Death from Above (2012) Movie Script

You're working the shears tomorrow.
What do you mean I'm working
the shears tomorrow? Tomorrow is Saturday.
Yeah, what are you, a prima donna,
you don't have to work weekends?
You just can't waltz in here at the end
of the day on Friday...
...and expect me to work the weekend.
I got plans tomorrow.
You 're working tomorrow.
Hey, Kennison,how about you pull
your big boy panties up...
...and run that shear yourself?
You piece of shit!
What the hell are you doing. clay?
What do think I'm doing?
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, you are not taking
this doger down Beaver Bluff.
Sure, why not?
'Cause Beaver Bluff
is a motorcycle hill climb.
Not a damn roller coaster ride.
What do you say, chef?
You 're ready for a thrill ride?
I... I don't know.
I... I'm not supposed
to be out too late tonight.
Maybe we should just save this
for another day.
Well, it sounds unanimous.
Here we go. Baby.
Chef. Bill.
You okay?
Oh, shit.
You 're all right, buddy?
Think you can walk?
I don't know.
My leg's messed up.
I'll get you out of there, man.
You all right, man?
What you got there?
Oh, nothing.
No. You didn't.
Yes, I did.
Animal, you lucky bastard.
Like I've always told you, Gunnar.
Can't take it with you.
I can't believe you actually bought
the big blue beast!
Not only did I buy it. But check out
the balls on this bitch right here.
What do you say me and you take
this bad beast right here
on a little beat run?
That is if. Uh. You think you can
handle her. Sally.
It's an honor.
Let's do it!
Come on!
I got some bad news, big man.
That dickhead Kennison
is trying to make me
work tomorrow.
That bastard knows the big mud bog
bash is tomorrow.
He just don't care, man.
He's a dickhead.
And what am I supposed to do
Screw all that work shit, okay?
Screw Kennison.
And you need to remember you got
one kickass union behind you.
Damn right.
Oh, shit.
We're being pulled over
by Sheriff Raynick himself.
Does he honestly have nothing better
to do with his time
than screw with us every single day?
Good evening. Ladies.
You're in awful hurry. Aren't you?
Hello. Sheriff.
Gunnar. I thought that was you.
Now, where the hell
would you get enough dough
to be driving
a sweet truck like this?
Well, it's not exactly
mine, Sheriff.
Well, you sure
drive it like it is.
And sure it's gonna be you
that gets the ticket.
Come on, Sheriff, we were just having
a little fun.
Hey, Raynick, why don't you try
getting a real job? How about that?
Why don't you tell your loud
mouth girlfriend in there
that if I want any shit out of her
I will squeeze her head!
You know how he is. He's just blowing off
a little smoke, that's it.
Yeah, he'll be blowing
a lot more than smoke
if I throw him in the county lockup.
We're not trying to cause any harm.
If you let us go.
You got my word we won't cause you
anymore problem.
Yeah? What about your loud mouth girlfriend?
How does she feel?
He's cool.
All right.
But if you girls would just respect
the law of the land,
we wouldn't be having
these run-ins.
Go on, get outta here.
Thank you, Sheriff.
You wanna tell me
how these two hillbillies
got from there to here?
Eight feet, six inches.
Mark it.
If you ask me, these two boys
had a knife fight.
But there's not
a knife to be found.
What do we have here?
What the hell is it?
It looks old.
Some kind of scripture.
Can you read chinese?
Give me a beer and a shot of vodka.
Anything else?
If you need anything,
just give me a holler.
That's an evil looking car.
Yeah, but the son of a bitch
parked in the handicapped.
Dirty bastard.
Damn, I'm parched.
Hey, Pops.
Hey, Mr. Seagrim,
how's it hanging?
They'll let anyone in this place.
I figured since we stacked the kegs
for you out back,
you at least let us come in the front
door this time.
So. How is things
down at the mill?
No. You know, things change, Dad.
Damn foreigners.
Killing the damn steel industry.
We helped them rebuild
after World War II,
now it's coming back
to haunt us.
No. That's not it, Dad.
It's just changed.
Tell him that Kennison is trying
to make you work on a Saturday.
That Kennison is still
giving you trouble?
I should've kicked his ass years ago
when he was an apprentice.
Hey, Dad, who's that guy
at the end of the bar?
I don't know.
He's just wandered in.
Never saw him before.
He's kinda familiar.
I don't know about that.
But I know one thing.
He ain't too friendly.
What's up, crunch?
How you doing?
Damn, that's a beautiful truck.
Let me tell you.
Animal... just picked it up.
Damn. Do you think he'd let me
take that on a beat run?
Crunch, I think you've had
just a little too many.
You may as well
forget that shit.
Come on, let's go
get you a beer.
# They drive big trucks #
# Rulling to the Starbucks #
# order up
A double shot #
# Drink it
To the last drop #
# Use it
As a spit cup #
# come on come on
Who you trying To fool #
# You call us hillbillies
Now you call us cool #
# It ain't pop
It ain't hard day #
# Everybody wants
To be a redneck #
# Up town is
The new wide way #
# Everybody wants
To be a redneck #
# Everybody
Wants to be #
# Wants to be a redneck #
Adam, let me
ask you somethin'.
You think tonight
can get anymore perfect?
No. That's not what
I'm talking about, man.
Look around you.
I love this country, man.
I love living out
in the woods like this.
I love living
under these stars.
Tonight couldn't get
more perfect for me.
In fact, it is so perfect
I say we initiate
a certain... two girls right here
into the sacred lost pit.
What does he mean "lost pit"?
I'm so glad you asked, Heather.
Gunnar here is a direct descendant
of the ancient Druids
who once worshiped
and walked these very grounds
that we've been on
all evening.
In fact, they did so
in a very special,special ritual.
What do you mean "ritual"?
What do I mean "ritual"?
Who will be first
to gain access
into the sacred lost pit?
Oh. Oh, my God.
The old man was taking a dump.
The six pack's free.
You at least leave him a tip?
Yeah, I got your tip.
Hey, buddy.
Is there something
we can do for you?
Yeah, what the hell's
your problem?
I need a ride.
You ain't got the right equipment
for us to give you a ride.
Do we look like
a taxi service to you?
Hey, what did I say? You ain't got
the right equipment, bitch.
I didn't ask for a ride.
I said I need one.
Hey. Get off my bike.
Is he dead?
He's either dead
or he's out of it.
Now, about that ride.
Now, who's the bitch?
You think this is gang related?
These look like two pretty tough dudes.
It's a rough call.
Neither one of these two guys
had weapons or narcotics.
I don't think somebody had killed 'em
for a six pack.
Here, put this on ice
with the cadavers.
You think they both
came in on the same bike?
Yeah, it's a funny thought.
Two 400-pound gorillas
on a moped?
Something you'd see on YouTube.
They must've really
pissed somebody off.
Their heads are almost
severed off their body.
I don't care how greasy they were.
Nobody deserves this.
Let's get the coroner's team in here
and do a scoop and swoop on this mess.
Let this guy get back into business
of selling gas.
Damn. Speedy. You're putting in a lot
of rest time lately.
You been working on Sundays?
I've even been wearing
my holy underwear.
You know, I thought I smelled something
moldy when I came in here.
Grab that wrench
and give me a hand.
Oh. Shit.
Here comes Sheriff Raynick.
Hey. You guys be on your best
behavior. Okay?
Want me be nice
to Sheriff Raynick?
Speedy, he's not
that bad of a guy.
Look, two days ago he had me and
Animal pulled over.
He could've gave us a speeding ticket,
but he let us slide.
Morning, Sheriff.
Beautiful day, ain't it?
I reckon.
You boys seem to be in awfully
friendly mood. What are you into
Nothing, Sheriff.
We're just hanging out.
Speedy, you wouldn't happen to have
any stolen cars in here, would you?
You'd better tell me right now.
No. Sir, Sheriff.
I've been on straight and narrow
for this past seven months now.
Likely story.
I wouldn't shit you. Sheriff.
You 're my favorite turd.
What's that?
Sheriff, what brings you out
to these parts?
Well, I was thinking
about an oil change,
but that peculiar welcome
and these fine automobiles
is making me think Speedy's chop shop
is back in business.
No. No. Sheriff.
Speedy's on the up and up.
Easy and I. We're
his support system.
We're like the "choppaholics".
That's right, Sheriff.
You sure about that?
Oh, yeah. You have my word.
Absolutely, Sheriff.
Okay, Gunnar, I'll take
your word for it.
But if you 're lying to me,
the long arm of the law is gonna come down
on you like a steel trap!
Chain you by the balls, boy.
Right you are, Sheriff.
Yes, sir.
All right, you've been warned.
Evening, ladies.
Well, hello. Frankie.
You know, I got
your usual for ya.
Two big doughnuts
and some hot coffee.
Thank you, Marge.
And you keep the change.
A $2-tip, Frank?
You weren't married, uh...
I'd like to take
a ride on your belt.
You never know, Marge.
The wife just might enjoy
one of those "metage a tois".
You mean a menage a trois?
Yeah, one of those, too.
Oh, let's call her up, bam!
Tempting, Marge.
I'll see ya, Marge.
I'll see ya.
Nice ass, Frank.
What the hell, Lefty?
How many times did I tell you to stop
whacking off to my girls
on a Hot Rod magazine?
You sicko
come on, Marge.
Get out of here, you nerd!
I'm gonna tell your mama that you've been
whacking off in my store.
Help! Help!
Help me!
Looks like the end of the road
for this trucker.
His names was Frank Riddle.
Wife, two kids.
The attendant inside said he was
one of the nicest guys in the world.
Yeah. That's the way
it usually goes.
The ones that deserve it,
they never get it.
Nice guy like this
comes along, and splat.
Three-six-seven three-six two.
We found a motorcycle over here
in the southeast corner
of the lot covered with blood.
We'll be right there.
This guy's leaving a path
of death and destruction.
Yeah, he ain't
too smart, either.
He leaves a bike, a dead trucker.
He's giving us
a trail to follow.
There's just something... evil
about all this.
Yeah, and I bet that's got something
to do with that tablet.
So you wanna meet the band?
You 're gonna meet 'em all right,
but I'm gonna tell you something.
There're certain rules around here.
You think about that
before you go backstage.
I'll send you back.
I don't know.
I think he is a little sleazy.
I think he's kinda cute.
Hey, you.
Why don't you take a picture?
I don't know you. You don't belong here.
You with the band?
Give me the rune.
The what?
The pendant that's around
your neck.
Give it to me.
I think you two
need to go...
take a walk real quick.
Now, now, now, now!
Give me the rune
and you'll have all the pleasurable company
you've ever dreamed of.
Well, I just
can't do that.
We got a situation here.
# Take away and live
Your life I say #
# And let it die #
I know you better.
Come on, what's eating at you?
What can you tell me
about this necklace?
That's been handed down
through our family for centuries.
That's why it meant so much
to your grandfather.
He said it was a protector
from evil spirits.
Somethin' like that.
I've been having some
weird dreams lately.
I don't know
what to make of 'em.
You know, your crazy
Uncle Leonard
used to follow that
Druid spiritual stuff
way back before
he went off the deep end.
Crazy Uncle Leonard.
The same guy that used to chase you
on his tractor?
Yeah. I haven't heard much
from your uncle lately.
You know he disconnected
his phone?
He said the NSA was tapping his phone line
and reading his mail.
So I guess he wouldn't be
much use.
No. Probably not.
But Dad, if you could think
of anything else that would help me,
it would be nice to get a good night's
sleep again.
Well. Mr. Seagram.
I wanna thank you for the beer.
And I hope we didn't
keep you up too late.
You boys can come
drink my beer anytime.
Thanks, Dad.
I love you.
Hey. Gunnar.
Why didn't you tell me you 're
having these spiritual dreams?
It's nothing I'm proud of, crunch.
Gunnar, you can trust in me.
In fact, I've got something that's gonna
make you feel a whole lot better.
Okay, crunch.
You brought her here?
To my garage?
Is this where
we're gonna do it?
Crunch, give me my toys.
It's Gunnar. He's the one
with the problem.
I need something that you own.
A piece of clothing, something.
What are we gonna do
with an ouija board?
I'm not having a seance.
Think of it as a dividing rod
that allows us to communicate
with the spiritual.
Gunnar, give her that necklace.
Hell, no.
Give me your underpants,
I don't care.
I don't have all night.
Speedy, give her
your holy underwear.
No way, man!
Gunnar's the one with the problem.
Give her your lucky rabbit's foot.
Will this do.
Now you ought to sit
and be quiet.
I need to concentrate, and I can't do
that while you 're staring at my boobs.
Come on, consuela,
keep going, keep going.
Hey, did you see that?
It just moved.
Oh, no. No. No.
You did not tell me
ancient one is coming for you.
I must leave.
Consuela, what are you
talking about?
Ancient what?
You know, the one in your dreams.
The dark one.
Crunch, what's going on?
You know he comes,
and he's very close.
I'd tell you to leave town,
but he'll still find you.
Good luck.
The both of you are sure this is
the man that you saw?
That's him,
no doubt.
Okay, after the man said,
"Give me the rune,"
what did you do next?
I saw the big guy rip the necklace off
the concert promoter.
What necklace?
He had this necklace,
stone or something.
Had something carved in it.
And what happened next?
Then we left the band room,
and then we left the club.
If you think of anything else,
give us a call.
This guy's crazy.
Yeah, that's our man,
clay Meyers.
To you, our life force
of blackness.
Our darkling
of wickedness.
To you we hold high
the head of our enemies
in the lust of our youth.
As our ancients before him,
we praise him whilst he bestoweth
his blessings upon us.
Accept this virginal offering
and her throbbing female heart.
For you are all powerful.
And we live within the shadow
of your grace.
It is I you worship and seek.
Who dares to speak and interrupts
this ceremony?
It is I who commands you.
It is I that
you will follow.
It is I that will make you gods
that will rule the world.
Where is it that you come from?
I come from the dark place.
And what is it that you seek?
I seek the rune
around your neck.
Give it to me
and you will be immortal.
What kind of prank is this?
There's no time
to question me.
Only obey.
What is the meaning
if this charlatan?
Where is he?
Did you get the report back
from forensics
on the tablet?
Yeah, our chinese friend
over there said
it's not chinese.
Yeah, but does he know
what it says?
No. He doesn't.
Which is why I think you should take
the tablet from forensics,
run it down
to the university,
see what the professors say.
Tell them we need
this shit like yesterday.
I'll get right on it.
# Every time I'm out
# It is never seem too far #
# You always
Wanna mess withe me #
# When you're sitting
Across that bar #
# I know
I ain't paranoid #
# I know I ain't
your friend #
# And if you
Keep on fucking me #
# I'll be a means
To your end #
# Now all these fine people
And all these fine folks #
# came down here tonight
To hear me that show #
# I know I ain't nobody
I know I am white trash #
# I know for sure
I'll kick your fucking ass #
# I thought to kill you #
# Kill you #
# Kill you
Kill you #
License and registration.
License and registration.
Hey, buddy!
The engine is still warm.
We're getting close
to this guy.
Now he's up, Danny.
He's killed a law enforcement.
Son of a bitch.
What a bloody mess.
All right, let's get roadblocks set up
within a 30-mile radius.
They've outlined the Illuminati.
The Trilateral commission.
The builder murders.
So that you will understand
that it is through these bloodline by
which you will always be controlled.
The universal use of mind control.
Which now fall under the reign
of the military industrial complex.
You'll be indebted
to their banks.
You'll be dependent upon them
for pharmaceuticals.
You will work in their factories
and fight in their wars.
That is until you wake up!
Which brings me
to my next point.
A far more sinister plan.
The alien agenda.
And the gray.
The alien grays
far reaching control
continues to perpetrate
the new world order
to manipulate the public. Spiritually
and through religion.
Ragan idolatrous
draw on blood ritual
to call forth the pagan gods.
Most notably Thule.
God of the underworld.
Most notably Thule.
God of the underworld.
We now have a 30-mile radius
confirmed with roadblocks
to the north, south,
and west entrances to town.
Please confirm for me when our units
are set up in secondary road positions.
Roger that.
Okay. Mister.
That's far enough.
Easy, easy, little buddy.
Keep those hands in the air.
What's your rank
and serial number?
My what?
I ask the questions around here,
you commie son of a bitch!
I'm looking for Leonard.
You best do better
than that, boy.
Everybody's looking for Leonard!
Now, state your business.
My name's Gunnar.
I'm Leonard's nephew.
You -you don't need the gun.
Don't you try that commie mind control
stuff on me, mister.
What did you say your name was?
I'm Hallgrim Seagram's son. Sir.
Don't trust him, Leonard.
He looks like NSA to me.
Hallgrim's boy?
Yes. Sir.
He was shorter.
It's me, it's Gunnar.
Don't you remember taking me hunting
for aliens on a tractor?
He could be a shape shifter.
What's your daddy's middle name?
Olaf, sir.
Hallgrim olaf Seagram.
The son of a bitch.
We got a family reunion.
Gunnar, eh?
Yes, sir.
Damn, you sure have grown up.
What the hell took you so long
to come and see me?
You don't have a cell phone, and I heard
you've been all over the country,
so no one
could find you.
That's the point.
Get us a cold.
Aye, aye, sir.
Did your daddy realize how perilous
these times are?
Coming down from the heavens.
But it's not.
It's the power among us.
Don't you be fooled.
I think I've got a serious problem,
Uncle Leonard.
Well, then you
you did the right thing
by coming to see
your old Uncle Leonard.
Uh, you might think
this is a little weird.
I've been having
some very strange dreams.
How long have you had 'em?
See? That's what I'm telling you.
And you,
you figured out it's connected
to all this shit.
You 're a smart lad.
Oh, Hep, we got a bad case here.
Hey, son.
Tell me,
what do you know?
I talked to a gypsy and she said
something about evil spirits.
Gypsy, evil spirit...
What-what the hell are you talking about?
Yeah, evil demons.
Oh, hell, son!
I'm talking about chemtrails.
What are you talking about?
The-the government and-and
pharmaceutical companies
using airplanes to dump allergens
and other shit into the air
to make us buy
their products.
It's biological warfare, son.
What are you talking about?
What the hell are you talking about?
I'm talking about the gypsy.
It says something about
the evil spirits coming
and killing everything
in its path.
She even... she even
called it the "dark one. "
The dark one?
Evil demon?
My daddy and granddaddy
used to scare the hell out of us kids
with stories just like that.
Now 60 years later,
you 're telling me
it could be true?
You'd better not be shitting me.
It's in your blood, son.
You didn't ask for it,
but you got it.
I didn't have any offspring,
so the pagan rune
went to you.
Our special family heirloom.
Family heirloom?
It's your bloodline.
Your genetic lineage.
Son... your necklace
has come down to you through your father,
your grandfather
and great grandfathers.
Your ancestors were the protectors
from the dark ones.
There are four runes.
Earth, wind, fire, and water.
You are the earth.
The earth?
You 're talking about this necklace here?
This heirl-
This right here makes me feel possessed,
Uncle Leonard.
Oh, son.
Son, you just don't understand.
You may be in great danger.
The dark one of fire, Thule,
represents death and evil.
If you 're having
violent nightmares,
it's definitely he
who seeks you.
And if he gains control of that rune
and your soul,
darkness will rule
the Earth for 1,000 years.
The gypsy told me
about the dark one.
As soon a she said
the dark one's name,
she was up and she got
the hell out of there.
Thule's a false prophet.
He conquers through moral decay.
Son, are you willing to risk
your life for the rest of us?
For humanity?
The last time the four runes
came together,
was during the crusades.
Have you heard of the black plague?
Yes. It's 1,000 years
of darkness.
But, Uncle Leonard, I didn't ask for this.
And what I wanna know
is why you and Dad
are just now dumping this shit
on me!
Oh, hell, for all we knew, it was
hand-me-down folklore.
Besides, if crazy Leonard
had mentioned it before,
who the hell
would believe him?
The dark one will appear
in a mortal body,
but he can't be cast out.
Do you think your gypsy friend
would help you perform an exorcism?
She's probably half way to omaha
by now.
Then I'd suggest either you go
find her.
Or you find a priest.
You 're not even
gonna help me?
Your old uncle is too old to be
chasing after demons.
That's why these runes are passed down
to you young fellas.
Uncle Leonard, we look
to our elders for help,
and now you 're just telling me
that you will leave me hanging out to dry?
Don't think of it
as hanging you out to dry.
Think of it as testing
your true grit.
Besides, when I think of any good solution,
I'll give you a call.
You 're gonna call me?
You don't even have a phone!
The boy does have
a point, all right?
All right, Hep.
Don't rub it in.
I never knew you to not help
someone in need.
Load up the shotguns.
Yes, sir!
Detective, you have
a phone call, sir.
Detective Jenkins.
Detective, this is Professor Flanagan
over the university.
We have some information
on your tablet.
It's not chinese.
It's celtic. The tablet's
actually a prophecy
governing four runes that were created
at the same time that this was.
There's one rune in particular,
the earth rune,
which has to be transferred
from owner to owner willingly.
The elders who carved these runes
used the earth rune
as a way to control
the consolidation of power.
The person possessing all four
would most likely
have supernatural powers.
You mind if I ask
how you acquired it?
I'd forget I ever saw that tablet.
# I'll fucking kill you #
# Kill you #
# Kill you #
What the hell?
Get off my damn truck!
# Then I know for sure #
# You ain't never
coming back #
# I'll fucking kill you #
# Kill you #
# Kill you
# Kill you #
Hey, buddy, keep the truck.
Think you put enough Permetax
on that gasket?
I wanna make sure
it wouldn't leak.
It ain't going anywhere.
Who's calling here
this time of night?
I don't know but you'd better
answer it.
Speedy, Gunnar is in trouble.
I just passed him,
and some guy is hanging on
and beating on top of his truck.
I think this dude means business.
Where is he?
I just passed him
down near Motel Six
going towards
the junkyard.
Shit, man, what do you
want me to do
You gotta do somethin'.
Okay, okay, we'll think
of something.
Looks like that
gypsy chick was right.
Some dude after Gunnar.
Crunch said they're heading down
towards the junkyard.
I've got an idea.
Give me the rune.
I can't do that.
I know better.
Know better than what?
I am your destiny.
You don't have to die.
Take your place
which is rightfully yours.
Enroll the world beside me.
A thousand years of darkness?
I can't do that!
Lowe it to my ancestors.
You owe it to me.
Will me the rune.
Go to hell.
Then I will sacrifice you
to myself.
Let's get him.
Take that, you devil worse
than sons of bitches.
Hey, Hep, let's give
these boys some help.
Just like the old days.
Easy. I think two just ran in that
trailer over there.
Well, they're
gonna wish they hadn't.
That asshole got Gunnar down
on the ground!
Looks like he's bleedin'.
That guy's gonna kill Gunnar.
I can feel it.
There's no way we can run this guy over
without hurting Gunnar.
Okay, I'm gonna go out and talk to this guy.
You stay put.
No way, man.
There's killer monks
all over the place.
Just stay put.
Watch my back.
Attention all units.
We have reports of repeated gunfire
at J.R. Salvage yard
on Junkyard Road.
All available units please respond.
I'm going in.
Hey, jackoff, what are you doin'
with my buddy?
What the hell
did he do to you?
He has something of mine
and I want it back.
Well, I'm sure we can work
something out.
He's a good man.
Why would you wanna kill him?
He doesn't have to die.
Just tell him to give me the rune
of his own free will,
and you all live.
The what?
Gunnar, what the hell
is he talking about?
He's talking about
my grandfather's necklace.
Well, hell, man,
what's the big deal?
Just give it to him.
I can't do that.
I owe it
to my grandfather.
Oh, shit, man.
I'd rather be a live redneck
than a dead grandson.
Who in the hell
are you helping then?
Just give him the damn necklace
and let's get down along
and we're gonna have some beers.
There's more to it
than that, Speedy.
If I live, I'll tell you
about it some day.
Hey, fella,
step away.
There's much more powerful forces
at work here.
Back in the truck, now.
Who in the hell is that?
That's a... equalizer.
He's the justice
from another world.
You need to go back
to where you belong.
I've traveled too long through time
not to get
my reward.
It's time
for you to return.
Then you'll have
to send me back.
No place.
No time.
Come out, Thule.
Come out!
Come out.
Come out!
you all right?
We thought
you were a goner.
What took you
guys so long?
Thanks, Speedy.
Oh, shit.
Gunnar, you go by the truck.
You go talk to 'em.
Have you seen this man?
There's your man, Detective.
Over there.
What the hell?
No. No. No.
Thanks for coming,
Uncle Leonard.
Are you all right, son?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Just a little bump on the head.
I'm damn proud of you, son.
You stood your ground.
I'm just glad it's over.
Me, too.
He almost had me slicking in my shorts
for a second.
Well, I guess
all that folklore
wasn't bullshit after all, huh?
You know, Uncle Leonard?
Maybe you 're not
so crazy after all.
Beers are on me.
# I've got a friend #
# Well he's in heaven #
# Had a short life
on Earth but never #
# Spent a day
In sorrow #
# our time was short
But he had power #
# oh my friend
Won't you #
# Show me what
Is heaven like #
# Is there music #
# When you're sad #
# or are you always
Reaceful and glad #
# can you drink #
# can you smoke #
# can you play
The guitar if you want #
# oh my friend
Won't you #
# Show me what
Is heaven like #