Death Alley (2021) Movie Script

The U.S. marshals assigned
to the Indian territories
spent months away
from their families.
Frontier life often took
a toll on young mothers.
After two years raising
their five children alone,
Isabel gray was no exception.
Marshal Henry Thomas,
known only by his nickname heck,
chose not to chase after them.
Isabel shed no tears,
and heck only a few
for the children he
would never see again.
Though his parents desired him
to become a baptist preacher,
the residue of which would
haunt him in years to come,
heck's talents shifted less
paternal and less godly.
Despite his focus and his faith,
his depression was deep.
He chose neither the
bottle nor the madams
who would pursue him.
Instead of succumb
to the melancholy,
marshal Thomas committed
himself to his work.
Heck Thomas
split the $1,400 reward
with his six
compatriots that day.
After the countless bounties
he'd accumulated
through the years,
it was neither the
money nor the articles
written about him
that he was after.
With his death, bill
doolin provided the marshal
the beautiful finale
to his life's opus.
Come on out!
We know the girls
are in there with ya.
Nobody has to get hurt.
It's your last chance.
How many more times
I gotta kill you?
Bill Dalton, leader
of the wild bunch.
First cousin of the
younger-Jesse James gang.
Last outlaw brother
of the Dalton gang.
Most wanted criminal in america,
killed right here in ardmore!
Paula's funeral home
barely contained the circus.
Patrons shoved in
for the final glimpse
of the prairie's most
infamous outlaw kingpin.
Long after expiration,
bill Dalton's celebrity
would survive.
The newspapers would
circulate coast to coast.
His artifacts would
become collectors items.
The dime novels would
sell for decades.
Within years, the lines between
legend and history blurred.
With each breath of his name,
the authentic ghost
of the man would dim
one shade at a time
into nothingness.
The myth celebrating his crimes
often diminished
his violent nature.
The lore behind his robberies
often misplaced his
gang's tenacious joy
for killing lawmen.
Those who knew him
best would lament that
neither brutality nor
leadership was germane
to his personality.
Those who knew him
longest would lament that
he never wanted
this life at all.
That they missed
his soft demeanor
and clever sense of humor.
Those that loved him
most would lament that
he preferred the background
and supporting roles
to the leading one
he played at the end.
In truth, the heralded
"king of western outlaws"
was not born to a throne at all.
The Genesis of bill Dalton's
royal outlaw lineage
began quietly only a
couple years before.
It'll work.
Damn thing's itchy, do we
really have to use horsehair?
You'll survive.
It looks ridiculous,
we'll get got right away.
So then don't get got then.
You don't need this no more.
Glad you think it's funny.
Do it again.
Fuckin' dipshit.
I ain't know.
What are we gonna do with him?
He's staying back with you.
Just the two of us
covering the first Arkansas?
I can step in.
You ain't ready.
Doolin can handle more.
Not yet!
We can wait.
Hit the banks in a few
days, let it settle.
Heck's been on our asses ever
since southern Mississippi.
Genie says he was
dearing yesterday.
I ain't your nanny.
You'll be on sittin'
duty for a bit, son.
I ain't your son.
You ain't my brother neither.
They brought a
power stay back then.
You walked away
from this gang once.
You want back in, you'll do
whatever job I tell you to.
We need to talk
about the beards.
Damn it!
Emmett, they know your face.
They know your face too!
They probably
know all our faces.
So why ain't you wearing one?
Some people give two
shits, some people give none.
If you don't want to wear it,
grow a beard by tomorrow.
It'll take him a year.
I can grow a beard.
Grab you some milk and
let the hens peck it off.
Hey, bring him over
here, I'll milk him.
Gotta have tits for that.
Broad and me been fixin'
to ask you something.
Isn't you the oldest brother?
Why ain't you leader then?
Pa always told us to
follow our god given talents.
Truth is, some men
are born leaders,
some men are born for whorin'.
You know, the condon
don't work without bill.
Grat can handle it.
Grat's running the team?
And you think
that's a good idea?
Those are the only
kind of ideas I got.
I'm serious, Bob.
I ain't worried about grat.
You're mighty uppity
all of a sudden.
Trade us.
That ain't a bad idea.
I said no!
Well, grat can't do it.
The kid's right.
I ain't remember asking
for your input, doolin.
No one needs to get hurt.
He'll probably show up drunk,
hit somebody in the noggin.
You remember what happened with-
- you hear what I said
or is you too dense?
You ain't listening.
Shut your god damn mouth!
Don't "Bob" me, boy!
Oh, poppycock.
I guess we're back
at this again already.
Bob, just-
- step down, Emmett.
I'm tired of this
leech leeching.
Suckin' and going,
suckin' and going.
Who are you calling leech?
You want to reminisce again
on why I left in
the first place?
You mention one more word and-
- then you'll what, Bob?
Pull out your knife?
Try me.
You were trimmin' the
take and we all know it.
Bill and I pulled
2,500 from that train,
where'd the other 500 go?
Shut it!
What'd you spend it on?
That's enough.
What was it, Bob?
The booze, the cards?
Or maybe that whore.
Walk it down.
I said walk it down now.
She ain't no whore.
You all know it's true.
He pinched the cut, got some
of all of y'all's money.
You know it's true.
I ain't give no shits.
You should.
You best hobble your lip.
Bust your head open,
see if candy falls
out of there, amigo.
Doolin, please.
Blood always, it's bullshit.
Just focus on the
banks, nothing else.
He ain't no Jesse James.
Damn right about that.
It's best you remember,
only reason you is here
is because my
brother trusts you.
Blood, always.
I think I'm sober.
How about this?
You take grat, I'll
handle the condon.
Grat will be fine.
He's probably
gonna show up drunk,
bang somebody over the head.
It's a no gun town.
He ain't gonna hurt nobody.
I can lead.
What part of no
you ain't pick up on?
I ain't need you
watching over me.
You taking a kerfuffle now?
I'm tired of the mistakes.
Please, enlighten me.
If we only got 5, I
can handle the condon.
You ain't ready.
Stop treating me
like a god damn kid!
You seems to got a big opinion
all of a sudden, baby brother.
And that's another thing,
don't call me baby
brother no more neither.
Seems like someone buttoned
his britches this morning.
I ain't scared of you, Bob.
That would be your mistake then.
You're starting to slip,
and I'm trying to clean it up.
You think you can run
this gang better than me?
The beards is awful.
Don't start.
- They look stupid as shit.
- You don't start!
We're already one man down!
We might be one more
if you don't watch
your god damn
tongue with me, boy!
Come now, boys.
That's no way to treat a lady.
Miss me?
You boys at it again?
No, ma'am.
You're getting
handsomer every minute.
Just like Mr. Doolin said.
No guns?
No guns.
Not even the marshal.
Far as I can tell, just the one.
Rumor is, he's
retired and become
a school principal or something.
Keeps 'em on the
wall in the office.
That's good.
That's real good.
Heck Thomas?
No sign that I can tell.
That's good.
That's real good.
You bring it?
Ow, ow, ow!
Oh, grat.
You ain't think
I forgot about ya?
You want to tell him or me?
Well, what is it?
Oh, ladies.
This for me?
You can all share in on that.
Fun's on me.
Pretty enough.
Now, boys.
Sunrise, boys.
You was right, miss Moore.
He is awfully cute.
Careful, bunny.
He's a stone cold killer.
Finally upright, are we?
The things they make us do.
Wouldn't know.
Did I ever tell you about
doolin and I's first pickup?
Stole our first wagon,
this broad comes running out,
jumps in the back of the board
as we was gettin' gone.
Farmers comes out and blasts
off two shots and yells,
"bring her back and
nobody gets hurt!"
Doolin yells, "we ain't
want your missus!"
Farmer says, "not
her, the horse!"
I can always get
me a better wife."
You don't believe me?
I suppose so.
All I'm saying is,
you could find yourself
a better horse.
'Cause that one?
She's already found her wagon.
I know.
Do I really gotta stay back?
Is that your call or his?
It's good to be the king.
It ain't right.
Maybe not.
Are you gonna be okay?
I'm sure we'll manage.
I hope so.
Shut up!
Oh, man.
You said sunrise.
What the hell?
The post.
What post?
The hitching post is gone.
We should go.
We're already down one,
we can't leave one more
out for the horses.
I said no.
Excuse me.
Where's the hitch?
Pulled it out last night.
Town gonna curb up the
main street in a few days.
Does he seem like
a tough guy to you?
Everybody's a tough guy until
you put a gun in their face.
We should settle.
This is a bad idea.
We'll find another spot.
Mount up.
Get on the floor!
Manager, now!
Please, I'll cooperate!
No one needs to get hurt.
The vault.
Hands up!
You want to be a tough guy?
Hands on the damn counter, now.
Do what he says!
All of it.
What you waitin' for?
He said to put my
hands on the counter.
The money's down below,
how am I supposed to
fill up these bags
with my hands on the counter?
Use them hands for anything
other than fillin' them bags,
and I'll blow your eyeballs
all over that back wall.
Hurry up!
Where's the gold?
Dalton gang.
You all right?
Dalton gang's robbing the bank.
What the hell's wrong with you?
They're stealing your money!
Oh, yeah?
Which bank?
The Dalton gang!
Oh, shit.
Hungry or hungover?
A bit of both.
Best way to cure the latter
is to never stop drinking.
So, you thought more about it?
About what?
What you're gonna
do with the money?
Don't know yet.
I'm gonna buy a gravestone.
A real nice one.
Already know what
I'm gonna put on it.
What's that?
Secret to life.
Figured that out, did you?
I did.
Well then, do tell.
The secret to life is
finding a good woman.
One that can cook,
one that can clean,
one that can make love.
Then you make sure none
of the four ever meet.
You're a piece of art.
Modern day Shakespeare
or something.
We're gonna have
to talk about Bob.
Yeah, I know.
It's getting worse.
Grat's just a grunt.
Did I ever tell you
they used to be lawmen?
Bob and Emmett?
Bob and grat.
Emmett was too young,
he just kind of
followed them around.
Grat the lawman?
Yeah, that only lasted a week.
They didn't get paid,
so they just robbed
a horse instead.
Sounds about right.
They wanted to avenge frank.
They decided they
liked the money
a bit more, I guess.
Frank's a good man.
Not all daltons is like us.
You ain't like
most of them neither.
Frank came in and told pa
that he was gonna be a marshal.
Pa had this expression
on his face,
and I'll never forget it.
You ain't gotta say nothin'.
Frank and his partner
went to catch a bounty
near fort Smith.
Posse saw 'em coming and set up.
One of them shot
frank in the chest.
His whole insides was
opened up, they said.
His partner thought he was dead,
so he tailed out quick-like.
Frank sat up and
took 18 more shots.
Took him 12 hours
to bleed it all out.
But pa used to have a
saying, "daltons die slow."
I guess he was right.
Blood, always.
Come on!
Hurry, come on!
Who the hell was that?
The manager.
Cover the windows, now!
Fill 'em up.
I didn't come for
no damn silver.
You're gonna take
me to the vault.
Sit down!
Hurry up!
That would not be wise.
Hell yeah!
I told you!
Yes you did, big brother!
Yes you did!
Let's go.
Isham, what's going on?
The Dalton gang is
in the banks right now
trying to run off
with your money.
They're in the condon
and the first right now.
At the same time?
I didn't believe
it neither at first.
We ain't armed!
I got rifles for three or four,
hardware gots about 10.
You wasn't supposed
to have that there.
Arrest me then.
What am I supposed
to do with that?
Stop them from
getting out of town
with our damn money.
I didn't fight for no union army
to let some sons of bitches
take my town like this!
Well, we need cover!
I got the top!
Me too, let's go!
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
Calm yourself.
No, really, listen.
Let's go.
I ain't going nowhere.
Probably just grat
being a dung again.
Yeah, okay.
Bill, you're the
smartest Dalton-
- come with me!
If we ain't get out of here
and protect what's
left of the money-
- this ain't about the money!
If any of them make it,
they know where to find us.
Yeah, and if none
of them make it-
- they ain't frank!
And I ain't his partner.
They knew what they
were walking into.
And I ain't never leaving any
of my brothers behind again.
Bill, please.
Blood, always.
Just 'cause we ain't blood
don't mean we ain't brothers.
If I ain't back in an
hour you get to the caves,
you wait for me there.
Get up.
Oh, yeah!
Damn it, damn it!
No, no, you must be mistaken.
Hot damn, Emmett.
And that must be your
brother grat, or bill.
Leon, do you know these men?
Oh, yeah.
They used to scrap
with the Baldwin boys.
I think they're
members of that gang,
the youngers or something.
- No, wait a minute.
- Bob.
Now hold on a second!
Now hold on.
The god damn daltons!
Say it!
Say it so we can hear ya!
Say it!
That's right.
We're the Dalton gang.
Don't you forget it.
Please, just stay down.
Come, ladies.
Lively now.
Hurry, hurry!
Just the gold.
What the shit you waitin' for?
The vault's on a timer.
What the hell does that mean?
The safe's got a timer,
it can only be opened
up every 30 minutes.
Is that so?
How long?
Can I check my watch?
Nothing funny.
No, sir.
The vault only opens on the 30s,
and we opened at 9.
What the hell does that mean?
I'm sorry, sir, but it's
gonna be at least 10 minutes
before I can open it.
Is there any other way in?
No, sir.
Only this one.
We'll wait.
Go, go!
We're the Dalton gang,
don't ever forget it.
We're the god damn Dalton gang.
What the hell was that?
Emmett, get your ass down!
Over there, get down!
Or else the people out
there will kill some of you!
I'm hit!
Bob, not the baby.
I said get down!
I can't move my arm!
I can't move my arm!
Bob, let the girl go.
Put the gun down.
Let 'em go.
You want to die
in this damn place?
If I gots to.
Now you're some
Saint all of a sudden.
We both know I ain't,
but I ain't living
on me or the baby.
You ain't got the
balls, baby brother.
I told you to stop
calling me that.
Grat, almost out!
When will it open?
The damn safe!
You said 10 minutes,
how much longer?
Shit, shit, shit!
Come on!
Go, go, go!
There's a backdoor.
You let her go, I'll show ya.
Stay low, stay low.
We got the baby coming out!
What's behind it?
A tree row.
How far out?
A quarter mile.
I don't know, there's a creek.
From there, which way?
Follow the bed
east a couple miles,
you'll reach some verdigris.
We hit it running,
don't stop 'til we
cross the river.
Open it.
Get in, get in!
I'm sure you think
you're so damn smart.
We'll see how smart you is.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
You're crazy!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Stay low, take top, take top!
We're coming up.
Don't try nothin'.
Don't shoot, I ain't armed.
On the ground.
Face down, hands up.
Nobody's gonna pop up
and try nothing, is they?
It's just me, I swear it.
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
Bob, you okay?
You want to catch me on what's
so damn funny right now?
I told him not to eat that shit.
There's no such thing
as oysters in Kansas.
He kept blaming the whisky!
Doolin thought it was the nurse.
Doolin can pucker my ass cap.
Why are you telling me this now?
'Cause we're gonna die
today, little brother.
We ain't gonna die.
We is.
We ain't.
I shoulda listened.
Bob, not now.
Doolin was right.
Bob, not now!
I skimmed the take.
I know.
I always know.
It ain't what you think.
She's pregnant, ain't she?
I'm so sorry, Emmett.
I didn't mean for none of this.
And you was gonna
leave today, wasn't you?
Was you really gonna shoot me?
Hell yeah.
Is there a back exit?
There's a side door that
goes to walnut street.
You got enough to run for it?
I got a choice?
Good enough.
They're in the bank.
When that door opens,
don't stop 'til we
get to the horses.
Come on.
For the inconvenience.
I'm gonna be an uncle.
She's a peach, ain't she?
She is.
Don't know what she
sees in you though.
Me neither.
You think they're
gonna write about us
in the star tomorrow?
Bigger story than
Jesse James ever got.
Fuck Jesse James.
They're coming in.
That they is.
Where do you want to go?
I only remember
one gun out back.
Hey, you!
No, no, no!
I ain't gonna hurt you,
I ain't gonna hurt you!
Where's that boardwalk
around back go?
The general store.
Alley there head up street?
If we clear past the agent,
we can get straight to the alley
and run like hell
for the horses.
Yeah, it'll be hell, all right.
Any luck, we'll
blow past the rifles,
maybe take a few nicks.
Hopefully just a few.
I think it's all we got.
I always looked up
to you, baby brother.
Blood, always.
Blood, always.
There they is!
Aw, damn, grat!
Here's our chance!
Halt, halt!
He said halt!
God damn it, Bob.
I have to get that man.
No, luscious!
Easy, easy, easy.
Bob, let's go!
Get the horses, or we're
solidly through by now.
Oh, god, no, no, no!
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Get to the horses.
I ain't leaving.
Get to the god damn horses, now!
Yah, yah, yah!
Bob, no!
Goodbye, Emmett.
No surrender.
We got you!
No more!
Go to hell, heck.
We're gonna need a doctor.
Surrounded by federal marshals,
auditors examined the monetary
damage of the incident
the next morning.
The condon bank reported
a loss of 20 dollars.
The first Arkansas
reported a surplus
of a dollar and 98 cents.
Let the wicked forsake his ways,
and the unrighteous
man his thoughts.
And let him return
unto the lord,
for he will have mercy upon him,
and to our god, for
he will freely pardon.
Where are my brothers?
When I was 13, my
brother Henry ran off
to fight with the rebels.
He had a stubbornness about him.
He always found some way
to get his way, you know?
Pa didn't worry
when Henry told us
he would find his way back
home one way or another.
His calvary crossed
sherman's boys in Georgia,
and, well...
Ma asked if we
could carry him home
so we could Bury
him on the farm.
The Bible was the only part
of him that made it back.
I believe he knew he did
not break his promise
to us after all.
My brothers, they dead?
I believe so.
I'll kill them.
Every last one of them.
The book teaches us to forgive.
But not in the way we
have come to believe.
Forgiveness is not condoning
the actions of others,
but in not allowing our
past to dictate our present.
I believe you are gonna
need this more than me.
I ain't know how to read.
I suppose you'll have
time to figure that out now.
Trust in the lord.
Accept the grace of his mercy.
Learn to forgive, and you
will find peace someday.
God has a plan for
you yet, Mr. Dalton.
23 gunshot
wounds would not be enough
to end his life.
After 3 months in the infirmary,
a limp and several scars
would be the only keepsakes
the youngest Dalton would
take out of the Kansas town.
Lansing penitentiary would
barely be able to contain
the outpouring of support
for their most famous inmate.
Fathers would name
their sons after him.
Bachelorettes would
write to him daily.
Labeled a model prisoner,
after only 14 years
into his life sentence,
the governor, garnering
favor among his constituents,
would pardon him.
A year later, Emmett
would wed Julia,
a childhood sweetheart,
and relocate to California.
The fresh scenery
would prove fruitful
to the young Dalton.
After early success
in real estate,
he would eventually
acquiesce to the request
to tell his story.
He would begin by
writing two books
about his family legacy,
join a public lecturer's circle
speaking to sold out crowds,
and eventually became an actor.
First on stage,
and then on screen,
even playing himself in
a film about the gang.
Because his notoriety
would follow them
wherever they would go,
the couple would often
pine for a quieter life.
To Julia's chagrin, the two
would travel the country,
accepting the spotlight.
And city after city,
the routine grew stale,
and at times, torturous.
But he would accept
the circle as penance
for his past sins.
Julia could do little to
absolve him of his guilt,
and often wondered
if this pattern
would carry them to their end.
But in the spring of 1931,
the youngest Dalton, now
the oldest by many decades,
surprised even his
dutiful better half
by accepting an
unconventional invitation.
Today we recognize the
historical significance
of what the Dalton gang
did for our community.
This day in Kansas
forever shall be known
as the coffeyville
defenders day.
Commemorating forever
this section of our town,
herein known as "death alley".
He spoke nothing
about his brother's deaths,
or the haunting faces of
the sons and grandsons
in the crowd.
He spoke only about his faith,
reciting scripture, and
performing his famous phrase.
The biggest fool on earth
is the one who thinks
he can beat the law.
With no
animosity in either direction,
the town offered only gratitude,
welcoming the couple
with open arms.
In its own paradox,
the town would fulfill
his third and final act.
For Emmett, this gesture
would prove to be
the beautiful missing finale
to the Dalton gang's opus.
In the summer of 1937, just
before his 67th winter,
the youngest Dalton
would be the only Dalton
to exit the stage peacefully.
In his bed, holding Julia's
soft, wrinkled hand,
he prayed, and
took his final bow.
Now, you all didn't think
we were gonna leave you
with a happy ending, did you?
Now ain't that pretty?
Burn in hell now, boys!
A little bit of blood!
Come on, now!
String him up!
Blood, always.