Death of a Nation (2018) Movie Script

(explosion in distance)
(explosion in distance)
(explosion in distance)
(gasping, wheezing)
(gasping continues)
(explosion in distance)
(plane passing overhead)
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
(horn honks)
(horns honking)
When I was a boy,
I was fascinated
with the world.
I wondered why nations live
and nations die.
How do you kill a nation?
Like Germany-- it destroyed
several other nations
before being destroyed itself
at the end of World War II.
Even powerful empires perish.
Where's the Roman Empire today?
Or the Soviet Union?
Nations can be destroyed
from the outside,
by invasion and conquest,
or they implode from within,
by losing
what makes them distinctive.
I wonder if that
could ever happen to America.
("The Star-Spangled Banner" playing)
When I first came to America
as a 17-year-old,
I knew I was coming
to a special place.
I didn't know much
about the Constitution,
the Bill of Rights,
any of that.
I liked it here
because I liked the people.
I saw Americans as independent,
hardworking, self-reliant.
Americans are
fiercely individualistic,
but they're also fiercely
attached to family and faith,
to community and to country.
That's what the national anthem
symbolizes-- and the flag--
that we're one country
and we're in this together.
This is the America
I know and love.
But can it last?
America was never great!
- Slavery, genocide and war!
- D'SOUZA: There are those
in America who want to end
the America we love.
They believe America is defined
by class oppression...
- Tear it down! Tear it down!
-...and white supremacy.
They want, in Obama's phrase,
to remake America.
For this to happen,
America as we know it must die.
Who will stop them?
Wow, what a crowd!
REPORTER: Billionaire
Donald Trump is hitting
the presidential
campaign trail.
Yep, he says
he may run for president.
- Do it. D-Do it.
- (laughter)
L-Look at me. Do it!
Ann, which Republican candidate
has the best chance
of winning
the general election?
Of the declared ones,
right now, Donald Trump.
He might be leading
the Republican ticket.
Next... (laughs)
I know you don't believe that,
but I want to go on to...
There's not gonna be
a President Donald Trump.
- Um... that's not gonna happen.
- (chuckling, applause)
Donald Trump is not going to be
president of the United States.
- Take it to the bank. I guarantee it.
- Okay.
All right, all right.
Well, @realDonaldTrump,
at least I will go down
- as a president.
- (cheering and applause)
D'SOUZA: Everyone had
a good laugh at Trump
- but not the American people.
REPORTER: 20,000 people
turned out last night
at a football stadium
in Mobile, Alabama,
to hear Republican
front-runner Donald Trump.
Man, I feel like
a billionaire already.
Show 'em how many people come
to these rallies!
Turn 'em! Go ahead, turn 'em!
- Go ahead!
- (cheering)
D'SOUZA: Trump and his voters
had a bond.
We have a movement
like they've never seen before.
So, right now, we have...
Hillary's about a 75%
or an 80% favorite.
- We have different versions of forecast.
- That high?
Is it fun to be
at a Trump rally?!
- I mean, is this the greatest?!
- (cheering)
He's just not gonna win the
general election in this mode.
Not even close.
The hell we can't.
D'SOUZA: They believed Trump
would fight for their America.
Such a nasty woman.
So they stayed with him,
and it drove the left nuts.
Chaos in the streets
at a Donald Trump rally.
If you can get 'em out,
get 'em out.
None of us thought
we were gonna be here.
- (laughter)
- But we are.
Especially her.
Why aren't I 50 points ahead,
you might ask.
D'SOUZA: Trump and his
supporters were in it together.
I am your voice.
I am with you.
I will fight for you.
And I will win for you.
- (cheering)
- We will make
America strong again.
We will make
America proud again.
We will make
America safe again.
And we will make America
great again!
God bless you,
and good night!
I love you!
D'SOUZA: To be honest,
I didn't think Trump would win.
Hillary had total control
of the Democratic machine,
her foot on Sanders' throat,
a sycophantic Hollywood
and media.
- (cheering)
How do you fight
against all that?
"Decision Night in America."
First and foremost,
it's finally here.
Here at the Javits Center,
which is Hillary Clinton's
election party site.
There's a sense
of building excitement,
and I mean building excitement.
No, this is conservatives
waking up
and smelling the coffee and go,
"Oh, right, our candidate
was a moron."
ANCHOR: And we have
our first projection
that Donald Trump
will win in Kentucky.
Okay, have Kentucky. Who cares?
- It's small, it's small.
- CROWD: Donald Trump!
- But he is winning.
- Donald Trump!
Her lead beginning to go down
a little bit but still holding,
so that's good news.
Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming.
Trump, we project,
will win Texas.
(over P.A.): ...Texas with all
of its 38 electoral votes.
(cheering, whistling)
Anderson, this night is turning
out to be a real nail-biter.
Donald Trump is leading
Hillary Clinton
among white women in Ohio,
North Carolina,
Georgia and Virginia.
Does that surprise you?
You should be nervous. This is
not kidding around anymore.
Louisiana, Montana, Missouri,
- Ohio...
- Are you (bleep) me?
Corning into the day,
you had your projection
above 70% for Hillary Clinton.
Where is it right now?
But the crowd now
much more subdued here
- this evening...
- BLITZER: Donald Trump
will carry the state of Florida.
All right, we have another
major projection right now,
that Donald Trump will carry
the state of North Carolina.
Oh, wow.
Can-can we go back to Michigan?
'Cause I'm not sure
I saw it correctly.
Was that a-a...
Uh, Huffington Post,
what happened
to your (bleep) 98.4%?
CNN now projects
that Donald Trump
will carry
the state of Wisconsin.
He's cracked
the so-called blue wall.
You pathetic losers!
- Winning Pennsylvania!
- (cheering)
Some big news here, Megan.
Huge news, actually.
The AP now projecting
that Donald Trump
has won the state
of Pennsylvania.
Uh, Pennsylvania was called
for Donald Trump.
It's over. Okay.
CNN projects,
Donald Trump
wins the presidency.
I was happy he won.
My film, Hillary's America,
an expose' of Hillary
and the Democratic Party,
played a role.
But Trump made it happen.
And when he won,
that fact did not sit well
with the left.
(sighs deeply)
You're awake, by the way.
You're not having
a terrible, terrible dream.
Also, you're not dead,
and you haven't gone to hell.
This is your life now.
This is our election now.
This is us.
This is our country.
It's real.
Everybody is crying
and so upset.
Scared, depressed, despair.
America is crying tonight.
She deserves to be
the first female president,
and that's what makes me
so sad.
Sorry, I hate (bleep) crying
on camera, but... (sniffles)
Get your abortions now.
This sucks!
People I'm speaking to think
it's absolutely catastrophic.
ANCHOR: Boastful, bullying,
coarse, crude--
that's the way they're
gonna see America, so...
- ANCHOR 2: Ugly Americans, right?
- Ugly Americans.
From slavery to,
you know, Nazism...
We are not gonna be okay.
Feels like the end
of the world.
There are demonstrations
in major American cities
across the country tonight over
the election of Donald Trump.
D'SOUZA: Again,
the left turned to violence.
Yeah! (whoops)
Yeah! (whooping)
Is there a doomsday plan?
We're gonna...
We're gonna go after him
in every conceivable way.
A Trump presidency
is unthinkable and dangerous
and damaging, so, basically,
anything we do to stop that
is perfectly fine.
Whether it's ethical or not,
whether it's legal or not,
it doesn't matter.
The political left
immediately set out
to reverse the election results
with a sequence of strategies.
REPORTER: Today, Jill Stein
of the Green Party called
for recounts in Wisconsin,
Michigan and Pennsylvania.
D'SOUZA: That recount actually
increased Trump's lead.
Thank you. Thank you, darling.
D'SOUZA: There were
countless stories of Trump
losing the popular vote.
Donald Trump
won fair and square.
How did he win fair and square?
Hillary had more votes.
And they tried this.
Republican members
of the electoral college,
this message is for you.
Maybe they could convince
Trump electors
not to vote for him.
ANCHOR: I'm going to talk to
an electoral college voter next
who says it's gone
as far as death threats.
The votes are ten votes,
Donald J. Trump.
- WOMAN: You sold out our country
- (protesting)
You sold out our country!
Every one of you,
you're pathetic!
- You don't deserve to be in America!
-Shame! Shame!
Shame on you! Shame on you!
shame on the American people
for voting for Trump.
Shame on you.
Tens of millions of Americans
are totally fine with a man
who's driven almost purely
by racism and sexism
and Islamophobia.
I genuinely do not understand
how America
can be this disorganized
or this hateful.
I have no respect for women
who voted for Trump. Okay?
I just think you're dumb. Okay?
I think you're (bleep) dumb.
D'SOUZA: How do you think
people are going to vote
if you talk to them that way?
ANNOUNCER: The vice president
of the United States,
Michael R. Pence.
More than 50 House Democrats
boycotted the inauguration
of President Trump.
Although the left
did show up...
- to riot.
- WOMAN: What Antifa is.
This is what
the anti-Trump movement is.
(crashing, shattering)
It is total anarchy
in the streets right now.
JOHN ROBERTS: ...preserve,
protect and defend...
DONALD TRUMP: ...preserve,
protect and defend...
ROBERTS: ...the Constitution
of the United States...
...the Constitution
of the United States...
- help me God.
- help me God.
Congratulations, Mr. President.
- Yeah!
- (cheering and applause)
D'SOUZA: The left couldn't
keep him from being sworn in
as president
of the United States,
so they turned to impeachment.
Next week, there will be
a vote to impeach.
It's obviously a-a...
It's no small matter
when we're talking
about impeaching
the president
of the United States.
You could write it down
in stone.
He will not finish
his first term.
The Democrats will take over,
and they can launch impeachment
in 2019 without
a single Republican vote.
Robert Mueller's Russia probe
will eventually reveal
that are impeachment-worthy.
Everyone is colluding
with Russia, except Trump.
Here's Donald Trump. Donald.
D'SOUZA: Maybe
the sexual harassment stuff
would finally stick.
But we knew
we weren't electing a choirboy.
TUCKER CARLSON: There's a new report alleging
that Lisa Bloom solicited funds
to pay off women
who would then accuse the
president of sexual assault.
How about the 25th Amendment?
Because, you know,
Trump is crazy.
ABBY HUNTSMAN: The amendment
says the president
can be removed if majority
of the cabinet determines
that he is unfit.
This is a dangerously,
and-and mentally unstable
individual here.
D'SOUZA: All this
may seem unprecedented,
but we've been here before.
In 1860, America elected
the first Republican president.
Then, too, Democrats
viciously attacked him.
They called him an extremist
and an authoritarian.
Some sought
to break up the country
rather than accept
his election.
Lincoln saved America
for the first time.
And now, by tragic necessity,
Trump is in
a similar situation.
What will the Democrats try
this time?
Look at this Hitler speech.
And we've translated it
for you.
"Thank you. Thank you.
We're going to make Germany
great again."
90% of what he says,
I'm like, "This guy gets it."
He's going to take our economy
from here to here.
Yeah, he's definitely taking it
to a higher level.
I'd say his support is about,
uh... about up there.
- Right around here.
- (laughter)
Donald Trump is flirting
with fascism, American-style.
There's a word for this,
Ashley. It's "fascism."
D'SOUZA: And they don't
just call him a fascist.
Do you think
President Trump is a racist?
I think he is a racist.
This was a white-lash
against a changing country.
The president
is "a white supremacist"
and that his rise is "a direct
result of white supremacy."
D'SOUZA: There it is,
racism and fascism.
And we've heard it before.
These incendiary accusations
have been used for a generation
to shame and smear
Republicans, conservatives,
Christians and patriots.
Is voting for Trump
like voting for Hitler?
Did Trump win because
of fascism and white supremacy?
Did he revive the worst strains
of America's history of racism?
Wouldn't that justify the left
in rejecting the results
of the election?
But if they're wrong,
if America is good,
aren't we morally obligated
to defend her?
The stakes could not be higher.
We're talking about the fate of
the greatest nation on Earth.
Who are the real fascists?
Who are the real racists?
We must learn the truth.
For progressives today,
fascism is on the right,
a philosophy of nationalism
and authoritarianism.
They call Trump a fascist
because he's a nationalist.
But so was
my countryman, Gandhi.
So was Mandela
and Winston Churchill.
Lincoln was a nationalist.
Were these men fascists?
We've had authoritarian leaders
since the beginning of time,
but few were fascists.
Look, Trump gets flayed
in the media every day.
Real authoritarians
would have shut that down.
So authoritarianism
and nationalism
don't exhaust the meaning
of fascism.
To go deeper, I sat down
with progressive historian
Robert Paxton,
former head
of Columbia University's
history department.
Paxton is no fan
of Donald Trump.
We have a group
in America today, Antifa...
...which fashions itself
- Yes.
- It drives speakers off the campus.
Outwardly, it seems like
there is some resemblance
to Mussolini's Blackshirts.
And the mission
appears the same.
In other words, to enforce a
kind of ideological conformity
by roughing up your opposition.
Do you see a parallel
between Antifa
and the fascists that they
claim to be fighting?
I think there's
some tactical overlap.
As soon as you start, uh,
wearing a uniform
and beating people up,
you're obviously
in fascist territory.
Now, does fascism matter today?
- Yes.
- Some people have said
we are living through
a fascist moment,
or a fascist strain,
in American politics.
Are you worried
that that's true?
The fascist label
seems to me to overlook
two very important differences.
One is that fascist regimes
did not want a free economy.
They had a regulated economy,
and they had
what was called corporatism,
uh, the... and all
the business enterprises
were required to participate
in five-year plans,
and that is the opposite
of what's going on.
So the principles
of the American founding--
the separation
of state and society,
- Mm-hmm.
- limited government,
- Yes.
- Individual rights,
property rights, free markets--
would you agree that this is
what the fascists hated?
The fascists,
and a lot of other people,
believed that these things
had failed,
and they were... they, uh,
were determined to propose
an alternative that
would revive their country.
Dateline Rome.
October 31, 1922.
Italy was a sitting duck
for an ex-Communist
named Benito Mussolini.
The lantern-jawed
founder of fascism
took advantage of
the political unrest in Italy
after World War I.
Mussolini directed
a march on Rome.
The next step was
complete dictatorial control,
a step which the Italian
Blackshirt leader
took without a second thought.
When Mussolini started out,
he was a Marxist.
- He was a socialist.
- Yes.
He was the editor
of the socialist newspaper.
- Yes.
- He had a long background
in socialist politics, right?
Right, right. Exactly.
Mussolini allied himself
with an intellectual,
- Giovanni Gentile.
- Yes.
Gentile famously said,
"Everything in the state,
and nothing outside the state."
- Yes.
- Which Mussolini himself later repeated.
How would you interpret
this doctrine
of sort of
centralized state power?
Mussolini, uh, and the people
who rallied to his cause--
and this included
some highly educated people
like Giovanni Gentile--
they were absolutely determined
to make Italy strong,
and it would come about
by a central authority
and direction,
and I think that the state,
uh, was the instrument
by which they thought
that, uh, Italy
would be regenerated.
And loyalty to the state
is the vehicle
- to mobilize that inner soul, right?
- Yes.
- (cheering)
- (men singing in Italian)
Mussolini was responding
to what historians called
the Crisis of Marxism.
Marx predicted
that worker revolts would erupt
in every
industrialized country.
But this never took place.
Marx thought workers
around the world
would identify with each other
on the basis of class.
He rejected nationalism,
saying a working man
has no country.
(Italian song fades)
But Gentile,
though himself a socialist,
noticed that during World War I
working men fought
for their own country.
Mussolini and Gentile concluded
that a new type
of socialism was needed
that would fuse nationalism
and socialism.
They called it "fascism."
And this is why socialists
and progressives in America,
many of whom had given up
on orthodox Marxism,
were drawn to fascism.
In the working out
of a great national program
that seeks the primary good
of the greater number...
Our new president at the time,
Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
was infatuated
by Mussolini.
He called him "that admirable
Italian gentleman."
"I am much interested
and deeply impressed
"by what he has accomplished
and by his evidenced
honest purpose
in restoring Italy."
Mussolini reviewed FDR's book
in an Italian magazine.
His conclusion:
"FDR is one of us.
He's a fascist."
FDR dispatched members
of his brain trust to Rome
to study Italian fascism
with a view to importing
some of it here.
Rexford Tugwell,
one of FDR's closest advisors,
after returning from Italy,
"Fascism is the cleanest,
"most efficient piece
of social machinery
"I've ever seen.
It makes me envious."
The head of FDR's NRA,
or National Recovery Act,
Hugh Johnson, spoke of
the "shining example
of Mussolini,"
he carried fascist literature
in his pocket, and he called
for the end of free-market
capitalism in America.
He empowered industrial
committees in every industry
to set wages and prices
and report
to the federal government.
Clearly, FDR recognized
fascism was on the left.
He saw it as more progressive
than the New Deal.
Mussolini was clearly
a man of the left.
But what about the ultimate
fascist of them all,
Adolf Hitler?
Was he a man of the left?
To figure this out,
we must go to Europe.
(bells chiming)
Hitler, like Mussolini,
was a veteran
of World War I.
His politics were formed
here in Schwabing,
in the atmosphere
of bohemianism
and sectarian socialism.
The Communist Lenin
lived here in exile.
Hitler and Lenin
both frequented the same pub.
Lenin famously
didn't pay his bar tab.
Imagine Lenin sitting here
arguing with friends
on how to save Communism.
Lenin lived
just a block up the street.
Hitler lived a block over.
Hitler changed the name
of the German Workers' Party
to the National Socialist
German Workers' Party.
The very term "Nazi"
is a compression of two words:
"national" and "sozialista."
Check out the official
Nazi platform:
State-controlled health care.
Profit sharing for workers
in large corporations.
Money lenders and profiteers
punished by death.
State control of education.
State control
of media and the press.
State control of banks
and industries.
Seizure of land
without compensation.
State control
of religious expression.
This reads like something
jointly written
by Elizabeth Warren
and Bernie Sanders.
Read the Nazi platform
at the Democratic
National Convention,
and most likely it would
provoke thunderous applause.
Like Mussolini and Lenin,
Hitler was anti-big business,
and anti-capitalist.
But unlike Mussolini and Lenin,
Hitler was also a racist.
His racism, too,
was rooted in his hatred
of capitalism and business.
He called the Jews
"greedy bankers."
Hitler set out
to destroy the Jews,
confiscate their wealth
and redistribute it
through Nazi socialist
and welfare state programs.
(man speaking fervently
in German)
Another group Hitler hated
were the Communists.
(man continues in German)
Not because
they were socialists,
but because they took
their orders from Moscow.
His thuggery started right here
at Schellingstrasse 50,
Hitler's Nazi headquarters.
(shouts in German)
Hitler saw the Communists
as traitors to Germany.
(whispers in German)
(speaking German)
He was a National Socialist,
and they were
International Socialists.
He patterned his Brownshirts
both on Mussolini's Blackshirts
and on the Ku Klux Klan.
(man speaking fervently
in German)
(men shouting)
The Nazi Brownshirts
and the Klan
were both about the same size--
two to three million members.
Both groups targeted
a vulnerable minority:
in the case
of the Brownshirts, Jews;
in the case of the KKK, blacks.
(men singing in German)
And both groups were extensions
of a political party:
in the case of the Brownshirts,
the Nazi Party;
in the case of the Klan,
the Democratic Party.
In November of 1923,
Hitler and his Brownshirts
took over
the Burger Brau Keller,
a popular Munich beer hall.
(quiet chatter)
(speaks German)
(chatter continues)
(gasping, murmuring)
The following day, Hitler
and 2,000 party members
marched on Munich
to seize control.
They were met by police.
Hitler was arrested
and sent to Landsberg Prison,
a formative period in his life.
Here, Hitler dictated Mein Kampf
to his fellow prisoner,
Rudolf Hess.
See how remote all of this is
from the principles
of Abraham Lincoln
and the American founding?
Hitler, however,
had a much greater affinity
for progressives and Democrats.
It was here
Hitler got a big idea
from the Democratic Party,
one that would shape
his murderous campaigns.
According to Pulitzer
Prize-winning biographer
John Toland, Hitler often
praised the extermination
of the "red savages" who could
not be tamed by captivity.
Hitler admired
how Jacksonian Democrats
"gunned down
the millions of redskins
"to a few hundred thousand,
"and now keep the modest
remnant under observation
in a cage."
His idea was to do
to the Poles, the Slavs,
the Eastern Europeans
and the Russians
precisely what the Jacksonian
Democrats did to the Indians.
Hitler came to power in 1933.
(man speaks German)
- Heil Hitler!
- (crowd shouting)
On the other side
of the Atlantic,
another charismatic leader,
FDR, was elected.
The two men
recognized each other
as fellow progressives.
Here's what the Nazi newspaper,
Volkischer Beobachter,
said of the FDR administration:
"We, too,
as German National Socialists,
are looking toward America."
The Nazi paper
congratulated FDR
for replacing the uninhibited
frenzy of market speculation
with the adoption
of National Socialist
strains of thought.
Of FDR's New Deal,
the Volkischer Beobachter said:
"We fear only the possibility
that it might fail."
Hitler quickly consolidated
his power.
He executed leaders
of the Brownshirts
who had challenged
his authority.
This was the famous
Night of the Long Knives.
(shouts in German)
Some progressives
try to portray Hitler
as a right-winger
by insisting he was anti-gay.
But Hitler knew that the
Brownshirt leader, Ernst Rohm,
was a notorious homosexual,
as were many other Brownshirts.
When Hitler showed up
to arrest Rohm...
he encountered
a remarkable scene.
Heil, mein Fuhrer!
Rohm publicly suggested
that he, not Hitler,
was the true leader
of the Nazi Party.
(German pop song playing)
(speaks German)
When Heinrich Himmler
urged Hitler
to purge the gay Brownshirts
out of the Nazi movement,
Hitler refused.
Hitler said he didn't care what
the Brownshirts did in private,
as long as they were
good fighters.
Hitler was no
social conservative.
Earlier, we saw what Hitler
learned from the Democrats.
But was there anything
he learned from
American progressives?
Investigative journalist
Edwin Black,
the son of Holocaust survivors,
is the author
of The War Against the Weak.
Now, you have written
that eugenics in America--
and this is true in other parts
of Europe as well--
was a progressive cause.
Progressive in what sense?
Progressive in every sense.
This was not done by people
who thought that
they were race haters.
This was done
by the do-gooders,
the liberals, the people
who wanted to improve society.
Margaret Sanger, a progressive
who wanted to help humanity.
And her approach to doing that
was to wipe away the existence
of two-thirds of all people.
You mean two-thirds of
the entire American population?
- Yes, of course.
- And she actually
- explicitly said this?
- Of course.
She wanted to get rid
of "human weeds."
She wrote about this
At one point,
Hitler wrote fan mail
to one of her colleagues
on her board
and said, uh,
"Your writings are my bible."
Uh, this is Madison Grant,
the head of the New York
Zoological Society.
Tell me about the meeting
between Madison Grant
and Whitney,
another prominent eugenicist.
Madison Grant is discussing
his fan mail from Adolf Hitler,
and Whitney has an identical
letter just like it.
And so they both have letters
in which Hitler thanks them.
All these eugenicists saying,
"We have had a dramatic impact
on Germany."
And you quote an American
progressive eugenicist
basically saying, "Hey, whoa,
we've got to pick it up.
"The Nazis are beating us
- at our own game."
- That's right.
While we were
pussyfooting around,
the Nazis were beating us
at our own game.
Why is it the case today,
if I open
a Planned Parenthood brochure,
I get a completely different
picture of Margaret Sanger
than anything
that you've described?
What's going on
is the reshaping
and the falsifying of history.
The Nazis
also invented history.
There's a role
for people like me
and a role for people like you.
We spend our lives trying to
authenticate the real history.
We've learned how Hitler
got his murderous
conquest scheme
from the Jacksonian Democrats.
We've also learned
how he got eugenics schemes
from left-wing progressives.
But what does Nazi racism owe
to the Democratic Party?
I went to see the historian
and sociologist Stefan Kuhl,
who has developed
an international reputation
for books like
The Nazi Connection.
I met with him in Munich.
What was the essence
of the Nuremberg Laws?
These are the laws of 1935.
What did they seek to do?
KUHL: They actually gave,
uh, the first definition
of what is a Jew.
It was not very easy
for the Nazis
to define what is a Jew.
- Amerika?
- (speaks German)
The Nazi Nuremberg Laws
were directly modeled
on the segregation laws
of the Democratic Party.
Every segregation law
in the American South
was passed
by a Democratic legislature,
signed by
a Democratic governor
and enforced
by Democratic officials.
As for the Democratic
one-drop rule,
incredibly, the Nazis found it
too racist even for them.
As is well known,
the Nazis also hated
freedom of speech.
The Nazi concept was called
which means bringing all the
cultural institutions in line
with Nazi ideology.
- (excited shouts)
- This was the significance
of the "Heil Hitler" salute
and the draping of
swastika flags off balconies.
These things signaled
humble conformity
to Nazi doctrine.
And what happened
to dissident views
on the German campus?
(speaking German)
(grunting, gasping,
excited chatter)
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
Movements to crush dissent
can quickly escalate
from episodic violence
to mass murder.
Night of the Broken Glass
was justified as a lawful
confiscation of firearms.
This made Jews defenseless
against Nazi assault.
Then Hitler could carry out his
goal to burn Jewish businesses,
destroy synagogues
and eliminate Jews
as a competitive threat
in the German economy.
Hitler didn't
just target synagogues.
He also targeted
Christian churches.
Many people don't know this,
because they've bought
the progressive line
that Hitler was a Christian.
When coming to power,
Hitler knew he needed
Christian support,
and so he feigned
public belief in Christianity.
But privately,
in a series of recordings,
Hitler railed
against Christianity
as a destructive institution
contrary to science
and the natural law
of survival of the fittest.
Once in office,
Hitler persecuted Christians.
His ultimate aim:
the total destruction
of Christianity in Germany.
As a progressive, Hitler
despised religious liberty.
Nazism was his religion.
With Germany the high altar
and Hitler himself
the new messiah.
Hitler was no Christian.
American progressives cheered
Hitler's rise to power.
They saw fascism,
with its social control
and its glorification
of the centralized state,
as a model for the future.
(Hitler speaking fervently
in German)
With total control
of the people in place,
Hitler could now implement
his master plan.
In 1939, he invaded Poland.
Within two years,
he and Mussolini controlled
continental Europe.
Japan was at war with China.
Fascism was on the march
across the world.
Soon Hitler would declare war
against America.
Once Hitler acquired
war captives,
he saw a way to implement
his own slave plantation,
which he called
the "concentration camp."
Concentration camps,
which were forced-labor camps,
should be distinguished from
death camps, whose sole purpose
was extermination.
What was the origin
of these death camps?
NARRATOR: His Minister
of Interior directed a program
aimed at aged, insane
or incurable Germans,
the so-called "useless eaters."
Thousands were committed
to special institutions.
Few ever returned.
Evidence proves
they were murdered
because they were useless
to the plans
of the Nazi conspirators.
Let's turn
to the Nazi euthanasia laws.
First of all, would it
be accurate to say that
we aren't talking
about real euthanasia?
Without consent,
neither of the parents
nor of the handicapped
himself, yeah.
So euthanasia was
a pure euphemism, just...
Yes. It was killing.
It was killing program.
They started the killing
of mentally handicapped before
on a very low-scale level,
but, uh, started systematically
with the killing
of mentally handicapped
after the beginning
of the Second World War.
And isn't it... isn't it true
to say that the...
some of the personnel
who administered
the euthanasia camps
were also then later deployed
to the so-called death camps
that were used on a much larger
industrial scale?
That's very clear.
We have technolog...
technology transfer
and the personnel transfer
from the killing
of mentally handicapped
to the killing of Jews.
And especially
the whole staff operating
the gas chambers, for example.
D'SOUZA: Let me ask you
about Josef Mengele,
the notorious Nazi doctor
at Auschwitz.
When you read about him,
he saw himself as...
as a progressive--
somebody advancing
not only the cause of science,
but the future benefit
to humanity.
Progressive idea was
very strongly part
of the Nazi ideology.
D'SOUZA: Would it surprise you
if I were to tell you
that after the war Mengele
went down to South America,
where he actually had
a sort of career
as an abortionist?
No, not at all.
In classic progressive fashion,
Mengele made an easy transition
from one form of killing
to another.
Once American and Allied troops
the concentration camps...
...once the world saw
these ghostly, emaciated,
starving figures emerge
from those camps,
Nazism, fascism and theories
of racial superiority
were permanently discredited.
Immediately following the war,
in the Nuremberg trials
held here in room 600,
the full horror
of fascist and Nazi atrocities
was put before the world.
...United States of America
present count one
of the indictment,
that all the defendants
as organizers or accomplices
in a common plan
or conspiracy
to commit crimes against peace,
war crimes
and crimes against humanity.
D'SOUZA: Fascism became the
quintessential reference point
for human evil.
(man speaking German)
MAN: ...opposition
by political parties
which might defeat or obstruct
the policy of the Nazi Party.
(man speaks German)
MAN: Hermann Wilhelm Goring,
on the counts of the indictment
which you
have been convicted,
the Tribunal sentences you
to death by hanging.
D'SOUZA: American progressives
were in a panic.
They realized that if future
generations of Americans
knew the intimate connection
between progressivism
and the Democratic Party
on the one hand,
and the fascists and Nazis
on the other,
they would be finished.
And so, taking a page
from Hitler himself,
they settled upon the idea
of a big lie.
First, they would muddle
the meaning of fascism itself.
They would take the socialism
out of National Socialism.
Second, they would move fascism
from the left-wing column,
where it had always belonged,
into the right-wing column.
But we must not believe
that big lie.
The fascists and the Nazis
were always on the left.
They formed
a mutual admiration society
with the American left.
Even worse,
the most destructive
and genocidal schemes
of the fascists and Nazis
were inspired
by American progressives
and the American
Democratic Party.
That is the crushing
historical truth.
Now we go from the left's
big lie about fascism
to its big lie about racism.
Progressive Democrats
typically blame racism
on America,
and on the founding,
but were the founders to blame
for the elaborate system
of slave plantations?
Historian Allen Guelzo
teaches at Gettysburg College
and is the author
of several award-winning books
on the Civil War.
If we speak
of the founders as a whole,
would it be accurate
to say that they believed A)
slavery is on a path
of extinction;
and B) that slavery is a...
a regrettable thing,
a bad thing?
They were confident
that slavery
was going to disappear,
because it is a contradiction
- of our fundamental principles.
- Are you saying
that there really wasn't a...
formal pro-slavery ideology
at the time of the founding?
GUELZO: There's no
pro-slavery philosophy
that works into the founding.
D'SOUZA: The founders
took specific measures
to restrict slavery.
They outlawed the slave trade,
they prohibited slavery in
the vast Northwest Territories,
under the Northwest Ordinance,
and they mounted such
a strong critique of slavery
that by the end
of the founding era,
slavery went
from being a national
to a regional institution.
Then this happened.
All over the world, the impact
of this simple invention
was felt almost immediately.
Eli Whitney put together
a few boards and rollers,
and gave the world
a giant industry.
Cotton was king.
D'SOUZA: This new,
expanded plantation system
demanded a political party
to defend its interests:
the Democratic Party.
At the time of the founders,
they thought slavery
was a dying institution,
but in the 19th century,
that had changed.
They now began
to talk about slavery
as a progressive institution.
And why not?
As George Fitzhugh,
one of the principal
pro-slavery propagandists,
Isn't slavery the same thing
as what we are reading about
among European socialists?
What else is slavery,
Fitzhugh argued,
but a practical form
of socialism?
D'SOUZA: Fitzhugh even tried to
sell his idea to black leaders.
He defends slavery
as an early form
of the welfare state.
Fitzhugh argues
that in slavery,
unlike in capitalism,
the slaves who cannot
provide for themselves
are looked after
from cradle to grave.
If you took the logic
of that argument-- the idea
that the slave plantation
is a kind of extended family,
that from each
according to his abilities
to each according to his need--
Marxian principle--
that this was
not only an excuse
for enslaving black people, but
there was nothing in the logic
that prevented you
from enslaving a white guy.
Why not enslave white people?
Or at least reduce them
to an economic status
little better than that.
Why not also extend slavery
into the Northern, free states?
Lincoln thought he discerned
the hand of a plot here.
Would it be accurate to say
that one of the key differences
between the Republican
and the Democratic Party
is that the one party
is founded on the idea
of keeping the fruits
of your labor,
and the other party
is founded on the idea,
we get to take your stuff,
either for our own use
or because we've got
some other, better use for it?
That became the credo
of the Democratic Party.
D'SOUZA: The great opponent
of the Democratic plantation
was Abraham Lincoln.
In a phrase, Lincoln
described the evil of slavery
at its core.
LINCOLN (dramatized): You toil
and work and earn bread,
and I'll eat it.
Whenever I hear someone
arguing for slavery,
I feel a strong impulse
to see it tried out,
on him personally.
Lincoln ruthlessly exposed
Democratic hypocrisy.
Wolves devouring lambs--
not because it is good
for their own greedy maws,
but because it is good
for the lambs.
GUELZO: For Lincoln,
the fundamental sin of slavery
curiously enough
was not its racial aspect--
that comes after.
The fundamental sin
of slavery is theft.
Because it says:
You work, you toil,
I will take
the proceeds of that.
And Lincoln's great anxiety
was to point out
how Northern Democrats
had conspired together
with Southern Democrats
to promote justifications
of taking away the fruit
of other people's labor.
D'SOUZA: Guelzo is exposing
the progressive strategy
of blaming slavery
on the South.
The Northern Democrats
were in league
with the Southern Democrats,
making slavery the sin
not of the South,
nor of America,
but of the Democratic Party.
GUELZO: Northern Democrats were
fully as complicit in this
as Southern Democrats.
D'SOUZA: The powerful New York
Democrat Martin Van Buren
applied the idea of rural
plantations in the South
to urban centers in the North.
When new immigrants
came to America,
they were poor,
insecure, desperate.
Some came as
indentured servants.
Like the slave populations
in the South,
they were a vulnerable people.
Van Buren created an army
of big-city bosses,
like Boss Tweed, who ran
Tammany Hall in New York City,
who would raid the treasury
and use the money
to create a patronage system
that would keep
immigrant populations
collectively dependent on,
and voting for,
the Democratic machines,
like in this scene
from Gangs of New York.
...take the chill off your soul
and the weight off your heart.
Welcome to America, son.
Your long,
arduous journey is over.
MAN 2:
Go back to your own country!
MAN 3:
Vote Tammany!
So, before the Civil War,
the Democrats' majority status
depended upon rural plantations
in the South
and urban plantations
in the North.
Lincoln warned that the goal
of the Democratic Party
was to turn all of America
into a plantation.
To stop Lincoln,
the Democrats went to war.
Lincoln won the war
and demolished
the old Democratic plantation.
Republicans took steps
to integrate former slaves
into American life,
to create for the first time
a multiracial democracy.
Republicans pushed through
three landmark
constitutional amendments,
freeing the slaves,
guaranteeing the right to vote,
and securing equal rights
under the law.
The Democrats overwhelmingly
opposed all three.
And these were
the Northern Democrats.
The Southern Democrats
had not yet been
let back into the Union.
The Democrats needed
a new enslavement strategy
and someone to implement it.
Democratic President
Woodrow Wilson knew
the national government
had defeated
the old slave plantation,
so he and other
progressives wanted
a new plantation system ruled
by the national government
so it would last forever.
Wilson's first step:
federal segregation.
He forced his departments
to establish
separate workstations
and restrooms for blacks.
Wilson's second step:
racial terrorism.
Wilson screened the film
Birth of a Nation
in the White House.
It spurred a national revival
of the Ku Klux Klan.
The Klan
had previously been confined
to a handful
of Southern states.
Now it stretched
from coast to coast.
The Klan became
the domestic terrorist arm
of the Democratic Party.
Wilson was the first
progressive president.
"Progressive" here
means progress
toward the powerful
centralized state
and away from
the American founding.
In the Democrats'
new plantation scheme,
the big house
is the White House,
and the plantation master
is the president.
Now let's turn
to modern racism,
racism in the post-war era.
Here's what the left says:
The Democrats may have been
the party of racism
a long time ago,
but they underwent
a conversion.
Now they are the champions
of civil rights.
The left insists that
in the 1960s,
the two parties switched sides,
brought about by Richard
Nixon's Southern strategy.
Nixon converted the racists
in the Democratic Party,
the Dixiecrats,
into Republicans.
So, today,
Democrats are the good guys,
and Trump and the Republicans
are the bad guys.
Did Nixon have
a campaign strategy
that appealed to the racists
of the Deep South?
No one has uncovered
a single racist
campaign statement by Nixon.
So the left says
Nixon used crime and drugs
as a code for racism,
but in fact,
Nixonian resentment
was directed against
the Vietnam draft dodgers
and the militant
anti-war protesters
and the drug-smoking hippies.
You might recognize
the unofficial anthem
of the Nixon voters,
composed by country singer
Merle Haggard.
- (cheering and applause)
- We don't smoke marijuana
In Muskogee
We don't take our trips
on LSD
We don't burn our draft cards
down on Main Street
We like livin' right
Bein' free.
Kevin Phillips, the author
of The Emerging
Republican Majority,
is supposed to be the architect
of Nixon's Southern strategy.
But Phillips reveals
that Nixon didn't have
a Southern strategy.
He had a Sunbelt strategy.
Nixon wanted to appeal
to those urban,
upwardly mobile voters
stretching all the way
from Florida to California.
This strategy included
the Peripheral or Upper South,
but it did not include
the Deep South.
Nixon won the Sunbelt,
and he lost the Deep South
to Democratic segregationist
George Wallace.
One of the first things
Nixon did
when he took office in 1969
was to introduce
America's first
affirmative action program.
President Nixon is helping, uh,
minority people through his
black entrepreneurship program.
D'SOUZA: Now, would a racist president
playing to a racist base
give legal preferences
to blacks over whites?
And what about
those Dixiecrats?
How many of them
became Republicans?
Here is a list of
senators and congressmen
who joined the Dixiecrat Party
or voted against
the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
In the House,
just one switched parties:
Albert Watson.
In the Senate, just one:
Strom Thurmond.
All the other Dixiecrats
stayed in the Democratic Party.
They died as Democrats.
Case in point...
Today, our country has lost
a true American original,
my friend and mentor,
Robert C. Byrd.
This is the former Klansman
who led the filibuster
against the Civil Rights Act.
Obama and Bill Clinton
attended his memorial service.
They mention that he once had
a fleeting association
with the Ku Klux Klan.
And what does that mean?
I'll tell you what it means.
He was a country boy
from the hills and the hollows
of West Virginia.
He was trying to get elected.
D'SOUZA: The South's enduring
shift into the Republican camp
came not in the Nixon
but in the Reagan era.
Reagan defended patriotism,
free markets,
family values,
religious liberty.
He was pro-life.
It had nothing to do with race.
As the South
became less racist,
it became more Republican.
So, the progressive
Democratic claim
that the parties switched sides
and the Democrats
are now the good guys
and Republicans
are the bad guys
is a big lie.
Time to fast-forward
to the present.
The Democrats
have just one card left,
There they are,
white supremacists
and neo-Nazis in Trump hats.
Doesn't that prove that racism
today is on the right?
Jason Kessler organized
the Charlottesville rally.
He is routinely portrayed
as a white supremacist
and a right-winger.
But when
the Southern Poverty Law Center
looked into his past,
they found an Obama supporter
who was active in
the left-wing Occupy movement.
I exposed this on social media.
He didn't like it.
Dinesh, (bleep) you.
You go back to India.
You shouldn't be here.
Number one,
you were born in India,
and you're just like
the other people coming over
on these H1B1 visas.
(Indian accent): "Hello, sir.
Uh, how are you doing today?"
We don't need you, okay?
But what does Kessler believe?
I mean, there is
a problem with bankers.
There is a problem
with the wealthiest people
in this country...
He still seems to me
to be part
of that Occupy movement.
I decided to talk to someone
even more notorious
than Kessler,
the poster boy
of white supremacy.
Hail our people. Hail victory!
(cheering and applause)
Protests over Richard Spencer's
visit turning violent.
White nationalist
Richard Spencer
is speaking
at the University of Florida.
The Governor Rick Scott
did declare
a state of an emergency.
- Pepe's become kind of a symbol...
- MAN: Oh!
Africans have benefited
from their experience
with white supremacy.
- You're a bigot.
- If Africans had never existed,
world history would be ex...
almost exactly the same
- as it is today.
- Yeah, you just keep saying...
Because we are the genius
that drives it.
You keep saying
ignorant things.
You don't get to tell me
what I will be.
Yeah, I do, actually. Because
my name's Richard Spencer.
Richard Spencer, founder of the
so-called alt-right movement...
Their movement is broadly
referred to as "alt-right."
Richard Spencer, a prominent
member of the alt-right...
D'SOUZA: What does Richard
Spencer actually believe?
People have called you a Nazi.
Uh, are you a Nazi?
Oh, no, I-I'm not a Nazi.
I'm not a neo-Nazi.
I'm not any of those things.
Now, you say you're not
a neo-Nazi or a Nazi, and yet,
in the event that you had
right around the time
- of Trump's inauguration...
- Mm-hmm.
...there were a whole bunch
of guys who were giving
the Nazi salute.
You saw them.
- Sure.
- You didn't repudiate them.
- No.
- So you thought it was okay
to have some Nazi salutes
that... in response
to what you were saying.
Um, I uttered the words,
"Hail Trump, hail our people,
hail victory."
Doesn't "Hail Trump" sound
unnervingly like "Heil Hitler"?
Uh, sure. It was...
I was being
- very provocative.
- Isn't that why you...
You were being provocative.
Isn't it fair to say
that you're... that you know
that there is a...
a media left out there
that is looking
to pin neo-Nazism on the right,
and by doing
this kind of thing,
you're actually playing a part
in a script, you're actually
giving them what they want,
which gives you
a lot of media attention,
it serves their script,
- but it actually hurts Trump?
- Uh, no,
I don't think the alt-right
has hurt Trump
- in the slightest bit.
- Would it be fair to say
that you are not just
against illegal immigration,
but immigration, period?
I would be actually happy
to open the door
to white South Africans.
Would you be happy
with an immigration policy
that basically said,
"We want people
from New Zealand, Australia,
"uh, white guys from Europe,
"Iceland and South Africa;
"we don't want
that many people
- from, if any, Barbados or Bombay"?
- Yes.
Now, this seems very different
than... than Trump.
And by that, I mean,
isn't it true that the line
that Trump is drawing
is not a racial line
but a line between the legal
and the illegal immigrant?
He's... he's made
a difference between
the illegal and legal, sure.
(chuckles): But I ultimately
don't support that.
Trump was quoted
in the paper as saying:
If there's an Indian guy
working in Silicon Valley,
and his visa runs out
and we have to send him home,
that's a loss, that's something
we should try to prevent.
- You disagree?
- I do disagree with that.
The H1B visa program
has been totally detrimental
to white people.
In Richard Spencer's world,
what would you do
with non-white immigrants
who are here?
- Uh-huh.
- Good example would be me.
I'm a naturalized U.S. citizen.
Would you send me home?
I hope that
we can begin to pursue
a new policy of re-immigration.
And that would be
about allowing people
to go home again.
I mean, I hear you echoing
a white Malcolm X philosophy.
NEWSMAN: Is it fair to say,
as a generality and as a...
succinct way to put it,
that you believe
in segregation of the races?
We do believe in separation.
Standing on our own feet,
among our...
among our own kind,
and solving our own problems.
And that's the only way
you'll get a solution
to the vital race problem
in this country.
Mr. Muhammad teaches us
to love our own kind
and let the white man
take care of himself.
And so, if you and Malcolm X
were at the table,
you'd get along just fine.
I think we could have
a respectful dialogue
if Malcolm X were at the table.
Do you agree that
what you're articulating
is a philosophy
that was very prevalent
among, really,
progressive Democrats
in the early 20th century?
I-I am sure there are instances
in which left-wing thinkers
or entities
adopted nationalism.
What it means to be
on the right, what it means
to be a conservative, is
actually deeply collectivist.
It is not individualistic
at all.
Pause for a moment. So, as--
I would say-- as a conservative,
I'm conserving...
the philosophy
and the principles
of the American founding--
you're not?
I've been critical
of the American founding,
and throughout my writings
and my career, sure.
Uh, what's... what was wrong
with the American founding?
This notion that
we will create a state
to protect human rights
or-or individual rights.
I mean, no state
in the history of the world,
including the United States,
was ever created like that.
So all men are created equal.
True or false?
- False, obviously.
- What about the idea that...
No one actually believes that.
I mean, seriously.
No one believes that.
The idea that, let's say,
we have a right to life.
True or false?
A ri...
I don't think we have rights
to, really, anything.
I don't think we
should ever pledge allegiance
or worship legal documents.
And would you agree
that at the end of the day
it is the individual
who serves the state
and not the other way around?
There are duties
that we have to the state.
But this notion of a limited
government which, you know,
as you know,
the founders saw the government
as the enemy of our rights.
- Uh, in other words...
- Not really.
- Well, look at the...
- That's Reaganism.
Well, let's look
at the Bill of Rights.
Congress shall make no law
doing this,
and Congress
shall make no law doing that.
So our rights--
our First Amendment right,
our Second Amendment right,
to own a gun,
our Fourth Amendment right--
are seen as protections
against a government.
No individual has a right
of a collective community.
You have rights
not eternally or given by God
or by nature...
- Who gives them to us?
- Ult... You have them
because you are part
of this community.
Ultimately, the state
gives those rights to you.
So the state is the source
of rights, not the individual.
It simply is.
What would be your take
on, say, Reagan?
I do not think that
he was a great president.
Who's your favorite president?
There is something
about, uh, Jackson.
There's something
about Polk as well,
someone who
only served one term.
But, I mean, Jackson and Polk,
as you know, both Democrats.
Uh, party.
I mean, party is just the...
the vessel that-that one uses.
I mean, Jackson's the founder
of the Democratic Party.
You can find, perhaps,
elective affinities,
uh, perhaps kind of
ironic affin... affinities
between myself
as an identitarian
and a progressive Democrat
from the 1920s or something.
Have you seen the movie
Birth of a Nation?
- Uh, yes, I have.
- What do you think of it?
Uh, it's an amazing film.
One of the most
important films ever made.
Certainly a racialist
component to that.
It appealed to many Americans,
including many presidents.
- It was screened in the...
- Right, well, that's my point,
is that-that a progressive
Democrat, Woodrow Wilson,
shows that movie
in the White House
to the cabinet, and this leads
to a kind of Klan revival
around the country.
So you see why I'm placing you
in that tradition?
Because those are...
that's your team.
Uh... if that's progressivism,
then I guess I'm a progressive.
Uh, I'm-I'm fine with that.
Uh, International Socialism?
Uh, I'm... to be honest, uh,
I-I'm not totally opposed
to socialism when...
when done right.
Uh, I think we actually
should use the government
to benefit ourselves,
the people of this country.
I think we should have
a national health care system,
I think we should quadruple
national parks,
I think we should make
this world a better place.
And I think government has
a role to play in that.
Now, there's very little
on which Spencer and Trump
actually agree.
Trump's a flag-waving patriot
who cherishes
the American founders.
Spencer isn't and doesn't.
a free-market capitalist.
Spencer prefers
a strong centralized state
regulating markets
and dispensing entitlements.
Trump wants
to keep illegals out
so legal immigrants
and citizens,
whether white, black or brown,
can thrive.
No matter where they come from,
no matter
what faith they practice,
they form a single,
unbreakable team.
That's what we are--
we're a team.
As a nation, we're a team.
D'SOUZA: Spencer wants
only white immigrants.
Trump believes that rights
come from God.
TRUMP: No matter
what the color of our skin
or the place of our birth,
we are all
created equal by God.
Spencer is an atheist
who believes our rights
come from the government.
They call him alt-right,
but he's not on the right.
He's not a conservative.
He's a tool of the media
to pin
the white supremacist tail
on the Republican elephant.
He's part of the big lie.
We've talked
about the racist history
of the Democratic Party,
stretching all the way
to the present,
but where's the racism now?
The Democratic
ethnic plantation
has expanded greatly
under Clinton and Obama.
The historian Kenneth Stampp
identifies the five
distinctive features
of the slave plantation.
Dilapidated housing.
Broken families.
A high degree of violence
necessary to keep
the plantation together.
No opportunity;
no one gets ahead.
And a pervasive atmosphere
of nihilism and despair.
Today, we find
those exact features
in almost every city
the Democrats control--
in the black ghetto,
the Latino barrio,
and on the Native American
This is racism's
contemporary face.
Democrats try
to deflect attention
to a few powerless
white nationalists
so that we'll miss the racism
that is institutionalized
within the modern
Democratic plantation.
Trump, far from being
the problem,
is actually
making things better.
African-American unemployment
stands at the lowest rate
ever recorded.
(cheering) make America great again
for all Americans.
And watch the reaction
on the part of the overseers
of the Democratic plantation.
And where's the fascism today?
It's not Trump.
He's an American nationalist
who wants capitalism,
limited government,
individual liberty
and free speech.
And nothing is more
anti-fascist than that.
By contrast, under Obama,
we saw government control
increase dramatically
over banks,
investment companies,
energy companies,
the entire health care sector
and education.
This is state-run capitalism,
which is the clinical
definition of fascism.
A second manifestation
of fascism today
is the deep state.
The Democratic Party,
under Obama and Hillary,
used the weapons of the state--
the IRS, the FBI, the CIA,
the Justice Department--
against their
political opponents.
- I saw this with my own eyes.
- (camera clicks)
The gangsterization
of the U.S. government
and of American politics.
This is about as close
as you can get
to institutional fascism.
And what about
the fascist insistence
on cultural conformity,
what the Nazis called
Today's left calls this
"political correctness."
They use political correctness
to establish
a stranglehold over academia,
the media, entertainment.
This enforced monopoly of views
is also an example
of fascism on the left today.
James O'Keefe is
the founder and president
of Project Veritas,
a group with
an unusual mission.
O'KEEFE: The media
has protected the sacred cows--
the Planned Parenthoods,
the NPRs,
the ACORNs, and now Antifa--
and they've only given you
half the story.
So, in order to expose
the truth, we have to dig deep.
We have to go undercover
to unmask
what they really believe.
D'SOUZA: What would you say
is the ideology of Antifa?
Well, they don't believe
in free speech.
They don't believe in
the democratic process.
They don't believe
in individual rights.
They don't believe in...
anyone has a right
to express themselves
or even exist
if it doesn't...
if it isn't consistent
with their sort of
revolutionary actions.
In our undercover journalism,
they actually joke
about the fact
that it's not self-defense.
D'SOUZA: Now, if I think
of paramilitary organizations
that don't believe
in free speech or tolerance
or the democratic process,
I think
of not just the Communists,
but the fascists.
And yet here is an organization
that purports to be
Yeah, I think they have
a lot more in common
with the Mussolinis,
the Brownshirts.
In our undercover tapes,
they're wearing black masks.
That bears a lot more in common
with the fascism of, uh,
the early 20th century than
they would have you believe.
Who is fueling or funding
the groups
loosely called Antifa?
Torn Steyer's name
came up a lot in California.
He's a billionaire.
Another name
that's come up publicly--
uh, open-source records--
has been
George Soros.
D'SOUZA: George Soros is one of
the richest men in the world.
He styles himself
as anti-fascist,
but his own history has
a different story to tell.
When the Nazis
occupied Budapest in 1944,
George Soros's father
was a successful lawyer.
He lived on an island
in the Danube
and liked to commute to work
in a rowboat.
But knowing there were problems
ahead for the Jews,
he decided
to split his family up.
(train whistle blows)
(man shouting in German,
dogs barking)
- (shouting in German)
- WOMAN: No!
- (gunshot)
- (woman screams)
KROFT: And he bribed
a government official
to take 14-year-old
George Soros in
and swear that he was
his Christian godson.
But survival carried
a heavy price tag.
While hundreds of thousands
of Hungarian Jews
were being shipped off
to the death camps,
George Soros accompanied
his phony godfather
on his appointed rounds,
confiscating property
from the Jews.
I was 14 years old.
And I would say that that's
when my character was made.
- In what way?
- That one should think ahead,
one should understand
and-and anticipate events.
My understanding is,
is that you went out
with this protector of yours
who swore that you were,
- uh, his adopted godson.
- Yes, yes, yes.
Went out, in fact, and helped
in the confiscation of property
- from the Jews.
- That's right.
- Yes.
- KROFT: But that-that sounds,
uh, like an experience
that would send lots of people
to the psychiatric couch
for many, many years.
Was it difficult?
Uh... not...
not at all, not at all.
It created no...
no problem at all.
- No feeling of guilt?
- No.
Well, actually, in a funny way,
it's just like in markets,
that if I weren't there--
of course, I wasn't doing it--
but somebody else
would be taking it away anyhow.
And it was the...
whether I was there or not.
I was only a spectator.
The property
was being taken away.
So I had no role
in taking away that property.
So I had no sense of guilt.
Are you religious?
- Do you believe in God?
- No.
D'SOUZA: The issue is not
what Soros did as a teenager.
It is that today, as an adult,
he sees nothing wrong
with what he did
and would seemingly be willing
to do it again.
Soros's self-justification
echoes an argument made by one
of the most notorious
Nazis himself.
"During my work
at the Gypsy camp,
"I came across Mengele
and watched his activities.
"I personally observed him
"infecting Gypsy twins
with typhus
"in order to observe
whether the twins
"reacted differently
or in the same way.
"Shortly after...
after they were in...
had been infected,
they were gassed."
Do you believe that your father
was responsible for this?
he did not assume he did it.
He thought he is a member
of a concentration camp,
he's not responsible for it,
because he did not...
invent the concentration camp.
Enough big lies.
It is time to tell the truth.
The progressive Democrats
are the true racists.
They are the true fascists.
They want to steal our income,
they want to steal
our earnings and our wealth
and our freedom and our lives.
They're trying to kill America
by killing
the economic and political
and religious freedom
of Americans.
My wife Debbie grew up
in Venezuela
and has seen firsthand
a prosperous democratic country
give way to socialist tyranny.
There, a fascist regime
is destroying the lives
of the Venezuelan people.
Debbie prays that America
doesn't go down this road.
O, America
You're calling
I can hear you
Calling me
You are calling me
To be true to thee
True to thee
I will be
O, America
You're weeping
Let me heal
Your wounded heart
I will keep you in
My keeping
Till there'll be
A new start
And I will answer you
And I will take your hand
And lead you
To the sun
And I will stand by you
Do all that I can do
And we
Will be as one
And O, America
You're calling
I can hear you
Calling me
You are calling me
To be true to thee
True to thee
I will be
O, America
You're calling...
Will ever
D'SOUZA: How do we fight
the tyranny of the left?
We, as citizens,
have to do our part,
as some did
even in Nazi Germany.
Like Lenin and Hitler,
Sophie Scholl came here
to Schwabing to study.
While attending university,
she learned of the atrocities
of the Nazis.
She saw them.
As a devout Christian,
she rejected
Nazi indoctrination
and joined the White Rose,
a group of activists
horrified by German war crimes.
She and her associates
distributed pamphlets
using Bible verses
and philosophical arguments
for resistance
to National Socialism.
She showed us
how one individual...
Thank you.
...can fight to save a nation.
(men speaking German outside)
(man speaking German)
(man speaking German)
It's okay.
Therefore, every individual
of his responsibility
as a member of Christian
and Western civilization
must defend himself
as best he can
at this late hour.
He must work against fascism
and any similar system
of totalitarianism.
Before the class is over.
Be safe.
(man shouts in German)
(man shouting in German)
(man shouts)
(man shouts)
(both grunting, shouting)
(man speaking German)
(Sophie grunting)
(camera clicks)
(camera clicks)
(quiet chatter)
"Every word that comes
from Hitler's mouth is a lie.
"When he says 'peace,'
he means 'war,'
"and when he blasphemously uses
the name of the Almighty,
"he means the power of evil,
"the fallen angel, Satan.
His mouth is
the foul-smelling maw of hell."
How dare you speak
against the Fuhrer!
Somebody, after all...
had to make a start.
What we wrote and said
- is also believed by many others.
- (chuckles)
They just don't dare
to express themselves
as we did.
Found guilty, you will be
put to death for this treason.
Will it be worth it?
An end in terror
is preferable
to a terror with no end.
SCHOLL: I will cling to the rope
God has thrown to me
in Jesus Christ,
even when my numb hands
can no longer feel it.
Isn't it a riddle
and awe-inspiring
that everything
is so beautiful...
despite the horror?
Lately, I have noticed
something grand and mysterious
peering through my sheer joy
in all that is beautiful,
a sense of its creator.
Only man can truly be ugly,
because he has the free will
to estrange himself...
from this song of praise.
How can we expect fate
to let a righteous cause
when there is hardly anyone
who will give himself up
to a righteous cause?
Stand up
for what you believe in.
Even if you are standing alone.
D'SOUZA: She showed us
how one individual
can fight to save a nation.
How do we, as a nation,
fight leftist tyranny?
Reagan knew how to fight.
Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate.
- (cheering)
- Mr. Gorbachev,
tear down this wall.
And Reagan knew how to win.
REAGAN: Fascism ever comes
to America, it'll come
in the name of-of liberalism.
And what is fascism?
Fascism is:
private ownership,
private enterprise,
but total government control
and regulation.
Well, isn't this
the liberal philosophy?
The conservative, so-called,
is the one that says,
"Less government,
"get off my back,
get out of my pocket,
and let me have more control
of my own destiny."
D'SOUZA: Trump is the inheritor
of the Reagan mantle.
Do we have the desire
and the courage
to preserve our civilization
in the face of those who
would subvert and destroy it?
D'SOUZA: The parties
haven't switched sides.
The main issue separating them
is the same as in 1860.
You toil and work
and earn bread,
and I'll eat it.
D'SOUZA: Lincoln exposed
the Democratic Party
as the party of theft.
Republicans, he said, stand
for the right of Americans
to keep the fruits
of their labor.
Well, that's what
Republicans stand for now.
That's what Trump
is fighting for.
Democrats have gone from
one theft scheme to another.
You work,
and they take what you earn
to keep themselves in power.
Democrats were the party
of tyranny and enslavement
in Lincoln's time,
and they are the party
of tyranny and enslavement now.
If Lee had been victorious
at Gettysburg,
that would have brought down
the entire administration.
And what the future
beyond that would have been
is almost unthinkable,
because then,
where would there have been
an American republic
to intervene
against German militarism
in World War I
or, worse still,
the universal midnight
of Nazism in World War II?
The consequences of Gettysburg,
if they'd gone
in the other direction,
are simply enough
to make the flesh creep.
Lincoln was tough.
He refused to give up
his electoral mandate.
He insisted it belonged
to the American people.
He united Republicans
behind that toughness.
Trump has
Lincoln's inner toughness,
but he needs
the Republican Party
to get behind him.
Lincoln was the architect
of a decent
American nationalism.
Trump must follow
in Lincoln's footsteps.
In this way,
Trump can complete the task
to which Lincoln
dedicated his life:
shutting down,
once and for all,
the Democratic plantation.
A nation dies
when its people are not free.
It's our America.
Let's save it
for the second time.
LINCOLN (dramatized):
It is rather for us
to be here dedicated
to the great task before us--
that from these honored dead
we take increased devotion to
the cause for which they gave
the last full measure
of devotion,
that we here highly resolve
that these dead
- shall not have died in vain,
that this nation,
under God,
shall have a new birth
of freedom,
and that government
of the people,
by the people
and for the people,
shall not perish
from the Earth.
Mine eyes
have seen the glory
Of the coming of the Lord
He is trampling out
the vintage
Where the grapes of wrath
are stored
He hath loosed
the fateful lightning
Of His terrible swift sword
His truth is
Glory! Glory!
Glory! Glory!
Glory! Glory!
His truth is
In the beauty of the lilies
Christ was born
across the sea
With a glory in His bosom
That transfigures
you and me
As He died
To make men holy
Let us live
To make men free
While God
God, He is
Oh, yes, oh, yes
- Glory...
- Glory! Glory!
- Hallelujah!
- Sing it, children.
- Glory!
- Glory!
- Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah!
- Glory!
- Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Glory!
- Glory!
- Glory! Glory!
- (vocalizing)
- Hallelujah!
- Oh, His
- His
- Truth
- His truth
Marching on
Marching on...
- Marching on
- Marching
(song ends)
O say can you see
By the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's
last gleaming
Whose broad stripes
and bright stars
Through the perilous fight
O'er the ramparts we watched
Were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare
The bombs bursting in air
Gave proof
through the night
That our flag
was still there
Now it catches the gleam
Of the morning's first beam
In full glory reflected
Now shines in the stream
Then conquer we must
When our cause it is just
And this be our motto
"In God we trust"
O say does that star-spangled
banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free
And the home
Home of the
(music fades)