Death Note: Light Up the New World (2016) Movie Script

"Anyone whose name
is written in this notebook shall die."
A Death Note is the reaper's tool
to control mortals' life spans.
Years ago a man called Kira used one,
causing genocide in the name of justice.
Delighted by Kira's act,
King Death gave reapers an order.
"Find a human to succeed Kira.
Give that human a Death Note."
"How to use the Death Note."
"Anyone whose name
is written in this notebook shall die."
Bend your arm.
How do you feel?
Vassily, come on.
You'll be fine.
Let me die.
End this for me, Doctor.
I want to die.
"Rest in peace, Vassily Nikitovic."
Can you hear me?
It can't be...
It's impossible...
"How to use the Death Note."
"Anyone whose name
is written in this notebook shall die."
"But it's only effective
when the target's face is visualized."
"Write a cause of death
and modify the victim's prior behavior."
"Unless specified,
the target will die of a heart attack."
A series of puzzling deaths
is occurring in Russia and Europe
over the past several months,
and show no sign of abating,
the victims all shares his suicidal tendency
Criminals dead!
It echoes the Kira case 10 years ago.
Criminal suspects all over the world
are dying mysteriously.
A new task force suggests that
the Kira killer is back.
I'm Captain Sugawara.
As of today you're
on the Death Note Task Force.
We'll continue our Death Note investigation.
The ICPO is working on a lead.
One theory is that the new Kira killer is
the cyber-terrorist
who targets states sponsoring terrorism.
Interpol confirms this possibility.
We, the Interpol Executive Committee,
ask an investigator to join Japan's Death Note
Task Force to solve the new Kira homicide.
His called name is Ryusaki,
and he is successor to L,
the international renowned private detective
I am
I control the lives and deaths of all humans.
We are connected by blood and my intentions.
I appoint you.
Get the Death Note.
Live as Kira.
The Note is awesome!
What else, Beppo?
Watch me do better than Kira.
Code 3. Multiple casualties in Shibuya streets.
The Death Note Task Force was sent.
This is K141, 143 and 145.
En route to the crime scene.
Casualties line the street.
It's a rampage killing.
Excuse me.
Show me.
This is totally random.
The death toll's climbing.
It's the reaper's eyes! Hide your face.
Check it out.
A suspect was seen on surveillance camera.
160 cm, female, hoodie.
Nanase, stay behind!
Tailing a female wearing a hood in Zone 4.
At the East exit.
I'm also on a female in a hoodie.
In pursuit.
The death toll stands at 16.
Be cautious.
East exit.
I lost track of the suspect.
Mishima, do you copy?
Out of the way!
Damn it!
Another victim in Sakashita.
I'm on my way.
Are you OK?
Oh my God!
Murder! A murderer!
Suspect spotted. She has a Note.
"Akira Okawa"
A murderer!
Is it gas?
I'm awesome, huh, Beppo?
Evacuate now!
Get out of here!
We're not authorized to shoot!
Move it!
Let me through!
"Sakura Aoi, heart attack, 7:50PM, December 10"
Why did you shoot her, Ryuzaki?
To stop the casualties.
I'm above the law.
We're not authorized to kill!
It was a tranquilizer dart!
A dart...
Forensics say she died of heart failure.
- Heart failure?
- Told you it wasn't me!
You're jumpy, Mishima.
Surveillance cameras were hacked.
There are others who have Death Notes.
Let's begin.
The suspect Sakura Aoi,
20 was of no fixed address.
I speculate she had reaper's eyes.
We know from Misa Amane
who had a Death Note 10 years ago
that those with reaper's eyes
can identify people.
Was Sakura Aoi the new Kira?
I'm afraid not.
The new Kira imitates
Light Yagami, the original Kira.
He used the Death Note to persecute
felons all over the world.
It reduced crime by 70%.
Kira followers worship him as God.
Some god!
The new Kira also targets felons,
not innocent people.
Sakura Aoi is opposite to Kira.
What a worn notebook!
This is my Death Note notebook.
He's a Death Note fanboy.
- I'm not!
- Fanboy?
You can ask him anything about Death Note.
It's handy.
Just one notebook
caused so many deaths!
It's not just a notebook.
It belongs to a reaper.
To humans it's a lethal weapon.
We can learn from...
Don't touch it!
What's your name?
What's that?
Touch .
Touch a Death Note and you can see its reaper.
- Is it here?
- Yeah, brace yourself.
Come on.
Hold on.
Beppo, make a cute face.
Come on, guys.
Come on.
I haven't seen one for 10 years...
I have a question.
What is it?
How many Death Notes are in our world?
One is lethal enough!
Will they increase?
Only 6 Death Notes are
allowed in the human world.
Ryuzaki is chatting with a reaper!
He's Interpol's go-to guy. And the next L.
L stopped Kira 10 years ago.
He has a successor?
L stored his DNA while he was alive.
I'm the result.
Your nemesis. Say hi to a world-class P.I.
What do you want?
That's for you to find out.
What if there was a 7th Death Note?
Any Death Note after the 6th won't work.
Except the Death Notes that the reapers have.
I didn't know that...
How many Death Note rules are there?
Even reapers don't know that.
The suspected killer
was Sakura Aoi who had a Death Note.
It wasn't Ryuzaki who killed her.
It was a heart attack.
Did someone write her name in a Death Note?
There must be another Death Note around...
Only 6 Death Notes are
allowed in the human world.
If I can trust Beppo,
there's only 6 Death Notes.
So 5 more people have the Notes?
Any Death Note after the 6th won't work.
Once all the Death Notes are in vaults...
Even if reapers circulate more Death Notes
they couldn't kill anyone.
What's going on?
What's that?
Try to restart it.
I am...
Who's that?
I control the lives and deaths of all humans.
I will
purify this world of vices.
Kira will make a peaceful new world.
I am
The Kira video
is a computer virus that's spread worldwide.
It hijacked computer terminals and smartphones.
The hacker's method
is like the so-called Pacifist Hacker
who cyber-attacks states sponsoring terrorism.
Kira, the man in the video
might be behind the cyber-terrorism.
This is the video.
I am
I control the lives and deaths of all humans.
I have the power.
And to bring peace to the world
I eliminated fools.
Kira is needed in the new world.
I am
Isn't Light Yagami dead?
He is.
I was there when he died 10 years ago.
Any ideas?
It might be digitally manipulated.
The focus should be
on who'd have Light's image.
Only a few officers knew his true identity.
The power means the Death Note.
You doubt us?
That's my job.
We don't trust you either.
We don't need your cooperation.
Suits me! If I need you,
I might put you to use.
That's enough!
I'm more concerned that only I can see Ryuk.
Why's that?
You touched Ryuk's Death Note 10 years ago.
It means that the new Kira
has Ryuk's Death Note.
Light Yagami might be the new Kira.
Impossible. He's dead.
Yeah? How about the Death Notes and reapers?
So Light is actually alive...
Don't be happy.
The Kira virus was employed to access
the personal information
of international VIPs,
agents and their families.
So he can kill them at his will.
So law enforcement agencies are immobilized.
Is our Task Force OK?
No officers in the Force have families.
We are untraceable.
We go by pseudonyms.
Only real names can be used in a Death Note.
I use my real name.
Me too...
Your info might have been stolen.
Have the police servers checked!
Tell me about the accomplice
Kira had 10 years ago. Misa Amane.
Don't order me around.
She couldn't be charged
for the Death Note homicides.
Her memory was wiped
when she gave up her Death Note.
Now she's a law-abiding actress.
How can you let her off?
It's the law.
No one in the past 10 years.
Light was the love of her life.
I'm sure he used her.
The prosecutor at her trial,
Mikami went missing a year ago.
- You on the case?
- Yes.
His car was found at the foot of Mount Kora.
And Misa?
She's under surveillance
but they found nothing.
That's a wrap!
Thank you!
Thank you! It was a great shoot.
Thank you so much, everyone.
Nothing unusual.
She's off camera from here.
I'm here.
See the present? Open it.
It's your Note.
Kill me!
Long time no see, Misa.
Is Light alive?
Did that sound real?
Who are you?
I'm Shien
Kira's messenger.
I'll tell you his plan if give me 2 minutes.
We won't be disturbed.
No one can see us.
See the Kira video?
I was behind that. Awesome, huh?
I'll take on Kira's mission and make it known.
I'll spread it all over the world.
Light's words...
The video was on a chip that Ryuk gave me.
You see.
Light Yagami is alive.
Gather all 6 Death Notes
and Light will meet you at the place.
Where he promised to meet you.
The place...
You know it.
The place of his childhood memories.
Right now
L's successor and his friends want to stop us.
We can only create Kira's new world
by defeating them.
It's Light's wish.
Where did he promise to meet you?
Light's dead.
If you're telling the truth,
you'd know where it is.
He wants you to take me to that place.
So he didn't inform me.
I'll get all the Death Notes.
we'll meet Kira.
Why would I believe your story?
Don't you want to meet him?
Get out. Take the Death Note with you.
That one belongs to you.
Misa's leaving. No irregularities.
Hello, Dear.
Arma, I reclaim the Death Note.
You always leave it when you go out.
Why bother?
I'd risk being seen by reaper's eyes.
So much to think of. What's your scheme?
I can't say it on TV
but we need a man like Kira to kill felons.
The gap is growing between
the rich and the poor.
To stop the poor from committing crimes
we need a Kira.
"Haruna Kiyokawa"
You won't have the Death Notes.
Somebody, please help!
According to her friends
Ms. Kiyokawa suddenly
goaded Kira and then died.
Like she'd been hypnotized.
She was an open supporter of Kira
on TV 10 years ago.
She was killed
by a Death Note holder
who opposes the new Kira.
Court is adjourned.
"Expose Kira believers"
You damn Kira believers...
Death penalty for you.
Leave it with my secretary.
A delivery for Justice Mikuriya.
"Justice Mikuriya, Death Note Holder"
"Kenichi Mikuriya commits suicide..."
I'm Kira's messenger. Hand me the Death Note.
You can't reverse what's written in Death Note.
You'll die as specified.
Your Honor, Mr. Tomita is here.
I'll be right there.
OK, take it.
In exchange.
I'm Chief Justice Mikuriya.
I'm here to see L's successor.
Drop the knife!
What do you want?
Drop it!
A message for L's successor.
Kira has already eliminated
3 Death Note holders.
it's the 4th holder's turn.
Kira is God.
I'm checkmated...
As if.
Not bad, Shien.
I'll quickly get all 6 Death Notes
so I can meet Kira.
What are those scars?
A man went berserk and massacred my family.
Only I miraculously survived.
And Kira eliminated the killer 10 years ago?
I'd lived in fear of the killer until then.
Kira freed me from that hellish fear.
Kira is
I have information on 2 more Note holders
killed by the new Kira...
Their identities were hacked and leaked.
Alexey Ivanov, a Russian physician.
Many of his patients died of heart failure.
There were also many deaths
by suicidal Europeans.
Then half a year ago, Ivanov ODed and died.
"Let me die please."
He'd been looking at
an online forum
for suicidal people.
A broker called
the Devil of Wall Street had a Note.
His clients mysteriously died
when stock went up.
Then he jumped from
the roof of his building and died.
No Death Note was
found in his office or the physician's.
If the new Kira took their Death Notes
he might have 4 of the 6 Notes reapers
dropped on Earth.
Oh, no...
We only have one!
I wouldn't worry.
We'll get all the Death Notes first!
Kira released a media statement.
...which might be related to Kira.
Today a voice message
from someone claiming to be Kira
was sent to us anonymously.
We'll play the unedited version.
Dear L's successor
You can't beat Kira.
Don't interfere with
the creation of the new world order.
Go on the Daily News Show
on December 17 on this channel.
Reveal your name and face and do as I say.
Or there'll be a bloodbath.
Go on the Daily News Show
on December 17 on this channel.
Reveal your name and face and do as I say.
What's your move? Looks like it's game over.
Just when I'd begun to enjoy your world.
What's to enjoy?
I love these grapes and chatting with you.
Don't you have friends?
Just like you.
We're not the same.
You'll go on TV?
Breaking news.
After receiving the Kira message
the commander of the Task Force,
L has responded.
Will Ryuzaki go on TV?
He'd die. He knows better.
Then there'll be bloodbath...
What would L do...?
I'm not L.
Here's the message.
It's L...!
Hello, I'm L.
How have you been, Light?
Here I am as you asked of me.
I admire your pursuit of a peaceful new order
but your methods are wrong.
Bad CG.
- Don't waste lives.
- They think I'm stupid.
You're not God.
That's L...
Let's meet and discuss it.
What's the big idea?
Why risk death by going on live TV?
L's already dead!
Log in from this URL.
Your reaper's name is the password.
Now the fun begins.
We can trace the traffic.
To the booth.
We'll monitor the DNS server to track Kira
and look for clues.
we'll wait.
Hey, it's L!
Hardly anyone knows L's face.
Even I couldn't access his image.
It's CG but...
only his successor could access L's image.
What's next?
I have an idea.
"Log in"
It's him!
Trace it.
"This is Kira."
"You must like me!"
"Don't be arrogant.
Kira is God, humans can't win."
"It's just reaper's power."
Drag it out as long as you can.
"Why not switch to voice?"
"Audio on"
On speaker.
You hear me?
- What the...?
- Is it him?
It's filtered.
- Or synthesized.
- Analyze the voice.
I located him. He's in Metro Tokyo.
Got him!
Surround the area.
We trapped him!
Move it!
We located the new Kira.
At a condo in Minato Ward.
Request backup.
Task Force priority, capture subject.
My goal?
You know what I want.
The Death Note?
The one you have with you.
Task Force K141, 2, 4 and 5 arriving at scene.
Kira's chatting with Ryuzaki.
Mishima team, moving in.
What if I don't give it to you?
Tokyo will be piled with corpses.
Innocent people will die in the streets.
You'd do it even if I complied.
You can't have it.
I wouldn't hurt people.
If Light is the new Kira...
I have to stop him.
If I had all 6 Death Notes in this world
I can bring peace.
"Officers are at the scene"
Tell me what to do.
Deliver the Death Note to me
And if I don't?
People will die.
Including you, L's successor.
Kira is God.
Humans can't win.
You'll see.
What are you scheming?
I received your message.
From now on I'll only deal with you.
We don't need other people.
You found me!
"Tota Matsuda"
"At 4 PM"
"he enters the room, led by Kira"
"then shoots himself"
"with a smile."
I never told Matsuda my real name.
Damn Kira!
- When my brother...
- Don't.
We remain anonymous.
That's our rule.
I know...
Being anonymous
protects you in the Death Note investigation.
It's a must.
When the Notes are contained
I want to call you by your real name.
We will secure the Death Notes.
You failed big time.
I'll supervise the Death Note
investigation from now on.
The Task Force is decommissioned.
It's out of your hands, officers.
A Death Note can manipulate people.
What if I blew myself up and killed you all!
It won't happen.
The Death Note rules dictate
that deaths are one on one.
Who cares!
Forget the rules!
In the interests of national security
we'll get the Notes.
What national security?
That's confidential.
Shut this down!
Come on.
You mourn when one man dies but
when many die, it's just a toll.
Come on, punch me in the face!
Come on!
Calm down, guys.
Let me say this.
I'm a P.I. so they can't take me off the case.
I'll finish the game.
I received your message.
"I own the last Death Note."
I'm home.
Hi, Dear.
A reaper...
You own a Death Note.
How did you know?
You told me you'd finish the game.
You can only do that with all 6 Notes.
The police have one. Kira probably has 4 Notes.
You can only finish the game
if you have the last Death Note.
Your L video was an encrypted message to Kira.
I decoded it and it said
"I own the last Death Note."
What's your plan?
Show me the Note.
He hasn't used the Note.
Torn out pages from the Note work just fine.
It proves nothing.
I promised L that
I wouldn't use the Death Note.
L wrote his own name
in the Note to trap and expose Kira.
Matsuda told me that.
You can only be named in a Death Note one time.
L sacrificed his life
to trap Kira with that loophole.
L regretted it.
He believed using the Death Note
would make anyone a criminal in any case.
So I made a promise to L.
That I wouldn't rely on the Death Note
to solve the case.
I will die soon.
Promise me.
Even if you had a power, like the Death Note
you won't fight evil with evil means.
Have a good life.
I can't surpass L if I used the Note!
You expect me to believe that.
I allowed you to live.
Arma is a loyal friend.
She'd kill you to protect me.
But I will not use Death Note.
The new Kira won't stop
at getting all the Notes.
We'll lure him with our Notes
and take his 4 Notes...
...and secure all 6.
For him to do that
he needs the Note that the police have.
I'll do it at noon tomorrow.
I trust L's DNA.
Lieutenant Mishima,
you're a person of interest.
Come with us.
A person of interest?
Am I a loyal friend?
I was bullshitting.
You can kill a human to extend another's life.
But you pay with your life.
You wouldn't have to do that.
What's this, Captain?
As a security measure against Kira
we scrutinized all servers and PCs.
We found the virus and some old hidden files.
We found out an incredible fact.
Light Yagami's DNA lives on.
His child lived in the USA.
He was brought back here
and raised by Misa's prosecutor
Nice acting.
You must have known
and chosen not to report it.
I reported everything. I didn't hide it.
You did.
I was framed!
You're hiding your connection to the new Kira.
You'll be confined until you talk.
"I'll get all the Death Notes."
"Bring your Note to
Tokyo City Hall at 2PM tomorrow."
"We'll defeat L's successor."
I'm afraid she won't come.
Misa will come.
How can you be so sure of yourself?
I just know.
She and I are similar.
Now we'll wait for a response.
It's show time.
You framed me!
Come on.
There are cameras.
Never mind. I learned a trick from our foe.
We won't be seen.
Give me the Note.
In the case.
- What's your plan?
- I'll contact the new Kira.
I see.
Death Notes are objects
so they can't be sent by cyberspace.
They must be handed over in person
which will be my chance.
Maybe you want to keep all 6.
It's Matsuda's gun.
- What for...?
- Shoot me.
Shoot if you can't trust me!
I said I might put you to use.
For your new place.
He'll come.
Watch him.
I'll watch you too.
Ryuzaki and Mishima
ran off with vital evidence.
Set up dragnet across Metro Tokyo.
You read me?
You really have 2 Death Notes with you?
There you are.
First we'll need to confirm that
all Death Notes
are real.
Wait for instructions.
Lieutenant Mishima, you're under arrest.
Just kidding.
Guys...why are you here?
Ryuzaki told us.
Ryuzaki ...
Brief us on the situation.
1PM, at Higashi Okawamon Station.
We'll grab our chance when Ryuzaki and Kira
meet with the 6 Death Notes.
We'll secure and seal the Death Notes.
Will you help me?
- Definitely.
- For Matsuda.
Cover us. We'll follow Ryuzaki.
A piece of cake.
Let's go.
Ryuzaki and Mishima remain at large.
Extend the dragnet.
Ryuzaki, this is Mishima, over.
I copy you.
Kuromoto and Uragami will back you up.
Send them to Higashi Okawamon Station.
Kuromoto, Uragami?
Kuromoto here, on watch.
We'll put Death Note pages
at certain locations.
Place yours in #7 locker by the west exit.
Put the key in the bag.
In the locker, as instructed.
Mine's on the side of the bench at the plaza.
Surveillance videos weren't hacked.
Kuromoto here. We're tailing Ryuzaki.
Any sign of hacking?
I'm at the site.
There're no suspicious transmissions.
Hey, Successor! Are we having fun yet?
So you're Ryuk.
Have fun while it lasts.
I'll spoil your fun, the same way L did!
Just like L, right?
I confirmed it.
Now what?
Tokyo City Hall, 2:30 PM.
Show your face.
I'll show mine too.
Go! Keep your eye on him!
Cover your face
until we confirm it's the new Kira.
Nanase outside the Hall.
Ryuzaki, police surveillance is down!
You copy?
Nanase, come in.
Kuromoto? You read me?
- Nanase here.
- Talk to me!
It's jammed. I can't make contact.
Our servers are down.
And the surveillance videos.
I'll locate the jammer.
Watch out, the new Kira is nearby.
I am Kira.
Kira is God. Humans can't win.
- I am Kira.
- Damn!
Kira is God. Humans can't win.
I am Kira.
Kira is God. Humans can't win.
Mishima, it's time. I'm ready.
I am Kira.
Kira is God. Humans can't win.
I am Kira.
Kira is God. Humans can't win.
The Metro PD servers were hijacked!
Nanase, come in!
- We're back!
- Do you copy?
Yes! Ryuzaki?
"Masayuki Arai, sudden death"
It's Misa Amane!
To the place.
Light no longer exists.
I saw his photo with reaper's eyes, so I know.
When a Death Note user dies he's nullified.
But you...
received Light's message.
Carry on his message.
The penthouse at Mount Kora hotel.
Out of the way!
Go on.
Out of the way!
Move it!
The new Kira's headed for Mount Kora!
Kuromoto and Uragami are down!
"Misa Amane"
"Dies in Light Yagami's arms
at 2:40PM, December 18."
Who owns this now?
You do.
Because Misa died.
I'll trade my life for reaper's eyes.
What for?
To kill Kira.
For me and Misa, Light is Kira.
The new Kira is a different person.
He controls me with fear.
I'll take my chances and kill him.
I'll succeed Kira.
You really want to seal the deal?
Now the fun begins.
Come on.
Show yourself.
So you're Kira?
Give me the Notes.
No way.
You have no authority to shoot to kill!
I am Kira.
"Masayuki Arai, sudden death"
You didn't die.
That's not a real Death Note.
Hands on your head.
Explain, Ryuzaki.
This is real.
I can't be killed by Death Notes. Guess why.
Your name's in another Death Note?
With a future date.
Before I saw Misa, Ryuk gave it away.
Just like L, right?
I'll die the same way as L.
It means someone wrote my name
in another Death Note.
I can't be killed by Death Notes.
Who wrote your name then?
Not him. He tried to kill me.
He is not the new Kira.
I pretended to die to find out who he is.
The question is who's the real new Kira?
You're right, it's not me.
10 years ago, Light produced a heir.
The child and I were left a message.
Maybe it's his kid?
It's a trick!
Ryuk told me.
Light took precautions just in case.
He kept the child's existence from the police.
If the child exists he'd be 9.
He'd have a guardian.
Who could the guardian be?
Is it Mikami, the prosecutor Misa
had 10 years ago?
He disappeared a year ago
right here.
You investigated his disappearance.
I found no trace of Mikami.
You must have learned something.
No, I...
Yes, you did.
It's his trap.
I think you've forgotten.
I remember everything.
Maybe your memory was erased.
Maybe you gave up
the ownership of a Death Note.
How ridiculous...
So you're Kira?
That's not funny...
Touch it.
Nothing happens!
I'm not Kira!
I gave the child a Death Note.
He'd be the successor.
But they both lost their minds.
It's your Death Note now.
As his successor, Light left his kid a message.
If you're watching this.
It means I'm dead.
To bring peace to the world
I eliminated fools.
called the savior Kira and worshiped him.
Light killed felons and reduced crime.
Live as Kira.
Kira is justice...
You'll do what Light did?
I'll stop wars, not just crimes.
Ryuk, find a cyberterrorist
so I can negotiate with countries.
...the so-called Pacifist Hacker.
It claimed that the virus is came from them...
Criminals dead!
The suspected killer is dead.
It echoes the Kira case 10 years ago...
The world is becoming peaceful.
L's successor is joining the investigation...
That's trouble.
How about using reaper's eyes?
Reaper's eyes...
"Masayuki Arai"
I need...
a comrade who...
"heart attack"
...shares Kira's ideals.
You're right, I am...
I am
I dispossess my Note.
Give the Death Note
and Light's message to the cyberterrorist.
I will.
How have you been, Mishima?
I knew you were Kira!
It's you...
Say something, Mishima.
It all turned out as planned.
"Ryo Nakagami"
Mishima, Ryuzaki and an unknown man are Kira.
These terrorists have
weapons of mass destruction.
We're in a state of emergency.
Shoot to kill. Secure the Death Notes.
Kill them all.
They know my name and face.
They're special units.
The government wants the Death Notes.
Let's play the game.
If we must!
"Sudden death"
Who's doing this?
Hide your face! Hide your face!
Kira is God.
Humans can't win!
The notebook has no chance against guns!
Let's get out!
I'm dying...
I'll stay here.
We can't let them have the Note.
Come on.
I thought you were going to kill Kira.
Aren't humans funny?
Why did you become Kira?
I had no choice!
That was the only way
to stop the search for the next Kira.
Otherwise more people would have died.
World peace was so close!
That's an excuse!
You let the reaper trick you into it.
Death Notes make you crazy.
You justify your actions
and kill to protect yourself.
I call that criminal.
Over here, Mishima!
It's OK. Interpol wants to lift
the order to kill you.
Ayana Shirato.
That's my name.
I told you I'd tell you my name
when it's over...
You wrote my brother's name in a Death Note.
He was a criminal but
he was my only family!
Put it down.
- Don't!
- Goodbye.
Ryuzaki ...
Don't shoot.
Go ahead.
No. Don't...
You called me a loyal friend. Right?
Why did you...?
I wanted to protect what's important to you.
You, idiot!
You, idiot, Arma!
I'll tell you why we're looking
so hard for the next Kira.
The King promised that anyone
who found the next Kira
would have the throne after he retired.
So until there's the next Kira
the game continues,
we'll drop the Death Notes in your world.
You're wrong. It's game over.
The 6 Death Notes will be locked away.
The 7th won't have any power.
That's the rule.
That's the rule...
But being endlessly greedy
some humans will
break the vault to get the Death Notes.
That means the fun never ends for me!
Adios, Mishima.
You look good.
You wrote in Death Note that I'd die today.
It's that time...
Why did you protect me?
I don't know...
You were the only Death Note holder
who stayed sane.
The Japanese Government seized
the 6 Death Notes.
Then Interpol assigned them
to a neutral organization.
But terrorists
seized the vehicle carrying the Notes.
4 out of 6 Death Notes went up in flames.
They weren't contained.
There's been more Death Note homicides.
Use it instead of a Death Note.
What do you mean?
I'll release you.
I'm above the law.
You're Ryuzaki now. I'll die as Mishima.
Legally you don't exist
so you can work on the Death Note case.
I'm not qualified.
But I'm dying.
There's only you.
Adios, Mishima.
I'm not Mishima.
Ryo Nakagami.
That's my real name.
Our names are so ordinary.
Masahiro Higashide
Sousuke Ikematsu
Masaki Suda
Tatsuya Fujiwara
Kenichi Matsuyama
Shido Nakamura
Erika Toda
Eiichiro Funakoshi
Original Story by Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata
(SHUEISHA Inc., Weekly Shonen JUMP)
Screenplay by Katsunari Mano
Music by Yutaka Yamada
Planned and Produced by
Nippon Television Network Corporation
Directed by Shinsuke Sato
Just as I planned.
Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata / Shueisha Inc.