Dear Comrade (2019) Movie Script

Hey, come fast.
Sorry, boss, I didnt see.
Hey! Have you gone mad?!
Hey! Wait! wait!
Why are you hitting him?
Hey! Ask him that! He hit me first!
Hes drunk! Cant you see that?!
Hey, what is this man? Get up.
My phone.
Who are you all anyway?!
Hey, wait. Hey! Wait!
Hey, you guys let's move..
Sorry. You come now!
Hey, Bobby. Where are you going again?
Lilly will never come back, Comrade. Forget her.
I am worried about him if he continues to remain this way.
It is partly our fault as well.
Hey! What happened?!
Hey, Bobby!
Hey! Wait. Hey, first stop him.
Hey! Have you gone mad!
Hey! Do you even know what you are doing?!
Lilly, please dont hang up without listening to me first.
Hey, what is this?
Lilly, please dont stop talking to me.
Tell me where you are. Ill come right away.
Hey, get the vehicle.
Lilly, tell me where you are? Ill come right away.
-Hey, who are you talking to?
-Hey, who are you talking to?!
Lilly, can you hear me?
Lilly? Lilly, hello?
-Hey, come fast.
Hello, Lilly?!
Get in first.
Hey, hold him.
Go now.
When love first came to me, it was so beautiful.
Now when it is gone, why does it make me so sad?
My life was different before I met her.
I was different too.
"Enough of silence. Lets go."
"Forget your race and religion. Lets go."
"How long will this slavery last?"
"Know your own strength."
Long live, SU Union!
[Slogans Continue...]
It has to be done!
Justice must be done!
It has to be done!
Justice must be done!
Long live, Student Union!
What is this nonsense, Chaitanya?!
Each Government is taking
different decisions regarding us!
Yes! Yes!
Last time you said, education was free!
Now you are asking us to pay increased fees!
Fees must be abolished!
Fees must be abolished!
Lab fee, canteen fee, library fee,
if we have to pay all these fees, then what are they for?
Arent the government positions and
ranks you hold, meant to improve our lives?
Then why pay these fees?
Do you want us to study hard? Or do you want us
to beg others to let us study?!
(Indistinct Slogans)
Do you think all this in my hands?
But, sir, change has to start at some place.
Give us your word that justice will be done,
and we will all leave this place.
We will leave, as soon as justice is done!
We will fight, till justice is done!
Call the Sub Inspector once.
[ Slogans Continue...]
Hey, I believe Anithas suicide
was not because of the fees problem.
It was because of some family issue.
What do you mean family issue, you...?
Hey, dont say anything to Anitha.
Hey, please. Listen to me. Leave it.
What do you mean leave it? Are you crazy?
Is what they are saying the truth?
Theres been a strike in the University
for the last four days.
There are two hundred names of students
on the notice board.
Even your name is in that!
When you attempted suicide,
I thought it was because you couldnt pay the fees.
How old are you anyway?
Hey, dont you have any shame?
Remove the chain First..
-Please no.. buddy
Hey, you wait buddy.
Bobby listen to me..
All are protesting with out food and drink for you
And you want treatment fruits and saline.
Hey, please dont make this bigger than what it already is.
One word from you, and they will leave.
So whatever it is come and discuss it outside.
[Loud Speaker]
Sub Inspector!
-Do you understand?
Dont you like supporting the students?
Brother, are you their leader?
Dont scream from up there. Come down. Well talk.
Hey! Do you think you are a Great Musician?
Stop it now! My ears are beginning to bleed.
Sir, what do you say?
I cant do everything they are asking for immediately.
Please understand.
Principle, sir. Would your management reaction be the same,
had anything happened to her?
Or would you have taken immediate action?
Sub Inspector, sir,
I hope you understand your brothers problem.
Why are you bringing me in the middle of this?
Sir, this is a hospital. There are many patients here.
Please take a decision, sir.
Give me a weeks time.
I will talk to the Vice Chancellor and resolve this issue.
You heard him! In a week, I believe.
Now get down!
Long live, Student Union!
Long live, Student Union!
You wanted to die like coward, isn't it?
The courage you found to take your own life,
couldnt you find the same to face them instead?
"Enough of silence. Lets go."
[Telugu rap]
"Forget your race and religion. Lets go."
No matter what the issue is, why should they fear it?
sometimes, to get what we want,
we may even need to fight for it.
Comarade Suryam... my grandfather.
He taught me to live for the entire street,
not just for my house.
He was my inspiration.
The need to fight for what we want,
started here, from this student union circle.
No matter what problems students had,
when they came to us, then the problems became ours.
It's just enough if once they call us 'Comrade'
If he fights for us like he fights for the students
then at least our salaries may have increased.
Everyone, go inside.
-why should we plant trees?
Daddy... your lunch box.
"If you leave fear behind,
even if someone opposes you, you will be a winner."
"If you use your words right,
you can reach the mountains that touch the sky."
He is Vinay..
Namaste.. Brother.
Pandu... Take care about them.
Give me the money
How much?
-Rs.100, Sir.
"Don't be oblivious to what is happening around the world."
"Don't lose your sight, your words,
and become deaf like a corpse."
"We have to fight together for what you love."
"To live is our right.
For this right, use your penmanship."
"Even if you face obstacles,
you should stand in the front and lead."
"In this struggle of your life..."
"I will be the hand on your shoulders,
leading you on, like a comrade."
"Don't live in fear. Live like a comrade!"
Chaitanya, dont you think before you do anything?
You escalate things beyond the limits.
Sir, if someone is doing politics in college,
please stop them.
Otherwise, we will stop them.
This! This is your problem!
You are too impulsive.
I am waiting for you to graduate and get out of here.
Thank you, sir.
Your Principle called me this evening.
I have a feeling you are just like your grandfather.
I have watched him since I was a child.
He would go around and start revolutions,
fighting for something or the other, for the country.
We lost all our assets to his revolutions and in the end...
we are now left only with this house.
All these virtues of courage and daring are good.
But what you lose during these fights,
is what is going to bother you the most.
Hey, That Vinay and batch have
participated for paid political rallies.
Tell everyone
Hey, why are you here at this hour?
I dont know what to do.
What happened, tell me?
- What happened?
Hey, stop crying and tell us what happened?
That, Bullis brother is tormenting me, Bobby.
That is why I wanted to die.
Still, he hasnt changed. He is still following me.
Why didnt you tell us this before?
Before, he was after me saying that he loved me.
I told him no many times. But he didnt listen.
I am scared to even come to college.
Hey! Hey! Bobby. Wait!
You attempted suicide.
You were on bed rest for 10 days.
If anything had happened to you that day?
Do you have any sense?
Why are you still afraid of someone like that?!
Where is he?
I will talk to him.
All they went off well, right?
-Super, brother.
Comrade, I know him.
You dont say anything. I will talk to him. Okay?
Why are they here?
- No Idea, Bro.
Hey, Martin. Are you here for the festivities?
I came here to speak about Anitha.
It will be better if you stop all this now.
Even though you know she doesnt like you,
why are you doing this?
Anitha is a nice girl.
We are here to tell you to leave her alone.
Are you Raghu?
Are you her bodyguard?
Leave it, brother. She hasnt accepted me yet.
But I will make her say yes. You better leave her to me...
Bobby! Hey, wait!
Hey, we only came here to talk.
Hey, Kishore. We came here to tell you only this.
Not to fight with you. I am telling you sorry.
Lets go.
Hey, take him away from here!
Why did you hit him when I was talking to him?!
I told you before, right?!
Why are you guys here with wickets in your hands,
like some big shots! Lets go!
For everything, you get into a fight!
Hey, hey!
Wait, guys!
Hey, get our bikes out!
Hey, guys...
Come fast.
Hey, they are coming from that side as well.
Hey, lets first get out of here.
Hey, come fast! move...
Hey, Bobby, enough! Let's go now!
How dare you lay a hand on me?!
Hey, Bobby...
Hey, Bobby. Let them go!
- Hey, the police are here!
Hey, come! Lets go.
Hey, the police are here!
Hey, let go! Let go!
I am telling you!
It's all Bullis brothers fault, sir.
How can you decide and tell me whose fault it is?
He has been harassing a girl
from our college for a long time now, sir.
She attempted suicide because
she couldnt bear his torture, sir.
If he does that, where are you supposed to come?
Dont you know you have to give a police complaint?
If what he did was wrong,
then what is that you guys have done?
I am being very patient with you.
I hear all the things you do behind the
name of the Students Union circle.
Be careful.
If you misbehave again I will put you guys behind bars.
We gave a complaint, sir.
How can you give it now? Wheres the girl?
Will she come to the station?
Will she roam around courts? Will she show them proof?
Call her. Call her.
Why dont you call them and ask them,
why we hit them, sir?
That girl wont come here.
You will not get involved with Bullis guys.
That is why did what we had to do.
Who are you?
Who are you, guys?
Students. So what?
That is why we did not come to the station.
Even though hes made a mistake,
you are threatening us because you are scared of his brother.
Dont lay a hand on us, sir.
Well have to take legal action then.
He is talking to me about the rules!
Put them inside for two days.
Okay, sir.
Are you happy now?
It doesnt matter to you what happens
to the guys next to you.
You should have some fear.
Hey, Martin. Come here.
Hey, you guys go inside.
-ok, sir
Why does he have so much ego?
Huh? Has he gone mad?
We havent eaten since morning.
And we also have to go to college tomorrow morning.
Oh! This, too, is it?
I will talk to the C.I...
-Thank you, sir.
Stay the night and bring Rs. 10,000 tomorrow morning.
Sir, how can we get you Rs. 10,000...
-Will you stay? Will you stay here for two days?
I will bring you the money.
Stay here for two days.
No, Ill bring the money.
-Then you will know!
You guys dont worry.
The elections are close at hand.
Dont get into any fights with anyone at college.
But, brother, that Bobby...
I will take care of him.
Okay, brother.
Why do we have to give them money?
Whatever has to happen, let it happen.
You, fool! We stayed there all night because of you.
If I didnt take care of it, we would have
been behind bars for two more days.
You slept well.
We did not do anything wrong.
What we are doing now is wrong.
Hey! Hes coming onto us!
Look out!
-I have just arrived.
I think I broke my back!
What sorry? See how we are bleeding.
Hey, stay away. Dont touch me.
I have a first aid kit with me.
There is even a hospital in our town.
These wounds dont look like you got them just now.
If you clean it and put a bandage on it,
you will be fine. Okay?
Hey, stop.
Are you a doctor?
Then why are you overacting?
I just got down the bus and I was talking on the phone...
-Hey, shut up.
Dont you have any sense?
People like you, who walk around talking
on the phone like, should be first put behind bars.
Sorry, brother.
You come in our way and then call us brother?
What do I do with your stupid sorry?
Hey, what happened?
Have you lost your sight, sir? Look!
If we hadnt escaped, she would have killed us.
Hey, pick it up.
Hey, I guess the headlight is busted.
Give me your money.
-Hey, start the bike and see.
Excuse me?
What, excuse me?!
There are scratches on the inside, too.
Who will repair the bike and take us to the hospital?
Someone is coming. Lets go from here.
Take out everything.
How much ever money you have.
Listen, your money is safe.
Come and collect it from here in the evening.
Be careful when you go out.
Hey, Bobby!
Yes, aunty!
Come here once.
Why are you looking at her like that?
Shes my sisters daughter from Hyderabad.
Did you recognise her?
Why wont he recognise her?
Both of them used to play together in childhood?
Just now, aunty was telling me...
that some men threatened her
and stole her money as she got off the bus in the morning.
Yes, tell him what happened.
He will take care of it.
Hey, fool. You are from here?
Whatevers happened has happened.
How do I know you are Jayas sister.
Is it necessary to have a meeting in front of all of them?
Are you trying to scare me again?
Hey, dont make a scene.
I didnt tell you, right?
As he was taking my money, he asked me to come
and collect it from him again in the evening.
Is it?
Why didnt you tell me about this earlier?
-Oh my! What has gotten into you?
I will take care of him!
Stop it, now.
Uncle, you get angry for everything.
This is such a small issue.
I am sure I know who they are, aunty.
I will take care of it.
Then, even I will come with you. Lets go!
Uncle! I said I will take care of it.
I will also come.
Why do you want to come?
I have to identify them, right?
Who they are? What they are?
Its true.. She will be able to identify them.
Take her and go.
What is this?
Is this your hangout?
Why are you overacting?
Was it necessary for you to come here?
Not one sorry, also.
It wont be nice if I say sorry.
It wont be nice if you tell me sorry, is it?
Why is that?
I am not sorry that I took your money.
I needed the money urgently, so I took it from you.
When I have the money, I will return it to you.
What will you tell them when you go home?
Tell them, Bobby met them. He threatened them.
Tell them they got scared and gave you the money.
Here, for you.
What is this?
You gave my sister a love letter.
You threatened me and took my money.
it is you only... Bobby?
What the hell is this?
When my sister was in college, you gave her a love letter,
she rejected you...
and asked you to study instead?
It would have been good if you studied, Bobby.
Is all this necessary?
You are not such a nice guy as everyone thinks.
Can we go now?
That is his childhood matter.
He cant even look at me in my eye.
Thats fine. Did I ask you to ask him all that?
He must have felt so bad
when you suddenly asked him all that.
That is what I wanted to tell Bobby.
He is younger than my sister, otherwise, I would have to
feel bad seeing him next to my sister all my life.
Dont overact.
You dont do even one thing properly, Martin.
Hey, brother Surya.
Come. Come in. Please sit.
Please sit.
Give him some water.
Hey, knowingly why did you get
into fight with Bulli and his men?
Anyway, he wont forget this so easily.
Because they are busy with elections they are staying calm.
Go and talk to Bulli once.
Whatever has happened has happened.
Vinay also is saying the same thing.
Who is Vinay?
Brother Chakri, who is Vinay?
Who is Vinay?
Look here.
One can be a brother only when
you support us students and our problems.
Once you leave the circle, who is brother to whom?
You are telling us.
Be careful then.
Best of luck to you too.
For the new union, you started.
Best of luck for that.
Okay, brother!
Only son, he also has Agriculture lands in his village..
Did you get everything?
Give me the house keys.
Grandfather is in the house.
Hey, wait. The marriage alliance people are almost here.
-Has Bobby come?
Yes, he has!
It seems the marriage party is from Hyderabad.
When they come, if they like the girl...
the wedding will take place,
and then they will take her straight to America.
Not America. Australia!
-It is the same thing.
They will have to go by plane.
Yes, take a plane.
Hey... Here, eat this.
Not now, aunty.
These are ice apples, your favourite. Here eat.
Water? Wait let me get you some.
Is this saree okay?
If you wear it, I am sure it will be nice. Isnt it?
Hey, dear!
They are here.
-Are they here?
You guys come fast.
Lets go.
Please come in, son.
-Please sit down.
Come, sit down.
Serve, dear.
How is that guy
He looks like a crane.
What is your Name ?
I like the girl.
Sister, tell him you are okay, too.
She plays the Tarang (percussion instrument) very well.
She gave many programs as well in our town
Bobby! Bobby. Bobby.
Its not too late. Shall I ask my sister about you?
Since I got here, why are you overacting? Get lost.
Chinni, light a candle in your grandfathers room.
Go to auntys house and get this grinded.
Oh, I cant go now. Forget it.
Hey, ask the lineman, Bramham,
and get the main line checked.
Wow, what great idlis you do!
Stop it!
There is nothing wrong with mother.
But he has hurt his back lifting a sack of rice,
even though I told him not to.
There is so much work to be done.
Get ready soon and come.
Have you brought the Black Gram? Sit down.
Aunty, call me after its done.
Ill come to pick it up.
Why? Just talk to sister Jaya and others till then.
I will grind this and call you.
Are you here for my sister?
Bobby, catch.
Hey, why havent you slept yet?
No... I am worried about you, uncle.
Hey, Bobby. Come. Sit down.
Here, take this.
Have you had dinner?
Hi, Bobby. When did you come?
When we were young he put henna
designs on my hands.
Do you remember that?
Oh, so you know how to put henna designs, is it?
He has many talents.
He also writes poetry.
Oh, yes.
Bobby, can you give me some of the poetry you wrote?
I will read it.
Have you written anything lately?
Tell us. It's only us here.
Please, Bobby.
Dear Comrade.
The moonlight also dissolves.
A blooming flower also withers.
But our budding friendship...
will always remain with us forever.
Even though we dont want it,
we cannot avoid death.
Even if we dont want to, we can lose our lives.
Our childhood can never return to us.
I can never forget...
our friendship.
Shut up.
It is very heartfelt.
Even if we dont want to, we can lose our lives.
Even if we want to, you can never get enough sense!
Dont laugh like that, uncle.
You may injure your lumbar disc.
Bobby, wait.
Bobby. Bobby. Bobby.
Your poetry is very nice.
Dear Comrade.
Our childhood can never return to us.
I can never forget, our friendship.
Wow! Very good.
Its truly superb.
Long live Marxism.
Comrade, Makineni Suryam.
What does Comrade mean?
Is it a surname?
My grandfather was involved in a lot of fights.
So maybe those who fight are called Comrades, perhaps.
Since my childhood, the only comrade
I know is our Comrade Suryam.
The mix of two castes, Kamma and Reddy,
is what is called a Comrade.
Thats it.
If you want the right answer to this,
ask your grandfather who is upstairs.
That is one secret.
Tell me, grandfather.
You need to fight for your right.
For that, you need to ask courageously.
For that, you may need to face any problems.
The one who follows you on your path
and helps you achieve this, is your comrade.
Hey, Dinesh. Catch it.
Cant you bend?
Give it here. Hey!
Can I play?
This is not a plastic ball. This is a hard tennis ball.
It will hit you hard.
Oh, is it?
Will she also play?
Hey, Martin.
Do you want to play cricket?
Do you know the rules?
If you hit the ball straight, it is a four.
If you hit the wall, it is two runs.
Those are the wickets. If it hits them, you are out.
If you hit it outside, that is also an out.
The one who hits the ball outside has to go get it.
Do the fielding.
She wants to do fielding like a Jonty Rhodes.
Ah, ready. Ready!
Lily, come off this side.
What happened?
-You will be hit by the ball many times.
Hey, hey, hey. I have to check the boundaries.
You stay here.
Oh, sorry. Sorry. There are a lot of buildings there.
-Okay, go. go.
Go. Go. Go. Stay there.
-You stay here. Please.
Are you ready?
-You bowl first.
Hey, super shot! Run. Run. Run.
Hey, two. Two. Two. Two.
Come on. Come on!
Hey, we have to make 36 runs in 5 overs.
That means 7 runs per over.
Without losing wickets if we play steadily
then we can somehow win.
We have to win this time.
-you support me... I'll go for hitting
Hey, Martin. If you hit,
hit for a 6
Hey, come to front.. a bit more...
If it touches it will be a six!
Damn it!
Hey,Raghu. Run. Run. Run.
Hey, Hit the boundary
Well batting.
How come shes here on the ground?
We will only win the match.
Once we do, I will return your money.
Why did you come to the ground?
Will you come off home tomorrow or what?
We will win this match.
No worries.
Dont be tensed. Play slowly.
Give Raghu the strike. Okay?
-Be careful.
we came here to buy sister Jayas wedding cards.
When she came to know you were playing cricket here,
she also wanted to play.
Are you mad?
If the ball hits you it will be very painful.
We will play at home. You girls sit here.
Sit down, Ill come.
-Nothing will happen.
Only one game!
Turn left..
Hey, Dinesh.. run.. run...
What is the score?
we have to hit 18 from 6 balls.
Oh, no!
Oh! Hes been hit down there!
Hey, Kivish?
Are you okay?
Hey, Kivish... did you get hit hard?
Does that mean you forfeit the game?
How can the match be over?
We still have the last wicket.
Can he even play?
If not him, someone else will play from our team.
Hey, Bobby. I will play with left hand.
Even if you play right hand, you will be duck out.
Just shut up and sit down.
Bobby! If you dont have a problem, I will play.
Lilly, you dont understand. We are playing on a bet.
If we lose, we will have to pay them Rs. 5000.
Bobby, I will play.
I am telling you, no. Hey, take him out.
Go. We will talk later.
Hey, you guys pick a player.
We cant have all this when the batsmen is retired hurt
Lets keep the rules aside for a minute.
If you let her play, we will bowl for her.
Why will I send her to play?
Are you mad? Have you ever seen her in our team?
We just did, know.
She was giving him physiotherapy.
Hey, dont make me angry, I am telling you!
Bobby! I will play, Bobby.
You dont know these guys.
They are playing around with you, these donkeys!
I know.
Trust me. I can handle it.
Hey... she is saying trust...
Hey, hey, hey. Wait a minute.
Let her play...
come... come... come to the position
Whether she hits the ball or not, take a single run.
Keep the strike with you.
Just touch the ball, thats it.
Ready... ready.
Hey, come to front.. a bit more...
Oh my god! Lilly hit a sixer!
Bobby, look at this!
She hit a six. Look!
Super, Lilly!
Good shot.
Did she hit a six?
-Yes, a sixer!
Hey.. catch the ball..
Come on, Lily!
Come on. Come on!
Lilly! Come on!
Super Lilly.
Thank you.
so many people come to watch your match??
Are you a player?
Yes, I am a State player.
A State player?
A State player!?
A State player!?
Why are you all looking at me like that?
Because everyone feels off like they are
a State player after making 2 runs.
Everyone is having a reality check after
you said you were a State Player.
If you dont mind, can you
keep coming here once in a while?
We need to earn some money.
Can I take a selfie with you?
Hey, come. Come.
Lets take a selfie.
Hey, come.
Bobby, come.
-Brother, come.
what are you doing there?
"The morning sky in your blue eyes
has wrapped itself around me."
"The music of your anklets touches me
and pulls me towards you."
"The happiness in your flowery smile has
drenched me in its honey-like sweetness."
Hey, look where you are going.
"For you, my eyes are like open doors, looking out for you."
"Every day, I wait for you like this.
My heart sways because of you."
The tea and biscuits were very nice, know?
Yes, Uncle likes them very much
"This restlessness that no one notices,
my heart has forgotten to be still."
I heard you play the guitar.
Poetry... Guitar...
Very good.
"I forget to sleep in the nights."
"The morning sky in your blue eyes
has wrapped itself around me."
"The music of your anklets touches me
and pulls me towards you."
Mom asked me to give you sweets.
Okay, bye.
Chinni, mom is calling you. Go.
Ah, Lilly. There is a small party tonight
for winning the match.
Everyone is coming. You too come.
(Singing Song) "The elections are here again...
meaningless elections. Elections."
Hey! What are you doing?
Is everything ready?
-Yeah ready.
[Song continues]
Hello, Comrade!
This is our brother, Chakri.
And brother, Singh.
Brother, this is Lilly.
Please sit.
Now, start the music, brother!
Elections that loot us.
Meaningless elections.
The elections are here again.
Meaningless elections.
The elections are here again.
Meaningless elections.
Brother. They will not come again and again.
Also, we are having a party.
So play a song with a good beat.
And we will dance to it.
Bro..listen to this one.
[Singing Song]
Hey, Bobby... Vinay batch has come...
They are asking for you.
Ill go talk to them and come. You wait here.
Why are you standing here, brother?
Where is Bobby?
You said you wont come for the election rally I believe?
Its not a student issue.
We didnt want to be involved in politics,
so that is why we didnt come.
When brother, Surya, came to meet you,
apparently you said you didnt know us.
You dont know who Vinay is, is it?
You guys have that much of ego, is it?
Brother, let us sit down and talk about it.
Hey, you wait. Go call him, first.
What happened?
Come. Come on, Bobby. Come.
We were talking about you only.
You can group together a few students
in your circle and showing off like that...
you wont come to our rallies when we call you?
But we have to come whenever you call us, is it?
Why do we have to come for the rally, brother?
What is the connection between
the political rally and our students?
The students havent got their job notifications yet.
They are hiding in the hostels because
they cannot show their face in town.
We have to happily come to your rallies,
but none of our work gets done.
You are talking about the strike, strike, strike!
Tell me, did you come for us that day,
brother for the strike?
When we called you for the strike,
I know you asked for money.
That day I lost all respect for you.
What are you talking about here? Be on your way.
Hey! You talk too much! Be careful with what you say.
Why are you showing off?
Why did you hit Bullis brother?
Is that a student matter?
Brother, he is to be blamed for what happened.
Go ask him about it.
Bobby, please come...
-Hey! Get lost!
What work do you have here? Go inside.
-Take them inside.
Yes, Anitha was a student. And that was a student matter.
That is why I hit him.
So what? You dare hit Bullis brother, is it?
Do you know how much political support
Bulli has given us?
We need him very much.
Oh! So, that is the matter.
Then why are you saying, Strike
and Lets go Hyderabad?
Why don't you tell directly?
How long do we roam around carrying the student flag?
that I will settle down if I am in politics?
Politics suits you well.
Go. Go. Go into politics.
Bulli called you, is it? Ok, Go... go...
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Wait a minute. Bobby!
Bobby! Wait a minute.
Hey, Bobby! I am asking you to stop!
Hey! Leave him!
Stop it! Leave him!
Wait. Let go! Bobby!
You wont be able to step outside
your house from tomorrow!
Lets go.
Why are you so silent?
Are you thinking about last night?
Last night, when I saw you, I remembered Vinod.
Who is Vinod?
Vinod is my brother.
Why hasnt he come for the wedding yet?
If he comes, I would have also met him.
- Hes no more.
He died in a university fight,
four years ago when we were in Delhi.
Right in front of my eyes.
the fight has to always happen inside of us.
If we fight with outsiders...
someday it will affect us badly.
These fights or this aggression can
never bring my brother back to me.
Only I know what kind of pain that is.
I miss him.
I feel alone all the time.
I want to tell your parents that I like you.
The train is here. Throw away your cigarette.
Hi, darling!
Hi, dad.
-Hi, dear.
Bobby, how are you?
I am good, aunty.
Come on. Come.
Aunty, give me your bag.
How is the wedding work going on?
Hi, Bobby.
How are you?
I am fine, uncle.
Your sister has been telling me about it.
Come, brother. How are you?
Brother, how are you? What is this belt for?
Some ornament for me.
-Hello, brother-in-law. Are you well?
Sister, how are you?
-I am good.
I am good.
-Lets go inside.
Sister is done. So now it's my turn, is it?
My fate!
"Just like a grinding stone that goes round and round...
till its worn out, and yet the ingredients dont get grinded."
"Tirelessly, I go behind her, till I feel tired
and exhausted, her heart still doesnt melt."
"She doesnt even look back."
"She doesn't like love."
Lets go man.
Come on.
"Just like a grinding stone that goes round and round...
till its worn out, and yet the ingredients dont get grinded"
"Tirelessly, I go behind her, till I feel tired
and exhausted, her heart still doesnt melt."
Are they only going to make us work
or is anything set for us?
There is a case of beer for us upstairs.
Is it?
Look at him.
"Will the waves rise and fall helplessly,
will your dreams rise and trouble you"
"Will your nature leave you even for a minute,
whatever happens?"
"The desire of the heart,
will not listen to what anyone has to say."
"Even if the sky falls on you, will your hopes melt?"
"In the summer, wont the great heat, like a desire,
touch the sky and come down like rain?"
Hey, come on... fast.
What? Why are you talking too much?
What buddy?
Ill skin you, careful!
"The Shenai is singing song in wedding..."
Sister, come. Come. Come.
Today, you have to dance.
Its been days since I watched you dance.
Its so exciting. Go. Go. Go.
The bananas...
Aunty! We have made Subramanyams house
as the temporary house of the groom.
They will come there directly.
My sweet darling!
"We didnt know who we were to each other before.
Love doesnt happen by asking."
"Until we meet each other, will it ever leave us?"
"The moment I saw you, my life took a turn."
"Even though our paths are different,
will our journey ever end?"
"Love is enough, she and I will become one."
"Even if Im asked to go, I will not go.
I will fall and rise."
This side for guests.. and that side for dinner set up.
Give that Coconut here.
Hey, look at Lilly!
"Just like a grinding stone that goes round and round,
till its worn out, and yet the ingredients dont get grinded."
"Tirelessly, I go behind her, till I feel tired
and exhausted, her heart still doesnt melt."
Please get those clay fire pots.
Clay firepots?
Last minute...
-I forgot about them.
Lilly, please get those clay pots.
They are white in color.
Hurry up.
They need some clay firepot.
It is in white colour.
Can you please look for them?
You look very beautiful today.
Did you find it?
Thanks. Lets go.
Bobby, please.
Bobby, please.
I love you.
Bobby, why the sudden love for me?
It has fallen from the sky in these ten days, is it?
We are alright like this, know?
Just like how you liked my sister,
this could also be an attraction, know?
Hey, please.
After we leave here, our lives will be different.
Our thoughts are different. Our journey is different.
Do you understand?
I am not going to be the same.
You will forget me as soon as I leave.
There have been all good memories
until now because of you.
Apart from this.
Keep it carefully.
See you sister.
-Cant you stay for another two days?
Keep visiting us whenever
you have the time, dear.
Take care, dear.
The gas cylinder is over
bring from aunties house
Come on Lilly
Lilly is a guest at the wedding.
Do you really want her?
First focus on Exams..
Get up.
Get up, I said!
Take out the slips.
-I have none, sir.
Sir, please check.
I told you I dont have any, sir.
Please dont irritate me.
I said, take off your shoes!
More than her words, it hurts me more
to know that I could not give her a reply.
She said our paths were different.
But when I think about that day,
she never said she did not like me.
What rain is this?
Give me some tea.
The sky is overcast.
I don't think the rain will stop falling for another two days.
Yes, looks like it wont get stop.
Yes, Rubina, if we continue to play like this,
we can definitely make to the Nationals.
Bobby? How come you are here?
You came here on your bike, is it?
So far?
What do you think of yourself?
You are not as beautiful as your sister.
She is a nice dancer. Has nice long hair.
You with your small ponytail.
Not once, did you look back, before you left.
What ego!
Will you get anyone else
who can love you as much as I do?
For me, this is my first love.
Its you.
Who are they? Your friends?
Yes. Rubina and Deeksha.
Do you bat or bowl?
Im a bowler.
How did you make friends with her?
Its very difficult.
She talks about you a lot.
I mean, she is talking about you
a lot since she came back from your place.
Why do you like me?
-I dont know.
We will wait there.
I also keep thinking about it.
I told you I didnt like you and I came off.
I thought I will forget about you once I am back.
But I kept thinking about you a lot.
I was never like this.
That day when you were fighting with them...
I was very scared.
I may have already liked you by then.
When I look at you I should not feel scared, Bobby.
Is this what is stopping you?
This is a very small issue.
Dont have to be scared for me.
You will not face any problem because of me in your life.
I want to be a part of your journey.
Let me be your comrade.
"My dreams are flowing like a river,
like waves trying to reach the shore"
"My dreams are flowing like a river,
like waves trying to reach the shore"
"They become one as they reach the
lap of the shore."
"As the waves become one at the lap of the shore,
so do I want to merge with you."
"My longing for you overflows, my heart is swaying."
"It desires the sweetness of your lips."
All the players have to put in their
best efforts to win the match. Okay?
"Without you around, I am being tortured by unknown
passion like the heat of summer."
"I want to be with you to quench my thirst.
I am extending my hand out to you to assist me."
"Though seasons change,
do you think my thought of you will change?"
"My desire asks for your companionship, like this."
"My longing for you overflows, my heart is swaying."
"It desires the sweetness of your lips."
"My dreams are flowing like a river..."
And this is the rest of the team.
Okay, you...
Please say hi to Bobby.
Hi... Hi...
Hi. Hello.
Are you coming with me now or not?
I will meet you as soon as I am back from Bangalore.
Please dont mind.
I am really sorry. And I really... really miss you.
No... I dont want these kisses over the phone.
That is more important to you know.
Go. Do it.
"I have hidden you in my eyes, as my whole world."
"I have sculpted myself like you."
I am not able to focus on the game.
I am only thinking about you.
Hey, stop it.
Because of me?
Its true.
The day you love me more than you love cricket...
that will be the day when I distance myself from you.
You are talking too much.
Come lets go home.
"The mischievous kiss on my cheek
suddenly wraps me up in your youthfulness."
"The many happy moments we shared,
have filled and remained in the depths of my heart."
"I merge with you, leaving myself behind"
"My soul moves towards you, like this."
After I move to Australia... I'll miss you all
Photos was so nice.
Lilly is very sensitive.
Please take good care of her.
I know you will.
She will forget all of you.
That is how I will take care of her.
I met Srinu yesterday.. he said he also will come
You should have had that fear before.
What a luck!
Get off the bike.
Get off.
-Get off.
Get off.
She is doing too much.
Why are you roaming with him?
-Please don't do Kishore.
Come. Ill show you!
Tell me.
I have been after you for four years now.
He means more to you.
You were showing off a lot, know?
Dont leave anyone! Beat them up!
Hey! you...
How dare you beat him up?
Anitha you come...
-Wait! Stop!
Raghu, first put your clothes back on!
Wear your clothes!
Not to hit... I have to kill you...!
You bloody coward... How dare you lay a hand on a girl?!
If you have the guts, lay a hand on me! Idiot!
Hey, Bobby...Lets go!
Get in, first. Get in!
Why should I stop..?
Hey, first you go...
Bobby, lookout! Knife!
No Bobby.
Hey let's go.
Hey, Bobby!
They say they cantt tell us anything for
another 48 hours, brother.
Brother, I have been warning you about Bobby and his gang.
You only asked us to wait till the elections are over.
Now see whats happened.
They were waited for us on the street to hit us.
He should not exist.
Come here. Come out.
-What happened, sir?
Sir... Sir?
You beat up Bullis brother
and are sitting here as if you know nothing.
What happened Sir?
You asking what happened..? Now he is in coma.
A guy like should not be on the college premises.
Sir, I really dont know anything.
-Get out! Go!
Don't you understand... what I am saying?
I didn't do anything.
Hey, wait...
Hey, wait...
I told you, sir, we dont know anything!
Hey, guys come on...
Hey, Bobby! They are all surrounding us.
Lets go!
Hey, don't spare him... kill him.
Excuse me.
Hey, Anitha. You asked me to come here urgently.
What happened?
Are you going to kill him?
Hey, I didn't do anything him.
How many times do I have to tell you!
Bobby, please!
Please! Please, dont hit him.
Leave him!
What happened?
who is happy with you?
Have you come to tell me that
its my fault like everyone else?
I didnt think if I would see you again!
Do you like seeing us like this?
Your mother, father, sister, friends...
all are outside feeling bad for you.
Why, Bobby?
Why are you making all of us sad?
Who gave you the right?
You dont have the right to
make us go through this!
Is everything your wish?
Your sadness. Your pain. Your problems.
Has anyone even bothered to come
and find out what happened that day?!
Everyone wants to blame me!
How would you know what is right and what is wrong?
Lilly, where are you going?
Hey, this is a hospital.
Dont I know that this is a hospital!
Hes gone mad. Leave him.
Lets go from here
You go out first. Get out!
We were fine all these days, know.
How many days?
How many days?
You said you will always be with me.
But I am always scared that how I would have to see you
in this way some time or the other, Bobby.
You go out, first. We will talk later.
-No. Talk to me now.
Hey, take her outside!
Please go.
Hes not listening to anyone, Lilly. Lets go.
No. Talk to me now.
Tell me, will you let all this go?
Or will you let me go?
Decide and tell me.
Then Ill go.
Bobby, without you I can never be happy,
but at least I will be at peace.
Lets go.
You can be peaceful. Come.
Bobby! please, Bobby!
What happened?
You know him. Hes mad!
Hey, Bobby.
-Please listen to me, just once.
Hey, brother.
At least you tell him.
-What happened?
Stop him.
Hey, Bobby!
Go. Everyone, just leave!
- Bobby What happened?
Hey, Bobby. What are you doing?
That was the last time I saw her.
I told her to leave.
I never thought she would not come back.
I tried to reach her many times.
She told me never to meet her again.
Never meet me again and don't trouble me, she said.
When love first comes to us it is so beautiful.
When it leaves, why does it give us such sadness?
How beautifully you came into my life, Lilly.
I can never forget, our friendship.
From now on, my life is different.
You wont be in it.
I cannot see you whenever I want to.
I cant meet you.
I cannot hear you speak.
I cannot do anything you like.
Lilly, do you think I can do this?
Can I ever forget you?
I can forget you.
Its been three years since I saw you.
How many times will you tell me the same thing?
Your grandfather passed away.
Its been a year. Do you remember?
Grandfather hasnt died.
He is always with me.
When a comrade fights for a cause,
it should give him peace and freedom.
When I look at you, I dont see that.
You can come here anytime.
You can stand there forever.
But you will not find your answers here
among these four walls.
Go far away.
When you finally become a true comrade...
everything you lost will come back, looking for you.
This universe is as far as the sky and the stars.
Your journey will tell you what you need to do.
What you said is true, grandfather.
These paths...
these rivers...
this mist...
these fields...
they all speak to me, grandfather.
Two years, thousands of kilometres...
different kinds of people.
so many things you hear when you
go from one place to another.
So many stories.
There is always something new to learn from each place.
Every sound I hear from nature,
has taken me into an inner place of silence.
It made me realise what I wanted the most.
I understood, finally, that this is my journey.
Whenever I went some place, the sounds of the place,
somehow slowly reduced the sadness in me.
Now, my project is based on this.
Wow, Chaitanya.
Hey, guys, look at Chaitanya.
Why cant you be like this?
You were looking like someone who failed in love.
They are students from the
International Academy of Sound Healing.
We are working together for this Project.
Hey, Chaitanya!
Dr. Gururaj has given us an appointment.
He asked us to meet him in Hyderabad tomorrow.
Mr. Hitesh?
Hello, ma'am.
We are here to meet Dr. Gururaj.
The doctor is on his rounds.
It may take some time. Please wait.
Definitely, madam.
-Okay, madam. Thank you.
Thank you.
Have you copied all the nature sound
files on to the pen drive?
What about backups?
-I did.
How many?
Where are Niteshs guitar sound files?
They are done as well.
Why are you asking me all this all of a sudden?
Just in case.
-What just in case? I am hungry.
One minute... I will call you again.
Hey, Bobby? How are you?
Its been a long time.
You have changed a lot.
You still look the same.
Have you come alone?
No. Shashank is also here.
Is it?
-When did you guys come back to India?
Its been six months now.
And you come to meet us now?
Do you remember all of us?
Where did you disappear to?
I heard you havent gone home in three years, I believe?
Aunty told me.
What happened to you?
Shall we have some coffee?
I will bring it. You guys talk.
-Thanks, Shashank.
Three coffees.
Are you here to see how she is doing?
Are you not here for Lilly?
Is Lilly here?
So, you dont know what happened?
What happened?
Lilly met with a road accident.
It happened selection day itself.
Bacause of that she had lost chance to get selected for Nationals.
She is now in the psychiatric ward.
The doctor says she is in depression.
Can I see her, once?
No. No. No. it's not possible.
Jaya, you know I cannot allow anyone.
But, doctor, I know her. She and I were...
Jaya, please tell him.
Mister. I dont think you know about her condition.
She is right now physically and emotionally very fragile.
Like glass.
She cant even control her own emotions.
You see. So...
That is what I am trying to say, doctor.
I wont disturb her.
I just want to see her once. What is your problem?
Jaya, please tell him.
In fact, last night we struggled to control her.
She fell down the staircase trying to escape.
Do you know that?
What happened, doctor?
Shashank, call uncle once.
Is anything serious, doctor?
No. No, it was just a small sprain. No problem.
Does uncle know?
I will tell uncle. And I will call Ram.
Dont worry.
How is she doing?
You please, first, sit.
Dont worry. Sit, Jaya.
Take this medicine.
Im sorry.
I thought I will see you in a cricket ground
amongst the crowd.
What are you doing here?
Hey, why are you crying?
What is this?
Why did they tied you up ?
Why have you tied her up, sir?
-Are you mad?
Hey, first untie her.
Untie her, first!
Why did they tie her up?
Ask them to untie her, Jaya!
Is this is a hospital or a jail?!
-I said...
Uncle! Lets take her away from here.
Dont keep her here.
Bobby, lets step outside.
Please, dont make a scene.
-Take him away.
What is he talking? Who is he?
Sorry. Sorry.
Hes creating a raucous here.
-Hes a known person.
I know him. He is Lilys friend. I will take care of this.
Lets step outside. Come.
Do you think we like seeing her like this?
This treatment is important for her.
Understand, Bobby. Please.
Take him outside, Jaya.
She believed all the way that cricket is her life
But now with this she lost cricket
Be ready with the bike over there.
Get up... Well go.
Please, no, sir. Please, no.
-Shh...Lilly? Lilly?
Dont do anything to me, sir. Please...
Please, no, sir. Please, no.
Lilly, dont be scared. I am Bobby.
Lilly, I am here.
Hey, look here.
It's me Bobby.
Look here.
Lilly... Shall we go?
Well go. Its okay.
This is for you.
Come. Lets go.
"Like a story, like a dream we meet at shores."
"Like a pair; we move around the world with our souls"
Hey, Stop...
"This is the way our fate has united us.
Unimaginable turn"
"Two dimensions meet to form a new median."
"This happiness springs sparks...
Like the rains calling."
"The rain is drenching our hearts all along the way"
"You the queen that changed my breaths into vows."
"You are the queen that has
changed my wishes into reality."
"You made yesterdays dream come true in this journey."
"As the running stream changes its course,
and finally unites with the sea."
"The soul is now akin to a black cloud.
Has become heavy."
"And filled the entire sky"
"The land sprung with the touch of a raindrop."
Are you competing with that waterfall?
"The time has healed my past pain."
I'll accompany you... have it.
"Nothing can separate,
These are the relationships that cannot be given birth to."
You have changed a lot.
Have I become better than before? Or have I become worse?
You are not like the old Bobby.
Is it so..!
"You the queen that changed my breaths into vows."
"You are the queen that has
changed my wishes into reality."
"You made yesterdays dream come true in this journey."
"My heart took its rebirth today."
"Flowers bloomed in the desert with the rain."
"The ambience is pleasant
Vibrant colours keeping me company"
"In my new life; every second is beaming
with healthy happiness."
"Crawling with each step after the fall.
Your gaze is teaching me race."
"Time moves us!"
"You the queen that changed my breaths into vows."
"You are the queen that has
changed my wishes into reality."
"You made yesterdays dream come true in this journey."
"Like a story, like a dream we meet at shores."
"Like a pair; we move around the world with our souls"
This is the way our fate has united us.
Unimaginable turn
Two dimensions meet to form a new median.
This happiness springs sparks
Like the rains calling
"You the queen that changed my breaths into vows."
"You are the queen that has
changed my wishes into reality."
Sister Lilly has come.
At least you could have called?
There was no network coverage.
We were all very tensed.
Hi, sister.
Dear, Lilly has come.
Hi, grandma.
-How are you?
I am fine.
Hi, uncle.
Who the hell are you?
What if something had happened to her?
Get out!
Dont show yourself around here again!
Dad, look at me. I am fine!
Why are you shouting at him now?
Bobby, please dont mind.
Hes angry right now. Please, go.
I am only keeping quiet because we know him.
It was Bobby who was with her, right?
Not some outsider?
Then, why are you shouting?
Please, first, go inside.
can I use your restroom?
I have been controlling myself from an hour.
Sure, Bobby.
Serve him some fish curry.
Enough, aunty.
My legs keep hurting a lot.
I believe you helped her out.
Please do something for me, too.
If it gets better I can go back home.
Okay, granny.
Let him eat, first. You can talk later.
Keep visiting once in a while.
Take care.
Ill see you soon, granny.
Doctor? Hi!
I will break your leg if I see you
anywhere near the hospital again.
Doctor, sorry.
I know what we did was wrong.
But she is normal now, doctor.
She is laughing again.
If you give us another appointment,
I would like to make a presentation on sound therapy.
Do you think she is normal?
Do you think she will go back
to her normal life from tomorrow?
She may appear happy on the outside.
But she is still having pain inside.
This is was just a temporary diversion...
because of you.
why are you leaving?
Cant you stay here?
Hey, Doctor.
If you ever feel pain...
or feel alone...
or if you feel like you miss something...
then listen to this.
This has helped me a lot. Keep it safe with you.
I dont need all this, Bobby.
I am fine now.
If you are here for me, thats enough.
Nitesh and the others are here.
I will stay with them.
When will we meet again?
I dont know.
I didnt know I would see Bobby again.
I thought he would never come into my life again.
What else do you feel?
I feel it would have been nice had
he come much before.
I dont know.
Who hit this?
Whoever hit this come forward, right now.
Please Aunty... please...
When I am in the kitchen
they make too much noise.
Such a nice frame you have broken all of you.
Sister, please sister...
Mom leave it... its Ok.
Sister, sister, please, sister...
Sister... Please give us the ball.
Sister, sister, please, sister.
Hey, super kit.
-Aaa, Sister
Where are you practicing?
-St. Johns.
Thanks, Sister.
Hey, SS bat.
I am coming for you only.
Come, let me take you to one place.
Are you okay?
You know how important this project is for us.
Whatever happened with you, if you can describe
it in a few words, it will really help us out.
Tell me what I need to say and I will say that.
Script...hey, give me the script.
Lilly, these are your lines.
Go through them once.
Lilly, say those lines a bit dramatically.
Like your poetry, is it?
Dear Comrade. Our childhood will not return to us.
I can not forget...
Hey, okay. Okay. Dont toy with me.
Just say it the way you want to.
Hi, my name is Aparna.
I have been depressed for a couple of months now.
My mother had to sell her two bangles because of that.
Bobby... What is this?
She sold her two bangles, is it?
Hey! Who wrote this script?
What do you mean she sold her two bangles?
I wrote it to emote some feelings.
What feel will you have? all crap...
Bobby, I will say this on my own.
Will you say it?
Okay, throw that aside.
Hi, my name is Aparna Devi.
Look at the camera.
I have been depressed for a few months.
The psychiatric ward, the medications,
nothing seemed to help me.
By Gods grace, I met these people.
There cannot be another better medicine than nature itself.
Their sound wave frequency treatment was a great help.
So, thank you, Bobby.
And thank you, everyone.
The video has come out superbly.
Is it good, Bobby?
Its very good.
Are you happy?
Many people rejected us because we did not have this.
This is going to be a great help, Lilly.
If it helps you, then fine.
By the way, you said you wanted to tell me something?
Chaitanya, we have to go there
by 8 oclock. So pack and be ready.
Okay, I will be ready by 8 oclock.
You guys are going, is it?
We have to go.
We have to show them the demo, right?
Do you also have to go?
I only have to go. You saw how intelligent they are.
They will come back after selling two bangles.
That is why I had to call you all of
a sudden to record this video.
You called me only for this, is it?
Okay, even I will come with you.
Do you want your father to beat me up again or what?
You have just now come back, Lilly.
Spend some time with your family.
You have to start your cricket training soon.
All this is unnecessary distractions for you.
You are done with me, know, Bobby. I will go.
I'll keep in touch you on the phone.
Take care.'
Bro, a friend of yours is here.
When I asked for his name, he says hes a comrade.
Hey,Bro... Bro...that is my laptop, bro!
Hey, no. No. No.
Please, stop!
Hes Raghu.
He is Dinesh.
This is Martin.
My friends.
Its my wedding... till its done,
he is not going anywhere.
You guys can leave.
You know how many times Chinni said you will come.
You say you will come, but dont turn up.
Hey, I really wanted to come.
Till Lilly told me, I had no idea you were here.
Did Lilly tell you?
Yes, she only told us, but are you guys together again?
There is nothing like that.
We met by chance. Thats all.
She was not well.
Now she is much better now.
But, had you seen her when I saw her,
you would have been scared.
No one should go through what she went through.
But once, she goes back to playing cricket,
she will be all set.
After that, each will go in their own path.
Why did you take so long to come home?
Hey, Brother...
How are you?
I am good.
Where did you go all these days?
Are you studying well?
Or are you troubling mom...
After you left, the house didnt feel like home.
We were just living, thats all.
You mentioned, you were working
on some project...
How is it going?
Its going well.
Is the money enough for you?
Dont spend it.
Try to save it.
You are guys are becoming older, right?
By the time you come back,
this town may not be the same.
I may not be here.
But, you would have changed completely.
Bobby, hi.
Lilly, when did you come?
If you dont bring me along you think I cannot come?
I thought you will come directly for Raghus wedding.
Had you told me you were coming,
we could have come together.
You were the one who left without telling me.
What would have happened if you had told me?
Hey, when did you come?
Look at him, aunty. He left me and came off.
You come. We will take care of him. Come!
Mom, I want less sugar.
Do you remember? Last time when
we were here, we got wet in the rain?
We got completely wet. It rained through the roof on us too.
That day...
-You remember quite well.
They have all become old.
Now we have repaired the roof.
Lets go. We can sit inside and talk.
After he took you away from the hospital,
we got so many calls.
We were so worried, you know?
Because everything was fine, its okay.
He didnt come home for three years.
But he was with you for two weeks.
He will listen to you.
Dont let him go anywhere, okay?
Oh. Are you are telling me?
What do you mean?
Bobby is not like what he used to be.
He has changed a lot, aunty.
He will stay if he wants to.
I also wish the same.
Getup is awesome right?
Hi Girls.
Welcome, man.
Hey, Bridegroom
"Put the rhythm on and try to sing a new song."
"Blow the trumpet, this has finally
happened after a long time"
"Dude, look, the story has begun again."
"What are you looking at? Dance to the beat."
"Dont look at the time,
Our good time is finally here."
"In this fun and festivity, dance like the Tiger."
"Your friendship was distanced from me..
for a while."
"Today, he is come close once again."
"Sweet... Oh ho ho."
"Memory... Oh ho ho..."
"Has touched my heart."
"Hey, sweet, memory."
"Hey, has touched my heart."
"has touched my heart."
"When we drown in the overflowing happiness it feels so good."
"Dont know what happens to my heart in this joy."
"This everlasting bond between us,
when it brings us together, it makes me feel happy."
"There is so much strength in this bond of ours."
With this marriage, half of Raghu's nagging has gone down.
Now he will stop bothering me.
You could have brought for everyone here, right?
-No. You go and get it for yourself.
You dont have to distance him from us.
Who is getting married next in our circle?
Bobby is there, right?
Lilly, when is your wedding, then?
Someone we know is coming to see me
from Canada, next week.
Oh! Looks like a lot of work.
Hey, Bobby, see if we need to again
do the arrangements for Marriage
We have to prepare properly..right?
What, Bobby?
Does he also, like him, break phones
or destroy phone booths...?
Hey, Martin. Stop it.
Not like that. Find out if he too, like you,
will cry for her, Comrade.
-Shut up.
How much he made us cry!
How much he cried at the SU Circle.
I mean that...
Stop it now. I will hit you guys otherwise.
I mean, did you forget the day when
you got us all beer, after you kissed her.
Hey, hes coming.
-Oh, hes coming to hit us now. Run.
Stop it!
Tell me the truth. Did you cry for me?
Now you have started, is it?
Tell me?
Did you cry?
You know you are so cool now.
When I look at you, I feel happy, Bobby.
Your life. Your ambition.
You know what you want in life.
The anger you had then, is not in you anymore.
I like you more now.
Promise me you will always be this way?
Do it!
Come. Sit down.
Focus on your training.
Now everything is fine, right?
have to become fit for the matches
and play at the Nationals.
You will do it.
We will all come and cheer you on in the stands.
I have left cricket.
It is my past now.
Then, what is your future?
My future? Wherever you are
I want to be with you, Bobby.
We will get married and live happily together.
Parents will also be at peace at their age.
why are you talking about marriage suddenly?
Why do you want to leave cricket and marry me?
How long have you known me for?
Not before cricket, right?
There was a time when you told me
cricket meant more to you than me.
Do you remember?
In life, cricket is not everything, Bobby.
I just need you.
I will be happy.
Lilly, you dont have to leave anything for me.
I told you this a long time back.
You dont have to change your life for me.
I will be there for you as your support,
as your comrade.
I want to see you achieve your goals.
I want to see you play in the stadium.
What do you mean?
Why are you irritating me with cricket
and goals and what not?
You tell me, now. Do you want me or not?
Do you like me or not?
How can you say that?
Is there any meaning to what you just said?
Can you get married and play cricket?
Can you start your training again?
Bobby, I have left cricket.
It is my past now.
Why do you need these demos?
I will be there... I will join your team.
She may appear happy on the outside.
But she is still having pain inside.
This is just a temporary diversion... because of you.
Peace be upon you, aunty.
How are you, Rubina?
You? Here?
I work here.
You work here?
What happened to you?
You look fine to me. is Lilly?
Did you two meet?
She is fine. We met.
I havent seen Lilly for a long time now.
Shes very sensitive.
Please take good care of her, Bobby.
She says she doesnt want to play cricket anymore.
And you are working here at a stitching workstation.
What is happening, Rubina?
I dont understand anything.
Why isnt anyone telling me anything?
What happened, Rubina?
Good shot Lilly.
Hello, Sir... Morning.
And the player of the match goes to, Ms. Aparna Devi.
We request our South Zone Chairman,
Mr. Ramesh Rao to please hand over the trophy.
Meet me in the office tomorrow.
Ill be waiting for you, okay?
Yes, sir.
-Bye, sir.
Such a delight to watch. What a player you are.
I am seeing such a nice player after so long.
Now tell me something about yourself.
What does your father do?
Hes a bank manager, sir.
Oh! Middle class family. Orthodox kind?
I will support you.
Thank you Sir.
Because Lilly...
you are a combination of talent and beauty together.
You know from last so many years,
I was not able to find a very good player for my team.
All this time, I could never lift
my head high in front of the BCCI.
You know, everyone is waiting for my next announcement.
They want to know who that player is going to be.
And I found you.
Aparna Devi, who plays for the Indian National team!
How does this sound? Good?
-Yes, sir.
Before then that we have to finish some basic formalities.
Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit.
Someone who supports you,
you also have to support them as well?
Basically, it is...
What happened?
During practice...
You. You. should take care of yourself.
No. No. You are very precious.
What was I telling you?
Huh, the formalities.
Will you sleep with me?
What is the big deal?
Everybody has to go through like this.
you also have to go through.
I will take care of the rest.
Think about it and let me know.
We will meet again tomorrow.
Why should you be scared of him?
Does he even know how hard we work everyday?
That dog wont leave you no matter where you go.
Lets go and lodge a complaint with the association.
Rubi, please dont complain.
Why are you scared of him?
Will you complain or do you want me to do it?!
He scared us a lot, Bobby.
She told him cricket was her life.
She requested him a lot...
but he didnt let her go.
Where is Aparna?
How dare you complain about me? Complain?
No, sir. I did not do it.
Now complain... who cares for you?
No. No. No. No.
If we have to go to the Nationals,
do we have to sleep with you?
What did you say?
I was the one who lodged the complaint against you.
What will you do?!
Sir, sir, sir...
no, sir. Sir, please. Sir.
Hey? Hey? How dare you say, hey?
Sir, please. Sir. Sir, please. Sir.
-You called me, hey?
Hey, hold on for ten minutes.
I am teaching discipline here... Get out!
Sir, sir,, sir. Sir, please. Sir.
-Do you know who...?
who I am?
Sir, sir,, sir. Sir, please. Sir.
We will never do this again. Sir, please. Sir.
Sir, please. Sir. Leave us alone.
I told you, what you needed to do.
But you refused me. You rejected me.
I will see how you can play cricket in your whole life again.
Leave me, sir.
Hey... hey.. where are you going?
Show me the Chief Selectors room. Come on.
He sits upstairs.
That Room.
Circulate the tournament schedule
to all the team members
Hey, Ramesh!
Hey! Who...who are you?!
Hey! Who...who are you?!
You guys leave now.
-Who are you?! Hey! Hey!
Who are you?!
I am bleeding! You!
Enough! Enough of this Drama!
Who the hell are you?! What do you want?!
Why are you hitting me?!
To play cricket, the girls have to sleep with you, is it?!
Hey, hey, hey...dont come close to me.
I am telling you...
Come here. I will make you sleep permanently!
She will come.
She will play cricket.
Who are you to decide their future?
Now they will decide your future.
Does God have to come down to lodge
a complaint against you?
Aparna Devi will do.
Try to stop it.
Now, I am there for her.
I shouldn't have left you, Lilly
Nothing happened.
Dont cry.
Let's go.
Where are we going?
There, Bobby has come.
Hey, wait. Who are you?
We are here to lodge a complaint.
-For what?
Theres a fight in the South Zone Cricket Association.
Chairman Ramesh Rao has harassed
a girl named, Aparna.
Sir, hold on. Sir?
-We have to meet the CI.
Sir, I am telling you.
Hold on, sir. Sir!
Who are you guys? Why are you coming in like this?
They came inside without listening to me.
South Zone Chairman Ramesh Rao has
been beaten and warned by ten people.
We havent received any such complaint, sir.
He says there has been no such complaint.
Who beat him up?
-We beat him up.
As a law-abiding citizen,
we have come to raise a complaint, on behalf of Aparna.
Chairman Ramesh Rao, using his position of power...
to harass and abuse women cricketers.
He is roaming around like a mad dog on the roads.
We will keep fighting until you arrest him under the Sexual
Harassment at Workplace Act, section 354 and section 376.
Sign it, Lilly.
Bobby, no, Bobby.
I am scared. Lets go.
Lilly, sign it.
Bobby, please...
Hey! Sign it.
Uncle, please wait.
Dont worry. Everything will be okay.
Lilly, listen to me.
Let go of her hand. Dont touch her!
What will she say?
Dont you have any shame?
You brought her to the station!
Uncle, you dont know what happened.
The reason Lilly was not selected for the Nationals,
was not because of the accident.
Chairman Ramesh Rao...
I know.
I know everything that has happened.
I am only thinking about what is good for my daughter.
Dont make this a serious issue
and make us lose our respect.
Shut up!
Are you not ashamed to tell me
you know what happened?!
Go out and sort it out.
What is this Lilly?
That day you hit me, just because I took her out.
Why are you not showing the same anger on him?
I dont understand!
Are you scared?
How can you be scared on matters
regarding your own daughter?
What will you achieve?
He is doing fine.
Cant you see how much pain she is in?!
-Enough, Bobby,.
Lilly, dont talk to him.
-Bobby, enough.
Lilly, come this side.
-Bobby! Listen.
They are all making you a coward.
Dad, give me five minutes.
Lily, your dad is as responsible for
your depression as much as Ramesh Rao is.
Bobby, shut up!
Are you back in my life to make me cry?
I know you are angry with me.
That is why you are hurting me again and again.
How can I say this to make you understand, Lilly?
There was a time I felt proud, when I stood next to you
and would tell my friends I was going to meet you.
I dont feel that anymore.
I used to come to see your matches
to Bangalore or Chennai.
Now you are right here, talking about love
and marriage, like a loser.
I wanted to be with you.
But you havent changed one bit.
You are the same.
Lilly, in those I was not fighting.
I was being aggressive.
This is the real fight, Lilly.
Whatever happens, do we keep our mouths shut and watch?
Lets show them what a comrades fight looks like.
Hey! What is that discussion? Go...
-This is not an argument.
- Let's go.
First, have a look at that case, sir.
We will be back. We are not letting him go.
Hey, get out of here, first.
Lily, stop.
Leave me. Dont touch me!
Did I tell you I was having a problem?
Huh? You are all the same.
He asks me for a sexual favour.
Dad says the family will lose all respect.
You ask me to fight.
All of you asked me whatever you want.
Did anyone even bother to ask me what I want?
Leave me alone.
Please just leave me alone.
What do you want?
What do you want?
Forget about me, your father, that man or this society.
Think about what is it that you truly want?
Fight for what you truly desire.
Dont be like a coward, Lily!
He brought that girl and lodged
a complaint against you.
You are having luck. Lucky man!
That... came to my office and beat me up.
Without doing anything to him,
you are calling me lucky, is it?
What will you get from being frustrated with me?
Do you think a sexual harassment is a small case?
It will shake up our foundations!
If she believed in him and really lodged a complaint,
your whole career would have been ruined.
You are the ACP and you are getting scared?!
I dont want to hear any kind of explanation.
Just kill that... !
Thats it!
Lilly, what is happening?
I heard that someone is coming to see you?
You are not completely okay.
That is why you are taking such hasty decisions.
All of you are making me mad.
Did you meet Bobby? What did he say?
He is still aggressive and angry like in the past...
He has not changed at all...
He has already forgotten me.
He doesnt like me.
He only has pity for me.
And that I dont like.
He talks like he wants to better my life.
So, because of that, marrying
someone else will solve that problem, is it?
Since you were young, you told me Cricket was your life.
Whatever he is doing now,
is because he doesnt want you to quit.
Its up to you now.
Please have. You also please take.
We have been talking about your alliance for a long time.
What is happening outside?
So you wanted to get married and run away?
Why did you come?
Enough has happened.
Stay here and fight.
I am with you.
I have raised a complaint against him.
Come to the committee and tell them what happened.
Fight for your right!
I am telling you I will be there to support you!
Look there.
Who is she?
She is not the Lilly I know.
That plait, flowers, saree, and this makeup.
She is scared and is hiding behind all this.
Come out as Aparna Devi.
I am there for you.
You come back after three years
and saying that you are there for me?
Where have you been all this while?
The guy who is sitting outside sees a future with me.
He says he likes me.
I can also forget you the way
you have forgotten me the last 3 years.
"Where should I go?...
thinking about you, again and again.."
I did not forget you in these three years, Lilly.
No matter where you were, no matter what you were doing,
you were with me every second.
"Where should I go?...
Leaving the calling of my dear one's heart... "
"where should I go?"
I have traveled very far.
But your memories were always close to me.
"I am trying to be the turn"
(I feel so lonely.)
"Searching for you; to help you with the direction of the journey."
"The loosening string,
Shall I weave it with my memories?"
"And shall fly our kite?"
Khardung La Pass.
17, 582 feet.
Highest motorable road in the world.
"That unstoppable anger..."
Whomever I see, I remember only us.
"Hug me like the snow."
"The eyes do not fall asleep..."
"The dreams are blocked,
the marks won't rub off...Oh!"
You must be playing for the National team in this heat.
We may not play cricket together again.
But some day when you play,
I will stand far away in the stadium and watch you.
Thank you.
Lilly, the marriage party, liked you a lot, it seems.
They call me to inform the same.
They want to fix a wedding date in this month itself.
Whenever you feel pain or feel lonely
or if you feel you are missing something...
then listen to this.
Suddenly, I am feeling scared, Lilly.
Its minus six degrees.
Darkness all around me.
There is no human around for hundreds of kilometres..
What if something happens to me?
I want to see you just once, Lilly.
"The journey of the fall and rise,
Teaching me patience..."
Its my fault, Lily.
If I had thought about you that day,
maybe I would never have pushed you away.
I would have begged you,
held you close and hugged you, maybe.
"I am smiling, thinking of you."
"No matter what, there is one name that won't separate."
"Please don't go, don't go,
Shall stay like the calm waters."
"Like the cool aura of the full moon, embracing me."
"Like a rising tide
Not a leaf will I let go"
Lilly, come here.
"Should I stay like the caressing breeze;
not harming a string of your hair."
"A season without any change
Like a mirage"
"I cannot live..."
Today, I met a little girl today.
She was cute, just like you.
Same naughtiness.
A small ponytail.
Same resemblance.
She played with me the whole day, without going to school.
Her name was Lilly as well.
Its been two years since I pushed you away.
I thought I could forget you.
But I cannot forget.
If you loved her so much you could have
told her all this before, right?
If you hide it, how will she understand, Bobby?
Once, talk to Lilly about this and see.
Will she listen to him?
A dark secret of cricket has come into light.
South Zone woman cricketer was sexually harassed.
A woman cricketer has complained to the police
that she was sexually harassed by the chief selector.
If you have to make it to the National team, then you have
to fulfil my wish, said the Chief Selector, Ramesh Rao.
Heres an exclusive video pertaining to the case of Ramesh Rao.
We can now see Aparnas boyfriend Chaitanya,
along with his friends, is seen beating up Ramesh Rao, on TV9.
Right now we have Ramesh Rao on the phone with us.
Tell us.... A woman cricketer has put
a sexual harassment case on you.
What do you have to say to this?
These are all cheap tricks for placements.
I thought she will become a good player.
Even the board wanted to support her.
But she lost her focus.
She wanted to come up through wrong means.
I am sorry. Sorry. We didnt expect this from her. Sorry.
Hey, get up.
Who are you?
-Lets go.
Hey, Lets go.
Hey! Lets go.
Hey, move. Get in.
The sexual harassment cases against women in the State are
being protested by the Women Welfare Associations of Hyderabad.
We protest against such fascist pretence.
Right now we are in front of her house.
She is refusing to come out and speak to the media.
Was Aparna friendly with
Ramesh Rao and kept Chaitanya at a distance?
Did Chaitanya take his revenge on Ramesh Rao,
after he once again became close to Aparna?
Whenever Aparna went anywhere to play a match,
Chaitanya would come to see her.
A couple of times she left the match and went away with him.
I was very inspired by looking at her play.
She is best player.
But we dont like the way she is putting
this allegation on Ramesh sir.
Like this, there are many allegations and many twists.
But Aparna still refuses to come out.
What is happening? Stay tuned.
What is the issue with Aparna?
You know, these are all common
political issues during Chairman elections.
This is not the first time you are facing these complaints.
Sir, you know me very well.
I cant do anything so wrong.
Enough! I am putting an inquiry committee on this.
Just get ready for that.
Sir. Sir. Sir. Hello? Hello? Hello?
BCCI has sent notices to Ramesh Rao and Aparna Devi,
asking them to appear before the in-house committee.
There is a notice from the court.
I believe they have appointed an in-house committee.
Sign it.
See, this is so simple, dear.
Why make such a scene?
Do you think this is bravery?
This is foolishness!
You wont have a life.
Neither will your girlfriend have a life.
Your friends will never come out.
They will stay in jail forever!
Sign the papers. Sign it!
You may think you are scaring me.
You are the one who is scared.
I can see it.
He can see it, I believe!
Sign it!
Make him sit!
Sign it.
What do you say?
Why did I come here as an ACP?
To drink tea, is it? Hmm?
I have to tell you a few things.
Do you know what people are
talking about your daughter?
Horrible gossips. This media attention is vulgar.
Ramesh Rao is a big man.
First, you need to ask your daughter...
what actually happened between him and her.
I heard you lost your son in some college fight.
Is your whole family like that?
Getting into fights and antisocial behaviour?
Uh...Is he your boyfriend?
Do you know where he is?
Hes in my custody. He wont be released.
He was involved in some fights in Kakinada.
Also has a few cases against him.
I have to bring all that out now.
If you want him alive and released from custody,
it all depends on what you will say tomorrow.
Got it?
Will the committee from Delhi...
study the Aparna and Ramesh Rao case
and figure out the truth of what really happened?
The case of South Zone cricketer Aparna, that has taken
the nation by storm, has now become even more interesting.
Now the board will receive a future course of action,
after receiving Ramesh Raos explanation.
Aparna Devi just has arrived to In house committee
[Indistinct Voices]
Ladies and Gentlemen. Good morning.
Let it be on record that you are sitting
in front of the committee, appointed by the BCCI...
to investigate the allegations of sexual harassment...
and the abuse of woman Cricketer by
South Zone Chairman Mr Ramesh Rao.
I, too, am very disturbed and upset
because, these false allegations have been put on me.
I humbly request you to sort it out as soon as possible...
because it is the question of my own existence.
And I personally believe that
we should play in a healthy atmosphere.
Ms. Aparna, suddenly, since November 2017,
you have stopped coming for practice.
May we know the reason?
Tell them what happened.
Tell them, dear.
She had an accident. Tell them Aparna.
You...! Keep your mouth shut.
Did they ask you?
This is a classic example, sir.
Look at how aggressive he is.
Chaitanya, please calm down.
-What is going on here?
Is she not playing because of the accident?
Her legs are fine now, then why isnt she playing?
Please be silent! And let her speak!
I had an accident.
I had an accident.
Its sorted, sir.
It is on record. Clear?
Lilly, the decision you make today will decide your future.
Sir, he is forcing her, sir. This is not fair.
-Chaitanya, please be quiet.
Ms. Aparna Devi,
on March 17, they say you filed a sexual harassment...
complaint against Mr Ramesh Rao at the
Begumpet Police Station.
Is it true?
Sir, this is completely baseless, sir.
There is no truth at all in it.
See, if this happened,
then she would have complained at the time of the abuse itself.
Lilly, you have come so far.
Just tell them what happened.
Stop it!
This should not happen to another girl.
How can he force this young girl to complain
against me, in front of you, sir?
This girl is mentally and emotionally unstable.
Doctors also declared that, sir
Chaitanya! Calm down.
Take him away.
See what is he doing Sir? see.
How many girls lives will you spoil?
-What is this, sir?
We can't tolerate such kind of behaviour in this room!
Hes just hitting me!
Come on! In the committee itself?!
Shut up!
Sir, this is a very clear case of a dangerous criminal let lose!
Mr. Chaitanya, if you do not remain calm,
we will have to dismiss this case and give him a clean chit.
Be calm. Its okay.
-Why will you dismiss the case, sir?
I am telling you she has been harassed by him.
He is a rapist, sir!
Sir, he...did he just calling me a rapist?!
What is this, sir?
Hey, shut up! Dont lie! Sit down.
Sir, there are so many girls facing problems
because of him...
and many players suffer because of him...
but no one come to complain against him with fear
Its a lie! Are there any cases like this on me?
Mr. Ramesh Rao. Please. Please.
Please give us a moment. Please.
Ms. Aparna, you tell now.
Did Mr. Ramesh Rao, harass you or not.
Say yes or no.
If he didnt do anything,
then why was a case lodged against him?
If you do this, we will have to file a false accusation
case against Chaitanya. Do you know this?
Sir, is your daughter mentally stable
and is she conscious of the statement she is making?
I dont know who she is.
She is not related to any of this.
It doesnt make any sense.
You were the one who raised a complaint, is it not?
I dont know who she is, sir.
Ramesh Rao and I have a different problem.
I didnt like the way he spoke to me.
I get angry very fast. That is why I hit him.
My anger hasnt subsided.
I didnt know what to do.
I put a sexual harassment case on him to ruin his reputation.
I am used to getting into fights, sir.
I really tried hard to change but it didnt happen.
Many dear ones, have left me because they
have decided I can never change in this lifetime.
Then why did you involve Aparna in all this?
She is a distant relation to my neighbour back home, sir.
I saw her a couple of times three years ago.
I know she plays cricket.
That is why I used her name when I gave the complaint.
I didnt know this would become such a big issue, sir.
She is not related to this at all.
Its my fault, sir.
Enough, sir.
Enough, sir! My family and I have suffered
a lot with the complaint they filed.
Leave me. No more discussions, sir. Please!
We are very sorry.
We understand what you have gone through.
Please, take your seat.
Mr. Chaitanya. Because of you, today a girls career
and a gentlemans reputation have been spoiled.
If you are going to be like this,
then there is a danger of other being effected by you.
Mr. Srikanth, please take him into custody.
I told you this before, sir.
This kind of criminal doesnt have a place out here.
Hey, take him away!
Bobby? Bobby? Bobby!
Our paths are different.
They can never meet.
Bobby, dont leave me, Bobby.
Please, Bobby!
Bobby. Please, Bobby!
Its okay. Its okay.
Mr. Ramesh Rao, please be seated.
We apologise you on behalf of the committee.
No, no, no, sir. Please, sir.
You need not apologise.
I need an apology from her, sir.
I am telling you, sir...Girls, who are not focused
or have no talent, want to come up this way.
Because of them, even good players
are getting scared of sports.
Sir, you know about my track record...
Ms. Aparna!
-What did you say?
Ms. Aparna!
Ms. Aparna! Please calm down.
-How dare you?!
You bastard!!
-Please, Aparna!
Sir, what is this?
How many women will you torture like this, you mongrel?!
Aparna, cool down. Please. Please.
You just watch. I will be selected for the National team.
Aparna devi will become the captain.
Leave me alone.
You ruined my life!
I love cricket, sir.
That is my dream.
He destroyed my dream, sir. This bastard!
There were a few things I could not even tell my parents, sir.
He used to come into our washroom and act mad.
Hey! I am going to kill you.
The Board apologies on the behalf of the behavior of Selector
Ramesh Raos against South Zone Cricket player, Aparna Devi.
We consider a good player like Aparna Devi important for the team
and hence ask her to get ready for the Nationals team selections.
We thank Chaitanya, who has brought
this complaint in front of the board.
We dismiss Mr. Ramesh Rao from the position of Selector
and request the police to take him into custody.
Madam! Madam! Madam!
One minute, madam. Please.
-Aparna, what happened inside?
Aparna, one minute.
Why did you not disclose this issue all these days?
Every girl has this fear.
We are scared about what will happen if we complain.
Everyone has a dream.
But to achieve that dream, one must face many problems.
We do not find any support during that time.
No one pays us any attention. That is why the fear.
But for someone like us, to change fear into courage,
we need to have someone special in your life.
Someone strong.
If I have to say it simply...
in every girls life there has to be a comrade.
It can be anyone. A friend. A brother. Parents.
I have such a comrade in my life.
Just because I called him my comrade just once,
he was always travel with me.
He supported me a lot. He sacrificed a lot for me.
In the end, he made me fight the whole world.
And he made me win.
Aparna Devi, where is your comrade now?
When will you start your cricket again?
Madam! Madam! Madam!
-One minute, madam. Please. Please.
You dont know who I am, is it?
You met me only a couple of times, is it?
What did you say there?
I am your neighbors relative, is it?
They have arrested Ramesh Rao.
I hit him.
I screamed at him.
Everyone stopped me, Bobby. Even then I hit him.
I saw fear on his face.
I told them everything that happened to me.
You dont know. You didnt see. You should have seen it.
I saw.
I have seen Aparna Devi
Dont touch me.
What did you say?
That our paths are different. That we can never meet.
Take it back.
Take it back. I am telling you...
Or I will hit you as well.
I am telling you. Take it back.
I take it back.
Its okay.
This isn't just Lily's story.
A lot of girls I've seen and know faced such circumstances.
Some of them were courageous enough to fight,
But some stayed in shells out of fear.
However, none were able to heal their wounds.
Kindly remember that this isn't the fault of
our children or our girls.
Do not scare them into silence.
Success is ours if we only lay our fears aside.
Become the 'Comrade' for your loved ones.
With love,
Team 'Dear Comrade.'