Dear Lemon Lima (2009) Movie Script

One, two, three,
four, five, six.
Is Philip my soulmate?
One, two, three,
four, five, six.

(Thunder rumbling)
I got the letter
from Nichols.
Did they give
you money?
Well, can't say
my uncle didn't help.
Ness, I have
to be honest.
I didn't come
here for chit-chat.
I'm ending
the relationship.
(Thunder crashing)
I have a lot of
aspirations for this year,
and I really can't
afford any distractions.
My Paris program this summer
is going to keep me really busy.
I thought
I was going
to Paris with you.
Ness, you need
to learn the difference
between fantasy
and reality.
Do you have
a ticket to Paris?
I know.
This will be
hard for you,
but I'll still
be your friend.

Dear Lemon Lima:
Today is the first
of the last days of my life.
Why does God
hate me so much?
And why do I question
what God thinks
when I'm an atheist?
Wandering through
this endless oblivion,
all I hear
is my echo
and all I see is Philip's
flawless reflection.
Faced with abject
I am drowning
in brutal truths.
My dad left me,
my goldfish,
Riggoberta, left me,
and now Philip is gone.
Last night,
I dreamt that Philip and I
rode to the first
day of school
on the back
of a majestic unicorn.
This dream
was a sign.
to Nichols High School
will bring me
and my true love
together again.
Anyway, I should go
take out the garbage.

Goodbye, the love
That made rivers
of flowers
Ships on my flower beds
Sleeping away
Roses now run
To the sea
from the rivers
What's that
I write?
What's that I say?
Hearts and flowers
die today
Hello, the face
That brought me a new day
Maps on my window panes
Made out of rain
Choose your way home
For I'm only leaving
What's that I write?
What's that I say?
Hearts and flowers
Die today
Your window
maps will find
That I was
left behind
Now you don't
recall my name
(Bicycle bell ringing)
(Birds singing)
Your grandma made you
this really cute bag,
and Philip's mom
sent you this thing.
I think I'll
take this one.
It's less ethnic.
If I were you,
I'd write Philip's name
on a piece
of toilet paper,
wipe and flush.
He's really
not that hot.

(Girl laughing)
BOY 1:
Gross, this stuff
gives you cancer!
Who brought cancer
on this bus?
(Boys laughing)
(Hands slapping)

Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Philip, wait!

Nichols students,
welcome to a new,
exciting year.
The annual Snowstorm Survivor
Competition drawing
for team captains
is now open
and will close
at 11:59.
Don't forget to put
in your ballot.
And let's test out
those survivor skills.
Vanessa Lemor--
(PA screeching)
Vanessa Lemor,
Principal Applebomb is ready
to meet with you.
(PA screeching)
Ms. Lemor,
nice to meet you.
The opening ceremony
is an opportunity
for the school
to embrace diversity
and celebrate the achievements
of our students.
As the Molly Hootch Scholar,
you will have the honour
of being a keynote speaker.
the Molly Hootch Scholarship
goes to an Eskimo student
from a rural area.
I'm not really.
I mean, my dad is Eskimo.
Yup'ik, he's Yup'ik.
But my mom's
from Fairbanks.
I'm from Fairbanks.
A valid point
that I made note of,
but the Georgey family--
I believe you know them--
Made quite the case
making the final decision.
Here is your schedule.
I suggest that
you get to work.
Good luck.
Four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight.
MAN: Switch.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.
One, two,
three, four,
five, six,
seven, eight,
nine, ten.
MAN: Switch.
One, two...
What are they doing?
Three, four, five...
High kick.
All of Snowstorm
Survivor is based
off traditional
Native games.
Might consider
seeing that it's, you know,
part of your heritage.
My dad's heritage.
it's the quintessential
Nichols experience.
Only third-tier
FUBAR personalities
reject traditions
in high school.
What's a FUBAR?
(Whistle sounding)
I need two volunteer
team leaders! Anybody?
Philip, Nate.
These are your
team captains!
Everyone else, line 'em
up on the black line,
blue line,
front row, back row!
Let's move!
Today we are doing
an adaptation
of the four-man carry,
the two-man
carry relay.
This game was created
to test your
strength and focus.
Philip... and Ryan
are going
to help me demonstrate.
Now, in the olden days,
after a successful hunt,
the Eskimos packed
their game
and hauled it
long distance
back to tribe.
Not so tough.
Nate, heads or tails?
Now, being that there
is no "I" in "team,"
you can't have a competition
without any competitors.
(Whistle sounding)
Line 'em up!
Excuse me, Jon,
do you think we could
do a practice session?
You want
to touch me?
Excuse me, Jen?
(Whistle sounding)
Line it up, people.
Ladies, practice is over.
All right,
I want you to engage
your core muscles!
Most of you couldn't carry
a taco back to you Native tribe,
much less
an 800-lb. walrus.
First team's up!
(Whistle sounding)
Dig deep!
Dig deep!
Strength and focus!
Strength and focus!
Come on!
All right,
Vanessa, come on!
Come on, Van--
(Flatulence sounding)
Come on, get up. Come on!
(Whistle sounding)
Told you.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
Everybody just
move back. Move back.
In fact, go line up!
Give me five laps
and then we'll regroup.
Mr. Georgey, I think you should
be giving me five laps.
I'm Vanessa's advisor.
Vanessa is about to head
down to the weight room.
Would you like
to join her?
You sound like
a herd of elephants!
Lighten up, people!
(Machines creaking)
(Door closing)
"I love you.
I love you. I love you."
Hi, I'm Hercules.
I haven't played sports
since middle school,
because I'm
allergic to pollen
and the plastic they
use in sports equipment.
Why are you here?
I fell down.
I have a case
of fibromyalgia,
so I'm exempt for all
physical activity.
I bet you can't tell.
I've been to specialists
all over the world.
This position
relaxes my muscles.
I'm Sam.
Madeline doesn't
even have a doctor's note.
Roach gets frustrated
because she's so
fat and slow:
she just sent
her down here.
My mom says gym teachers
are uneducated
and low class.
Dear Lemon Lima:
I'm not sure
what FUBAR means,
but I think it has
something to do
with tremendous suffering
and not competing
in the Snowstorm
Survivor Competition.
(Mobile phone vibrating)
I wonder if Philip will
be president someday.
My speech is going
to be noteworthy,
and impressive.
Sometimes I wonder
if I was adopted.
The woman who calls herself
my mother is a wasteful ogre.
She's clearly unaware
of her gigantic
environmental footprint.
It reminds me
of when Philip and I
chained ourselves
to an oilrig
to protest
the inevitable extinction
of polar bears.
He has such
a big heart.
(Birds singing)
(Hercules clicking tongue)
It's an extremely
informative sport.
I'm just not sure
if he's ready.
Nichols' club has the top
skeet shooters in the state.
I just don't think
it's right for a growing boy
to have such an unhealthy
attachment to a stupid animal.
Hercules Howard?
I'm going
to count to five.
One, two--
(Seatbelt clicking)
Bambi needs to find
her bunny friend.

That little girl
is so odd.
She can sit behind
you or you.
I'm going to sit in the middle,
because I'm equally mad.
Now, Hercules,
we both know
that that is
the most dangerous place
to sit in this car.
Sit behind your father.
Hey, sport,
your mother and I bought
you some new friends.
Please don't make this
difficult for your mother.

No, I'm not!
Amigone? No, I'm not!
Amigone? No, I'm not!
Amigone? No, I'm not!
Hey, Amigone,
show me your alien breasts!
(Boys laughing)
(Hands slapping)
May I have your
attention, please?
For the new students,
this is "quiet coyote."
She's so weird.
And it means
stop talking!
Thank you.
Welcome to Nichols.
In honour of the upcoming
World Appreciation Week,
we have a very special
Athabaskan dance presentation
by the Dream Dancers.
(Speaking in Native language)
(Dancer singing
in Native language)
(All dancers singing
in Native language)

(Principal Applebomb
speaking in Native language)
Oh, so wonderful.
The Dream Dancers!
And now I'd like to introduce
our Molly Hootch Scholar,
Vanessa Lemor.
some born with
twisted bodies
and disfigured faces,
suspended in space
and locked in sterile places.
No one can free a soul,
not one white coat
can stop a life
from taking its toll.
The smallest
creature floats
in an endless sea,
swimming alone
and letting everything be.
The depths loom beneath
and the world
remains equipped
with razor-sharp teeth.
Someone needs to let
in a ray of light.
Someone needs
to stop the fight.
(Sparse applause)
Thank you very much,
That was very unique.
And now for the announcement
of the team captains
for Snowstorm
Survivor Competition!
Coach Roach is here
to announce the team captains
who will have the honour
of performing
an interpretive Native dance
for the final,
and I have to say,
my favourite
part of the
competition. Coach?
(Boys hooting)
Ahem, I know you
all are very excited
to head to your classes,
so I'm going
to make this brief.
When I say your name,
which was
randomly selected,
please step to the front.
Philip Georgey, sophomore.
Mara Marsh, senior.
Sean Walsh, sophomore.
And the only freshman
chosen this year,
Vanessa Lemor.
(Scattered applause)
As is custom, the teams will
be chosen at next assembly,
so let's have another
round of applause here
for our team leaders.
(Whistle sounding)
Dear Lemon Lima:
I wish Philip
would see me
the way he sees Megan.
Her hair is the colour
of a lemon creamsicle.
Mine is
the colour of dirt.
I tried
to embrace my peers,
but all I found was
a dead bunny in a puddle.
I can't believe Philip
didn't like my speech.
(Thunder rumbling)
He used to be
a human-rights activist.
As hapless
gentle creatures
are swallowed
by this funnel of life--
I grow older
and less popular.
If the only way
into Philip's heart
is the Snowstorm
Survivor Competition,
then I will
face my destiny.
I am no longer
a window shopper
in this
mini-mall of life.
I will no longer
stand in the shade.
I plunge into
brash sunlight.
Hi, Vanessa.
I'm Hercules.
We met in the weight room.
Is that your house?
Well, just so you know,
that's my house,
so we can take
the bus together.
Why is your
hair white?
It's blonde.
Blonde is yellow.
Your hair is white.
Yeah, well,
it's blonde.
Is it okay
if I wait with you?
What about here?
Can anyone tell me
why we have Native
Appreciation Class?
I don't know.
Okay, that's fair.
So we can learn
to respect Natives
and how they're
different from us.
Can anyone tell me
how many Native tribes
exist in Alaska?
Vanessa? Vanessa, I'm sure
you can name at least one.
I'm more white
than Native, so--
Ah, did everyone notice
that our only Eskimo student
refers to herself
as white?
I think that what
Vanessa is saying
is that she has
assimilated into white culture.
In the early 1900s,
assimilation was
the popular solution
to the problem
of Native rights.
What was the problem
with their rights?
They didn't have any.
The problem is
we moved here,
kicked them off
their own land,
got them drunk and
introduced disease.
Now, seeing that we have
the Molly Hootch
Scholar in our class,
a special-topics
presentation will be made.
will you be so kind
as to prepare a report
on the Molly Hootch case?
And Two Old Women
is one of the books
on our reading list.
(Birds singing)

the blanket toss
is a team activity!
You are your
teammate's lifeline!
We're not just going
for airtime or height!
You are each
a Native hunter,
looking over
the landscape
for your
tribe's survival!
one, two,

Good! Yes!
We are all Snowstorm
Survivors here,
working together!
Wait, Jon, no,
you got to pull it!
You're losing the grip!
Jon! Matt! Corner!
on your feet.
March it back
to the weight room.
(Door opening)
Hey, where were you?
Can't talk.
I do it all the time.
Once I cried
for three weeks.
My pet monkey died.
He had AIDS.
Obviously, he didn't
contract it in my house.
Juju had AIDS
when I got him.
He was a present
from Nigeria.
My dad had
a concert there.
Why is your
hair white?
It's supposed
to be blonde.
It's safe here.
That's Emmaline and Lynne.
Hey, you want to join
our Cigarette Club?
We meet on Saturdays.
That sounds really nice,
but I don't smoke.
Neither do we.
Yeah, smoking is
really bad for you.
It's been proven
in many studies
to cause
malignant neoplasm.
My uncle died of cancer,
and he only
smoked for a week.
We just collect
high-end cigarettes.
And cigars.
Kind of like
a book club.
Or a foreign-film club,
only we share
of scourged cigarettes.
Can I come?
You're allergic.
I am not.
I have work.
Your parents
let you work?
Hey, we could
take a field trip
and come visit you.
I can't afford any
distractions this year.
Work is really
my first priority.
(Birds singing)
Ooh, I see the oldest
of the Sellars just passed.
He was a nice man.
Smart too.
I wonder if he's being
buried or cremated.
Honey, you want
some more?
Mom, I've given it
some serious thought,
and I'm changing my name.
To "Nothing."
Wow, that's...
Have you given some
thought to some other names?
Maybe there's a list
that we could see.
No, "Nothing."

How's your arm?
Um, okay.
I thought we
were vegetarians.
I-- I developed an
allergy to iron pills.
Oh, well, where
are you sitting?
Ness, you can't expect
to sit wherever you'd like.
I wasn't asking--
Yes, you were.
This school has
a caste system,
and because of your
weight-room demotion,
you're a serf.
Antics like your speech are not
going to get people to like you.
Do you even know
what fibromyalgia is?
I was trying to--
A made-up disease
for hypochondriacs.
I really suggest
stepping down
as Snowstorm
Survivor captain.
Do you really think
you're capable
of getting in front of
an audience and dancing?
You'll be
really humiliated.
I don't care.
You told me to do it.
Ness, I am human.
I make mistakes.
On a more
personal note,
I really suggest dying your
hair a more reasonable shade.
People are staring.
I have to go.
(Footsteps approaching)
I totally have anorexia.
Me too but you have
to stop when you're 16
or you grow a beard.
That is the stupidest
thing I have ever heard.
Have you seen
Philip Georgey?
Gross, the nerd?
No, he's totally
hot and cool now.
He went to France
and he speaks French.
You can't grow
out of nerdiness.
You were a total
loser in middle school.
Someone's spying on us.
It's a FUBAR,
no biggie.
(Toilet flushing)
I'm also allergic
to dust mites,
but most people are
allergic to that.
Most people aren't allergic
to sea bass, and I am.
Dear Lemon Lima:
I'm stunned
into silence.
The cold plastic of a sticky
bus seat screamed the truth.
how could those five
letters be so cruel?
How could Philip
be so unkind?
He is the gum on
the bottom of my flip-flops.
He is a slug
and our relationship
was a trail of slime.
made me dumber
and a loser with
no social skills.
I am bad at sports,
I don't have
a singing voice,
and my mom
cuts my hair.
And in spite
of all this,
I thank you
for making me a serf,
an uneducated,
physically retarded,
untouchable serf.
At least
I'm not a P-I-G.
Are you lighting
things on fire?
They're photos of Philip.
Well, amen, finally.
Vanessa, you have
a phone call.
Hello, is this Vanessa?
Oh, hello, Vanessa.
This is Hercules.
I called the school secretary
for your information.
I hope you don't mind.
I'm calling about
the Cigarette Club.
Would you like to take me
to the club meeting tomorrow?
As I would like that.
That's really
nice of you,
but I'm not much
of a club person.
I believe most of the members
aren't in other clubs,
except Emmaline and Lynne.
They're in lots of clubs.
And they're the presidents
of Science League.
I guess I could
give you a ride.
Well, thank you.
If you can call my
mother Mrs. Howard--
And please don't mention
the word "cigarette."
Perhaps you can call it
a rifle club instead.
And let my mother know
I'll be home by 5:00.
Have a seat.
Have a seat. Have a seat.
Now, I know that everyone
is very excited. So am I.
But I'd like to make
a qualification
from our
last meeting.
Remember the wonderful
Native dancers we had
who did the special
Well, they were Aleutian,
not Athabaskan.
And today I am very
proud and honoured
to be wearing a part
of their traditional regalia
in celebration
of diversity
and multiculturalism!
Isn't it wonderful?
Oh, it's so wonderful.
What a wonderful
And now the moment that we
have all been waiting for.
Will our team captains
of Snowstorm Survivor
please stand?
As is our tradition,
the most disadvantaged
team captain
will make
the first pick.
And this year that honour
goes to our Molly
Hootch Scholar,
Vanessa Lemor.
Nothing Amigone.
(Scattered applause)
Nate Jefferson.
Samantha Combs.
Emmaline Chin.
Lynne Chin.
Hercules Howard.
(All whispering
Whoo hoo, yeah!
(Pen scratching)
(Pen scratching)
Miss Lemor, Principal
Applebomb is ready for you.
Excuse me?
The principal,
Applebomb, is ready.
(PA screeching)
Applebomb is ready.
Thank you.
Ms. Lemor, I'd like to
discuss a couple of issues.
Let's being with
your team name.
Change it.
Second issue,
how do you plan to
participate in the competition?
I feel I have chosen
the strongest competitors.
Oh, please,
I am not a fool.
They are all
and confined to the weight
room for a very good reason.
And what about
little Hercules?
"Hercule," my fanny.
How is he going to participate
when he is allergic to air?
And don't think
that he can compete
without a signed permission
slip from his mother.
Good luck with that.
I have taken
it upon myself
to be the team's
faculty advisor.
This is a brochure from the
World Eskimo-Indian Olympics,
and here's a pamphlet
on Native dance.
Of course, perhaps
you are familiar
with one of
the Yup'ik dances?
No, of course not.
Well, fortunately we have
several representatives
from WEIO who are going to
offer demonstrations this week.
It's not mandatory
but highly recommended.
Ness, don't wrinkle up.
It makes you look like your dad.
That's your fault.
Yup, it is.
Did you know anything
about Native dance?
Of course not.
Ness, it just
wasn't my thing.
It doesn't mean it can't
be a part of you, right?
It doesn't mean it
can't be your thing.
Hi, I'm Hercules'
mother, Mrs. Howard.
You must be Mrs. Lemor.
You can call
me Terri.
Whoops, sorry, guys.
(Door opening)
Hi, Terri. I'm Hercules.
Ooh, I love your
He-Man backpack.
I keep telling him
he's too old for it.
He simply won't listen.
Oh, come on,
you're never too
old for He-Man, right?
(Terri laughing)
Is everybody
buckled up?
Hercules, do you want
to put on your seatbelt?
I'm looking but I--
Oh, we kind of lost
them along the way,
so he can sit
up in front in--
Oh, no, no, no, no, no,
I think he's best in back.
I never let him
sit in the front,
even when it's
the two of us.
You know, car accidents are
the #1 killer of children.
Hercules, you just
sit behind Terri,
and call me when
Rifle Club is done.
(Mouthing words)
(Car squeaking)

Poems, steaks,
collaboration of static.
Gay monkey experiments
expose addicts.
infatuations manic.
Great bunny casts
magic missiles on dragon.
Hey, did you finish
reading Two Old Women?
Yeah, did you?
These two old women are betrayed
by their tribe before winter.
The people they
grew up with
just leave them behind
to starve and die.
That kind of sounds like
us in the weight room.
Yeah, it does.
You're leaving out
the second part of the story.
The women decide that
if they're going to die,
they might as
well die trying.
So they start
to provide for themselves,
while the tribe spends
the entire winter starving.
And once they refine
their survival skills,
it's really the tribe
that comes to them
begging for help.
We should make this
our competition.
If Team F dies,
at least we can die trying.
If you guys are with me,
you can all
close your eyes.
Vanessa, I just would
like you to know
that if I'm dying,
I'd like to
be with you,
because you're good
at making things better.
So now if you
won't do that,
then I don't want
to close my eyes,
because I don't
want to die alone.
Want if I closed
my eyes with you?
Yes, I would like
that very much.

The World
Eskimo-Indian Olympics
have become a cultural
point of pride
that uphold the enduring
character and traditions
of the Eskimo Indians.
Where are his teammates?
There are no teams.
If one person wins,
then everybody wins.
It benefits
the whole community.
The event recognizes the value
of tribal collaboration
as a survival tool.
(Woman singing
in Native language)
So bring your
friends and family...
Hey, Onion.
She just talked about WEIO?
it looks really fun.
I think it's great that
you're taking interest
in your heritage,
although none
of this information
will really prove useful
in Snowstorm Survivor.
I would invite you
to my team meetings,
but it would be
a conflict of interest.
May I suggest maybe
working out a little bit,
doing some push-ups,
definitely running
a few laps with your team.
Dear Lemon Lima:
this magical world
of human beings
showers me
with inspiration.
Today, I practiced my Yup'ik
fan dance in the weight room.
Hercules said it brought
a tear to his eye,
but I suspect
it was allergies.
(Fly buzzing)
As the days float by,
my aching heart
begins to mend.
Samantha said she
began a hunger strike
to mentally prepare herself
for Snowstorm Survivor,
but I smelled Tater Tots
on her breath
yesterday at practice.
I wonder what
her dad is like.
She probably has a great
relationship with her father.
Anyway, I can't be
late for Cigarette Club.
It's on.
How do you say
That wasn't in Spanish.

I would prefer not
to discuss this.
Well, I prefer
to discuss this.
Really? Because I don't
think it's appropriate.
I mean, Vanessa was
really in love with me,
so it makes sense that
she's producing work
based off our
time together.
I don't understand.
Yeah, well, it is
the root of the problem.
See, I just don't think we're
intellectually compatible.
And what does that mean?
I'm in AP English,
and you're in the most
mentally challenged class
we have at this school.
You read Judy Blume.
I read Dostoevsky.
I am not a lesbian.
I know. I know
you're attracted to me.
And although sexual attraction
might complicate things,
our intellectual incompatibility
is off the charts.
(Birds singing)
His name's G.I. Joe.
He's so beautiful.
Do you want to see
my other pets?
Where do you
find all these?
in the backyard.
The black ones
live in our house.
They're dead.
That's their cemetery.
So they can
all be together.
Hercules, do you want
to bring your little friends
into the living room?
(Birds singing)
So, Samantha,
what do your parents do?
My dad's a singer.
How different.
Her dad's Puff Daddy.
And what's that?
Oh, like he raps, hip-hop
sort of stuff. You know.
what about your parents?
My mom has written
a few self-help books.
Isn't that different?
And your dad?
I don't really know him.
It's terrible
to lose a parent.
I'm so sorry.
Your mother must
be devastated.
Not really.
My parents
haven't been together
since I was
really young.
Oh, no, they were
never married,
so they never really
went through the divorce thing.
I should
check on dinner.

(Knocking on door)
I'm sleeping.
How was dinner?
Those people leave
a bad taste in my mouth.
They leave a bad taste
in their mouths.
I don't care.
I don't need
to be friends
with people that let their
children play with rifles, hah.
At least they're a family.
You're going
to be alone forever.
Whoa. Hah.
Wait, where did
that come from?
It's true and everyone thinks
you're weird and uneducated.
Well, I don't care
what they think.
That's your
problem, not mine.
You don't understand.
Phil understands.
Is that what this is about,
that little shrimp?
I love him.
Ness, how can you love anyone
when you don't love yourself?
Well, I don't want to talk
to you either, wimp.

It's none of your business.
Perfecto, clase!
You see? This is
the spirit of El Espanol.
And remember,
next week's the fiesta,
so please bring
in a Spanish dish.
Mm. Okay, bye.
Are you never going
to talk to me again?
You're too
nice for him.
He's my
best friend.
If he's your
best friend,
let's all go
to the park together.
It's not
about the park.
I have to start
making my own decisions.
I mean, you don't know
what he's really like.
He told me he'd ride
across the ocean
on the head
of a shrimp for me.
Well, we'd run across the ocean
on the head of a shark.
What's your point?
He's the reason
I know you.
He pushed me to do it.
And because of him,
I chose you guys.
Who else would
you choose?
I-- I don't know.
That's not the point.
I feel used.
You know,
we have feelings too.
Does this mean you're not going
to be on our team?
F-U, traitor.
It's fine if you'd like
to risk your life.
My proposal for the day
is a movie, hm?
It's too hot out,
and I didn't
bring sun block.
On a side note,
made any decisions
Snowstorm Survivor?
I'm not sure
but I figure it
happened for a reason.
Yeah, my family.
Look, Ness, you know,
I appreciate your
interest in the games,
but it's simply unsafe for
you to compete with that team.
Okay, Ness, you know,
say, you are a baker,
and you make
cupcakes for a living.
And one day you
decide to quit.
riders screaming)
Then you start making
cupcakes again.
But then you
quit again.
Then you
quit again.
Then you start
making cupcakes again.
Dear Lemon Lima--
Very mature, Ness!
(Thunder rumbling)
I tried to
reach for the sky,
but all I got were
storm clouds under my nails.
The symptoms include
nausea, diarrhoea, headache,
body ache.
Fibromyalgia is real.
I traded in a shark
for a shrimp
and nearly drowned.
My heart is a balloon
bursting with humility
as I return to my tribe
of true warriors.
I am no longer a slave
to Philip's flawless
bone structure
and undeniable charm.
I wonder
if my father would be proud.
Well, Ms. Lemor,
what pearls of wisdom
do you have
for us today?
Molly Hootch.
Molly Hootch was a Native
student who brought a case
against the state of Alaska
for failing to provide
village high schools,
forcing Eskimo
and Indian students
to attend boarding schools,
sometimes hundreds of miles
away from their families.
In 1972, Henry Walters,
then president of Nichols,
founded the generous
Molly Hootch Scholarship.
Well done, Ms. Lemor.
A little lacking in details
but altogether not bad.
I'm not finished.
Walters was widely
regarded as a bigot
who refused to allow
Native students
into this esteemed
private school.
Walters instituted
the Molly Hootch Scholarship
to undo the damage
to his reputation.
I am honoured to be
the beneficiary
of the Molly
Hootch Scholarship
because it reminds me
that young Native girls
do not have to put up
with disreputable people
in positions of power.
Anything to say?
I don't like him.
As I'm sure you know,
Mr. Walters is
the grandson of Henry Walters
and a member of the board
who endows
your scholarship.
Now, you may not
care personally,
but your behaviour
as a Molly Hootch Scholar
has had a bad
reflection on your community
and their values.
For goodness sakes,
he is an elder.
Miss Lemor,
I believe that you are
well intentioned. I do.
Now, we are just two weeks
away from the school's
most celebrated
I hope that you
take this opportunity
to channel your
into an endeavour that will
bring you a wider audience.
Power does not need
to be loud or noticed.
Look at the icebergs
and the mountains.
They are both very silent.
Get outta here.

Dear Lemon Lima:
Last night I dreamt
of my father.
I couldn't
see his face,
but I knew it was him.
He turned
to me and said,
"Love and accept yourself,
and I will love
and accept you."
Then he morphed into
a walrus and swam away.
We will compete
in the Snowstorm
Survivor Competition.
The prize we seek
is honour, not victory.
The high kick is how
Native villagers
would signal
the capture of a whale.
since you're the smallest,
I think it would make
the most sense if you enter.
(Door squeaking)
Can I show
you something?
If you shift your body
weight, it's a lot easier.
Wow, why are
you down here?
Sprained ankle.
I sprained my ankle
too; bocce-ball incident.
Hercules, Applebomb won't
let you compete without this.
Your mom has to sign it.
Can't you sign it?
I wish I could
but I can't.
But we all put
our fingerprints
on it for good luck.
That it.
Homeschool, I said
it from day one.
Son, we appreciate
your enthusiasm,
but your mother
and I have voted
against your participation
in the competition.
But I want to!
Those are not decisions
for you to make.
They are adult decisions
that you can make
when you're 18
and living under
another roof.
Your father
worked very hard
to get you into
the Rifle Club,
and you threw away
the opportunity
for a group of smokers.
They don't smoke.
you lied to me.
Your mother
and I have decided
that you will
spend no more time
with the pink-haired girl
and the heavy-set one.
Vanessa and "Nothing"
are my friends.
Who calls
themselves "Nothing"?
Son, you might think that Native
girl is your friend now,
but who knows what she'll
be like in a few years?
It's-- It's in the genes.
And there's no changing
your chromosomes.
You can write a nice
letter saying goodbye,
but no more seeing
that neighbour girl.

(Door closing)


We found this
in Hercules' locker.
I believe it
belongs to you.

Dear Diary:
Go to sleep
Keep the light on
it's dark out
Close your eyes
Keep them open
it's night time
Close your eyes
I still love you
I still love you
Go to sleep
Keep the light on
Let us in.
We're getting frostbite.
These are beautiful.
Who's Lemon Lima?
Her imaginary friend.
I wrote to Bo and Peep.
You know,
I never wrote to mine?
We did go on
adventures, though.
Me and Fredo Eli.
I swear I met him once,
though, at the dry-cleaner's.
(Knocking on door)
Something came for
you in the mail.
It's a card
from your grandma.
the Bladder Festival.
The Yup'iks believe that
nobody ever truly dies,
not even animals.
So when a hunter
kills a seal,
he keeps the bladder,
so the soul can
be alive in there.
And what he's
doing there
is putting it
into the sea
so the soul
can be reborn.

Thanks for coming.
I brought
these for Hercules.
I've been in school
with him since kindergarten,
and I think it's pretty
great that you picked him
to be on your team.
No one ever picked
him for anything.
And it's so sad
to see everyone
giving him the attention
he always wanted
now that he's gone.
And I'd really like
to be on your team
if you'll have me.
I think Hercules
would like that.

Dear Hercules:
When we
close our eyes,
we will reach to
the heavens to find you.
I don't know
why you're gone,
but I will hunt, track,
and fight for you.
Please carry
a piece of me,
and I will carry
you for eternity.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
They said there was no such
thing as global warming,
but for the first
time in over 30 years,
our Snowstorm Survivor
will be held in the sun,
not the snow,
so keep your eyes open.
Who knows what will happen?
Competitors up!
And let the games begin!
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Max Burns of the Arctic Wolves,
is conquering this hill
at lightning speed.
Oh, crap, the Growling Grizzlies
seem to have lost control.
Coach Roach is approaching
the team with a flag.
Artic Wolves is the first
to cross the finish line.
But, please keep in mind
both teammates must
cross together.
And Daisy seems to
be having some problems
navigating this
crazy course.
Well, it looks like the
science-champ combo from Team F
are using an
unconventional approach,
hopping down
shoulder to shoulder.
(Whistle sounding)
SIVALUAQ: And we have a winner!
It's Emmaline and Lynne
Chin from Team F!
Yeah, we rock!
Grizzlies suck!
What happened?
Did they
get a flag?
We're just trying to avoid
putting other teams down.
When people from Native
villages play the games,
everyone wins.
I highly doubt
the Growling Grizzlies
consider Team FUBAR
a part of their community.
It's just worth
treating everyone
like they're a part
of the community,
like they're something.
Well, of course.
I mean, you're all
a part of my community.
Of our community.
And to our surprise,
the finalists
in the stick pole
are "Nothing" Amigone--
No, I'm not.
From Team F--
And three-time champion
and team captain, Sean Walsh.
We'd like to quickly thank
the Amigone Funeral Home,
one of our
event sponsors,
a family serving families.
And here we go.
"Nothing" is holding on to
secure Team F's uncanny lead.
(Whistle sounding)
And, oh, tough break!
(Whistle sounding)
And that's how quickly
the tables turn.
We love you, "Nothing"!
Team F is very lucky
that the winner must win
two out of three attempts.
(Whistle sounding)
We're tied one to one!
Such strength
was necessary
when pulling a seal
through a breathing hole.
is the first female
to ever make it
to the final round.
All right, "Nothing"!
I love you, baby!
I love you!
(Whistle sounding)
Come on!
(Whistle sounding)
Yeah! Whoa!

Do you guys see any
survival purpose to this?
Well, see how
her ear's red?
That's what it looks
like after frostbite.
Following cold exposure,
the ear is red
and painful.
Do you think
she's okay?
Yeah, she's doing
it on purpose.
Sam could win
anything she wants.
She's totally
pathological but a genius,
master manipulator.
She claims her dad's going
to come pick us up in a limo.
I want
to congratulate you, Ness.
I really think you took
some of my advice to heart,
but my money
is on my man Nate
to come in first
at the high kick,
and I think I have this dance
competition in the bag.
Let's face
the facts, Ness.
Teacher never loses
to the student.
you're a real piece of work.
Can we please have
the competitors to the stage?
(Whistle sounding)
The Alaskan high kick
was a way to signal
the capture of a whale.
Screaming Bald Eagles,
to your mark!
Growling Grizzlies,
to your mark!
Hey, back it up!
Good! Good!
Arctic Wolves,
to your mark!
Team F, to your mark!
Good! Good!
Raising it up
for level two!
Good! Out!
Oh, Cody's down!
The Howling
Hunters are out.
And it is Team F versus
the Growling Grizzles.

Oh, what
a tragedy for Megan
from Team F.
And it's Nate.
We have a winner!
It's Nate Jackson from
the Growling Grizzlies!
Team F and the Growling
are now in
a dead heat.
I'm sorry.
I-- I thought I had it.
I couldn't hold it anymore,
and then my leg
and my arms and I just--
It doesn't matter.
But it did.
The dance routine
I'm doing
has been in my
family for years.
Yeah, totally.
(Mouthing words)
(Mouthing words)
The Screaming Bald Eagles!
Wasn't that wonderful?
Oh, such an exciting day.
And now we will have
the Growling Grizzlies
doing their
of the Inupiaq
Walrus Hunting Dance.
Growling Grizzlies!
(Band singing
in Native language)

(Man speaking
in Native dialect)
The Growling Grizzlies!
Oh, Philip,
you were so forceful.
I didn't know
he had it in him.
Now this next group,
I will admit a bit
of a prejudice.
I am the team's
faculty advisor.
Someone said I look
like a pink cupcake today,
and I said, "Well, that's
what I was going for."
Now Team F
presenting their version
of a Yup'ik Eskimo
igloo dance,
Vanessa Lemor!
BOY (Coughing):
(Boys chucking)
(Drums beating
(Man singing
in Native language)
(Band singing
in Native language)


Every year,
something new
and unexpected
in these games,
as new leaders rise
to the challenge...
I think Sam's
dad's here.
Is there a limo?
Whoa, I thought she was lying.
Do you guys want
to cut out early?
But by pulling together
and working hard
to build team morale
and endurance--
They rose to the challenge.
If Team F could
join me on the podium
to accept
their trophies
and their tracksuits
so generously donated--
So very generously donated
by Lady Foot Locker. Thank you.
If-- If Vanessa Lemor
could join me
on the podium--?
You never know what's going
to happen in these games.
Time of endless night
our only sight
Dear Vanessa:
I'm sure you probably have
a lot of unresolved feelings,
but please appreciate
that my schedule
makes it totally
for me to correspond
with someone I am phasing
out of my life.
Your first love, Philip.
Up to the east
And so we rise
Up to the sun
The sun
Is come
The sun
Is come
Rise in the springtime
In the springtime
Of the sun
In the springtime
In the springtime
Of the sun
Dear, my life with you
Has grown so sweet
And grown so true
Each day is new
Just like today
Each day is new
Just like today
And so we rise
Up to the east
And so we rise
Up to the sun
The sun
Is come
The sun
Is come
In the springtime
In the springtime
Of the sun
In the springtime
In the springtime
Of the sun
In the springtime
In the springtime
Of the sun
In the springtime
In the springtime
Of the sun
In the springtime
In the springtime
Of the sun