Death Cast (2021) Movie Script

Liv ... reading for the role of Tiffany.
Did you hear something?
Stay here I'm gonna check it out.
I... Ugh.
I think I can make that work.
Actually, you know what. No.
Yes. Ugh, yeah.
No, I'm there. Totally.
That's perfect.
My name is Cole ...
I'm represented by Crescent Talent
and I'll be reading for Elway.
Figured I was going to do
some movement here.
Yeah. Yeah.
We should split up.
We could cover more ground that way.
That soon?
You'll have to talk to my agent.
Damn! Cash?
One day shoot?
I mean...
we'll tell my agent after.
Oh, holding this and
saying the slate?
Bella ... and I'm here reading
for the role of Mallory.
What are you seeing exactly? Are you
seeing this up or like... this up?
I think he's gone.
It's okay.
We're safe now.
Can I do that again?
Don't do this! Please... Please
don't do this!
What's up.
Brice ... reading for the role of...
No more scaring me.
I don't like it.
I promise I won't.
That does not mean I can't
make you scream.
Is that so?
Oh yeah.
Ashley ... here for the part
of Stefanie,
with an "F."
Shouldn't we wait?
I don't know. I mean...
I want this.
I just want our first time
to be special.
And... then we kiss.
Hey, I'm Jack ... and I'm reading
for the part of Gabe.
Look you're all getting worked up alright.
I'm sure there's an explanation.
Look, we'll figure it out and go
on enjoying our weekend.
Nobody is going to die here.
Puh ugh!
Oh, fuck.
Oh, God.
No, yeah. I was told his ugh--
Directing is unusual.
I mean, whatever, man. This--
This career takes sacrifice.
You know.
Hey hey guys!
What's up, man?
Come on in.
Hello. How are we?
Ladies? Good.
Death Cast!
It's not very flattering.
No, it's... it's hot.
Where's my butt?
You can't be posting this.
No! Don't delete it!
Too late.
They take your cell too?
Dude, this better not be
the shit we have on set.
I can't eat anything if they
expect me to fit into this.
Hey, what time's the table read?
Dance rehearsal?
Didn't you read the script?
Oh yeah.
That part's stupid.
Just trying on some funky 80'S clothes.
B.G. is going to be looking fresh for
the first day of filming tomorrow.
Until he dies.
That good?
It's the first day of shooting.
Very excited to bring Stefanie
to the screen.
Yeah. My character does die pretty quick
in the story, but...
She's got a few scenes before that,
so hopefully she'll be remembered.
Okay, so right now I'm being
wired up for sound.
They've cleverly hidden a microphone in our wardrobe,
so we won't be needing a sound guy with us on set.
Sorry, bro.
So, it was, like, super boring.
You're late, pal.
You need to be dressed.
My first film like this.
I've worked on twelve smaller projects.
I haven't seen those finished but...
Yeah, no, this is my big break.
Well, you're in good hands now.
So how did you hear about this gig?
Craigslist. I told them I'm
a shooter, too, but...
I guess they just needed a driver.
So, did you meet the director?
Not in person.
I think it's interesting
what he's doing though.
Usually, a director--
Whenever I direct, I like to really
get in the backstory of my actors.
Figure 'em out.
You direct?
I do everything.
Well, you should take my card!
Oh, ugh...
They took our stuff actually.
I don't have it.
Well, later.
If there was a call sheet...
I just got a phone call with a
pickup time and instructions.
Umm... does everyone know the rules?
Yeah, the stuff they went over
at the table read?
So... mounted cameras and drones
are positioned around set.
Cameras are rolling when we land.
You'll begin scene 7
as soon as you...
you focus on driving.
Scene 7 will begin as soon
as we walk in the door.
Yeah. Everyone's made that very clear.
Everyone know their lines?
No interaction with the crew.
No breaking characters. Gag weapons.
Same shit we went over last night.
As each character is wrapped,
we report to the van that's waiting...
at the front of the property.
I'll show you, it's easy.
What if our body is still
in the scene?
You fucking lay there.
I've never been out this far.
Use it, we should be
getting into character!
We're almost there.
Yeah I'm gettin' famous, baby
It ain't no mystery, baby
I'm making history
You're gonna know I made it
Yeah I'm gonna be so damn famous.
You ready for this, babe?
Save it, Romeo.
Hey. You're going to do great.
Hey, you too!
I'm sorry in advance for when
I call you a bitch.
It's okay, Mallory deserves it.
Melissa, if I make it through
this production
I'm going to kill you for
putting me here.
Oh, no you don't.
It's, it's in the script.
You read it!?
I'm impressed you got that far,
considering Gabe wraps on what?
- Page 17.
- Come on, guys.
Let's just have fun.
We're making a movie!
So, you guys just walk straight up this trail
and you'll see the house at the end.
I'll see you later?
Old Plymouth!
Wheels off already?
Should we start here?
We're starting on scene 7.
Was I the only one listening?
To yourself?
He's the pro!
You guys ready?
Oh yeah.
Is he going to wait for us?
He has to, cameras are rolling.
I'm in character,
are you Tiffany?
I give you casa tio!
Casa de mi tio.
That's why I have a C in Spanish.
I just don't understand why
we had to park so far away.
There's no way old Plymouth was going
to make it over that overgrown trail.
Old Plymouth barely
made it to the trail.
I still say it could have made it.
Unlike you, I don't have money
for a new transmission.
Speaking of, what's the deal?
I thought your uncle was rich.
He was--
And crazy!
Or he didn't like having neighbors.
Well, he had this place built on our
family's ranch for him and his wife
but she didn't want to live all
the way out here.
So, he just used it for, ugh,
fishing and hunting trips.
He was a sportsman.
Killing is a sport?
To some.
How would your Uncle like it if he--
His uncle's dead.
She didn't know.
I'm sorry, I...
How did he die?
You need to tell them.
Not necessary.
Now you have to.
He was murdered.
- How could you not tell us that?
- I didn't know it was here!
You can't be serious?
No. I'm not staying here.
Come on guys, there's nothing
to worry about.
I'm sure it's not as bad as it sounds.
It is.
Hey knock it off.
You know what she's been through.
Alright, enough.
Okay, maybe it's not something I
like talking about. But it...
- It's not like there's anything wrong with the house.
- Debatable.
Yeah, no. A person was just
murdered here. That's all.
Mmm... two people.
Fuck, babe.
Okay, we're out of here.
- Gabe!
- Guys!
She's joking.
I have a dark sense of humor.
You heard her. It was a joke.
Real funny. It doesn't make
this place any nicer.
Look, guys!
We have the house to ourselves
for the whole weekend.
There's a lake down the trail
for swimming.
- Private bedrooms...
- I like that.
There is a fridge full of beer
and enough grass to put down a horse.
You know it!
Now would everyone please
just loosen up and enjoy?
Nothing to worry about.
I got your back.
Is that poisonous?
Is that poisonous?
B.G., is that poisonous?
Not anymore.
But this might be!
Hey! There it is!
Is that real? It smells real.
Pass that shit.
You're up.
Damn B.G. that's some...
Damn B.G. that's some...
- High class...
- High class grass, right?
Only the best. Hey, now we
just need some tunes.
I don't have to smoke this if--
It's okay.
Have you ever?
You don't have to.
Uh, Maybe later though.
If you want yeah, that'd be chill!
Yeah... chill.
No way!
Tiffany, do you still remember?
Come on!
- God, I can't believe I'm doing this!
- Come on!
Come on, babe!
Five... six... seven... eight!
Shouldn't we wait?
For what?
I don't know... I mean.
I want this. I just want our
first time to be special.
It is.
They're off to an early start.
Beers are kind of warm.
Cool killer
It's what you do to me
Cool killer
And then you claim...
Let's hit that bong!
I fuckin' love this girl!
Where's big blue?
Still in Gabe's trunk.
Fuck, bro!
Let's roll another joint?
No, big blue!
Come on. I'll walk with you.
Throw your swimsuits on, we'll hit
the bong and then go for a swim.
Sounds good.
Be right back!
So, how's my boy doin?
- Elway?
- Yeah.
She likes him. She's just...
She just needs time to get to know him.
That's why I'm thinking
maybe it takes us a little while
longer to find that bong?
- We just got here!
- So?
What you think?
You're bad.
Looks like a deer. Maybe?
Are you okay?
Let's just finish this.
What killed it?
Something big.
Should we be out here?
I'm being serious.
You're such a jerk.
What are we supposed to do?
Just wait here?
Fuckin' stupid.
We're between scenes Liv.
Jesus you're committed.
Babe. Babe, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't of done that.
You have nothing to worry about.
- Do you believe them?
- About Gabe's uncle?
They're just joking.
That's not something you joke about.
They were just fucking with Tiffany.
I promise you're safe.
Okay. No more scaring me.
I don't like it.
Doesn't mean I can't make you scream.
Is that so?
The fuck?
B.G., wait!
Who would do this?
I don't know. How's this even possible?
- What are you doing?
- Seeing what they took.
- Let's just go back.
- And what?
I don't know. Fuck, Beege I'm scared.
It's just somebody fucking with us.
- Who!?
- I don't know but nobody's coming out here
to steal a set of fucking tires.
- Mallory where you goin?
- Back to the house. I'm not staying here!
Come on.
The bong!
You look nice. I mean... good.
That's a... good swimsuit
For you.
What's wrong?
I don't... think Stefanie wants me here.
Why would you think that?
All that about Gabe's uncle.
I don't know I just...
She knows I don't like stories like that.
It's just how she is.
I guess.
Look, umm...
I don't want you to think
that I asked you here to...
It's okay.
I want to be here.
What the...?
The car. Somebody's fucking with us!
What's going on out there?
- Nothing.
- That's not nothing! Go see!
Probably another damn scorpion.
What the fuck is going on here?
Your car. Somebody took off your wheels.
- You're full of shit.
- I saw it too!
It's sitting on cinder blocks.
Nobody's stealing tires out here.
You lied to us.
This isn't a fucking joke!
- Tell us what happened to your uncle!
- Nothing!
Goddamn. Look, it's got to be something.
Probably Stefanie's shit-head brother
followed us here to play a prank.
That's not a fucking prank.
So tell us who's out there.
You guys are getting all worked up.
I'm sure there's an explanation.
We'll figure it out and go on
enjoying our weekend alright?
Nobody's going to die here.
Nobody's going to die here!
What the fuck...
- What is this? What is this?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey...
- Hey, hey, hey it's good.
- Do something!
- Do something!
- Hey it's good. It's good.
Gabe, you're good...
you're good.
- We have to pull it out. We have to pull this out.
- No. No I think you leave it.
I don't know!
Come on Brice!
Do you not see this!?
This man is dying! Help us! Hey!
We've got to find a phone.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey... look at my hand.
You're good, you're good.
You're good, you're good, you're good.
- Brice. there's no fucking phones, okay!?
- I don't know what the fuck we're supposed to do!
- You're good, you're good.
- He'll bleed out.
Fuck it, I'm pulling it out.
Oh fuck!
Hold him.
Cut! Cut! Cut!
Cut! For fucking Christ's sake, cut!
Bella, shut the fuck up!
Help us. Help us please!
There's been an accident!
Hey, man, he's really fucking hurt.
That was a real fucking arrow.
Somebody come down here
and call the paramedics.
Help us!
Hey, get Stefanie, she's a
nurse or something!
What is she doing?!
- Oh shit.
- Shit!
What the fuck?
Oh fuck. Somebody's here.
Ashley. Goddammit.
What happened?
Where's Ashley?
- Hey! What happened in there, huh?
- Stop what are you doing!
- Hey, what happened in there!?
- Where's Ashley?
All rooms are clear.
Hey, get out of there!
Lock the window!
Tiffany, lock the fucking window!
Anyone know something I don't?
What do you mean?
One of you has to know something
about what's going on here.
He must have.
He's dead.
We saw him die.
You've been quiet.
I'm scared.
Yo, what are you doing?
- Somebody's watching us!
- They could have helped us!
- They're watching us die.
- Who?
Whoever's behind these cameras.
We're here to die. It's in the script.
Stefanie died first in the script.
Yeah, well she might have here, too.
We don't know.
Please help us.
Look Ashley and Jack are dead,
and this is real.
Please we are not safe,
get us out of here.
You're giving them what they want.
So what does that mean? I'm next?
B.G. dies in a tool shed.
The rules are different now.
There is no script.
So, by signing this, you agree
to carry out any and all acts
outlined in the document
you just reviewed
and any orders received
during the performance.
What if one of these kids...
Again. I have no knowledge of what
was in that sealed document.
As such, I am not able to answer any questions
you have regarding its content.
When will my family get the money?
As stated, the money will become available
in the specific account as soon
as you met the terms outlined here.
Will they know what I did?
Only if you tell them.
All I have is an account number.
They set this up.
Everyone making this movie.
Why would they do that?
For some fucking pervert cult,
what does it matter?
Watch out.
Where is he going?
Wait! Don't go out there!
Hey! Hey!
Hey, I see you, motherfucker.
What's he doing?
He's just running around
the house yelling.
Help him!
No, don't go.
What if he finds someone?
Then he'll die too.
And we're just gonna stand here?
We can't let them know where we are.
Fuck! Fuck.
- Fuck you! Fuck you!
- Don't do this. Don't do this.
We need help. We need help.
Shit. Oh, my God.
What do you want?
Fuck this.
Run! Run!
Help me! Help!
Are you okay?
You asshole. You left us back there!
- No!
- God!
God, it's not gonna stop!
Oh, my God. Brice.
What happened?!
Oh, my God.
Where is he?
I don't know. I left...
- I left him with a knife in his leg.
- Shit.
- We gotta get out of here.
- Mallory, stay with us.
Bella, come on!
You're losing too much blood.
We need to stop that bleeding.
Don't. It's stuck to the shirt.
It'll bleed out.
I'm sorry!
Bella, come on.
Let's go.
We're not gonna make it.
Yes you will.
It's miles from the highway.
Yeah, we're almost where
the van left us.
There's no van waiting on us.
We're here to die.
I'm so fucking stupid.
You fucked that guy up.
I'm gonna die.
Let's just get to the van.
Oh, son of a bitch!
- We have to keep moving.
- What, what about his phone...
Didn't he have a phone?
- No. No! I'll do it. I'll do it!
- Alright well do it then!
- Well, what about the keys, what about the keys?
- I swear.
Do you see anything?
Yeah, they're all over. Goddamn!
Where are these keys?!
No! No!
Shut her the fuck up.
He's going to hear us.
- Try the other pocket!
- I am!
Stop please.
Please handle that!
- She's scared!
- We all are!
- I can't see them. I can't find them.
- Shit. Shit. Shit.
He's got to have them somewhere.
Oh... No. Oh...
God. It's lodged in his throat!
I'll try.
I almost got it--
We gotta go!
We gotta go!
I got it! I got it!
Start the car!
Bella, let's go!
Just go.
- Leave me!
- Sorry!
Let me in!
Open it!
Lock the doors!
I can't it's not--
Shit, he's coming around!
Fuck! Come on...
- None of these work!
- Open the door!
- Fuck!
- Ow!
We have to ditch!
We need to ditch!
Slow down!
Go! Jump!
This way!
You've got to keep up!
I'm trying.
Slow down!
We've got to keep go--
Come on just keep running.
I can't.
Stay with me!
Don't touch me.
Okay. You gotta calm down, Liv!
Calm down?!
I just watched four people die!
I've never seen anyone die and four people
were just murdered right in front of me.
And now they're trying to kill me?
We're here to get fucking killed!
We didn't. We didn't.
I can't do this.
I don't know why I'm here.
Hey, listen to me.
I'm sorry. Okay?
I'm in the same situation.
We're in the same situation.
I know this shit's
fucking crazy, okay? I know.
This is. Would you...
you just...
You just have to trust me. We are going
to get out of here, I promise.
Are you hurt?
Okay. I don't see
any more cameras.
We're off the radar. Let's just
keep going this direction.
We should hit that road
we drove in to.
And then it'll lead us out.
That's like three miles.
It wasn't that far.
Then what?
I don't know. Come on.
Shit. They found us.
- Come here.
- What are you doing?
I'm gonna get you out of here.
What are you doing?
Shh! Follow my lead.
Fuck you!
Let's go.
Number two.
Number two, do you copy?
You're giving them exactly
what they want.
And what's that?
A show.
You're playing right into everything.
They want us to fight.
Would you just listen
to me for a second?
We need to get these
fucking mics off.
You know what, I've got
a better idea.
Oh, and what's that?
Stop talking.
This is so fucked up.
I just about lost my agent for taking
this fucking garbage audition.
All for this.
So I can die out here in the sticks.
The fuck do you care?
Not my ending.
Is that it?!
You survive in the end, right?!
Hoping for the sequel!
Ha! Yeah. I don't think
that's how this works.
What are you doing?
Fuck! Trying to get this fucking
mic off so they can't hear us.
Fuck it.
I think it's this way.
What are you doing?!
Going this way.
Come on! You wanna run!
Sounded like a dirt bike.
- Do you think it's the road?
- I don't think so...
- Wait, where are you goin'?
- Get the fuck off of me!
I'm trying to help you!
Yeah. I don't need your help.
You-you blew us off
back at the house.
I don't trust you.
Would you just listen to me!
For a second.
I'll apologize when we're out of this.
But we have a better chance together.
Please trust me.
He could be down there
waiting for us.
Maybe that's what we heard.
Okay, so what do you want to do?
The keys are still in the van.
I am not going back there.
You survive in the script.
Yet this isn't the script!
Maybe it is! You know?
Maybe that's what they want!
Well, fuck what they want!
What, so then you die?
Jesus. Would you just
work with me?
Okay, what do you want to do?
We're safer if we're in the van
and he's not.
He could be down there right now.
Waiting on us.
Come on!
Come on. Come on. Come on!
Shit. Come on.
- Ow!
- Come on Liv, you can--
Just come on! Please!
Come on!
Shit! I'm sorry!
What do you want?
What do you want?
Aren't you going to kill me?
Why are you doing this?
Answer me!
There was one day I was
on my way to an audition. Already running
late and I blew out a tire.
And I knew that wasn't good.
I didn't have the money to
take care of that and, umm...
It was a hard moment.
It was a hard day. Umm...
I don't know. That day felt like...
The end in a way.
It was like, "Alright. You tried."
"And you're done."
"Alright. Come home.
Be smart. Get a degree."
Umm, and I was like...
Ugh. Like, that day I actually questioned
whether I was going to give this up for good.
And, umm...
I didn't really know where else to go.
I couldn't drive back to my apartment. Umm...
So, I actually...
Walked down the street to see a show that
the community theater had going on. Umm...
The one that I like performed at
growing up. And umm...
I don't know, like sitting
in the back seat.
Like the back row.
Kinda taking it all in.
It like wasn't even a good show but
just taking it all and seeing
like how far I had come.
I don't know, I guess that night I really realized
how much left there actually is in me.
Oh, my God.
Brice. Hey.
Brice, Brice, Brice, Brice.
Hey. Oh, my God.
Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
I think I got to move you.
Help me up.
Come on. Come on.
You're kidding me!
Is this what you want?
That's it.
It's over. I escaped.
One of us dies?
Why are you doing this?!
God, who are you?
I mean, are you an actor, too?
Why are you doing this?
We don't have to do this.
Look at me.
We can just leave.
Right now.
Yes, we can. We can just leave!
Look, I see you, okay?
You don't have to do this.
You don't have to do this.
Fuck you. I'm not gonna do it.
I'm not gonna do it.
Come on, you stupid bitch!
What the fuck am I supposed to do?
Take the fucking knife.
Take it!
- Take it! Take it! Take it!
- No! No! No!
Fuck this!
Do I deserve this role?
I do.
Like... I don't know.
I believe in me. I guess.
Like I'm supposed to be an actor.
I'm supposed to be a storyteller. The talent
is there, it's just a matter of time.
And that's why I'm here.
You okay?
Can you get me a ride out of here?
Honey, what happened?
I just need to get
to a hospital now.
- I don't know.
- Please.
Well, can you tell me
what happened?
I will in the car.
Can we just leave please?
Thank you.
Do you have a phone I could use?
My battery died but
we're not far from town...
What's that?
A camera.
Is it yours?
You're in good hands now.