Dear Jo: Almost is Never Enough (2023) Movie Script

- Hello.
- Hello.
How much does this carpet cost?
This costs 100 manat.
Can I get a discount?
Sorry, the price is as it is.
Fine, I'll take it.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
The table has been booked.
The cake and candles are ready.
All right then, I'll head right there.
Come quickly, darling.
Murad, can you please look after
the store for a little while?
Thank you.
- Ana!
- Hi, Ella!
- Where are you going?
- I have some business.
Thank you.
- El!
- Mommy!
- Stand up. Hide.
- What's up?
They are behind me.
- Have we been caught?
- They're on their way.
- Hide where?
- Just hide.
Hi, baby.
Why were you running around?
- No, I didn't.
- You did!
Just forget it. Take a seat here.
Here you go.
Uncle Jo!
Hi, Nugget.
- How...
- Hi, honey.
What are you doing here?
Weren't you supposed to
- You guys sit first.
- Sit down.
Sweetie! Ella! What's going on?
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
But you do remember
my birthday is tomorrow, right?
This is Ella's idea.
If I surprise you tomorrow,
you would have guessed
a surprise is coming,
- so I decided to surprise you today.
- I had a feeling something was wrong.
Since you asked me to pick up Zoey.
But you like the surprise, don't you?
- Thank you!
- You're welcome!
Still, my birthday is tomorrow, not today.
I swear, I'm really super happy today.
This place becomes
more historical for us.
You were not so happy to meet me here.
You were not born yet and
You know we have a meeting tomorrow
about the protocol and seating arrangement
with the Dutch Embassy.
For a moment, you pretend to be me.
You just need to say,
"Hi, there," and that's it.
- What do you mean exactly?
- Exactly how you usually do.
You come, do small talk,
then say bye, that's it.
You're the one who has the blind date,
why am I having a hard time?
Can't you simply say "no"?
I wish I could,
but this is a B to B matter.
- It's daddy to daddy.
- What?
This date has been set up
by Jo's dad and my dad.
So I can't refuse.
Do you want to see what he looks like?
I got his picture from my dad.
For the love of god.
That's it. Good luck. Bye.
What if he finds out that I'm not you?
I told him I'm wearing a yellow scarf.
Here you go.
You're lucky I love you.
Yellow scarf, Maura?
She borrowed my scarf because it's cold.
So you're Maura?
So after Auntie Mau met Uncle Jo,
your mom met your daddy.
And after that, you came to this world,
and here we are.
The most beautiful woman in my life.
And for all of us,
may we be happy for eternity.
And so I won't be
Maura's replacement again.
If Samir is still around, I am sure
he must also be playing with Zoey now.
When I picked up Zoey,
I met the teacher
About paying semester fees this year.
- Yes.
- I haven't paid yet.
I already told her I would pay next month.
I will pay next month.
Whatever you want,
I'll buy or give it to you.
Actually, there is one wish of mine.
You know that
Jo and I have already
tried the treatment
for my womb.
But I still can't
be the perfect wife for Jo.
I am curious
what Ella's answer would be.
What's her response like?
- She was startled.
- Startled?
She didn't expect
that the fund we offered was so big.
We're here. Be careful. Take it slow.
We are going up the stairs, be careful.
Be careful.
Okay, stop here. Let me open it.
What do you think of our house?
I think it's pretty good.
I know this situation looks difficult,
but I promise this is only temporary.
We will move to a better house
in the future.
and our child.
My darling, as long as we're together,
that's enough for me.
My darling
I promise
you will not regret leaving the consulate.
I promise.
I want you to become the surrogate mom
for Jo and my child.
I know what surrogacy is,
but you do know it's illegal here, right?
We don't have to do it here.
Jo and I have been thinking
about this for a long time...
We don't want to randomly ask
a stranger to be the surrogate, El.
Jo and I have also decided
that we will provide
financial compensation for you.
It's cold, right?
Answer it. Sit down.
- Be calm.
- Okay.
Hi, El.
All good. What do we do next, sir?
Someone is impatient.
- Sorry.
- Next, you are going to Trkiye
- for the surrogacy process.
- Okay.
The clinic will contact you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You wait here, I'll get the trolley.
After we go inside and leave for Trkiye,
there is no turning back, El.
I'm sure.
But can I just
have one request?
Returning from Trkiye,
can I go to Xinaliq?
My in-laws are still there.
But every time I'm there,
I feel really happy.
By all means.
Hey, let's go.
The main question is,
why did we take so long to travel here?
It's not until they got married.
Not after Samir passed away.
But we get here for the first time now.
You are right.
Well, we can come here every year.
- Yes, we may.
- Okay, no problem.
Kiss your dad.
- El!
- Ella! Nugget!
Come here.
You're both hungry, right?
My mother-in-law cooks a lot.
We're starving.
Thank you, Mother.
Zoey, come and help me.
So are you two on vacation?
What brings you here?
So actually, Jo and I have a plan for
El, Maura and I have a plan.
Our baby
will be delivered in Jakarta.
We have also prepared everything.
From the house where we live,
the hospital for the delivery,
to the obstetrician,
- and for you to be comfortable.
- Wait.
You two want to move my life
with Zoey just like that?
- That's not what we meant.
- We can't possibly think of you like that.
We're doing this for your comfort.
For Zoey too.
My agreement with you
is to lend you my womb.
Not to mess up my and Zoey's life. Got it?
Please listen to us first, El.
Honey, let me.
Shall I help you?
Shall I help you?
- Come on. Let me help feed the sheep.
- What are you doing?
So you can bring the sheep to Jakarta too?
Don't be angry.
Listen to me first.
I really want the child
to be born in Indonesia.
But you know
I'm determined not to return to Indonesia.
I know.
It's because you haven't made peace
with your dad, right?
That's why Jo and I have bought a house.
You don't need to go back
to your dad's house.
Where's the smile?
Smile. A little more.
- A little bit wider.
- Stop.
There you go.
Ten minutes, you put on a sullen face.
I already miss my smiling Ella.
Because Ella always smiles
even though her life is a misfortune.
Chatterbox. Come here.
I'll tell Jo to book the tickets, okay?
Mau, you're lucky I love you.
Anyway, next month,
I'll meet you both in Baku.
Please spare a minute.
After losing my husband, I lost my life.
Then after Samir's death,
I didn't feel like continuing my life.
But then Ella and Zoey
are my life now.
They are my courage and happiness.
My request is to never let them down.
Don't you worry for a second, ma'am.
We'll take care of them.
Thank you for everything.
You are welcome.
Thank you, ma'am.
- Take care.
- Yes.
Bye, Auntie Maura. Bye, Uncle Jo.
- Bye.
- Bye, darling.
Come on.
Be careful.
Thank you.
The meeting was extended.
I had to be there till the end.
- Hi, Nugget.
- Where's Maura?
Maura is on the way.
She was in the apartment earlier.
Well? Have you checked in?
I was called earlier, but I told them
I'm waiting for you and Maura.
Okay, let me ask Maura first
where she is now.
Don't rush her.
You know she gets panicked easily.
I won't.
I've seen the kitchen design,
but there's something I don't like.
I want to change it. Is that okay?
Of course it's okay.
So the plan is I want to
Ben, sorry. Jo is calling.
Please wait. Okay.
- Hi, dear.
- Where are you?
Me, El, and Zoey have arrived,
and the doctor is waiting.
Okay, I'm already on the way.
Wait for me.
I really want to see our baby.
- Okay.
- Just wait.
- Drive safe, okay?
- Okay.
- Really?
- It's okay. Just go ahead.
- Are you sure?
- It's okay.
- Later, when Muara comes, we'll be there.
- Okay.
Jo, what's wrong?
Maura had an accident.
Maura had an accident on her way here.
Jo. No!
I want
to bring Maura back to Jakarta.
You're coming, right?
I'll catch you up, Jo.
Catch up?
Zoey has to go to school.
Soon, there will be exams.
It's not that easy for me to go.
I'm sure
would want her baby
to accompany her to Jakarta.
How long do you want to be like this?
What do you mean, Grandma?
Look at this?
It has been two months
since Maura was buried.
You have to move on with your life, Jo.
I will, Grandma.
Do you want to go back to Baku?
I've resigned from the office.
Our family's company needs you, Jo.
- Not yet.
- What do you mean?
This is for our future.
Two months ago, we buried
your wife.
Not you.
Tomorrow, I will wait for you
at the office.
Your late dad's office
has been prepared.
You have to move on with your life.
Who knows, you might even find
a new love.
You are still young.
Don't you want to have children?
- Grandma?
- Hi, Ben.
These are for Jo, Grandma.
- Pak Agus.
- Yes, ma'am?
- Please carry this.
- Okay, ma'am.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Tell him to take a bath.
Right away, Grandma.
Why didn't you tell me
that Grandma was visiting?
Come on, just relax.
Relax? All our beers were confiscated.
I keep some booze behind the TV.
Help yourself.
- Hey, can I smoke here?
- Well, go ahead.
Lord, please take care of Maura
and don't let Maura know
that we smoke in the living room.
- Maura.
- Maura.
Come on! You can't even hit the ball
with your head.
Are you on the payroll or not?
Ben, right?
You must be Ella, right?
Maura's friend from Azerbaijan.
I'm Ben, Jo's high school friend.
Jo has mentioned
you would visit Indonesia briefly.
- Visiting?
- You are on vacation in Indonesia, right?
Yes, on vacation.
Let me introduce you to my child.
Jo told me about Zoey.
Does that mean Zoey is your only child?
Well, technically, it's not.
There's Zoey with another one.
By the way, if you need anything,
Jo or you, just let me know.
Weren't you supposed to come tomorrow?
Where's Zoey?
Since you were sleeping,
I took the corner room over there,
where Zoey is sleeping.
My gosh.
So what are we going to do, Jo?
Still on track
with our initial plan.
We can't.
In the original plan, there was Maura.
Do you realize,
ever since I arrived,
you haven't asked about your child?
"El, how's my child?"
"How about you, El?"
"Did you do any checkups over there?
Did you do an ultrasound?"
"How is my child? Just fine, right?"
How's my child?
Healthy, right?
And tomorrow, I will visit Maura's grave.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, go ahead.
You know where it is, right?
You're not coming?
I'm coming.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, of course.
Okay then, I'm going to cook.
I'll have whatever you cook.
don't put poison, okay?
Jo, we're ready.
Do you want to have breakfast?
El, where are you going?
Hey, Ben.
We're going to pay Maura a visit.
Let me take you there.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
I'm not busy anyway.
I was on my way to Jo's.
Do you work, Ben?
I do. I am an architect.
Are you Bernard Gautama?
How do you know?
Maura used to tell stories
that she had a good friend in Jakarta,
a famous architect who helped
her build her dream house.
It's okay, let me help.
I'll bring her back later.
Where is Maura's plot?
Block 3, number 17.
Forgive me for not coming earlier.
Zoey has got school.
And it would've cost a lot
to travel back and forth.
Can I complain to you?
Your husband is a real pain in the ass.
But I can't be mad at him
because I've also
experienced the same thing.
We all got our hearts broken, Mau.
So since it has been a long time
since you came to Indonesia,
you must be craving Indonesian food.
It's my treat, just say what you want.
What shall I have?
It doesn't need to be expensive.
Don't worry about the price.
I can afford it.
It's my pleasure to treat
you and Zoey to a nice meal.
Expensive ones are also okay.
It's your choice.
Okay then.
There is a meatball place near here.
It's my family's favorite
since I was a little kid.
Not costly, yet tasty.
Ready, ma'am. Let's go.
Is this Ella?
- You are back in Jakarta?
- Yes, I am.
This is my friend, Ben,
and my daughter, Zoey.
She is so cute.
I used to go to a school near here,
so my family often ate here.
Your dad also often comes here.
I see.
But he never says
he is expecting another grandchild.
Does he?
- How old is it?
- Five months.
Can we get some drinks?
Have some Aqua while I get them.
Three bowls of meatballs, the usual one,
and one for takeout.
Yes, ma'am.
Your dad lives around here?
My dad has retired.
He has moved to Anyer.
My family's house
should still be around here
if it has not been sold.
So why did you decide to stay with Jo?
Hey, I didn't mean anything.
It's really fine.
Because you are Jo and Maura's friend,
and also a famous architect
in Jakarta and Indonesia.
Thank you for appreciating my profession.
I will answer.
I don't get along with my family.
One of the reasons is that
I married a man from Azerbaijan
whom my dad didn't approve of.
A classic story.
Your husband didn't try
to talk to your dad
to mend that relationship?
It will be difficult considering
my husband died five years ago.
Five years ago?
Your pregnancy is five months.
Uncle Jo!
It has been a long time
since I saw Jo this happy.
Ever since Maura died.
I miss you so much. Give me a hug.
I'll put the meatballs in the kitchen.
Come here.
You know what?
If you like it, you can sit here
in the afternoon. Right?
Why are you crying?
I swear, in the past
I was not like what I am today.
I was more
I can see it.
I just started playing with Nugget.
Jo, why is Maura's grave look dirty?
Is no one there to tidy it?
- I'll take care of it later.
- When?
As soon as possible.
There are meatballs with Ben.
It's your lunch.
Your meatballs are in the kitchen.
Don't finish the meatballs. Spare me some.
These are delicious meatballs.
Ella's family's favorite.
I thought I hadn't introduced you,
but you're already familiar with her.
Because you didn't drop Ella,
I had the opportunity to get to know her.
Can I ask something?
Is Ella widowed?
What do you mean by that?
Well, if Ella is a widow,
who impregnated her?
Well, she's a widow now, so what?
No, I'm not discussing her status.
But who got her pregnant?
Who is her husband?
Speak up, Jo. Explain it to Ben.
So others won't assume I'm a loose woman.
I didn't mean that, El.
You wonder about my status
- as a widow and my pregnancy.
- Sorry.
So this gentleman is not talking.
Well, you were still talking.
It's rude to cut in.
Don't get angry. Just relax.
- It's still broad daylight.
- Jo.
If you guys don't mind,
can you answer my question honestly?
- This baby...
- The baby's mine.
The baby in Ella's womb is my child.
If you really want to know the story.
What's up, El?
Can I
ask for help from you?
Yes, you can.
Can you
help Jo
to cut down the alcohol?
Aside from that, he's the dad
of the child in my belly,
Jo and Maura are my best friends.
To stop Jo
from the stupid things he's doing.
So now it's your job?
This is not my job.
Isn't it your job
as his best friend?
Do you want to poison your child
from an early age?
As if I was doing it on purpose.
Yes, what if I breathe in
the cigarette smoke?
Who told you to?
What are you doing here?
You can be in the bedroom,
in the kitchen, why should it be here?
God, I swear you are
Sometimes I don't understand
why Maura would even love an ass like you.
I promise I'm not going
to smoke again in the living room.
And in all the rooms
that I'm going to pass?
Should it not be my line?
I need to go shopping for our meals.
What for?
Jo, do you know
what your refrigerator is filled with?
Only empty alcohol bottles.
No more rice after our dinner last night.
I've asked Ben to drop me.
He's really kind.
I asked and he responded immediately.
A gentleman.
Well, okay, I want to check on Zoey.
Why don't you ask Ben to pay as well?
Let me and Ben do the shopping.
You can send
your grocery list to me, okay?
Come, driver. Eyes on the road!
- What are you doing?
- What am I doing?
Just drive, will you?
- Such an ass!
- What do you mean?
I'm your friend, pal.
What the hell?
No smoking in the car.
So where are we going?
Where? Shopping of course.
I mean after that.
Let's hang out. Let's have some beer.
No need to drink today.
You were a rascal just then.
And now a priest.
Just don't get drunk.
I feel sorry for Ella.
Hey, Ella isn't my mom.
None of her business.
After shopping, you come with me.
Suit yourself, man.
You're acting like an ass.
Just shut up.
You are really annoying.
- Don't spray the smoke here, please.
- Shut the fuck up!
Why aren't you asleep yet, El?
What took you so long?
Where do I put these, El?
What? Give it to me.
- Let me put them away.
- Let me look at it.
None of them are from my list.
Jo did the shopping.
I was just waiting in the car.
Where's Jo?
- Jo, don't.
- Let me handle him.
I can do it, don't worry.
- I'm done.
- Let me help, El.
Stay there, Ben. I can do it.
Let me be.
Now, stay put.
Calm down.
- You, go home!
- El, I'm sorry.
I want you to go home now!
Come back here only when
you can keep your promise to me!
- I'm sorry, Forgive me.
- No! Go home now!
Be careful.
Yes, be careful.
- Let me go there myself!
- You can't do it, Jo! No.
I can do it myself!
Over here.
- Over here.
- What the heck, El?
Don't you realize Maura will be sad
if she sees you like this?
That one?
That one?
Maura is really happy, that smile,
feeling happy,
no sadness.
Don't you realize
if she's here right now,
Shut up, El!
Maura isn't here.
Thanks to you,
Maura would never see me like this.
What do you mean?
What do you mean? Tell me what you mean!
Why did you say what you said?
What do you mean by that?
What do you mean?
Maura died because of you.
Loads of crap.
- What is it?
- I've given all what Maura wanted.
You, listen up!
Had you not allowed Maura's request,
you don't need to have
this baby in your belly!
This is because of you.
Don't you realize it?
I don't want the baby. I don't want it!
You wanted it!
Shut up!
Can you shut up?
- What else, El!
- Please calm down.
God, please help.
I can't take it anymore.
Help me to be strong. I'm not strong.
There's breakfast on the table.
Zoey and I will go out.
- Where are you going?
- Ultrasound.
Maura has prepared everything.
Ultrasound and check-ups of all kinds.
- How are you going?
- Yes, the easiest way is
- to take a bus or public transportation.
- Yes.
Well, bye.
Let me drive you.
- Doctor?
- Yes?
Is that
the heart?
No, sir. This is the leg.
The heart is over here.
Well, here it is.
Can you hear the heart beating?
Yes, Jo.
It's a new life.
You conceived it.
How do you feel?
The baby is healthy.
Everything is normal.
All is well for today.
Now, I will issue a prescription for Ella.
Vitamins that you should take
during this pregnancy.
Are there any restrictions, doctor?
If you both want
to do the deed, go ahead.
It's fine.
What do you mean, doctor?
Well, you are referring
to that one, right?
What's that, doctor?
I have to dilute the language.
There is a minor in this room.
Can you not beat around the bush, doctor?
I still don't get it.
You know, that cute thing.
My gosh.
If you want to use
the term "gosh," that's fine too.
- No, doctor!
- We got it now.
There are no restrictions
and we can do "gosh."
Of course, no problem.
As you wish.
- Be careful, dear.
- Hurry up, my gosh, Mommy.
Please don't bring up "gosh."
Hurry up, my gosh, Mommy.
One, two, three. It's heavy!
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
- Really?
- Really.
Gosh, you got me panicking.
- Why?
- Aren't you ashamed to get "gosh-ed"?
My, oh my.
Why hasn't the drinking water arrived
at this hour?
- Excuse me.
- That's the courier.
- I'll take the other gallons.
- Okay.
Please help with the gallon.
Such a spoiled brat. Do it yourself.
What were you thinking?
Should I carry it?
Have you forgotten
I am carrying your child?
Who are you?
Please explain those words!
What does it mean?
Have you thought
about the consequences?
How society, ethics,
and religion see this.
I am sorry.
Call me ma'am.
You are not my grandchild.
Grandma, this is all
under Maura and my agreement.
Ella was just helping.
If you really want to help,
it means you do not receive
anything in return.
You can't answer?
After Maura died,
you came to this house
living in this house with my grandson
without any attachment.
Whose idea is it?
This is
my decision.
Do you know what all this means?
The consequence it has on your position
in the family's company.
I totally get it, Grandma.
What was she saying?
Consequences in the company?
It's a family company.
Whoever becomes the successor
must maintain the good name of the family.
Does that mean me being here
may threaten your position?
But it's no problem.
I can survive.
I'll look for work elsewhere.
I'm going upstairs.
I have enough for the day.
Excuse me, ma'am. There is a guest.
She said she is Joshua's friend.
Her name is Ella.
- Let her in.
- All right, ma'am.
I'm here for Jo and Maura.
- Maura is gone.
- For Jo's sake then.
Jo is in so much grief.
He harbors a lot of anger.
Against who?
Maybe that's just my assumption,
but Jo has changed a lot
since Maura was gone.
When you are happy, you forget about God.
When you are sad,
you gain hatred out of nowhere.
what is God in your opinion?
But what can I do to let Jo
get his rights in this company?
Joshua is not entitled to anything
if he has not done his part
of responsibility.
What should I do, ma'am?
You already know the answer.
Where are you going?
- Let's talk first.
- No!
Where is Zoey?
Zoey is waiting with Ben outside.
Where are you going, El?
I want to go to my dad's house.
Do I need a reason
- to go to my dad's house?
- Yes, I know.
But you detest him.
Is this all because of
what my grandma said?
It's my decision.
You can't forget.
The baby in your belly, that's my child.
I have the right to have the baby near me.
Jo, hang on a second.
This is my decision and non-negotiable
and it's not because of your grandma.
Don't you realize it?
Your grandma is not wrong.
She has a point.
Ever since I'm here,
bad things have happened.
Explain to me what those are.
The first is that
we are an unmarried couple.
We live under one roof.
I'm pregnant with your child.
I feel like I'm on a ship
that's about to sink.
What do you mean?
You are the ship that will sink
with so many holes
while I'm desperately tired of taking out
that water with a battered bucket.
This is all for nothing, Jo,
unless the hole is patched.
Otherwise, I will soon drown
along with you.
Fix yourself.
Be a strong ship for your child
and for their future.
Before it happens,
I will live with my dad.
- Okay, hold on.
- Let me take the suitcase down.
- Really?
- It's okay
- Well, I'll handle Zoey, okay?
- Yes.
Okay, Zoey. You can rest in this room.
- I'll leave now then.
- Sure.
- Keep me updated.
- Yes, take care.
How are you, Dad?
You came home finally.
How many months?
- Six.
- It's a long story.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yes.
Okay, guys, I have something to say.
Even though it's already overtime,
I want to say that
our company's target
has been achieved this month.
Keep it up, guys.
I'm expecting the finance division
to update the figures.
I would like to know
how much we need for the acquisition.
So we know when to execute it.
In my opinion, we can do this immediately,
so please expedite
the figure to my email
and to Mrs. Daria as well.
What is really the problem
between Ella and her dad?
Back then, her late mom was sick.
It's quite severe.
She wanted to be treated at home
even though the doctor advised her
to be hospitalized.
It was agreed that
Ella had to take care of her mom
because her dad
had to be transferred to Aceh
if I'm not mistaken.
Ella found it overwhelming
since she had to go to college too.
Her mom's health got worse
and it was Ella's fault?
Well, I don't know about that,
but what is clear is that her mom
asked Ella to stay in the boarding house.
And when Ella left her alone,
her mom died?
And even worse,
Ella's dad blamed her for her mom's death.
They had a big argument
until Ella chose to get out of the house.
Up to this moment,
Ella never comes back home.
Poor Ella.
Her life is never easy.
Don't ever feel sorry for Ella
in front of her.
Next time, I'll remember it.
Why would you meet Ella again?
What's wrong?
Ben, Ella is the mom of my child.
- Yes, I know.
- Mom of my child!
Not your girlfriend!
Not your wife!
- Listen, Jo.
- Go home!
- Why are you even angry?
- Go home!
Are you the one who's pregnant, or Ella?
Your mood is damn messy.
May I accompany you?
Don't you want to know
about my pregnancy?
Since a long time ago,
I've always wanted to know
everything about you, Ella.
But you always run away.
There are too many
things I want to tell you.
Make it short.
I am going to bed soon.
Only one thing then.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry, Dad.
For everything.
Now I know
why you did what you did then.
I'm now
regretted it.
I'm also now
I am going to bed.
Good night.
- Catch me if you can, Grandpa.
- Wait for me.
I am old, dear. I can't run fast.
Have a look at this.
Come on, paddle fast, Grandpa, come on.
Okay, Captain.
Seems to be enemies there
Enemies are there?
Gosh, Grandpa is not strong, Captain.
- Let's take a break, Captain.
- Okay.
Do it.
Come on!
- Have water.
- Thank you.
Grandpa's coffee has arrived.
What picture is this?
This is
- Who's that?
- Captain.
I am good, aren't I?
Can I join for dinner?
What are you doing here?
Please! Put the knife down.
If I come to talk, you wouldn't allow me.
Jo, I already told you that
we will meet when the baby is born.
It will take a long time, El.
What are you cooking?
- Hey, where's Zoey?
- In her room.
Two weeks to go. Can't you wait?
I know
Two more weeks.
Now, my life
is much better, you know.
And if that's true
If so, can I get a gift?
Just a simple gift.
May I join you for dinner?
- Please.
- No, you can't, Jo. Can't you see?
My soup is limited.
Besides, it will be ready in 30 minutes.
I can't cook another portion.
Anyway, you'd better sit there.
We'll talk there.
- Your dad's house is cool too.
- Thank you.
Where is he?
He's inside with Zoey.
I want to ask.
Later, when our child is born.
My child is born.
What's your plan?
I'll go back to Baku.
Zoey has been absent from school
for too long.
Let's suppose
we find Zoey a school here.
- What do you think?
- You can't, Jo.
I've paid Zoey's school fees
until she graduates
using the money from you and Maura.
You forgot about it?
So if I replace all the money
and give it to you,
- can we do that?
- Jo!
Why do you want Zoey
to attend school here?
I want you and Zoey to stay here.
- With me.
- Wait.
I don't know
where our conversation is going.
Listen, El
- El.
- Jo?
- What are you doing here?
- Ben.
The food will soon be ready.
- Thank you, El.
- Wait a minute.
You said the food is limited, and this?
It's limited.
- Me, my dad, Zoey, Ben.
- How come he gets to eat, but I don't?
I made an appointment to have dinner
with Ella in the first place.
An appointment!
All right. Listen.
I'll cook again for you,
- so don't you feel bad, okay?
- No, hang on.
It's not about the dinner, El.
It's about you and Ben.
Why is this about me and Ben?
Now, be honest.
What's going on with both of you?
What's your plan?
What are you going to do?
We're going to have dinner
if Mr. Joshua doesn't mind.
Don't overthink everything.
How can you say that I'm too much?
I am just asking.
I'm having a business with Ella.
Why are you here?
Don't get angry.
I'm just asking him why he's here.
I'm not angry. My water broke.
- What?
- What?
It's all right, calm down, both of you.
- What should I do?
- Slow down.
Her water broke?
Okay, let's go to the hospital.
Is my child about to be born?
- Don't worry, I can help myself.
- I want to help.
- Exhale three times and push hard.
- Breathe.
Come on, El, push it.
We can almost see the head coming out.
One more push.
It's almost out.
The head is peeking.
Once more.
Keep pushing.
Look, it's out.
Here it comes.
Ella. Jo.
Here is your son, congratulations.
Have you prepared his name yet?
What's his name, Jo?
I want you to name him.
Hello, baby!
Hi, dear!
Bye, dear.
Proud dad.
Take care.
- Don't cry.
- I don't.
Are you sure of your decision?
Zoey and I are leaving for Baku.
Our deal is done.
Take care of baby El.
He is part of you and Maura.
Take care of him, Jo,
for Maura to be calm and happy there.
It was really hard to leave,
but it's even harder to wantsomething
that doesn't belong to us.
Thank you for everything, Jo.
I hope you can make peace with the past
because Maura is there.
And there's me too,
who will miss our old story.
I'm sorry, Mau.
Sorry, I just came now.
I didn't know, when is the right time
for me to come meet you again.
Why did you have to leave earlier?
I think you are stronger without me
than me without you.
Do you miss me or not?
What are you doing here?
- I just want to chat.
- I'm still working.
Well, it's okay.
They don't even understand a bit.
Well, okay, I'll wait upstairs.
How's baby El?
You didn't ask about the dad.
Baby El is fine and healthy.
He is already the happiest baby
in Jakarta.
And Grandma
has quit the office
in order to focus on taking care
of her beloved great-grandson.
So how is the dad of baby El?
Isn't that my question,
next to the pool at your house?
But now the context is different.
What's the context?
What can make us
live happily together?
As what, Jo?
What do you wish?
I am learning
how to keep my expectations low in life.
Can you
live like that?
I can.
Did you forget
that you were the best graduate
from UGM faculty of social science?
And now you were being bullied
by backpacker tourists
who are too lazy to read the brochure.
Is that what you say, "My life is good"?
I think it's a misfortune, El.
That's what Maura often says about me.
Ella, the misfortune girl.
In my opinion,
let's not mention Maura's name between us.
Why, Jo?
Isn't she the most important
person in our life?
You're right.
Is that your only response?
I'm right, aren't I?
Subtitle translation by:
T. Vijay Kumar Chettiar