Death Game (1977) Movie Script

Oh, no, I don't believe it.
Now, you're gonna get it.
I'm in a perfect position.
Helena, the favors of croquet.
All right, oh, George,
I hate to do this to you,
but goodbye!
Yeah, terrific, I am your husband.
Not when we playing a game.
Have a nice walk.
Oh, George.
Don't choke.
You're not gonna distract me.
Oh, I hate to do this.
Hey, what'd you think of
Diane's fancy eyelashes?
I thought they were so long
they were practically in her chicken soup.
Oh, I feel guilty.
Oh, Tikky almost, gosh.
Oh, George, you're always in the corner.
You're gonna get yours.
Just wait and see.
Let me win first.
Oh, George.
Careful, don't choke it now.
You made it!
Oh, I get another shot.
You win.
How could you do this to me?
Love me?
You bet I do.
Oh, George.
Wanna mess around?
Happy birthday, darling.
I love you.
You know something, George Manning.
I wouldn't trade my life
with you for anything.
I love you, Karen.
It's probably your mother.
Oh hi, mother.
His appendix?
I'll be right there.
I can't find them anywhere.
Sometimes I think my head's
screwed on backwards.
Can't even imagine where they, could be.
Hope I make the plane.
You have plenty of time.
Just drive carefully,
it's supposed to rain.
Sure you don't want me to come with you?
Honey, it won't be necessary.
You've got your big meeting on Saturday
you've been looking forward to.
Don't worry about it.
Just call me, and I'll fly right up.
Okay, bye-bye.
Billy wants to do what?
Put his appendix in a bottle
and take it to school?
I love it.
I love it, it's a great ideal!
Of course, he can.
Terribly proud of him.
And then I love him,
and I'll call him tomorrow afternoon.
Sure, you can reach me at the office,
I'll be in all afternoon.
I love you too, bye-bye.
Sorry to bother you really,
but we're lost, and do you happen to know
where the Gregorys live?
The Gregorys?
Not around here, no, I don't.
Thank you.
We have the address written down
but we left the house in such a hurry,
I guess we forgot it.
Yeah, we figured we were lost
when we didn't do a lot of cars around.
I know they live around here somewhere.
I'm sorry, I don't know them.
I just can't help you.
Could we use your telephone?
- Maybe get the address.
- Sure, of course, come in.
Excuse me.
Boy, you are really drenched.
This is interesting.
Why don't you come in
and warm yourself by the fire?
Thank you.
Hello operator, I'd like the number
Gregory, G-R-E-G-O-R-Y.
Would you like a piece of pizza?
Well, it looks delicious.
But no, thanks, I'm on a diet.
My name's Donna, what's yours?
Hi, George.
You know, this is really nice of you.
I mean like two perfect strangers
coming off the street like this.
Most people wouldn't do that today.
It's my pleasure.
Excuse me, sir.
What's the address here?
2946, North Barker.
We are so dumb, the part
is on South Barker Drive,
we're on North Barker,
we're on the wrong side of town.
I told you we're going
in the wrong direction.
Susan, do you think somebody
could come pick us up?
Just a second.
Do you think it would be all right
if we waited here until a friend
comes by to pick us up?
Thanks, okay, thanks, bye.
This plant's really fresh.
I know, God.
Let me get you some towels
or something to dry off with.
I got the clothes dryer working.
The clothes should be
ready in about 20 minutes.
Oh, good.
Jackson and Donna.
Kinda sounds like a
vaudeville team, doesn't it?
We are kind of a vaudeville team.
Yeah, we do have a lot of fun together.
Is Jackson your last name?
No, it's my first name.
No, it's not.
She's lying.
Come on, Jackson,
tell him your real name.
Be quiet.
Okay, okay.
Oh, you promised!
Oh, oh, you stop!
Your hot chocolate.
Thank you.
To you, George.
To me, my 40th birthday.
- Far out.
- Happy birthday, George.
Thank you.
Do you get a lot for your birthday?
Nothing new.
Nothing new, oh whatever,
I'll remember that one.
George, how come you're
spending your birthday alone?
I mean, where's your family?
Well, my children are visiting
their grandmother in San Diego.
My son took ill,
so my wife flew down to be with them.
Oh, I'm sorry, I hope he's all right.
I'm sure he'll be fine, thank you.
Wow, George, look at
that stereo recorder!
Gee, George, this is really beautiful.
Well, you have a lot of albums.
Guess I do.
You know that collection started
when I was a little kid.
God, gee, this must cost a fortune.
You must really be rich.
Oh, that music sounds wonderful.
I don't think I can go
back to my little sit.
But if you're not careful,
you turn the sound way up,
you could break a lot of glassware.
What's this?
Plans for a bank job?
You know, Jackson, this is really nice.
George, I mean, great music,
warm fire, great company.
I'm glad we knocked on your door, George.
Um, I'd be even glad if you tell me
where the sandbox is.
The what?
The toilet.
Sure, through those doors
and through the game room.
Jackson's a nice girl.
You seem to be very good friends.
We're great friends.
Touch this hair,
does this feel dry to you yet, George?
No, it's still damp.
Hey, you know, George,
how every once in a
while, you meet somebody,
and they're really great vibes?
Well, that's how I feel right now.
You're a nice girl, Donna.
Well, I'm not a baby, you know?
What kind of music do you like?
Mostly rock, but really
all kinds of music.
I got something I'd like you to hear.
Oh great.
I love The Savoy.
Oh, yeah?
Well, my kids gave it
to me for my birthday.
Hey, that bathroom of yours is far out.
You should see it, it's amazing.
It's like, has all these things in there,
like out of a health club or something.
I've never seen anything
like it in a house before.
I'd really like to see it.
Is it all right?
Well, sure, go ahead
and show her, Jackson.
Come on.
Don't go away.
Didn't I tell you?
I've never seen anything like it before.
Look, come here.
A sauna too?
What the hell is going on here?
Why don't you
take your clothes off
and hop in, George?
Oh, no, thank you.
No, thank you.
Come on in.
Why don't you hop in, George?
- Girls, urgh.
- Take your clothes off.
Join the party, George.
No, thank you, girls.
- Come on, George.
- No way, girls.
- Please.
- No, thank you.
- Come on.
- I'm a happily married, man.
I want you, George.
You hungry?
I could go see what he's
got stashed in the kitchen.
No, I don't feel like
anything right now.
You know, I could really
fall in love with him.
I could.
In fact, I'm gonna go cover him up.
I don't want him to catch a cold.
Morning, George.
Oh, good morning, George.
We were just about to get you up.
Good morning.
I thought you would have left last night.
Well, you were so nice to us,
that we thought we'd stay
and make breakfast for you.
Donna, get the milk out of the fridge.
You'd just be standing
in the way there, George.
But you said a friend would pick you up.
You know, he never showed up.
I'll hand-make some pancakes, okay?
Sure, fine.
Be back in a minute.
Hi, George.
George, why are you being so cold to me?
Look, Donna.
Last night just happened.
I thought you like being
affectionate, George.
Maybe not in the morning, yeah?
Come on, George.
Let me hug you and kiss you.
Love you, George.
I want you so much.
Donna, let me get dressed.
All right, George.
Well, I'm gonna take a quick shower
and get nice and fresh for you.
And then maybe after breakfast,
we can make love again.
All right, George?
I love your shirt, George.
Thanks for letting me wear it.
Oh, I'd love some syrup.
Do you two girls live together?
Pass the bowl.
Where do you live?
Why George?
Well, so I can give you a ride home.
We're on the road, George.
Oh, we don't have a home, George.
I seem to remember you saying
something last night about leaving
that address to the party at home.
Oh, that was just an expression, George.
I lost the damn thing,
that's what I meant.
Well, I'll drive you
wherever you wanna go.
Did I say something funny?
I wanna go to Paris.
I'll rather stay here with you, George.
Pass the ketchup.
You know George,
you should eat your breakfast.
Breakfast is the most important
meal of the day, you know?
You have the manners of an alley cat.
Fuck you, man.
I was just teasing, George.
Just a joke.
She's just teasing you, George, honest.
Get up and get your clothes now!
If that's what you want me to do.
Move your ass up there and get dressed.
You know, George,
you're acting a lot
different from last night.
And I don't like it one bit.
Story of the hell drivers.
A crash crazy, death-defying,
won't give a damn real men
and their crazy girl-
Jesus Christ!
Hey, George, are you into dirty books?
This one's something else.
Rodan seized the little girl's hands
and thrust them into a pair of manacles.
Littered with lust, the jaded physician
slowly unbutton the little girl's blouse.
But the child's body was
a monument to perfection,
soft, creamy, white skin.
Round breasts.
Sounds like a couple of
girls you know huh, George?
Hey, George, I'm glad you came up.
Take that off.
Why George?
My wife's negligee, that's what?
Now, take it off.
I didn't think it was
your negligee, silly.
Look, Donna, what is this?
What the hell's going on here?
You know, George, your wife
and I must be the same size.
Look, her clothes fit me real well.
Take it off.
But George, what am I gonna wear?
Are you kidding me?
Get dressed in this, your own clothes.
Georgie, Georgie, I know that you'd like
to see me in something pretty, George.
I was only trying to look nice for you.
Look, Donna, I've been trying
to tell you and Jackson all day,
the party's over.
Now, get dressed now!
You sure change like the wind, George.
That's right, George.
You were sure very nice to us last night.
You loved it.
Yeah, what happened, George?
Now, I think there's something
you oughta know now, George.
We're jail bait.
Come off it.
That's true, George.
Wanna check our IDs?
No, I don't wanna check anything.
I don't wanna see anything.
I want you to get dressed,
and we're getting outta here or I'm-
- Or what, asshole?
You'll call the cops?
Why don't you just do that, George?
Go ahead and call the cops, George.
Because I've got a story for them
that's gonna make that Rodan book of yours
read like a nursery rhyme, understand?
She's 15 and I'm 17.
Do you know what that means?
It's true, George, I'm only 15.
Statutory rape, George.
Shove that in your ear.
Isn't that a drag, George?
Operator, get me the police please.
But I think that wife of yours.
Is gonna be baking
cookies in prison for you
for the next 50 years.
Gonna be remembered as a sex pervert.
Oh, your honor, he seemed
like such a nice man,
but he tied me up, and he beat me,
and he did horrible things to me.
A natural thing you are.
I saw him, I saw him.
I saw him do it.
So is the neighbor, your honor.
I saw one looking at the house.
I waved at him.
That's right, George,
your wonderful neighbors.
What are they going to think?
Think they want to live
next door to a sex deviant?
I don't think so.
And your customers, George?
The people who work for you,
what will they say?
I bet they'll just love it.
How about your wife,
George, and the children?
How will they take it?
She'll take the house.
And everything else.
So go ahead and call the cops, George.
It's your life.
Do whatever you wanna do with it.
Flush it down the toilet.
What do you want?
I want to know what you want.
What are you so angry about?
George, I like you.
You're different than the others.
I'll get it, I'll get it!
Oh, oh, Mrs. Grossman.
I'm terribly sorry.
It slipped my mind.
I was supposed to call you.
The house is, the house is fine.
We won't need you.
Are you sure?
I'm sure, Thursday.
Please come Thursday.
Awfully sweet of you.
Goodbye, thank you.
Was that your maid?
Didn't wanna make it
a foursome, huh, George?
You know that time, George,
there was this nice guy.
Got a nice young lady
with a nice business.
Like you, George.
One day, this cute little chic
came along and accused him of raping.
Never heard such a commotion.
You know, people relive that
sort of stuff up, George.
Who sought and swore he was innocent
although he tried.
And you know what?
He lost.
He was acquitted all right,
but by that time, his
nice old lady had split,
and his nice business was down the drain.
So you see what can happen
to an innocent guy, George.
What do you wanna do with me, George?
What you wanna do to me?
Who will give a shit
now, isn't it, George?
Operator, this is an emergency.
Get me the police.
You win.
Get out.
Wanna give us a ride?
You gotta be kidding.
Maybe one of your neighbors
could give us a lift.
Doesn't matter to us
one way or the other.
It's just that I didn't think
you'd want us hanging around
any longer than necessary.
I won't go if you
don't want me to, George.
Let's go.
Turn that station.
God, that music sucks.
Thought you like good music, George.
Hon, want some gum?
Hey, yeah.
Hey George, you want some gum too?
Have a piece.
Hey, this is good.
My breath is really bad.
Oh, no.
You didn't want some gum?
He doesn't want any.
Have a piece.
Here George, come on,
have some gum.
Hey, you got a mirror?
I look a mess.
I'm tired of this gum.
Why don't you throw it away for me?
You rolled the wrong way.
It smells like George's pants!
George, we're just kidding you.
Do I look pretty, George?
Well, nothing ventured,
nothing gained, huh, George?
You know you remind me
of this old hound dog.
I would still belong to these
two old dykes in San Francisco.
It's not that way with me at all.
I think you're so handsome, George.
Why are you so angry with me, George?
I love you.
That's a goddamn dumb thing to say.
He could care less about you.
That's not true, is it George?
Well, tell her, man.
Tell her the way it is.
Look, I'll tell you the way it is.
If the two of you don't shut up right now,
I'm gonna pull this car over,
and you'll walk to San Francisco.
Well, George,
it's been really swell.
For me, George, it's been
a little bit of heaven.
Honest, George.
I said, get out!
Now at platform.
Bye, Georgie.
Bye, George.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hi, honey, I've
been waiting for you.
How's Billy doing?
He came through
it like a trooper.
When you're
gonna bring him home?
Tomorrow, I'll be home in time
to fix you dinner.
Great, put Billy on the phone.
I'd like to talk to him.
Hi daddy, you
know it's really exciting.
I think I'd like to be a doctor
when I grow up.
I thought you
wanted to be a baseball star.
Well, maybe in the off-season,
I can be a doctor.
Can I really take my appendix,
just go and show it to my friends?
The girls in my class
are really getting sick
just looking at it.
Can't wait to see you, Billy.
Me too, daddy.
Here, mom wants to talk to you.
I miss you.
Me too.
Is everything okay?
You sound a little funny.
Oh sure, everything's fine.
By the way, how's Gilly?
What's she'd been up to?
Oh, she's at mom.
I love you, Karen.
I love you too.
We'll see you tomorrow.
I think it works.
Yeah, we should
get some of this stuff
they carry around for own protection.
You shouldn't leave a
mace lying around, George.
Might get into the hands of children.
We tie you up, George.
Gonna tie you up, George.
Didn't know what he was in for, did he?
It's really hot mace.
Red-colored mace in Georgie's face.
That's better Georgie.
Poor George, enough
time to say his prayers
before he went to sleepy by.
Who gives a shit?
It was fun.
I wanna look like Cleopatra.
That's good?
Yeah, it's great.
Is there a blush around here?
Have some of this.
I like it.
I love it.
Let's see what else they've got.
Oh, too much on.
How rude?
This is fine.
I think George will like it.
He'll love it.
One, two.
Some more.
I am going to write something for George.
Loves George.
Look at me.
Why are we so.
Ooh, you got chocolate
all over George's grandparents.
I love Wendy.
Yes he is, but he's
all tied up the moment.
Oh, I'm his niece, Nancy,
the daughter of his
long lost brother, bye.
Maybe we'll have some company.
Told you we'll have
a real party.
Stop, stop.
What do you think, George?
Do I look pretty?
Come on, George.
Wanna go home.
Untie me.
Don't listen to that jerk.
He's not a jerk and don't call him that.
Okay, so he's not a jerk.
Wanna go home.
But I'm not wanted there either.
That's why I ran away.
Oh, you've been nice to me.
I only wanted to love you, daddy.
First day as mama brought you home,
I loved you.
And then one night,
mama went upstate to visit her sister,
and Betty was in my room
when he went to bed.
I took off all my clothes,
and I tiptoed down the hall,
pretended to be asleep.
I only wanted to love you.
Maybe you're not angry with me anymore.
Are you, daddy?
Are you angry with me anymore?
I only wanted to love you, daddy.
Since when the day that
mama brought you home,
, I loved you.
That's why I ran away.
Will you be nice to me?
Maybe you're not angry with me anymore.
Since mama brought you home, I loved you.
I only wanted to love you, daddy.
You pretended to be asleep.
Remember, you pretended
to be asleep, remember?
And then, I crouched beside you,
and I did things to you,
I drove you crazy!
I drove you crazy!
I did things that you
never even read about.
I did things you never even read about,
and that's what I wanna
do to you right now.
That's what I wanna do to you right now.
You taste so good, Manning.
Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!
Wow, look at all this stuff.
Wow, hey, let's play dress-up.
Fuck it, leave her alone, man!
Here we go.
Going downhill, George.
Get off me, bitch!
Get him with your wrist.
Get him! Get him!
Thought he liked me.
I don't do
extra breakfast, George.
I think tomato
would go very well
with it, don't you?
Georgie, you shouldn't have done that!
That looks dead.
I want to love you, daddy.
Ever since mama brought you home,
I loved you.
See how I look after you.
I cleaned you up, I changed your clothes.
I love you so much, daddy.
Enough is enough, Donna.
Yes, your honor.
The court is now in session.
What's that?
I ordered some groceries.
It must be the delivery man.
It's just we used all
the food on George, I want-
- Jesus, Donna.
- Help, help, help!
Shut up.
Send him around the back.
Go around to the back.
Just put it right over here.
Jesus, it is really raining outside.
That was a really wild outfits.
You're having a party?
Yeah, that's right, a costume party.
How much is it?
Let me see, 42 even.
45 here, keep the change.
Have a nice night.
Help me! Back here.
That's Mr. Manning.
Don't leave, please!
Please don't leave, please!
Back here! Help me, please!
Back here, help me!
Help me!
What's going on here?
I'll find a cop, Mr. Manning.
Come on, back here!
They're trying to kill me!
God damn it, just...
God damn it, oh God.
No, no, no!
Oh, God.
Let's, let's put him in the fish tank.
Put him in the fish tank.
Put him in the fish tank.
No! God!
Leg is jammed here.
Jesus, damn it!
It's murder, no!
Stop, no, you can't do it!
No, Jackson!
For God's sake, no!
You can't do that!
That's murder!
No, put back the lid.
Stop it, Donna!
You can't, Donna.
You'll kill him.
Jackson, don't do it, Jackson!
Shut up!
Unless you want in here with him.
I don't care, you can't kill him!
Jackson, stop it!
Donna, don't kill him!
Don't kill him, stop it!
No, no, no!
Now, you see what kinda trouble
you can get into when you don't mind
mommy and daddy.
Some fishies, look
at all the little fish.
He's dead.
And he's dead too.
Let's put the top on.
Where were we?
Oh yeah.
Oh, the
State versus George Manning.
The defendant is charged
with two counts, assault
and battery to minors,
two counts, statutory rape,
and two counts, perverted
and unnatural sexual acts to minors.
How does the defendant plea?
Wait a minute, your honor,
he can't plea, he's gagged.
Will the
first witness for the State,
please come forward.
Yes, your honor.
Do you
swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth,
so help you, God?
Yes, I do.
Tell us, when did you
first meet George Manning?
As I came walking
down the street one day,
he opened his front door,
offered me, candy and cookies.
didn't your mommy and daddy
teach you never to take
food from strangers?
Yes, your honor.
Well now, go ahead.
First, he was real nice,
but then he tried to kiss me.
He said he never saw a
girl as pretty as me.
Told him, I had to go.
He wouldn't let me go.
Then what?
He started chasing
me all over the house.
I tried to get away, but he was too fast.
And then he threw me on the ground,
and he ripped up my blouse.
Then he started to-
- Yes.
He started-
- Started
what? Sucking your tits?
Isn't that right?
He started sucking your tits.
He threatened me if I
didn't let him.
witness will continue.
I trusted him, your honor.
He took advantage of me.
He made me promises.
He made me do unspeakable things.
Like what?
Your honor, I don't
know how I can go on.
I don't know how I'm going to be able
to live with myself?
Oh, poor baby.
The court will ask no further questions.
The court now calls Jackson to the stand.
Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth,
so help you, God?
I do.
Jackson, how do you imagine
the truth is?
Nice girls like yourself
could have gotten involved in
such a mess!
Well, I'm sure
out of pure innocence, your honor.
We never dreamed of someone living
in such a nice home,
in such a lovely neighborhood,
such a beautiful family,
could be such dread.
What's dread?
We thought he'd be a
pillar of his community,
didn't we, Donna?
I wonder if he could be rehabilitated.
Made a useful member of society.
I don't think so.
I think he's like all men,
after whatever he can get.
Do you
have anything else to add
at this point, Jackson?
No, your honor,
but I'd just like to say,
that I'm very sorry this had to happen.
I think it's only fair that we hear
what the defendant has to say.
well, the court calls
George Manning to the witness stand.
Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth,
so help you, God?
Answer me, George Manning.
I'm waiting, Manning.
This is insanity.
Come off it, this isn't a court.
Don't you see what you're doing?
What you've done?
Jackson, listen to me.
I mean, look at that picture up there.
That's my girl, my oldest.
Don't you remember what it was like
when you needed your father?
Shit, he was never around
long enough for me to need.
My children need me, Jackson.
My family needs me.
Is that how you really feel, George?
Is that true?
What about last night, George?
Why didn't you think
about your family then?
Jackson, last night had
nothing to do with it.
You're damn right, it doesn't.
Why so much hate? Tell me!
Shut up!
You'll never understand.
The court will now recess
to deliberate its verdict.
Thank you, George.
His choice is how he wants to die.
Firing squad?
Should we drown dad?
Who do I love more, Randy or George?
Oh, don't you, George.
Nice try, George.
We've reached our
verdict, George.
May I
have the envelope, please?
Why, yes.
court finds the defendant,
George Manning, guilty
as charged on all counts.
It deems him a public menace,
and therefore decrees that his life
shall be terminated at dawn.
Happy birthday.
Six more hours, Manning.
You want some fishy?
Hi, George.
Five more hours, Georgie.
Five more hours.
I'm so happy now, that is so...
- You like that, dirty?
- Oh, Come here, George.
I saw the records.
Good, the stereo's falling down.
There goes the telephone.
Jackson, do you think
we're having an earthquake?
Oh, I miss one.
Here, Jackson, catch the music box.
I missed.
I wanna make love to
you for the last time.
Just a minute.
George, George.
George, oh, George.
They always take the
victim thing.
Promises, promises.
Trust him, trust him.
Daddy took advantage.
He made me do unspeakable things.
That's right, your honor.
You've been naughty,
naughty, naughty, George.
Guess more different than you were...
Fuck you back, back, back, back.
Fuck you.
Shut up!
Yes, your honor.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, asshole.
Here, go in front of him,
go in front of him, go in front of him.
guilty, guilty as charged.
Three more hours, Manning.
I wouldn't trade my
life with you for anything.
Trade my life.
Trade my life with you.
George, how does it feel to be 40?
You must suck at it.
You better eat
because in a little while,
you're going on a very long trip.
Wake up, George!
I George!
George! Georgie!
Sunrise, Manning.
You're beautiful, you know?
Guilty, oh, George,
you like my knife?
No, no!
You ready to die, George?
Going to.
You're ready to die?
Get ready for the next life, George!
Believe it.
Wasn't that funny?
You didn't think we were serious,
did you, George?
You didn't think we were serious?
I love you, I love you, I love you.
It was just, just a little joke, George.
We had so much fun together, George.
I still love you,
and I wanna be with you.
You're different than my daddy, George.
George, you're different, George.
I'll always remember you, George.
It's time to go, darling.
Goodbye, George.
Goodbye, George.