Dear Diary I Died (2016) Movie Script

No, it can't be.
I just saw her yesterday.
She had a new boyfriend,
and her parents just bought
a house that she loved.
I don't understand
how this can be.
Tell me it's not true.
Tell me you're wrong.
She was so young
and vibrant.
Say it's not true.
That was very,
very good.
Thank you, Becca.
We'll be in touch
with your manager.
Thank you very much.
Have a great day.
I'm home!
I had a great audition
in case anyone was wondering.
Hey, sleepyhead,
wake up.
-You're here!
-Yeah, it's nice
to see you too.
My break started early,
so I figured I'd surprise you
and the parentals.
Well, it worked.
When I didn't hear
back from you, I didn't--
I know, I'm sorry.
That's college.
Is that all it is?
Dee, I've been trying
to get in touch with you
-for a while.
-Okay, don't be
I know.
I've been busy.
You're skipping college,
so you don't know.
I'm here now.
So can I get some love,
little sis'?
Lady di and becks
together again.
-I missed you.
-Me too.
It's so great to have
you home, sweetie.
Thanks, I know.
I'm so excited to be back.
I feel like I haven't
seen in you forever.
I really missed you guys.
Three favorite girls
in the whole wide world.
-It's great that you
got that job, sweetie.
Uh, yeah, I mean,
it's an internship.
-A paid internship.
-Yeah, at dad's firm.
Hey, you're
indispensable to Seth.
Yeah, he's, um,
a great mentor.
Well, anyway, what I want
to hear about is becks.
How was your senior play?
My blanche stole the show.
- Hmm.
- -'Atta girl.
I wish you were there.
I know, I know.
I really wanted to be.
No, it's okay.
I figured you
wouldn't be, but...
In a perfect world,
I would've liked
to have you there.
Oh, by the way,
Dave got me an audition
-for an indie feature.
- Wow, that's fantastic.
Her manager.
Yeah, it'll shoot
in six weeks...
A real budget
and everything.
It's not one of
those cattle calls.
It's... this one's major.
That's fantastic.
You're little sister
has some great natural talent.
- Aww.
- Thanks, guys.
--I'm gonna get
a head start, so...
- You all have
a great day, okay?
-I love you.
-Love you.
- Okay, dad.
- -Love you all.
I am full, actually.
Thank you, mom.
This has been so great.
Oh! Okay, um...
It's great to have
you back for a bit.
- Dee!
You scared me.
You look flustered.
Are you okay?
Um, no,
everything's fine.
Obviously something's
up with you.
I wish you'd just
tell me about it.
Dee, I'm your sister.
I have to go.
Whatever it is,
just blow it off,
and I'll blow my thing off.
We can get fro-yo
like old times.
You can talk about
whatever it is if you want,
and if not...
Hey, fro-yo.
You still think everything
can be fixed with fro-yo...
And you're so right.
I'm driving.
- And I'm the queen of england.
Nice catch, your majesty.
Becks, I...
I've got to postpone.
-I'm sorry.
I-- I wish I could.
It's okay.
I get it.
No. You know what?
I don't get it.
I thought you
chose Cartwright
over Stanford
because it's
a half-hour from home.
So why are you never here?
Why are you ignoring
all of my texts and my calls?
And why are you keeping
all these secrets from me?
I feel like I've lost the most
important person in my life,
and... I don't understand why.
You're right, okay?
About what?
I did-- I did
put distance between us,
but it's for a good reason.
Then tell me the reason.
You can't just say that
and not tell me.
Okay, okay.
I'll tell you,
but you have to promise
not to tell anyone,
especially mom and dad.
What's wrong?
Who is that?
No one. It's just...
My boyfriend.
- I have to go.
You have a boyfriend?
For how long?
-Dee, how long?
-It's like been a year, but...
Don't bother.
Becca, wait a minute.
Here, this is Christian.
He's cute...
In a "fit to meet
the parents" sort of way.
You could have told me.
It's complicated.
So explain it to me.
I... have to go
take care of something,
but we'll talk later.
-I got to go to work, so...
Thank you for calling
woods and Monroe.
How can I assist you?
Sure, I'll connect you.
Becca, call me back
as soon as you get this.
Oh, I screwed up... bad.
I don't see a way out.
I'm back!
Mom? Dad?
I'm coming in.
- Where is she?
- Oh--
--I'm sorry,
- but you can't touch her.
- -Let me go!
My girl! Oh my god!
My baby!
Mr. Wilson, I'm sorry
for your loss.
We're through here
for tonight.
Was it suicide?
We're opening
an investigation.
That's a question
that many parents ask.
What are the next steps,
An autopsy.
It's standard procedure
for any apparent suicide.
Why? Why would she do that?
Everybody loved her?
Wait, the message.
Becca, call me back
as soon as you get this.
I screwed up...
Bad and...
I don't see a way out.
See? She was scared
of something...
Or someone.
I need to make a copy
of that message please.
Maybe you should talk
to her boyfriend.
She had a boyfriend?
She told me
about him today.
Said they've been dating
for about a year.
I think they were
having problems.
His name is Christian.
-She got a text
from him today
and her whole
attitude changed.
She got all distant.
And then I found her.
Thank you.
Let's go.
You awake?
You have to get up.
--We have to go pretty soon.
I know we haven't
been close lately.
And part of that's on me...
But none of that
matters right now.
And we need to be there
for each other.
So if there's anything
that you need...
Whatever you're feeling...
Just know that
I'm here for you, okay?
It's okay.
Have you seen
Dee's locket?
It's probably at the dorm
with the rest of her things.
We'd better get going.
Is that Dee's sweater?
I want to be close
with her today?
Is that okay?
Here, this is Christian.
Oh my god.
"Dear diary"?
I can't take this anymore,
the blackmail, the lies,
and now the guilt.
I'll never be free
of what I've done.
The judge won't stop
until I'm dead.
How did I let this happen?
I'm so stupid!
Mom and dad
will never forgive me.
I'll never be able to come up
with that much money.
Another assignment
from the judge
and I have to do it.
Because taking all
my money wasn't enough,
he wants more from me.
I've never been so scared.
What did you get
yourself into, sis?
Look in the app called
"dear diary."
My sister was blackmailed.
and whoever did it
could have killed her.
There's over 200 hours
of audio on here.
How did you find this?
Dee hid it in her closet.
I was looking
through her things
and I found it.
Have you
showed your parents?
No, not yet.
Okay. Thanks.
We'll look into it.
The simplest things
become impossible.
The texts never stop.
I can't...
Hi, honey, what are
you looking at?
Well, if it's nothing...
Do you mind
if I take a look?
I spoke with
detective Diaz today.
I found something
the cops needed to see.
Well, then I want
to see it too.
The blackmail, the lies,
and now the guilt.
I'll never be free
of what I've done.
I can't believe
she kept it to herself.
She could have told me.
It's not your fault.
You know that, right?
She could have come
to us, her parents,
but, obviously, she didn't
feel like she could do that.
If it's not my fault,
then it's definitely not yours.
I was so mad at Dee
the last time we talked.
The last thing
i said to her was...
She knew how much
you loved her, honey.
Can we hear one more?
I told Marisa about
my new... relationship.
I knew she wouldn't approve.
I can't believe you're
cheating on Christian.
He's smart, hot,
and age appropriate.
Yeah, Christian's sweet,
but he's a child.
Uh, yeah, you're right.
He doesn't have a wife.
What do you want me to say?
You're talking about an affair.
It's not like that.
Honest, I'm in love.
Fine, if you really want this,
I'll support you.
But end things
with Christian soon.
-It's not fair to him.
-I know.
I'm going to...
Right after his open Mike.
-He's been preparing for...
Weeks, and I'm already
gonna break his heart.
I don't want to screw up
his big night too.
I guess I can keep quiet
a few more weeks.
Thank you.
So did you listen
to the diary yet?
- She was having--
-an affair, I know.
Did you talk to the guy
or to Dee's college
boyfriend Christian?
Look, we're focusing
on other investigative
angles right now.
What does that mean?
We found that there
was involvement
- with a Russian gang.
This is more dangerous
than you think.
This is a dangerous situation.
Are you at least treating
this as a homicide?
We found a secondary
break in her neck,
but we're still determining
whether or not
the injury was postmortem.
Oh my god.
So somebody did
stage her suicide...
After they broke her neck first.
Or her neck simply
broke in two places
after she killed herself.
Look, that's all
I'm going to tell you right now,
and I'm trusting
that you will stay out of this.
Diaz thinks there's
more involved here...
That somebody
could have killed Dee
and staged her suicide.
They found a secondary
break in her neck.
Oh my god!
They think it involves
a Russian gang.
Mom, I'm gonna go talk
to her boyfriend Christian.
No! They'll recognize you
from Dee's social media.
Mom, I'll go undercover.
I won't be dressed as me.
I've already lost one child.
Okay. You're right.
We don't know this guy.
Oh, go ahead, take it.
-It's yours.
-No please.
You were great.
Thank you.
Yeah, your song
really moved me.
It was so...
Passionate and real.
So, Kim, do you
go to Cartwright?
No. Parker.
Community college?
I 'm sorry.
I didn't... mean that
to sound like, um--
a condolence?
No worries.
Someone has to go there.
All right,
you caught me.
I'm a jerk.
It's all good.
What made you schlep
down here from Parker,
if you don't--
you don't mind me asking?
I'll tell you only if you...
Promise not to make fun of me.
I made plans with my ex...
To come here...
Before he was
my ex, of course.
He does these
open Mikes sometimes.
Oh, so you're hoping
to run into him here.
Not exactly.
He wasn't
who I thought he was.
Did he cheat on you?
I'm sorry for prying.
I shouldn't have.
It's okay.
Talking helps.
If it makes you
feel any better...
I just got out of a pretty
bad relationship, myself.
My girlfriend wasn't
who I thought she was either.
Did she cheat?
I'm sorry, Christian.
I'd really rather
not talk about it though.
Okay. No more
doom and gloom.
Just 'cause we're single,
doesn't mean we can't
enjoy a little music.
Sit with me
for the second half.
In return,
I'll be delightful arm candy
and provide insightful
yet biting criticism
of each performer.
I can't say no to that.
You're gonna have to excuse
the mess in my room.
It's a little...
Crazy right now.
Or we could, you know,
hang out outside.
There's some benches
if that would, you know,
make you feel
more comfortable.
Yeah, that would be cool.
All right, go back.
It's kind of-- yeah.
--It's been a--
Oh, uh, this is Kim.
I met her at the open Mike.
Kim, these are my friends
and dorm-mates.
Hey. Marisa.
It's super nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Kim, is it?
Would you mind
giving James and I
a minute alone
with Christian?
There's something
we need to discuss
in private.
Yeah... sure.
Um... where's the bathroom?
Oh, uh, down the hall,
to the right.
Dude, what are you thinking?
Thanks, dude,
that's really nice.
What James is trying to say
in his usual neanderthal way
is Dee died
three days ago.
Yeah, and I found out
she was leaving me
four days ago.
All right,
what's your point?
Look, I know you're
hurt and confused,
but don't you think
it's a little too soon
to be seeing someone?
Especially someone so...
"So"? So what?
She looks like Dee.
It's freaking weird.
Why are you telling him
how to grieve?
He's the one who
just lost his girlfriend.
Who made you the judge?
I'm gonna go, Christian.
Hopefully we'll do this
again sometime.
It was super nice.
Sorry I caused this.
You okay?
What is it?
What is that?
Who is that?
I think it's probably just...
Christian's friend James.
Dee talked about him
in her diary, remember?
You went to see him?
I think they're just
trying to scare me,
so I don't get near them.
It's working.
But that means
they're worried.
They won't hurt us.
We're too visible now.
Yes, we are... hopefully.
And it's going
to stay that way.
Okay, mom.
Oh, honey.
You look exhausted.
Why don't you just rest,
and we'll look into
this James tomorrow...
Maybe even
talk to Diaz about it.
I, uh, asked Seth
to stop by.
There she is.
Becca, I'm so sorry
for your loss.
Seth was your sister's
internship supervisor.
Diana was a very
special young woman.
She'll be missed.
Your father's office
is putting together
a scholarship
in Diana's name.
It'll go to a promising
intern every year.
All we need from you are
some personal thoughts
about your sister that we can
use for promotional materials.
It's nice
to finally meet you.
I've heard a lot
about you from your father.
Like I said,
Diana was an amazing woman.
I just wanted to have
this conversation in person.
Keith thought
it would be best.
Thank you, Seth.
We appreciate
this scholarship idea.
And Dee would
appreciate it too.
Uh, well...
We should be off.
-Be home late.
Take care,
both of you.
Did you see
his reaction to Dee?
He's married.
So was Dee's man.
Mom, come with me
to meet this James guy.
-I heard your conversation
with Diaz.
She's not on our side here.
I just want to talk
to him, that's it,
get our own
information... for Dee.
- What can I get you?
- -Hey, man, I'll take a yogurt parfait.
For here or to go?
That's five dollars.
One of these cards
still has some credit.
Find the right card...
Take your time.
Spoons are over there.
I'll take a coffee as well,
if I could. Thanks.
Coming up.
- What is this?
Did they all
pay off the judge?
Back so soon.
A sweet girl
fighting for her life.
It was a car crash.
That's terrible.
She was touch-and-go
for awhile, but I heard
she's out of critical.
Thank god.
Why do you care?
Look me in the eye
and tell me
you're being straight
with Christian
and you don't have
any other agenda.
That's what I thought.
Stay away from him!
Don't make me destroy you.
I don't need the hassle.
Dr. becter, please.
Paging Dr. stayman.
Dr. stayman, please.
You don't know who I am,
but I just had one question
about your accident.
No accident.
What do you mean?
What do you mean
"no accident"?!
What happened to you?
I was followed.
9-1-1, what is
your emergency?
There's been an accident,
on the corner
of third and lowe.
Send an ambulance.
I'm sorry.
Is that you?
Okay, one last question?
Who's the judge?
Hi, honey.
Hey, mom.
Can I play you something?
I can't take this anymore.
The judge went
too far this time.
I need help.
I've got to tell Seth.
Why would Dee tell her
internship supervisor
about the judge?
I'm just here
to see my dad.
Oh, Dee.
Thanks for lunch, Keith.
What are you doing here?
I, um...
I just wanted
to see the place
my sister spent
so much time.
I understand
that you're grieving,
and I miss her too,
but this is
my private office.
You can't be in here.
I didn't think
it was a big deal
since you and my dad
are such close friends.
A distinction
worthy of a lawyer.
Your dad would be proud.
He's back now.
We were at lunch.
Okay, thanks.
And sorry.
I just...
Really miss her.
Maybe he's the one
who blackmailed Dee.
He'd have a lot more
to lose than she did
if this got out.
I think we should confront him.
If you're right
and she was seeing Seth,
that would be a huge
breach of trust on his part.
Maybe even
grounds for firing.
But that doesn't
make him a blackmailer...
Or a killer.
I don't know.
I don't know either.
But even if there's
just a connection...
And we miss it...
Honey, don't you have
an audition tomorrow morning?
Oh my god.
I totally forgot.
Why don't you
go and rehearse?
I know how important
that is to you.
we're ready for you.
Oh my god.
Becca Wilson.
we're ready for you.
Thanks for
coming in, Becca.
--Are you all right?
What are you doing here?
I came here to ask you
why you broke into my room.
You followed me here?!
I did... Becca.
How do you
know my real name?
Dee's Facebook, genius.
So why'd you
break into my room?
And what do you know
about the judge?
Just what I learned
from Dee's diary.
The judge is a monster
and he killed her.
No, no, no, no.
She committed suicide.
Dee wouldn't do that.
I found your stash of money.
Stop pretending!
I know what I saw
-in your room!
-You don't know squat!
That envelope was
my payment to the judge.
I'm being blackmailed,
same as your sister.
What does the judge
have on you?
What does
he have on Dee?
This diary, have you
given it to the cops yet?
You really need to work
on your trust issues.
I could help you.
What do you mean?
I could help you
find the judge.
I've been a victim for months.
I'm sick of it,
but you and me together,
we could stop him.
How can I convince
you to trust me?
You're not
gaining my trust.
You're making
me uncomfortable.
Now you have my number.
What happened?
I slipped and fell
leaving the audition.
Just upset
'cause I tanked it.
I'm sorry, Becca.
You never know, though.
I bet you did great.
Thanks, dad.
We're here to honor
an exceptional young woman
who touched all our lives.
Not only was Diana
the most gifted intern
I ever had,
but she was truly
a good person,
who cared about
helping people.
Whether it was dealing
with someone at the firm,
or a friend,
or a stranger
on the street...
Diana had an empathy
that wouldn't quit.
Will the Wilsons
please come forward?
Keith, Michelle, Becca,
Diana will be missed...
But not forgotten.
Every year
Simmons & young
will award
a $5,000 scholarship
in her name
to a promising intern.
Thank you, Seth.
And thank you all
for being here.
Thank you, everyone.
Please enjoy some coffee,
some snacks.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
Okay, honey.
What are you doing here?
I intern here too.
My friend Diana
got me the gig.
I guess I know
why you're here,
Kim, Becca...
You're her sister.
I won't pretend to know
what you're going through...
But stay away
from my friends.
I'll be right back.
Do you know
where I found this?
Yeah... you do.
Do you sleep
with all your interns
or just the daughters
of your colleagues?
Did my dad know?
No. He would have killed me.
I loved her, you know.
I was going
to leave my wife.
please don't tell anyone.
I already lost Diana. I...
I don't want
to lose everything else.
Besides, the truth
would only drag
her name through the mud
and hurt your father.
Are you the judge?
I'm a lawyer.
Not a judge, the judge.
Dee was blackmailed
with a video of you two
doing things that
i will never forget.
And you certainly had access
to make that video.
I make-- I earn
900 grand a year.
I don't need
to extort teenagers.
But you're the reason
she was blackmailed
and got in too deep.
You were supposed
to mentor her...
Not sleep with her
and get her killed!
I hope you think
about her death every day
for the rest of your life.
We found entries
in Diana's diary
showing she
functioned as a courier
between the judge
and known members
of a local gang: Drakony.
They're Russian.
It means "dragons."
Drakony specialize
in confidence scams
and extortion.
But this blackmail scheme
is pretty new.
This is the third instance.
I mean, they had a guy
down at the cedar club
on Wilshire
gathering dirt
and blackmailing
society types
under the pseudonym
"the speaker."
And there was someone
at the lewison building,
the commercial district,
extorting white-collars
under the name
"Mr. president."
And now the judge.
What matters
is that drakony
is dangerous.
In both previous instances...
Deaths were involved.
So what does that mean?
The final
autopsy results are in.
Becca was right.
Diana was murdered.
That suicide was
apparently staged.
Forensics say
that the fatal fracture
was severe trauma
to the cervical chord.
That couldn't have
been caused by a fall
from a ceiling fan,
which means that
the second break
was postmortem.
And the judge?
He's the killer?
Interesting pronoun choice.
We're working
on a theory...
That the judge might
not be actual drakony--
just working with them...
And that she may be
someone close to Diana.
Where were you
Tuesday afternoon?
3:15 to be precise.
Becca don't say anything.
Shelly noonan is dead after
a visit from your daughter.
-Who is Shelly?
-I was just talking to her!
Be quiet, all right.
They'll use anything you say.
She's not talking to you
until she gets an attorney.
Shelly noonan is another
victim of the judge,
injected with
a fast-acting toxin
on Tuesday.
-What is that?!
-The murder weapon.
I ran the prints.
I was surprised as anyone
when they came back
matching Becca.
How did you get Becca's
prints for comparison?
She's not in the system.
Becca brought
this in herself.
-There's more to this story--
-Becca, please,
don't say anything.
Unless she found out
you were the judge,
confronted you.
I mean, maybe you fought,
maybe it was an accident.
This is outrageous!
We look at all the evidence,
not just the clues
that lead to easy suspects.
Now, can you explain the prints?
Becca won't make a statement
until she consults
with a criminal attorney.
Fine, lawyer up.
Come and give me
a statement tomorrow...
But don't leave town
because you're a suspect
in a murder investigation.
You have to tell
your father everything,
that you told me.
Becca, you heard
the detective.
You'll stay out
of it now, right?
Yeah, dad.
I'll stay out of it.
I know you're right.
Thanks for giving
my name to the cops.
I love cavity searches.
I thought you're a victim.
Don't you want justice?
How do you think
i got blackmailed
in the first place?
This isn't about blackmail.
My sister was murdered,
and the cops
have the wrong suspect.
I don't trust you yet,
not till you tell me
what the judge has on you.
Fine, I may have
spent the last year
acquiring and distributing
test answers and amphetamines
for a price, obviously.
Aww, daddy doesn't
give you an allowance?
Not one that suits my needs.
Look, I was
gonna quit, honest...
and I had to keep selling 'em
to pay him off.
Dee was my friend too.
If I'd have known
she was targeted,
I'd have helped her.
Say I believe you.
Then what?
Then we work together
to find the judge.
So if the cops
had the wrong suspect,
who's the right suspect?
Who had access
to Dee's web cam?
Just Christian and Marisa,
but who knows for sure.
My money's on Christian.
He learned Dee was dumping him
the day before she died.
He's been a train wreck since,
and he's taking it out
on my ears.
One second, a revenge song.
The next second,
a dopey love song.
Then we start there.
He said he wasn't
the revenge type.
You weren't the only one
who trailed me to my audition.
The judge was there too.
For you, mademoiselle.
Merci, monsieur.
I love the taste of coffee,
but it's so strong for me.
This way... it gets
filtered through a layer
of sugary goodness.
Wow, okay.
Yeah, I know people like
coffee with their sugar, but...
- You really mean it, huh?
You know, I'm really glad
you called me back.
I wasn't sure
you were going to.
Me too.
I'm sorry.
After that encounter
with your friends,
I just... needed a few days.
How are things with them?
They're trying.
-You know?
I mean, we all are,
i guess, but...
It's been pretty hard, lately,
especially after
what happened.
Literally, the only time
I've actually cracked a smile
in the past few weeks
is... when I'm with you.
That's really sweet.
I mean it.
-It's good.
That's from their
underground album.
I want to listen too.
Hang in there.
You'll be happy again.
I'm sorry.
It's just... too soon...
For both of us.
You're right...
But I like you, Kim.
You don't have
to say anything, okay?
I can wait.
I told you to stay
away from him!
You're screwing
with his head.
I don't care
if you're grieving.
You're an awful person.
The only reason
i haven't told him the truth
is to spare him
from another betrayal,
but if I see you again...
I tell everything.
I don't think
Christian's the judge.
Christian is the judge.
I texted you, look.
I took a photo
of his GPS log.
Right there, see?
He was near the casting office
during my audition.
Oh my god!
Mom? Dad?
Oh! Ah!
Becca! Are you here?
Go after him!
No, it's too dangerous.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I think so.
Oh no! Damn it!
The flash drive is gone.
You didn't
back it up online?
I lied to the cops
about having a copy of it.
I thought it was safe
to keep it off the cloud.
Whoever did this, the judge,
the Russian gang, whoever,
they're gonna
hear the full diary
and know exactly
what the cops know.
They're gonna want
to tie up loose ends.
--You got to go.
Use the back door.
Be careful.
Becca, honey!
We're home.
Oh my god!
What happened in here?
Are you okay?
I... just flipped out.
You did this?
I'm sorry.
I just lost it.
Yeah, you did.
Lashing out is not
gonna solve anything.
Look, we all need
to keep it together.
I'm okay now.
I'll clean up.
I'm sorry.
Are you sure Christian's gone?
Let's do this.
Criminology 101,
always bring gloves
to an illegal endeavor.
Why am I not surprised
you brought designer gloves?
I got you some.
Here you go.
Gee... thanks.
Where'd you get that?
I have my ways.
they didn't canceled it.
We're in luck.
I think I got something.
This is Dee's.
I'm telling you, all right,
i looked everywhere.
- All right, I had to
borrow a master key.
Oh, whatever.
Why won't you trust me?
I'm telling you,
there's something off
about that girl.
You know, Kim
actually takes my mind
off of things, so...
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I don't mean to sound
ungrateful or anything.
I know you're just concerned.
You're a good friend, okay?
--Are you okay?
Sorry, Jessica slammed
my shoulder during practice.
- I'll be fine.
No luck?
Can't find it.
I'll have to go to admin
and get a new one, I guess.
Her shoulder.
Yeah, so it hurts,
so what?
Uh, yeah, I mean,
if it's an emergency.
James wants me
to meet him in his room.
Apparently, it's urgent.
Fine let's go.
He said just me.
Um... I'll catch up
with you later, okay?
I'd know that squeal anywhere.
What are
you talking about?
Why'd you break
into her house?
You're both insane.
I know you stole
the flash drive.
You're a psycho.
I tried to cut you slack
because of your sister
since I miss her too,
but enough is enough!
I'm calling the cops.
Good, they can compare
your hair to the hair
on the ski mask.
I don't think she's lying.
-Her shoulder.
-I hurt it during practice.
You can ask the 30 people
who were there.
I'm filing
a restraining order.
Don't come near me again.
-This is Seth Collins.
Are you there?
What do you want?
To tell the truth.
I know who Diana met with
right before she died.
Who?! Did you tell the cops?
No, not when I thought
it was a suicide.
Look, I was a coward,
but I would like for us
to meet with him now.
Pool our intel
to give them a real shot
of finding out who did this.
I know that cop
thinks it was you,
but I think we can
change her mind.
I'll be right there.
Dee's lover knows
the last person
to see her alive.
I got to go.
Miss Wilson.
Interesting seeing you here
at another crime scene.
Becca, what's going on.
We all need to talk... now.
We searched your room.
We found this under the bed.
We confirmed that
it was used to blackmail
Shelly and Diana,
and we're expecting it to lead
to your other victims.
-I didn't blackmail anyone!
-How dare you!
She must have planted the burner
during the break-in.
-What break-in?
-My room.
At our house,
i said I had a tantrum,
but I was attacked
by the same psycho who attacked
me at the hospital.
I saw her here today
right before you stopped me.
She's either the judge
or his muscle.
Can anyone confirm?
I can confirm.
I was there too.
I insisted we keep it quiet...
Even from my husband.
Why not report it?
Because we didn't feel
like we could trust you.
I follow evidence.
You already know
about the syringe.
Let's see
what else we got.
This was sent anonymously.
So right there,
we have obstruction,
b&e, evidence tampering.
I'm advising my client
not to say anything else
-at this time.
-That's okay.
She can listen.
We also have
a restraining order
filed by Marisa Morgan,
who was claiming that
Becca was stalking her
and Christian Sykes,
Diana's ex.
None of this will play out
in the jury without motive.
My client has no history of...
And regarding motive,
I have your client killing
her sister and Shelly noonan
to keep her
blackmail scheme quiet.
As for Mr. Collins who died
in transport to the hospital
after being
stabbed eight times,
not when we have Becca
berating him in his office--
multiple witnesses.
A jury won't need
the details of the fight
as long as
they know it happened,
but this is the kicker:
Your client was
the last known person
to speak
with Shelly and Seth.
That's preposterous.
Why would Becca
be talking to Seth?
He called, she answered,
talk last over a minute,
half-hour later, he's killed.
I mean, you care to tell me
about the call?
The fight in the office?
Becca, don't answer that.
We're not all the way home
on Seth's and Diana's deaths,
but for Shelly,
i have a kill weapon
with prints and enough
circumstantial to fill an ocean.
Roll up on your drakony contacts
and we'll talk deal.
In the mean time,
Rebecca Wilson,
you're under arrest
for the murder
of Shelly noonan
-and the blackmail--
-My god, you can't do this!
-Do not say anything!
Do not say anything
without Daryl present.
Anything you say can
and will be used against you
in a court of law.
Becca, we will
have you out tonight.
Do not say anything!
I can't believe
they think I did it.
Should I be scared, daddy?
You guys believe me
about Dee, right?
Yes, of course, sweetheart.
Of course.
Christian is the judge.
I took a photo
of his GPS log.
Right there, see.
I can prove who the judge is,
but I need your help.
You can't leave the house
with that thing on.
-You'll be back in jail.
-I know it's my fault
But I'm also the only one
who can get myself out of it.
Sorry, mom.
Got to go.
If I can't stop you,
tell me how I can help.
What happened
to the anklet?
My mom and bolt cutters.
Cops are probably
swarming the house now.
I can prove
Christian's the judge
if you'll still help me.
You got a raw deal.
I'll help you if I can.
I want to be
the judge's next victim.
-A sting?
I'll arrange a drop,
stake it out,
and catch the jerk red-handed.
Cleaning your name
and getting Dee full justice
in one fell swoop,
not bad.
One hitch.
The judge has to think
the blackmail is his idea.
I guess it would
be suspicious
if you asked
to be blackmailed.
I need you
to plant the idea
in Christian's head.
What's the bait?
I found a stash of jewels
in Dee's room,
some sugar-daddy bling
from Seth,
probably worth 20 grand.
What do you
need me to do?
You got to tell Christian
you're at jewelers today,
shopping for
one of your girls,
and you saw Kim selling
a pile of expensive pieces.
So expensive the store owner
wouldn't take them
without a receipt,
which she didn't have.
That ought to hook him.
I love this plan,
very femme fatale.
I'll tell Christian
the next time I see him.
Uh, no, there's no time.
How am I supposed to make
that info-dump
sound natural
over the phone?
He's your friend.
Figure it out.
Okay, yeah.
I promise you
he bought it.
Thank you.
Now we wait.
Are you okay?
If Christian's the judge,
he'll bring the payout
right back to his room.
I need to know for sure.
What about your mom?
I thought it was safer
if I came alone.
Hey, come on.
What the hell?
I put florescent powder
on the blackmail envelope.
It glows in uv light.
Like this one.
Only the judge would spark up
like a glowworm
from carrying
that envelope around.
What gave me away?
Christian's GPS log...
The one you sent me.
There was no record of him
being at Dee's funeral...
But he was there.
The log was from
your cell, not his.
You took a screenshot
of your own phone
and passed it off
as Christian's.
Sorry, Becca.
I never meant for
things to go this way.
I liked you. I really did.
Did you kill them all?
Seth, Shelly...
Did you kill my sister?!
Only the others.
Not sister.
Then who did?
Some other drakony?
I'm gonna die now,
just tell me.
I never meant to hurt her.
It was an accident.
An accident?
If I didn't do it,
they would kill me
and get somebody
else to do it.
He's right.
Drakony hate loose ends,
and James avoids being one...
Unlike you.
You can join
your sister now.
- Any time now!
- Oh.
-Back away from her!
- Drop the weapon!
- -Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-Drop it! Now!
All right, all right, okay.
All right, all right.
Did you get
everything you needed?
I can prove who the judge is,
but I need your help.
You're my only chance.
If any part of you
thinks I could be innocent,
please, hear me out.
I'm listening.
Hold position.
Let him leave feeling clever.
All right, you're up, ladies.
Let him escape
and make it look good.
We're here for a murder
confession, nothing less.
Good job.
Christian, I'm so sorry
for lying to you...
And for hurting you.
Can you forgive me?
I'm sorry for your loss.
Are we good?
Well, in light
of new evidence,
and Becca's cooperation,
the da's dropping all charges.
I love you.
Good work tonight.
I was just a small-time grifter
who ripped off the wrong guy.
The drakony found me
and made it clear
I had two ways
to pay off my debt:
The next thing I know,
I'm enrolled in Cartwright
running an extortion scheme.
Get to the bodies.
It started with Shelly.
She said she was
gonna go to the cops.
So I sent Diana
to follow her, you know,
just to scare her a little,
but Shelly panicked
and drove off the road.
After the accident,
the drakony
decided to tie up
some loose ends.
I went to them and I...
Said I could smooth
things out myself,
you know,
put my marks in line,
but they said no.
I know what you think of me,
but I never killed anyone.
I didn't know what to do.
I mean, at first I thought
I'd just...
Save who I could
and get out of dodge.
Shelly was stuck
in the hospital.
There was nothing
i could do for her.
So I went to Dee.
--Shh, Seth.
No, there's someone here.
we need to talk.
No, it's my friend James.
Let me, uh,
get rid of him
and I'll call you back, okay?
James, what are
you doing here?
I know about Shelly
and the judge.
Five minutes,
that's all I ask.
We have to go
to the cops together!
You're not
listening to me!
They're gonna kill you.
You need
to grab your stuff
and leave today.
James, how do you know
what kill order they gave?
Or that I tailed
Shelly that night?
Or where I live
for that matter?
I told you,
I'm a victim too.
Are you the judge?
Oh my god!
I thought you
were my friend!
-I am your friend.
-You are not!
You ruined my life!
-And I am going to the cops!
-Calm down!
Now I have a name
to tell them!
-Dee, you don't
want to do that.
-Yes! Yes, I do.
-you weren't paying attention--
-no, no! Get off of me!
I almost forgot.
I made you another copy.
I heard you
lost the last one.
Entry 116.
Today, I was supposed
to be out for the judge,
but it was Becca's play
and I couldn't miss it,
so I just stood
in the back and--
and watched her
for a few minutes.
She didn't even
know I was there.
I don't think she knows
how good she really is.
She will be
such a big success.
She is...
The heart of our family.
I'm so proud of her.
And mom and dad were there,
watching her so proudly.
I love them so much.
All right, guys,
we're losing the light.
Let's get this.
Roll sound.
- Testing.
-137, take three, marker.
Right and... camera set!
And action, Becca!
Hey, Billy.
Yeah, I would
love to go out.
She's good.
Yes, I know.
Dee, would be proud.
Okay, cut!
That's cut!