Death Island: Paranormal Retribution (2017) Movie Script

[Dan] ...static background noise.
You shouldn't get that,
So, as I sat here in the camp,
by myself, I decided to go
through my language,
uh, Ojibwe language,
and put some things
on there to use for later
-and this is what I got.
-[recorder beeps]
[scratching noises]
[distorted voices]
-[Dan] Now...
-That's creepy.
-[Dan]...the one after this--
-I have never had a recorder
do that.
I have, once before.
And it was at the Delta farm.
It was definitely considered
to be pretty haunted.
Uh, so just to double check,
I did it again...
-[recorder beeps]
-[Dan on recorder] Testing one,
two, three.
Now that's--
that's the third one,
let me do number five.
[recorder beeps]
-[radio static]
-[Dan] All we get is straight
static and I just held it.
-[Nicole] Yeah, well, Amy--
-Now, doesn't that sound like,
I'm like walking around
-or doing--
-[Amy] It doesn't even sound
like that,
-it doesn't sound
-I'm just sitting.
It doesn't sound like
randomness, it's--
I mean it's static.
[Nicole] That's what he said,
it sounds almost like a pattern.
[Dan] I don't think it's a
pattern, something's
in there.
[Nicole] But didn't you say
you had some weird static
coming in
-over your headphones?
-[radio static]
[Amy] I had static
on the headphones
and the weird thing is
is that I didn't realize...
[ominous music playing]
[wolves howling]
[indistinct whispering]
[seagulls squawking]
[children chattering]
[boy laughing]
[water flowing]
[operator] 911,
what is your emergency?
[man] Yes, yes, I'm calling from the island and we have four kids up here and they are extremely sick.
We need to get 'em
to a hospital, now!
[operator] Calm down, sir.
You need to tell me
what made them sick.
[man] I'm not-- I don't know.
[operator] Is it something
they ate?
[man] God, I-- I don't know.
We're all stranded out here.
We need to get off the island, now.
[operator] Okay sir, please
try to hold the phone.
[man] Okay, okay. Yeah, yeah.
-[operator] How many kids
are sick?
-[man] Um, four. Four kids.
-[operator] What are their
-[man] Oh, for Christ's sake
just send someone!
[operator] We're heading out,
Sir? What's going on?
[indistinct news reporting]
[reporter] Reported missing
from a small island...
Island of lies. [sniffs]
You look as lost as I am.
I just wanna go home.
[sniffles] I just wanna go home.
I wanna-- I wanna take
a long bath.
I wanna take
a nice, long bath...
and I'm not gonna do this
anymore, I'm not gonna do this
ever again.
[breathing heavily]
I call 'em and they answer,
every fucking time.
They don't shut the fuck up.
But when I need 'em
and I'm lost in the middle
of the fucking woods.
I got nothing.
The fuck?
-[footsteps approaching]
-[branches snapping]
I'm sorry, Jimmy.
Sorry, Paul...
[sobs softly] Lola and Arlie,
were in charge, I wasn't.
I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to leave you.
I was just a kid, too.
I was scared.
I'm sorry.
Here's one.
So far nobody
is calling me back.
Hi, hello there's a message
for Dan.
Striking out big time here.
Ten messages so far.
Hi, is this Chuck?
Chuck Harb?
Hey, Chuck, hi.
Uh, this is Chris
from Dogbyte Motion Pictures
and we're doing a documentary
on the Garden Island 19--
Well, we just need
some information, we wanna talk
to some people about, you know,
what might have happened at that
particular point in time.
You interested?
Um, well the significance
of this location is what--
It's an undisclosed, uh,
location in a cemetery,
up here in,
Kent County, Michigan.
And the reason why we're here is
because over
that hill, over there,
there is a memorial.
There's actually, four of them.
Uh, they went to
Garden Island,
which is up north, um,
uh, in Lake Michigan.
And unfortunately, uh,
those four kids
didn't make it back.
Garden Island was originally
inhabited by the Ojibwe tribe
about 2,000 years ago is what
we're finding.
Um, they pretty much lived
in peace until the white man
came over.
most of the Ojibwe tribe
were killed
by a small pox epidemic.
Now, if they found out that
the, uh, government,
that the white man,
had caused this disease
they would be increasingly
And I can definitely see where
all the anger would channel
to become a very powerful force
in the supernatural.
We're going to be doing a lot
of audio recordings to see
if we can capture EVP, which is,
"electronic voice phenomenon."
Um, now as for other aspects,
uh, we could see
just about anything.
We can be seeing shadows,
we could see actual apparitions.
They had several creatures
that they believed in
and they also believed in
shape-shifters as well.
I'm excited, I'm excited
to see what we can find--
what we can find with research.
Um, no I would not want to
come up against a creature,
but, uh,
on the paranormal aspect,
I cannot wait to get up there
and see what we can document.
[Chris] What are you gonna do
if you see a creature?
-Probably run.
-[Nicole and Sophia laugh]
It was the first time
we'd ever gone to the island.
When we got there,
it was beautiful, you know?
Warm, sunny,
gorgeous Michigan day that,
um, you know, you couldn't
be better being out there
on a lake and...
and four of the kids
went off...
hiking and accidentally
discovered this old,
Indian burial ground there.
It was right about that time
that everything sorta changed.
We got three days of nothing
but rain, cold.
All four of the kids got sick.
Katie, Jennifer, Paul
and Jimmy...
were all sick. The boys
were feverish and nauseous
the girls were kinda cold
and pale and...
and then Katie started getting
delirious, so...
a couple of us decided we'd
head on over to the rangers,
the conservation camp
on the island
and see if we could
get some help for 'em.
When we got back
the next morning and...
all four of the kids were gone.
I mean...
nobody saw anything,
nobody heard anything.
I still have dreams,
almost every night
that he's still alive on that
damn island somewhere.
In fact, uh, it's always
the same thing.
He's standing on the edge of
these woods with his back
to me and I start
to call his name
and just as he is about to turn
and look at me...
I wake up in a cold sweat.
Every time with my heart
[sighs] Man, it really did
a number on our mom too, she...
She never really got over it.
I was working dispatch
that night and got
the distress call.
They wanted an immediate
airlift out. We couldn't move
the plane because of the fog.
The next day, it was about
7:00 am, still had thick fog,
so we took the boat.
That guy searched
the entire island and nothing.
They were there for three days.
I know it's been years, but,
I can't stop thinking about it.
I need to know what happened
to him. What happened on that...
that island. It's a tiny island,
there's nothing there,
four kids can't just disappear
off the face of the earth.
It's been more than 20 years
since this happened, but,
I was-- I was his big brother.
I should have been there
to help him, I mean, I'm--
That's my job, I'm supposed
to protect him
but, I wasn't and he's--
and he's gone.
[Amy] We're here in Charlevoix.
Um, Michigan and it is
an absolutely beautiful town.
We're gonna go over here and see
if we can get an interview.
See if anybody,
perhaps went past--
They have tours that go around
Garden Island
and Whiskey Island.
Garden Island's owned entirely
by the state of Michigan
and it's the closest island
to Beaver Island.
Right there, right above
Beaver Island.
-[Chris] Have you been there?
-[Tom] I haven't been there.
Um, I've been by it.
And I drove all the way around.
We did a lighthouse tour
and we went all the way
up around it and come
through this channel
with the boat a couple of times.
There's quite a bit of, um,
ancestral burial grounds.
Even though a lot of people
don't actually know about it.
You know, it's only a mile
off Beaver Island,
but yet a lot of people
don't know about it.
It also supports a lot of snakes
and a lot of other wildlife so
it's not an island that's
for everybody.
[Sophia] Would it be easy
to get lost?
Yeah, yes. Mm-hmm.
There are some paths
but you'd have to stay on 'em.
Um, lots of poison ivy.
Well-- You really should be,
uh, somewhat experienced in, uh,
you know, hiking and--
If you want to venture out.
[Chris] When an American Indian
dies, specifically
of the Ojibwe culture,
it's traditional to bury them
and then build a structure
on top of their grave.
There are 3,500 graves.
Most of them
don't have spirit houses.
They're unmarked. So...
Pretty much from
my understanding, anywhere that
you go on the island there's
the possibility that there is,
um, somebody buried beneath you
which is particularly
um, since we're bringing
a paranormal crew with us.
Um, my best advice would be
not to go to Garden Island.
It's haunted and,
uh, you know, I've heard
of voices and just crazy things
that happen there.
I know there's been a lot
of mishaps over the years
of people boating,
people getting stranded
on Garden Island.
And if you go just be prepared
that you won't come back
the same.
You'll never leave the same.
A lot of the Ojibwe's that
lived on Beaver Island went
to Garden specifically to plant
corn and squash. So, they had
an extensive agricultural-
type society there.
And the odd thing is that
there was a whole other
population of individuals
that lived on the opposite side
of the island.
They built a saw mill.
They had a small town there.
And, one of the questions
we have or was the fact that,
did these people live
in harmony?
Were there lines drawn?
How the interactions happened?
If there was any discontent
that occurred on the island.
Garden Island became somewhat
of a ghost town
with a small pocket
of native Ojibwe's
still living on the island
but gradually they started
to just succumb to illness,
and by 1900
most of the population
had dwindled.
The last full-time
Native American resident
of the island was named
Peter Monatou.
And he lived there
all by himself and...
ultimately he died in 1940.
So, since 1940,
there hasn't been any full time
residents of the island itself.
Four children
from Explorer Group 715,
a youth mentorship program
based in Grand Rapids,
were reported missing
from a small island located
in northern Lake Michigan.
Law enforcement
and search and rescue groups
were dispatched to investigate
the area
where the children
were last seen.
When search and rescue
arrived on the island
they reported that
the group's campsite was found
undisturbed but abandoned.
The search and rescue crew
remains on the island
looking for the missing children
and law enforcement officials
are investigating
the whereabouts of these
as they find the incident
highly suspicious and suspect
foul play.
If you have information
on the whereabouts of these
you can call the State Police
anonymous tip line at area code
[Chris] You must have some kind
of theory. I mean, four kids.
you know, just don't vanish
and nobody ever found anything
from what I hear.
I have no idea. I have no idea
what happened up there.
There's some...
stuff about some Indian curse
on the island and...
that's about all I know.
I-- You know, I've had a lot
of it blocked from my mind.
I-- It's not a pleasant part
of my life.
[Chris] Hi Mr. Hammons.
Hi, this is Chris
from Dogbyte Films
we talked on the phone.
I had a couple questions for you
about the...
1989 trip to Garden Island.
I just wondered if you
could tell me a little bit about
what might of happened?
What's with this? It's like
for YouTube or something?
No we're actually doing
a full blown documentary
about the events
of '89
and we really wanna know,
you know, how you can have,
you know, supervised children
on an island and they just
kinda vanished.
I don't know. I mean,
we knew its history.
You know, back in '61...
same thing happened.
It was like Boy Scouts
or something.
Being an adult in a, kind of,
a supervisor role do you feel
somewhat responsible?
They vanished...
-Did you guys hear or see--
-...without a trace.
There we have it.
I think it's good for me to go
on this thing
and, uh...
try to see if there's
something else...
Um... [voice breaks]
I used to fish up
at Garden Island all the time.
My friends and I would go
up there a lot.
Hell, everyone was up there
and the fishing
was so fucking amazing
that we used to refer to it
as Success Island.
I'm fine. Uh...
maybe this will help things
for me, I don't know.
-Maybe you'll get some
closure on some things.
Like what? Closure's bullshit.
There is no closure.
Yeah, we'd heard about
the reports
of the missing children.
And everyone knew that
there was a pattern there
because that was not the first
time it had happened.
And, uh, if you wanna talk
to the Indians,
they'll tell you all about it,
but I would just say
good luck finding one.
Uh, it's just--
there was something
just very menacing and creepy
about it and,
I, uh, I've got the sense
to stay away from there.
We are packing to go up north.
Once we get up there
we're going to get on a ferry
to Garden Island.
It's hard camping out there.
This ain't, uh,
you know, a public camp ground.
Nobody lives there.
There's no water,
no electricity.
-[Amy] It's Colorado dude.
-[Chris] Well, let--
No, still we have
a Colorado map, nice.
The island is full of mosquitoes
and full of seven different
species of snakes, coyotes...
-I'm at eight now.
-Oh-- No wait.
[device beeps]
-That's two.
Well, you point the compass
north and then you know
where you are.
You know, wind-up flashlight,
compass, glow sticks, tin cup.
[Chris] We go up here
by Charlevoix. Take the ferry
to Beaver Island,
which is up here...
-[Amy] Yeah.
-[Chris] ...and then we actually
gotta take a private boat
-to get to Garden.
-Tons of flashlights.
I probably got
20 flashlights with me.
-So I'm--
-[Chuck] And a blow dryer
and fingernail polish...
-Yes. Yeah.
We're gonna paint
your nails when you fall asleep.
Your toe nails.
-[Amy laughing]
-[Chuck] I probably won't
be sleeping.
[Chuck] Hey, what do we got
for food you guys?
What are we eating?
First aid kit complete with IV
and everything.
This is a six-man tent.
[Chris] 'Cause we know how
you like multiple layers of men.
I do.
-Are you filming me right now?
-[Chris] No.
Clothes. Hello.
[Chris, mockingly] Hello, hello.
God I can't--
God, I wish I could do that.
-I'm jealous of your squeaking.
-[Chris laughing]
It's the only talent I have.
I know I've seen your films.
Look out fuckers,
media coming through.
-[Sophia] Oh.
-I'm good.
-Plenty of trouble, honey.
-[all laugh]
[Chuck] I have an entourage.
[women laugh]
What did you want?
[Amy] Camel Crush.
-[Amy] Camel Crush.
-You can tell her.
-[Amy] Yeah.
She would like Camel Crush.
[Amy] You were asking me.
Got some Camel Crush.
[Chris] Have you put it
in the cooler, Sophie?
You won't be able to drink it
and when we get up there
it's gonna be gone.
You guys can drink warm then
'cause we're gonna have cold.
-[Chris] Oh, lucky you.
-It's booze cruisin'.
-[Chris] Lucky you.
Booze cruise.
-[Sophia] Booze cruise.
-[Chris] Where are you? Tell me?
-[car engine starting]
Uh, Big Rapids.
-[Chris] Yeah.
-Pulled over to get some gas.
-[Chris] You got to gas?
-Uh, yeah and I filled up
the car too.
[chuckles] Hey!
[Sophia] So we're probably
about what, 200 more miles?
I don't know it was like 300
about five minutes ago.
[rock music playing over radio]
-I love this song.
-[Chris] Yeah?
[Chris] It's like a really
kind of hippie influence.
-It's like a...
I could pop a Quaalude
right now.
[rock music continues]
I got a bottle of diet
cream soda Faygo
-style in the house.
-[Chris] Ooh, yummy.
Well it's an okay evening
For a drive
We got Chuck's going like
a fucking bat outta hell
right now. [giggles]
[Amy] He's keeps speeding up
and then he'll slow down...
-I know.
-...and then when
you catch up with him
he'll speed up again.
He's got a really odd
driving pattern.
He's, like, competitive,
lazy driving.
It's kind of a combination
of both.
-Your GPS lied.
-[Chris] We are-- [chuckles]
We were going
in the wrong direction
-for what, ten, fifteen minutes?
-No, like three.
[Chris] Oh, it seemed like ten minutes.[chuckles] Is it this thing here? I guess.
[Chuck] It lies!
We are in Charlevoix
and it is, like, 11:00 p.m.
at night and we made it up here.
It was a nice, like,
little detour we took there.
-[Sophia laughing]
-I don't know what
you're talking about.
-[Chris] It was--
-[Sophia] That was very--
-[Chris] It was the Magellan.
-[Amy] Oh so, you guys are nice
and drinking up, huh?
-That'll wet your whistle.
-[Chris] This is our
paranormal expert.
Over here we have
Mrs. Sophia Maslowski.
-Hi, nice to meet you.
-[Nicole] Hello. Hi.
[Chris] Boom mic, sound stuff,
some camera stuff,
some interview stuff.
-[Nicole] Cool.
-[Chris] And here we have,
-How you doing?
-[Chris] If you heard
about Chuck he's one of the
original members of the
original expedition in '89.
We have Amy who's gonna
be helping with cameras and...
-[Chris]...sound equipment.
-Nice to meet you.
-Hi, Amy, hi.
-[Chris] How do you feel?
-All right. Salute.
-[Chris] Salute.
-[Sophia] Salute.
[Chris] We got this one
bouncing off the walls.
Her Adderall's obviously...
-[Amy] No I haven't taken
any Adderall...
-...kicking in.
...I'm just tired of sitting.
-Good morning.
-[Chris] Good morning.
-It's like a half mile down...
-[Chris] It's a half mile
-...that way.
-[Chris]... there's a shuttle.
So, we gotta get cracking.
[Amy] Hey, don't throw
my lucky charm, just like--
-[Chuck chuckles] Sorry.
-This is-- This is a--
-Like it means nothing.
[Amy] This is a very
personal item for me.
-[Chuck] Well, my mistake.
-[Chris] Thank you.
["Where Did You Sleep Last
Night" by Leadbelly playing]
My girl, my girl
Don't lie to me
Tell me where
Did you sleep last night
Come on, tell me baby
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun
Don't ever shine
I would shiver
The whole night through
My girl, my girl
Where will you go?
I'm going where
The cold wind blows
Where's that baby?
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun
Don't even shine
I would shiver
The whole night through...
It looks about the same.
It's very--
It's weird. It's like going back
in time 'cause...
nothing has changed.
It all looks exactly the same.
[Nicole] What we're going
to do is Amy brought
some burlap and some tie,
some twine.
We're gonna take the burlap
and I'm gonna grab a cigarette
from one of you guys
and take it apart,
put the tobacco in it
because that was one
of the standard gifts that
was given was tobacco.
[Captain John] Garden Island
is used as a meeting place
for the--
the Native American Indians.
Also important as a burial spot,
it's the largest burial,
uh, Native American
burial ground pretty much
in the Great Lakes.
-Mazel Tov.
-[Sophia] Cheers, Mazel--
We'll see.
I looked for three missing
people right about here
for, like, three days.
Yeah, we lost three of our
local people here
in a fishing accident.
So, a lot of tragedy
that happens here.
I don't know. I'm getting
a lot of, uh...
There's a lot of mixed stuff
going on in here right now.
So, I don't know.
It's just a lot of things
are coming back and...
No, we're gonna do like
a three person kind of--
-[Captain John] Hey, Chris?
-Yes, Chris, the man of reason.
-What am I hopping on?
-Step and then to the deck
you'll go.
-[Chuck grunts]
Fat man. [grunts]
-It's your color.
-Uh, no comment.
[John] Oh, smart ass.
[Amy] Purple isn't in.
It's your color though, Chuck.
[Amy] Was this--
Are you talking about
right there where it's taped?
-[Sophia] Well,
we just had to tape it.
-[Amy] Yes.
-[Amy] The second I put it up,
it snapped.
[Sophia] It's too tight
because we can't zip this.
It can hear sound but just
not through the headphones.
All right, now I've got sound.
[Chris] Is that a real song?
- I won't have to talk
- I won't have to talk
No more
There's spirit houses and...
They're supposed to be alive
and active.
A lot of people don't want
to come here
because it's haunted.
What we're hoping to do here
today is to possibly document
paranormal activity.
Um, we're hoping from
some of the Indian natives
from here.
I'm Dan Holroyd I am the founder
and president of SMP,
Southern Michigan Paranormals.
Uh, I'm in cooperation
with Nicole, uh, out here
to help do some
paranormal investigating
of the Native American,
uh, sites on the island
as well as assist
with your crew. Um,
I have Ojibwe in my family.
And my great-grandmother
was Ojibwe.
This is an EMF, uh,
standard EMF meter.
Uh, we have a natural
electromagnetic field
around the earth and around most
everything around us.
Um, this will detect changes
in that field. The theory is
in paranormal investigating,
is that when we have something
that interferes on a medium
to large scale
uh, when there's no other
power source around,
uh, both of these
are designed to, as you see
with this one with the dummy
gage on it,
uh, they are to monitor that
and they will also show you
that there's interference
in that magnetic field.
Spray yourself heavily.
Don't drink it or nothing.
But, uh, yeah.
Uh, no one wants to get sick
or get bit by some God awful
bugs so,
be sure you have all that
shit ready. I want to go
to my tent and get mine
right now.
We stopped at the liquor store,
get the booze, and then
he's been drinking beer, beer,
And then on the ferry ride here
he's been drinking.
He's drinking like--
He's had probably eight beers
since we've been here.
We've only been here what?
An hour trying to set up camp?
Uh, I gotta keep up appearances,
don't I Craig?
-[Chris] Oh,
now I'm really insulted.
Whatever the fuck your name is,
I don't know.
[Chris] So, we're going deep
into the woods.
Can I have everybody do
a radio check, please?
-[Amy] Okay, radio check.
-[Amy] Hey, radio check.
I need to get my radio.
You-- you got my radio check?
-[Amy] Yeah.
-[radios beeping]
[radio static]
-You guys got your meters?
-[Sophia] Yep.
-[Chuck] Yeah.
-Everybody's got their radios?
-[Chuck] We're good to go?
-[Chris] Good to go.
-[Chuck] All right, let's go.
-[Chris] Bucko water. All right.
[distant screeching]
Did you guys hear that
in the woods over here?
-[Chuck] I just had it.
-[Dan] Look over here.
[Chuck] I just had a spike
right here too.
-[Chris] No shit?
-[Chuck] Yup.
[Chris] Shoot your camera
that way, Amy.
-[Amy] What way?
-Over in the woods, right here.
Did you hear that?
[Chuck] Probably just an animal
or something, Chris.
[Chris] Why's your
exposure level down?
-[Amy] Did we get any type
of hits there, Dan?
-[Dan] I did right there.
[Amy] Down here?
[Dan] Okay. Going there.
[Chris] Ah, you know
I wouldn't recommend that.
Stick to the trail.
Don't get separated.
[Amy] I'm not hearing anything
any more.
-[Chris] Okay.
It's probably just an animal.
[Chris] All right.
-[Sophia] Buzzing animal?
-[Dan] Are you ready?
-[Amy] All right.
-[Chris] You guys
are documenting this stuff?
-This means something, right?
-[Amy] Yeah.
-[Amy] All right, let's go.
-[Chris] Are we ready?
-[Nicole] I'm ready.
-[Amy] Are you still getting it?
[Chuck] Dan?
[chanting in distance]
[Chris] It's these trees, man.
[indistinct chatter]
[Dan] That's creeping me out,
big time.
[Chris] Yup, I'm getting
interference periods of...
which I never get
on, these are Sennheiser mics.
They're pretty clean.
[indistinct chatter]
Are we all together now?
[indistinct chatter]
[Chris] Got a big fly
on your back dude. [chuckles]
[Chuck] Well, can you
get it off?
-[man] What the fuck
are you doing here?
-[all screaming]
-Get the fuck outta here!
-All right, all right.
-[girls screaming]
-Oh, fuck, Craig
they got cameras.
Shut the fucking cameras off!
Shut 'em off! Shut 'em off!
Shut 'em off!
-Shut the fucking camera off.
-[Chris] What the fuck
are you doing, dude?
-You shut the fuck up
and shut that camera off.
-[Chris] This is state property.
[Sophia] Get that gun
out of my face!
This is state property, man.
-We have the right to be here
just like you.
-[man] No you don't!
-I got the guns and you don't
have the right...
-[Chris] Go, go, go, go, go, go.
-[man 1] Shut the fucking
camera off.
-[Chuck] Go, just go.
[man 1] What do you have to say,
[Chris] We're making
a documentary.
We have every right to be here.
-Just like you,
Put that fucking gun down!
-[man screaming]
-[man 1] Hey fat boy! Fat boy!
-[Chuck] Call the fucking cops!
-[man 1] Move it fat boy!
Get the fuck outta here!
-[Chuck] Call the fucking cops!
[man 1] Get the fuck
out of here.
[Chuck] Fucking do it pussy!
I will. Do it.
-[Chris] Chuck, Chuck, stop it!
-[man 1] Move it fat boy!
-[man 1] Move it fat boy!
-[Chuck] Do it! Do it!
-[man 2] Don't touch my gun
you fuckin' ass.
-[Chuck] Pussy!
[Amy] Sophia, come on, stop.
-[muttering indistinctly]
-[Amy] Sophia come on. Come on!
-Are you fucking serious?
-[Amy] Shh. Stop. No,
we'll circle around, okay?
-We'll circle around.
-[Chuck] Come back, here.
-[Nicole] Sophia.
-[Chuck] Sophia, come back here.
[Chris] All right let her go,
let her go. Stop, stop.
Just chill out, you guys.
You can't let her go.
Do not let her go.
We can't abandon anybody
up here.
Sophia. Get back here.
-We'll just bypass them
from now on, okay?
-[Amy] All right.
-Let's go.
-[Chris] You all right?
You all right?
-Everything's good?
-[sobs] Everything's good.
[Chris] Dude, I'm shaking.
That scared the fuck
out of me, man.
-[Chuck] You're not
the only one.
-[Chris] I'm freaking out.
-We're all shaking.
-[Dan] Can we just, like,
keep walking? Lets--
[Chris] I don't know, hold on.
Let's just regroup, okay?
I don't wanna go anywhere
right now. I'm sorry, you guys.
Okay, you just told me
to stop crying
and you start crying.
Well, think of it, man,
it's a family business,
you know. This has probably
been going on for 20--
[Chuck] No, I-- No.
Look, all this meth shit is new.
Pot farmers and stuff here
would be really cool
and mellow.
Like, no one comes up here.
They're not gonna need guns
and shit.
They were cooking meth
and it wasn't up here when we--
when I was up here.
We're Indi right? Indian--
Indian Harbor?
-[Amy] Yeah.
So, what I'm seeing here
is the little trail,
that's that trail.
didn't the guy from the boat
say we turn left it's gonna
Y off and we turn left...
-Yeah. get up to the Indian
burial ground
and then we hang a right
at that oak tree.
-Okay, well look what's sitting
where we're at. It says
a site of Indian village.
[branches breaking in distance]
[Chris] Hello?
-[Chuck] Weird shit, creepy.
-[Sophia] Hello?
[Nicole] Is somebody out there?
Just, uh,
let's not draw attention.
-It's probably just an animal
or something. Uh...
-[branches snapping]
-[Sophia] What the hell is that?
[Chris] I heard something
out there.
[Chuck] Let's, uh,
let's keep walking.
It's around here somewhere.
-[Sophia] Hello?
-[Chris] You don't hear it?
-[Chuck] Yeah, I heard it.
-[Nicole] Yeah, stop.
[branches rustling and snapping]
-[Sophia] What the hell is that?
-[Chris] There. Right there.
Right there, up ahead.
[Nicole over radio] Hey guys, can you come over here? I think I might have found something.
[Sophia] Yeah we're on our way
right now.
-[Chuck] Where is she?
-[Sophia] Where are you?
You went ahead of us.
[radio beeps]
[Nicole over radio] Yup, come on through the trail and it curves around to the right and just keep going.
-You'll see me.
-[radio beeps]
-[Nicole] Chuck?
-[Chris] Come and shoot this,
Amy. Take a shot of this.
-[Chris] Get this.
-[Amy] What is it?
[Nicole] I don't know yet,
I haven't gotten it out.
[Chris] Hold on. Hold--
This is-- This is Jimmy's hat.
[Chris] That's--
That is it. That's evidence man.
I-- I-- You should
put that back.
It's not gonna have fucking
fingerprints on a hat
that's 20 something years old,
-[Chris] Just for now.
-There's no reason
to put it back.
They're not gonna dust
for prints on this thing
[Chris] Okay, all right.
Let me do a quick narration
on what we found
so put it back
at least so I can do that.
Here we are, it's June 15th
and we're on Garden Island
and about, uh, two,
two and a half miles
into the trail.
We took a fork in the trail,
Nicole calls us,
we find this hat which appears
to be the hat from Jimmy...
-[Chuck] Barnes.
-[Chris] ...Barnes. Jimmy Barnes
-from the expedition in 1989.
-Let's just go right now,
all right?
We found the camp site.
-[indistinct chatter]
-Now we know where it is.
-[Amy] We have it on film.
-[Sophia] I'm so sorry Chuck.
It could be any fucking...
All right, can we go?
-[Chris] Yeah--
-Yippee we found a hat.
We found a fucking old hat.
[Chris] Do you know the way
From where we came
from. Let's go.
Just go follow the trail
down there.
We were, like,
really into them and...
he was a good kid.
Me and Jimmy did a lot
of shit together. He was like
the only one that...
didn't fucking tease me
and shit.
[Chris] So, I guess--
Do you feel like
we need to move on?
Do you wanna continue
this project?
Yeah, I wanna know what happened
to Jimmy. I'm just gonna
be here a while, okay?
[Amy] Are we gonna just wait
here for him, then?
-[Chris] No, just go, just go.
It's over.
-[Chris] Just let him be.
-All right.
One more take.
The expedition 2012, um,
starting out kind of rough.
We did get ambushed by some, um,
really angry...
um, guys with some really
big guns
and that was some pretty decent
footage. Especially watching
the crew react to that.
Um, also found the original
camp site and some suspected
evidence which was a red hat
um, which looks like
one of the original campers.
You know, hopefully
we'll have something
to put together
for this project, um,
again hoping,
but, uh, we'll see.
All right.
-[Amy] Oh, He's here but--
-[Chuck] Easy now.
-[Nicole chuckling]
-Easy now.
[Amy] He's here.
I'd like to thank the Academy.
Speaking of--
Thank you so much.
[all laughing]
-[Chris] It's a GoPro.
-I couldn't have done it
without you. Thank you.
If I'm forgetting
anybody's names I'm so sorry.
Thank you, I love you.
Thank you.
[Nicole cheering]
[Chris] Okay, so you know
how to turn that thing on?
[Amy] The on button.
[Chris] It's just like
a regular camera.
You push that button.
-[Chuck] You talk dirty to it.
-[Chris] And it'll beep.
[camera beeping]
[Chris] And then when you
wanna roll just hit the top one.
That's the shutter release.
So, when we go to bed at night
that goes on.
[Amy] Okay.
[waves crashing]
It's third grade
third, fourth grade humor.
[Sophia] Okay.
[Chris] We don't expect anything
more from you, so...
-Fuck off Penny. Stay behind
the camera.
-[Nicole chuckling]
[Chuck] Quit fucking
[Nicole] I think you're
building it way up, Chuck,
-so just tell the joke.
-[Chuck] Fine, fine.
No fuck it.
No, joke's done.
-[Amy] Come on, tell the joke.
-I'll just give you
the punchline.
-[Sophia] Oh, it was hilarious.
-Ah, the punchline is,
I looked all over
my hairy butt hole
but I can't find my crack.
-There's your punchline.
-[all chuckling]
Make your own fucking joke.
Thank you very much.
Boy humor and girl humor
at that age are so different.
I don't even remember what
we thought was funny
but, it wasn't that
kind of stuff.
I don't remember girls
being funny at third
and fourth grade.
They were all bitches.
[all laughing]
I said my punchline,
you give a punchline.
[Sophia] You can't even
remember the joke,
you fucking joke.
[girls giggling]
[Chris] If you wanna cue me in
on the punching thing...
-[all laughing]
-[Sophia laughs] Oh, he's gotta
go punch his clown.
I don't like to hear
squishy soft sounds...
-[all laughing]
-...all fucking night long.
[Chuck] I'll take the watch
tonight, you guys.
[Chuck] All right,
let's do this thing. [grunts]
Take care of your bottles,
Are you gonna film me all night
or you going to sleep, Chris?
-[Chris] I'm going to sleep
after you get situated.
[Nicole] What do you
wanna film us doing in here?
[Chuck] You know,
I thought Chris-- Jesus.
What if they come behind me?
-[Chuck] I'm fucked.
-[Chris] Actually,
quite literally yes.
[Chris] Push the shutter
[Chuck] Which is the
top one?
-[Chris] Presumably.
-[Chuck laughs]
-[Chuck] I do know.
-[Chris] Do you know? All right.
[Chris] Try it and see
what happens.
Ah, red light on
mean recording.
[crickets chirping]
[voice, echoing] Chuck...
Over here, Chuck...
Chuck, over here...
Over here, Chuck...
[Chris] Chuck!
You guys see anything?
[Amy over radio] No,
I can't find him anywhere.
I haven't seen him.
He's not over here.
[Chris] Chuck?
Sophia anything?
[Sophia over radio] No, I've been looking everywhere. I cannot find him.
It's-- And it's really black out here. I-- I'm calling him, everything, no response.
[radio beeps]
[Chris] You guys might wanna
come down here.
[Amy over radio] Okay, um, me and Sophia are gonna meet up and, uh, we'll be down there in a minute.
[radio beeps]
[Sophia over radio] Tell me
if I'm going north, south,
east or west
'cause I have no idea.
-[radio beeps]
-[Chris] Head towards the water.
[twigs snapping]
-[Amy over radio] I'm on my
-[radio beeps]
[Chris] You were standing here
that whole time?
[Chuck] I don't know, Chris.
I-- Fucking, I don't know.
[Chris] What do you mean
you don't know?
-I don't.
-[Chris] How do you not know
how long you were standing here?
Dude we were calling you,
we were yelling,
we were radioing, and you didn't
have your radio on.
I don't know, Chris.
I don't know how long,
I was there.
Where the fuck are you
taking me?
[Chris] I don't know.
I don't know. I don't know!
I don't know where the fuck
we are.
[both panting]
[Chuck] We're getting
the fuck out of here.
Well, as predicted it's raining.
It's been raining
all fucking day.
I'm stuck in a tent.
Everybody's bitching
and whining.
Tent's leaking of course.
Hasn't rained in two weeks
but the day I bring all
my shit out,
it's fucking pouring.
Um, no story, nothing.
Then, um,
weird shit with Chuck.
Found him standing underneath
the tree last night
-decorated with feathers...
-[rain pouring]
...tied to the branches.
No doubt from the, um,
the guys have been stalking us,
some kind of scare tactic.
I don't care. I'm not afraid.
If they wanted to kill us,
they had plenty
of opportunities.
I'm more interested now in
just getting to the cemetery,
getting the paranormal people
up there, getting some
EVP readings, whatever.
I'll be back, um, tomorrow.
Hopefully to fill you in on...
what we find, if anything.
[indistinct muttering]
[crickets chirping]
-[Amy] Hey, Chuck.
-[Chuck] Hey.
-[Amy] Chuck?
-[Chuck] What?
-Do you know where we are?
-Yes, I know where I am.
[Amy] Are you sure?
I think we're going in circles.
I'm seeing the same shit.
-[Chris] As I saw back then.
-They're a bunch of trees Chris.
They are gonna look
-the same.
-[Sophia] They all look
the same.
[Amy] Do you know
where we're going?
[Chris] We've been walking
for six hours.
[Chuck] The trail--
-[Amy] Do either of you guys
-[Sophia] Shh.
[Amy whispers] Do either of you
guys know what's going on?
-[Chuck] Yes.
-Do you know where
you're going?
[Chris] I don't. I don't know
where I'm at. I can't see shit.
-I'm tripping on everything.
-It's been 20 years
since I've been up here.
-[Amy] Chuck, come on.
-Cut me some fucking slack.
[Chris] Well, what do you
wanna do? You wanna go forward
or you wanna go back?
-[Chuck] No--
-[Chris] If we go back
we're gonna get more lost
-if we go forward...
-[Chuck] No, let's go forward.
[Chris]...who knows,
probably end up coming back
here in a half an hour.
-[Chuck] Let's go forward.
-[Chris] Like we've been doing.
[Sophia] Okay, there's a stump
right here.
-[Chris] You guys okay?
-[Chuck] Yeah.
[Amy] You don't know
where we're going, Chuck.
[Chuck] Can you shut your mouth
just for a second? Come on.
[indistinct chatter]
-[Amy] He's getting us lost.
-[Chris] Shh, okay?
[Nicole] Chuck.
[Chris] Chill out. Let's just
get the hell out of here.
Keep going.
-We're getting up to a three.
-[Sophia] Oh, no, not again.
[Nicole] Yes, this is-- It's--
And it's going up.
So, what--
[Chris] Can you, uh, kinda
explain that in layman's terms?
Basically we should have less
than a one for normal reading
and up to a three, that
signifies a strong disturbance
in the, uh, magnetic field.
[Amy] Is that a positive
or a negative?
Um, this strong?
Hmm, negative probably.
-[Amy] Oh, okay.
-This strong,
we are probably getting either
close to something
or being surrounded.
[Chris] We're in a Ojibwe
Indian cemetery
on Garden Island.
We've been walking for hours
and hours and hours and it's
been rumored that the Indians
that reside in this cemetery
were decimated
by the smallpox virus
which was introduced to them
by the, um, white population
that settled in-- in this area.
So, what we have here is a field
of graves.
-[Nicole] I don't wanna do this.
-[Amy] Guys, this is not
a good idea.
-[Nicole] I don't wanna do
-[Amy] This is not a--
-[Chris] Seriously?
-[Nicole] Seriously,
this kind of rating--
[Chris] We came all this way,
spent all this time in the woods
and you're gonna turn back?
[Amy] She knows this stuff
and she's saying that
this doesn't feel good.
-I don't think we should go
in there.
-[Chuck] I agree.
[Nicole] This high of reading
something is wrong.
[Sophia] They're paranormals,
okay? They know what
they're doing.
[Chris] Do you guys
want to make this film or not?
You wanna make
this movie or not?
[Nicole] We have been making
this movie, I don't feel good
about this.
-[Chris] All right--
-[Dan] Seeing this
in the day
is different than at night.
[Chuck] I just want to be really
careful, Chris.
I don't want to disturb
any of these things.
[Amy sobbing]
I don't wanna be here anymore.
I don't even know what direction
to go in anymore.
I seriously don't know
what direction we're supposed
to be going anymore.
-[Chris] Okay, okay, hold on.
-[Amy cries] I don't know
where we are.
[Dan] It's okay, Amy.
We came in right over there.
-We just gotta remember to be...
-[Chris] Hello?
can you guys hear me out there?
[radio beeps]
-[Amy sobbing]
-[Chris] Radio check.
-[Sophia over radio] Yeah.
-[radio beeps]
[Dan] For you and the guest,
[Amy sobs] I think
we got something.
[Sophia] Amy?
Amy? Amy I'm not going
over there.
I'm not going there.
[Chris] We're going right here.
There's-- There's a path
right there.
[Chuck] Chris we gotta leave
an offering or something.
[Chris] Yeah I agree, I agree.
I agree.
[Chuck] Let's go, uh, ask Dan
and Nicole what specifically
we gotta do.
[Sophia] Hold on.
Can we get it again?
-[Chris] Come on.
-[Chuck] It wasn't a fluke.
-Come on.
-[Sophia] It's gone.
-It's gone okay I think
we can get it...
-[Chuck] The goosebumps again
just walking up here. God!
-You see this shit?
-[Chris] Is that real?
-[Chuck] Can you see that?
-[Chris] Oh, my god.
[Chuck] Yeah,
it's fucking real.
[Sophia] And what we just had
was pretty real too.
[Chris] My meter on my battery
just dropped about 15 minutes.
-[Amy] Yup.
-[Chris] It just lost power.
[Amy] Yup.
[Chris] I'm down to 45 minutes
Chuck sir, can you hold these
for me?
I need to get some--
-I need to get some photographs.
-[Dan chanting in Ojibwe]
[Dan continues chanting]
[Dan] You see that one
over there?
[Dan] We thank you
for allowing us in.
We ask that you watch over us.
Keep us safe.
[device beeps]
[Dan] And we do this again,
in respect...
that my love...
and respect to our great people.
This is messed up stuff, Chris,
[Dan chanting in Ojibwe]
[Chris] You get some pictures?
Oh your camera died, didn't it?
[Sophia] My camera died.
We can check out
some pictures though.
[Chris] I got some battery
issues. We gotta go.
-[Dan] You all right, Chuck?
-[Chuck] Yeah.
[Chris] Guys, shh. Stop, stop,
Stop, look that way.
-You guys see that?
-[Chuck] Yup.
[Sophia] Yeah.
[Chris whispers]
What do we wanna do?
What do we do? What do we do?
These guys are stalking us.
[twigs snapping]
[Chuck] Don't shine the light
that way. No, no, no, no,
no, no!
These guys are fucking
stalking us.
[Chris] Dude he's got a fucking
laser beam. He's got
a fucking laser. Go that way.
Go, go, go, go, go!
-Go, guys.
-[Chuck] Shh.
[indistinct whispering]
[Chris] Turn your lights off.
Off, off. Right off now!
[Chuck whispers] Get 'em off.
[Chris] Shh.
[Chuck whispers] Fuck he's got
a damn laser. Holy shit!
He's got a laser
and it's right there.
[Sophia whispers]
Get down, get down,
get down! Get down!
[Chris whispers]
What the fuck man?
What in the fuck is going on?
-[Chuck] Cover that
fucking red light.
-[Amy] Shit!
-[Chuck] Cover that red light.
-[Chris] Oh, shut up.
[Chris] What the fuck man?
[Amy] Oh my God
what are they doing?
[indistinct whispering]
-[Chris] Go back that way.
-[Amy] There's a fucking
spider web.
-[Sophia] Go!
-[Chris] Go, go.
Go you guys, move.
They're coming this way.
Come on.
I'm not fuckin around!
[Amy] Run!
[Chris] Dude they're right
behind us. They're right
behind us.
-They're right behind us. Go!
-[Amy] We gotta go.
[Chris] What the hell did we
do to those guys?
What the hell did we say
to those guys?
-I didn't say anything to them.
-[Chris] I know you didn't say
No I don't think anybody
said anything to them, Chris.
[Chris] They've been on us
since we got here.
Yes, they have.
It's abundantly clear
that it's-- they've been on us
this entire time.
[Chris] What the fuck?
This is state property.
Yes, I know.
-[Chris] We have every right
to be here.
-We have every right to be here
and I got it cleared.
It was cleared, okay?
-[Chris] That dude had
a fucking laser pointer.
-I know-- I know he did.
[cries] I know he did.
[Chris] Oh shit, I thought--
Man I hope I was rolling.
Okay, I don't know
if I was rolling or not.
One more take.
Uh, a lot of the footage so far
has been overexposed,
out of focus,
uh, just rough. The worst part
about it is, um...
the most important thing,
the cemetery, uh,
looked at that footage,
missed a lot of it,
don't know how
I got an awful distortion
coming over my microphone. So,
I'm heading out tomorrow morning
and I am going to re-shoot
some of that scene
or some of that footage.
See if I can salvage
you know, what we have there.
and then,
um, come back and pack
and get ready for the boat.
And I'm out. And cut.
-[Dan laughing]
-[Chris] Turn that light off.
Turn the camera off.
-[Chuck] Wacky Wackerson.
-[Chris] Fuck you.
-[Chuck] Anybody sees this...
-[Chris] Fuck off.
that sleeping bag
right there...
was fucking
going up and down
-like a goddamn elevator.
-[Chris] Whatever.
[crickets chirping]
-[indistinct chatter]
-[birds chirping]
-[twig snapping]
[Amy] Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
[thunder rumbling]
Okay, so at this point...
I'm thinking
this is total bullshit.
I wanna go home...
and if I don't go home,
uh, I think that Chris's film
is gonna be pretty simple.
It's, uh, film crew
goes to an island,
film crew goes into the woods,
film crew gets stalked
and film crew is dead.
The end.
Oh, just give up this Indian
paranormal fantasy thing.
My God, please just give it up.
-[crickets chirping]
-[eerie music playing]
[Chris] ...insanely
at the freaking cemetery.
I looked at it this morning.
It's awful.
It's really bad.
The audio was blown.
All the audio channels are blown
plus it's so dark and things
are really blurry and
grainy and shit.
So, I'm gonna go
run up to the cemetery.
-You're gonna go back
to the cemetery?
-[Chris] Yeah.
-After last night?
-[Chris] It'll take me
a half an hour.
Chris, I don't think
that's a good idea.
Well, based on the footage
I got I have to go back
up there.
And you didn't feel anything
that took place last night?
-I'm not gonna go back up there
with you.
-I think that we've kind
of intruded
and I don't wanna
bring anything down on myself.
[owl hooting]
[radio static]
-[Chris] Who's out there?
-[voice shouts]
-[Chris] Oh, fu--
Chuck, come on, man.
[radio static]
Pick up your fucking
walkie talkie.
There's something out here.
[distant shouting]
-[Chuck] Chris!
-[Amy] Chris!
[Chuck] Chris?
[Amy] Chris!
-[Amy] Chris!
-[Chuck] Where are you?
-[Amy] Chris? Chris?
-[Chuck] Chris, where are you?
[Nicole] Chris, where are you?
[indistinct mumbling]
[twig snaps]
-[Chris] Fuck.
-[man 1] What was that?
[Chuck] Chris!
[radio static]
-[Chuck] Chris!
-[Amy] Chris!
[Chuck] Did he even
have a fucking radio?
Did you give him a radio?
[Chuck] No, I didn't give him
a radio. I don't have to be
everybody's fucking parent.
You didn't give him a radio?
You've got a radio
but he doesn't?
You didn't give him one?
[Chuck] Why am I responsible
for what Chris does when he just
takes off?
[Chuck] Jesus.
[Chuck] Chris!
[Amy] Unbelievable.
Chuck do you have any
fucking idea where we're going
right now? Do you have any clue
at all where we're going?
[Chuck] I have an idea.
It's been a long time since
I've been up here, Amy.
-All right?
-Okay. You've got--
-It's been a long time.
-You've got an idea.
-Everything is not the same,
all right?
You've got an idea.
You have an idea.
Is that all you have, Chuck?
-Is that all you have?
-Does your mouth keep running?
It does. Actually it does,
thank you for asking.
[Chuck] Hold up.
Did you hear that?
[Amy] Yeah.
-[Amy] Chris?
-[Chuck] Chris?
[Amy] Chris?
Oh my God. It's just getting
darker and darker out
and you don't even know
where we're going.
I don't know where we're going,
do you?
[Chuck] All I can say is I have
an idea, all right?
It changed, Amy!
I haven't been up here forever.
How many times do I gotta
say this shit?
Do you know what?
I'm gonna actually get this.
Hold on a second.
-Oh, Jesus Christ.
-Just for-- Just for posterity.
Come on. Tell-- tell everybody--
Tell everybody what you just
said to me.
You are a fucking drama queen.
You are a fucking drama queen!
[Amy] There we go. There you go,
that's Chuck.
That's Chuck everybody.
What are you sick of this?
You don't want to look for Chris
You want to go back to camp?
You know what? Yeah I do
wanna go back to camp
and I'm going to pretend
like he's got a radio but his
batteries are dead, okay?
Is that all right with you?
-Is it okay with you?
-This isn't pretend, Amy.
This isn't pretend anymore
this is fucking real. Just
because you're uncomfortable,
lazy, hot, tired and scared
doesn't mean we leave somebody
out there.
So, which one am I?
You're all of those
but which one am I?
I'm hot, yeah.
I have to look for Chris.
I'm gonna look for Chris.
I wanna look for Chris.
I'm not abandoning anybody
anymore out here.
You wanna go back to camp
'cause you get so fucking tired.
You're lazy
and you're a fucking bitch!
I'm sick of your mouth!
You want to go back to camp
and abandon fucking people
go right the fuck ahead!
See if I give a fuck!
Don't need your fucking mouth
You're on your own.
Go to hell.
[Amy] Go to hell.
-Amy, wait.
-Leave me alone.
We can't leave each other.
Come on.
-Leave me alone, okay?
-Amy, I'm sorry. Come on.
We can't-- We can't separate.
Come on, Amy.
-Leave me alone! Leave me alone.
-Amy, come on!
We can't be alone out here.
Amy, get back here, come on.
[Amy] Leave me alone!
[Chuck] Fuck!
[Amy breathing heavily]
[wolves howling]
[radio beeps]
[Dan on recording] Is there
anybody here with us?
[distorted voice on recording]
[radio beeps]
[indistinct whispering]
[distorted voices on recording]
[Dan] It's definitely Ojibwe.
[radio beeps]
[Dan on recording]
How many of you are here?
[indistinct whispering]
[radio static]
[Chuck] Amy, godammit pick up!
I got nothing.
I got nothing, right now.
I gotta finish this project
and I've got nothing.
[twigs snapping]
He won't shut the fuck up
any other time
except when I'm lost
in the woods and I'm calling
on a fucking radio.
I'm sicker than shit... [sniffs]
...and I'm lost out here
and I got nothing.
I got no footage.
Nothing worth a fuck!
You gotta fucking pick up
your radio.
This project is fucking wasted.
I gotta get my shit together.
I gotta get back.
[twigs snapping]
[coughs and gags]
[twig snaps]
[twig snaps]
[Chris] They're stalking me.
There's something stalking me.
It's those guys or something
in the woods.
Goddammit you guys.
[radio static]
You guys, please pick up.
-[Dan] ...guys who follow me
are safe.
-[Nicole] Dan!
We've got enough people missing.
Dan come on.
[Chris mumbling]
[twig snaps]
[Chris] Chuck?
-[radio static]
-[Chris] Hello?
Hello Amy? Chuck?
Where are you guys?
[Chris] Fucking Christ.
Where the fuck are you?
[radio static]
-[leaves rustling]
[twig snaps]
[radio static]
[Chris] Holy fuck.
Holy fuck.
[twigs snap]
-You guys it ain't them.
I repeat it ain't--
-[creature roaring]
[Amy screams] Chris!
-This isn't working.
-[radio static]
Hello? [breathing heavily]
-Hello? Hello?
-[Chris over radio] Hey guys.
It ain't them.
-[Amy] Chris?
-[Chris over radio] I repeat.
So, um...
I'm totally lost. I have no idea
where anybody is.
I just wanna go home...
and I want to-- I wanna take
a long bath.
I wanna take a nice long bath.
-[branches breaking]
My girl, my girl
Don't lie to me
Tell me where did you sleep
- Outside
-[Amy screams]
[voice whispering] Chuck...
Over here, Chuck...
Over here, Chuck...
Do you wanna go home, Chuck?
Wanna go home?
[creature roaring]
-[creature roaring]
[Chuck screaming]
[creature breathing]
-[Sophia screaming]
[screaming continues]
[footsteps approaching]
["Moonlight Sonata"
by Beethoven playing]
Garden Island documentary
rescue scene take one.
...have some members
of the original expedition.
Some of the kids that,
you know, they're adults now.
Look at him. Look at him go.
Whoa, we gotta get there, hurry.
Get there.
Chris from
Dogbyte Motion Pictures
and we're doing
a documentary film...
["Where Did You Sleep Last
Night" by Leadbelly playing]
My girl, my girl
Don't lie to me
Tell me where
Did you sleep last night
Come on, tell me, baby
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun
Don't even shine
I would shiver
The whole night through
My girl, my girl
Where will you go?
I'm going where
The cold wind blows
Where's that baby?
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun
Don't ever shine
I would shiver
The whole night through...