Death Hunt (2022) Movie Script

The 308 is a big game
hunting cartridge.
Shooting at a moving
target will be
more difficult than hitting
a stationary target.
Winds are coming in
from the Northwest.
In a 10-mile an
hour wind, that 308
will drift roughly 100
inches at that range.
Control your breathing,
slow it down, and hold.
Now, pull the trigger.
Fifteen inches low
and to the right.
I'm proud of you, TJ.
Don't let him suffer, son.
You have to put him
out of his misery.
Beautiful, isn't it?
It's peaceful.
So is our town, Mr. Harper.
Like I said on the
phone, we may be small,
but we're open for business.
My company has active projects
all across the Midwest,
in Kansas to North Dakota.
We just completed the Bel
Air waterfront development
project in Duluth.
I've talked to the right
people at the state level.
What troubles me, Mr.
Harper, is the fact
that this great country of
ours elected a president that's
letting the world flood our
market with foreign buyers.
With all due respect,
we're an American company.
We've got over a dozen
development projects
underway right now.
And we pride ourselves in
sustainable infrastructure.
It's the American way.
My office will forward you
the zoning applications
by Wednesday of next week.
In the meantime, I'll make
sure the right people get paid
and the wrong ones
get out of your way.
And the planning committee?
Council is already on our side,
same goes for the deputy mayor.
Economy is in the ship.
That's the good news.
The bad news is that
it's an election.
It's not me you have to
win over, Mr. Harper.
It's the people of
Crawford County.
It's the American way.
Now, this area of farmland
here is a small parcel
of land to the far side
of Big Timber Creek.
As I mentioned, this
proposed development project
is one of the
largest of its kind.
It represents a total
investment in your community
of over $150 million.
So in closing, I'd like to add
that my company's number one
priority is the environment.
This will be the
lasting legacy that we
will leave for those who call
Crawford County their home.
We project phase three to be
completed at the end of 1999,
just under a year from now.
And when we do, we will have
created hundreds of new jobs
right here in this community.
Yeah, for who?
Your own company?
We don't want to lose
any more of our farms.
This town has a lot
of land that can
be used far more efficiently.
And I want to say to
you that in no way
will we compromise the
environment in doing so.
This town has a lot
of land that can
be used far more efficiently.
You should be ashamed of
yourselves for listening
Transform your getaway
to a health and wellness
retreat at our lakeside spa.
Where are my sunglasses?
We were supposed to be
in Eagle Bay an hour ago.
So we're already late.
What's a few more minutes?
How did it go?
Like I figured.
At least the
mayor's on our side.
But I tell you, this
small hick town, they're
looking at a gift horse in
the mouth, if you ask me.
What's this?
What's it look like?
It looks like a gift.
Well, open it.
It's a compass.
Something to help you find
your way out there in the world
and to find your way back to me.
How did I ever get
mixed up with you?
Your wife introduced us.
Are you trying to kill us?
It's a brand new Trans
Am, 325 ponies, 5.7 liters
of American muscle.
Heading in the wrong
direction of a one-way street.
I can't wait to get away
with you to see that.
I'm looking forward to
a couple of days alone.
No work, no
bureaucrats, no phones.
And no wife.
Don't start with that, Brooke.
I thought we moved past this?
You did.
You're really good
at getting past it.
Buckle up.
Spinning around town
in his automobile.
He decide something
for something to steal.
You better buckle up.
You better buckle up.
Tell the union they
can kiss my ass.
Why don't you get the gas?
I don't care what the
report says.
We've got 20 dump
trucks full of slate,
and they're all backed up.
Well, you tell Grier I want
a face-to-face by Friday.
That's right.
I'm a hard man, more
angles than curves.
You mess with me, you
get what you deserve.
Mister, don't cross that line.
With blue jays and
backwood roots.
You don't want to get with me.
I'll be back in the
office on Monday.
I'll deal with Foster.
Good morning, Sheriff.
Good morning, Russ.
Going fishing today?
If you catch something.
Everything OK?
What happened to all that talk
about no phone, no business?
No, I said, no bureaucrats.
That's what I say
until the day I die.
If we're heading
North to Eagle Bay,
shouldn't we've just
stayed on the highway?
Come on and miss all those
beautiful countryside?
Yeah, but that
should be us here.
Why didn't we just
stayed on the highway?
The interstate will
be a parking lot.
This will be faster.
Those assholes from
the gas station.
Good, a cop.
New York plates.
You two lost?
You didn't see that?
See what?
The pickup truck.
They nearly killed us.
They run us off the road.
I guess you didn't see me.
You shot past me up on 48.
Well, I haven't seen
a posted speed limit
in the last few
miles around here.
Can I see your driver's license?
Get out of the car.
What's this about?
I don't know what
you do in New York.
But out here, when
the Sheriff asked
you to get out of the car, you
get the fuck out of the car.
Get out.
You too, princess.
Let's go.
Keep your hands
where I can see them.
Stay over there.
I'm going to search your car.
What are we going to do?
Well, lookie what we have here?
A concealed weapon.
What are you carrying this for?
Protection from what?
Paperworks are in the glove box.
It's completely legal.
Not in my County, it's not.
There, that's the truck.
Jesus Christ.
Is this town all crazy?
Calm down.
Calm down?
These rednecks nearly killed us.
You want me to calm down?
This is crazy.
I want to speak
to your superiors.
Open your mouth
one more time, I'm
going to shoot you in the head.
We look like criminals to you?
I don't know what
criminals look like.
How about you fellas?
They look lost to me.
What the hell is going on here?
Raymond Harper, New York.
What do you do for
a living, big shot?
What do you build?
We haven't done anything.
Rick, take the Trans Am and
park it up back at the Marina.
We'll meet you there.
Thanks for the short notice.
I wasn't expecting
you until later.
Just make sure
she's all gassed up.
Is this even legal?
It's a short walk to the boat.
Holy fuck.
You still got this old tin can?
It maybe old, but
she's still mine.
Does this thing even
going to get us out there?
She'll get us there.
All right.
You two, let's go.
Move it.
Oh, hot blooded.
Just how I like them.
You're feeling all right?
That's how she's
supposed to feel.
She doesn't like the water.
Why are we heading East?
The island's North.
The lake's choppy.
We're going around it.
You don't have the
same last name.
You don't have the
same last name as her.
Oh, your wife doesn't know.
You've been a bad boy, Raymond.
Let's go.
Move, let's go.
You can keep whatever
is in the bag.
Take Gary's patrol car
around back, get it inside.
Same goes for my truck.
Trans Am, take it to Chuck's
directly, get rid of it.
You can keep anything
that's inside.
All right.
Got it?
I got it.
I've been coming here
since I was a kid.
My dad built this place
with his own hands.
Just like owning your
own slice of heaven.
You can't beat it.
What's this?
An extremely expensive watch.
Come on, let us go.
And the watch, the car, I'd
say it's a pretty good deal.
Let you go, just like that?
It doesn't even have
any numbers on it.
How am I supposed
to tell the time?
I think I'll keep my own.
It was a gift from my wife.
I can get you 50,000
by tomorrow night.
That's an awful lot of money
for a construction worker.
I'm a land developer.
And is that what this is about?
What will it take?
Are you going to tell
us what you want?
Just keep your mouth shut.
You, sit down.
You will behave yourselves.
If you don't, we're not
going to be nice anymore.
And we're going to
hurt you real bad.
Sit your ass back
down in that chair.
That's some woman you
got there, Raymond.
Nearly put it through the table.
You better not hurt her.
Or what?
What are you going to do next?
Rape me?
We're hunters not animals.
And married, sweetheart.
Not that that means
anything to you.
There is no escape.
You'll know why
you're here tomorrow.
Cuff yourself.
Stop sandbagging it, honey.
Hurry up.
How's the arm?
How do you think?
She put a fucking
knife through it.
Could have been worse.
I'm in.
You guys hear about the
mine in Jackson closing?
Chappie, he was a foreman
up there, wasn't he?
That's right.
They retired him.
That's two to you, TJ.
I'm in.
That's not what happened.
What'd you hear?
It's not what I heard.
It's what I know.
He spent his whole
life down in that mine.
You guys should know better than
anyone, under ground for that
Is this something
to do with your job?
Development projects
up in this area?
It has to be.
I've made enemies
over the years,
but not that want to kill me.
Why do you carry a gun?
I don't carry it.
I keep it in the
car for protection.
It's a last resort.
I'd say this is a last resort.
Why didn't you use it earlier?
On a cop?
And what the hell is a uniformed
cop doing involved in this?
They want money.
Just give it to them.
I handed him a gold watch.
He threw it away
like it was nothing.
If this is about money,
they would have said so.
Maybe they're going to ransom
you like a kidnapping plot.
Who would bring us here?
This place... look at this place.
It's got no power,
no phone, nothing.
I'm scared.
I am so scared.
Housing costs are going up.
All the city folk
are moving this way.
I check.
It's no sweat off
your balls, Gary.
You landed yourself
a government job.
I left Detroit for a reason,
not to work my ass off swimming
in all that human garbage.
It's a fucking war zone.
It always has been.
Back when I was at
the 5th precinct,
there was a murder a night.
Sometimes I just pray for it.
Raise three.
Pray for what?
Society to fall apart.
I mean, really fall apart.
No cops, no law.
Maybe we need a reset.
Personally, I
thought the Russkies
would have invaded by now.
What do you think, Gary?
About what?
Moving further North.
You got rocks in your head?
Any further North
would be in the lake.
I ain't going anywhere.
I'll die here.
Up to 10 bucks to you, Rick.
I raise 30 bucks.
If I catch you cheating
one more time, Rick,
I'm going to shove this
deck up your fucking ass.
We're drifting
North of the Marina.
I'd say two or three miles.
How do you know that?
Average speed of a boat is
about 30 minutes per mile,
maybe more.
We took just over an hour
and a half to get here.
How are we going
to get out of here?
We do what they say.
That seems to be working
real good so far.
If we don't think of
something, we're in trouble.
What do you want us to do?
Our car is probably sitting at
the bottom of the lake by now.
They have all the guns.
We don't know where we are.
There's no radio or
telephone that we know of.
One of them is a cop.
And then there's you.
What about me?
Everyone knows you're here.
What are you doing?
Get up.
Please, we haven't
done anything.
Does this have something
to do with Ray's work?
My family has no money.
I don't deserve to be here.
If you're going to tell
me your whole life story,
why don't you sit down.
I insist.
Why are we here?
What the hell is going on here?
I want to leave.
You're free to go.
That's not what I meant.
Call Ray's wife.
She'll pay.
Not when she finds out you've
been banging her old man.
How about a dance, sweetheart?
She don't like you, Gary.
Maybe she's too good
for your country ass.
Why don't you like me?
Oh, you smell so nice.
What the hell you're
doing with that little gun
up here for anyway?
Pulled it out lock up
about two years ago.
Some gangbanger got lit up on
52nd street in the West Side.
I read the report too.
Witnesses say it looks like
he was dancing the jig.
Today's the day that I get to
watch someone dance exactly
like that little greaseball did.
You finally going to tell us
what you plan on doing with us?
What's it look like?
They're going to hunt us.
You expect us to
just walk out of here
so you can hunt us down?
No gun.
If you keep your wits about
you, and you might make it out
And you never know, you
might wind up killing us.
With what?
Rick, Gary, and I used to go
hunting up near Buck's Bay.
We went for years.
A hundred white tails,
wild boar, but the outcome
was always the same.
Like my father always said,
once you've hunted men,
animals just don't
cut it anymore.
You're going to feel
a rush of adrenaline
like you've never
experienced before.
All your natural instincts to
survive are going to take over.
You're going to feel more
alive in the next few hours
and then all those wasted years.
This island is three miles
from shore to shore surrounded
by water in all directions.
There's no way off this rock.
Even we can't leave not until
morning when the boat arrives.
Please, don't do this.
Start running.
I can't go.
We have to move.
We can't stop.
If we stop, we die.
What do you figure?
Four hours tops.
Remember that
couple from Florida?
That was a complete wash out
My balls barely broke a sweat.
Yeah, TJ got the first kill.
He got lucky.
The wife was the
size of a truck.
You and I flushed
it right toward him.
You're getting old, Rick.
You couldn't catch her
today if you tried.
Squeeze in a little bit.
For Luann and the kids.
Are you OK?
I'm not OK.
None of this is OK.
Why us?
Why us?
It doesn't matter now.
If we just do this, we'll
figure it out later.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Up, up.
What do you figure?
I don't.
They're going to go straight
in until they hit the water
and double back
the way they came.
I don't think so.
I bet they run straight up
the blind side of the lake.
Follow it right around.
Not a chance.
Ten bucks says you're wrong.
I'll take that bet.
Over there.
Over there.
Are you sure?
I don't see anything.
Never mind.
Split up no more than 100 yards.
If you see something, fire
a single shot in the air.
The other two will come running.
Sounds good to me.
What do you say, Rick?
I'm OK with that.
We've got to get
back to the cabin.
There's going to be a
gun, a knife, anything.
They won't be expecting it.
I hear them.
They're coming.
Listen to me.
You've got to get out of here.
Run and hide as fast as you can.
Please, go.
They got my fucking gun.
Oh, well that's just great.
What do you think of
the odds now, Gary?
Fuck you, Rick.
Now, they're armed.
It doesn't change a thing.
There's the three of us.
We know the terrain.
Besides, if it was too easy,
where would the fun be?
They got you good.
You could fuck off too.
You're lucky.
I'm hit plenty of times,
never felt lucky about it.
Is that a gun?
I'm so sorry.
I should be here.
You should be home.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing ever
you feel sorry about.
For everything else.
They're coming.
God damn, what a rush.
Here, take that.
Get my good side.
But you don't have a good side.
Make sure I get a set of prints.
We got a live one here.
That's 10 bucks you owe me.
Best 10 bucks I ever spent.
He's mine.
I think I hit her, 50
meters straight ahead.
I think I hit her.
She's got to be close.
Did either of you see
which way she went?
I didn't see shit.
Wow, you were the
one who shot her.
Start a skirmish
line, 50 feet apart.
We'll head straight
down to the water.
Remember, she's got Gary's gun.
It's got to be out
of ammo by now.
Don't bet on it.
I thought I heard something.
No, forget it.
If anyone hear me,
please, I need help.
This is an emergency.
Is anyone there?
Is anyone there?
Please help me.
I've been kidnapped
by three men.
Damn it.
BROOKE Help me.
What's the range on that thing?
How the fuck should I know?
Backroom is clear.
It's clear.
She's gone.
Rick, she's got your rifle.
There's no way she can
get off the island, right?
You've been hunting
five years here, Gary.
You know there's
no way off of here.
Not unless she swims.
It's 20 miles from this
island to the mainland.
An average male with good
shape could probably do what?
Three miles, tops.
She's alone, and she's scared.
There's no way she's
getting out of here.
Bitch is bleeding.
We got more over here.
We need to put her
out of her misery.
What are the odds of
someone seeing that?
Hold up.
What the fuck?
What the hell is it?
Fuck this.
Fuck this.
Fuck it.
Stay down.
Get me out of here, TJ.
Oh, my God damn leg.
Stay down.
You got... you got
to help me, man.
I got something for you.
Rick, hold on.
You got to help me, man.
You got...
Oh, my God damn legs.
Stop moving.
Gary, get the hell out
there and grab Rick.
I'm not going out there.
I'm hit!
Oh, my God.
Help me!
Oh, God.
Grab that medical kit.
It's empty.
It's fucking empty.
God damn it, Rick.
Hang in there.
Don't you die on me.
I'm going to fix you up.
You remember that time that
you rolled your sister's car
off the road.
You went right through
that damn windshield.
You're invincible.
Don't leave me.
We can't do anything
until we kill
that bitch that fucked you up.
It doesn't look so bad, Rick.
You knew that she
would start shooting.
You saved her own skin.
Don't tell Luann.
Stop talking.
I can't...
Save your energy.
I can't...
I'm going to fix you up.
Is anyone there?
Can anyone hear me?
Please, I need help.
We say it was a
hunting accident.
He's been shot a dozen times.
We were drinking.
He went out at night, never
returned, probably drowned.
I'm still alive you, assholes.
We're talking about the
worst case scenario, Rick.
I don't feel so well.
That nosy wife of his is
going to ask questions.
The Sheriff's Department is
going to ask questions too.
Nothing we can't handle.
But Luann, she's not
going to let this go.
BROOKE Can anyone hear me?
This is an emergency.
I'm on an island somewhere
near Oakland County.
One of them is a police officer.
Is anyone out there?
Please respond.
What about plan B?
Plan B should have
happened hours ago.
You take this.
You kill anyone that
comes through that door.
Except me or Gary.
What are you going
to tell your wife?
I haven't though about it.
We need get our story straight.
You all right?
We've known Rick a long time.
If he survives this, we're
going to have to put him down.
Those wounds are
going to require
an awful lot of explaining.
Where the hell are you going?
Figure it my way.
Get up.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to get
even for the arm.
We'll carve up this
pretty little face.
Where's Gary?
I'm so cold.
You'll get me off this
island, yeah, Teej?
I'm getting you off the island.
I'm so cold.
Remember what I taught you, TJ.
How the hell did you get...
Held my breath.
You cunt.
It wasn't personal.