Death Down the Aisle (2024) Movie Script

[dramatic music]

[door opens]
[rushing water]
[sentimental music]

I can't believe it's
finally happening.
Oh, I'm so happy
for you, Malorie.
Did I tell you that
my mom finally agreed
to walk me down the aisle?
Oh, wow. That is so special.
You know, your mom's the one
that introduced you to Jon,
and now she'll be the
one giving you away.
Yeah. Couldn't
be more perfect.
OK, listen. I gotta
walk around a bit
and check on the staff.
But I will be back to help
you put on your dress.
OK. Thanks, Franny!
Oh, you're welcome, honey!
[happy sigh]
[door opens]

[door opens]
[door closes]
Oh. Bridget!
- Hey, cutie.
Oh, it's good to see you.
Why aren't you in your
room getting ready?
I just wanted to check
out the event hall,
but I got distracted
by the hors d'oeuvres.
And I saw what you
did back at my place
to make Malorie
feel more at home.
I thought she'd appreciate
a feminine touch.
It means a lot to me.
Of course.
You know I'm proud
of you, right?
I do. Thanks, Dad. I have
to go to the car now.
I forgot my shoes in there.
But I'll see you
at the ceremony.
I'll see you at the ceremony..
OK! Break a leg!

[friendly greeting]
[romantic violin music]

Pamela: No, she's really
happy. Everything looks great.
Um, we're just missing some
flowers right about here.
Thank you.
Uh, Pamela. Wait!
It's good to see
you. How are you?
Fine. How are you doing?
I'm a little tired.
But I'm thrilled the
wedding's finally here.

Here. Take this. It's one
of the energy ones you like.
It's full of vitamins.
Thank you.
[music darkens]
It's been a while since
I got one of these
from you. You've been
avoiding me lately.
I need to go find Malorie.
Pamela, I think we should
talk about what happened.
Just clear the air.
I'm not interested in
what you have to say.
Pamela, please. I
just want everything
to be good between us.
If that were true, you
wouldn't have taken
my resignation so lightly.
We are about to be
family after all.
I really do want to
come to an agreement.
We can talk more at the office
when I'm back from
the honeymoon.
[dark music]
[door opens and closes]
[friendly chattering]

[door opens]
[door closes]
Wow. That's an
incredible dress.
But I gotta say, I prefer
the one you married me in.
What are you doing here?
I can't let you
walk down that aisle
without telling you how I feel.
Oh Ryan, stop it. There's
nothing between us anymore.
I'm marrying Jon.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry for
everything I put you through.
But I'm better
now. Look, I swear.
I haven't had a drink in months,
and I just got a new job.
And I still love you.
We can work through this.
Look, I'm glad that you're
back on your feet. I jus...
I'll do anything
to get you back.
Whatever it takes.
[door knock]
[door opens]
Ho ho ho! Cousin!
You dress up good.
[laugh] Thanks!
Cheers! To the groom.
[glasses clink]
[sipping sound]
Mm! [exhale] Yeah.
So, I saw Pamela.
And how did that go?
She's showing her support,
despite everything
going on at work.
I'm really gonna miss
those yelling matches
at the office.
[laughing] Shut up!
[laugh] Hey! I gotta tell ya.
Seeing you and Malorie
so happy together,
that's-that's made settling
down more appealing to me.
Is that right?
I think Amy might be the one.
Hear me out. She's smart.
She's ambitious.
She's stunning.
I mean, she's the whole package.
She's also 27 and
working at our firm.
OK. You hired her with every
intention of giving her
a promotion. And now that I'm
dating her, you're wavering.
Jon, I'm serious about her.
And you know that she
deserves that promotion.
Truthfully, I'm worried about
her intentions with you.
And I appreciate that. Really.
But I know that
she loves me too.
Well, she is quite intelligent.
That's why I hired her.
But how about we table this
for now and talk
after the wedding?
I just-I just saw
Ryan in the lobby.
Looked like he was heading
towards the bridal suite.
I don't know, just
thought I should tell ya.

Jon! You look great.
Congratulations on the big day.
Amy. Hey. Thanks for coming.
Where are you going so quickly?
Not a runaway groom
situation, I hope?
[laugh] No. Sorry, I'm
in a bit of a hurry.
I figured you could
use some caffeine.
I stopped by your
favourite spot.
Oh. Thank you.
Very sweet of you.
Zach's in my suite,
if you're looking
for him. Room 710.
[door opens and closes]
Amy! We need to talk.
[door opens]
What's going on here?
[door closes]
We're just talking.
[brooding music]
You OK?
You need to leave now.
Look. There's still time.

Can you stay with me
until Francesca gets here?
I know it's against
the rules, but I jus...
Of course, baby. Of course.
How'd he get in here?
There were lots of
people stopping by,
so I left the door open a bit.
He wanted me to call
off the wedding.
Jon, I told him. He's my
past. You're my future.
I love you so much.
I love you. Hey! Isn't
it bad luck for the groom
to see the bride
before the wedding?
I'm willing to take my chances.
[door knock]
Oh, thank you.
Oh, this must be a
gift from the hotel.

Chin chin.
To my beautiful wife.
[door opens]
You're back!
So, I just checked
in with the kitchen.
The cake is going
to blow your mind.
I can't wait to see
it! It must be so nice.
We're so happy to be
having our wedding
at your hotel, Francesca.
Aw. It's my pleasure.
Plus, I love being a part
of the planning. So fun!
Oh, and you
shouldn't be in here!
Yeah, you need to
leave. Get out.
We will see you at the ceremony.
You ready? OK, let's
get you in this dress.
You gonna be OK without me?
See you at the altar.
[Lohengrin's Bridal Chorus]

[coughing continues]
What's happening?
Someone call for help!
Let's see if there's
a doctor staying here!
I'll go too.
Jon. It's OK. I'm right
here. I'm right here.
911. What's your emergency?
I need an ambulance to the
Wakefield Hotel right away.
I don't know, he just collapsed.
He's coughing up
blood right now.
Please, get here
as soon as you can.
I don't know what
else to tell you!
[esclating temse music]
[rushing water / soft music]
[haunting violin music]
[police chatter]
Thank you.

Uh. They tried.
It's just, uh, there was
nothing they could do.
They're giving us some
time before they...
before they take him away.
[ragged breathing]
[intense music]

[percussive music]
[door opens]

Oh, Malorie. Honey.
I'm so sorry.
He can't be dead.
He just can't.
[sliding door opens]
Come sit.
I don't understand
what happened.
It doesn't make any sense.
Was he sick?
Maybe there was
something else going on
with him that he
didn't tell you?
[phone buzzes]
Oh, Franny. You can go.
I'm sure you have a
lot you need to do.
I'll take Malorie home.
Thank you, Pamela.
Malorie, I'm gonna call you
as soon as I get
away, OK? I love you.
And I'm so sorry for everything.
Where's Bridget? And Zach?
I-I'm not sure.
Let's get you home.
[melancholic music]

[door opens]
There you go.
I'm going to stay with
you here for a few days,
all right? Fix us
something to eat.
I'm going to my room.
[ragged breathing]
[slow steps]
[mysterious music]

[knock at door]
[sigh]You know you can stay
here as long as you want.
My home is your home.
I did some research.
It could have been
a rare lung condition,
or pneumonia or-
Hey. Yeah, I know. Let's just
wait till the autopsy report
comes out. Then we'll
know for sure, OK?

Try and get some sleep.
You too.
I will.
I'll try.
OK. Goodnight.

[brooding piano music]


Pamela: You're awake.
I'm so out of it.
These last few days
have been a blur.
I was in bed for a month
after your father passed.
You have to be kind to yourself.
You will get through
this. I promise.
Definitely coffee.
[phone rings]
Detective Levine.

Yes, I'm home right now.
OK. I'll see you soon.
That was the detective
on Jon's case.
Uh huh?
He has some news
about the autopsy.
[car door opens and closes]
Amy: I can't imagine what
you're going through.
I just want to make him proud.
He always told me he would
leave me part of the firm.
I just really wanna
follow in his footsteps.
Oh, Bridget. Don't stress
yourself out about that
right now. You've got
a lot on your plate,
and you can always take
it one step at a time, OK?
You're right. Thanks, Amy.
I'm here to help.
[approaching footsteps]
So, Malorie just told me
the detective has some news.
And he's gonna meet
her at her place.
I think you should
come along too?
I don't think I can
leave the house.
Is it OK if I stay here,
and you can fill me
in when you get back?
Yeah, yeah. Of
course. Stay here.
Call me after?
Yeah. I will.
[car wheels]

Zach: Hey, Mal. How you doing?
Hey. Thanks for coming.
Detective should be here soon.
Zach: OK, great.
[door closes]
Hey, Zach.
Hi, Pam.
How's Bridget doing? I
haven't heard back from her
on any texts or calls.
I'm worried about her.
Well, try not to
take it personally.
She, um-she tends
to isolate herself
when things get difficult.
But I got my eye on her.
Um-actually, I was
hoping she would be here
because I have some news
to share with you both.
Oh. I definitely never
imagined having this
conversation alone, without Jon.
But I can't keep it in anymore.
[soft music]
I'm pregnant.
Oh my gosh!
Aw, that's huge news.
Wow! I don't even
know what to say.
I was gonna tell
everyone at the wedding.
I'm two months along.
Uh, I-I hadn't told Jon yet.
I'd only just found out myself,
and I wanted it
to be a surprise.
Well, that's wonderful news.
Thank you for
sharing that with us.
That's the detective.

A baby. I can't believe it.
Morning, everyone.
Thank you for meeting
with me today.
I have some disturbing news
regarding Jon's
preliminary autopsy report.
What happened to him?
We discovered a large amount
of strychnine in his system.
Uh, isn't that um-
Highly toxic alkaloid.
So, you're saying
he was poisoned?
This must be some
kind of a mistake.
I assure you, Mrs. Banks,
this is no mistake.
The strychnine would have
been ingested approximately
a half hour prior to his
collapse at the altar.
Oh my God.
This is now an active
murder investigation.
[brooding music]
I'm gonna need to talk
to everyone who was at
the wedding, go through
video footage from the hotel.
In the meantime, if you
could get me the guestlist.
I'm sorry. I need a minute.

[ragged breathing]
[phone rings]
Jon was poisoned!
Someone killed him.
- What?
Someone at the wedding wanted
him dead. I can't believe it.
Oh my God. But it
was mostly family.
I know.
Didn't you say Ryan came
to your room that day?
He did say he would do
anything to get you back.
No, no, no. Yes,
he came to my room.
But no, it couldn't
have been him.
He would never do
anything like that to me,
no matter how jealous he was.
There were also other lawyers
and business
acquaintances there.
God, my mind is racing.
I need to go over the guestlist.
OK, you know what? You're
not alone in this, OK?
I'm gonna help you.
We can go over the list
tonight, OK? I love you.
Love you.

Amy: Shoot. I have that big
client meeting in the morning.
I don't think I have
anything to wear here.
I-I'm gonna have to go
home at some point tonight
to grab some things.
Malorie's pregnancy.
That was unexpected.
Yeah. That's amazing.
Just hard to feel any kind
of happiness right now. I-
I'm so sorry, Zach. The news
about Jon is devastating.
How is Bridget
handling all this?
She's a wreck. You
should have seen
the look on her face
when I told her.
She was devastated.
The killer is someone we know.
[dark music]
Someone who would've
benefited from Jon's death.
Or someone who didn't
want him to get married.
Wait. You really think
it could have been him?
I see the way he
looks at Malorie.
And he was with Jon twenty
minutes before the ceremony.
[traffic sounds]
[police siren]

[car door opens]

[car door closes]

[metal gate opens]
[threatening music]
[music intensifies]
Pamela: You still going
through the guestlist?
Yeah. It doesn't
make any sense.

Thanks again for the baby book.
It was really thoughtful of you.
Oh, honey. What are
best friends for?
[soft laugh]
This pregnancy has been
making me so tired.
I don't know. I'm
having trouble sleeping.
Jon was murdered.
It sounds so unbelievable
to say it out loud.
Well, this is really
scary, Malorie.
Let's run through who
went to the wedding.
I keep going over the
list again and again.
And in my head, it
was mostly family.
It was Zach, Bridget, my mom.
Then Miles and some lawyers
from competing firms.
And some childhood friends
we honestly never
even see anymore.
Oh. You know, I know you
said what you said before,
but I just have to-Ryan was
there. I mean, are you sure
you don't see him
as a suspect? Jus...
- No.
- Seriously?
No. We can't be sure
of anything right now.
So, it's possible.
I keep replaying the wedding
day over and over again.
I'm just trying to think of how
he could have possibly
been poisoned.
Well, the police are
questioning all my staff.
I don't see it as a possibility,
but I just don't know who
would wanna-wait a second.
What is it?
The housekeeper that worked
the night of the wedding
left for vacation
right after her shift.
I totally forgot about that.
Maybe she saw something.
- I'll call her.
And as soon as I get an
update, I'll let you know.

Ryan. What are you doing here?
Look, I just wanted to
swing by before work
to see how you were doing.
Pamela's having a
really hard time.
And I can only imagine
how awful you must feel.
You didn't have to do that.
Look, I know it's over
between us. I get it.
And I'm not trying
anything here, I promise.
But I still care about you.
That's sweet. I'm fine, I
promise. I'll see you later.
Wait. I wanted to say
I'm sorry about Jon.
Look, I really am. I know I
said some pretty bad things
on the wedding day, but
I didn't mean any of it.
I was just jealous.
And you know I would
never wish him death.
I told the police everything
when they questioned me.
OK. Thanks.
Um, I suppose I should
tell you. I'm pregnant.
I wanted you to hear it from me.

[door opens]
You been talking to Ryan?
Mom, why? He's not
my husband anymore.
You know he's like a son to me.
And you ended your
relationship with him.
That doesn't mean I have to.
Yeah, I know.
I guess it's just hard for
me to see you two so close.
We are. He's an important
part of my life.
I was there for him during
his addiction recovery,
and he is here for us
during all of this.
I'm just glad that you
have someone to talk to.
You too. How's Franny?
She's good. Look
what she got me.
[bag rustling]
Oh! Oh, I love it.
She's always been
such a good friend.
Franny told me something
about a housekeeper
who was working the
day that Jon died.
She told me that she
would give us a call
as soon as she
hears anything else.
But-I don't know. It's
not much to go on, but-
It could be something.
You look tired. Why don't
you go upstairs and lie down?
I'll be right here.
All right.

Thanks, Mom.
[pensive music]

[traffic sounds]
So, as you both know, Stone
Legal has been evaluating
a merger with another firm.
The one owned by Miles Frazier.
Yes. The negotiations so
far have not been official.
Nevertheless, I am pulling
the merge off the table.
Now's just not the right time.
Having said that,
Pamela has agreed
to retract her resignation
and come back to us.
Ah, yes. I should explain.
Look, I've worked hard
to get where I am.
But Jon would not secure
my salary. Nor my benefits.
Not even my position
as Office Manager
when it came to the
merger negotiations.
He said that there
were new partners
and he didn't know
what to expect.
Now, that's no longer an
issue. I'm willing to stay.
Zach: And we're
grateful to have you.
Happy to be back.
I should also inform you
that I will be taking over
all of Jon's cases,
with the help of Amy.
Shouldn't a senior
lawyer assist you?
Amy's been promoted.
Jon never agreed to that.
Pam, Jon and I were on
the same page about this.
And the decision
has been made, OK?
Once the will has been read
and we're able to see exactly
where Jon's share of
the business is going,
then we can revisit
the topic of merging.
Pamela: Good.
Is everything OK?
I'm just worried about Malorie.
She said Franny might
be onto something.
I'm just waiting to hear.
What exactly did Francesca say?
Something about getting
in contact with one of the
housekeepers that was
working that night.
I don't have the details.
And-anyway, I'm
sure she'll call.
[phone chimes]

[door closes]
What a meeting.
I didn't expect Pamela to
retract her resignation.
I'm glad she did. Pamela
has been with Zach
since the firm opened. I
think having her around
gives Zach a sense of comfort.
I get it. And I love Pamela.
But the way she treated my
dad these past few weeks-
I know.
Congrats on the promotion too.
[phone ringing in background]
[dark music]
[tires on gravel]
[dark music]
What was so urgent?
Zach halted all
negotiations this morning.
You told me he was days away
from submitting
an official offer.
I thought he was. I swear!
Are you gonna be
able to convince him
to renegotiate the merge?
I'll do my best.

[outgoing ring]
[beep] Francesca: Hey. It's
me. I'll be home shortly.
Come over as soon
as you get this.

[jingling keys]
[unlocking click]
[menacing music]
[door closes]

[keys jangle on counter]

Hi, Sasha, it's Francesca. I'm
sorry for all the messages,
but I really need to ask you
a question regarding your
last housekeeping shift.
I know you're on vacation
until next week, but
it's extremely important.
Call me back when you can.


Hello? Is someone there?



[knock at door]
[door rattles]
[key rattles in lock]
[tense music]
[door closes]


Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh
my God, Franny! No, Franny.
Oh. Oh. Hey. Stay with me!
No, no, no-stay with
me. Stay with me, OK?
Nine-one-one, what's
your emergency?
Yes. My friend's
been attacked.
Please send help right away!
I think she's been stabbed
and she's not breathing!
OK, ma'am. What's the address?
24 Cavendish!
Thank you. Help is on the way.
Can you stay on the line?
Yes, I'll stay on the
line. Please hurry!
Franny, Franny. It's
OK. Wake up. Wake up.
It's OK. Wake up.
[door opens and closes]
Malorie. You sounded
so scared on the phone.
You said Franny was hurt?
She-she didn't make it.
She's gone.
[doleful music]
Come sit.

I don't understand.
Wait. What did she know
about Jon's murder?
Did she tell you?
No. I don't know. I told
the police everything.
They didn't have
any answers for me.
They still need time to
finish the investigation.
Well, it can't be a coincidence.
I mean, the timing.
I know.
[door opens and closes]
Pamela called me. I
came as soon as I could.
What happened?
She's dead.
Ryan, can you stay here tonight?
We'd feel safer.
Of course.
[mysterious music]

Bridget: So...
are you two, like,
living together now?
[clears throat]
No, not really, no.
Yeah, well.
I realize our relationship
is relatively new.
And we intended-we intended
on taking it slow, but-
You don't have to
explain yourselves.
I was just wondering. I
have no problem with it.
If you two are
happy, then great.
We are happy.
Uh, Bridget, your
dad's lawyer is coming
to the office today
to read his will.
OK. I'll be there.
Oh my God.
What is it?
It's Francesca,
Malorie's friend.
She was killed last night.
Oh my God.

Detective: OK. Thank
you. We'll be in touch.
Did the detective say
anything about Francesca?
No, nothing new. Malorie
told me that Francesca
was following a lead about Jon.
And that's probably
what got her targeted.
Look, I-I think you should
stay with me at my place
until they find the killer.
I-I just don't think
that I can sleep knowing
that you're all alone
in your house, OK?
What exactly are
they looking for?
They are looking for anything.
And they wanna
talk to all of us.
Amy, they know that
Jon wanted to merge
with Miles' firm and
that I was pushing back.
And now that Jon is dead,
I stopped the negotiations.
And that does not
look good for me.
You know, it's gonna be OK.
We just need to be as
honest as possible.
[phone rings]
Hey, it's Zach.
Oh God. Zach, it's so
scary. Two murders in a row.
It's difficult to
trust anyone right now.
I'm sorry to say this,
but something just doesn't
sit right with me about Ryan.
Ryan would never do
something like this.
Does he have an
alibi for last night?
He was at work.
What about Miles or one
of Jon's other colleagues?
Maybe, yeah.
Hey, listen, the police are
here doing a full search,
so we'll have to
push the will reading
to later this afternoon, OK?
OK. Thanks for
letting me know.
Did the detectives say anything?
Do they have any suspects?
Detective: Thank you.
Miss Lewis, do
you have a moment?
Um, sure. How can I help you?
I'd like to ask you
a few questions.
There's a lot of
gossip going around.
I don't know what
you're getting at.
Jon refused to promote
you. You were angry.
Now he's dead, you've got
the job you were after.
Jon and I didn't have
the best relationship.
That doesn't mean
I wanted him dead.
Zach: They were able to
learn a lot from the footage
from the hotel. And they
made a list of everything
that they saw Jon eat or drink.
OK. And?
I brought him a drink
just before the ceremony.
It was a scotch.
But that's normal
for a groomsman.
Plus, you're his cousin.
There's no way that they
could be suspecting you.
Well, that's not all.
You brought him coffee on
the morning of the wedding.
That was a kind gesture.
It wasn't laced with strychnine,
if that's what
you're suggesting.
And your mother brought him
some kind of healthy tonic.
Oh my God. So you're all
suspects for both murders?
Correct. And they're asking
for alibis for last night
and, um-I've just never
seen Amy this stressed.
Why? Where was she?
I was at Zach's. All night.
Um, but I did leave
for a few hours.
Zach: She had to go to her
place to grab some stuff.
But she came right back.
They questioned your
mom already, too.
Uh-how is she? My
mom, is she all right?
I mean, I can tell that
she's anxious. She said that
she left her group
meeting early last night.
And um-the police told her
that there was a suspicious
drink that was ordered
from her hotel room.
No, my mom had nothing
to do with this.
I should be there with
her. Thanks for calling.
I'm leaving now.
All right. See you soon.

Malorie: None of
this makes any sense.
It's OK.
Hi guys. Any news?
Malorie: No. Nothing yet.
What's that?
We can't be certain.
We're sending it to
the lab for testing.
Could it be strychnine?
It's possible.
Oh my God. Where
did you find it?
Hidden in the office
of Pamela Banks.
This all makes sense now.
Pamela was livid. A bunch of
us heard her yelling at him.
What are you thinking?
This is unbelievable.
I've never known you to
be this selfish, Jon!
OK, Pamela, that's
enough! I told you.
We're in negotiations. I
don't even know if Miles
is gonna accept your
salary and your benefits.
I'm doing the best I can,
but I can't guarantee you
anything. I'm sorry, Pam!
Sorry. Yeah. Well,
I quit. I quit!
Two weeks, I'm gone.
I'm done. Done!
[door handle clicks]
You don't deserve my daughter.
If it were up to me,
you wouldn't be
marrying her at all.
[doors clatter loudly]
Maybe she poisoned
him to get even.
Detective: It's a little more
complex than that, Miss Stone.
We need to verify the
contents of the vial first.
And with the number of
people who have access
to Pamela's office, we
can't jump to conclusions
until further
evidence is gathered.
There is no way that my mom
would have ever murdered Jon.
Someone must have
planted it there.
[office chatter
and phones ringing]
[papers rustling]
Oh! Sorry. I didn't
see you there.
What are you doing
in Jon's office?
Just grabbing some documents
that I left in here.
I'll give you some privacy.
Thank you.
Oh. About Francesca.
I'm so sorry.
[phone rings]
Oh, you forgot your phone.
Hey. Everything OK?
Yeah. Just my mom
calling again.
All right.
Lawyer should be here soon,
and we're gonna be in
Conference Room B, OK?
I'll be there soon.
All right.

Lawyer: Now, the reading
of a loved one's will
can be an emotional process.
Please, let me know
if you need a break.
However, in this case
it will be rather short.
I don't think that we're
gonna need a break.
Jon and I redid our wills
together two years ago,
so I don't think there's
gonna be any surprises.
Well, Jon actually sent me a
new will just one month ago.
[dramatic music]
But why would he have
done that? What changed?
It's not uncommon for
people to update their wills
after getting married.
Dad wasn't even married yet.
I can explain. I should've
told you both sooner.
Jon and I eloped a month
before the wedding.
I didn't know that
he changed the will.

[lively ragtime music]

[romantic music fades in]
Hey, that's mine. What, are
you backing out already?
No, baby, no. Don't worry.
You'll get it back next
month at the wedding.
Until then, I'll keep
it safe right here.
It's gonna be our little secret.
[flourishes on harp]
Bridget: Why
didn't he tell us?
Malorie: It wasn't meant
to make a difference.
We just wanted something
private and romantic
before getting friends
and family involved.
So, he didn't want us there?
No, no, no. That is
not it at all, Bridget.
Zach: Well, this
certainly changes things.
Does this mean
Malorie's entitled
to everything Jon owned?
Not quite. Half of
Jon's estate was left
to his only daughter,
Bridget Stone.
And the other half?
The other half goes to his
wife, Mrs. Malorie Banks.
Or should I say, Malorie Stone.
[dark music]
Um, I need to get out of here.
Bridget, wait!
[door opens and closes]
[brooding music]
[door knock]
[door opens]
[door closes]
What happened in there?
Dad married her without
even telling me.
They eloped! He was fully
married and I had no idea.
Oh, honey.
You know, sometimes
people do stupid things
when they're in love.
We used to be so close.
I know.
We would tell each
other everything.
Look, you know. We kind of
grow apart from our parents
a little as we get older.
You know, you moved out,
started a life of your own.
You two were arguing a little
bit in the weeks before
he passed, but that doesn't
change how much he loved you.
I miss him so much.
I know. I'm sorry.
Wait. Um, did that
impact his will?
Yeah. Me and Malorie split
everything 50/50 now.
He married her.
She said she had no idea
he changed his will.
Do you think she's
telling the truth?
What if she married
him for the money?

[music turns menacing]

[gate clatters]

[lock clicks]

[running water]
Zach called.
He told me I should stay away
from the office for a while.
He's just doing what he
thinks is best for the firm.
I would never hurt Jon.
You have to believe me.
Mom, stop. I know how
much you cared about him.
Look, everything with the
merger was complicated.
Emotions were running
high. I get it.
But the killer is
still out there.
First Jon, then Francesca.
Well, let's assume the worst
and that it was
poison in my office.
Who has access to my office
and was also at the wedding?
Zach, Bridget, Amy.
Amy. I don't feel
good about her.
Uh, Zach trusts her completely.
Maybe he's wrong.
Maybe he's wrong.
And you. I didn't know
you were already married.
My only daughter eloped.
Mom, I'm sorry. We just-
No. No need to apologize.
I'm actually happy you
had your moment with him.
Thanks, Mom.
Well, I'm gonna get some sleep.
Yeah, I'm gonna join you. I'm
just gonna grab my laptop.

[mysterious sting]
[lock clicks]
Hey. Have you been
using the back door?
No. Why?
It was unlocked. I
always lock it. Always.
I'm sure you just forgot.
I wouldn't worry
about it, honey.

I don't know. Am I that blind?
Could Pamela really
have done all this?
You're not blind. We don't
know anything for sure yet.
Let's just wait until
the lab results are back.
She was so angry with
Jon. And I saw all that.
Would she really go
so far as to kill him
on the day of her
daughter's wedding?
And, and-what about Francesca?
I mean, could she really
have done that too?
I don't know.
It's just all so much.
You're the only person
I can trust right now.
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
It's Miles.
Do you really have
to take it right now?
No, I'll call him tomorrow.


[menacing music]
Is anybody there?

[ragged breathing]

[knock at door]
[tense music fades]
You scared me.
Sorry. But Pamela isn't
answering the phone.
Is she here?
[door closes]
Yeah, she's sleeping.
OK. Well, she mentioned
what happened today.
She seemed pretty rattled after
the police questioned her.
She told me to come
here right after work.
She must have forgotten,
cause she went to bed.
Look, I know this might
not be my place anymore,
but this has all
gotten pretty crazy.
I'm worried about
her. And you.
No. I just don't like
the thought of you two
being here by yourselves.
We're fine.
I'll tell her to call
you in the morning, OK?

Mm. Baking.
Yeah, I'm making muffins
for Francesca's family.
Her service is next week.
Will you come with me?
Of course.
Um, who was at the
door last night?
Ryan. You invited him over.
Did I? It must have
slipped my mind.
I'll have to apologize.
Why are you dressed for work?
I thought Zach said to lay low.
I am. I've decided I
want to talk to Bridget.
She's known me for years.
She can't possibly
think I killed Jon.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
Maybe you should just
give her some space.
Mm-mm. I've made up my
mind. I'll see you later.
[sirens wailing]
You're not supposed to be here.
I know. I just wanna talk.
There's nothing to say.
Bridget, come on! I worked
with your dad for years.
We argued all the time.
We're both stubborn
people, that's all.
You can't say that you and
your dad never got in fights.
I understand. We all
need someone to blame
for all this. But
I'm not that person.
And if I get the blame,
then whoever's actually at
fault gets away with it.
Me and dad were fighting
more than usual.
Normally, we would talk
things out right away,
but he was so busy
with his engagement
and planning the wedding.
Kids argue with their
parents all the time.
But you have to know,
your father loved you
more than anything. Never
doubt that for a second.
Yeah. I miss him.
Me too.
I should get inside.

[phone rings]
Hello, Detective.
You have the lab results?
Yes. Yes, I can
come in right now.
OK, bye.
[phone rings]
Hi, this is Detective Levine.
Sorry I missed your call
earlier. What can I do for you?
Um, thanks for calling me
back. I was just wondering
if there were any updates
on Francesca's case
or the substance
found at the office.
Still working on
Francesca's case.
As far as the vial found
in Pamela's office,
we have received
the lab results.
Your mother's on her way to
the station for questioning.
OK, thanks.
[outgoing call ring]
You've reached Pamela
Banks. Leave a message.
Mom, it's me. I just heard
back from Detective Levine.
He said that you're on
your way to the station.
Can you give me a call
back when you can? Thanks.

[phone rings]

Miles, I told you
to stop calling me.
There is nothing to talk about.
What's done is
done. Goodnight.

Everything OK?
- Yeah?
Yeah. It's all right.
Want some wine?
Yeah. I'd love
some. Thank you.
[stairs creaking]
Hey. The bath help?
Yeah. No. I don't know.
I never imagined being
interrogated for murder.
It was terrible.
I've been putting it
off, but I'll need to let
Zach and Bridget know that it
was strychnine in my office.
I already called Zach.
I left him a message.
The last thing I want is for
people to think I killed him.
Mom, you had nothing
to do with Jon's death.
You love me too much to
ever hurt me like that.
It's true.
I hate that you're going
through this alone right now.
No, I'm not alone. I have you.
Look, Mom. I know
you're worried about me.
But sometimes I feel
like you're pushing me
to get close with Ryan again.
My husband just died, Mom.
I'm not ready to start
anything with anyone
right now. OK?
OK. I only thought you two
were so great together.
Yeah. He's a good man, and
he would stand by my side
right now if I asked him to,
but that wouldn't
be fair to him.
It's over between us.
Giving him any hope
would be unkind.
You're right. I understand.
Just, sometimes it's
hard to control myself
and not get involved.
I only ever want
what's best for you.
I know.
I'm scared. Who would
hide poison in my office?
I don't know.
I caught Amy in Jon's
office the other day.

And she lied to Zach about
getting a call from Miles.
Why would he be calling her?

Well, there was always
tension between Jon and Amy.
She knew that he was
against promoting her,
and she resented it.
But she has the job now.
She shouldn't be
taking calls from Miles
behind Zach's back.
I mean, that's-there's
something fishy there.
She has access to my office.
And she knows that Franny
was onto something.
She's hiding something.
I can feel it.
I think I have an idea.

Mm. That was a
message from Malorie.
She said it was
strychnine that they found
in Pamela's office.
The detectives informed
Pamela this morning.
Could've been planted by anyone.
Well, anyone from the office.
I mean, the cleaning staff?
You know who I saw in
Pamela's office last week?
Same person saw Jon the
day of the ceremony.
You know, that's right.
He took Pamela out
for lunch that day.

[phone rings]
Pamela: It's me. I
assume you heard.
Yeah. Zach told me.
Well, this doesn't
change anything
we talked about today.
I had nothing to do
with any of this.
Actually, Malorie
and I have a theory
about who might
be behind it all.
Oh, yeah? Who?
Malorie caught Amy lying to Zach
about getting a call
from Miles Frazier.
I don't see what that
has to do with anything.
That's none of our business.
Amy is hiding
something, Bridget.
So, look. Malorie's gonna
go to the office tonight,
take a look around.
I'm not sure what
she expects to find.
Anyways, Pamela.
I really don't wanna
get into this right now.
I need some space.
Yeah, sure. I understand.
We'll talk later, OK?
What was that about?
Pamela trying to convince
me she's innocent.
Apparently, Malorie is
going to the firm tonight
to see if she can
find any clues.
[phone rings]
Pamela: Malorie? Are
you at the office?
Yeah. I'm here right now.
Well, call me as
soon as you're done.
I will. Bye.
[door opens and closes]

[door opens and closes]
[mysterious music]

[door lock clicks]
Oh my gosh.

I should have known you
never truly loved me
and you were only
with me for the money.
The least you can do is give
me back the engagement ring.
[foreboding music]
[camera clicking]
[door clatters]

[paper rustling]

[door closes]

[music iontensifiying]
[monitor beeping]
Ah, you're awake!
What's going on?
You're OK. You fell down
some stairs at the office.
I was worried when I
didn't hear from you,
so I called the police.
You've been out all
night, sweetheart.
The baby. How's the baby?
The baby's fine. There's no
threat to your pregnancy.
Don't worry.
The doctors are keeping
a close eye on you.
I made sure they knew.
Mom, I was pushed.
Someone pushed me.
Are you serious?
Yeah. We need to call
the police right away.
OK, I'll call them now.
Wait. Zach's calling.
Pam. I'm here with Bridget
and we're on speakerphone.
How's Malorie? Any update?
She's awake. Uh,
you're on speaker.
Uh, the doctor said
it's a minor concussion
so she's really lucky.
Thank God. And the baby?
Well, we're glad you're OK.
What were you looking for
at the office, anyways?
I thought maybe I could
find some clues to help
with the case. I
took some pictures.
Mom, can you hand me my purse?
Mhm. Here.
[tense music]
My jacket. Grab my jacket.
No, that can't be.
They must've taken it!
Taken what? What are
you talking about?
Zach, someone pushed
me down the stairs,
and now my phone is missing!
Someone pushed you
down the stairs?
Who else would have
been there that late?
Pamela: Zach, I need to
call the detective now, OK?
She needs to give a statement.
OK, listen.
Just give me a call if
you need anything, OK?
I will. I will. OK. Bye.
I'm calling now.

How was Malorie when
you talked to her?
She said somebody pushed her.
She could have been killed.
I mean, if she's
telling the truth,
then someone is clearly
after our family.
This whole thing is just so
strange. But she's all right,
and that's the most important
thing. That she's all right.
Yeah. You're right.
Have you two talked about
how you're going to manage
the firm together? Um, have
you reconsidered the merger?
Uh, no, we haven't discussed it.
I don't think right
now is the right time.
She just needs
her rest. Right?
Yeah. You're right.

Pamela: Made your
favourite. Green tea.
And I found my old phone,
so you can use that for now.
Uh uh. No screen
time. Doctor's orders.
Oh. You're researching
Miles. Did you find anything?
Nothing we don't already know.
Successful lawyer,
from a wealthy family.
Nothing about his engagement
to Amy. I took photos
of the ring and the letter
that I found on Amy's desk.
But whoever pushed
me took my phone.
They obviously didn't
want me to know about him.
I can't believe he accused
Amy of being a gold digger.
I don't trust her. She
was at the wedding.
She knew that Jon was
against her promotion,
and she had access
to your office.
And you told Zach that
Francesca was up to something,
which I'm sure he
shared with her.
So you really think it was her?
She also brought Jon a coffee
the day of the wedding.
Maybe that's how she
poisoned him. I don't know.
There are just too many
clues pointing to her
for it to be a coincidence.
Bridget and Zach think
so highly of her.
But maybe we've all
been wrong about this.

[car revving]
[door knock]
[door squeaks open]
Malorie! This is a surprise.
Can I come in?
Yeah, yeah. Come
on in. Come on in.
[door closes]
We're in here.
Are you sure you should
be out of bed right now?
I'm fine. I'm
just a bit stiff.
Malorie, that fall could
have been really nasty.
Thank God you got lucky.
Yeah, I did. Um,
is Amy around?
No. She'll be here soon
to pick me up. Why?
It's just-I found
something at the office.
Amy was engaged
to Miles Frazier.
I found an engagement ring,
along with a handwritten letter,
in her office.
There were some pretty
intense accusations in there.
Bridget: She never said anything
about knowing Miles previously,
let alone being engaged to
him. Zach, did you know?
Uh, no. No, I didn't.
I'm sorry. It's just, with
everything that's happened,
I'm a little suspicious of
who we can and can't trust.
And if what Miles said was
true, then that just makes me
wonder what else
she could be hiding.
[front door opens]
Zach, honey, you ready to go?
[door closes]
Is everything OK?
Everything's fine. I
was just leaving. Zach.
What did I just walk in on?
Nothing. Uh, can you
go out to the car?
And I'll meet you
there in a minute.

[door closes]
[troubling music]
[door opens]
Malorie: Hi.
Do you know the baby is
the size of a raspberry
right now? Pregnancy goes
by so quickly. You'll see.
We have to remember to
document every step.
Our little raspberry.
Already so loved.
You are going to be
a wonderful mother.
Thanks, Mom.
I'm trying to be a
good stepmom too.
But Bridget is
making it difficult.
She's still being so distant.
Well, she lost her
mom a few years ago.
And now Jon gone, it's a lot.
Poor Bridget. I just
wanna be there for her.
I wish she would let me in.
This is really
bothering you, isn't it?
I'll talk to her.
Get it all sorted.
Mom, I wanna talk to her myself.
I'll find a way to
get through to her.
I wanna talk more about
this whole Miles thing.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I just wasn't expecting it, OK?
I need some time to think.
I was planning on returning
the ring this week.
That's why I was at the office.
He accused me of
being a gold digger.
The last thing I want
you to think i...
Amy. I know. I get it.
He was pressuring me
to convince you and Jon
to merge. That if I didn't,
that he was gonna tell you
all these terrible
things about me.
I said I was working on it,
just to get him off my back.
But I swear, I
never got involved.
I'm sorry.
I just need some
time by myself, OK?

[car door closes]
[music intensifies]
[door knock]
[door opens]
Hey. I thought you could
use a care package.
I got some of your
favourites. I wasn't sure
when your pregnancy
cravings would start,
so I made sure to get
some peanut butter
and some marshmallows
just in case.
You don't have to do this.
You're going through hell,
and I'm here for you.
Where's Pamela? I got
some snacks for her too.
She's upstairs.
Her car is not in the driveway.
[mysterious music]
What? She didn't tell
me she was going out.
I'll just give her a call.

Message greeting: You've reached
Pamela Banks. Leave a message.
She's not answering.
I hate that her phone's
always on silent.
Why didn't she tell
me she was leaving?
That's not like her.
Especially with everything
that's been going on.
Look, I'm sure she's fine.
But let me swing by her
house, see if she's there.
You stay here and you
call me if she comes back.
OK. Thanks.

[phone rings]
Hi, Mal.
Zach, is my mom at your place?
No. Why?
I told her about wanting
to get closer with Bridget.
I asked her to stay
out of it, so naturally
I assume that she's
talking to Bridget for me.
Bridget went back to her place
to pick out some
clothes for the funeral.
Maybe your mom's over there.
[phone rings]
Hey. I think she's
at Bridget's house.
I'm on my way over
there right now.
Uh, yeah, I told
you we'd find her.
But Malorie, you
shouldn't be driving.
I'm fine.
No, you're not.
Just-please, pull over
and let me drive
the rest of the way.
I said I'm OK.
You're so stubborn.
So, um. There's something I
wanted to talk to you about,
regarding Malorie.
I think I'll wear this
one to Dad's funeral.
What do you think?
Yes. It's lovely.
OK. I'm gonna bring these
back up to my closet.
Then we can talk.
You want some help?
I'm good.

[door closes]

[percussive music]

Bridget: What are you doing?
Why are you going
through my stuff?
No, no. Sorry, I
was only looking.
It's just-it's a great
box. Where'd ya get it?
Cut the act, Pamela.
You know I can't
let you leave now.
[music darkens]
It was you at the
office that night.
[percussive music]

Malorie could have died.
But she didn't.
She got away again!
[cry of pain]
My ankle!
You should have just
minded your own business.
What are you gonna do?
[knock at door]
[knocking harder]
Don't say a word.
[knocking continues]
Bridget, open up!
What are you doing here?
Where's my mom?
Uh, she's gone.
Her car is here.
Pamela: Malorie! I'm here!
[door slams]
Mom. Oh my God.
Mom, what happened?
It's my ankle, I can't stand up.
You need to call for help.
It's Bridget! She's dangerous.
We have to get out of here
Call... Bridget:
Put the phone down.
This is all your fault.
Oh my God. It was
you, wasn't it?
I said put the phone down.
Why would you wanna kill your
own father? You loved him!
I never wanted to hurt my
dad. It was the champagne.
Oh my God. He wasn't the one
who was supposed to drink it.
I swear, it was an accident.
Can I get a glass of
champagne from room 217
to the bridal suite in 502.
How was I supposed to know
that he would have
been in your room?
You were supposed
to have been alone.
The drink was made for you!
But you're pregnant, so
you didn't even drink it.
Why do you hate me so much?
Things were never the
same after he met you.
It's as if he wanted so
badly to be your husband,
he forgot about being my dad.
I never meant to come
between you and your father.
If he never met you, none
of this would have happened.
You made me kill my dad!
Please, let's talk about this.
You don't have to
hurt anyone else.
I never wanted anyone
to know what I did.
Everything just spiraled out
of control after my dad died.
Francesca was about to
catch me and I didn't-
I didn't wanna hurt her.
But I had no choice.
The housekeeper saw me
leaving Pamela's room
after I called room service,
and I couldn't risk Francesca
getting the truth out of her.
She-she's on vacation,
so I bought myself
some time for now.
And you thought framing my mom
would take the
attention off of you.
I never wanted anyone
to know what I had done!
All of this happened
because of you.
No! No. Please-please don't
do this! No, Bridget, please!
No! Please don't! You
don't have to do this!
I want you to suffer
just as much as I have.

Yes, I need help right
away. 526 Riverside.
[door knock]
This should've
happened so long ago.
[tense music]
No! No, please!
I-I tried to get you at your
house, but Pamela came home.
I thought you were dead
that night at the office.
This ends now!
Put it down. Drop it.
Let it go. Let the knife go.
Get off!
[slashing sound]
[sombre music]
[sombre music]
I hate you.

[knife clatters]
[approaching sirens]
I want my dad...
I want my dad.
[ragged breathing]
Malorie: Did you
hear from Bridget?
Zach: I visited her in
prison this morning.
She seems to be doing well.
She's glad we're doing this.
I just thought we
could come in early
for a private reveal
before the party.
Well, it's not really
a reveal for Malorie
since she's the
one who printed it.
That's true. But this'll be
the first time I'm seeing it
in the frame and up on the wall.
Yeah. Well, we just have
to wait for Pamela, then.
[gentle music]
Oh! Baby!
Look who's up from his nap.
Hey, buddy!
Can I hold him?
Yeah. Come here. Hi. Hi.
Oh, he's beautiful.
Am I crazy, or does he
look like Jon already?
We think so too.
Daniel has Jon's eyes.
- Mhm.
And Malorie's smile.
He's perfect.
I love that you called him
Daniel, Jon's middle name.
Yeah, buddy. Go and see Mom.
[soft laugh]
[cooing at Daniel]
You guys ready for the reveal?
Yeah? OK. Here we go.
[gentle piano music]
Oh, wow!

That's amazing, Malorie.

You wanna go see?

Look Daniel, there's your dad!

I just wish Jon could
have met his son.

He's always with us, honey.

[whispered] That's
your dad, Dan.
[music fades]
captions by sas harris