Dear Nathan: Thank You Salma (2022) Movie Script

-Yes, Mom?
Come here!
Let me carry that.
-No, let me.
-It's heavy. Just get that one.
That box is lighter. Okay?
Hi, honey.
Yes, I'm helping Salma move in.
What time is it in Abu Dhabi?
I have to go. I'll call you back later.
Here, let me get that.
Let me do that,
you won't be able to do it properly.
Mom, this is my room.
When am I ever going to be independent
if you keep doing everything for me?
See? This is dust. You might get sick.
You have allergies, remember?
Take care, sweetie.
Drive safe, Mom.
This is a sign.
Why is Whitey acting up now?
Wow, so serious! It's not like
you understand car engines.
Sweetie, listen to me.
Pack your stuff back in
and let's just go home.
Mom, I'm almost 20.
But you're a woman.
What if something happens to you?
Let's just commute back and forth.
I'll drive you from home to campus,
and I'll pick you up too.
You're a woman too.
What if something happens to you?
Two women are better than one.
Hi, there!
Oh, God.
-And you are?
-It's me, Rahma.
Did you really not notice me?
Can you take that off? There we go.
How are you?
There is nothing to worry about.
My room is right next to Salma's.
If you need anything,
I can just take Salma home.
Well, thank God
we have someone we can count on.
Of course! I have to go now.
-Bye, Salma, see you later.
About the car, it sounds like
you forgot to put the oil cap back on.
And where have you been?
The usual. My handsomeness held me back.
They needed me in the meeting.
He's at it again.
Nathan, your jokes are becoming
an embarrassment to the whole town.
Got it?
Right, I'm sorry.
Hey! See you!
"The trampled have fought back, and those
who have fought back have been trampled."
Who knows this quote?
Yes. It's by Mochtar Lubis,
from Twilight in Jakarta.
That is correct. Twilight in Jakarta.
The novel was written in 1957
What's up, bro!
Hey! Nathan, wait.
Have you done
the fluid mechanics assignment?
Damn. Not yet. You?
I haven't either.
Now what?
We still have 24 hours before the
deadline. Think we can make it?
But I have to pick up Salma.
What do we do then?
-Can we get the others to do it?
-No way.
There. I've taken care of it. Don't worry.
-Did you do the assignment for everyone?
I did it so we can all
focus on the protest.
Damn, Rio!
Not only are you smart,
but you're a good friend.
For real.
-I like you, man.
-It's nothing.
Let's just focus and get back to work.
Nathan, you need to stay
until the briefing's over, okay?
I need you to give a pep talk.
Got it, boss.
Let's go.
O you who took to the streets!
Let's show them what mechanical
engineering students are about!
We're determined to eradicate
corruption in this country!
-Long live the students!
I close my eyes and I see you there
A storyteller
I'm not powerful, or someone special
What I want is to be loved
Yes! I win.
Not fair! The song was too distracting.
Miss, can you change the song?
Switch it to something religious,
something calmer.
You're so typical.
What's the problem with that song?
The singer is annoying.
He tries too hard to be poetic.
He is poetic.
His name is even "Sunset Gazer."
He's cool.
And he acts all mysterious.
Nathan, he purposefully
hides his identity.
He thinks that
the message he's trying to send
is more important than his appearance.
That sappy song is a message?
You're just not listening to it properly.
His ideas can change the world.
Can change the generation, even.
Salma, change comes with action.
The real problem
is out there on the streets.
Was it something I said?
Did I offend you?
It reminded me of the protest tomorrow.
I've never told you
not to do protests, have I?
Can you not go tomorrow?
I know that it's
International Anti-Corruption Day.
But thousands of people
are gonna come to Jakarta.
It's going to be tense.
-Not to mention the
-And I'm supposed to just sit here?
While my friends are out there
in the streets fighting for justice?
But why do you have to
do protests, Nathan?
Can't you just use social media?
Sign petitions, maybe?
Can petitions make you feel
the sweat of labor workers?
Or the heartache of the indigenous tribes
whose lands are going to be taken?
Salma, I'll be fine.
I promise.
Nothing's gonna happen to my pretty face.
Nathan, the gate!
-Where did we park?
I don't have the key.
What is this place, a prison?
It's only 9:00 p.m.
I know, right? And I don't have a key.
Let me.
There you go.
Wait a second.
Why are you smiling?
This reminds me of the first time we met.
You should go.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
Thank you!
Let's do this!
Come on, Rio!
Guys, I found
this interesting video on YouTube.
A theory on Sunset Gazer's real identity.
Just let him be anonymous.
Leave him to our imaginations.
Right, Salma?
But he does make me think
about joining the poetry club.
Salma, is something wrong?
No, nothing.
-The Worldly Verses Club, right?
I'm auditioning.
Really? I heard
it's pretty tough to get in.
Can you teach us poetry writing
for the audition?
Dozens of college students
have been taken to the nearest hospital
to treat their injuries.
-Have you seen Nathan?
-Not yet.
Oh, God, where is he?
-Andre! Help him.
-Get him over there.
-Nathan, Nathan!
God, what happened to your head?
It's just a scratch, don't worry.
Don't worry? Your little brother
is at home crying, worried sick about you!
I didn't get into a fight! I was just
When will you realize there are people
who love you who are worried about you?
-Can't I fight for this country?
-Not like this, Nathan!
Then how?
Clean up your wound
and then come home. Okay?
Salma, please make him understand.
What am I supposed to do, Dad?
Thank you, Salma.
You should respond with,
"You're welcome, Nathan."
-The saying is true
-You are so stubborn!
Or do you just not care anymore?
Salma! Salma!
If everyone had played safe,
they might have passed the laws
that would protect the corrupt.
People have been oppressed
for a long time,
and all you and dad care about
is a tiny scratch.
It's just a tiny scratch today, Nathan.
But if you keep this up,
one day you just might leave us.
Me, your dad, and all of us!
Nathan, we live in a digital world.
You can still fight
as long as your ideas are right!
Not everyone can write like you, Salma.
Not everyone should fight
the same way you do.
We need people on the streets
to listen to the cries of the oppressed.
So, you would listen
to the cries of other people?
Yet you forget
the cries of the people
who have loved you for such a long time.
Your father. Me.
Can you just, for one second,
care about us?
So you think
that all this time
I don't care about you and my family?
Then show me.
When and where
have I ever failed to fight for you?
We're no longer in high school, Salma.
You and I
are growing up.
We must.
Let's grow together.
I will always be there for you, Salma.
I'm just scared.
I'm scared.
I'm scared that you and I
will grow up to be different people.
I'm scared I'll get sick of it
and will no longer have
the strength to worry about you.
I don't know, Nathan.
I don't know.
Will we really end up together forever?
We're still dating, right?
I'm a banyan tree with shade.
And the strength to brave the night storm.
I'm the coral reef that saves
and fights the persistent waves.
I survive.
Erasing "leave" from the dictionary.
I drown
waiting for your understanding.
It's isn't subtle enough.
Too melodramatic.
Sounds like something
from a teen magazine.
Do you know the people
who graduated from Worldly Verses?
I'm sorry.
Through this poem, I just wanted
to tell you what's making me lose sleep.
All right, you can try again
next semester.
-The head of the club wants to see you.
This way, please.
I accidentally heard you reciting
your poem from here.
Oh, right.
I know that it's not subtle enough.
-Too melodramatic and
-Very, yeah.
Sorry. I'm not against critiques,
but I've had enough for now.
But it resonated with me.
Technically, it's a mess,
but your poem was sincere.
Since I became head of the Worldly Verses,
I've always told the members,
"Don't be obsessed with being exclusive."
I want poetry to become
something close to people's lives.
Be it romance, politics,
even religion.
Perhaps some of the old members
forgot about what I said.
Don't take it personally.
Can I have your poem?
What for?
An amateur project.
It's my project, actually.
What is it?
You'll find out.
May I? Only if you'll let me.
Yeah, sure.
Welcome to Worldly Verses, Salma.
Thank you so much!
I'm sorry, what's your name?
-Afkar. Thank you, Afkar.
You're welcome.
Yeah, what's, what's poppin'.
Melinda, let's have some fun.
If you want it quick, we're up for it!
What's wrong? You look stressed.
What's going on, Nathan?
I don't know, Rio.
What do you mean?
Come on, you can talk to me.
I'm a banyan tree with shade
And the strength to brave the night storm
I'm the coral reef that saves
And fights the persistent waves
I survive
Erasing "leave" from the dictionary
I drown, waiting
For your understanding
Salma! Gosh.
I haven't seen you in a week,
but it feels like years!
I'm all sweaty.
No, you're not.
I miss you.
How has it been this week? Any problems?
No. Just a roach problem in the sink.
What? Ew.
Let's find a new place.
What? It's just a cockroach, it's fine.
Gosh. Nathan, help me out here.
Listen, you have Nathan's photo, right?
Put it up near the sink.
Then all the roaches
will run away! Whoosh!
Why aren't you laughing? Was it not funny?
Or are you two fighting?
No! It was funny!
Right, Salma?
We're on a break, Mom.
-A break?
-A break?
I'm sorry.
Your mom found out about us.
I just couldn't say no when she asked me
to come and fix her car.
It's okay.
I don't have any right
to stop you from coming over.
You don't like it when I say that?
Yeah, I don't like it.
Laughing alone.
I felt so silly, you know?
You said you were on a break,
and now you're laughing together.
I can hear you all the way inside.
-Mom, your face.
Don't laugh too loud.
You'll wake the neighbors.
Is that me?
Or a ghost?
Mom, just go back inside!
It's embarrassing, Mom.
It is. With that mask,
you could scare the whole city.
So weird.
-It's typical of her.
-No, I meant you're the one who is weird.
When you're angry, it doesn't annoy me.
It makes me love you more.
It's unfair.
Stop it.
I also have an unusual request.
Let's hang out tomorrow.
I know we're on a break.
But just think of it
as a reunion of two best friends.
Best friends who haven't
seen each other in a week.
Next week, we are going
to discuss energy conversion.
The materials are available
for you to pick up.
By the way, has anyone heard from Zanna?
She's been absent for two weeks.
If you hear from her, let me know.
Yes, ma'am.
You're glowing. It's like
you've been using skin lotion.
Yeah. Mr. Handsome
has a date with Miss Gorgeous tonight.
-You made up?
-Sort of.
It's like what you said.
I have to make sure
Salma won't be ready to lose me.
-Is it still on for tomorrow?
-Just a second.
Hello, Nathan.
Damn, I didn't think you'd miss me too.
One of the Love Yourself
members is in trouble.
Sexual harassment?
She goes to the same university
as you, Nathan.
She's your classmate.
Zanna! Tell me who did it! Zanna!
Nathan, you can't do that!
That's not how
you're supposed to talk to her.
Not like that.
One more thing.
No one else can know about this.
Come on, Rebecca,
just tell me who did this!
Rio Darmawan.
No, that's impossible.
Why not?
Rebecca. The guys see Rio
as an overachiever.
His GPA is 3,8.
He's an activist. He's a genius.
-He's also
Achievements do not reflect
a person's morals.
I know how close you are to Rio.
You might find this hard to believe.
But please listen to me.
Zanna's life isn't one other girls
would aspire to have.
She's an only child.
She's poor.
She has to take care of
her paralyzed father.
A week after her mother died,
her relatives told her to just get married
so she wouldn't become a burden.
Zanna said no.
She chose to study.
She did her best to achieve her dreams.
And she's been giving it all,
proving to her father and her relatives
that she can escape poverty
through education.
She goes to your campus.
And that's because
she received a scholarship.
Ever since your friend harassed her,
the campus where she once worked hard
to achieve her dreams
has become a scary place.
And she can't tell her father
because of his condition.
She feels like she has reached
a dead end, Nathan.
She doesn't know what to do next.
I can't imagine what would have happened
if she hadn't come here.
I need your help, Nathan.
Help her like you used to help me.
Help me save her from her trauma, Nathan.
If it is true, why didn't she report him?
Because she's a woman, Nathan!
So what?
Nathan, stop acting dumb. Women get asked
about their clothes all the time, and now
I'm not asking what she wore.
I'm asking why she didn't report him.
You should leave.
Get out.
Your ice cream is melting.
What are you thinking?
I'm just confused.
How come you're sweeter
than the ice cream?
Which one?
That one.
The white cat?
You're sure you can get it?
-Oh, no.
-One more time.
And that's a miss.
Nathan, stop it. It's just a plushie.
Salma, if it's something that you want,
I'm always going to fight for it.
I will even grab the stars for you.
Really? You can reach the sky?
The ocean, then.
I will dive into the ocean for you.
Or with you.
-I haven't gotten the plushie yet!
-Let's go.
Hi. Two, please.
Can we get two bottles of water too?
We've run out of it.
-All right then.
-Do you want this spicy?
No, thank you.
Nathan, can you get us some water?
I'll just stay here with you.
What if we get thirsty?
It's right over there.
Okay, you stay here. I'll go.
Okay, I'll go.
Thank you.
Be careful.
Can you separate
the fried shallots for that one?
Go get her.
What the hell are you doing?!
Let's go, let's go!
Come back here!
Hey! What happened?!
What happened?
What happened to her?
Are you okay?
I feel like I failed to protect you.
Nathan. It's not your fault.
I can still stand up for myself.
If something happens,
I can still speak up.
But other women
might not be as brave
or as lucky as I am.
There are others who would stay silent?
-Plenty, Nathan.
Well, because women have been
treated unfairly since forever.
A woman who is no longer a virgin,
and a guy who's not a virgin,
which one is worse according to society?
Think about it, Nathan.
There's a rule that says female teachers
aren't allowed to smoke,
but it doesn't apply to male teachers.
What does smoking have to do with gender?
Do you think it's fair?
It's exactly why women tend to stay silent
when it comes to these things.
Because we've been taught
that if something happens,
it will always be our fault.
It's not your fault.
I feel relieved.
My future children
will have a strong mother.
I gotta go.
All right.
Take care.
Excuse me, do you know where Zanna lives?
Zanna? Oh, just go up the stairs.
She's on the second floor.
Second floor? Okay, thank you.
I want to apologize.
For everything I said yesterday.
By the way.
I brought all the assignments
that you missed.
There are mechanical vibrations, fluids,
and other stuff. I'll send you the rest.
I'm sorry, Nathan.
I don't want to trouble anyone.
Remember our class motto?
One line, one voice.
Zanna, whatever happens, you're my friend.
I will do my best to help you.
Nathan is right, Zanna.
We both care about you.
If you need anything, let us know. Okay?
Thank you.
It's my dad.
All right. Rebecca and I
were just leaving.
Tell your dad I said hi.
Take care, Zanna.
Nathan, Rebecca.
My dad must know that
he did not fail to raise me well.
I have to continue my studies.
I have to graduate cum laude.
And I have to make him proud.
You gotta trust me and Rebecca.
We will help you make sure Rio will not
stop you from achieving your dreams.
Okay? Hang in there.
No way, Nathan. That's a rumor.
You say that but look at you sweating.
Nathan, it was just a kiss. I even
Just a kiss?
What you did to Zanna was harassment, Rio.
You've ruined her!
-I know, but
-You won't admit it?
I'll see you at the dean's office.
It's just a rumor.
I heard Zanna just wanted to get
some of his money. What are you--
-You believe him?
If the dean sees us fighting, they'll
cancel all of our events this year.
What about our sponsors?
-Don't be selfish.
-You're the one being selfish!
Zanna is one of us! She's our classmate!
We've been friends since junior high.
Let's not fight over this.
Hey, if this thing happened to
your sister, I'd fight, Deni.
If this happened
to a member of your family,
I would fight for you!
I'm teaching this asshole a lesson.
Who's with me?
Hands up if you're with me!
I said hands up if you're with me!
Enough, Nathan. It's embarrassing.
Every day, you all chant
"Endless fight." Bullshit!
You're as rotten
as the people you protest against.
You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.
Not me.
Stupid association.
Enough! Stop it!
That's enough!
-I said enough!
-Why are you holding me back?
You won't win, you idiot!
Fight me one on one, assholes.
Look at all the chats on Zanna's phone.
They're all insults, calling her a whore
and other names, Nathan!
How many times do I have to tell you
to not let other people know about this?
Even her father doesn't know about it!
I'm sorry. I got too angry
with Rio yesterday and
Do you know that because of this, you're
giving her another reason to stay silent?
I know. I'm sorry, Rebecca.
Tell me who else knows about this?
Hopefully just me.
-Ms. Dewi.
Rebecca, this is Ms. Dewi.
She's our lecturer.
She will help us
bring this case to the dean.
Can I talk to Zanna?
-I'm sorry, ma'am, but
-I know.
I won't insist.
Let me take you to her.
You trust me, don't you?
We have to revisit the rules.
Oh, yes, of course. Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on up, Zanna.
Make sure you've organized it
because, after this,
we need to talk about the library.
Okay, thank you, everyone,
for coming here on time.
Everyone, please wait outside,
except for Zanna.
We plan on handling this problem quickly.
I don't think
it should be handled quickly.
We need it to be done fairly.
And I don't see why we're not allowed
to accompany Zanna.
It's because it's her personal problem
with my son, ma'am.
Sir, in her eyes,
your son is like a monster.
Why should we leave Zanna alone?
And what reason do you have to be here?
How dare you speak with that attitude
to the head of the department?
That's enough. Let's not turn
this room into a circus.
Now, let's have Zanna decide.
Leave, or I will not process the report.
Why should she decide?
We need transparency, Maria.
Ms. Maria.
Please, Ms. Dewi, let's keep it formal.
Zanna. The decision is yours.
We don't have all day, Zanna.
Everyone here is busy.
At that time
I was volunteering for a charity
run by the association.
It was a 3-days-1-night trip.
In Bogor.
After our last activity
-Where are you going?
-Oh, Rio. I'm going home.
Let me drive you.
It's okay, I can go alone.
It's fine.
If something happens
to one of our members,
I'll end up taking the blame.
All right then.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Why do you ask?
Someone as sexy as you should
already have one, right?
What are you doing?
Let me go! Help!
What time did it happen?
Why didn't you scream for help?
-It happened two weeks ago.
Why report it now?
Let go!
Shit. Shit!
Shut up!
If you tell anyone about this,
I'll tell my father
to revoke your scholarship!
Do you have a witness?
It was late. Why did you go home alone?
What were you wearing that night?
Do you often go out alone at night?
They revoked my scholarship.
Your scholarship was revoked?
There, there.
Take Zanna home.
Have you ever felt
like your boyfriend is there
but not there at the same time?
Didn't you say you were on a break?
I did.
But why does he keep asking
me to hang out?
Salma, isn't that just how Nathan is?
What is wrong with you?
Sometimes I think about it.
What if he wants to break up with me?
But he doesn't have the heart to.
What the heck? No way.
Nathan wouldn't do that.
He probably has a different problem.
What if I'm the problem?
I dance like crazy,
keeping the rain from erasing your scent.
But my fantasies also reach great heights,
keeping your shadow
from darkening my path.
To you, I'm a toddler
still learning how to walk.
You make me fall, and then you pick me up.
And it goes on and on.
We'll meet again next Tuesday, guys.
Ten million views, Salma.
Isn't it crazy?
Where are you going after this?
I think home.
Wanna grab coffee at the mall?
Yeah, sure.
-I think it's on my way.
-Sal, you're leaving?
-Yeah. I'll see you!
-Take care.
How did Sunset Gazer come into existence?
It was a hobby I tried out
back in high school.
I was really shy,
so that's why I made it anonymous.
Before you found out
that I was Sunset Gazer,
how did you imagine he would look like?
I never imagined.
I was more focused on your work.
Instead of the identity.
What do you mean?
For example, I would go on Twitter
and see people's tweets
saying how your work
relieved their stress,
motivated them, made them happy,
and many other things.
What about
the effect it has on your life?
If I hadn't listened to Traveling Partner,
I would have been really stressed out.
Because our campus
rejected me three times.
Well, you got in now.
Too bad you already know
who's behind Sunset Gazer.
What's wrong with that?
You see,
Sunset Gazer is more powerful
if he's anonymous.
People don't need to know
his face, his race, his religion,
or even his political views.
His existence purely focuses on his work.
On ideas.
It's like digital activism.
Changing people's lives
without gratification.
I completely agree with you.
That's exactly what I think.
Like, we don't need to take it
to the streets or protest.
Change really comes from ideas.
-In the beginning, it's small, but
Over time
I close my eyes and I see you there
A storyteller
I'm not powerful, or someone special
What I want is to be loved
About Worldly Verses,
have you found new friends?
Yes, a lot.
I've learned a lot from them too.
That's cool. I really like the poem
you first read for us.
"I'm a banyan tree."
"With shade," yes. Thank you.
Sorry I made you walk all the way.
Don't worry, I live nearby.
You do?
All right. I'll see you.
-Thanks for today.
You're welcome, Salma.
I like you.
Any questions?
-We haven't known each other for long.
I like your poems.
I like our conversations.
And the most important thing is,
you can fight for yourself.
That's exactly the type of woman
I've been looking for.
You're Sunset Gazer.
I'm sure there are a lot of other women
who are prettier, smarter,
and more intelligent.
Sunset Gazer is human too.
He just needs the right traveling partner.
I'm so sorry.
I have a boyfriend.
Yes, I know.
I can tell from your poems.
You've been fighting, though, haven't you?
He seems like a nice guy. He's lucky.
Your best love.
I can wait.
What are you, a waiter?
I'm Nathan. A nice guy,
lucky, and Salma's best love.
Salma's best love so far. So far.
Tomorrow, later, one day,
there will be other chances.
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
You sound like my Statistics lecturer.
You're that famous
Sunset Geyser, aren't you?
Nathan, please.
-Call me Afkar.
-Afkar, I'm so sorry.
I need to talk to Nathan. Nathan.
-So you really like Salma?
-I do.
Nobody has the authority to tell
other people what to feel or not feel.
But let's play fair. No tricks.
-Salma will judge.
-Knock it off, both of you.
Nathan, I'm not a trophy.
I should go.
I live nearby
if you guys want to come over.
Salma, see you.
Take care, bro.
Nathan, this isn't funny. You think I'm a
How long have you known him?
You can get to know anyone
if you want to, Salma.
Just be honest about your feelings.
What's most important
is that I will never stop fighting
or trying to win your heart again.
And I will never get tired
of trying to understand you, Salma.
I promise.
Ma'am, thank you for helping us.
I think of Zanna as my own daughter too.
There is still hope, right?
We need to think of a way
to make Zanna smile.
No matter how small.
Ms. Dewi?
Can you come inside for a second?
I need to talk to you.
-Just a moment.
-Yes, ma'am.
I have to go. It's Salma's birthday.
I'll take care of this.
What are you getting her?
I'm sorry, we're about to close.
Just five more minutes
until I get it. Okay?
Thank you.
Hello? You won't believe
what I got for Salma.
Nathan, we have a problem.
-Zanna's father had a heart attack.
If I had come home a bit earlier,
he wouldn't have found the letter.
It's my fault.
How is Salma?
If you want to leave, just go.
I'll take care of Zanna.
Ask your heart again
Before you leave for good
Am I still there?
Because you're still in mine
Our story is still new
But the feeling lingers beautifully
I'm not perfect
But I'll never stop trying
To make you smile even if it's not for me
Your happiness is my happiness as well
When you're fragile
Whose shoulder do you lean on?
Whose hands kept holding on?
I'm sure they were mine
Even when you finally choose
To leave me
I will always wait for you
Even if
You won't come back
This is where I go
when I have writer's block.
I'm sure you'll
Come back to me
This used to be a graduation tradition
for the Worldly Verses Club.
That tradition is now history.
What is happiness?
Having the right traveling partner.
Can you come with me to get coffee?
Don't tell me you broke up with Nathan.
Nathan and I have to move on
with our lives, Rahma.
One of us has to make a decision.
Can you take me there?
-His house.
-Are you sure?
-Yes, now.
All right then.
Go slower, Rahma!
It's fine, Salma, trust me.
Are you crazy?!
Three people on a bike
and cutting against the flow!
Wait a second. That's Nathan!
-Rahma, follow him!
God, please accept his soul.
Where's Zanna?
Miss, come down!
Miss, think of your parents at home!
Miss, come down!
She's so young!
Miss, you're still young!
Zanna! Zanna!
You still have a chance.
We can still fight for everything.
Fight for who?
I don't have anyone left.
Zanna, come down.
We will always be there for you.
No, ma'am.
You don't have to be there.
My dad died because of me.
Everyone who cares about me
ends up in trouble.
I don't want to be a burden to anyone.
Zanna, I understand exactly
how you feel right now, but
Oh, dear!
You don't understand.
Everything I have
has been taken away from me.
Including my body.
I was harassed.
I'm just a burden to the people around me.
None of you know how I feel!
Rebecca does.
We know that the world is unfair.
But don't let the world
take happiness away from you, Zanna.
Happiness does not exist in my life!
It does not exist!
-It does.
It does!
I know your parents
would have wanted you to be happy!
Back then, I also thought
about killing myself.
Do you know why?
Because my father hung himself at home.
I understand how you feel.
I really do, Zanna.
I'm here because I want to help you.
I'm not giving up on you,
and you shouldn't give up either!
You deserve justice.
And Rio, the guy who harassed you,
must be punished!
Don't let it end like this, Zanna.
I'm Salma.
I'm a Love Yourself member.
I've been harassed too.
I know how it feels.
But we all must face this together.
I will help you, Zanna.
We will all help you.
Come down, Zanna.
-I'm sorry.
This is not your fault.
They should be sorry.
I'm taking that to the laundry.
Nathan, I can explain everything.
It's clear enough, Salma.
I might not be as smart as you are,
but I understand what this means.
Nathan, I did not know that
you were busy helping Zanna.
We're discussing the funeral
for Zanna's father tomorrow.
-Salma, would you like to help?
-Yes, ma'am.
I'm committed to helping Zanna
with everything.
All right, we're all headed downstairs.
Let's go.
I'm against it.
Even students who go to our own campus
turned out to be assholes
when they found out about this.
Why take it to social media?
Nathan, my cousin who is in high school
got molested by her own friend.
She was shocked.
She could only write it in her diary
before she found the courage to tell me.
There might be many other women out there
who are on the same boat
and are concerned about this.
The campus does need pressure
from the public, Nathan.
It's the only way we can change
the dean's decision.
We can remain anonymous, Nathan.
I want to continue studying.
They are the ones
who should be sorry. Not me.
We've only got 3,000 hits
since last night.
I've been thinking.
About Zanna or Nathan?
I feel sorry
that it had to end up like this.
But on the other hand,
if I hadn't gotten emotional
and broken up with Nathan,
would we still be here helping Zanna?
You've got a point, Salma.
You don't have to do it if you think
it will make things even more complicated.
I'm letting Nathan go.
I've probably already lost.
But I, we,
must help Zanna win.
That's my girl.
And what about your traveling partner?
You've been ghosting him for two days.
Stop! Stop! That's enough!
If you weren't my friend,
I would have hit you already.
If you weren't an old friend
who has been like a brother to me,
the guys would have
beaten the hell out of you already.
You thought posting it on social media,
spreading rumors would change anything?
No, Deni. These aren't rumors.
You all still have time.
To change your minds and back me up.
You still have a lot of time too
to stop embarrassing yourself.
What did that whore give you, huh?
How many followers do you have?
Once a new issue comes up,
nobody will ever remember this anymore.
You're not an influencer.
You're a nobody.
What are you doing this for?
I'm at your campus.
I'm right behind you.
Let's talk inside.
Are you okay?
Don't worry.
My good looks protect me.
We can't keep doing this.
I've been trying to find the time.
So that we can straighten things out.
I mean about Lilac.
Right, about Lilac.
We need help from someone
who has a lot of listeners.
-I agree.
I think I do have a friend who is
-How are you, bro?
-I'm good.
Hi, traveling partner, who never answers
my calls or replies to my chats.
Hi, I'm sorry.
-I've been very busy these days.
-Yes, I know.
Here, I got you your favorite coffee
from the canteen.
Don't worry, Nathan doesn't bite anymore.
No, thank you. I'm full.
Just take it, Salma.
-So lame.
Only one cup of coffee? You should have
bought everything in the shop?
Better than you,
who showed up empty-handed.
Wait, I'm sorry. And?
Well, I found out about
this case from Salma.
But you got the information from
Yes, I know. Do you have to use that tone?
Can you two knock it off?
All right, sorry, who are you again?
I told you, my name is Afkar.
Okay, Afkar. I mean,
why is Nathan insisting that you help us?
He owns the channel Sunset Geyser.
-Sunset Gazer.
Oh my God!
Traveling Partner, right?
Stop running
Okay, that's enough, please.
Okay. Can we take a selfie later? Please?
-Rebecca, focus.
-I am, Nathan, gosh.
The point is, Afkar is here to help us
gain the public's support.
To pressure the campus
to change their decision.
Afkar, thanks for the help. But
there's no guarantee that we will win.
Are you sure about this?
A life that is not at stake cannot be won.
Besides, this isn't only for you, Zanna,
but for all the other survivors.
I'm sure we'll make it.
I've planned a project for this,
and you will take part in it too.
I'd like for Salma to help me
with the project too.
-Do I have to?
-Only you can do it.
I'm sorry. I'm not saying
I don't want to, but
Do it for Zanna.
You can do it, Salma.
-What do have we do?
-Okay, so I'll make a video
Let's start.
You ready, Afkar?
Guys, Sunset Gazer is live!
I close my eyes and I see you there
A storyteller
I'm not powerful, or someone special
What I want is to be loved
My name is Sunset Gazer.
Or, you can call me Afkar.
You're probably wondering why
I'm no longer being anonymous.
This is my way of being accountable
for what I am about to say.
I'm doing this
for an important name for women.
Yes. Lilac was a victim
of sexual harassment at her campus.
You can check the thread
on my Twitter account.
We're planning to hold a live show.
A closed show,
to respect her privacy as a victim.
In this show, we have three demands.
First, Lilac's revoked scholarship
must be restored immediately.
Second, expel the harasser.
Third, the law must be enforced
in a transparent way.
A week ago,
I had a meeting at the dean's office.
They revoked my scholarship.
Their decision caused my father
to suffer a heart attack.
Not long after, my father died.
I'm just like 90% of the sexual harassment
victims in this country who are silenced.
Who are frightened.
Who are forced to lose by institutions.
By culture.
Zanna, come on, you can do it.
I refuse to remain silent and hidden.
I want my rights back.
Nobody can ever touch us
without our permission.
Because our bodies are ours.
This wound in my heart
will probably never fade.
But there shall be no more wounds
in the future.
My name is Zanna. I'm Lilac.
I will fight.
Today, I am the victim.
Tomorrow, it could be you
or your sisters
or the people that you love!
So please, help me.
Take as many of these lilac flowers as you
can and bring them to the dean's office.
It symbolizes our disappointment
in the system.
Let the purple color voice our pain.
Share this video.
In the name of women.
In the name of humanity.
We move. We fight!
Nathan, the sound guy said
to switch Salma's mic with this one.
Can you give it to her?
She's practicing backstage with Afkar.
-Thank you.
Stop running
I've been alone for so long
And it keeps changing
You're my traveling partner
It's not me, is it?
Your traveling partner.
Turns out waiting feels awful.
I'm so sorry.
-For giving you hope.
-I know.
No need to explain.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Your mic.
For you and me, whose breath was stolen.
We envy the seasonal winds.
In the sky, diving hope.
For you and me.
Yet floating on our own.
We look at the obituary
while the poor understand.
For you and me.
Whose lines on our hands are
as short as our dreams.
We stand, suffocated in prayers.
As our teardrops are now equated with sin.
Go after him, Salma.
Go, or you will lose him forever.
Don't leave me, Nathan.
I don't want to.
To keep making you cry.
But we
We can still fix everything, Nathan.
Like what you said.
We'll grow together.
We'll face our differences together.
I won't leave.
I love you too much to do so.
Sunset Gazer has a ton of followers, Deni.
So? Don't worry about it.
-Prosecute the perpetrator!
-Besides, your father
-Deni! Deni!
-Enforce the law!
-Enforce the law!
-Give back Zanna's scholarship!
Give back Zanna's scholarship!
Prosecute the perpetrator!
Enforce the law!
Give back Zanna's scholarship!
Enforce the law!
Give back Zanna's scholarship!
What is this??
Expel the perpetrator!
Enforce the law!
What are you all doing here
making a ruckus?
Excuse me. It's the media.
They're here for an interview.
I don't know what to say.
Meeting room, now.
Taking into account
the current developments,
and reviewing our previous decisions,
in an effort to maintain the dignity
of the campus as an academic institution,
we've decided to return
Zanna's scholarship entitlements
within the next 14 days.
That is all for this press statement.
Thank you for your attendance.
What about our second demand?
What are you going to do
to the perpetrator?
Nathan, mind your attitude!
So, a female student
gets harassed by a jerk,
and she has to take classes
with that jerk,
and you're telling me to mind my attitude?
Where's the logic?
Everybody calm down!
Let's go!
Hey, don't run, you piece of shit!
-Calm down!
-Salma! Salma!
Hurry up!
Nathan, that's enough!
I said enough!
There is no way I can stay
in the same class with Rio.
I can't take it.
I'm disappointed as well.
They said Rio's father will sue the campus
if his son gets punished,
no matter how small the punishment is.
The campus does not want to spend
the money or energy on it.
When Zanna was harassed,
when she chose to fight,
we had already lost.
because Zanna wasn't raped,
she just has to get over it?
She needs a medical checkup for proof.
So that's it. We've really lost?
But promise me you will keep on fighting.
-I must.
-You must.
Nathan Januar Prasetyo.
The ethics committee finds you guilty
of violating Article 5 paragraph 2
of the campus rules.
Namely, creating trouble
in the campus environment.
And according to the provisions
of Article 5 paragraph 2,
we declare that
you did not pass this semester.
Is there something you would like to say
before we end the meeting?
This campus is not for me.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Keep your head up high.
Don't look down. You're not wrong.
You just haven't won yet.
Not yet.
I'm proud of you, son.
Promise me.
You will never stop fighting.
Promise me.
I promise.
My dear son.
I love you very much.
I'm so very proud of you.
You hear me?
Thank you, Dad.
I think you two need to talk.
-I'll wait over there.
-Okay, Dad.
I'm sorry.
I made you cry again.
I'm so proud of you, Nathan.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you, Nathan.
You've shown me
that you're the one for me.
Salma, Nathan feels terrible about
not being able to come home.
He's got a lot to do.
It's okay, I understand.
I'm actually happy seeing him
focus on his studies.
Again, congratulations on graduating
cum laude! You're so cool!
My dear daughter.
You're now a Bachelor of Sociology
from the Netherlands.
Your late father and mother
would have been proud of you, Zanna.
Have you prepared the materials
for today's seminar?
-Of course. Don't worry.
-Oh no.
That's today?
Salma, do you even read our chats?
-I'm sorry, Rahma.
-Don't tell us you can't make it.
We've all decided to commit
to this anti-harassment campaign.
We still have such a long way to go
to spread awareness about this issue.
I've just landed
and I'm going to the event.
I'm so sorry, I have something
really important scheduled today.
I promise I'll come for the next campaign.
-Yes. I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Is Nathan coming too?
I'd like for him to sign my book too.
All right, thank you.
Thank you.
-Thank you so much.
-You're welcome, Miss. Congratulations.
-It went well.
Please, excuse me.
Thinking of Mr. Handsome?
I was going to attend your book launch.
But I know that you're a shy person.
Thanks for coming.
Even though it's late.
Remember this?
Which one?
That one.
The white one?
Like the story of us that you wrote,
I hope
the story of Salma and Nathan
will be the most beautiful story
of our lives.
In front of that statue, I confessed
my feelings to you for the first time.
And now we're at the same place.
Check under the plushie.
Will you?
Make the story of our life
even more beautiful?