just say yes without thinking much.
News reading is tough, Arjun.
It's not for everyone.
You're natural.
We're here, yeah.
The whole family has been
scheming behind my back.
You planned it all
and cheated me, right?
Nothing like that
Please, listen to me.
Don't get angry.
Hey, I don't need a saree.
Excuse me, can you please wait outside?
You can go clean.
I brought him because
Mom wished to see him.
Oh, like you have done
everything she wished for.
It was me who convinced Arjun.
What now?
To be honest, you should have brought him.
-Do you even know what your mom wants?
-What do you know about him?
-I know.
He stayed alone
all these years because of that.
When will you forgive him?
Forgive him?
I don't understand.
What have you guys planned?
You want to take him to
our house and celebrate?
He has suffered a lot.
Please, be a bit patient.
Kalpana, I'm angry.
Just shut up!
You saw her, right?
Leave now!
He'll stay here.
He will stay at our house.
He left you alone
with two kids and ran away.
-Did you forget that?
I know.
He made a big mistake.
Even I'm angry.
But for how long can we be like this?
As a father, what has he done for me?
-Brother, please listen to her.
I've not stooped so low
that I have to listen to your advice.
Go away!
You have five minutes.
Leave before that.
-Saravana, please, listen
-Take off your hand!
-You don't deserve any respect!
You were unfit to take care
of your family and ran away!
You can't talk to him in that tone.
Watch how you talk!
He'll stay at our house.
He'll stay with us.
I've decided that
he shouldn't stay at my house!
I'll go with him
and stay somewhere else.
Mom, he won't keep you happy.
Why don't you get it?
-Just let him go!
There might be a million issues,
but it's between us!
Hey, what did you say?
You were talking about my happiness?
Are you even sure
if your wife is happy?
What about her?
She had nothing before.
Now, she has a car and a house.
She is happy.
I know for sure.
Is it enough for you
to give her a car and a house?
You treat her like an unpaid house help!
Yes, he was selfish. I agree.
But have you thought about what you do?
In our house, right from
the curtains to the food we eat.
We do only according to your wish.
Don't we?
Do you even know her likes and dislikes?
She has penned stories.
Have you even read them?
Please, go and talk to her.
Go, Dad.
Mom, you were just operated.
-Please, sit.
-You stay there!
What about you?
You can't even
bear simple snoring!
Both of you are not even
aware of your mistakes.
Just leave!
Let's go home.
I'm having a headache.
Massage my head.
What happened?
Why are you crying?
What happened?
What happened?
Forgive me, Kalpana.
Please, don't cry
You have a lot
of stress outside.
Where else would you
express your anger?
I never misunderstood you.
Let them think what they want.
Please, don't cry.
I feel like crying as well.
Please, don't cry.
Don't cry.
Arjun, the final hearing is in one week.
Divorce is confirmed.
Do come with sweets.
-I'm sorry for everything.
Saravana, what is this?
-It's okay.
after last night's conversation,
he was full of tears at home.
He kept apologizing non-stop.
I had to pacify him and--
Where is Deepu?
She went to collect the
discharge summary
There she is!
Deepu, he said we'll compile
all my short stories and publish them.
That's great.
Aunty, I'll leave.
Deepu, why don't you
come home and leave later?
There's a lot of work at home.
Let it be, you can at least
have a meal and then leave.
Please, come home.
I want to come, but
Next time.
A crystalline moon
I hurled a stone at you
And shattered you completely
Now I aim to gather every fragment of you
And set everything right
By throwing you away
I have plunged my own life into darkness
My soul reforms as it yearns for you
A problem within me feels
As big as a mountain
Fueling my sense of loneliness
My heart desires to be with you
Yet something impedes me from doing so
Do you know what's the most intimate thing
between a married couple?
It's not sex.
It's communication.
Better late than never.
Talk to Deepika.
You could have adjusted a bit.
Arjun could have also done
the same, right?
Marriage is all about give and take.
For that to happen,
one should be madly in love.
You are really lucky in that sense.
Nothing changes by holding
Onto burdens in one's heart
Communication is the key
To resolve the situation
And foster a vibrant relationship
Can I communicate with you?
And make you realize
What is stopping me from changing?
The wounded heart suffers in anguish
A crystalline moon
I hurled a stone at you
And shattered you completely
By holding my hands
And looking into my eyes
Please talk with me, my dear
My soul longs to express itself
Yet I struggle to find the words
Your heart will plunder you to change
In longing, I await our reunion
Like a leaf
Seeking illumination from your presence
Upon realizing your significance
As my entire world
I felt compelled to convey this to you
Accepting one's imperfections
is what a perfect marriage is.
I realize that now.
I really want to live with you, Deeps.
I won't ask you to accept me.
I'm aware that I have lost that right.
The only happiness
that I can give you now
is this divorce.
I'm sorry
for everything.
What, newsreader Arjun?
What have you decided?
I'm okay with whatever she decides.
Is that so?
What have you decided?
Can I talk to him for two minutes?
Just two minutes, right?
Go and talk.
The power went off when you
came to see me the first time.
Do you remember what you said then, Arjun?
"The power went off even during
Rahman sir's first composing session.
So what?"
Actually, that's not Rahman sir.
It's Raja sir.
You called me to tell me this?
Not about our divorce?
What's there to discuss?
You told me that's the only happiness
you can give me, right?
Why Arjun?
Are you not giving me a divorce now?
Your answer was wrong.
I knew it that day.
But your intention that day
was to get past that situation.
I thought that you would
also get past my snoring.
I believed.
Because of my snoring,
I never had sleepovers anywhere else.
I used to hesitate to go
on school and college tours.
Ever since they started
to look for grooms,
I've been vocal about
my snoring with everyone.
For the first time
Even though I wanted to tell you
I didn't.
Do you know the only difference
between them and you?
They ran away the moment I told them.
But, you tried.
Honestly, I've moved on, Arjun.
But your family and this Idukki trip
I know you've changed.
I like you a lot, Arjun.
But, I need some time.
Only if you want to wait for me.
I will definitely wait, Deeps.
What if a perfect woman
shows up in your life,
just like you wanted?
I don't want anyone else.
I just need you.
What if Jennifer Lawrence shows up?
I don't need Jennifer Lawrence.
I just need you.
For you, even I won't come.
Why would Jennifer Lawrence show up?
Can you hear it?
Without my conscience
An enormous amount of love
Is tormenting me
Do the nearby clouds, the rainy clouds
Suggest that it's our time to reunite?
In the midst of my predicament
A clash of rocks is fostering
The blossoming of a flower
In the midst of my predicament
All the unanswered questions
Point to you as the solution