Dearest Anita (2019) Movie Script

Hey it's Edith, we're right outside Anita's place
We came to collect the auctioned items
but they're taking away Anita's things
they may be throwing them out
I'll take a picture and show you
Hey they're going, what should we do?
Get a taxi and follow
follow that truck
A long long night
loneliness radiates from the flickering screen
I think they really are throwing her things away
but I'm at a meeting
I can only come later
then come after work
A long long night
loneliness radiates from the flickering screen
2 a.m.
The television fades along
with the disappearing titles
looking in the mirror, I can't suppress no more
alone I long for your comfort
you left taking with you all the love and warmth
excuse me
can you give these to us
give them to you?
You mean these?
hey that's against regulations
well there's nothing I can do then
hey hey
let's get more people here
come quickly
go there and look out for us
hey these really are Anita's things
yes, these belonged to her
My letter
Don't look at it now
there are two cops coming
- quick, quick
- be careful
- quick quick
- let's go
the morning shift is almost over
Let's go, there nothing there
hey, they poured red paint all over
do we still want these?
it's so dirty
who poured the red paint? That's so mean
must be the junk shop to stop anyone taking them
there are a few bags missing
that junk store must have taken them
Excuse me
We came as early as possible
to buy the things from last night
we're worried they would be gone
if we came later
Last night's things?
The things from the dumpster
there they are
oh those two bags
did you really need to come this early
for that junk
I recognize you
you were going through
the rubbish on the street last night
these aren't rubbish
to us
they are very precious
Anita Mui fans?
She's at peace now
stop this nonsense
you might get arrested
the most important thing is we can
save Anita's things
we want to buy these two bags
how much?
You guys are really determined
just like when I was young
that is just junk, just take them for free
you have a store to maintain
then okay give me 300 dollars
thank you
such dedicated fans
a hundred poses
to entice your obsession
the flashlights may be too harsh
but as they come
and go flashing a deeper warmth
what can you see
Undressed on the pitch dark road
A message articulated yet withheld
I want to give something back to you
I think you will be surprised
Anita reads Jin Yong's books?
She's only interested in the romance parts
did you find out who it was from?
I don't know
is this that fan that we know?
There's even a script, it's a musical
could it be that Perry we met
when we went to see that play?
- Perry from Fuzhou Primary School
- I am
someone is looking for you
come on, put this on yourself
everyone check your costumes and props
I'll be right back
are you looking for me?
Are you Perry?
I am
I'm Edith
I saw your play before
I'm so happy you chose Anita as your topic
I really like Anita
Actually I came to see
if this script belongs to you
Anita succeeded because of her hard work
and continuous creativity
she started singing at the age of four
she sang for her dreams and for her family
from singing at the amusement park
to the HK Coliseum
and eventually to different parts of the world
this is precisely the definition
of the Hong Kong spirit
I hope to use drama as an teaching tool
and enable students to learn persistence
and perseverance
through performing Anita's story
you can use drama as a teaching tool
allowing students to live the situation
that is a very good idea
but using a pop star as their topic of study
is a little problematic
think about this
when you actually have to do this
you will need to spend extra time and energy
to convince schools and parents
since there is a bit of time left
I suggest you change your topic
but professor, I really feel that
Perry, think of your future
Is it Hideki
come on in
Hi Edith
I'm sorry to make you come all this way
Its alright. Just sign this
Thank you
you still have so much you need to return
no way...
this is my colleague, Edith
Hi, there is something I want to return to you
Do you remember this?
Why do you have these?
Everyone ready
Remember we have shout it out
at the same time
so Hideki will know we are fans
from Hong Kong
we have banners, whistles
and presents for Hideki
but we still need to take pictures
how can we carry so much stuff?
I got it
we can do it like this
oh right, we can put everything into the bag
that's brilliant
Anita you're mind's really quick
you must be really good at school
oh forget about that
come on, sign this
it's for Hideki
yeah yeah sure
Hey do you think our tour guide is handsome?
Seems you really like handsome guys
Of course, our idol is also a handsome guy
What do you guys do for a living?
I'm still studying
first year at Hong Kong University
Wow that's impressive
I work in accounts
I work for an international trading company
I work in logistics
like sort out ship timetables
What about you Anita
I sing for a living at a night club
do what for a living?
A bandana for each of us, put it on
go on try it on
Anita really was great fun
she suddenly took out these bandanas
and made us try to them on for her to see
we even took a picture wearing them
she said
this is the way to make Hong Kong fans stand out
and get noticed
How many people? Do you have a reservation?
We're here to support Anita
she said she reserved a table for us
What would you like to drink?
When is she on?
She's getting ready backstage
she'll be on next
Why don't I take your orders first
we'll just have sodas
Coke please
Green Spot
Four sodas
what's with the girls
They said they're here to support Anita
Eyes demure and bashful
Seductive as flowers
soft as willow
that was the first time I heard her sing
she sang so much better than a lot of singers
Four fruit punches from Anita
will bring some nut and chips
in a minute
people will fade away, just as flowers will wilt
a never-ending pain in my heart
Thank you
see you later
If this doesn't belong
to you please return to Edith
Happy birthday to you
thank you, thank you
thank you, thank you
let's cut the cake
dad how was that?
You think I'm getting better?
It's not just about playing better than me
I know
I need to get into the music school in America
so you better practise more
you've got our full support
blow the candle
you've been coughing for days,
you need to see a doctor
just give me something for the flu
there's a very strong bug going around
I am very strong
I'm not going to get that flu
I'll go with you
so mom doesn't have to worry
you need to go
blow the candle
let me make a wish first
this is a hospital, you should wear a mask
dad what did the doctor say
we're not sure at the moment
so he will need to stay for observation
but family members can't come along for the moment
Oh I'll be fine
They'll call you if there is anything
your interview is coming soon
go home and practise
tell mom there's nothing to worry about
7 more patients died today
with the total number of deaths reaching 47
the youngest being a 49 year old male
with others aged between 67 and 95
You've finished?
Mom you need to eat before you take medicine
Have some vegetables
it's been a week
There hasn't been any news about your dad
could he really have gotten SARS?
Mom stop scaring yourself
Mrs Chan upstairs has already recovered
and gone home
Dad is going to be fine
Don't worry
come on eat something
Anita visited a supermarket today
to encourage donations for Project Blossom
attracting scores of reporters
and with the public coming out in force
to support the cause
Thank you for attending today's 1:99 concert
press conference
in the last few days, we've had rain
we've had clouds
but today we have the sun
that means
our adversity is coming to an end
Do you want to take a break?
I'm okay
You have the interview
for the US music school in a few days
you need to focus
But just play like how you usually play
Did you have any news about your dad?
It's been over a week
Still nothing
He would want you to do well
Come on
More on your index finger
Anita are you done dancing?
Come and eat something
Your chicken wings are ready
Look at her
bet she hasn't had this much fun in
a very long time
You're amazing
getting such a big place to hang out
My uncle went back to China
and told me to look after this place
so I thought let's have a barbecue party
that means tonight we have total freedom
I've tidied the room inside
after the barbecue we can tell ghost stories
not you
Don't you have to work at the nightclub tonight?
You want to skip work?
I really can't leave the house
must have been something I ate
it's hurting really bad
That's right
Anita was very excited that night
She'd never had a barbecue party
with friends before
When she called the night club
that night to take sick leave
her expressions were so dramatic
We joked she could win a best actress award
Even back then this crazy girl already had
a great gift in acting
here to see Anita again?
she's not back yet
Come sit down and wait for her
You're very close with her
I guess so
She likes to drink Coke
You know that?
Well you're such good friends
You must like Coke as well
Did she tell you she entered this singing contest?
Does she really think these contests are fair?
That the best singer really wins
it's not like that
it's all fixed
even if you're lucky enough
to get into the finals
They'll need her to do costume fittings
She'll need to meet reporters
and do rehearsals
Things will be so crazy she won't have time
to work here anymore
Do you know how much I pay her each month?
She doesn't sing she doesn't get paid
She's worked here a while
A lot of people come to hear her sing
If she's not here for a few weeks people
will just forget her
Why would she want that?
I think it's good to try
If I could sing like her I would enter
It's pointless talking to you
Mr. Qiao
Listen to the advice of an old man
Thank you for speaking up for me
He's been nagging me for days
Oh don't get worked up
I know you like reading novels
but you don't have time to take any out
So I've taken out some for you
If you don't have time to return them
I'll return them for you
You're definitely the best to me
Have this. I'm going to change
it's ok I'm not thirsty
Let the wind blow
Dry the shimmering tears in my welling eyes
I never understood why Anita like to drink Coke
I always thought sugary drinks
were bad for singing
Maybe she felt
that there is too much bitterness in life
and she needed some sweetness to balance it out
Arriving with the wind
you breezed into my heart
changing my life in an instant
You want to go sing as well?
But I no longer fear the rain or wind
Let the wind blow
Anita's vocals
and stage presence was like a magnet
I've been totally captivated
ever since that night
Whatever she said or did
influenced everything I did
Excuse me
is that poster for sale?
It's so beautiful
A fan of Anita?
Of course
There's no other singer in Hong Kong like her
each album has a different image
She can sing any style of song
and not to mention her stage presence
She's just spectacular
I've always been a very introverted person
but Anita changed me completely
You really don't remember me?
I was your classmate from school
I sat next to you for a whole year
You said more to me today than in a whole year
You're much more outgoing now
Anita had gradually changed me
growing up I was always alone
I had no friends
never joined any after school activitites
in my world
there was only loneliness and a fear of people
I never knew what it was like to have friends
It's Samuel
I'll be back in Hong Kong tomorrow evening
Are we meeting Anita?
Yes, I'll wait for you at the hotel car park
Remember to bring that picture
you took of me and Anita
I want to have her autograph it
- Yes I will.
- You be safe
Edith did you see the news today
No, why?
Something happened to Samuel and his family
How come?
been here for a long time?
It's worth it if we can see you
How do you know each other?
Because of you
Years ago I also made a few
great friends because of Hideki
Cherish each other
We will
Are you okay? You seem a bit odd today
Anita, do you know him?
He's one of your fans, his name is Samuel
He came back from America last year
to attend your birthday party
He was supposed to arrive today
and was going to come and see you here
but the news said he died
Anita we have to go
One of my fans just died
someone just died! Wait
How did this happen?
There was some sort of accident
His whole family died
Can I have this photo
I want to pray for him tonight
Don't be too upset
If you need my help
just call my assistant
Don't be afraid to ask
We really have to go
Okay I know
Is this for me?
- Yes
- this is for you
take care of yourselves
- we will,
- Anita
- Bye
- Anita
Thank you for coming into my life
enabling me to learn how to trust
and make friends
We don't have to worry about the outcome
because that is the way to live without regrets
Thank you
Why do you want to apply for the post
of trainee artists' assistant?
Because I'm a huge fan of Anita Mui
I remember whenever I wanted
to get her autograph or picture
I was always stopped by the assistants
so I really really hated them
but then I thought
what type of person
would be able to get close
to artists without being stopped
that would be the assistants
so I want to become an assistant
but Anita is not with our company
I did my reseach
your artists collaborate with Anita the most
the company she's with wouldn't hire me
so I applied to here
why do you like Anita so much?
What is it about her that attracts you
why is this scene taking so long
It's so late already, we should just go
who knows when they'll finish filming
Hey little girl, you're not leaving?
There's no way I'm leaving
I don't have school tomorrow
and I don't need to wake up early
but the buses going back to town will stop soon
It's okay, I'll find a way
I have to see Anita tonight
You"d be okay by yourself?
I'll be okay. You better leave now
the last bus is leaving soon
I'm leaving then
that's a wrap for Anita
what are you doing here?
I'm waiting for Anita
she's changing now
it's already so late why are you still here
are you the only one left?
There were more people here
but they had to catch the last bus
how are you getting home then?
I can take a bus at the bottom of the hill
How are you going to get down?
Can I borrow your phone so I can call a taxi?
Don't be crazy, there's no need
get on Anita's car
Anita is changing now.
She said she'll give you a lift
sit there
Anita sits facing backwards?
She's used to it
She wants to let the chasing fans see her face
get on
what's your name?
I'm Kiki
what year are you in
I'm in fourth form
so you're only 15?
Have you done your homework?
I did it when I was waiting for you
I have a present for you
I made this picture frame in art class
Does your family know where you are?
I told them I went to a classmate's home
to do our homework
Don't' go out so late again
I know how manage my time
everyone has their own interests
some like to play video games
some like to plant flowers
I like coming to see you
I'm even more motivated to study after I see you
Then you need to study even harder
and get into university
Come and see me
when you have our graduation certificate
But that's so long
No buts
I finally graduated this year
I did what she made me promise her
so now I can follow her all the time
I appreciate your honesty
we are touched by your sincerity
We'll hire you
Bring the passion you have
for Anita to our company
thank you so much
Are you Lam Ka Chen's family?
Please come immediately to the hospital
Dad hang in there
wake up dad
You need to get well
You have to come
and see me perform after I graduate
Dad wake up
How did your interview go?
When will you know the result?
I'm not going to America anymore
I didn't go to the interview
Dad didn't leave us much money
I want to start working as soon as possible
You don't have to worry about money
I don't need that much to live on
The money is enough for you
to go for your studies
I don't want you to have to go without
and you're health isn't good
I will be fine
you know
you studying music abroad
was your dad's greatest wish
things are different now
precisely because things are different now
you cannot let him down
I'm an adult. I'll make my own decision
"Online second hand store"
you have a message
Mr Jun
You arranged to meet me
I'm buying the guitar
I'm sorry I shouldn't have done it
All my student grant applications
have been rejected
you know my family's situation
I just have to face reality
I totally understand
Have you heard of
Anita Mui's 1:99 benefit concert?
The concert was to raise money
for families affected by SARS
I spoke with a social worker. They have a fund
you should apply for it
Forget it, I didn't even go to the interview
The school understands your situation
they will allow you to make a late submission
My best music partner is gone
what's the point in studying music
Mr. Perry
Good Morning
have you finished your summer holiday homework?
Of course
that's good
what about you Mr. Perry?
No I haven't, I'm only starting tonight
Do teachers need to do
summer holiday homework?
Alright now, go queue at the playground
Good morning Luna
what did you do during summer holiday?
I joined a singing class
was it fun?
Yes, but summer is over now
it doesn't matter
we still have music lessons
and we can go on singing
go queue at the playground
Perry Sir
how long have you been teaching in our school?
8 years
what do you think of our school?
Let me put it this way
if our school is to become the best in the area
what do you think we are lacking?
Exactly, I want us to compete in this competition
As you said
I want to enhance art education in our school
I heard from other teachers that
you take part in amateur theatre productions?
so you have experience with theatre
why don't I put you in charge of this?
As for the topic, I'm thinking Shakespeare
for the students
I go to school drama festivals every year
a lot of schools perform
translated foreign language plays
and it seems that students don't really know
what they're doing
but what I did notice was
whenever schools do a Hong Kong related topic
the students appear to be more engaged
What about the judges?
I believe, like myself
they focus more on creativity
and they like local topics
as this connects with the audience
but it will take time to write a new script
I can write you a new script very soon
one week
The written statements will be
on your desk by tomorrow morning
you don't need to worry when I'm in charge
what are you doing?
Looking for something
let me do it you dumb-ass
have you seen my script?
A stack of papers
what's it for
I need to rehearse a play with the students
teaching kids to do that
you can't make a living by acting
you'll just ruin their future
don't be so dramatic
without a proper job there's no hope
Look at you. Weak and fragile
you can't lift anything
and you talk with that girly voice
There's nothing about you that is like a man
I'm sure its because of all that theater stuff
sure that's what made you like that
the headmistress wants me to do it
you're a police officer
you have to work when you receive orders
I'm just the same as you
I remember there was once a little showgirl
with a voice none too sweet
she sang of desolation she sang of her emptiness
Yet there was a sparkle in her eye
perhaps one day she will perform to a full house
perhaps one day she will no longer go hungry
without knowing
the seasons came and went with the songs
she was me, that little girl was me
never would I have imagined
that you would lavish me with such love
I am the grownup you
today many listen to my music
and I have many fans that love me
I have many of my own songs
I came here to thank you
thank you Olivia, you may return to your seat
who's next?
Mui, we don't want you joining any
of our afterschool activities
my dad says you're a showgirl
You look trashy with all that make up at night
your name sounds like a stage name
we know that you sing at Lai Chi Kok
Amusement Park at night
you're a singer so you don't want to play with us
we're not going to play with you
just go away, you don't have any friends
good, thank you, you may return to your seats
Luna, you're up next
I work at the Amusement Park as a showgirl...
I want my family to have a better life
this is my...
Mr. Perry, I don't know how to say this word
what does aspiration mean
it means something you look forward to
or to long for a better life in the future
this is my aspiration
I dream in the future I will have
a stage that belongs to me
I dream that my family will be able
to live happily every day
I dream I will have a lot of friends
and everyone wants to play with me
people must have dreams
and I will hold on to that dream till the end
Hey how's it going?
It's almost done
But Mr. Lam, your questions this time
were really tough
a lot of the students failed
I'm not talking about the test,
I meant the drama competition
oh it's going really well
that's good
hey have this
you look terrible, drink this. You need a boost
I was working late finishing the script
the last couple of nights
don't give yourself too much pressure
I know
you know the headmistress really
has high expectations
You can't lose now
that you've made it to the finals
I know.
But honestly
the kids are doing a really good job
you know something?
I am in charge of the
New Technology competition
I only have half your budget
and I'm really stressed out
so you're doing a lot better than me
It's a shame some of the parents don't seem to agree
I guess, asking the kids to act,
it's like encouraging them to become pop stars
Mr. Lam, my point is I hope
The main point is
the headmistress fully supports you
so you don't need to worry
thanks for reminding me that
Actually I'm done here and I have things to do,
I have to go now
the chicken essence
save it for yourself
I'll just drink soymilk
Kiki, iron the outfit that Jimmy is wearing
for the interview later
sure, no problem
I heard that one of your fans is now a reporter
that's perfect,
I'll have one more person working for me
should I ask which media she's working at?
Of course
we have make the best use of them
there are a loads of fans waiting outside
tell the driver to stop the car later,
I want to meet them
What? Why do you want to meet them?
Use your brain, I have a concert next month
Okay, no problem
Jimmy, I've spoken to the director
just put this on and pose
alright, no problem
we have a long shoot today
Kiki, go make Jimmy a cup of coffee
what are you doing later?
I'm going to studio 2
who is coming today
Anita Mui
Okay I'm definitely visiting you later
look at you
you look like you've found gold
excuse me, can I come visit you as well?
The cape doesn't look good blowing like this
here's you coffee, Miss Na
put it there
Miss Na, may I...
I have an idea, director
Kiki come over here
when the director says action
grab the cape and flap it really hard
actually, I want to...
don't stop until the director says cut
go on
take off your shoes
alright, action
flap it harder
even harder
good, the cape looks good
to entice your obsession
the flashlights may be too harsh
but as they come and go flashing
a deeper warmth
what can you see
Watch it, you're in shot
Okay stop for a moment
Miss Na
Thank you
you tired?
Of course not
I can do this a few more times
Okay let's do it again
flap it, flap it harder
alright, action
this pose is very cool
I'm leaving now, Miss Na
okay, bye
Jimmy shall I put all these in the car
Are you kidding?
Just throw them away
but your fans gave them to you
I don't have the time to keep this shit
none of this is worth anything
My house doesn't have the space for this junk
Just throw them away as I tell you, okay
but look at this, they put in a lot of thought
and effort into it
They're all like that
All of them?
All of them
I've seen a lot
But he has a point
does every star need to make room
just to store all this
don't be crazy
just get on with the work
these are the from the fans again?
What a waste
the fans see these as presents
the artists sees them as trash
in the end they all end up being mine
alright give them to me
Resignation Letter
Kiki where are you
I'm at the office
can't leave yet
I want to finish it off before I go
come to Broadcast Drive now,
Anita is doing an interview here
we're all waiting outside
Don't waste your time, it's pointless
coming up next
Tonight in the studio we have Anita Mui
20 years ago, the winner
of the 1982 singing competition
James Wong said she was perfect that night
and he gave her full marks
but Joseph Koo gave her 99
because he said that there's no perfection in art,
so he deducted 1 mark
Right from the start Anita
has always treasured her fans
Hi everyone, it's Anita
hello Amy
Anita, how come you're free to call me?
Aren't you singing at the night club?
I signed with the record company
and I'm not allowed to sing
at the night club ever again
what are you going to do?
She told me
she was a bit tight with money
she had moved out on her own
she wanted me to lend her some money
for the next 2 months
it's not that I can't
but you know I don' t get paid a lot
and I need to support my family
I can lend you 300 dollars for now
and I can lend you another 300 next month
when I get paid
I'll transfer the money into your account tomorrow
I'm really sorry to have to bother you
Since when did you become so dithering
Anita said someone even had
to bring rice to her place
and cooked for her
She paid me back very soon
It's kind of funny thinking about it now
We all went to Japan
to see Hideki not too long ago
but not long after that
she became an idol herself
But she never forgot us
she often asked us out
she bought us dinner
she asked us to go shopping with her
She always ended up buying
a lot of things for us
and nothing for herself
We said we'd pay her back
and she should be more frugal
But she said
she can always earn it back
but friends you can't always find again
so really don't fuss about it
we couldn't win an argument with her
let's drink
congratulations, Anita
your'e album is selling really well
we have a present for you
To celebrate the success of your album
its nothing much so hope you don't mind
these are all our precious memories
this bandana
you said you left yours in the bathroom in Japan
so I'm making a sacrifice
and giving mine to you
thank you
oh who is it?
Do they have to call at this time
Shouldn't you return the call
it's nothing important
just the guys calling me out for drinks
or asking me out for late night suppers
Hey that's great, means you have
a lot of industry friends now
I don't have that many friends
they just want me to pay the bill
but I'm okay with it
money is for spending anyway
and I like big parties
Oh this one I really need to return a call to
Do you think she meant us?
I wouldn't be surprised.
Anita is so famous now
I'm sure a lot of people just
want to take advantage of her
does she think we're one of them?
I don't think so
we better keep a distance
in case people start to say
we're taking advantage of her
no point waiting to have it said to our faces
I had a lot of pride growing up
I couldn't help but wonder
why was Anita so nice to us?
Was it because she didn't have any friends?
Or she simply wanted people around
when she was following her idol
Or was it because I spoke up
for her before the singing contest
Was that why she's so nice to me?
I'm home
- why are you so late
- dad
I had to work extra hours
someone named Anita called you a couple of times
you better call her back
it's alright, it's not necessary
your friend sounded just like Anita Mui
it was Anita calling
she said there was
a new Japanese restaurant opening
and she wanted to take us there
I'm really busy with work recently
I can't come out
why is everyone busy with work
Really such a coincidence?
You must be really busy now
that you're so popular
you should really rest whenever you can
I can rest when I see you guys
you're a superstar now
hanging out with normal people like us
just doesn't seem right
we should just be friends over the phone
from now on
I think it's better this way
plus I really am very busy at work
and I need to plan my wedding
I really don't have time to come out
the soup is ready
my dad is calling for me
I can't talk anymore
it's getting late, you should rest
don't stay up too late
has anyone got any questions?
If not...
sorry I'm late
Where's Luna? Is she absent today?
She came to school today
why isn't she here at rehearsal?
I don't know
never mind
we'll start from you, Olivia
but my scene is with Luna
it's alright, I'll read her part
- ok
- let's begin
I am you, I am you after you've grown up
You are me? What will happen when I grow up?
I didn't come to talk about this
Then what are you here for?
I came to tell you that...
Excuse me, Mr. Perry
the headmistress wants to see you
Mrs. Cheung
Luna is the lead in this play
she is very important
and we're already half way through rehearsals
it would really affect the production
if we were to recast
but now you're affecting my daughter's studies
spending the whole day fooling around,
when will she have time to study?
We're not fooling around
we hope that, through this play
students can learn how to express themselves
having my daughter to play a showgirl
who gave up on studying
I don't know what she could learn
to express from that
let's be honest, Anita Mui was just a pop star
I think it's ridiculous having her
as a subject of learning
Headmistress, if you only want your school
to boost the schools name
but completely neglect
a student's personal growth
I'd be extremely disappointed
the focus is not on Anita Mui's
pop star status but her...
all I'm going to say is
my daughter is quitting
Mrs. Cheung
As the headmistress,
I fully support Mr. Perry's bold project
Perhaps we didn't think things through enough
okay, I accept your opinion
we will change the cast
but headmistress, if we change now...
that's the final decision
let's go Luna
you want others to respect your opinion
then who will respect Luna's opinion?
What is that suppose to mean?
Don't be afraid Luna
tell them, do you want to go on with the show?
I remember there was once a little showgirl
A tiny little girl
I remember in the not too nice parts of town
she sang some old tunes with a theatrical company
the old theatre was never full
but she continued to perform to ease her hunger
what are you doing?
It's just some costumes, they're not for me
of course I know they're are not for you
I would kill myself if these were for you
then why did you ask
where's my cup
your dad holds a gun on the front line
and you're hiding in the house sewing
the neighbours would laugh at me
if they ever found out
that's discrimination
what discrimination
it's normal that fathers have
high expectations for their sons
sometimes I wonder
do I actually have a son?
All you ever did was women's work
have you heard of Mei Lanfang?
He cross-dressed
and yet he's one of the most
famous Peking opera masters
what master
Mei Lanfang
I only heard of Anita Mui
Now Anita is really cool
A man in woman's clothes is a sissy
it's called art
I've been doing drama for so long
you never once came to see my shows
do you even know what I'm doing?
I'm telling the story of Anita Mui this time
it teaches people to hold on to their dreams
it's really 'cool'
This script is 10 years old now
I almost forgot about it
But Anita kept it all the time
I never thought she received it
and I never thought she would keep it
thank you so much
My students will be performing
a new version tonight
what's different is
I've written a few new parts
and I added in the adult Anita
Mr. Perry
Olivia has hurt herself
be careful, it's really swollen
let me see
can you walk?
Be careful
I twisted my ankle when I was
going down the stairs
what should we do?
Bravo, bravo
absolutely fantastic
who knew at such young age
they could perform with so much depth
It really captures one's attention
This year's judging is much tougher than last year
because this year's rule has it that
no outside help is allowed
meaning teachers are not allowed
to perform on stage
excuse me
nor are professional actors
all performers must be students
so this year we can really
see the students' efforts
Please enjoy the show
alright, coming up next
I'm really looking forward to this
because they are telling the childhood story
of a superstar
but who is this superstar?
So now, without further ado
please welcome them on stage
with a big round of applause
"The Daughter of Hong Kong"
I remember there was once a little showgirl
A tiny little girl
I remember in the not too nice parts of town
she sang some old tunes with a theatrical company
the old theatre was never full
but she continued to perform to ease her hunger
The old costumes sparkling from afar
but only up close did you see the worn out holes
I really like to sing
When I first sang for my uncle at home
I knew that I really liked to sing
Then I realized my singing could help my family
I will not give up on singing
I can't remember things from books
but I'm really good at remembering lyrics
my classmates call me a showgirl
they won't play with me
but I will go on
because I know I'll own that stage in the future
you will achieve that
she was me
That little girl was me
never would I have imagined
that you would lavish me with such love
who are you
I am the grownup you
today many listen to my music
and I have many fans that love me
I have many of my own songs
I came here to thank you
thank me?
Without your hard work and determination
there wouldn't be today's me
my hard work and determination?
Let me ask you this, why do you want to sing?
Because of that elephant at Amusement Park
my uncle takes me to feed
the elephant everytime before I sing
and also I want my family to live a better life
I want my mum to have a carefree life
as for me, I sing because
I have a group of really loyal fans
I'm really going to miss this stage
then don't go
every step you take will shape who I become
regardless of what the future holds
what will happen to me next?
Only you can determine your journey
work hard no matter how difficult it gets
because time will fly
we have to cherish every minute and every second
let me sing for you
thank you for never abandoning
when I am tired, when I am lost
thank you for being my guide
if I could sing for you forever
that is all that I would need
seeing you I've found love, I've found myself
thank you
let me sing for you
thank you for never abandoning
when I am tired, when I am lost
that's my daughter
if I could sing for you forever
that is all that I would need
seeing you I've found love, I've found myself
Mr. Perry
I'm really disappointed
I'm sorry
I know that teachers are not allowed to perform
and because of that we were disqualified
For that I will take full responsibility
I meant I'm really disappointed in those judges
we all saw what it was like
when you were performing
to me, we're the winner
I'm proud of you
but we...
I'm adding drama lessons starting next year
we will be focusing on local pop culture
and we will include this into our syllabus
most important is to let students express themselves
and as adults
we need to listen patiently
I really want to thank you
I want to thank you too
for giving me this opportunity
I'll see you next week
Let's go and eat something
You're buying
never thought you would be
the first to get married
you're dying to get married
what woman isn't dying to get married
Anita is dying to get married the most
speaking of Anita,
we haven't seen her in a while
it's just the same seeing her on television
Anita's assistant
Miss Mui asked me to come today
she knows you're getting married today
but she appearing live on TV so couldn't come
she told me to come congratulate you
she said she'll buy you dinner next time
Anita is so thoughtful
I didn't even send her an invitation
you're downstairs?
I'll come as soon as I can
haven't seen you in a while
You don't look too well
it's not easy being a housewife
did you like the wedding bracelet I got you?
What bracelet?
The wedding present I got you
I spent a lot of time picking it out
I didn't receive any present
that woman
she only said she came to congratulate me
on your behalf
thinking about it
Anita once asked me
whether I would be her assistant
I'm very glad I said no
I wouldn't have been able to deal
with the people around her
we may have ended up not being friends
I'm performing in American and Canada next week
take a few days off work and come take a break
its almost time, I need to go to my part time job
excuse me, but I have to go now
you work a part time job on a Sunday evening?
My husband's business is having
some financial problems
so I took a part time job just to help out a bit
don't worry, let me help you
I'll have someone send over a cheque tomorrow
you've helped me a lot before,
let me help you this once
I really appreciate it
but I can deal with my own family's problem
I don't think we should see each
other so often in the future
you're a superstar now
you shouldn't come to places like this
you shouldn't come to places like this anymore
What's wrong with coming here to see you?
To be honest, being your friend
there's no way I can afford your lifestyle
With you being my friend
I can just pay for everything
don't you think it's better
if we're just idol and fan?
Please don't come anymore
don't be like this
our worlds are just too far apart
you take care
why did you choose this song?
Because this was the last song I played
with my dad
he has always been my best partner
your information is complete
and nothing's missing
we've already reviewed your application
and your are very perseverant
we have no further questions?
Look at him
he came all this way carrying that big guitar
and playing classical guitar
I don't know anything about it
but he sure played it well
I don't have any more questions, do you?
we've accepted your application
thank you all
thank you Anita Mui
have you eaten
I've been accepted
it's the confirmation letter from America
you dad would have been very happy
I believe we all understand the importance of
father and mother to a child in a family
the message of this concert
is to let the children know
that they are not alone
whether or not your parents
are with you now
or if they're at the hospital
you are not alone
because there are a lot of people here
to support you
I hope to bring to this message
to all the families in need
I hope they can feel that
there is still warmth in this world
Dear Anita
Thank you for helping me through
the darkest time of my life
and to enable me to continue studying music
although we have never met
my dad and I loved playing your music
I will work very hard
When I graduate
I promise I'll come see you face to face
to say thank you
Sometimes it is just very difficult to see friends
for those fair-weather friends
you'll see them when you're happy
they bring you joy
and vice versa
you make each other happy
then there are the friends
you don't see very often
sometimes you just don't get
to see your best friends often
but you know what each other is up to
I just need to say one word
and they know what I want to say
if they have a problem you try to help solve them
they call you when they need help
or they call you
because they're upset about sometime
this is what best friends are like
do you have a lot of these friends?
Not many of this type of friend
but how many?
Two or three
but to have two or three of this type
of friend is more than I can ask for
do you have nylon strings?
pop singer, Anita Mui's condition worsened due
to cervical cancer
is this ok
Died at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
at the age of 40.
Anita is such a great person
shame she died so young
Anita Mui's remains were sent
to Hong Kong Funeral Home
The passing of Hong Kong's brightest star
some of her fans brought along flowers
to say their final goodbyes
Though the road is coming to an end
who does not pine for past memories
Today alone in the wind
Looking back on this winding road
Bittersweet yet filled with warmth
I want to ask you to come out
you're a super star,
you have a lot of people anyway
you don't need me
I'm dying, can't you come out and see me
what are you talking about,
you sound so energetic
okay I won't force you
hope I'm still able to see you again
Life is a bumpy ride
I did go to see her final concert
but I didn't tell her
I really wanted to go visit her at the hospital
I missed my chance
on this windy and dusty road
Anita although you've gone
I will always be your fan
our friendship
will forever live in your music
who does not pine for past memories
Today alone in the wind
Looking back on this winding road
Feeling so bittersweet
A lot of people look up to you
for work and talent
Did you have any idols
when you were younger?
but idols only exist in daydreams of young girls
when you wake up you'll forget everything
but dolls are different
they may not have any life
but they're always there to cheer you up
its more lasting
Who was your idol growing up?
I can't really remember
Kiki, someone is here to see you
Oh, sorry for holding you up.
Thank you
You're the Edith I spoke with on Facebook?
take a look around
and see what you want to order
actually I'm not here to order dolls
I have something to return to you
see if this is yours
why do you have this
perhaps it's fate
where did you find this
it's a little complicated
you can say that I found it at Anita's home
I don't understand
She never threw it away?
Anita always had a room
where she kept all her fans' presents
now that the house has been sold
all these deemed worthless were thrown out
in those people's eyes
these are just useless junk
we tried to retrieve as much as we could
and return them to the people
who gave them to her
Was she crazy?
She didn't throw it away?
Anita never threw out the presents we gave her
but I threw her out
I threw her out a long time ago
What is wrong with that woman
why would you keep my present
Kiki wanted to say sorry to Anita
but Anita would never
stand in front of her again
All these items that should have ceased to exist
forgotten pieces of rubbish
back with the fans that gave them each
becomes a treasure
they embody the most precious love and memories
reminding us no matter how difficult things get
we should never lose faith and our dreams
Coming up next will be
my last song of this evening
but I would like to share a story before that
During the intermission
I received a letter
a letter I wrote 10 years ago
I wrote it to a very important person
without her
I wouldn't be performing for you tonight
you all know her
maybe you have seen her movies
or listened to her music
seeing this letter again today
is her way of telling me
all my hard work over the years
she knows
I won't take for granted
what she did for our society
I believe that faced with difficulties everyone
wants someone there to help them
I was lucky to have her
coming up
my last song
I want to dedicate this to my Daddy Long Legs
Anita Mui
three meals and a roof, together as a pair
who will be that person
the ones that can't be together,
the ones that pass by
are always the ones you long for
from the wings you watch me
perform your desired act
the carefree friend from the past
do you still remember?
Joy, sorrow, sickness and death
do not create a fables
unable to bear that the love and tenderness
isn't between me or you
world of the temporal
and the boundless will of the gods
served to drive us apart
heart breaking words, the howl of wind and rain
signal the arrival of an old friend
when be the day we will be together again
to lament the warmth of the night
destined to meet, doomed
to part but memories remain
through our short lives
yearning and unrequited love
extending over half of our lives
in the abyss of time,
below the brighting shining moon
I imagine your sorrow
world of the temporal
and the boundless will of the gods
served to drive us apart
heart breaking words, the howl of wind and rain
signal the arrival of an old friend
leaving you or leaving me
alone to grow old in this world
before we parted
how were we to know how
good those days actually were
hands held tightly though finally we parted
as if the love never existed
together in ten years,
inseparable after ten thousand years
I regret that will something I will never see
together in ten years,
inseparable after ten thousand years
I regret that will something I will never see
Daughter of Hong Kong Anita Mui Statue erected
at Avenue of Stars on July 18, 2014