Dear Nathan (2017) Movie Script

- Yes?
- Let me help you.
You want to help me?
- Yes.
- Help me.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
All right, be careful, Sir.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Make sure your uniform is proper.
We're doing the flag-hoisting ceremony.
Discipline is necessary.
What is this? Wear your hat properly.
Straighten your tie.
How did I miss you?
Your hair is too long.
Get a haircut, okay?
Why are you giggling?
Tuck in your shirt.
What's with the extra hair?
You look like a cockatoo.
The flag is ready!
Get on the bus.
Come on.
Where's the change?
You didn't ask for it before.
- How much did you give me?
- Five thousand.
Thank you.
You're late for the ceremony,
not your period.
So tense.
Only an uneducated person...
...who would joke around
by degrading women.
Are you new?
Your wound will get infected
if you don't clean it up soon.
What happened?
Did you fall?
Something like that.
Later at home, just take it off.
Rub it with alcohol...
...and then apply betadine.
You're most welcome.
The saying is true.
There are only two
things that we can't do.
Apologize and say thank you.
Thank you for proving it right.
Do you still want to go in?
I know another way in.
If we're caught,
the principal will punish us.
Just calm down.
You go first.
Don't peek.
Aren't you coming?
Thank you.
So he disappeared just like that?
How tall is he?
Salma, I'll take you to
Student Council room after this, okay?
Aldo just texted me saying
he's free right now.
What's his name?
I forgot to ask.
Rahma, I'm discussing
something important with Salma.
Hey, there's a fight.
Don't interfere in my business.
I don't like a seniors who
try to bully their juniors.
You talk too much.
Come here.
Hey, what's going on? Move.
You again!
Hey, Nathan!
Why do you keep fighting?
Break it up! Knock it off!
I said knock it off!
Come to my office!
You embarrass everyone.
Get a haircut!
Everyone is dismissed!
Start walking to my office!
So, Nathan is the one who helped you?
- His name is Nathan?
- Yes.
Salma, you need to stay away
from guys like Nathan, Jerry, Ringo.
They are bad news, trust me!
Nathan is not that bad.
Besides, he only fights when he's...
He fights every day, Rahma.
I'm right. You just saw it yourself.
There she goes.
You need to know your own friends better.
Guys like him doesn't have any friends.
You're such a smarty-pants.
Easily you start judging others.
I know him.
I'm in the same class with him.
I know everything about him.
So don't be such a smart-ass.
Don't talk about it anymore, okay?
Why don't you come with us
to the student council room?
You go.
I don't want to go into a room
full of self-righteous people.
You're so annoying.
- What did you say?
- Enough.
You said we don't have much time, right?
Come on, let's go.
Did you join the student
council in your previous school?
Yes. Since before..
I don't work with just anyone
especially with someone who's slow.
Let me test you.
These are data for student council
board from the year 2000 and earlier.
We haven't made the database.
You work on it and
send it to me by email.
I'll expect it by next week.
If it's approved, you can join us.
You should get a boyfriend like Aldo.
He's smart and good-looking.
The perfect single guy.
You must be happy to
come back to Jakarta.
Bandung, Jakarta.
It's all the same.
It's hot and always flooding.
But, is he always that quiet?
Are you developing a crush on him?
What? It's not like that.
Be careful he's kind of picky.
Just be ready.
You two are such a disgrace.
Don't you ever get tired of fighting.
Don't be an embarrassment.
Don't do it again.
Yes, Sir.
Now salute the flag until recess.
Nathan is looking at you.
I've been in the same class
with him for almost a year.
He never looks at someone
unless he wants to fight.
Most of them are boys.
Stop talking about it.
- You're blushing.
- What?
Salma, catch!
So, you want to argue with me?
No, Sir.
This is an emergency situation.
How can I ignore a student who
fainted in the middle of the field?
Go back to the field now.
All right.
- I just want to make sure..
- Now!
- Who's sick?
- It's her, Doctor.
You'll still feel the pain.
But if you put ice on it...'ll get better.
Just rest.
Stop acting all romantic and caring...
...this is not a Korean drama.
Go to the field, now!
Let me check again.
how could you give my number to Nathan?
He just asked if you're still hurt.
He's a gentleman, right?
Besides, you should have seen how
he carried you to the school clinic.
You look like sleeping beauty.
Nathan is Prince Phillip.
I don't care! I don't want to
hear anything about Nathan.
He also asked about you yesterday.
Whatever. You're so annoying.
You said you don't want to
hear anything about Nathan.
Yes, but now you're making me curious.
Okay, then.
I told him you that you're the quiet type...
...nerdy, and cool.
He also asked about your type of guy.
And then?
I just told him that...
...he is really your type.
Are you crazy?
Hello, beautiful.
Where are you going?
Come with me in the car.
Beautiful girl.
Why so arrogant?
Beautiful girl!
We just want to have fun.
Come on, beautiful.
Do you want to come?
Let's go, Salma.
He's just a school boy.
No money, I bet.
Don't be arrogant, you cheap girl.
Let's go, Salma.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Salma, wait.
What is it for?
Sorry, this is for you to buy internet.
My home already has a Wi-Fi.
I also have a large quota limit.
If that's true...
...why didn't you reply my chat messages?
Lately the reception is...
...not very good.
If I send you a text, will you reply?
Just send me a chat message.
See you later.
Oh, my God, Salma.
Who is that? He's so handsome.
He looks like that F1 racer,
Rio Dewanto, right?
Rio Haryanto.
That's it. He's the one.
No, they don't look alike.
So I was right.
He looks like Rio Dewanto.
He doesn't look like him, too.
So, who does he looks like?
What's wrong, Salma?
Why is it so hard asking
you to come to the canteen?
Come on.
I'm not hungry, Afifah.
You're not hungry or you don't
want to see Nathan?
Just buy me some cilok.
Did you reply his text?
His chat messages too?
Oh, my God, Salma.
- Give me your phone.
- What are you doing?
Besides, Nathan just wants
to know Salma better.
He won't trouble her.
You said he won't make any trouble?
Give it back!
Nathan, give me back the bottle.
- Give it back.
- No.
Give it back.
Nathan, don't drink it.
Don't drink it, Nathan.
Nathan, why did you drink it?
That's a herbal drink for
my period.
But you laughed in the end, right?
Yes, but what's the point?
I don't want anything
bad to happen to Salma.
Just listen to me.
Even though the X gene has gone extinct...
...and Nathan is the last guy on earth... are still better off single
until you die rather than dating him.
- Afifah.
- What's wrong?
My stomach really hurts.
I have to go.
I swear. I can't take it.
I have stomach ache, please.
Here's a remedy for your period.
To replace the one I drank.
My stomach really hurts. I have to go.
I didn't see you in the canteen.
Here's your favourite snack, cilok.
I'm worried you might be hungry.
I'll wait for you
in front of the gate after school.
No, it's okay.
I don't want to bother you.
And this afternoon,
I have a student council event.
You see, Nathan.
You have to accompany her.
Otherwise, she has to be alone.
I'll see you later in the afternoon.
Someone is about to have a boyfriend.
Rahma, you're so annoying.
You act like you're
running from something.
Did you forget I know Rahma?
I'll take you home, okay?
No, thank you.
I can go home by myself.
Do you want another incident
like yesterday to happen again?
I'm sorry if you don't
like what I'm about to say.
But, my own parents never
worry about how I get home.
That's why I want to
make sure you're safe.
But I don't like when someone else
makes a decision for me.
Honestly, Rahma.
I don't like the way you..
Don't be rude to Rahma.
She's nice.
She's just helping me.
Nathan, I'm sorry my cell phone was... was on silent mode.
What are you busy doing?
...I'm memorizing the species of rat.
Because tomorrow...
I have a math test tomorrow.
Math is about rats now?
You're funny when you're lying.
No. I'm not lying.
- I..
- I just want to say...
...I'm glad you reached home safely
Don't sleep late, okay?
Thank you, Rahma.
Are you done?
You're bothering us,
we're on a date here.
It's just a small thing.
Give it to me.
Your zipper is open.
Go away.
Are you sure you don't want to eat?
No, I ate on the way here.
I can make your favourite soup.
No, it's okay.
How's your chemistry project?
Why aren't you answering my question?
You won first prize right?
The announcement will be tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
- Pray for me, okay?
I always pray for you.
What happened to your forehead?
Did Nathan hit you?
- No, Mom. This..
- That boy is getting out of hand.
He and your father
never appreciate my feelings.
He can't do that to you.
What if he becomes a failure?
He thinks I won't be
embarrassed if he's a failure?
Daniel, you tell him.
I'm disappointed with his attitude.
He shouldn't treat you like that.
Because of him, people think
I can't take care of my kids.
You tell him. I'm going to rest now.
But make sure you tell him.
I'm disappointed at him.
That boy is out of line.
He never listens. He can never be taught.
He always talks back. Very ungrateful.
Yes but I'm afraid I won't have
enough time for other subjects.
I know.
You're just as lazy as your classmates.
If you want out, just go.
Don't make it complicated.
Can you just stay out of my life?
Can you stay out of her life?
If you want to talk, look at my face.
Do you have the guts?
No. I can't do that to you.
You might start liking me.
Please send my apology to the rest.
Do you realize?
This attitude you have... why Salma hates you.
Do you realize that?
Go to the rest room,
look at the mirror.
So you will know for sure
guys like you don't deserve Salma.
Not bad.
Make the presentation in five slides.
Are we going home together?
Do you want
to grab something to eat first?
Another second and I would be
kissing Ji Chang Wook.
You woke me up.
Why are you calling me anyway?
I want to ask you.
Are there any rumours... Afifah's class today?
You woke me up to ask about rumours?
This is so not you.
No, I'm just curious.
Maybe there's an interesting rumour.
Something funny.
Damn, I just realized.
You want to ask about Nathan, right?
No, I just want to know if Nathan is sick...
...or not.
Aren't you avoiding him?
- If..
- Hold on.
Yes, Mom?
I'll call you later. My mom is calling me.
- I'm going now.
- Take care.
There's a pretty girl.
We should leave now.
It's couples' time.
I'm gonna go now.
We don't want to bother them.
Get her, Bro.
- I'm going. Get her.
- I'm going now.
They're seniors who doesn't
care about seniority.
- You..
- You..
You go first.
What did you mean
in the chat last night?
You're the one who hates me,
why should I be angry?
Who said that?
Who said that?
So, you don't hate me?
Maybe it's just my feeling.
Nathan, who was it?
Why did you sent me that text?
Do you miss me?
What are you talking about?
It doesn't make sense.
So you don't miss me.
I'll come to the bookstore with you.
How did you know..
Is it Rahma?
Let's go there.
You need to read this book.
So you don't get punished
all the time.
You have to understand the rules in life.
If I read this book,
I won't have time to think about you.
Is that the book?
Hey, Sir.
- Get in line!
- Nathan, leave it.
You have to understand
the rules in life, right?
Not everything is settled with anger.
But there are people who you
can't deal with common sense.
Unless when it's with you.
- It must be with love.
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Hello?
Who is this?
Nathan, Ma'am.
The one you saw the other
day when I dropped Salma.
Oh, Nathan.
You got me.
I hope you understand.
When you have a daughter,
you'll be worried as well.
It's okay, Ma'am.
Salma wants to talk to you.
Hello, Mom?
Salma, where are you?
I'm eating somewhere in Matraman.
When you're done eating, hurry home.
Say hello to Rio Dewanto.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Why are you so upset?
We only have gone out one time.
What happens if we start dating later?
Don't be so tensed. Have a drink.
You don't have to answer it now.
But, don't take too long.
A person's heart has an expiry date.
It's Rio Dewanto.
It's Nathan, Ma'am.
Salma, someone is here for you.
Yes, Mom. What is..
Cover your face. You look scary.
Thank you.
I'm really thankful.
Nathan, please.
I feel so under dressed.
Relax, Salma.
You look pretty in any outfit.
See, you always answer..
Come on.
- Happy birthday, Grandma.
- Thank you, dear.
Please enjoy the food.
Thank you.
Hey, Nathan.
Happy birthday, Grandma.
Thank you.
I already had three birthdays.
You never showed up.
Your father never showed up too.
I thought you have
forgotten about our family.
I apologize, Grandma.
From now on, I'll promise to always come.
Thank you, dear.
How are you?
Meet my girlfriend, Salma.
Come here. Come with Grandma.
Salma, I want to ask you something.
Where did you meet Nathan?
He's my schoolmate.
How long have you been dating?
Two weeks.
Nathan must have brought
you to Senopati often.
Seriously, never?
That's actually Nathan's
favourite eating place.
Nathan, I was just asking.
Besides, Salma is your girlfriend.
She should know your needs.
- Mom.
- Hey, Ardi.
- Happy birthday, Mom.
- Thank you.
I'm happy...
...that you and Nathan came.
Where are you going?
I'm going home, Grandma.
Why are you in a hurry?
I came here for you.
The most important thing is
that you know I still love you.
I need to talk to you.
Come on, Salma.
Hey, Nathan.
You're awake?
Hey, Nathan.
Hey, Nathan.
What do you want, Selly?
Where were you when Daniel died?
I called you, but you didn't answer.
I went to your house,
but you locked yourself in the room.
Now you come here smiling
as if nothing happened.
Hoping to take over Salma's place.
Hey, Nathan.
Listen, newbie!
Imagine that you just
ordered a drink in Starbucks...
...and suddenly someone takes your drink.
How does it feels?
Speak up.
I've been close to Nathan
long before you were here.
I'm a senior here.
Don't force me to make
your life a living hell.
You see, Salma.
What did I say?
If you're still close to Nathan...
...the problem won't stop at Dinda.
It'll even spread to the others.
To the student council and your ranking.
Now, send Nathan a message
asking him to stay away from you.
Hey, Afifah.
You know nothing about Nathan.
Don't act smart.
No wonder you have so little friends.
I know nothing?
Did you know
Salma was confronted by Dinda?
Wait a minute.
Didn't Nathan already rejected her?
Try asking your friends that you said are...
...a lot.
You're so annoying.
What are you doing?
Why do you keep throwing me that?
- You did it first.
- Take it easy.
I want to be alone.
In the next slide...
...we're going to discuss about budget.
I have to admit,
your ideas are mind-blowing.
Thank you.
Actually, I still have more ideas...
...for the upcoming
student council activities.
We can chat about it.
Can I have your number?
Tonight I'll send you a chat message.
There are many things
I want to discuss.
I'll go now.
Are sure you don't want to tell me?
I'll just apologize then.
If I did something wrong.
Why? I can't come?
Excuse me, but she won't let me go in.
Of course you can.
It's been very slow since morning.
Come on, get in.
I'm sorry.
But, I didn't do anything with..
Don't talk unless I ask you to.
What do you want?
I never force Nathan.
- Shut up!
- He came to me.
So, you think you're prettier than me?
Bow down. I'm a senior here.
Does it give you the right to bully me?
If I love Salma,
what are you going to do about it?
Let me go.
"Bow down. I'm a senior here."
Does it gives you the right to bully me?"
I can make this video viral
amongst other freshmen.
So you won't be tired
talking about seniority.
Thank you, Nathan.
So Dinda is the reason
you've been ignoring me?
You can't even answer
a question that simple.
How are you going to answer
my question about our relationship?
Sometimes I wonder...
...are you just an illusion I created...
...or are you real?
No matter how strong a person's will...
...he will eventually get tired
of waiting for an answer.
Maybe I should just back off.
Come on, Nathan.
You should give it some time.
Besides, you have to understand.
Salma has never dated before.
I have to go now.
I'm going out with Kevin.
Be patient.
Why so quiet?
I have a logarithm test tomorrow.
Just relax.
A student like you will
never get a bad grade.
If I stand up there... must be fun.
I can see all over Jakarta.
You don't have to go faraway up there.
Just look at the heart
of the guy next to you.
It's not that easy.
If you're afraid, I can back off.
Why do you like me?
Isn't Dinda much more prettier?
When everybody looks at me like I'm trash... look at me like I'm a normal human being.
What's okay?
Well, you know.
We're dating?
...something like that.
Where's your tie?
Straighten up your shirt.
Don't roll the sleeves.
Your tie.
These kids.
Your tie. No giggling.
Tuck in your shirt. Wear your tie.
Hey, your tie.
Wear it.
Wear that.
Why are you in such a hurry?
I don't feel comfortable.
Everyone is looking.
But take off your helmet first.
You keep giggling.
Hey, wear your tie.
Thank you.
You haven't done your homework?
I have.
Are you embarrassed to be with me?
Are you embarrassed?
If you feel embarrassed,
why did you say yes?
Okay, I'm not embarrassed.
Let's go.
- Hey.
- Hi.
These are the data.
- I'll just put this on over there.
- Okay, just put it there.
- Salma.
- Hi.
Looks like it overheated.
Let me take a look.
I'm right.
Your running programs have piled up.
Too much malware.
Just reinstall the OS.
Would you accompany me
to buy a laptop sometime?
So, I won't be fooled by the salesmen.
Of course.
But, no one would mind if I take you out,
I want it to be just the two of us.
What's wrong? Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes, she has.
I have to go.
Are you two dating?
Why? Do you want to date me, too?
We have to go. Excuse us.
Let's go.
Salma, how to edit two clips together?
Control click the videos
you want to join together.
And then Control P.
Rahma, do you know who is this?
It's Daniel. Nathan's twin brother.
He didn't tell you?
That's why don't always get upset.
So, where's Daniel now?
Nathan is your boyfriend. Not me.
Go ask him.
What is this place?
I've always been jealous of Daniel.
He's a genius.
Everyone loves him.
I was the one who rebels.
Maybe because I don't
know how to be Daniel.
But, I want... mom and dad to love me...
...just as they love Daniel.
This is the place where I
killed my own twin brother.
Two years ago.
I promised to fight with a
local thug in this warehouse.
Daniel who knew nothing...
...he was dragged here after school.
They thought Daniel was me.
He was beaten up severely.
He died on the way to the hospital.
My mom could never accept the incident.
Whenever I meet my mom...
...she always mention Daniel's name.
My dad got married again
after my mom has problems.
And he...
He never asked for my permission.
I was jealous of Daniel.
But I didn't want Daniel to die.
Help me, Salma.
Help me become Daniel for my mom.
I want my mom to love me.
Mom is the only one I have left.
Your mother is waiting.
I've been waiting for a long time.
This is Salma.
My girlfriend.
Come here.
Sit next to me.
Are you in the same school with Daniel?
Yes, Ma'am.
Your girlfriend is pretty.
Change is not easy, Nathan.
But it's not impossible.
I can help you change.
But not as Daniel.
As Nathan.
As yourself.
- What happened to him?
- He's really neat.
Good morning, class.
Good morning.
What are you doing sitting in the front row?
Are you going to play a trick again?
No, Miss. I really want to learn.
Don't jump to conclusions, Miss.
Did you just get exorcised?
It's been a week, Afifah.
Are you still going to ignore me and Rahma?
We're still friends, right?
If you're my friend...'ll listen to what I said.
The world doesn't revolve around you.
Don't think that you can
control other people's life.
My son.
You're so handsome today.
Do you remember?
Nathan's hand got hurt when he was
playing around while you were cooking.
Why are you talking about him?
What for?
I know I was wrong.
But I'm Nathan.
Not Daniel.
What are you saying?
I don't want to hear it.
Daniel is gone.
You know that. Please give me a chance...
It's okay.
Hit me all you want as
long as you call me Nathan.
Hit me.
- You're Daniel.
- Hit me.
You're Daniel.
I don't want to hear it again.
Don't say that name again.
- Enough, Ma'am.
- Let me go, nurse.
He's not Nathan.
He's Daniel.
Nurse, he's Daniel.
Let me go.
Daniel, he's Daniel.
I'm going away.
Anyone home?
Just a moment.
Hey, Salma.
Is Nathan home?
Yes, he's home.
- Mbok.
- Yes?
Can I borrow a plate?
Yes, of course.
The spoon, too.
But, will you forgive me?
Yes, I forgive you.
Can I...
...ask you to hold me for one last time?
Where's Nathan?
Upstairs or downstairs?
- Upstairs.
- Upstairs? Okay, thank you.
Hear me out, Salma.
Selly only comes to apologize.
- Salma!
- Let me go.
Salma, she was just apologizing.
Let me go.
Salma, she was just apologizing.
Let me go or we won't see
each other forever.
How is it?
So far I don't see any problem.
But, what do you think?
Okay, but I want this color.
It's nicer.
You look confused.
What are you thinking about?
It's nothing.
Instead of sitting here... should come with me.
Wrap it neatly.
It all depends on your work.
You already told me that five times.
If God wills,
your girlfriend will forgive you.
Where's Salma?
Why isn't she home yet?
I called her many times,
but she didn't answer.
It's all right.
- Be patient, okay?
- Okay.
Please drink.
I'm going inside.
Salma, thank you.
You accompanied me today.
You're welcome, Aldo.
Thank you for taking me home.
I'm going home now.
Thank you.
Stop it!
Nathan, enough!
Do I need to make an announcement
that Salma is my girlfriend?
Enough. Aldo!
You think Salma
deserves a guy like you?
You're a trash!
Stop, enough!
Nathan, stop!
Hey, stop. Nathan, stop!
Stop, Nathan!
I know your bad intentions.
Stop. Oh, my God, Aldo.
Stand up.
What happened here?
I'm sorry, Ma'am.
All of a sudden, this crazy guy attacked me.
I had good intentions
of dropping Salma home.
Excuse me, Ma'am.
I'm disappointed at you.
It turns out your intention
to change is only talk.
Willpower without proof won't
change you to be the new Nathan.
How can those two
get into a fight like that?
I think I know why you can't answer.
You have to be more assertive.
Here's the thing.
In the afternoon,
you went out with Nathan.
At night,
you're on video call with Aldo.
Aldo and I only
talked about computer.
Do you have to talk
about it everyday?
You have to learn how to be
responsible with your own choice.
Don't ever turn other people's feelings.
Enough, Mom.
I want to take a shower.
Hey, I haven't finished talking.
Oh, Salma.
Have you sent the latest
rundown to the speaker?
I sent it two days ago.
I haven't received it yet.
Can you send it again to my email?
What should I do?
I promise to help the program committee.
Let me handle the program.
You just go and resend the email.
Just use my laptop.
- About last night..
- Just forget it.
Now, just do your task.
Hello, nurse.
I'm here, Mom.
I.. you...
I love you too, Mom.
Mom. Nurse! Doctor!
Mom, wake up.
Please wait.
Nurse, doctor.
Doctor, please help my mother.
Let the doctor check her, Nathan.
Nathan, let the doctor check her.
- Hold it.
- Doctor, please help my mother.
Your mother has passed away.
- Mom. - I'm so sorry
Nathan, enough.
- Nathan!
- Mom!
Why didn't you answer Nathan's call?
Rahma, let me handle this problem..
That's not it!
Nathan's mother passed away.
Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
Yes, thank you.
Be patient, dear.
I'm going home, okay?
Let's go.
Darling, not now.
She's been waiting for three hours.
Tell her that
I'm not in the mood for talking.
Nathan, it's Salma.
I'm sorry.
Nathan said he's tired and wants to rest.
I think you should go home for now.
I'm sorry, Salma.
Sorry for what?
I'm sorry because I tried to
take Nathan away from you.
I did this...
...because I love Nathan.
Just like you.
But, don't worry.
Inside Nathan's heart...
...there's only your name.
I haven't heard from you for two days.
Please give me a chance to talk.
I'm really sorry.
I was busy with the student council.
- I was...
- Salma.
You don't have to apologize.
It was my mistake.
From the beginning...
...I pushed you too
much to be in this relationship.
Until now...
...I can never understand your feelings.
What are you talking about?
I love you.
So much.
But I know my place.
My love will never makes you happy.
Nathan, I know you're still angry with me.
- Maybe it's better..
- I've tried, Salma.
And the reality is...
...I can never be mad at you.
All this time...
...I'm only hurting myself.
And you too, Salma.
Save this as a proof...
...that I'm the first guy...
...who stop by in your heart because of love.
And I'm also...
...the first guy who leaves...
...because I want to see you happy.
Don't ever hate me because of this.
Don't peek.
I hope you're alright. Nathan.
You have to understand the rules in life.
If I read this book,
I won't have time to think about you.
If you can't answer it now, it's fine.
But don't be too long.
A person's heart has an expiry date.
When everybody looks at me like I'm trash... look at me like I'm a normal human being.
- Come in, Sir.
- Thank you.
How did you know this house is for sale?
From the Internet. My wife
is the one who informed me.
This stairs leads you to
the room on the top level.
- There are three more rooms upstairs.
- Okay.
How about the electricity and water?
As long as I've been here, electricity
and water has never been a problem.
If you have problems, it would
be from the company, not us.
Can I get a discount for
the sale of this house?
- To get a discount..
- No discounts.
This house is not for sale.
Are you deaf?
- I just said this house is not for sale.
- Nathan.
This house is on my name.
I want to sell it.
You have to come and live with me.
This house is the only
place where I had a family.
Whatever, but you can't stop me.
I don't want to live with a man
who left Mom when she was sick.
Who do you think made
your mother sick? You!
Remember, we have all
been in a bad situation
You, me and everyone else.
Now is the time to start over. Okay?
My future has been shattered
since the day you got a new wife.
- If you don't obey me, get out!
- Exactly.
- There's no reason for me to stay here.
- Get out!
Sir, maybe it's better for me to go now.
- Wait, Sir. We can...
- It's okay.
I was just looking around.
Peace be upon you.
And peace be upon you.
Here you go. Thank you.
Thank you.
Peace be upon you.
And peace be upon you.
Mbok Ijah, where's Nathan?
He didn't come to school for a week.
- What?
- Let's talk inside.
Salma, I want to ask you for a favor.
- Yes, what's up?
- Come with me to the trade centre, okay?
Actually, I'm still confused.
Between those two models.
The difference is only on
the processor's generation.
That's why I asked you
to come, so you can..
What are you thinking about?
Forget it, Salma.
What's the use?
Let him disappear.
Besides, he's of no use to anyone.
Why are you saying that?
You know
that he comes from a broken family.
So if my family is broken,
you won't be friends with me?
- That's not what I mean..
- Stop, Aldo.
I want to get out here.
Let me out or I will jump.
Salma, wait.
Stop here.
Mbok Ijah told me everything.
You have to go back to school.
What for?
My mom is gone.
And you're not my girlfriend anymore.
Why should I bother about the future?
Just a moment.
What's wrong?
I want to fix
and replace the oil of my motorcycle.
Please wait, Sir.
- Thank you, Sir.
- You're welcome.
- Excuse me, Sir.
- Please.
What's wrong?
I know where Nathan is.
But please allow me to disclose
Nathan's inner voice to you.
A voice that I know since
I have been with him.
Maybe it's painful for you to hear.
Are you okay with that?
Go ahead.
We all know how mischievous Nathan is.
But from what I have learned...
Nathan only fights with
kids who are arrogant.
He was angry at those kids because...
Because of what?
Because those kids remind
him of what you did to him.
I know.
Nathan misses having a family.
And you are the only one he's got.
I'm begging you, Sir.
If you go there...
...please don't force him to do anything.
Same like you...
...I could never understand Nathan.
But I love him so much.
Nathan, wait. I want to talk to you.
Nathan, listen to me for a second.
I'm sorry, Nathan.
I'm sorry.
I don't know how to love
you the way you want me to.
I don't know how to do it, son.
I'll never stop you again.
You're free to do what you want.
I just want to say...
I love you so much.
I love you, son.
I have always been proud of you.
Whatever you do.
If you have time, please...
...come to the hospital.
You have a little brother.
He needs his big brother.
Thank you for accepting me, son.
I promise I will fix everything, son.
I will try harder, son.
Thank you, son.
His hair is very thick.
- Like me.
- But he has my nose.
Okay, you're the one
with a sharp nose, right sweety?
It's Nathan.
Thank you, son.
This is Salma.
- My girlfriend.
- Yes, I met her already.
Come on.
Look at your brother.
- Do you want to hold him?
- Yes.
- Gently.
- Okay.
Look at your little brother.
Can I call him Daniel?
Of course.
Look, he's laughing.
He likes the name Daniel.
We'll call him Daniel.
"Dear Nathan..."
"There's a story
I want to share with you."
"It's about an awkward feeling..."
"...which transformed like a butterfly."
"She sits in silence when
being asked about love."
"Often bashful when asked about yearning."
"Because in her world, she only knew black..."
"...white and grey."
Hey, Salma.
Come on, go take a bath. Wake up.
"Until all the beautiful
colors came suddenly."
"Her quiet life was touched by a vibration."
"She's still rigid."
"Her lips is still mute."
"She still doesn't
understand what's happening."
"She's too unexperienced to understand."
Nathan, how are you?
"Everything will change."
"But she had too much worries."
"And in the morning
when her beautiful rainbow was gone..."
"She celebrates pain
in regretful tears."
"Dear Nathan..."
"On behalf of my yearning,
I write you a confession..."
"...representing the voice I couldn't say."
" you."
The change.
- The change.
- You didn't ask for it before.
Thank you.
Let's go.
You're still coming late.
What's wrong?
Why are you so tense after
writing that letter?
You read it?
I'm happy you say "you" and "I" casually.
It feels like we're really dating.
Let's go.
- Aren't you going in?
- We're already late.
But there's a secret entrance.
You said in life we have to follow rules.
The rule in this school is when you're late,
you can't go in.
Do I need to read you the book?
Hey, where are you going?
Get toys for my brother.
"I", not "me". We're dating.
No. "Me" is more romantic than "I".