Dear Friend (2022) Movie Script

Don't poke my eye.
It's a small one.
Does it hurt, darling?
Just two minutes.
He won't be hurt so easily.
Okay, it's almost done.
What a beauty!
-Stay still.
How is it now?
That's better.
Enough with the makeup.
It's time for a costume change.
I am fine with the makeup
but not the costume.
No chance!
-Come on!
-Catch him!
-Hey! Stop there!
-Wait there!
You better open the door!
Push it harder!
Come on, push!
I'll deal with you when you are out.
-Yeah, we'll see!
-Let's see!
It's me! Open the door.
Please talk to them.
They won't spare you until you wear
this and click some pictures with us.
Don't act tough.
It will turn worse.
Where's the cake?
-It's in the car.
-In the car? Why?
The party will continue at Mayaganahalli.
Let people see it as well!
Should we really go out?
Don't go overboard.
Poor thing!
Yeah, right!
No one felt bad for me
when my photo in my undies went up
on a flex on my birthday!
And you're feeling sorry for him?
What a lousy Superman!
Hey, Superman! Save me!
Come on! It's time to pose!
Pose for the photo.
Come on, pose!
-Pose, dude!
-Come on, do it!
-You want more?
-Come on! Time for a selfie.
-Sit down.
Look into the camera.
Don't be so shy, Superman!
Come on, pose!
oh, nice!
Come, let's go.
You want me to come out
in this costume?
-Not possible.
-You need not walk!
We'll take you in a car.
Come on!
I swear I'll beat up each one of you!
It's my birthday, bitches!
Wish me!
It's my birthday!
Wish me luck!
Party! Yeah!
-Happy birthday, Vinod!
Come on! Dance!
Dude, this place is damn crowded.
Look at this!
Party! Party!
Don't shoot it at my face.
Come on!
Party! Party!
Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!
Listen up, guys and girls!
The party has just begun!
Give it up for the star of the night!
Give it up!
Hey, bro! Don't shoot a video.
-Please don't.
-You cut the cake.
He's going live from his phone.
Give me your phone.
Give it!
-Who asked you to go live?
-How does it matter to you?
Give me the phone!
You bloody!
-How dare you touch me!
-Stop it!
Sajith, stop it.
Hey! Stop it!
Sajith, stop it!
Dude, stop!
What's this?
You think you can loiter late night
and create such nuisance?
Do you know the fine that
you will have to pay?
My father is a farmer, sir.
I don't have money.
What is this?
Hey! Don't get smart with me!
What's written there?
Don't you find it a bit too much?
Can't you see the inspector talking?
So, shut up!
What's your connection with him?
Did you hear that, sir?
Friend, it seems.
Is this all you do,
or do you have any job?
What did you say?
You bloody dog!
Don't you dare swear in front of me!
Shall we have some ice cream?
Stop the car.
Thank you.
This will be the most
memorable birthday of my life.
All of you have birthdays, right?
You would feel like being strapped
to an electric chair
and its trigger will be with me.
Wait and watch!
Take a few deep breaths.
And slowly, at your own pace
open your eyes.
You want to tell me how you feel?
I don't feel anything!
All I need is a medical certificate.
Okay. What should I write
on that certificate?
Write anything you want.
But I need that
medical certificate very badly.
I need a break from my office.
be it your office or the workload
none of this is what's
causing your stress.
Shouldn't we identify
the actual problem, Ann?
Can you bring your husband along
for the next session?
Done, right?
Shall we go?
It's the weekend! Please!
I have to submit the
review paper next week.
I have tons of work!
It's been two weeks
since you came home.
They also want to meet you.
I'll do a video call with them.
You've changed a lot.
You used to listen to me till now.
Send me a message regarding
my appointment details for tomorrow.
-Sure, ma'am.
-Thank you.
Hey! Don't go!
Just a minute.
Let me see.
Let me see!
Look at you in this photo!
You look so innocent!
I'm asking you one last time.
Are you coming or not?
I can't come today.
Okay. I'll come in the evening.
Give it to me.
Oh! Psychological move!
Give it!
You'll come home in the evening, right?
I'll give it then.
This is really toxic.
If I put up a post on Facebook,
you'll be done for.
Give it!
I know you won't do that
because you're scared of your family.
Ask your guide for half a day's leave
and come with me.
Come with me!
Why did you come here
if you were not interested?
He came all the way from Kerala, right?
If I don't meet him,
then dad will call and irritate me.
Who's that guy with him?
That's his friend.
-Mr. Moneybag!
-We're planning to shift
this setup to the rooftop
and turn this place into a lounge.
-I think it will work.
The business went down only because
this is a premium category bar.
You need to include a
local bar downstairs.
It will be for the truck drivers.
It's his idea.
What do you think?
What do you do?
We have a start-up.
They have a health-based app.
There are plenty of such apps
in the market.
Death will be an option by 2030.
Sounds good for a tagline.
Haven't you heard of gene-mapping?
Do you want to identify diabetes
at the age of 50,
and extend your death by taking medicines?
Or, do you want to make
minor lifestyle changes,
and lead a healthy,
happier and a longer life?
Just a minute.
You prefer to stay in Bangalore, right?
That's why dad leased this bar.
We should get this up
and running by April.
I had already told dad that I'm
not interested in this business.
And I'm not staying idle here.
The funding is almost through
and we are set to go!
I heard about your visit to Uncle Suresh's
office asking for funding.
He backed out, right?
Do you still think this will work out?
This isn't as simple
as bootlicking our dad.
You need to have some balls for this.
If you can't take up the
responsibility, say that.
Don't try to play Dad!
-Quite interesting.
I would want some more details on that.
Sure, we'll meet.
This is my card.
Hey! Thank you, bro!
Hey! Enough! Stop it!
You've gone way overboard today.
Have we ever called it a night
before finishing an opened bottle?
Am I going overboard?
If it's over, call the next bowler.
Here you go.
Have this love sip.
-Come on!
-It's neat. Pour some water!
Come on!
It's neat!
-Oh shit!
-My darling!
If you want the ball, take it.
Leave me alone.
Dammit! The circle switch isn't working.
I can't shoot.
Give me that joystick.
I'll show you how to win.
Come on, guys. Let's party!
Come on, let's dance!
Dance! Dance!
-Why are you playing at this hour?
-He's so irritating!
-Ignore him!
-Come on!
-Sajith, no!
-Come down!
-Come down!
-Come down, guys!
-Get him to bed!
-It's your dad.
-Hey! Don't answer it!
-Let me greet your dad.
-He is like a father to us.
-Shut up!
Where are you, dear?
Dad, I'm at the hostel.
I was taking a bath.
I'm going to have dinner, Dad.
Shall I call you later?
I'll call you in the morning.
Bye, Dad.
Don't' come here.
You guys go to your room.
Come on!
-Handle him yourself!
Mom always says that people
with my star sign should build a house.
And hence I set out to build a house.
And now, I'm in trouble.
Wash your mouth.
Spit it!
I did!
Mom had called asking
for five lakhs for the house.
Where do I get the money from?
I am not going to get funds.
Nothing will happen!
We won't have the app ready as well!
I'll wait for two more months.
If this doesn't work out by then,
I'll go for some other job.
You should do that too.
Go somewhere and save yourself!
Why hasn't anyone kept the garbage out?
-I'll do it tomorrow.
-Are you hungry?
Do you want milk?
-Do you want milk?
-Where did you get the dog from?
Tell him.
Tell him that your owners
left you stranded on the road.
Hey! I'll do it.
I'll do it. Hold him!
I won't hold it!
I am scared!
-It's just a pup. Hold him!
-No way!
-Oh, God!
-Don't put him down!
-There it goes.
-It won't hurt you.
Catch it!
Come on!
Come on!
-Try touching him.
-Just try touching him.
-No, I am scared!
Just touch him once.
They can sense our emotions.
-That's enough.
-Touch him without fear.
-Touch it!
So sweet!
It's so tiny!
Hello! Say "hello"!
Say "hello"!
Where did you get it from?
-When is your client meeting?
-At 10:00 a.m.
Don't be late. Get going.
Did you book a cab?
Yes, I'm waiting for it.
All the best!
Are you feeling sleepy?
Are you feeling sleepy?
It might be infected!
-Throw it away.
Are you infected?
Are you?
Look who's up!
Looks like someone was waiting
for them to leave.
Look who's here.
Uncle puke!
People in my clan are like that.
We'd like to keep our insides clean.
What's your clan?
Thank you!
You remember Ummer, right?
He was coming to Bangalore
and I hitched a ride with him
just to see you.
You weren't here
when I reached at night.
That's when I called you.
I thought I'll leave
only after seeing you.
I'm leaving.
Peace be unto you.
Try calling your dad once again.
I called him.
He's disconnecting the call.
Can you try calling him?
What do I tell him?
Do I have to come up with everything?
-Couldn't you--
-Didn't I beg you to drop me back?
How was I supposed to know that
your dad's going to come?
What an easy escape!
You're only concerned
about yourself anyway.
What should I do now?
Should I cancel my meeting
and come over?
Hope your meeting goes well!
All the best!
-Where are you getting down?
-Seat number?
What did you tell your guide?
-I've asked for two weeks leave.
-Seat number?
What are you going to say
after getting home?
I don't know!
Keep that bag back here.
No, brother. Let it be there.
I need to go, Vinod!
I have to convince dad somehow.
Ever since mom died,
dad has always been feeling very low.
What if your dad doesn't let
you come back once you get there?
I don't know.
I haven't thought of it.
You needn't be an expert in
psychology for this.
You will go there,
cry and apologize to your dad.
He will forgive you.
And after a couple of days,
he'll bring a good marriage proposal.
You'll be married soon.
What should I do then?
Take Arjun with you.
He doesn't have the courage
to make a call to my dad.
Bro, take that bag out.
Didn't I ask you to leave it there?
You two decide first.
Hey, bro. Shall we move?
-Get in.
He might be hesitant about getting
settled in life.
Also, all of us are egoistic.
You know that, right?
Let him continue to be egoistic.
Come on, chill.
I am here for you!
He will come.
Remove that cap.
I'm stressed.
Will the cap hide your stress?
Just a minute.
I'll be right back.
What if he's gone inside
to get a rod to beat you up?
No way.
-May I have a word with my daughter?
Did you bring your friends along thinking
that I'll lock you up?
I always wanted you
to study medicine.
you fancied studying people's minds.
When I agreed on sending
you to Bangalore to study,
many people objected to it.
Your wish was the only
thing I considered.
But you never thought about me.
I've known Arjun since college, Dad.
My decision won't go wrong.
If you feel that's right,
then go ahead with it.
don't expect me to be there by your side.
Shall I try talking to him
by getting my parents along?
No, Arjun.
I know my father.
I'm really hungry!
Buy me something to eat!
I haven't even had a good biryani
after landing in Kerala.
That's how my dad is.
Your dad is awesome!
I was well prepared for a fight.
But he didn't give me a chance for that.
What's this?
You're banned from going home now.
That's all, right?
You move in with me now.
We can even rent a new space.
But let's stay together.
Isn't that better?
Why don't you make it legal?
Once he knows that you are happily
married, he himself will lift this ban.
Come on, chill.
So it's decided, right?
We can now have biryani, right?
Let's go.
-Who is Arjun and Jannat?
-Are you going to sign?
-That was my sole purpose of coming.
-Did you bring them a gift?
-The gift is ready.
-What is it?
-Write your address and sign here.
Why are you so late?
I went to buy the garlands.
-I'm going to sign.
-Do you want to ask your dad again?
Shall I call your dad?
Who is Arjun's witness?
Hold this.
Shouldn't I sign?
-Thank you.
-Don't I need to sign?
-It's over.
-Your happy days are over, bro!
I'm not doing this.
This is so embarrassing.
-Come on!
It's okay. Just come.
-Give that hat to him.
Have you just got this for me?
Nothing for her?
There's something else for her.
You wear this.
-Let me see.
-Come on!
Look over there.
Let everyone see you!
Look at him!
I knew you guys would
do something like this.
We can't see your face.
-Look at his face!
Enough, dude!
What's in it?
-Keep quiet.
Have you ever tried it?
Hey, don't be hasty.
Let me cut it.
One baby piece at a time.
If you're still in your senses
after an hour
I'll give you another piece.
He'll be long gone by one hour!
Take a small piece.
God! I hope it works!
Eat it.
Take it.
It looks yum!
-I don't want it.
Have it!
Don't worry!
I had three to four pieces last time,
and nothing happened to me.
He was hanging upside down,
claiming to be Spider-Man.
He was crying, saying
that he can't shoot webs.
Eat it!
I'm here for you, right?
Shall I jump?
I'm trusting you. Won't you catch me?
-Won't you catch me?
-What is it?
-Won't you catch me?
-We will.
Come on!
Here you go!
Oh, no!
If you keep fearing,
what you feared will happen.
Look at you!
Why are you judging everyone?
We're not coming!
-Who's next?
-Do you want to jump?
-What's his name?
Haven't named him yet
-Okay. I'll name him then.
Tell me.
Chezhiyan means "blessed."
Don't you like Tamil?
Of course!
I love Tamil.
-Wait! Let me try it now.
-Okay, ready.
-I will try as well.
Hold him.
-Shall I go for it?
-Don't fall on your face!
Come on!
-Jump now.
-Not to the front. To the back.
-Don't fall on your face.
-Ready, boys?
-Back! Behind you!
-Ready! Come on!
Don't laugh.
Just jump, Jannat.
Okay, ready.
-Shall I fall? Count!
-Come on!
Jump! Or I'll blow you down!
-You can give me a count.
-Two! Three!
I want unnakkaya.
-I want it now.
Shall we
Shall we get him married to our Chinnu?
I'm not saying this
because she's your sister.
Chinnu is awesome.
But she's not the kind
of person he needs.
You idiot!
It's a track I made long back.
Smile a little
Enjoy this moment
This life is bittersweet
Relish it, bit by bit
-It's really good.
I did it long back.
Then I sold it to an agency in Mumbai.
Has a great feel to it.
You should get back to music.
I composed this back
when mom was with me.
Later, I completely quit music.
Do you have a memory of your
mom's pleasant face?
I can't seem to remember that.
She had lost all her hair
after the chemotherapy.
I can remember only
that face of hers.
But today I remembered her happy face.
I've been to this building
around five to six times
for interviews.
I'd easily clear the technical
aptitude tests.
But I would suck at group discussions.
Once I had to talk on the topic
Live-in relationship
-is good or bad?
I was totally prepared
with brilliant points.
I chose to argue against everyone.
So that I could be unique.
But they didn't even let me speak a word.
They attacked me from all sides.
If only I knew how to converse
in English, my dear friend!
Coding is your language, bro.
You are Zuckerburg of Kerala.
That's true.
Have a couple of biscuits.
They have really nice cashew biscuits.
Aren't you guys stressed?
I feel stressed as if I am waiting
for the answer sheets of my exams.
They would have already
made the decisions inside.
Vinod, they're ready for you.
Alright. Let's go.
Get that bag.
-Hi, come.
-Hello! Hi!
-Hello! Hi!
Okay, guys.
We've gone through everything you've done.
The work you've done in the
last two years is impressive.
It's quite promising.
You can continue with
the existing structure.
In the next few months,
we'll be expanding and hiring a lot.
Tibin will be the director board
member from our company's side.
Alright. So, who will be the two signing
authorities from your side?
Decide that at the earliest
and let us know.
Guys, congrats.
Let's start with a one crore investment.
Let's get started.
-Thank you.
-Congrats, again.
Come on, dance! Dance!
If not now, then when?
Come on!
Okay then.
Let's do it.
That's enough. Don't go overboard.
I have decided something.
I have decided something.
You and I will be
the signing authorities.
Hey! That won't be right.
I haven't invested any money.
If you hadn't thought of this idea,
I would have been
in a debt of 35 lakhs
and running that bar,
listening to my dad.
And I fucking hate that business!
It's because of this attitude
that we cracked this deal.
No, it's all because of you.
I'm having so much fun!
Me too!
I'm hungry though.
-You want to eat something?
Don't be party poopers.
Order some shots.
-Let's go and dance.
-Try this.
-It's paneer, right?
-Do you want?
-It's very nice.
-I'll have this one.
Let's have some shots, dude.
Come on!
Come on!
Who spiked this drink?
Jannat, who did this?
I didn't see.
-Did you mix alcohol in this?
-Chill, man.
All I asked for was this one day.
Don't I join you guys every
other day for drinks and smoke?
-What happened?
-It's his mother's memorial day.
It's not like you're a teetotaler.
Don't put up a show!
Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God! He's bleeding.
-Are you okay?
-Are you okay?
Wait, please.
We're sorry.
Why can't anyone respect my decision?
We know we screwed up.
Please forget it.
What's the plan?
The party is ruined anyway.
Walk me home.
Why aren't you wearing your sandals?
Put it on.
-Who's this?
My folks found him on a
matrimony website.
He's an architect in Sydney.
Six feet.
Obvious choice.
You didn't tell me!
I can't beat around the bush.
Do you like me?
I'm serious.
I really like you.
That's why
I don't know if I have
ever given you such a vibe.
I mean, I'm sorry.
I can't handle a serious relationship.
Are we good?
Don't tell anyone about this.
I won't.
Let's pretend like this never happened.
What happened?
Come in.
Vinod, what are you doing here?
Who let you in?
I've come to discuss something serious.
Don't play around.
It's time for my next client.
I am that client.
See! Token number 20.
Vinod, stop messing around.
I'm not joking.
This is serious.
I'm not keeping well.
I'm not allowed to take friends
and family as clients.
I couldn't control myself
at the pub.
It's due to stress.
I'm not like that usually, right?
Can we do a little exercise?
Close your eyes.
This is not a joke, Vinod.
Okay. Sit back.
Just relax.
And trust me on this, okay?
Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
Now I'm going to tell you certain things.
Pay close attention to them,
and try to imagine them.
You are walking down the street
towards your home.
And you cross a busy street
amongst many people.
At a distance,
you see a child,
aged three or four years.
And your first thought is
what's he doing there?
You walk towards him.
As you approach him, you realize
that he's crying since
he can't find his mother.
You sit with him.
You take his hands
and tell him,
to not be afraid.
We'll find where your mother is.
You comfort him.
How are you gonna care for him?
I will give him some toys.
I'll give him chocolates.
I might hug him.
You're taking real good care of him.
Let's walk through
that street once again.
This time, again
you see that child.
He is crying,
hanging his head down.
When you sit near him
you realize
that it's you as a little child.
How do you want to
care for him now?
What's that making you feel?
Only you know what he needs.
If it's making you uncomfortable,
don't say anything.
Just think about it.
Aren't you Professor Bradley's
favorite student?
The one with ten heads?
How many thesis have you written?
I'm feeling better.
So, will I see you
for the next session?
Well, for the next session,
I'll send Sajith.
Shall I leave?
would you want a drag?
I'm sorry, dude.
It's okay.
It was my bad.
Where were you?
What psychology did you study?
Jannat made me do
something today.
I started opening up
and almost lost it.
Don't even try to attend Jannat's session.
You'll be trapped!
That's why I never fall prey for it.
Don't you guys want a baby?
Jannat and you.
It will be awesome, right?
What's so awesome?
Dude, I'm serious.
I'm not ready for it.
What about her?
I don't know.
Ask her!
Just think about it.
The first child in our gang
will be yours.
What's wrong with you?
Just go to sleep.
-Good night.
-Good night.
You bought six systems and got
only a discount of 50,000 rupees?
You could have tried bargaining.
This was managed only
because I made full payment.
Where is Vinod?
Didn't you guys leave together
in the morning?
He wasn't here when we left.
Hey! Just come with me.
Look! His shelf looks almost empty.
Where are his clothes?
We dropped it at the laundry together.
Just come.
Let's play!
-When did you give it?
-The other day.
Set it up. Come.
Barca for me.
you're calling is
out of network coverage area.
The number you're calling is
out of network coverage area.
Please try later.
You're losing even after selecting Barca.
Stop making claims and just play, dude!
Guys, Just come here.
Read this!
Jannat, come here.
-What is it?
-Come downstairs!
Dear Shyam
all of the moments spent with you guys
will always stay precious to me.
I'm sure I am
going to miss that.
But I am sorry.
I have to leave you now.
There shouldn't be any problems
in your lives, because of me.
I hope we will never meet again.
Don't look for me.
Thank you for the good memories.
Where did you get this from?
From the cupboard.
His clothes are missing.
We had spoken about it earlier.
His laptop?
Power bank, bag
He has taken all of it.
That's right.
So, his phone didn't get switched off
because it ran out of charge.
-Where did you find this?
-In between those pants.
Why did he hide it in here?
He could have kept it in the hall.
May be so that we don't
find it so quickly.
Maybe he was buying time.
Doesn't make any sense.
I doubt if it's one
of his usual games.
If it's his usual game,
then I won't spare him.
It's not that.
Didn't he come here last night?
Yeah. I saw him.
When I woke up in the middle of the night,
he was there smoking.
When did you guys
leave in the morning?
-8:00 a.m.
-8:00 a.m.
So, didn't you see him in the morning?
We thought he had gone jogging.
Yes, Uncle.
Your friend asked me to give you this.
Your roommate.
That tattoo boy?
He came early in the morning
and gave this.
Did he say anything else?
Nothing. He gave these keys
and went in a cab.
Anything wrong?
-No, Uncle.
He could've kept the keys here.
Why should he give it downstairs?
To let us know for sure
that he's gone!
He actually left.
He was really disturbed
for the past few days.
Come on!
Come, come.
Over here.
He came for the session yesterday
to say something,
but he cut it halfway
through and left.
Arjun, shouldn't we do something?
Where will we go find him?
If we go to the police,
will they help us?
What can the police do?
He wasn't kidnapped.
He left
on his own after writing a letter.
A person went missing.
Shouldn't we report it, at least?
It's Bangalore Police!
They will say many things,
and we'll end up getting locked.
So, what should we do?
I had called a lawyer.
He is my dad's friend.
He said we can decide the rest,
once we discuss with him.
Why do we need a lawyer for this?
that letter is addressed to me.
This business, bank accounts,
house and all that crap,
is in my name along with his.
If shit happens, I'll be trapped!
This isn't that.
He was flirting over the phone
a few days back.
When I poked him for an answer,
he said that she's an old friend,
and that she's a married woman.
I think he must be stuck
in that shady case.
Can you please stop it?
He will be back in a few days
and we shouldn't have trouble facing him.
Let's meet your lawyer tomorrow.
Shyam and Sajith have gone
to meet the lawyer without us.
I tried calling them
when I couldn't find them here.
Why did they do that?
Didn't we agree that we'll go together?
What's with this hide and seek?
So, you felt the same, right?
can I ask you something?
I want you to be open with me.
Was Vinod in love with you?
Did he get drunk and blabber something?
Why did you ask me so?
Listen! I'll tell you the truth.
I proposed to him on that night.
But he evaded that question somehow.
That's all.
Why are you asking this now?
Are you playing cupid?
Sorry I asked, Amudha.
Has everyone reached there?
How's it going?
They are almost reaching.
There's still time for the function.
I'll call you later, okay?
-Hey! Wait!
I'll miss your birthday this time.
So, happy birthday in advance, Jannat.
I need a treat
as soon as I reach Bangalore.
You guys have fun.
It's my birthday, bitches!
Wish me!
All of you have birthdays, right?
You all would feel like being strapped
to an electric chair
and its trigger will be with me.
Tomorrow is my birthday, right?
They are trying to prank me!
When we came yesterday,
they opened the cupboard
and showed it to us.
For us to see that letter first.
But since their plan flopped,
Sajith got the letter to us.
When they realized that
I went crazy reading the letter,
they decided to take it forward.
But they were in a fix
when I suggested going to the police.
So, Shyam tried a new trick,
about needing a lawyer.
-Where is Vinod?
-He must be around here.
He has switched off his phone.
So, coming to the session
was to start off the prank.
He will come up with a new prank
at twelve o'clock.
It's Shyam.
He'll say that they
couldn't meet the lawyer,
and that we can go to
the cops tomorrow. Watch out!
Answer the phone.
Answer it!
-Tell me.
-We couldn't meet the lawyer.
He is busy.
He asked us to come tomorrow.
What do we do now?
You tell us.
What can we do?
Let's wait till tomorrow.
What say?
That was an amazing plan!
They started it off.
Let's not ruin it now.
I'll go to the hospital anyway.
You come there at two o'clock.
They will try many tricks.
I'm going to switch off my phone.
We shouldn't be here during my birthday.
Let's plan it somewhere else.
And we'll call them there.
-Thank you, doctor.
-Thank you.
Hello, Jannat?
Hey! Give me the phone.
Hi. Who's this?
Come to your house right now.
It's urgent.
But can you tell me
can you tell me who this is, please?
Is that all?
-Nothing else?
Do you all live together?
Why was your phone switched off?
I was at work.
What's all this about, sir?
Where is Vinod?
Where is Vinod?
she doesn't know.
What is that?
With Vinod?
Let's continue the conversation
at the station.
Come on.
Let's talk at the police station.
Come on.
We need to take more
details from you guys.
Let's go to the station.
Get ready.
You have only your
father at home, right?
Why do you have to land up
in unnecessary complications?
Sir, what happened to Vinod?
Don't you know?
Doesn't he tell you everything?
I don't know. I swear!
He has been missing
since yesterday morning.
How long have you known him for?
Two years.
How do you know Vinod?
Sir, it was Shyam who introduced us.
Were Shyam and Vinod friends already?
No. They met at Goa once.
How well do you know Shyam?
Sir, he was my MBA batchmate.
Where in Goa did you meet him?
At a pub.
He had come there for the
annual meet of a company from Kolkata.
Which company?
Whose idea was this start-up?
Did you plan this start-up
from Goa itself?
No. We were in touch after that.
After three months,
he quit that job
and came to Bangalore.
How much was the initial investment?
Ten lakhs.
How much did he invest?
Initially, the company
was run by Shyam's money.
Who brought the investor
who has invested one crore rupees?
Shyam and Vinod.
What's your role?
Sir, I am just doing technical support
and coding.
Were there any financial deals
between Vinod and you?
Vinod has transferred two lakhs
to your account.
Why must Vinod give him money?
To keep his secret?
When we showed them the letter,
they were almost convinced.
But their doubt grew stronger
since you had switched off your phone.
How can you think this to be a prank?
Sajith, please.
That's enough!
Let it be.
They're calling you guys.
What did they ask you?
Which other friends of his do you know?
He didn't have any other friends here,
apart from us.
Were there any others who used
to come to meet him or call him?
No, sir.
You please wait outside.
Everyone says that he was
the closest with your wife.
Is it true?
They're just good friends.
Here you go.
Where in Kerala are you from?
It's not like how it is in Kerala.
They are cops from Mumbai.
If you know something,
then just tell them.
I have no idea where
they would take you from here.
Things will go out of hand.
We don't know anything, ma'am.
If you have any idea where your friend is,
you can tell me.
I'll get them to let you
and your husband go.
We've told them everything we know.
Thank you.
This is his number, right?
-Yes, sir.
-His WhatsApp had the same number?
He didn't have any other number, sir.
Facebook? Instagram?
-He doesn't have accounts in them.
He said that he quit
because it became an addiction.
-Their lawyer is here.
That guy is not on social media.
And he has no other friends,
apart from these guys.
A guy who lived with you has
been missing since yesterday.
Why haven't you reported
at least a missing case?
Sir, this has been going
on for a while now.
What wrong did we do?
That friend of yours
has escaped after
stealing 70 lakhs from there.
He has stolen 70 lakhs!
I know that you've all
got shares from him.
If you don't cooperate,
I'll put you all behind bars!
Is that clear?
Were you aware that Vinod used to work
for a company called Blues and Beats?
No. I didn't know.
It's a musical instrument company
in Mumbai.
While he was working there,
he has made a misappropriation
of 70 lakhs, according to them.
They have come now, after getting
information that he was with you.
If he contacts any one of you,
you should inform me.
You can go home now.
We'll see.
Aren't you a member
of a business family?
Before selecting a partner,
shouldn't you do a basic background check?
I'll call you.
So, he escaped, realizing
that the police are on their way to him.
Will they summon us again?
-Say something!
-I don't know!
Arjun, let's freeze our account tomorrow.
Luckily we haven't
lost any money so far.
If he wanted the money,
he could have taken it much earlier.
There's only so much trust in me
for a guy who stole 70 lakhs.
Do those cops who came from
somewhere know him better than us?
-Throw this damned thing away!
Why are you venting out on it?
She is correct.
Oh! The affection that
was bought with two lakhs!
Don't talk crap.
He gave me that amount
when I was stuck in a problem.
So, why didn't you ask him
as to how he had so much
money in his account?
He had some money from his
mother's provident fund.
When I was shamelessly borrowing money
from my family to invest in this,
then why couldn't he say anything?
It was not any of us.
You were the one who brought
him here, hyping him up.
So, don't talk too much!
I don't know how to find the right person.
See the only thing we can do now is
return the cash you have taken
from us, at the earliest.
The entire one crore.
We have already spent 17 lakhs
for the company.
Another option is that
we'll take over this business.
But Shyam won't be a part of it.
Even in that case,
we need a consent letter from him.
I don't know how you guys can get it.
But without that,
we can't do anything.
The company is not ready
to face legal complications.
What if he has done something stupid?
Whatever problem he had,
he could have told us about it.
He must have thought that
we wouldn't believe him.
Shall we contact that company in Bombay?
What if it's a trap that
they are also involved in?
He doesn't have 70 lakhs with him!
If he had it, we'd have known!
And if he had so much money,
why did he stay here?
Maybe he was running from something.
He must have left now, so that
we also don't get trapped in it.
That's in our local address.
We went and got it together.
I wanted to cross check
what Vinod told me,
and hence I had called the company
in Kolkata where he worked.
He was clean over there.
He broke his bond by paying them
money, to resign from there.
Have some tea.
Let's stand there.
I've asked my friends in Kerala
whether they can arrange some cash.
If we repay that amount to Tibin,
our company will stay with us.
We have struggled for so long.
I'll try to arrange some cash.
Don't ask Sajith now.
Smile a little
Enjoy this moment
CLA Insurance.
-This is good, man!
The agency says that
this music was composed by
a freelancer named Sreenath.
So it wasn't done by Vinod?
I've got his contact number.
-Try calling him then.
-Give it to me.
Shall I try calling him?
Call him.
Sreenath, right?
Is this Sreenath?
Who is this?
Sreenath, this is Arjun.
I'm calling from an ad agency
in Bangalore.
This is regarding a music work?
I'm not interested.
we loved your jingle that you did for
CLA Insurance.
That's the reason we wanted
to work with you.
-It's a--
-I don't do music any more.
Sreenath, are you in Bombay right now?
What is this for?
Have you ever worked with
a person called Vinod?
Who is this?
Who is this?
Is Vinod your friend?
I don't know any Vinod.
See, the reason we--
There is some connection between them.
Try calling him again.
The person you are
calling is currently busy.
Please call again later.
I don't think he will answer again.
Shall we go there directly?
To Bombay?
See, we haven't met any
other friends of his.
This is the only contact
we've got so far.
Should we give it one more thought?
What if he knows where Vinod is?
Excuse me.
Looks like most of the flats
are not occupied.
Probably because of that slum.
It kills the view!
One can always choose to look far!
Isn't it beautiful?
I'm Krithika. Hi.
I work in sales.
I know.
Rajiv is a friend.
Talks very highly of you!
That's a nice tattoo.
Are you into music?
Music lover, though.
I head marketing for Sapta Music.
Oh, wow!
You know what?
You should meet my friend Sreenath.
He is the musician.
Wait, I'll get him.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
What was he bragging about?
He is really happy.
The biggest deal of Blues and Beats
has happened now.
He never expected us to crack it.
He has promised to give a salary hike.
Don't fall for that.
He said that because he's drunk.
He won't remember any of this,
tomorrow morning.
Being invited to this house party
itself is a big deal for us.
Let's have a couple
more drinks and leave.
Come, I'll introduce you to someone.
-Who is it?
Hey, Krithika!
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
She works in Sapta music.
Oh, nice!
So, he tells me you're a musician?
-Yeah, like freelance basically.
Things will be relaxed from
next month onwards, right?
Do you actually believe that
he'd give us a salary hike?
Though we've been working
for him for two years,
this is the first time that
boss proved useful for us.
Remember that track you did long back?
The one that mom
and me really liked.
You should program it
and send it to Krithika.
She will like it.
I am sure.
That will be a breakthrough for you.
It's fine if it doesn't get me a break.
I just hope to get some money.
It's almost time for the next chemo.
Don't feel low.
At least you have a house of your own
and a mother to wait for you.
I don't even have a place to go!
If it was diagnosed earlier,
it wouldn't have been so worse.
When she complained of
constipation and stomach pain,
I didn't it take it seriously.
That's what happened.
Don't lose hope.
Don't go home with this gloomy face.
You should be pleasant
when you go meet mom.
Got it?
-Good morning, mom!
-Morning, son.
Come on.
Hasn't Sree woken up yet?
He must have slept really late
after work.
Here you go.
I feel really restless
if I can't know the time.
Is it okay now?
Tell me then.
What's the time?
7:52 a.m.
It's 8:00 a.m.!
My eyes are still working fine.
Can't you keep your phone
under that pillow?
You can check the time
whenever you want to.
Phones are full of radiation.
You want me to catch some disease?
That's some information!
Let me guess. You're part of the WhatsApp
group which gets these forward messages.
I am its admin!
I knew it!
Very soon, my mother left us.
I wasn't able to handle it initially.
Then, he was the one who stood by me.
See, man
this was a business in
which he was also a partner.
There are some legal
complications now.
So, is there any way to
get his current contact?
Sorry. I don't know.
At least he wrote a letter
like this for you guys.
Shall I tell you something?
Stop searching.
Just leave with those memories.
Just go!
When did he leave from there, Sreenath?
You should get back to music!
I tried.
I'm unable to!
Whenever I try doing something
all I can remember is mom's face
when she was ill.
What's your height?
What's your height?
Tell me.
Matrimonial website?
Who created this?
I did it.
You are crazy!
Shouldn't I get you married?
Get lost!
Mom really wanted to see you
settled in life.
Go and sleep if you are drunk.
No, man!
Mom used to say
that you always need someone
to give you the push.
I thought you are here for that.
He went missing the next morning.
The cops were waiting for me
when I went to the office.
A fund misappropriation case
of 70 lakhs was filed against him.
I lost my job.
And for the next one and a half months,
I had to do rounds of the police station.
Has he actually done that?
I don't know.
But after a while,
the case turned upside down.
A habeas corpus case was filed
claiming that the
company has kidnapped him
and are asking for a ransom of 70 lakhs.
Who filed that?
His mother.
Is she alive?
We want to meet
Vijayakumari Vishwanathan.
Who are you?
I am her relative.
What's your name?
She doesn't recognize you.
Please leave.
Come on.
Why did you say that
we were her relatives?
That's all I could come up with.
Can all of us be her relatives?
When I asked him,
he said that she stays in a colony
behind this office.
Shall we wait there?
She will come back
after duty anyway, right?
Auntie, we're coming from Bangalore.
We are Vinod's friends.
Auntie, we need to talk to you.
If Vinod has created
some problem for you,
you can do anything to him.
Don't trouble me for that.
You guys go!
Auntie, we need to talk to you.
Auntie, talk to us for five minutes
and we'll leave.
Auntie, please.
We'll leave only after talking to her.
Auntie, please.
Auntie, we have only one thing to say.
Ask your son to stop cheating people
saying that his mother is dead,
at least from now on.
Don't enter my house.
I have nothing to tell you.
Just five minutes, Mom.
Tell me.
Who's now going to come here
looking for you?
No, Mom. I have come
to have lunch with you.
Eat, Mom!
Have it.
Ever since I remember,
you leave for work early
in the morning every day.
And I have always created
only troubles for you.
That won't happen again.
I left the company I was working at.
My friend Sreenath and I are
going to start something new.
I have some savings with me.
I have shortlisted a flat in Juhu.
If everything goes well,
let's shift to that place.
But when have you
ever stayed with me?
We'll think about it.
Will you be here today?
No, Mom.
I have to leave quickly.
The company hasn't liked
the fact that I left so soon.
So, they're trying to trap
Sreenath and me
by making false accusations.
You don't have to worry, Mom.
I'll stay away for a few days.
If someone comes looking for me,
don't tell them that I came here
or spoke to you.
If I don't come back
even after a week,
you should file a complaint
saying that I am missing.
The lawyer will contact you.
Just sign on the papers
they bring to you.
Even if I do all this,
are you sure that you'd be safe?
You still don't trust me, do you?
I will be safe.
I am sure.
Mother promise!
From the next day onwards,
the people from the company came here
with cops and created a ruckus.
And after a few more days,
I signed on the papers the
lawyer brought, like he said.
He hasn't called me since.
How long did he stay with you?
He had been with us
for the past two years.
He must have thought
that he'd turn out to be a better person,
living with you guys.
I am happy to know
that he is alive.
when I saw you,
I fear whether more people
would come to me, like this.
Shall we leave then, Auntie?
Our friends are waiting outside.
One day, that scoundrel told me
that when he couldn't bear the
grief of his mother's death,
he went on a bike ride
to the Himalayas.
Then, he tried to die
by committing suicide.
And that he came back
when he had a revelation, it seems.
I was such an idiot
to believe all this!
Why did he give me money?
How can someone cheat people
saying that his mother is dead?
When a person says that,
we never ask for their story.
Was there any truth
in anything he told us?
Yes. His name.
You believed that lady as she shed tears.
I strongly suspect that
she's also involved in this scam.
I felt that she was genuine.
You needn't talk much about
understanding people.
Let's leave it here.
We have to meet the investors.
Shouldn't we sort out
the rest of the issues?
Let me check the tickets.
We're planning to leave
to Kochi from here.
My parents have reached Kerala.
They had called.
So we have to go.
-Bro, two packets of peanuts.
Two more, bro.
-How much, bro?
-One packet of cigarettes, please.
-How much, bro?
-Ten rupees, sir.
Did you meet him after going to Bombay?
Who are you?
Does Vinod call you?
Sir, cigarettes.
What's the problem, sir?
Your other friends are all
from affluent families.
They will walk free.
You will be trapped.
So, if Vinod contacts any one of you,
don't forget to inform us.
Tibin had called.
17 lakhs, right?
I've arranged five lakhs.
I'm short of the rest.
I'll return it within six months.
I'll give it to you in writing
if you want.
Do we need these formalities
between us, man?
I'll give it, okay?
We'll settle it.
Don't let dad know about this.
I'm not going to tell anyone.
But can I ask you a doubt?
Buying this app back
by struggling so much
and trusting your friends again
Are you planning to
waste more time on this?
Well, I just asked.
It's your decision.
I'll transfer the cash.
This is the code I developed.
How much time did you
take to develop this?
Two months, sir.
Coding is my language, sir.
What's the package they are offering?
I didn't expect to clear
that interview so soon.
I just got to know about everything.
The construction of my house
isn't over yet.
My dad won't be able
to manage it all alone.
I don't have any other option.
That's why I applied for this job.
Family is always right.
Having gone all the way to Bombay,
didn't you get any contacts?
You could have at least
inquired at that company.
We were wrong about
the contact we got that day.
He doesn't know
anything about Vinod.
We only know what the police
have told us.
Only he knows why and what for!
Shouldn't we pack this fridge?
No, dude.
There won't be space.
Put it up on OLX.
I haven't taken back the house deposit.
I've asked uncle to
consider it to the rent.
Won't you guys be here
for another couple of months?
No, bro.
Next week, she has
her thesis submission.
We're planning to go back
to Kerala after that.
So, our dude will have
a blast all alone.
Guys, check this out.
It came in his name, back then.
He won't play the game.
Safe journey, man!
Don't come downstairs.
It might become awkward.
I'll call once I reach.
Don't forget the date!
You should be there, two days
before the wedding!
You can see.
This is the heartbeat.
Can you see the
movements of the child?
There doesn't seem
to be any other problem.
Do you have any specific concerns
like vomiting tendency or something?
Shall we go?
Baby is okay.
Everything is normal.
Did the doctor say anything else?
There are no complications.
It's a special feeling when the doctor
shows the baby like that.
What happened?
You seem a little off since yesterday.
There was a message from Sajith.
Arjun, I saw Vinod
while I was at a cafe
in Kammanahalli.
I had called you immediately.
You didn't answer.
By the time I could figure out
what was happening, he went missing.
He is here, in Bangalore.
Take the next left from there.
Yeah, I'm here.
-All good?
-Of course.
Where's Shyam?
He said he's not coming.
I had called him
when we reached here.
He didn't answer.
How's your mom?
They are all happy.
They are thrilled after
shifting to the new house.
It was a very small function.
So, I couldn't invite anyone.
Even if you did,
we couldn't have come.
We've conceived.
Wow! Congrats!
Oh! Someone has learned
the formalities.
It's Shyam.
Sorry. I was a little busy.
I didn't see your call.
We've reached that spot now.
Sajith is with us.
Just come.
No, dude.
That won't be nice.
If I come, I might lose control.
It will all be messed up.
Shouldn't we see him getting
unnerved in front of us?
I'm not coming.
I've left that case.
How's your business going?
Slowly getting on track.
Dad is happy.
Stop by, after seeing him.
Where did you see Vinod, over here?
Over there.
He parked his car at that spot.
He parked the car
and walked forward.
But he doesn't know how to drive, right?
Is there any point
in waiting here like this?
Shall we inquire at the houses nearby?
But where all will we inquire?
Show me that photo
of the car once again.
Can we do anything with this number?
I checked.
It's in someone else's name.
Are you tired?
-I'm alright.
-Should we go to the room?
Let's wait for some more time.
Don't know what to say
-Wonder for what they were fighting
It won't work out
You keep saying this all the time.
I think I should have a talk
Shall I talk to dad?
You'll have to ask yourself.
I am not at fault at all.
You've cornered me anyway.
What do you want to know?
Where were you?
I was here.
In Bangalore.
Then why did you leave?
I was tipped off.
Police would have come there
looking for me.
So, I didn't get time to bid goodbye.
Where is Shyam?
If Shyam was here, he wouldn't
have spoken to you in this manner.
I owe him an apology.
What about us?
Don't you feel that we deserve
an explanation?
I had written a letter for you guys.
Didn't you get it?
Is it enough if you write a letter?
You could've said something!
Do you even know what
we were going through?
-Who do you think--
Too many questions!
Oh! You are the psychologist
in the group.
Are you mocking us?
How did you find me?
Kolkata Police?
We had met Sreenath.
We went to Bombay
and found out everything.
Blues and Beats?
Good job.
Why did you come searching for me?
Have I done anything to you?
Did I take your money?
Get going.
That'd be better.
What can we even say to this guy?
Come, let's go.
Who are you, man?
That was me then.
And this is me now.
Then why were you with us for so long?
We had met your mother in Bombay.
She thinks that you are dead.
If that makes her feel at peace,
let her think so.
Let's go.
What's the story?
Same story.
It always works.