Death on the Border (2023) Movie Script

(energetic music)
(gun clanking)
(gunshot blasting)
(thunder rumbling)
(dramatic music)
(air whooshing)
(brooding music)
(brooding music continues)
Never coming back
Never coming back
(brooding music continues)
(wind howling)
(parts clanking)
(engine humming)
(dramatic music)
(door clattering)
(footsteps plodding)
- [Officer] Is everything okay?
(Maddy laughing)
- You coming to my rescue,
the damsel in distress?
- Looks like you
handled it yourself.
- My daddy taught me well.
It was running hot.
But he also taught me not to
come out into the desert alone,
lotta wild animals out here.
- Yeah, where you headed?
- Nowhere, somewhere.
I don't know.
I just had to get
outta where I was.
Bad relationship. (laughs)
At least I got the car.
- Yeah, I woulda pegged
you for a Porsche or a BMW.
- Well, you know what they say.
- [Officer] No,
what do they say?
- Don't judge a
book by its cover.
- Mm.
All right, I'm just gonna check
your license and registration.
- 'Kay.
- This is not a good
area for a breakdown.
We're close to the border,
and there's too many coyotes.
I mean, not the animal kind,
not a place for a
woman alone today.
Thank you.
(brooding music)
- Hey, you gotta smoke?
I'd kill for a (laughs)
cigarette right now.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
(lighter clicking)
- Got it.
- Mm.
- Oh.
- You're welcome.
- You in a relationship?
- Yeah, it's fairly new.
- He a cop, too?
- Yep, he's the new cop in town.
- Was it love at first sight?
(officer laughs)
- More like lust.
All right, I'm just
gonna run your license,
and then you're good to go.
- [Dispatcher] Your
vehicle seven Marjorie
Yankee Baker Samuel seven is
registered to a John Watson
at 432 West Main Street, Los
Angeles, California 90013.
(radio clanking)
(dramatic music)
(gunshot blasting)
(officer speaking in Spanish)
- 225 (speaking Spanish).
(dramatic music)
(insects chirping)
(footsteps plodding)
(wind howling)
(gravel crunching)
(door clattering)
(driver speaking Spanish)
- [Driver] I'm sorry.
Do you need help?
- No, thanks, I'm okay.
- You know, pretty lady
shouldn't be out here
in the desert all alone.
- I think I'll be all right.
- I was thinking, uh, maybe we
could get to know each other
a little bit, have some fun.
- Don't you have
somewhere to be?
- [Driver] I'm in no rush.
- Not interested.
- Come on.
(dramatic music)
(fist thudding)
(driver grunting)
(door clattering)
(driver speaking Spanish)
No, no, no, no, no, come here.
Pull the keys.
Unlock it.
(padlock clanking)
Open it and get in.
(engine revving)
(brooding music)
(truck rattling)
(gun thudding)
(door buzzing)
Get out of the truck, guera.
(driver speaking Spanish)
(hostages whimpering)
Working my job I enjoy so much.
We're gonna have some fun,
old lady, and if you fight me,
gonna shoot those little girls.
I can always get some more.
(driver speaking Spanish)
(brooding music continues)
Some like 'em young.
But me,
I like a little wear and tear.
(brooding music continues)
(Maddy screams)
Bend over.
I want to take it up that way.
(Maddy whimpering)
Take off your panties.
(Maddy whimpering)
(driver speaking Spanish)
(driver sniffing and exhaling)
Bend over.
(Maddy whimpering)
(driver speaking Spanish)
(driver laughing)
(gunshot blasting)
(hostages whimpering)
- Which one of you's the oldest?
Come help me.
Sorry, do you speak English?
- Uh.
- What's your name?
- Maria.
- Maria, can you drive?
- Uh, si, not good.
- Okay, help me
with the body, okay?
- [Maria] Yeah.
(both grunting)
(engine revving)
(trunk clattering)
- Um.
(brooding music continues)
Okay, take the truck
to this address.
Ask for Adele.
Tell her Maddy sent you.
She'll help you, and tell
her to get rid of that truck
as soon as possible.
Go now and don't stop
till you get there.
(brooding music continues)
I'm not wrong, but it
doesn't mean you're right
I'm not gone just
because I'm out of sight
Too long since you
tried to cry for help
(door clattering)
(feet shuffling)
(door slamming)
(Maddy clearing throat)
- Hello, John.
(dramatic music)
- Hey, what, what's going on?
- Gimme your keys.
Give me your keys.
(keys jangling)
And gimme your gun.
Where is it?
- What, what, what,
what's happening here?
- [Maddy] Gun, John.
- Just calm down.
Take it easy.
- Gun, don't tell me
what to do.
Let's go.
(gun clanking)
- Just, just, just, hey.
- Come with me.
This way.
- Where are we going?
- You'll see.
Far enough.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- No, what are you doing, John?
- You know we're
both dead now, right?
- Take off your shoes.
- [John] What?
- Take them off.
(gunshot blasting)
- Maddy, what the
fuck's wrong with you?
- [Maddy] Take 'em off.
- Okay, okay.
You think you're gonna
get away with this?
You're not gonna get
away with this, Maddy.
They're gonna kill me.
Then, they're gonna
come looking for you.
We can work this out.
I'm sorry, Maddy.
I know I've hurt you.
I still love you.
- How many times have
I heard you say that?
It's bad enough what you
did to me, but these girls.
What the fuck
happened to you, John?
- I owe a lot of
people a lot of money.
It's this fucking gambling.
They're gonna kill me, Maddy.
So I started doing
favors for people
and helping people
cross the border,
clearing the way, and
they paid me to do that.
And then, it got
bigger and bigger,
and now it's this whole
fucking trafficking thing.
I have no idea how I
got involved, Maddy.
I have no idea how I got in
so deep, but I need you now.
Please, please
don't leave me now.
I still love you.
We can make a fresh start.
- And, and Rhonda?
- After you lost the baby-
- No, shut up.
Just shut the fuck up.
(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
(glass clinking)
(gentle music continues)
(dramatic music)
(glass shattering)
(woman crying)
Don't move.
I'll shoot you.
(dramatic music)
Get on your knees.
- Maddy, Come on.
- Get on your knees.
You stay there.
Don't move.
- Maddy, what are you doing?
What the?
Never coming back
(Rhonda gasping)
- [Rhonda] Oh, shit.
(Rhonda gasping)
(trunk clattering)
(dramatic music)
(tape rustling)
What the hell is going on?
(dramatic music continues)
(dramatic music continues)
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
(dispatcher speaking
(Rhonda laughs)
- You can call me John.
- Okay. (laughs)
- So when can I take
you up on your offer
to show me around your
lovely little town?
- Well, I'm just finishing
up for Shiv right now.
Do you like tequila?
- I do.
(mellow music)
So what is a beautiful
woman like you doing single
and living alone in a
small town like this?
- Oh. (laughs)
I could use that same
line on you, (laughs)
not that you are beautiful.
Well, but you are. (laughs)
Um, I was married once,
but he died of cancer.
- Oh, I'm sorry about that.
- Thank you.
We were divorced before,
um, before he got sick.
But we were still
in touch, though.
We were high school
sweethearts. (laughs)
He had an affair,
so I had to leave.
I grew up in this town, so.
- He a cop, too?
- No, he was a carpenter.
What about you?
- [John] Me?
- Yeah. (laughs)
(John laughs)
- Also divorced.
Also made my
childhood sweetheart,
(Rhonda laughs)
but I was married to my career.
You know how it is.
And she was not
too into the job.
- [Rhonda] Yeah.
- Enough about our past.
Let's drink to our present
(glasses clinking)
and our future.
- Amen. (laughs)
(John laughs)
(Rhonda laughing)
This is my bedroom. (laughs)
(gentle music)
(Rhonda laughs)
(lips smacking)
- You need some water.
- No.
- Where's your kitchen?
- Right there.
(gentle music continues)
(Rhonda sighs)
Thank you.
- I want you to
remember our first time.
(gentle music continues)
(dramatic music)
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
(wood clattering)
(keys jangling)
(footsteps plodding)
(door clattering)
(dramatic music continues)
(door clattering)
(engine revving)
(tires screeching)
(mellow music)
(employees chattering
(engine humming)
(door clattering)
(wind howling)
- Come out, come out and play.
John, I just wanna talk.
(dramatic music)
(John whimpering)
I know you're here, gringo.
(John grunts)
Where are my girls,
and where's the money?
- I, I, I got a
little sidetracked,
but I know her, and I can
get in touch with her.
- You let yourself get
taken by a woman, gringo?
(Manny speaking Spanish)
- Please, let me, let
me get it back for you.
I can do that.
- You know what, John?
(dramatic music continues)
Today's your lucky day.
You owe us double now,
and you have 24 hours to bring
that back bitch
back to us alive.
She killed mi amigo,
and I'm gonna make
her pay for that.
- Okay, okay.
(dramatic music continues)
- Manny, uh, can
you give me a lift?
Uh, I, I lost my keys.
- Not that lucky.
- Understood.
(suspenseful music)
(latch clicking)
- (mumbling) two.
Those two gringo
punks, all of 'em.
(engine revving)
(latch clicking)
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
(Rhonda sighs)
(dramatic music continues)
(laptop clanking)
- [Automated Voice] Earphones.
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
(dramatic music continues)
(zipper whizzing)
(cash rustling)
(frame clanking)
(mellow music)
(dramatic music)
(frame thudding)
(mellow music)
(brooding music)
- [Rhonda] You owe
me a cigarette.
- What made you decide to come?
- This is the second time
she's been trafficked.
Because of you, now the cartel
is coming after me as well.
(mellow music)
- Look, you can take
me in now if you want,
but I don't know who to trust.
Neither should you.
I'm pretty sure we'd
be taken out on the way
to the police station
before we even get
a chance to clear my name.
- Our names.
(mellow music continues)
- Here we are, ladies.
- [Rhonda] Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Look, if you think that
we're just gonna go drive
across the country like
some sort of vigilantes,
I'm just not up for that.
But I do know I'm not making
much of a difference as a cop,
and I'm done.
I'm done with men just
getting away with shit.
I also know a bit
about gambling.
Come from a family of gamblers,
and I wanted to
save them, (laughs)
and eventually, they
took me so down with them
that I had to cut them off.
And that's why I
wanted to become a cop.
I wanted to help people (laughs)
or at least just go out trying,
but you know, we're
just putting Band-Aids
on to slow the bleeding.
- My sentiments exactly.
At first, I was just gonna
warn you and disappear
after helping one truckload.
(Maddy sighs)
But something happened.
(Maddy grunts)
(driver grunts)
(gunshot blasting)
I mean, I don't have a
10-year plan or anything,
but I do think I have a way
we could at least
make some difference.
It's time we took our
seat at the table.
- I think I might
like you a bit more
than what I like John.
Here's to us taking
over the table.
- Cheers.
(mellow music continues)
Those coyotes are after
us, and John will be, too,
if he's still alive.
We're gonna have
to kill ourselves.
(brooding music)
(gasoline sloshing)
(bones clanking)
(door clattering)
- One, two,
(grunts) three.
(both grunting)
(explosion blasting)
You know, soon
they're gonna find out
that those bones aren't ours.
(fire crackling)
- Eventually, but it'll
take 'em a long time
to work out that crime scene.
- Being an ex-cop does
come in handy sometimes.
(glass shattering)
I'm sorry you've
been through so much.
- [Maddy] I'm sure you've
been through your fair share.
Sorry, I put you in the trunk.
- And shorted my radio
and scared the shit
out of me. (laughs)
- [Maddy] Yeah.
You know I don't
actually smoke, right?
- Officer Hernandez,
what's your 20?
Rhonda, I need your 20, stat.
- Where's Ronda?
- We're putting together
a search party now.
She's been off
air for two hours.
No one can reach her.
You wanna head out with us?
- No, but give me her
last known location.
(paper rustling)
I'll meet you guys there.
(brooding music)
(door clattering)
(dispatcher speaking
- [Dispatcher] Seven
Romeo Yankee Saddle,
707 traveling east on Highway 1.
Woman in passenger seat
matching description
of Officer Ronda Hernandez.
Proceed with caution as suspect
may be armed and dangerous.
- All units, this is
Detective John Booth.
Suspect is my ex-partners ex.
She's also an ex-cop gone rogue.
I know it's a lot of
exes, but make no mistake,
she has shown
violent tendencies.
She is armed, and she is crazy.
(static hissing)
(bone clanking)
- [Officer] What do you think?
- Well, it's too early to tell,
but we do think it's two bodies,
and we found remnants
of a police uniform.
- Do you really think John's
ex is capable of this?
I'll make the call.
- Okay, good news and bad news.
I found 'em.
They're both dead, and
the money's destroyed.
I don't know.
She must have taken
a hostage planning
to split the money with
him, and all went wrong,
something like that.
(John laughs)
She did have those
kind of balls.
Yeah, she was an
ex-cop, you know.
Well, give us a week, and
we'll be back on track.
Shit, dude, you know me.
I will get you double.
You know that.
(John laughs)
(phone beeping)
(dramatic music)
(door clattering)
(chicken clucking)
(rooster crowing)
- Good morning,
Jessica and Henicca.
(Father Francis
speaking Spanish)
I'll be back to practice
my sermon with you, okay?
(Father Francis
speaking Spanish)
(engine humming)
(siren wailing)
(brooding music)
(doors clattering)
- [Driver] Everything
okay, officer?
- Get out.
- What the fuck?
- [Rhonda] Leave your keys.
- [Maddy] Look, let's go.
Go to the front.
Let's go.
- You're fucking dead.
You know who this load is for?
- [Rhonda] Shut the fuck up,
or you're fucking
(speaking Spanish).
- [Maddy] Take off your clothes.
- Fuck off.
- Come on.
(gun clanking)
- [Rhonda] I won't ask twice.
- Fuck off.
- Faster.
Go, and run as fast as you
can so I can't see you.
(gunshot blasting)
(dramatic music continues)
- Are you okay?
You're shaking.
- Well, it's not like every
day I commit armed robbery.
- Yeah.
Look, it wouldn't be the end
of the world if we shoot him.
We do what we have to do.
- Yeah, you know, as a cop, I
wouldn't say that too often.
(both laughing)
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on, let's get outta here.
- Do you refuse to speak to me?
(Rhonda laughs)
- Yeah.
- Hi, father.
- No, sit, my child.
- Hi, father.
- Just stopped
by to see how the English
lessons are going.
- Oh, quite well, right, Sara?
- Si, good.
(Father Francis laughing)
- Oh, bless you,
my children, okay?
Bless you, bless you, child.
- Just keep studying, okay?
- Si.
- How you doing today, father?
- [Father Francis] Ah, blessed,
today is a blessed day.
- Okay, father,
this is your lunch
and for your supplies, okay?
Now, please be careful.
- My child, how many times
do I have to tell you?
With God on my side,
nothing can hurt me.
A few of your (laughing)
prayers won't hurt.
(dispatcher speaking
- [Officer] Hey.
- Hey, where's Officer Brown?
- Resigned.
He's making more money as
an MMA fighter, apparently.
- No kidding?
- Yeah.
- (laughing) Oh, man.
I guess everybody makes
more money than cops.
- Yeah.
Oh, hey John.
- Yeah.
- Mystery thickens.
I just sent you some security
footage from the bus station.
You might find something
interesting in there, I think.
- Thanks, pal.
(John clearing throat)
(John exhales)
(John scatting)
(fingers tapping)
(phone ringing)
Detective Booth.
- [Technician] John.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hi, I wanted to get to
you as soon as possible.
It looks like the
human remains are
neither your suspect
or your victim.
I, I'm sorry it took so long.
It was, uh, quite the puzzle,
but it does seem that someone
is trying to lead us astray.
So as soon as I have more info,
I will get back to
you immediately.
- Thank you, buddy.
I really appreciate that.
(phone clanking)
(John laughing)
(plastic rustling)
(mellow music)
Someone got a sweet
tooth there, huh, padre?
(Father Francis laughs)
- Guilty as charged.
(plastic rustling)
- Have any of you
gentlemen by chance seen
either of these two ladies?
(dramatic music)
Take your time.
Take a look.
- No.
- Okay.
Thanks for your time.
(dramatic music continues)
- Go with God, my son.
- Oh, I don't think God's
on my side anymore, padre,
but thanks just the same.
- Time's up, brother.
You know, we let
your partner go once,
and he actually assured us
that your protection
(laughs) was secure,
and yet we lost another load.
- I'm on it, man.
I'm getting you money
and a new buyer.
You can double the supply
and make up for the loss.
(hands clapping)
- Oh, done?
(gun clanking)
(door clattering)
- Son, you forgot
your credit card.
(gun clanking)
- Oh, it seems like today
is your lucky day, too.
I draw the line at shooting
in front of a padre.
Here are our new terms.
We'll have a new delivery
for you next week,
and if it doesn't get through,
or anything outside
of our deal happens,
I personally will remove
the rest of your digits
(knife clanging)
(John screaming)
and every other
piece of you slowly.
(Manny speaking Spanish)
- I understand.
- (laughing) Yeah?
Because we've had just about
enough of the two Johns.
- Okay.
- Oh, and when we call,
please pick up your phone.
- I'll do that.
- It's really annoying.
- I still have my
credit card, father.
Thank you.
(John laughs)
(zipper whizzing)
- You'll need to move locations
again soon, so be ready.
- Be safe.
- You, too.
(brooding music)
(door clattering)
(insects chirping)
(footsteps plodding)
(dramatic music)
- Easy, tiger, don't shoot me.
- Jesus, don't do that to me.
- Isn't that taking the
Lord's name in vain?
I just wanted to make
sure you were prepared.
Besides, it's fun.
- Fun?
I almost wet myself and
not in a good way. (laughs)
- I kinda missed you.
- I kind of missed you, too.
(gentle music)
- Come.
Come, they're here.
- Oh, okay.
- Come.
- This candy, is this welcome
for me or for the candy?
- Both.
(Father Francis laughing)
- Oh, that one's mine. (laughs)
- Okay, girls, it's one
each before dinner, okay?
And Sara, welcome the new girls.
- This is Elena,
and this is Sophia.
- [Maddy] Hello, hi.
- [Rhonda] Okay, come, come.
- Come on, come on.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
John is looking for you.
- Don't worry, father.
He won't find us here.
- I'll be praying.
- Yay.
- There's food.
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
- Thank you.
All right, girls,
let's say grace, okay?
So we wanna thank our Lord
for bringing us our girls,
um, for Father Francis,
for the safety of our home.
I also wanna thank for this
yummy, scrumptious meal
we're about to receive and amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
All right, dig in.
Show me who you are
Hidden diamond star
You're more than you know
More than you know
Of the brilliance
of the moon
Is shining down on you
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
More than you know
More than you know
The flames rise higher
A heart on fire
Come out of the shadows,
out of the dark, oh
Unchained and brighter
(gunshot blasting)
Out of the shadows,
out of the dark
(door clattering)
Pressed on every side
Like gold that's
been refined
More than you know
More than you know, oh
Nothing to conceal
Your strength revealed
More than you know
More than you know, oh, oh
The flames rise higher
A heart on fire
- Hey, pal.
- [Officer] Keith
wants to see you.
- John.
- Sir.
- The abandoned truck
was located last week
close to the same
location as the other one.
- Yeah?
- There's evidence of
trafficked girls in there,
and apparently, they
made a pretty quick exit.
I, uh, sent the information
to your computer.
- Thanks, boss.
- Um.
- What?
- From above.
- Yeah.
- You gotta head back into
the city in two weeks.
It looks like the results
aren't justifying continuing.
- What are you talking about?
Our team gets 12 trucks
every six months.
- Apparently, it's not enough.
Also, your funds
have been reallocated
to fighting the avocado war.
- The what?
- The cartels have
moved into produce.
(John laughs)
At least now it's easier for
the government to get rid
of the goods they confiscate.
(John laughing)
Politics, what can I tell ya?
- Yeah, okay.
Thanks, boss.
- Um, one other thing.
- What?
(phone ringing)
(feet shuffling)
(John clears throat)
What's up, sarge?
- Your old partner, John Watson.
- [John] Yeah.
- He's under investigation.
Looks like he might
be a dirty cop.
He's gone AWOL, too.
- Man.
- [Keith] Detective.
- Mm-hmm?
- You okay?
- I just need a little sleep.
- Mm-hmm, understandable,
with Rhonda missing
and your ex-partner and
his girlfriend involved.
We're not gonna
call off the search,
but you and I both know,
if we haven't come
across anything by now,
I don't have to tell you
how many unclaimed bodies
are buried out there.
- I know.
- I don't know what
you do with that one.
In this kind of work,
you have to get a
license to get a dog,
but some of these girls have
been sold by their own parents.
What kind of person does
that to another human?
- I know.
- Huh?
(dramatic music)
You sure you didn't have any
inkling about your old partner?
(dramatic music continues)
(John exhales)
(door creaking)
- [Rhonda] Good afternoon.
- Ugh, I didn't sleep
much last night.
- [Rhonda] Do you
wanna talk about it?
- (sighs) Not really.
I could use some coffee.
- [Rhonda] All right.
(dishes clanking)
I made it for you. (laughs)
(coffee sloshing)
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What is it?
What is it?
- It's just seeing his face.
- Yeah.
Did you think about talking
with Father Francis?
- Oh, stop shoving your fucking
religion down my throat.
- Okay, okay.
- I mean, all the things I've
done, the things we've done,
you really think your God
would be okay with that?
- Our God.
(Maddy exhales)
God is love.
- 99% of the cops I know
get into it to save lives,
not to take 'em.
When I was a little girl,
I would imagine growing up,
and getting married,
and having kids.
- (laughing) Yeah.
We all wanted that,
loving family,
nice husband, and kids. (laughs)
- John took that away from me.
(water sloshing)
(gentle music)
(glass shattering)
- Maddy.
- Sorry, sorry,
what did you say?
- You just look miles away.
We were just talking about
how this could be our chance
to have a loving family.
(brooding music)
- Yeah, maybe.
- Do you think we should
hold off on tomorrow?
- No, no.
- John's getting pretty close.
- No.
It's all the more
reason to move forward.
John's getting desperate.
That's why he's
getting more girls.
We go ahead with the plan.
Made a pact, didn't we?
- Yeah.
- Get out as many
girls as we can.
- Okay.
What made you stop
believing in God?
- Wasn't an instant thing.
After you see the
way that humans treat
humans continuously,
sitting in courtrooms and
watching potheads going to jail
while rapists, and racists,
and murderers go free
on some technicality.
- Yeah.
- Only the dumb ones get caught.
- Yeah.
Many have lost their way.
(Maddy laughs)
- You're starting to
sound like Father Francis.
(Rhonda laughs)
- You know, God knows
we're not perfect.
He doesn't expect us to be.
He's also all loving.
(Maddy sighs)
He's also all forgiving.
I'm just saying, like,
if only you would just,
you know, try talking
with Father Francis.
Maybe that would help you
sleep better at night.
- Now, I just really don't
feel like talking at all.
(engine humming)
(brooding music)
(door clattering)
- You are late.
- Yeah, well, maybe if you
assholes would stop trailing me
all over town, proving
nothing except I'm capable
of losing your tail, so
stop wasting your time.
You're new.
Where are you from?
You're not Mexican.
- Being Mexican is not part
of the job description,
Shalom, let's keep this moving.
- Yes?
- Open it up.
(door buzzing)
You said they were young.
How old is this one?
- Old enough.
(brooding music continues)
(bag thudding)
(zipper whizzing)
I want you to know, I had
orders to dispose of you today
if anything wasn't
according to plan.
You being 20 minute late
was not according to plan.
(door buzzing)
(brooding music continues)
(engine humming)
All right, let's go.
- [Rhonda] Get out slowly.
- Do you know who
you're dealing with?
- [Maddy] Get out slowly.
Leave the gun and the keys.
(brooding music continues)
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
(door clattering)
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
- What are you waiting for?
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
- [Driver] You are dead.
(keys jangling)
(gunshot blasting)
(both grunting)
(knees thudding)
(fist thudding)
(elbow thudding)
(both grunting)
(body thudding)
(gun clanking)
(foot thudding)
(dramatic music continues)
(Maddy groaning)
(hand thudding)
(body thudding)
(both grunting)
- Fucker.
(elbow thudding)
(gangster grunting)
(gun clanking)
(Maddy groaning)
- Hey.
(gunshot blasting)
(body thudding)
(Rhonda breathing heavily)
I'll take the truck this time.
You need to get
yourself cleaned up.
Come on.
(Rhonda grunting)
You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Rhonda] All right. (grunting)
(dramatic music continues)
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
(gentle music)
- It's Anna.
- Okay, Anna.
(Rhonda speaking Spanish)
(gentle music continues)
- I can handle this.
(liquid sloshing)
But that little one today, Anna,
she's only eight years old.
- You're doing good work.
(glasses clinking)
Good work.
- But are we really
making a difference?
It's never ending.
- I used to feel the same way.
Then, my priest told me a story.
There was a little girl
walking along the beach
with her grandfather,
and there were thousands
of starfish washed up
on the shore, and
they were all dying.
The little girl
was really upset.
So they started throwing
them back in the water,
and after a while,
they were exhausted.
And the little girl
said, "It's no use.
We can't save them all.
We're not making
any difference."
And the grandfather
instructed the little girl,
"Just pick up that
one," and she did,
threw it back in the water.
And he said, "See,
you are making a
difference to that one."
(Rhonda clearing throat)
- I'm getting the
girls ready for bed
a little early tonight.
- Thanks.
- It's about time.
Where the fuck have you been?
- [John] I'm trying
to fix things.
- Oh, are you gonna
be here tonight?
This is getting
outta hand, you know.
- [John] I'm a bit
busy keeping us alive.
- Are you joking?
Why would I trust you?
The shit you've gotten me into,
and you're nowhere to be found.
- [John] I told you
I'm gonna fix things.
- Then, fix things,
then fix things.
(phone beeps)
(brooding music)
- [Dealer] It's on you.
(brooding music continues)
- [Player] How much is that?
- 15,000.
(John laughing)
- Big time.
(brooding music continues)
- Last hand, I'm in.
All in.
- [Dealer] He's all in.
- You got this?
- I guess it's my
lucky night. (laughs)
(door clattering)
You can forget
about it. (laughs)
(Manny laughing)
- Ooh, yeah, good
times, good times, John.
Please, please.
Is that, is that for me?
- I was just on my way
to the deliver this.
- Figured that, but how 'bout
I save you a little trip?
(phone ringing)
Hey, your phone is ringing.
Pick it up.
(John clears throat)
- Yeah.
- [John] The shipment
didn't arrive.
- What?
- [John] The truck
never showed up.
We had our chance.
- What?
- [John] And now we're
well and truly fucked.
- Tell me what happened.
Tell me what happened.
- If we confess our sins,
he is faithful and just,
and will forgive us our sins,
and purify us from
all unrighteousness.
(gentle music)
How are you doing, my child?
- I think I'm getting a little
old to be called my child.
- Is there something
troubling you?
- Oh, you mean more than usual?
The fact that I'm a cop and
now a fugitive of the law.
John is closing in on us,
and I just shot a guy
in the back of the head.
- The Lord sees you, Rhonda.
Keep asking him for forgiveness,
and he'll show you the way.
- Thank you, father.
(door squeaking)
- Hey, what's up?
- Father Francis today talked
about, if we confess your sins-
- Uh, maybe this is something
you should talk to Rhonda about.
- No, uh, you, you saw me,
how I was before,
before I had done things,
made, made to do things.
My uncle,
how can anyone want me
after what I've done?
- Sara, listen to me.
(gentle music continues)
This is not your fault.
Look, we can't change
what's happened in the past,
but Father Francis is right.
You have to forgive yourself.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I love you.
We all love you.
- My little brother, too?
He's a good boy.
Maybe, maybe he could come
and, and live with us here.
- Honey, we've, we
talked about this before.
This mission's only for girls.
Girls need time to build
trust, and feel safe,
and just be girls.
I'm sorry.
It's just, it's just not safe
for you to contact him, okay?
Come here.
(pensive music)
(gravel crunching)
(Sara speaking Spanish)
(Sara continues
speaking Spanish)
(pensive music continues)
(dramatic music)
(bicycle clattering)
(bully speaking Spanish)
(Carlos speaking Spanish)
(bully speaking Spanish)
- (laughs) Let's go.
(dramatic music continues)
(birds squawking)
- Do you think they'll be
able to get over their past?
- With a lot of love
and support, yeah, I do.
- Do you think we'll be
able to get over ours?
- Maybe.
- It's just, you know, John
wasn't always like that.
We had a few good years.
- Yeah.
- He was good
physically. (laughs)
He did have a nice-
- I know what you mean.
(Rhonda laughs)
(Maddy laughs)
(camera clicking)
(gentle music continues)
- Maybe it was
partially my fault.
- You know, all those domestics
we got called to, used
to think like you.
Why do these women stay?
They were probably so
damaged to put up with it.
I just thought they were weak.
I thought the same
thing about my mother.
- I mean, once you know,
how long do you stay
and try to help and support
them before you lose yourself?
- When the bad
outweighs the good.
- I ask myself, did John
always have this evil in him,
or, or did it spread
like a cancer, just growing?
Is it the chicken or the egg?
- You know, I always wondered
about that question. (laughs)
(Maddy laughing)
- I'm not sure I could explain
it adequately either, father.
- Thank you.
- Gracias.
- [Father Francis] Yeah,
tequila fixes everything.
- Salud.
- Salud.
(Father Francis exhales)
(Maddy laughing)
- What is it?
- I, I wrote letters
to my brother.
(dramatic music)
(glass clinking)
- It's okay.
- [Voicemail] Leave a message.
- Please answer.
- [Voicemail] Leave a message.
(Maddy exhales)
Leave a message.
Leave a message.
- Hi there, um, just
wanted to let you know
that the weather
has turned here.
It's time to go on vacation.
(dramatic music continues)
Hi there, um, just
wanted to let you know
that the weather
has turned here.
It's time to go on vacation.
(engine humming)
(door clattering)
(phone ringing)
- Yeah.
- [John] One of the soldiers
has something for you.
Follow it up.
- Okay, but listen,
that last truckload,
that girl was what,
eight years old, maybe.
This is-
- Hey,
you knew what you
were getting into.
Don't develop a conscience now.
Send me a screenshot.
Don't fuck this up.
Maybe we let you live, too.
(dial tone blaring)
(phone beeping)
- Steve, I'm
heading to the city.
I'll be gone two days max.
No intel shipments coming in
this week, so it's all good.
(dramatic music continues)
- No, John was just there.
(engine humming)
- Well, then how
did you meet Maddy?
(gentle music)
- Oh, first time I met
her, she came to my house.
She was called to a
domestic, they call it.
She was a cop.
The neighbors must have called.
I could see so much
judgment in her eyes.
She was thinking,
"What does this rich, young
couple got to fight about?"
Took me three
times to leave him.
A third time, we were
staying in this fancy resort,
and I must have taken too long
to come back from the bar.
And then, he dragged
me through the foyer
in this fancy resort, and all
these people were staring.
Then, we got back
to the hotel room,
and he just kept
kicking me on the floor.
And I didn't do anything.
I just lay on the floor numb.
- The, the first
time I was taken,
I went into town with my mother.
She took me to meet
this woman at a store.
I was supposed to go with her,
and she was going to help me
go to a school. (laughs)
She, she looked very
professional and successful.
- Oh.
- She even had her little
baby girl with her.
She was very nice
and told my mom
that I would be
staying at her house
and that I would
be looked after.
I was taken to a compound
with security guards
and locked in a room
where I was raped daily.
The only time we ever
left the compound was
when we were taken to events,
poker games and men watching
big-screen football games.
We were the halftime
One time, there were cops there.
I saw their badges,
so even if I ran,
where would I run to?
And after six months,
there was finally a raid
on the compound, and I was
returned (laughs) to my family.
My mama, she cried a lot.
Papa, he couldn't
look me in the eye.
- Maria, you are
not alone today,
and I can't promise you
that you're ever gonna
feel completely safe,
but I'm gonna do whatever
I can to help you go on.
- Yeah.
- When Father Francis
comes tomorrow,
I would like to go with him
and little Maria to help
at the mission, but I-
- No, no, no, no.
That's a good idea.
This is just a stopover.
The mission is where
you can grow strong
and empowered with time.
- Oh.
Are you okay?
(keys jangling)
- Okay.
Now, we're gonna
play a little game.
It won't be long before
we're all at our new house,
but I want you to
stay down, okay?
(dramatic music)
- Yeah.
(Father Francis
speaking Spanish)
(Maria speaking Spanish)
- Okay.
You to, Maria, you get down.
(door clattering)
(plastic rustling)
(engine humming)
(dramatic music continues)
- Fancy meeting you
here again, father.
What, are you feeding
the entire flock today?
- Well, I, I don't get
into town so often,
so I'm stocking up.
- Right, right, right.
Where do you live?
- Just over the border.
- Mm.
Where over the border?
I'm curious.
I might like to come visit
you, pay my respects.
- Well, uh.
(glass shattering)
(door clattering)
- [John] Ah, oh, man.
- Kids probably threw a
rock, those little shits.
(John laughs)
- If I find 'em, I'll shoot 'em.
- Better get that fixed
as soon as you can,
and watch out for the,
uh, glass on the seat.
- Thanks for the advice, padre.
Hey, padre, I just realized
I never got your address.
- Oh.
- Hey, here,
write it down for me, would ya?
- Nothing really happens
at my little mission,
but, (laughs) you know,
you're welcome to stop by.
I'd better, uh, start
getting back home
'cause it's getting dark,
and my eyes ain't
what they used to be.
- I get it, sure.
(Father Francis laughing)
(dramatic music continues)
Son of a.
- It's okay, but stay down.
We got it. (laughs)
- But he has the address now.
- Ay, silly me.
I must be losing my
(speaking Spanish).
(Father Francis laughs)
I gave him the, the address
to when I was a little boy.
(Maria laughing)
(engine revving)
(gear stick clattering)
- Come, come.
Let's make 'em feel welcome.
- She insisted on coming.
- Oh.
- [Maria] Hi.
I want to stay here-
Show me who you are
- [Maria] and help you.
Hidden diamond star
More than you know
More than you know
(all laughing)
- I'm so excited.
- I know.
- I'm excited.
- Sounds good.
(all chattering indistinctly)
More than you know,
more than you know
(glass clinking)
The flames rise higher
- Bow your heads, children.
A heart on fire
- Thank you, our Lord, for
what we're about to receive,
this wonderful feast, and
this delicious dessert,
(all laughing)
and for bringing all
these children together.
Please continue to watch over us
and lead the way
for those in need
so that we can continue
to be of service to them.
- [All] Amen.
- [Maddy] Now, we
can eat. (laughs)
- Chicken, chicken, chicken.
- I hear you.
(liquid sloshing)
You owe me.
- I owe you nothing.
- Read my fucking lips.
I need to disappear.
- [Woman] Never call here again.
(dramatic music)
(phone clanking)
(newspaper rustling)
- I see you, motherfucker.
(blinds clanking)
You shoulda shot me
when you had the chance.
(buttons clicking)
- [Automated System] The
number you have called is
no longer in service.
(dramatic music continues)
(buttons clicking)
The number you have called
is no longer in service.
- Where are you?
Where the fuck are you?
- Today was a close call.
I don't think your detective
is gonna stop looking for you.
- He's not our detective.
No, you're right, father.
I think it's time we put
our vacation plan in place.
- I told you when you
first got here, my child,
this is my church, my home.
I'm not going to let evil
chase me out of here.
And besides, I
don't do vacation.
- Does that mean that
there is no saving him?
- I have hope for everyone.
But. (laughs)
- [John] How you doing again?
- Hey.
- So how often does the father
come in here for supplies?
- About once every
two weeks or so.
- Ah.
What time of day and what
day does usually come in?
- It's not regular.
It's different times.
I don't really recall.
- Right, right,
you don't recall.
- No.
- Okey dokey.
You know, I met your lovely
daughter this morning.
(dramatic music)
You live at 34 Hill
Street. (laughs)
And you know, it
always blows my mind.
Here we are standing
in the flats,
and you live on a street
called Hill Street. (laughs)
How old is your daughter, 11?
It's such a cute age,
just before the big change
when they're still young.
They're still innocent.
- It's not regular,
but it's always in the
morning, Thursdays or Fridays.
- Thursdays and Fridays
always in the morning?
You sure?
- Positive.
- Thanks, pal.
Have a good day.
(dramatic music)
(door clattering)
(buttons clicking)
- I need intel on
a new safe house
for Adele Stevens in LA.
Yeah, she's in bed
with some bad Mexicans.
We need to find her first.
No, she, listen to me.
She won't be far from her last
known address, so find her.
Put her face out
there everywhere.
Find her.
(footsteps plodding)
- Oh, sorry, I was just
on the phone with Horatio.
John was just there again.
He's waiting for Father Francis,
and Horatio, he's not
gonna help us anymore
with any other information.
He's done.
- Okay, do you know anyone we
can get some firepower from?
- I think so.
- Someone you can trust?
- Yeah.
- Okay, great.
We're gonna give the girls
a nice Christmas memory,
and then we're gonna move
on the vacation plan.
- Okay, yeah.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- Oh.
- Oh.
(all laughing)
- Looks so good.
- Will we be seeing you
at midnight mass, Maddy?
- Ooh, maybe this-
- Yay.
- This goes up-
- You made it with balls.
(children chattering
("Silent Night")
- We are grateful that God
gave himself into our hands
as a child begging for our love,
implanting his
peace in our hearts.
Break the rods of oppression,
burn the trampling boots.
Let the time of garments
soaked in blood come to an end.
Fulfill the prophecy that
peace there will be no end.
We thank thee, oh,
Lord, for your goodness,
but we also ask you to
show forth your power.
Establish the
dominion of your truth
and love in the world.
(John clearing throat)
- How did you get in?
- [John] The door was open.
- I always lock it.
- It was open to me.
Adele Stevens, I need to
ask you a few questions.
(dramatic music)
We know girls were brought here.
We can prove that.
The policewomen who helped you,
they're in big-ass trouble.
They all are.
Now, I need to know where
they are so I keep them
from getting killed.
- I know who you are.
You're a dirty cop.
- I'm not playing games here.
Give me an answer.
(dramatic music continues)
Where are the girls?
I need to protect them.
- You can kill me if you want.
But I don't know where
they are, and if I did,
I wouldn't tell you.
- Tell me where they are
so I can save them.
- Bullshit.
You're a liar.
(fist thudding)
(Adele grunting)
- Tell me where they are if you
wanna see another Christmas.
- [Anna] No.
- I told you to run
when the bad man comes.
(Anna grunting)
- I know you're not smart enough
to save yourself, but what
about the little ones?
- Let her go.
- Ah, you little bitch.
(hand thudding)
- Stop, you're strangling her.
Let her go.
(Maria gasping)
Let her go.
(John grunting)
(hand thudding)
(fist thudding)
(body thudding)
- Son of a.
(dramatic music continues)
- [Rhonda] Merry Christmas,
I come bearing gifts.
(door clattering)
- [Maddy] Mm, whoa,
must be a good friend.
- Yeah, I helped his sister
once, and he was very grateful.
(Maddy laughs)
(Rhonda laughs)
- [Maddy] I'd say so.
(Adele whimpering)
- Anna.
("Jingle Bells")
- Okay, so awesome.
- Yes.
- Wow.
(children laughing)
- I got it.
I already got my presents.
She helped me with
mass last night.
- What are you gonna open?
Open, open, open.
- What about you?
You don't have any?
- Don't worry about me.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Oh-ho.
- Oh, look at that.
- Oh.
Oh, this is the most
beautifulest thing
I've ever seen.
- Yes.
(phone ringing)
- [Father Francis]
How does this look?
- It's great.
(Father Francis laughing)
- Oh, my God, you look so good.
(children chattering
- [Maria] I love that.
- John is on his way.
- [Father Francis]
(laughing) I know, boy.
Did you help?
- Yes.
- No, we have a little time.
He's not taking our Christmas.
- [Father Francis]
Did you work on it?
- Yes.
- (laughing) Whoa.
Everybody did.
- Father.
- Oh, thank you, yes.
- We did it.
- And that heart is
for all you.
- Yeah.
(children laughing)
(engine humming)
(door clattering)
- Ticktock,
ticktock, time is up.
- I found 'em, okay?
I found the cops that took
the girls and the money.
I'm just on my way
there right now.
(Manny and Raul laughing)
- That's really convenient,
I mean, right now,
at the very moment
of your execution.
- Let me go and
take care of this.
Let me go and kill
these motherfuckers.
- I wouldn't do that, John.
That doesn't even make
any fucking sense.
(laughing) We do it ourselves.
I mean, really.
We know the heat is on you.
You left so many
loose ends, John.
And quite frankly, it's
very unprofessional.
You are of no use to us now.
- Let me be of use.
- Wow.
- Let me go and finish them.
I can plant some evidence.
I can spin it so I come
out smelling like a rose.
And then we continue on, and
I know I fucked up royally,
but let me make good on it,
and then we can
continue our work.
(dramatic music continues)
- Our work?
You're really fucking
smart, you know that?
But I like you, John.
Raul, you go with him.
Bring me back the girls alive.
You have 12 hours.
- Have my word.
And let me just say-
- Fuck outta here now.
("Jingle Bells")
- Yeah, I drew short straw,
working Christmas day.
- I just need some firepower.
I found the location,
Rhonda and Maddy.
They're running their
own trafficking operation
with a crooked padre.
- What?
Well, wait, that's a stretch.
Wait, hold up a second.
I'll come with you.
- Two women and a priest,
I think I can handle that.
- Those women are both cops.
- Ex-cops.
I need to do this alone, pal.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
(upbeat music)
(all chattering indistinctly)
(tires screeching)
(dramatic music)
- [Maddy] Okay,
let's go, let's go.
- Okay, everyone, we're gonna
go on a little adventure.
- Can we bring our presents?
- Everyone.
- You too, father.
- Yes, um, but hurry.
- You're going with them
on this adventure.
- No, I'm staying with you.
- I'm sorry, father, but
you'll just be in the way.
It'll be too dangerous.
- I know how to shoot a gun.
I wasn't always a priest.
I had to find my own way, too.
- But killing?
(gentle music)
- In extreme circumstances,
it takes extreme measures.
I think God'll forgive me
if it becomes necessary.
(engine humming)
(dramatic music)
(gun clanking)
(dramatic music continues)
(Father Francis
speaking Spanish)
(gravel crunching)
(engine humming)
- Here we go.
(gun clanking)
(Father Francis sighs)
(door clattering)
Drop the gun, padre.
I'm gonna take you in, pal.
- Dios mio.
- Rhonda and Maddy, too.
- I kneel down before you today
protecting as many
children as I can.
- Put the gun down, padre.
- Forgive my sins.
- Drop the gun, padre.
- And let me bask
in your glory.
- No one's gotta die today.
(gun clanking)
(dramatic music)
(gunshots blasting)
(body thudding)
(John laughing)
(engine humming)
(door clattering)
(footsteps plodding)
(dramatic music)
(gun clanking)
- Father, father, you okay?
Father, father.
Father, father, father,
okay, okay, father.
Take it easy, take it easy.
It's all right. It's all right.
Don't move, sh.
I'm here, I'm here.
- Uh, tell the children
to make it better.
- I will, I will.
Relax, relax.
I need an ambulance stat
to this location now.
Father, father.
(engine revving)
(dramatic music)
- [Rhonda] Go, go, go, go.
Go that way.
(gravel crunching)
(dramatic music continues)
(door slamming)
- Maddy.
Come on out of there, Maddy.
Let's talk this through.
- Little late for that, John.
- Never too late, baby.
Come on out.
- I don't wanna hurt you.
- Well, nobody's gotta get hurt.
- Drop it.
(gunshots blasting)
(Rhonda grunting)
- [Maddy] Rhonda.
- [John] The fuck, dude?
- Stop. Back up.
- Hey, calm, guy, guy,
guy, just calm down, okay?
- Get out of the way.
- Just everybody just
fucking calm down.
Nobody shoot anybody.
(gunshot blasting)
(John screaming)
(John gasping)
(gunshot blasting)
- John.
(John gasping)
- I fired.
(Maddy whimpering)
I'm so sorry.
(head thudding)
(dramatic music)
- Rhonda.
You okay?
We need to get you
to the hospital.
(engine humming)
Shit, we got company.
(door clattering)
Who the fuck are you?
- I'm FBI.
I saw everything.
I'm here to help.
I've been following John
for a long time now.
I have been gathering evidence
on him to put him away
for a very, very long time.
He has connections at the
top, the cartel, everybody.
- You're a little fucking late.
- Yeah, yeah, I know.
- Why should we trust you?
- I don't think
you have a choice.
- Let me see your badge.
- [Manny] Look, we don't
have a lot of time.
Let's, let's get
her to a hospital.
- Okay, help me.
Come on.
I'm gonna get you out, but
we gotta get to the cars.
- All right.
- Come on.
You're okay.
- I'll follow you.
I'll make sure
everyone's okay, okay?
Grab that gun.
(dramatic music continues)
(engine humming)
(horn honking)
(gunshots blasting)
(children screaming)
- Come on, girls, let's go.
Let's go.
Get out, get out.
Come on, the lot of ya.
Who else is in there?
Come on, let's go
get in this truck.
Get in, let's go.
Get in the truck now, now.
(dramatic music continues)
(gunshot blasting)
(Maddy grunting)
(gunshot blasting)
(driver grunting)
- Maddy, Maddy, no.
Maddy, Maddy, wake up, wake up.
(Rhonda whimpering)
Let's get you up,
let's get you up.
Let's get you to the
hospital, Maddy, please.
(sobbing) Come on, come on.
Oh, my God, no.
Maddy, Maddy.
(Rhonda screaming)
I'm okay.
Uh, they're treating me
good here and just resting.
- [Manny] Good, good.
I'm glad you're getting better.
That's, that's the main thing.
Just focus on getting better.
- I want to know
who the leader of the cartel is.
- Two weeks, then call me.
I'll explain everything.
I promise.
- Okay.
- [Manny] Okay, bye.
(phone beeps)
(monitor beeping)
- [Intercom] Dr. Kaufman,
telephone please, Dr. Kaufman.
(gentle music)
- [Sara] We were
supposed to take this
down before New Year's.
- Well, we've been a bit busy.
Besides, wanted to leave
it on as long as I could.
(hand knocking)
You stay here.
You keep going.
(drawer clattering)
It's okay.
- Uh, well, firstly,
I'd like to say
that, um I'm sorry
for everything.
Um, what I can say is that,
through our joint efforts,
we were able to take
down one whole branch
of the tree with the
child trafficking.
More will spring up,
of course, but Maddy,
Maria, Father Francis's
life was not in vain.
- What about the money?
- What money?
The last thing that Father
Francis asked me was
(paper rustling)
if the children could
make it better for him.
(dramatic music)
- Where were you
when Maria got shot?
This was her second time
she was supposedly saved.
You do nothing.
Father Francis, Maddy, Anna,
you let innocent children
die, get strangled.
She will never be the same.
None of us will.
(dramatic music continues)
- [Adele] Give me the gun, Sara.
- You're right.
The system's broken.
- You people with badges,
you don't care who is
sacrificed for the greater-
- Give me the gun, Sara.
Sara, you're right.
But this is not gonna
make you feel any better.
Give me the gun.
Come on.
That's it.
That's it, Sara.
Gimme the gun.
- You're right.
Too many innocents are
lost for the greater good.
I don't know what difference
that I can actually make,
but I'm doing
everything in my power to help.
May I, uh, give you something?
- Slowly.
(gentle music)
(paper rustling)
- Charitable fund
has been started,
and several large donors
have already donated,
reputable business people
assisting with investing
so that your safe home
and the mission school can,
well, last long into the future.
Well, I'll, I'll try to
leave you in peace, um.
Again, I'm sorry.
Call me anytime.
- Let's see.
Look, it's from Father Francis.
Oh, oh, it's okay.
You are not alone today, okay?
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
(child gasping)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
Girls, we got it,
oh, girls, we got it
We can do anything
we put our minds to
We can soar above the clouds
We can fly through the sky
That's what we do
Powerful and strong
all together now
We got this equality
for all the haters
Ignore the call, changing,
breaking down the wall
We can do anything
'Cause we're
stronger than ever
Always and forever
We're standing up,
but let's show them up
'Cause we're
incredible, oh, girls