Dear Sathya (2022) Movie Script

Welcome to news!
In broad daylight chain snatching.
Wearing Hungry uniforms
the thieves have escaped.
To speak on the videos that
are getting viral in social media
Manager is here with us.
Come let's hear from him.
Sir, Greetings.
What would you like to tell about this?
This is the work done
by wearing our Hungry Uniforms.
I have already spoken to the commissioner
and given the complaint as well.
Okay go.
Yes, go.
Put here.
Greetings sir.
It was not so easy to bring you out.
I have taken lot of
trouble and got you bail.
You must be careful.
That's your responsibility.
Okay sir.
How are you?
There is a place below hell.
If you do wrong in the
case of females and o inside,
they will show you what it is.
Come Saleem.
Why are you late Sathya?
Why so late?
Okay fine, come and have food.
"This breath of mine is yours"
"Why is the fate written so horridly?"
Saleem, bring the vehicle.
"Why did you take my mother..."
"So far away..."
Good Morning Bangalore! Good Morning!
Hi! Hello! Greetings! I am Shruti!
I am giving my attendance
as present in 'By Two Coffee'.
So, whoever has just woken up
and are getting ready to go to office,
college and school,
and for the ones who
are preparing hot idly,
the ones who finished
night shift and are in cab
dozing off,
everyone please increase the volume.
Very good,
now I tell you a very good morning!
Who is food provider?
Obviously farmers!
But in city premises who is it?
Obviously, food delivery guys.
Food means I am remembering
Vidyarthi Bhavan's masala dosa.
I feeling like eating
but can't go and eat now.
Our boss won't allow, so what I would is
I will open the phone
and open the Hungry App.
And order masala dosa
from Vidyarthi Bhavan.
It's ordered. So now the order
will take about 25
minutes to reach here.
So, until then what you must do is
I will play a devotional song
of Anna(Rajkumar), keep listening.
Oh Lord Shiva! The protector father!
Lord of the three worlds!
Can't bear this hunger anymore.
Please save me.
Dear Lord!
Oh Lord Shiva! The protector father!
Oh wow!
If you listen to a song of
Anna(Rajkumar) early in the morning,
what positive vibe you get!
It would be like as if
you went to temple and came.
Okay, now let's talk
about today's topic.
Already we have a caller,
let's talk to him.
Hi, good morning!
This is Shruti on this end.
Who voice is it on the other end?
Good morning Shruti! I am Sathya.
Sathya, is it Om Sathya?
Or Sathya in love Sathya?
Only Sathya, that's it.
Okay honorable Sathya,
what have you ordered?
- No, I am on the way to deliver an order.
- Wow!
Food provider is today's topic.
So, about you who can
tell better apart from you?
You only tell about yourself,
let's hear it.
Who are we, Madam?
We are also just like you.
Some will work happily.
Some will work with love.
We work happily full time in love.
Interesting, so after delivering
what do you expect from us?
Obviously, delivery charges.
A little respect and
a small smile on face.
We have to smile no matter what.
Because they have taught
us in the training.
If possible,
ask and see if we have had our food.
If we ask?
Ask and see,
a surprise will be waiting for you.
Ask once and see.
Customer is calling,
have a good day Shruti!
He spoke so well.
I did feel like talking
even more nicely.
But what to do, a very nice
Masala Dosa is waiting for me.
I am playing very nice
songs as well for you all.
Keep listening 98.3, it's me RJ Shruti.
Very hot, bro!
Did you have breakfast?
"I am one who puts ladder to the sky"
"I am one who sees victory in life"
"Clever one who creates
path and moves ahead"
"I will give my life
to the trusted morals"
"Sun, like how it's new"
"Each day this is how you shine"
"I am the Master here"
"There is no fence as barrier"
"Just call and we will come to you,
we are the song"
"The service of providing
food for the starving"
"I am one who puts ladder to the sky"
"I am one who sees victory in life"
"Clever one who creates
path and moves ahead"
"I will give my life
to the trusted morals"
- What Sathya?
- Give me the bike's key.
No, even I will come, let's go.
Saleem, give the bike
I will go alone and come.
Sathya, you just came out from jail,
should you go alone?
I will come along with you.
Till I am back,
stay at home, I will go and come.
Hey Sathya!
Sathya, how come at this hour?
Come inside.
Please sit down.
Some whiskey?
Look Sathya,
you didn't do it,
I know it and even you know.
But whatever these black coat guys say
the world outside will never believe.
I don't want to know anything.
All that I want to know is
who and for what.
It looks like a high
end conspiracy, Sathya.
If we have to get to know the truth,
the one who wrote that postmortem report
we must get hold of those hands.
Oh no!
- Oh, let me go sir.
- February 15th,
Anjali report, tell me.
Let me go sir, I will tell you sir.
That girl's chain was
snatched and given drugs,
molested and then murdered, sir.
What drug?
Acid Blue, sir.
Acid Blue!
Sir, I got a phone call sir.
And I changed the report, sir.
Oh mother!
The steps of ones who don't have
to lose anything will be very horrific
No matter what you do
your identity shouldn't
be found anywhere.
I will leave, sir.
Good evening, boys!
Is it the medical matter?
I told you that I will give, right?
There is no count
for what you have given.
How much more will I ask you?
No matter how much I work here,
this money is not enough for anything.
I am planning to do a
job in night shift, Sathya.
Brother, don't know
why not getting any duties.
Ah, how will you get?
You will talk during the working hours.
While talking,
you will come asking for work.
To spoil our country,
like how they put bomb on Japan,
here there is no need to put a bomb.
4 GB internet and free calls
if they give, that's enough.
You will only destroy it.
Hey just cultivate 5
percent of Japan's discipline.
Our country will progress by 95 percent.
You be on phone only.
Brother, what is this brother.
We will be waiting to get duty.
And he will cancel
the duty he has got and go.
When has he worked after 4.30?
"Watch the flip side, on the world wide"
"Watch the flip side, on the world wide"
"Few the break kicks"
I know very well what you are thinking.
Between personal and professional
there is be only one
thin line always, you know?
You must maintain
that very neatly always.
"Smash the border and the order"
Shall I leave?
- Get lost man!
- Come.
Coming, coming, coming.
Sir, sir.
Can you drop me to the next signal?
Come and sit, I will drop.
For blind people like you
I am the light of the way.
Cab came.
- Sir, has signal fallen?
- Yes, it has.
Madam, please help me.
Thank you, Madam.
Sir, you too help me please.
- Help?
- Sir, look at the way and ride.
- Sir.
- Oh God, you go from here.
Only digging work goes on.
I had been to market in the afternoon.
Onion has become 150 rupees per kilo.
How to live, if this is how it is.
That's why I don't use onion only.
Very good.
By the way,
your son has studied so well.
Why does he go for such kind of job?
Whatever the work is.
He should be happy, that's it.
If we get happiness
in the work that we do.
What else do you need more than that?
My son is opening a hotel very soon,
do you know?
He wants to make the
cashier for that hotel.
- You too tell your friends about it.
- Oh, what darling.
Looks like you are
having a budget meeting.
Is cable not working in your house?
- It is working.
- Is it so?
Come, serial has started let's watch.
Jayamma, I will leave now.
My husband would be home in no time.
Hey why did you do so?
- She was talking so nicely and sitting.
- Hey mother.
She will come and tell you things that
happens and doesn't happen in this area.
You listen to those stories and sit.
You and your Sharadamma.
Mother, I am hungry please.
- Come, come, come.
- Food.
What's there for dinner?
Mother, I will go and come.
- I will be late in the evening.
- Always.
Oh Sathya, are you leaving?
As you go,
please pay our house current bill.
Come here.
there is a country called Japan.
There people live for 90 years.
In our country average for 60 years.
- Tell me why?
- Is it so, why?
There the people no
matter how rich they are,
they do their own works.
In our country it's a little less.
Anyways I have to go to get vegetables.
I will only pay, leave.
Sathya, where is this Japan?
Here next t Jalahalli.
He said like he knows everything.
Hey Sathya, stop stop stop.
Hey, I swear on my
mother I don't understand.
You will come,
see, follow and take U turn.
- Bro!
- Our Metro work only got completed.
Okay, enough of watching.
- Take the bike.
- Where?
Ah, to make you both get married,
start the bike.
Don't make fun, tell me where.
Only if I tell,
will you start the vehicle now?
Bro, Anjali is going.
Start the bike first.
Get me a job in this hotel somehow.
Hey, are you coming looking for a job?
Or to love you are coming?
Brother, from another mother, please.
- Please.
- I didn't hear properly, ah?
By the way, I had asked you
like this one day saying please.
There is a delivery, go give and come.
- What did you say then? Do you remember?
- Sorry, my mistake.
Sorry, sorry, sorry...
Sorry, okay.
- Let's see.
- What Saleem?
- Do you anything parcel?
- Greetings Kareem Bhai.
Karim Bhai, that is...our
boy needed a job in your hotel.
- That's why I brought him along.
- Who?
- Greetings.
- For him, Bhai.
Greetings, but where is the job?
Already there is no business,
cashier work is done.
Management work is done.
Bhaijaan, don't take me wrong,
give me a small work and see.
- From cleaning to maintaining to washing
- Yes, he will see.
to everything I will take care, Bhai.
This is rented, not his.
100 rupees per hour.
Nothing fishy, right.
Nothing as such Bhai,
I know him from childhood.
Come to work from tomorrow.
- Thank you Bhaijaan.
- On your guarantee okay.
Guarantee, guarantee.
- He said my guarantee.
- Ah?
- For me?
- Ah?
Will he wash the hotel?
Or will he wash Kareem Bhai only,
who knows!
hey Sathya.
Take, this is Bangalore's
drug dealers list.
Drug deal in Bangalore
is happening through two people.
One is Faizal and another is Ganja Ravi.
This Faizal got arrested
about an year ago.
But Ganja Ravi is
operating everything now.
He is the one for all these big shots.
Supplying drugs.
But where, when and how he operates,
no one knows it.
Even if you get to know,
it's difficult to reach him, Sathya.
He will be on earth only no?
When the earth is only small,
how big is Bangalore?
I understand what
you are saying, Sathya.
But...I am getting scared somewhere.
There is nothing there
with you now to loose.
Isn't it enough if you just
take care of the life that you have got?
"For happiness...sing"
"Dance to the beats"
Hey Sathya,
what are you doing?
Evening for festival
there is Rangoli competition.
So, am practicing.
- Sathya.
- Yes, ma.
- What are you doing here?
- Coming mother, coming.
Mother, look I have made star.
How is it?
It's very nice,
I am unable to see it, come inside.
How are we, Sharadamma?
Girls must break their heads,
I have done it like that.
Oh God!
Are these boys work?
Sathya, what will Sharadamma think?
Won't you understand anything?
Sharadamma don't know anything, mother.
Than that lady, I put better Rangoli.
Oh God, look at you.
Mother, come here one minute.
My lovely mother, sit here for a minute.
Sit here comfortably,
I will be back in a minute.
"You sit comfortably"
I said something as I was upset.
So, are you doing all this?
"All the works"
"I will finish it, Tananam Tananam"
What are you doing?
Hot, hot filter coffee.
Drink and see how it is.
- It's very nice.
- How is your son!
Mother, I have made hot water for you.
My lovely mother go
take bath quickly and come.
I will prepare hot
breakfast and keep it ready.
What has happened to my son today?
Why is he pampering so much?
- Mother, bless me.
- God, it's okay get up.
What is all this you are doing today?
Happy Mother's Day, mother!
Thank you!
No matter what you do,
you do it well only.
My blessings will always be on you.
Thank you!
Who is he, bro?
What sir, do you need item?
There is no one here as well.
That side also no one is to be seen.
Brother, do you need stuff?
Ah, wait one minute.
I had it right here.
Boss, take it's an awesome stuff.
Take it.
Not local stuff like this,
go sell this to a kid.
Sir, we don't have local with us.
Pure Hash!
Hey you don't have the
stuff that I am looking for.
Just don't waste my time.
Sir, sir!
- I will get you good stuff, come.
- Hey!
Didn't I say don't waste my time?
Sir, sir,
I will get you good stuff.
Come with me, come.
Do you know, our brother
is number one peddler in Bangalore.
Which place is yours, brother?
Why isn't he talking anything?
What work do you do?
Okay, why do I need all that,
just leave it.
My name is Magnet.
Though I told him my name,
he is not responding anything.
In my area without my knowledge you
will not get a small iron piece also.
Sir, it's all our place.
Don't break your head at all.
Fully safe!
All the big shots come here and take.
One minute sir, I will be back.
- Brother!
- What?
- Brother, that...
- What Magnet?
You have crossed the border and come.
If matter is there, we will
barge into as well, brother
He needs Mass it seems.
Mass or Class.
He isn't a dog come in mufti, right?
Why did you say like that, brother?
Hey, because you have
crossed the border and come.
That's why we are standing here.
Take, go and give.
Sir, awesome stuff sir.
- Hey!
- Brother!
- Hey!
- Brother!
Don't waste my time
by bringing me to kids.
Hey kid, stop there.
Do you have the guts? Will you take?
Will you take stuff?
Will you take stamp?
Hey will you take Acid Blue?
- What drugs?
Keep the Acid Blue ready.
He is not a dog.
Bow wow.
Daughter Anjali.
He is Sathya.
Going forward he will work in our hotel.
What he has to do, how he has to do.
You teach everything properly.
- Got it?
- Okay Chacha.
- I will take care, Chacha.
- I will go now.
Enough of staring.
Were you working anywhere before?
No, whatever was ready
I used to go and deliver,
I have done that work.
Inside ration has come, go and check.
- Which way?
- There inside.
- Inside, right?
- There.
- Daughter.
- Yes, Chacha.
It's late.
- Close and go.
- Okay.
- I will leave now.
- Okay.
Keep an eye on the boys.
Where is he?
OTP 9679
No matter how much I say,
- you won't understand.
- Mother, please.
- Don't beat me.
- You guys kill me.
- Why do you do like this?
- Mother, don't beat please.
- Don't, please don't beat mother.
- Why do you do such things then?
- Please mother, don't beat.
- Don't you know our situation?
- From where will we get the money?
- Mother, don't beat mother.
- Hello!
- Mother, had you ordered Pizza?
We don't need,
the kids ordered unknowingly.
Why do you do like this guys?
Don't you know our situation?
Where will I get money from?
No matter how much I say, you won't
understand. You guys are taking my life.
- Why do you do like this? Why?
- Mother, mother.
- Pizza.
- No need.
Mother, it's just 200 rupees keep it.
It's our one day's wage.
- Do you like Pizza?
- You guys don't listen to me.
Do you want to eat?
- Will you eat?
- No need.
- Take kid.
- No need.
One minute, wait.
- I have only so much.
- No, it's okay mother.
- It's okay.
- Your life too has to run, right?
I will go now.
How do you manage both the jobs?
Oh, it's not that difficult, leave.
You have to attend class.
Have to work here, study as well.
In front of you, I am nothing.
Not bad, you have got to know a lot.
A little about the ones we like.
Nothing! Anjali,
I am planning to open a hotel.
To know everything from
basic I have come and joined here.
Just being an owner
and sitting in the cashier's place,
from cleaning to kitchen
you must know everything.
What do you say?
Okay, okay enough of talking.
Parcel is ready for delivery,
go and give it.
No, let's walk a little more.
I wanted to talk about my love.
Is this the parcel, Anjali?
Oh, how come you are here brother?
- He is...
- Understood, understood.
- Japan was speed I knew...
- Understood, right?
Didn't know you were equally fast.
My son, you came here too.
What a restaurant is this?
They said there is no work only here.
Today it's a little less, sir.
Today is less?
Where did this Saleem guy put me in?
Let me get hold of that guy.
If this Gopala says, its done.
You won't listen to me only...
- You listen to me first.
- Sir, one minute.
I have spoken already, don't worry.
- Okay, bye.
- Sir, hello sir.
Welcome to Tin Tin.
What do you want to order, sir?
I will take this property and
the girl sitting there, will you give?
She is wearing slippers, sir.
Nice, nice, nice.
Who is this fellow! Sir!
You are not giving me something
which is rotten, right?
Sir, the chef has prepared
it just for you, sir.
Chef is really good, right?
Yes, sir.
How many haven't I seen like you.
- Hey!
- Yes, brother.
Come here.
Who is this? Dumb head.
- He...
- Hello!
Sir, it's me who got place
for Vijya in London.
Now if he wasn't there in that place,
he would have been arrested by now.
Yes! For Trump
to play the trumpet,
he needs place he said.
I went and stepped,
everything is in debts.
We shouldn't be talking
about amount like this.
Come and talk face to face.
I am in five star hotel now.
I have an urgent meeting, hang up.
Kareem Bhai,
if you have any problem, let me know.
One call, everything will be solved!
Hey Gopala, you are only a problem.
I know for what you have come.
Hey give him whatever he needs.
- Did I need this?
- Eating for free.
He comes,
eats, builds up a lot and goes.
- Won't pay the bill also, brother.
- Oh, is it so?
He has it today.
Thank God, he didn't notice me.
Hello Kareem Sir.
If we ask you one time food,
you won't give.
But you 100 rupees for police always,
is it right?
Sir, sir, drink water.
Excuse me,
I don't drink water, I get cold.
Will you squeeze few Sweet
limes and prepare juice and come?
- Squeeze?
- Juice.
One squeeze squeeze juice it seems.
Useless fellow!
What Anjali?
You are looking at
sky and counting stars?
No, I was looking at flight.
In childhood, I never used
to get down from my father's shoulders.
I used to go so many places,
wasn't stable in a place.
After he died, I feel like
the wings have been chopped off.
After losing him I feel
like everything is over.
Doing the same kind of work everyday
my life has become so boring.
In few more days
I will finish my course.
After that I will fly like a bird.
Okay forget about me, what about you?
Even I will fly along with you and come.
In Japan number one
in our Karnataka style
I will open a grand restaurant.
I want to name my
mother's name for that.
Also the bird which
flew along with me and came,
must come and visit our
restaurant often is my desire.
Faithfully, your dear Sathya.
Thank you, Anjali.
A soup for Table number 1.
"The boy who was so
simple got into obsession"
"Took loan and bought a bike,
though we said no"
"Said bye to friends and became single"
"He who was drinking coffee and tea,
went to the bar"
"He is practicing to give
dialogues like Anna(Rajkumar)"
"Ones who are behind
girls started to grow beards"
"Our boy is getting deviated
like them and going"
"No need of love, bro"
"Correct, bro!"
"It's a headache"
"She is a white cow"
"Daily you have to put hay"
"He too has learnt to flirt online"
"He got down to do chatting in Whatsapp"
"He followed her
from morning till night"
"One who was eating Idly and Vada,
has got into diet now"
"He is uploading a status every hour"
"It's love! Full of feelings!"
"I won't let go! I am the king!"
"Can't get it! He will not leave it!"
"Can't tell! She will not listen!"
"Who is it"
Who are you boss? Old lover?
Hey, I am the new Music Director.
"Don't know but he
desires too much on her"
"He is thinking what to gift her"
"To express his love,
he is waiting for the right time"
"The minute she comes ahead,
he melts away"
"He has fallen in love,
lost his sleep and is caught"
"It's love! Full of feelings!"
"I won't let go! I am the king!"
"Can't get it! He will not leave it!"
"Can't tell! She will not listen!"
"No need of love, bro"
"Correct, bro!"
"It's a headache"
"She is a white cow"
"Daily you have to put hay"
"Daily you must put hay"
It's already 11:30.
Come, I will drop you.
No, no, I will book for a cab.
Your mobile is switched off.
Were you working or
was looking at my mobile?
Think that I was doing both.
Rather than going with unknown people,
you can go with someone
whom you know from few days.
Come, I will only drop you home.
At night there will too much of mist.
I said, you will feel cold.
My mother.
She has told me, I said.
Shall we?
- Way?
- I know.
You are sitting, right?
I will get to know.
Sathya stop, stop the bike.
What happened?
It's okay you leave.
I am not the one who will leave
someone in the middle of the way.
Ah, you will drop me somehow.
But how will you come back?
Our boy is very possessive.
Look, he is already staring.
It's already late,
he will start shouting, you leave now.
Anjali, that...
It's just 4 steps from here to my house.
I will go, you leave now.
- Anjali!
- Bye!
Take care of my Anjali.
Ah, tell me. Send the stuff soon.
Ah, okay.
- Boss!
- The stuff will reach by 12.
You too come by sharp 12.
I will wait.
It's the time when stuff comes,
if dogs(police) come it will be risk.
- I will wait.
- Boss!
Come, let's play a game.
Come boss, sit.
Boss, this Ravi won't
play without a bet.
Hello, another name of this Ravi is,
Board Ravi.
What are you, boss?
District level player?
You are playing so well.
Come let's play another game.
Boss, one minute I will be back.
Very good stuff is coming.
Our boy will get it.
Just 5 minutes, our boy will get it.
Sorry boss.
He is the son of Telugu cinema producer.
He is becoming a Hero as well.
Very crazy about girls.
Look, he has brought girls while coming.
Boss, let's play one more game please.
- Did the stuff come?
- Yes, brother.
Do one thing,
give LSD to that red vehicle.
And for those boys there,
give the usual one.
- Okay.
- Give 2 packets of Acid Blue for boss.
Okay brother.
Take sir.
Take sir.
Boss, this Ravi
Boss, this Ravi
there is no history
of losing in the board.
Today don't know why I am missing it.
Let's play just one more game, boss.
What boss, won't you pay for the chain?
Boss, this is my lucky chain.
There is no exchange,
if you want win the game.
This game is definitely mine.
Boss, just watch this game.
Play, boss, play.
Didn't I say boss, it's my luck chain.
Till this is there with me,
my luck will be with me.
Game with this board Ravi?
Boss, wait for a minute.
For us customers are equal to God.
Take the stuff and go.
I won't be in town for about a month.
I will go to Hajj and come,
till then take care of it carefully.
Bhai, you don't take any tension.
I will take care of everything.
Bhai, while returning pray
for both of us to God and come, please.
Okay son.
He said to take care
of the hotel, not me.
Taking care of hotel
is like taking care of you.
Hey Aduri! Aduri!
What happened Saleem?
I got a call from home, Sathya.
They have admitted father to hospital.
- Come, let's go.
- Nothing to worry, it seems.
But I have to go.
I have taken an order.
Will you give the delivery
to JP Nagar and go? Please.
Take, hold it.
How much in debt will I be with you?
Shut up, debt it seems debt.
First, go to hospital and see father.
I will leave now.
Go soon, okay.
Sir, good morning sir.
Good day, sir!
Hello, one minute.
- What is this, it's gone cold?
- Sir.
The restaurant you ordered
is 14 kilometers far.
I don't want to know anything,
I want it hot.
Sorry sir.
Your one time's meal is
some person's one day's wage, sir.
Hello! What you are just leaving?
Let there be respect, sir.
You will another one.
- Good day sir.
- Give all the money you have.
Whatever they give, we must just eat it.
Lock the gate and go.
Okay sir.
Where are the bills for this?
Where are the bills for this?
Madam, greetings! Brother, greetings!
Oh, whenever he comes
one plate rice is waste.
If it had to be asked,
Kareem bhai only would have asked.
Kareem Bhai! Yes, Bidi brother.
Are you well?
How come you have come so soon?
We are like Usha in coming.
- I will go and come.
- Where are you going?
- Cinema.
- Which cinema?
Free husband.
Ate stomach full.
- Very good cinema, go and come.
- Night show.
- Outside Corona it seems, come soon.
- You be careful!
What good movies these people go to.
- Sathya!
- Yes, tell mother.
When Sharadamma told me only
I got to know that you have gone old.
Don't you feel so?
Okay, do you want coffee or tea?
- Prepare tea, mother.
- Okay.
Make yourself free day after tomorrow.
Let's go to that girls
house and see her and come.
She is from Sharadamma's side.
The girl is chubby and fair.
Only if you see and agree,
that's enough it seems.
Shall I put ginger?
My work also will become less.
- Take.
- Mother.
- Come and sit, mother.
- What?
- Tell me.
- Any day
have I give you any
responsibility to do any work.
What's there to give responsibility?
Sharadamma has spoken
good about that girl.
Sharadamma it seems,
in 10 marriages that lady has done,
6 of them are already divorced.
Don't say like that.
Just say whatever you want to say now.
That's my mother, listen to me.
Ah! This girl is not looking good
at all than the girl that I have seen.
Her color is a little less.
Mother, I bow to you.
Even if you bring universal
beauty in front of me, I don't want her.
I will marry only this girl,
please, please mother.
- Is it love?
- Yes, kind of love.
I just said for fun, that's it.
This girl is very beautiful.
Like a Goddess she looks.
For such a beautiful girl,
put a gold chain and
bring her to our house.
My lovely mother!
Thank you.
Come, let's watch TV together.
- Greetings sir.
- Hello, where is the chain section here?
Oh chain? It's there go and look.
- Thank you so much.
- Welcome.
Look it's there.
- Welcome sir.
- Can you show a chain?
Yes sir.
It should be 24 carrot gold.
- This one is good, right?
- yes, it's nice.
Look how nice this chain is.
See something else.
- Can you show something better than this?
- Okay sir.
It's nice, right?
Madam, can you tell
me how much this would cost?
Yes, I will tell sir.
Sir, it would be 1
lac and 80 thousand. sir.
1 lac and 80 thousand rupees.
After discount how much would it be?
Let me check, sir.
Sir, with discount it
would be 1,76,400 rupees.
- 1,76,000 rupees?
- Yes sir.
Can you show me a little less than this?
Sir, we have minimum
1,70,000 rupees ones only sir.
Madam, can I at least
take a photo of it?
No sir, photos are not allowed.
Won't you give tea,
coffee for your customers?
Will you buy the chain sir?
No need, leave.
- Thank you, Madam.
- Thank you.
What happened?
That chain was so good.
Hey leave that.
Let's go the person in Avenue Road.
He will make one for you
for how much value you want it for.
- Sure?
- Very sure.
But still we should have taken a photo.
That's correct,
we could have taken a photo.
Shall I go take and come?
Are you kidding?
- No need, come let's go.
- Look, look here.
Is this the photo?
Hey, when did you take this photo?
I asked her for tea and
you were drinking coffee.
That time.
This design...
Okay, I will make and give.
How much will it cost?
In how much carrot should
I make this and give?
- 916 gold.
- 916?
It would cost 90,000 rupees.
Can you lessen a bit?
Just now we went to the showroom,
even they told the same rate.
Even you are saying the same rate,
see what you can do.
You say you need 916.
So what if its showroom or work shop?
It's all the same rate, sir.
Since Saleem Bhai has brought you here,
I can reduce maybe 5000 or 10,000,
that's all sir.
Okay fine, keep this advance.
Sir, you are giving just 2000 rupees?
Only the hook can be done in this.
I can do only a hook on the chain,
that's it.
Start from the hook, sir.
Sir, what sir is it love?
Hey! Do you have any sense?
From that time you are cleaning.
How long will you do?
- I am doing, sister.
- It's getting late,
I have to reach home.
I will kill you now.
I will do, I will do sister.
None of them does the work properly.
- Hey!
- Brother!
How cute Anjali looks when
my Anjali scolds you, right?
Yes, brother.
- How cute she scolds no?
- Yes, yes.
- What yes, yes, clean properly.
- Okay brother.
Clean properly,
I am watching you from then.
- Okay brother.
- Clean properly.
- He takes salary but won't work properly.
- Okay brother.
Hello! Hello sir!
Gopal Brother,
bringing all the guys from Zameel's side
he is torturing a lot.
Day before yesterday he
brought all the rowdies along and
threw all the things outside.
I am getting very scared, brother.
Hey, why are you getting so scared?
Who am I?
If I lift my left hand, Veera Kesari, if
I lift right hand, I am Veera Madakari.
Let them come,
I will see who will come and do what.
Hey take all these
guys and throw them out.
Once upon a time I was very terror guy.
Just wait and see for the hit I give,
he will never get up.
- Hey, give the key.
- Jameela.
I told you that Kareem
Bhai only gave the key and went,
then what's your problem?
Are you born for my father?
When I am talking, keep quiet.
My brother who has gone, there
is no guarantee that he will be back.
Just give back the key.
Look, he has given me the key.
I will give it back only to him.
You go and take it from him.
Hey you! Don't you understand
when I am talking to you in a good way?
Bhai! Bhai!
Bhai! One minute, I will tell you Bhai.
Who are you?
I am working here only, Bhaijaan.
- Anjali, listen to me.
- Hey brother.
Make her understand properly.
What should I understand?
Don't you understand?
- I won't give means I won't.
- Okay.
Don't give the key.
Till my brother comes, be with me...
You come off.
Jameel Bhai!
Drink tea.
Bhai, do you need sugar?
Look Sathya, he is staring at me.
Jameel Bhai, your talks
should be correct Jameel Bhai.
Jameela, do you need more Rasagula?
At home will be waiting.
Come guys.
- Hey Chitu!
- Brother.
Why is Anjali dull like this?
From morning she is
like this only, brother.
Is it so?
Wait, I will be back.
What happened?
The one who was everything to me,
today is the day he
left this world and went.
Everyone says
father and mother will
be watching me from up above.
But I know that's all wrong.
Anjali, at times we must
believe that lies are the truth.
If not, you cannot live happily.
Look, this smile, this smile only
will make that moon also to shy away.
Okay, Anjali.
Have you seen Bangalore at night?
Not much.
According to me,
you haven't seen anything.
Give me 100 rupees.
- Why?
- You can balance it in the salary.
In this 200 rupees.
I will show you what Bangalore is.
Come, come.
Sathya, where?
Hey Chintu,
tomorrow the hotel is on off.
"He made it safe"
"This heart has gone missing"
"Is it me, is it me?"
"Am I now the same?"
"Doubts have started"
"Companion error, privacy is invaded"
"Something called has
rushed into me as well"
"From moon one..."
"Star has come..."
"And brought me luck"
"On this day"
"Rubbed off boredom"
"Monsoon has come"
"It's only festival hence forth"
"You made me introduce"
"Even in dream now a day"
"Life has not inquired you"
"Sitting and speaking to each other"
"I will forget this world"
"Ordinary life has not become colorful"
"All three times only talks about you,
cribbing also about you"
"From within me"
"I have gone missing"
"You brought happiness"
"So for this between us"
"There should be this love"
"This is the only desire today for me"
"Without rain the rainbow"
"Like how it has appeared, I feel so"
"You vanished without telling me"
"You bound me somehow in this love"
"By crossing the fence,
floating in the clouds"
"Let this love sail"
"Sweet wound, hesitation has vanished"
"Once you got inside the heart,
I remembered my age"
"Actions have changed"
"Feelings have grown"
"My life has fallen behind you"
"Sometimes just like that"
"A voyage in me"
"When you are in front of me"
"He made it safe"
Hello! Yes madam, I am coming.
Aachari had called,
he is going on emergency it seems.
He said to come and take the chain,
it's ready.
Hello! Madam, give me 15 minutes.
I am coming. Saleem!
Take this card, draw 15,000 rupees.
- How much will I take debt...
- Hey!
Debt it seems debt.
Tomorrow is Valentines Day.
- Oh, that's why you told.
- Take.
- Please man.
- Thank God.
I thought you would ask me to propose.
Don't think overly.
Just do whatever I ask you to do,
that's it.
Mani, is the parcel ready?
- It's getting ready, brother.
- Make it fast.
Sathya, I have got
a job offer from Emirates.
I thought of informing you first.
Thank you.
I thought of giving
a small treat tomorrow.
Treat? I too wanted to give you a treat.
Is it so? Then you only decide a place.
Okay, let's meet tomorrow.
Sathya, the scent is way too much.
Very strong!
You will always be burning incense.
Do I ask you anything then?
For Anjali?
Don't get very emotional, mother.
Is it nice?
Hello! Ramya, today full collection.
Prepare country chicken, I am coming.
Who is it?
Who is it that has
come at night like cow?
I swear on my mother, I didn't kill.
We went to sign.
Scrap Seena was there.
Scrap Seena, Seena...
Sathya, how many of them in total?
Don't know how many.
Did you get to know anything else?
I will inquire from my end as well
on behalf of the dead ones connections.'s difficult if they are alert.
The one who are lost
is my mother and my Anjali.
I will only search the ones
who are responsible for that.
Only if I get caught,
you will have work sir.
No matter whoever they are.
No matter how many they are.
Without killing them, I will not die sir.
I will go and come sir.
Tomorrow court is there, right?
Yes, sir.
Everything should be ready by
evening when I finish rounds and come.
- Okay sir.
- Sir, one minute sir.
Sir, say something sir.
The one who is dead is a drug dealer.
Ravi Kumar alias Ganja Ravi.
In our preliminary investigation
we got to know that this was a gang war.
Once the investigation is completed,
I will inform you all.
Sir, you mean to say
that gang war will start?
Are you waiting?
I don't know astrology.
If needed,
I will definitely do encounter.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
One minute, Anjali.
- What is this?
- Thank you.
What is this?
Open and see.
I love you!
Sathya, I never thought you
would turn out like other guys.
I just came for treat but like this?
Don't ever show me
your face again in life.
Scrap Seena was there, Scrap Seena.
Where will I find Seena.
Where will I find him, Seena.
Where will you go and find him?
How many of them will you see?
KA 01, which area is this?
KA 01...
Huh, Koramangala.
KA01 AJ 9792 is the vehicle number.
Sathya, this is the one, this is the auto.
Let's inquire and see,
this should be the house.
Is anyone at home?
Listen, where are you going?
Wait I am coming, what's the matter sir?
Hey, you are Seena, right?
- I am not Seena, my name is Venkatesh.
- Hey!
Then whose is this auto?
Auto is mine, sir.
Hey, how did Seena get your auto?
I don't drive auto at night.
Monthly twice Seena
rents my auto and drives it.
Apart from that I don't know
anything about that scrap, sir.
- Scrap?
- He is the one, sir.
Everyone calls him as Scrap Seena only.
Where will we find him now?
Sir, he first of all
has this scrap business.
Can't say where we can find him, sir.
Don't know who will give the information.
Wherever scrap is available,
- he will be there, sir.
- Saleem.
You might even find him
in scrap warehouse as well, sir.
Saleem, this way.
- What's his name?
- Scrap Seena.
Brother, here one named Seena...?
Seena? Don't know, ask someone else.
- Brother, one named Seena here?
- Seena?
You know?
- Don't know.
- Don't know ask someone else.
- Bhai, Seena here?
- I don't know.
Come let's look for him there.
Brother, who is Seena here?
- Which Seena?
- That...Seena...
- Scrap Seena.
- Scrap Seena?
- What's the matter?
- No, just wanted to talk to him.
- Do you need any stuff?
- Hey no brother, we don't need that.
- Then why?
- Old friend.
He had given me something,
I cam to return.
Our Scrap Seena,
is our boss.
I will take you come.
Come boss.
He should be in our spot.
- This way.
- Saleem.
What is this?
Boss, you will anything you want here.
From iron to gold.
Just like this.
This place only doesn't look good.
Come this way, boss.
He was right here,
come let's go that side.
Huh, huh.
Oh, God.
He will be here only.
But I am not finding him.
- Again he brought us to the same place.
- Come, he will be there, come.
Come, for sure he will be here.
There also Shankaranna is there,
here also Shankaranna is there.
What boss, he is playing around?
Seena brother.
- Did you Seena brother?
- No!
He was here only.
He used to be here only.
Don't know why he is not to be found,
seems like he has become too busy.
Do one thing, boss.
Wait for 5 minutes, I will go and get him.
I will send tea.
Took us all around
the city and left us here?
Do you think he will show us Seena?
The one who brought us here is Seena.
Hey scrap!
Sathya, come let's go.
Saleem, you go I will come.
- But Sathya...
- Saleem.
- Leave.
- Sathya.
Hey run guys.
Hey he is coming, run guys.
Hey go that side.
You guys go this way.
Let me go, I don't know anything.
Just let me go.
Where did you take her
and how did you kill her?
I swear on my mother,
I don't know anything.
I don't know anything.
Ravi told me.
It's true I snatched the chain.
We left her with Babu brother.
Don't know how she died.
If people like you are forgiven,
there won't be a meaning
for the word forgive.
"Tarara Tararaa..."
"Tararaa Tararaa Tararaa..."
"Tararaa Tararaa Tararaa..."
"Tararaa Tararaa Tararaa..."
"Tararaa Tararaa Tararaa..."
I... Love... You...
"Heart has become beautiful"
"Millions of love's moments"
"Meeting of hearts has started"
"Stealing the sight of my eyes"
"By the way, is everything well?"
"For the nerves of
the heart a new exercise"
"Come, come, come my beloved"
"Heart, heart, you are are sweetheart"
"Inside the heart"
"You are born"
"Even more beautifully once again"
"Soft, very soft"
"Statue you are"
"I will live just by your name"
"You are like mother"
"The tune to my song"
"Come, come, come my beloved"
"My beloved"
"Heart, heart, you are are sweetheart"
"Till the end"
"I will be with you"
"Just give me a little of your smile"
"You are home of it"
"I will grow in your light"
"You are first my friend"
"Even the silence is happiness"
"Come, come, come my beloved"
"Heart, heart, you are are sweetheart"
I am very happy, Sathya.
- Thank you!
- Anjali.
I am telling you from that day.
I will not leave you in between and go.
I told you that day itself.
That day was different,
today is different.
- Everything is the same.
- Anjali.
I had told mother that
I will take you home.
I saw my family when I was 16 years old.
I am seeing my family after many years.
I will come early the morning itself.
I will be with mother the whole day.
Now it's getting late,
mother will be alone at home, go.
Think once again.
Hey go!
"This relationship..."
"Is every birth's..."
- Yes mother
- Sathya.
Yes mother.
Your girl hasn't come
yet though its so long.
- How long to wait?
- No be in haste, mother.
It's girls matter.
If you stand in front of the mirror,
you only know, should I tell you?
Mother, but still
when she spoke about her family,
- both her eyes...
- Oh, just let it be.
You have told this to me a thousand times.
- If there is something new tell me.
- You are jealous.
I think she came.
Mother, how am I looking mother?
- Am I good?
- Yes, you are.
- Anjali!
- Sathya, wait for a minute.
How will you introduce me to her?
Wait and watch, mother.
Sir, please. Mother!
Sir, I...
Where is Anjali?
- Why are you beating me up?
- What did you do to her?
- Sir, I didn't do anything, sir.
- Speak up.
Oh no!
- Sir, I don't know anything, please sir.
- Speak up.
- Sir, let him go please.
- Sir, please sir.
Sir, please sir.
Sir, what are you doing?
I didn't do anything sir,
listen to me sir.
Why are you beating him? Tell me sir.
- Sir, sir.
- Sir, let him go.
You rascal.
Listen to me please sir.
- You will not open your
- Please I beg you,
- mouth just like that.
- I haven't done anything.
- Come.
- Sir, let me go, sir.
- Come to station.
- Sir, my son is a good person, sir.
Please let him go.
- Where are you taking him?
- Acting like innocent?
Sir, let him go don't beat him.
Don't beat him sir, don't beat him.
What happened?
"You closed your eyes,
who will wipe these eyes now?"
"You closed your eyes,
who will wipe these eyes now?"
"Whenever I say pain..."
"Whenever I say pain..."
"Who will make me forget it and laugh?"
"Who will make me forget it and laugh?"
"From my heart"
"whom will I call as mother, mother"
"Whom will I call henceforth?"
"From my heart"
"whom will I call as mother, mother"
"How will I live henceforth?"
"I am like a doll,
which has lost his life"
"Shall I come to you
as my heart desires you"
"How will I live?"
In city one more rowdy has been murdered.
Seena alias Scrap Seena.
The work which we have to do,
someone else is doing it.
Isn't it wrong?
It's wrong.
- Shall we go?
- Alert.
- You are the target.
- Meaning?
We don't have to look for him.
He will look for us and come.
He is already looking for us.
You come.
- Who is it?
- When you came out
I should have chopped off your head.
You killed those two,
- and did a big mistake.
- Hey Babu, hey!
Where are you, speak up?
In order if you were in the first,
I would have taken you first.
If you have nerve,
come to Nelamangala Toll.
Hey stay right there, I will come.
- Hello!
- Did you think I haven't come?
I was making your gift ready.
That's why a little late.
If you have guts, come to Jalahalli cross.
Where are you?
Your gift is right there, look.
Your left.
Saleem, Saleem.
Talk to me please.
Hey Saleem!
Saleem! Saleem!
Hey Saleem!
Come bro, how was my gift?
Did you kill Ravi and Seena in real?
That day if I would have seen her,
today I wouldn't be standing like this.
But what was she man!
She was like an ivory doll.
First Ganja Ravi saw her.
But all that he saw was the chain.
At that hour leaving her alone,
where had you been?
First of all, Scrap is Apocalyptic man.
Whatever he sees in eyes is different.
Hey why did you stop?
We are leaving a golden bar and going.
Your golden bar was brought
to me carefully by my guys.
I will go and check
if brother is there or not.
Brother! Brother!
Come, what Scrap?
What stuff?
- Brother.
- Hey sit.
Okay brother.
- Brother, how is it?
- You have hit a very good one.
Seena, you go.
Acid Blue, stuff it's new.
Are they stuff which I haven't seen?
Both the stuffs are good.
Today is festival!
Hey you guys leave, I will take care.
Okay brother.
Hey come, let's go.
In that fear also she was sweating.
Looking at that was an illusion.
If you play just like that,
there won't be fun.
So, I gave a little Acid Blue.
For that only she died off.
For that only she died off.
- Help me!
- The food I got in hand,
it didn't reach my mouth.
The girl who came close to me,
didn't come to my bed.
I am an animal already,
if she played me only,
how would I feel tell me?
In that darkness also she was
running thinking someone will help her.
I don't have the habit of hitting girls.
But what shall I do? The stuff
which I took that day was like that.
- Isn't she there?
- No, brother.
Go that side.
You guys come with me.
The fun in chasing and
eating is very different.
Only one hit.
She died.
Anyways she died, if she would
have played one game and then died...
You just a kid, only a kid.
Get up, get up.
Come, come, come.
Get up, get up.
Come on.
Come on!
Thank you!
Those two messages.
Made my aim a little easier.
That's all I could do from my end.
If some good work has to be done.
We have to act like fools.
Sir, tomorrow in court
there is hearing on rape case.
At least today let me sleep in peace.
- Sir.
- Which area?
This area only sir.
It's 2.30
Call home.
Sir, there is no one at home.
No one at home.
Then the one who dropped now?
Are you coming back from finishing work.
Or are you going to work now?
Sir, I am not a girl like that sir.
I just said work, that's it.
If you think something else.
I should be saying that.
But still...I must do an inquiry.
Come to station.
Sir, that...What mistake did I do sir?
No, no, a small inquiry that's it.
- Come.
- Sir, inquiry?
Sir, why to station?
- Sir, listen to me sir.
- Sit.
Sir, sir, please sir.
Come let's go.
Where I picked you up,
I have left you there only.
I have brought you safely.
Tomorrow if you open your lips.
You won't open.
"Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra..."
"Heart has become beautiful"
"Millions of love's moments"
"Love meetings have started"
"Happiness in the looks of my sight"
"By the way, is everything fine?"
"For the nerves of the heart"
"A new breathing exercise"
"Come, come, come my beloved"
"Heart, heart, you are are sweetheart"