Death Fighter (2017) Movie Script

Hello there!
You've been a bad girl.
Where did you think you were going?
How do I look?
I need you to pay
attention to me tonight.
We've been in Bangkok for two weeks and
all you've done is hang out with Conrad.
I'm not just hanging out with
Conrad, we're investigating.
Well, it takes time. He's been
after this guy for over 20 years.
And he still hasn't found him so,
why does his problem have
to become your problem?
'Cos he's my partner.
Look, regardless...
this guy Draco is a bad dude.
We're talking human trafficking,
smuggling, he has to be stopped.
Then tell the Thai authorities.
You and Conrad aren't even
here on official FBI business.
This is supposed to be my vacation.
- Is it really about that?
- Yes!
Spa treatment, shopping...
Did you buy this dress today?
Because you look very beautiful in it.
Are you trying to distract me?
Is it working?
I'm gonna kill him.
No, I'll just...
I'm gonna kill him!
Look at you, guys.
I interrupted, didn't I?
- Yes!
- No.
Come on, Draco's on the move,
we've gotta go.
Yeah. OK.
Sorry, babe.
Draco's on the move.
I'll be back.
I'll be packing.
Are you sure this is Draco?
Like a hundred per cent.
Wide open case like this,
it has to be Draco.
What's on your mind?
Espionage charges, international
incidents, Thai prison system...
You know..the little things?
Draco is my case.
And add weapons charges to that.
This is my battle,
and you got no obligations.
Don't say that.
You know I got your back.
Like you've always had mine.
You even taught me
how to choke a guy out.
Straight on, kid.
I hope you remember
what else I taught you.
They're expecting a new shipment today,
now, expect what that's gonna cost.
How did you get that tip?
He's waiting for you inside.
Take him in.
I'm gonna go look around.
- Let's find another way in.
- OK.
Mister Colasante.
So, Mister D.
Where's the gold?
Where is my money?
First transaction, 200 kilos of gold,
5 million, payable now.
No, no.
We're not handing any
money over right now.
I wanna test the quality of the gold.
You, check it out.
Big gold.
That's a lot of gold.
That's a lot of guys.
Monkeys in a barrel.
Let's see what we have.
It's high density, it's good.
Now, my money.
- Give him the money.
- All right.
Fucking American.
Here's your money.
All unused bills,
like you wanted.
Hmm. Good.
It's a set-up.
So, Mister Colasante,
you tried to fuck me, huh?
Oh, yeah?
You listen to me,
are you running?
I'm gonna draw them in,
gonna put a bullet in his brain.
Forget that man, let's just get out of
here and call the cops, it's suicide.
I don't quit,
I don't commit suicide.
Now, get out of here.
Let's get out of here.
Come on!
You got the wrong guy, asshole.
The ball-headed Russian with all the
gold is the one you had to stop.
Sir, this is Bangkok.
You need to be more specific!
You have just described
a hundred gassers,
most of which pay off my boss.
There is no file on him.
I know there's no file on him,
nobody has a file on him
because nobody can stop
him with a shipment.
I understand.
We aren't talking about Draco.
We are talking about you.
A tourist visa,
an illegal weapon.
There was no track, no gold.
That warehouse found to be empty.
you are free to go to your hotel.
Pack your things and go home.
Thank your Consulate.
Agent Turner,
in Thailand, when an officer is slain,
the whole nation mourns.
We do not take it lightly.
Human trafficking.
This has Draco's name
written all over it.
Where were these taken?
I only ask because of...
I'm sorry about Conrad,
I truly am.
It's over.
I have to go home now.
Please, come with me.
If you survive,
and you make it home,
I'm not going to be
there waiting for you.
I can't watch you become him.
Tomorrow, we'll check
the village hospital.
If that kid survives,
we're screwed.
Your boy messed up.
Well, it's a first.
He knows our location.
Everybody's replaceable.
Maybe you... God!
But don't worry.
I haven't switched you
for a new model yet.
Haven't you?
Look at you.
Oh, you are physically impressive.
But you know what I like most about you?
You don't talk much.
Ready for punishment?
Are you going to stay here and look?
Or attend to the guards at the mine?
Your boyfriend will soon be dead.
And make me a report in 20 minutes!
Now, my pet,
you must learn the hard way,
to never try and escape here again.
Can I get you anything else?
I'm off-duty.
Officially, I have no
knowledge of your actions.
And you cannot rely on me for help.
Eat up, the place I'm taking you
serves lousy food.
I do want you to find your target,
wherever that may be;
Living, breathing or in the gutter.
the warehouse was far from empty.
It's simply that nothing was ever found.
Do you understand
what you're up against?
Obviously not.
How bad do you want him?
How far will you go?
Whatever it takes.
So, you're a crazy
foreigner with a death wish.
I need help.
I don't even know where to find Draco.
Of that, I have no doubt.
I'm taking you to Mister Bobby Pau.
Who the hell's Bobby Pau?
He's half Thai, half American.
Great, and that gives him the ability
to take down an international smuggler?
He's former special forces soldier.
Part-time mercenary
and part-time alcoholic.
Why is he gonna help me?
Agent Turner, you're a
wounded man with a vendetta.
Bobby's a man who needs one.
He's in a place called "Lucky Cow",
across from peep-show.
He will know you when he sees you.
I stick out that much?
Yo, man!
- What's up?
- Are you Bobby Pau?
What if I was?
What do you need, anyway?
I'm supposed to contact somebody here.
What's he worth to you?
Maybe I can help.
You got anybody with you?
What the hell is this crap?
Hold on, I know you!
Someone's looking for you, right?
There's even a bounty on you, right?
How much?
300,000 Baht.
Is that a lot?
I got an idea.
How about you pay me more...?
And I'll pretend I never saw you here.
How about that for a deal?
Lee said you had a big mouth.
Bobby Pau.
Michael Turner.
- Get down, get down!
- Please, don't hurt me!
Listen to me.
Listen to me!
Tell anyone who's looking for him,
Michael Turner's here waiting.
- You understand?
- OK, OK,.
I'm bait?
You chose to be bait.
- You're going home, kid.
- Excuse me?
Draco has a hit out on you.
So do most the people in LA.
He's not just some ordinary criminal.
He's a connected warlord.
A warlord who's a mass murderer,
he needs to be stopped.
Look, you're in Bangkok, Thailand.
You don't understand the language,
you're out of your jurisdiction,
- You're all alone.
- No.
Lee said that you would help me.
Lee just wants you
take out his dirty laundry.
You're way out of your league, kid.
You don't have a chance.
I don't need your help,
that motherfucker killed my partner.
And I'm not just gonna sit here
and try to drink that away.
Wait up.
For the damages.
Everybody out of here,
let's go, let's go!
Everybody out!
What the hell are you doing?
- This is your plan?
- We need information now.
Are you crazy?
Or just drunk?
If I was sober,
I wouldn't be doing this.
Are you armed?
Yeah, yeah, I got a gun.
What now?
We wait.
I'll wait upstairs.
You're OK up there?
We'll need some supplies.
So, the 68 million dollar question.
How do fucking American agents come
into my home and piss on my lawn?
How would I know?
Think harder.
Two people escape,
one come back, one doesn't.
He's dead.
- I pushed him off a cliff.
- Really? He's dead.
So, you went down and
double-tapped him, boom, boom.
He's definitely dead, done, done.
Is that right?
Is that right?
I'll be back shortly.
- Hello?
- Otto!
Recon gear for three,
Arms and rations for a week.
We're pulling up now,
come down and help with the gear.
Michael, this is Otto,
he'll be coming with us.
Michael Turner.
Well, he's friendly.
Lee said you're FBI.
Any experience out the jungle?
Just the concrete jungle.
Pay very close attention to
what I tell you because,
Draco is gonna be the least of your worries
if you can't survive out the bush.
Don't worry about me.
All I need you to do is get me close
enough so I can put a bullet in his head.
People get very reckless
when they're out for revenge.
Well, don't act like you're doing
this out of the goodness of your heart.
I know you want him
just as bad as I do.
He's a bad guy and
he's gotta be stopped.
Wear this. It'll help you blend in.
A little.
Hey, who are these guys?
My friends.
Hey, are you sure you can
handle one of those things?
Better than you.
I might not have a lot of
experience out on the bush
but I know how to
handle a weapon.
Prove it!
Break down and assembly.
You lose!
Yeah, but can he shoot?
OK, fine, he can shoot.
OK, that's it then.
Let's go.
But I'm taller.
Drugs and weapons
can come from any place.
The conflict minerals,
blood, gold, silver...
They come from these mountains.
One of these two jungles.
- Which one?
- I don't know.
They both run alongside the
Thai-Burmese border.
The best thing to do is
go here,
and see what
the locals have to say.
What if they don't
know anything?
Oh, they'll know,
but they may not say.
The deeper we go, the more
control Draco has over them.
They're afraid?
Yeah, hell, when Turner clicks out,
I'm afraid.
Conrad used to say that courage
is in the absence of fear,
it's just the ability
to overcome it.
Overcome it for the right reasons.
Are you afraid?
Then you're either
stupid or you're a liar.
Try pissed.
So, what makes this guy
so important to get for you?
Conrad was like a father to me.
I wouldn't be here today
if it wasn't for him.
He chased Draco around
the world for 15 years.
He just wouldn't retire
unless he caught him.
I can understand that feeling.
He just couldn't let go.
Sound familiar?
This place is amazing.
Much nicer than Bangkok.
Enjoy now kid, cos where we're going,
it's no vacation.
Well, this is the end of the road.
Jump-off point.
You're kidding me?
What's the matter,
never humped a rock before?
We're in the middle of nowhere.
Well, where would you hide
your illegal mining operation?
Stay close, keep your eyes open.
Keep your gear tight.
And what's wrong with the Jeep?
Draco probably has men scattered
throughout this entire region.
We stay off the roads
and out of enemy sight.
Conserve your water.
We still got a long way to go.
God dammit!
Looks lovely!
That's because you smell like shit.
Hold up, hold up.
Take a rest.
Your boss, he drinks, huh?
Did something happen to him?
OK, let's go!
What's wrong?
What happened?
I told you to keep your gear tight!
We gotta go now.
- Ah!
- We got less than an hour to get you the antidote.
Or what?
I die?
If you're lucky.
There's a village
hospital two clicks out.
What happened?
You've been poisoned.
Look, I'm very sorry about that but
we're here on official business.
She wants to know
if we're here to help.
To help? How?
They have sick and injured...
Are we here to help them?
That's not really what we're here for.
No, doctor.
How did she get all the
way out here anyway?
She says,
feel free to take one and leave.
What was that all about?
It's not just us...
This village is overrun with refugees,
and no one will help them.
Look, just... tell her that we
need to gather some intelligence.
You're showing very
little intelligence now.
She didn't say that.
Yes, I did.
Am I out of line here?
What do you want?
Draco, a man named Draco.
She has to work.
If she understands what I'm saying,
how come you're translating?
- I'm standing right here!
- She doesn't wanna talk to you.
No one can help us with Draco.
We need doctors, not warriors.
Fighting makes everything worse.
And who pays?
The local villagers.
All are hungry.
Many are damaged.
This is Mya.
What happened to him?
A miracle.
Draco's men left him
for dead in the river.
The current magically
carried him to shore.
Mya escaped from Draco's compound.
His woman was not so lucky.
Wait a second.
That guy knows where Draco's camp is?
We gotta question him.
What? What is she saying?
He's unconscious.
Let it go.
It's just a dead-end.
We should be questioning him.
We're wasting time.
Look, being an asshole is no way
to get these people to help us.
We need them to get to Maia.
Let's just do this their way.
Did you find anything over there?
I thought this was supposed to be a
refugee camp. What are they celebrating?
This is a typical
Buddhist Festival for this region.
Relax and enjoy it.
OK, so let me get this straight.
He knows how to put
together Glocks,
move through the jungle and
dance like Timberlake?
Otto is very talented, he was Thai
military, he was one of the best.
And... he can dance.
Now, they've been planning
this party for a while.
There are many martial arts moves
hidden in their dance.
It's amazing.
He'll be in the village hospital,
just up ahead.
And remember,
Draco said no guns.
This time you're not getting away.
That's the only word
that I know in Thai.
Can I help you...
with something?
I might not be a doctor
but I'm a good help.
Are you OK?
I'm fine. My dear Sergeant
father taught me to fight.
He talks?
What did he say?
Don't worry, it was good.
You impressed him.
He shouldn't be that impressed.
They killed private Mya
and we were right there.
He was the only one who knew
the way to Draco's camp.
From private Mya.
He told it was from
the Nelse Mountains.
We are going to Draco's camp.
No, it's too dangerous.
Dangerous is living in
a world with Draco.
Only I know the way.
What was that?
Burmese landmine.
Damn it! I didn't think
they'd be out this far!
It's pressure sensitive.
You have to keep your foot on it.
Trust me.
He said that before,
what does that mean?
Will you just tell me?
I might die!
- You're not gonna die.
- What are you doing? - Think positive.
You can't disarm a bomb from back there!
- "Tiger White".
- What?
White Tiger.
Sometimes it takes
a stubborn tiger like you
to get a reluctant tiger like to fight.
And you're white.
Bobby, no!
Thanks, man.
You owe me!
What did he say?
Stupid lion.,
Stupid tiger.
Time to rest.
We will camp here for the night.
How much further to Draco's camp?
Very close.
Two kilometers.
I'm gonna check the perimeter.
You are very brave.
You're the one who's brave.
You've been dealing with
Draco longer than any of us.
This will bring you luck.
It was my father's.
It kept him safe in combat.
Thank you.
Hey, are you OK?
This was a lot easier
when I was your age.
It does not look like
it's slowed you down much.
Thanks, man.
I never would have made
it this far without you.
You still got a long way to go.
You ever considered drinking less?
Why would I wanna do that?
You can't drown your past.
You're right.
Drunk or sober,
I can still hear my men screaming.
I lead my men on a
black op to find Draco.
The trouble with a black operation is,
somebody finds out,
it's not black anymore.
Draco was waiting for us.
We were captured,
Everyone except me, that is.
It's not your fault.
Who says?
Listening to your own men,
one after another?
This flask belonged to Sawat.
He was 21 years old.
Just got married.
He was looking forward
to starting a family.
I quit drinking when I realized
we might actually be able to get Draco.
Without you...
both of you...
I would've never attempted this.
So thank you, Michael.
Thank you.
Are they Burmese army?
Highly skilled mercenaries,
who used to be part of the Burmese army.
Draco is holding many refugees.
Jesus, they're not refugees,
they're slaves.
What's the plan?
Michael and I will attack the compound
from both sides, provide distraction.
When they take the bait,
you sneak in as quickly as you can,
and release the
refugees out to the jungle.
Then what?
Then, you and I go in,
kill Draco,
try to get out of here
without getting ourselves killed.
Sounds like fun.
Be careful.
You too.
Valerie, go babe,
go, go, come on!
Get him alive!
Get back, get back!
Everybody, move back!
Hey, guy, better back off.
Put the gun down!
Surrender or the girl dies.
Are there more?
Are there more?
Let her go!
Mister Turner...
There are only two things I care about.
Money and power.
You have been playing with my money.
I will not let you play with my power.
So, for the last time...
Are there more of you out there?
Go to hell.
Let's go to the mine,
grab as much gold as we can,
and disappear.
What about her?
She'll come with me.
Valerie in the back!
You stay with me.
Come on!
And one for the road!
- Michael!
- Argh!
- Argh!
- Are you OK?
Looks like that's two I owe you.
You, lucky bastard.
I'm OK.
They've got Yui.
Let's go.
Where's Otto?
I don't know,
I haven't seen him.
You'd shoot a woman?
Stop the truck!
Forget her!
We have no time!
She won't get far
in the middle of nowhere!
Sorry, we gotta go.
Look out!
Hurry up!
Let's go!
Come on, come on!
Hurry up!
Pang, go,
put everything in the truck!
We have to pack!
Let's go!
What was that?
You two!
In the truck!
Valerie, Peter, take some men
and hold them off!
Boss, we're getting fucking hit hard
over there, we need more men.
Come on, go on!
And this time, don't fuck up!
Go, go, go!
Which way?
We have to split up.
Where's Draco?
Hold it!
Put your hands up!
Too bad about your little man.
He put up quite a fight.
Drop it!
I said drop it!
Come on!
Let's go!
You wouldn't!
- Where's Draco?
- I don't know.
There's only one way left to go.
Wait, wait, wait!
- Give me your weapon.
- What?
No time for questions!
You wanna fuck...?
Come with me!
I am Draco!
You want a slice of this?
Motherfucker! Come on,
you want more, huh?
Give it up!
It's over!
No, Draco, Draco wins!
Drop your weapon!
You will never win!
I'm out!
It's jammed!
No more bullets.
You want to kill Draco, huh?
I thought you were dead.
Thanks to you.
Let's get out of here.
Otto didn't have a long life.
But he lived it to the fullest.
What about you?
Back to the States?
I don't know.
I think I ain't gonna receive a warm
welcome when I get back to the agency.
Well, maybe there's something
right here you could do.
I wouldn't wanna be your
mercenary partner either.
I wasn't thinking about mercenary.
I was thinking about something more
along the lines of the medical field.
Well, look, if it
doesn't work out,
you know where to find me.
No, I don't.
Then I'll find you.
I almost forgot to
give this back to you.
It brought me luck.