Death on the Nile (1978) Movie Script

Death on the Nile
It's her. It's Miss Ridgeway.
That elegant.
Some have to work to live.
In its place.
Welcome to Wode Hall
Mlle. Ridgeway.
We hope you live happily here.
Thank you, Barnstaple.
So be it.
I would like to know the staff,
Want to know how they works.
The architect has not yet arrived.
Now, Barnstaple.
All right, miss.
- Linnie.
- Jackie.
- The butler did not tell me
- Do not worry.
- You are fabulous.
- You also, as always.
Where I serve the tea, Miss?
- In the room.
- Right.
Let's refresh.
- What about Louise?
- Emotional loneliness.
I wanted to get married
with none other than an Egyptian.
He knew nothing of it.
Mandel investigate it.
- E?
- I was already married.
- So you stop him?
- You doubt?
I denied the dowry
and thus he did not want more.
- It's beautiful!
- I'm glad you like it.
I want to tell you
something and ask you a favor.
- Whatever you want, you know.
- It's serious.
I'm committed.
is wonderful!
- You will provide employment?
- Employment?
Here at Wode Hall, please.
Should tell me something
about it first.
Well, his name is Simon,
Simon Doyle and he is ...
He is everything I dreamed.
- Is not it beautiful?
- Yes, it's beautiful.
- Really.
- But he's broke.
With it we are already two.
These shoes are killing me.
He loves the countryside.
A job here would be ideal.
Linnet, hill
if I marry him.
It's serious, I die.
- You are very passionate.
- I know.
Well, whatever I do?
You have a huge farm.
Someone will have to manage it.
- Simon.
- It takes experience.
Studied Asset Management
in Cambridge. It's brilliant.
If you do not like it,
can fire him.
But I know I'll like it.
Why not bring it here tomorrow?
- To speak with him.
- Thanks.
- Jackie.
- Bye.
Do not want to sound silly.
Do not worry;
the Linnet promised.
Well, almost.
Maybe not like me.
Nonsense. Gonna love it!
And you are perfect for the job.
I will do everything not to disappoint you.
Simon, I love you.
It makes me so happy!
The honeymoon will be in Egypt.
You always talk of Egypt.
Linnie, here it is.
- Come on.
- One moment, dear.
Here you are.
My Simon.
Jackie has spoken highly of you.
Not perfect? It is not adorable?
Yes, I think will do very well.
I told you.
Linnet Ridgeway''marries
Prince Charming, no fortune.
The honeymoon will be in Egypt.''
My God!
Not to say Tutankhamun?
What the hell do we do?
Bremen sails tonight.
I have little time.
Lawyers will find a way in?
- No, silly.
- So what?
I go to Egypt. She'll be there for a month.
I'm Uncle Andrew!
A chance meeting.
I'm traveling.
Lovers on their honeymoon.
She will be distracted.
Got it?
The Linnet is no fool,
Not me!
So make a good trip,
wicked Uncle Andrew.
So this is Miss. Bridgeway.
What do you observe so closely?
His photography?
Or her pearls?
Education, Bowers,
or be unemployed.
And what do I care?
This village
is full of wealthy widows
willing to pay
a humble attention.
Come on, fire me.
But that genius, Bowers!
You need a vacation.
How about a
short journey down the Nile?
There is nothing that could
I dislike more.
I can not stand two things:
heat and idolatry.
Great, then we will.
Bowers, pack your bags.
They were on a ladder.
- Lazy!
- Lazy?
It's better the way that the arrival.
What a sight!
Happy, darling?
the happiest in the world.
and the prettiest.
And the more fortunate.
and more alone.
Just us and nobody else.
The pyramid-Neter Menkewre
is 62 feet tall.
Each side of the base
measures 108 feet.
- Jackie.
- What are you doing here?
Admiring the scenery as you.
You were in Danielli,
Venice and Brindisi.
What a coincidence!
Jackie, why?
You are following us, deliberately.
Is this true?
It is intolerable!
And ordinary.
Very ordinary.
And effective.
Very effective.
- Where to go, it appears.
- Honey.
Like a kangaroo in heat.
I understand it.
I suppose the fault is mine.
I broke off the engagement
and I married you.
She must be devastated.
Delighting in every minute.
We are fortunate ...
that Jackie does not spoil it.
Not allow.
It is the perfect honeymoon.
And no one will spoil it.
Te amo.
Let's bet a race.
- Colonel Race.
- Poirot.
Delighted to see you.
- My old friend! What joy!
- Yes.
I did not see you
from that strange case
cleric beheaded.
It was a lucky find
the knife in the chimney.
I exercise my gray matter.
The luck I leave to others.
Forgot your high
Can I ask what are you doing here?
I'm on vacation.
I'll run the Nile with the steam.
- And you?
- Do the same, strangely.
Or rather, is
following some passenger.
No. I'm just on vacation, my friend.
- Like you.
- Yes.
This place is free?
In this world, buddy,
nothing is free.
What was that?
Forget it. Sit.
Is reading''''Das Capital?
I never travel without this book.
Dr. Ludwig Bessner.
Bessner of the Institute in Zurich.
Jim Ferguson, a citizen of the world.
"You're on vacation?
Observe the decay
the capitalist system.
There is a good example here.
The young heiress kagumi.
This parasite!
- Do not you approve?
- It gives me disgust.
In any decent society ...
Yes Maybe you're right.
She has too much power.
- Mr.
- Thank you.
- Honey.
- Uncle Andrew.
What a surprise!
Did not know you were here.
Everything was very fast.
I'm on honeymoon.
On honeymoon?
This is the lucky young man?
My curator of the United States,
Andrew Pennington, love.
Simon Doyle.
- Very pleased.
- My pleasure.
- In the attached?
- Just a moment.
Do not worry.
I will not intrude.
I know the young.
And the target of all eyes.
Even you,
with his modesty English, the notes.
- It is very beautiful
- And have a lot of money.
You know who you are?
- Of course.
- Yes.
Sorry for the intrusion
but I made a bet
with my daughter.
You're Hercule Porridge,
the famous French detective?
Almost. I am Hercule Poirot,
the famous Belgian detective.
I told you, Rosalie.
There is only one Mr. Poirot
in the world.
As I am too.
My mother is Salome Otterbourne,
author of novels.
Otter ... Salome, of course.
Two famous people
in the same place.
Three, I'd say.
I was referring to the genius
and not the mere money, sir.
Le presento al Colonel Race
mi viejo friend.
Mrs. ..
and his daughter ...
Sit down, please.
You are writing some
new book, lady?
What happens
in Egypt, perhaps?
That deduction brighter,
Mr. Poirot!
I am here to absorb
local color
to my great opus
Snow''on the Sphinx.''
Ice cream becomes an enigma
in white-hot love
When an English girl
fresh out of school
plays the heartless heart
a cruel sheik of the desert.
I think Mr. Poirot
is not an avid reader of novels
Romantic, Mom.
Of course it does.
All the French are.
Not afraid of a good sex.
Are different from our
main libraries.
Salome Otterbourne vetoed
Speaking the truth
about men and women.
But she moves on.
The truth, yes.
It's so hard to speak the truth
Thank you, sir.
Would you like to dance
a tango with me
Exercise after dinner.
Do you dance tango, Colonel?
Little, Mrs. Otterbourne.
I teach dancing right,
as in Spain,
when it was known as''chica''
I mean, with a touch
sensual and erotic.
But my, Jackie!
Leave us alone!
Mr Poirot.
Mr Poirot.
What I saw today with the Linnet.
How much you paid for
keep me away?
I do not accept payment
nor accept.
What you say
is friendship.
What you have to tell me?
I do something ridiculous?
I'm crazy?
Bury the dead.
Not like the Egyptians ...
keeping the body
to ensure the eternity
the soul. No.
And definitely appropriate.
Give back to the past.
Look just ahead.
Remember that time
If you think I am suffering
is mistaken.
Actually I am
His pleasure
the worst part of all this.
I do not care.
Simon was me and loved me.
After she got e. ..
It's a small thing
but lethal.
My father taught me
to have good aim.
want to put this weapon
in her head
and then slowly
pull the trigger.
I hear this noise,
every day.
I know how you feel.
We all feel that sometimes.
But I warn, Miss,
do not let the evil go
in your heart ...
She's going to stay there.
If love can not live there,
wickedness and will replace it.
How sad, miss.
Hello, Mr. P.
- Returning to the hotel?
- Where else?
It is a surprise to Linnet.
Do you think she like?
Depends. She smokes?
Only A. Craven
The purpose
already talked to Jackie?
Yes, a few minutes.
Good. I hope you
created court.
To her mind
is the eternal vengeance.
Whenever I'm serious,
my friend.
Jackie is stubborn, I know,
and very possessive.
- But surely ...
- I wanted to possess you?
I suppose so.
She has
an impish genius''''.
Whether the reins.
Yes, and a man
can not afford it, right?
Not at all.
When I met Linnet ...
How will I explain? ...
It was like the moon
after dawn,
have not seen.
Once you know it,
Jackie disappeared.
Yes some women
has this power.
But how to solve
his current dilemma?
I have an awesome plan
and guaranteed.
to the railway station
Let's go to Alexandria.
For the railway station.
As fast as you can.
See. There it is.
Welcome, welcome.
Welcome aboard
of Karnak.
My name is Mr. Chowdhury.
I am the supervisor of this boat
and their pleasure and joy
My only concern is
and satisfaction.
The purpose
I'm here .... I'm here
Yes, I have here a list
with the names
and cabins.
Let me guess by their faces
who is who,
You are Mrs. and Miss.
- Right?
- Wrong.
I'm Mrs. Van Schuyler
and I go to my cabin
The Bowers will be in the cabin
Conversely, the other side.
The hot afternoon sun
do miracles
cheeks with these bitter
and sour it.
Yes, right now, ma'am.
You must be Yes.
Dr. Bessner,
with this elegant
German mustache.
I fear that never
come to be a detective, sir.
The mustache is undoubtedly
elegant, is Belgian.
My name is Poirot
Hercule Poirot.
The famous Mr. Poirot.
I bow to you.
I bow.
Look, it would be simpler
we speak the names
and you tell us
the cabin.
Simpler? Yes, miss.
Undoubtedly simpler.
Una brilliant lack
Right now the assistant
take them to their cabins.
I suggest you give
a final
look at the city.
We did it.
We got rid of her,
What to expect?
You're a genius.
Not bad
Simon to the silly.
Fabulous, is not it?
Miss You. Ridgeway,
is not it?
And the lady is Mrs. Van Schuyler.
I wondered if
would break the ice.
Rarely speak
with strangers.
And never with strangers
on their honeymoon.
I'm happy to break
his rule.
The rules are
to break.
At least my
for me.
They're beautiful.
Thank you.
And amazing
if we know how
One grain of sand
is introduced into an oyster,
that eventually becomes
in a pearl of great price
that adorns the neck
a beautiful girl like you.
I never thought that way
It should.
The oyster almost dies.
Let the cabin.
It's time for your massage.
My companion Bowers.
He fought 15 rounds''''
with Jack Dempsey once.
He never
was the same man.
Sorry, Miss. Ridgeway.
Ms. Doyle,
Ms. Simon Doyle.
Will have to forgive
Mlle. Bowers.
She does not know
I was dazzled
for its pearls.
Shut up, Bowers.
Would give all his teeth
to possess them.
Just because you feel her anger,
or rather his father,
- Need not be impolite.
- Rancor?
Melhuish Ridgeway
ruined my family.
should be grateful.
The contrary, it would
the pleasure of working for me.
Could kill her just for that.
Tea, lady?
Salome Otterbourne am
and want to exchange a word.
We've done that
through our attorneys.
It's about that
I came to beg ...
- Petition?
- Crave, if you want to appeal.
We writers are flowering
in our language.
And defamatory
in his writings.
I regret that we have interpreted
''Passion''in the persimmon
this way.
The intention was only to show
the heart of a girl
that beats the sound
of primitive drums.
He does not understand that what I wrote
was very flattering?
Mrs. Otterbourne
I do not consider the comparison
with a female baboon
nymphomaniac, a caring
and suggest that our lawyers
decide the appropriate compensation
be targeted by
its vulgar stupidity.
Good afternoon.
I will show
What is reputation.
Sorry to interrupt.
Uncle Andrew.
These are the documents
you need to sign.
The contract
Chrysler Building
silver mine
the transfers
Baku Oil
and fusion korn krisps
Chew Chew.
Sign on last page,
down, baby.
Uncle Andrew, I have not read them.
It is not necessary.
Everything has been reviewed
and revised twice
for me.
I always read everything
before signing.
My father taught me that.
I told her not to trust
anyone not in the lawyers.
Darling Melhuish.
That sense of humor!
Never read legal documents
in life
and not think about to start now.
Do not tell.
- There is a bit irresponsible.
- Yes, totally
but I die for a Manhattan.
Is this you?
Okay ...
to be our honeymoon.
Very good.
Now the next.
I hope not to tease.
I'ma lawyer and I mean
I admire your attitude.
His father was right.
Never sign
a document without reading.
I'm sure you agree.
Of course.
Sure, no hurry.
Excuse me.
Hopefully not offending him.
And if you did, Mr. ...?
- Race. Colonel Race.
- It's that been done, Colonel?
Lawyers are
deal with offenses.
- We came to the bar?
- Thanks. Very nice.
And you, Mr. P.?
Ha reason to celebrate.
My plan to leave Jackie
was a success.
what it seems
The Colonel and I
we will accompany them
- Madam, I must tell you.
- Then, Louise.
Not now. It's important.
You wait in the bar.
- What?
- I received a telegram.
My boyfriend ordered
his wife back to family
He's waiting for me.
I gotta go.
Give the money they promised me.
I am working for five years.
This is out of question.
You promised me.
He is still married, Louise.
I beg you.
I need that money
as a dowry.
I have worked well.
And continue to do so
as I have.
- Madam, I can not deny it.
- Thank you, Louise.
By God!
How does enmity with all ...
Even his own lawyer
tries to trick her.
He is old fox. Have you noticed?
Knew I was not here,
as I said it ...
''Only holiday,
my friend.''
I think I can tell you.
Work for Lawyers
English Mrs. Doyle.
They suspect that Andrew
Pennington, good ...
- Squandered her money?
- Something like that.
According to the will
his father
she would manage your money
to marry.
And as recently married ...
He wanted her to sign
a document to save him.
I think this time the frightened,
but what do next?
Not only did he. Anyone.
Inside the Great Temple
of Karnak
passed by the pedestals
with numerous sheep,
each with an image
in front of Amenophis.
Yes, they are sheep.
Sheep libidinous,
unstable, jealous.
That they are noble!
With its proud bodies
and shameless
curved horns.
Yes, come on, lady.
Karl Marx said
that religion was
the opium of the people.
To his mother's sex.
There will be better
calms it down a bit?
It can damage
these beasts.
My mother can
be mocked for you
but that is my mother.
Cared for me in a better
times and not leave now ...
- Now what?
- Nothing.
Do not want to be naughty
much less offend it.
I'm not as bad as I look.
- No?
- Word of honor.
Would you mind
offending that there?
Linnet Ridgeway
is a parasite.
A parasite on society.
In a sane world, would kill her
as a warning to others.
- The kill?
- That's what he said.
- Mr. Ferguson ...
- Jim.
Jim, you can defame
the dead?
Do not understand the question.
No matter.
Is not that wonderful?
More beyond all understanding.
The artistic temperament,
Mr. Pennington,
What forms
Stranger it takes!
I fear that this does not concern me,
Mr. Poirot.
I limit myself to the world
facts and figures.
The ancient Egyptians knew
facts and figures.
The great vizier Ptahotep
for example, was crushed to death
under a thousand pieces of silver
by squandering the fortune
his master.
- Do not tell me.
- I say.
My God.
Are you okay?
Linnet, okay?
Come on. Slowly.
Slowly. Stand Up
What happened?
That stone must have fallen
or pushed.
To kill me?
But she is not here.
By God, lady,
He was in great danger.
Could be
a horrible accident.
This stone was there
and fell just
when there were people below? not.
Not exactly 4,000 years ago
Mr. Poirot.
The columns were constructed
in 1788 BC.
We agree but have
a patient to attend.
- What my neglect!
- There, there
- Let's see.
- I'm fine. Really.
You better get back to the boat
and rest awhile.
but only about two hours,
Should I visit the Temple
Abu Simbel tonight.
It's extraordinary.
The image of the eastern
is the famous statue of voice.
- Really?
- Yes.
Well, we get the time.
Thank you, Doctor.
In the evening she makes a sound
sad and sorry.
- He scares me.
- It's harmless.
My God! They are fantastic!
I find terrifying.
They are not.
Think you'll sing to me?
Why not? You're divine.
Welcome to Temple
Abu Simbel.
The facade is 25 meters
Each of the statues
Ramses ll
is 20 meters tall.
Get away from me!
Get away from me!
she can not ruin everything.
Failed to bury
their dead.
Can not get away.
No, can not stay away.
Do not think I would be deceived
by Simon tricks.
I am sorry to see it here
Sorry to say this
but is embarking on a
perilous journey, in choppy water
to meet current
of unknown disgrace.
- Why do you say that?
- Why is the truth.
Cut the last links
that bind to safety.
You can still repent
if you really want.
We have to follow our star
where it takes us.
Even for disaster?
Even in hell itself.
- I forgot my purse. Be right back.
- Right.
Well ..
We are alone, my friend.
She had not had the opportunity
to speak with you privately.
About what we have to say?
My reputation,
Mrs. Doyle.
- Directs that institute in Zurich.
- That's right.
And you have said things
nasty about me
influential individuals
and position.
- Said it's a fake.
- Mrs. Doyle.
- A dangerous hypocrite.
- Listen.
My friend Myra Seligman
heard very well.
Let it apply
those foul shots.
I prescribed a treatment
Armadillo with urine.
Yes, I had already used it before
with great success.
In the case of Myra, went mad,
Thanks to you.
I will not allow this.
Your comments
about my treatment
can not continue.
Sue me if you dare.
You know that is impossible.
A scandal
on my clinical
mean ruin.
So will your funeral.
not yours.
Want a creamy cocoa
or cognac, perhaps?
The service upstairs
is very slow.
No thanks.
What time is it?
There is a clock.
Use your eyes.
His mother did not teach
we created
There is a big difference
between eccentricity and discourteous?
My mother was a lady.
Quality that you did not inherit.
It's bedtime.
Okay. Where's my shawl?
I have not seen it.
- You are right that was with him?
- Yes.
I do not see it.
Use your eyes.
Mr. Poirot.
I hope that one day
can tell me some
their cases ...
- The juiciest.
- The juicier?
The bloodiest.
As you wish, ma'am.
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
- Sorry.
- No problem.
It seems very sleepy
tonight, Mr Porridge.
Yes, I'm very sleepy.
Sleep consumes me.
I do not know why I can hardly
keep your eyes open.
Me neither.
Could I follow
up to my cabin?
It is here, as you know.
I suppose that young uneducated
come to try to seduce you.
Do not leave without at least
give a semblance of fight.
is very important.
No, this is better.
It has a dangerous step.
Whenever I stumble.
No. There is a river.
The old Nile is agitated
It's true.
There are strong currents.
Already arrived.
No, no. Alas, alas.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, ma'am
- He got off the boat?
- Yes, it's beautiful in the moonlight.
A night of honeymoon.
If the daughter of cleric
only take water ...
surely end up with gin.
Ace of diamonds.
- Simon.
- What?
- We are waiting.
- Sorry.
It's your turn.
- Dobro.
- What?
It was your man
but it was bad.
I attached?
No thanks.
You can repeat your bet?
If the aunt of the vicar
never touched drink
wait until it knows
Just wait.
Sorry, honey,
was not thinking.
They swore to be faithful
each other
- Faithful as the stars.
- Sorry but they won.
- I think I'll sleep.
- It's bedtime.
I will do the same.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
The boogeyman
do not get it!
- Are you coming, Simon?
- Not long. I'll fix it.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- It's late. Gonna lay down.
- No, come on, sit down.
Tell me about yourself
Not much to tell,
I am the daughter of Salome
If the wife of a God
never touched wine
can bet it will end
with whiskey.
Continue. Was ...
Saying something
about someone's daughter.
Salome Otterbourne,
the author of novels.
She had not cut
the head of a man?
This should be with someone
I know.
- Enough.
- Enough of what?
- In the drink.
- Drink.
By chance is your problem?
- I suppose not.
- That's right.
What is it, Simon?
Are you afraid?
- Fear of what?
- Fear ...
that I tell this girl
the story of my life.
Now I must go.
No, wait.
is a very sad story.
Need three handkerchiefs,
if sentimental.
For the love of God, Jackie.
Go to sleep and let
to make a fool of.
Simon said that''
I'm making a fool of.
Simon sent me
go to bed.
You're disgusting!
Go to sleep.
You can not treat me well.
Hey, Jackie.
I'll kill you first.
Fast. Help him
- My God.
- Heavens!
Call Dr. Bessner.
Take it to your cabin.
Reassure her
What did I do?
Miss Bowers
nurse, is not it?
Ask them to take care of it ....
Come on.
Simon ...
not to be alone.
Then call the doctor.
I'll get Miss. Bowers.
- Simon.
- Easy.
The search was Miss Rosalie. Bowers.
It is a nurse and care for you
You took too long.
Ms.. Bowers was in bed.
She comes
- The sooner the better.
- How are you?
How could it be
After shooting the ex-boyfriend?
As can be
so heartless?
Ms.. Bowers already.
You'll be fine.
Will be well.
This is Doyle.
There was an accident e. ..
Yes, Miss.
Otterbourne told me.
I think an injection
morphine to calm down.
It is effective when Mrs. Van Schuyler
get nervous.
Ferguson, call the doctor
German next door.
- Ask that meets Doyle.
- Yeah, okay.
It is poorly
Take another napkin.
The bone is fractured
and there is much blood loss.
Very good.
Help me to take it
to my cabin.
Are you afraid of blood
as a woman?
Mr. Ferguson,
help me raise him.
Stay with her tonight
No one knows how he will react.
- Ms. Bowers, she okay?
- Yes.
Applied morphine.
I will not leave alone.
Young girl, come with me.
It will be more useful to have dizzy
who is afraid of blood.
Open my door.
That, slowly, carefully.
Very good.
We're almost there.
Very good.
Get a cold towel
to the head, yes?
Yes, Doctor.
I'll get the gun.
It should not stop there,
is not it?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Jackie ...
It should not be alone.
She is not alone.
Do not worry.
My dear Lord,
everything was my fault.
I treated her badly.
I did not know what I did.
I was drunk.
This is gonna hurt.
Not the best
tell your wife?
Yes, please.
No, let her sleep.
not to worry
until tomorrow.
The best I can do
is wrapping.
There is no exit wound.
The bullet got stuck inside.
I'll have to wait
until we arrived in Wadi Halfa.
Climb up his sleeve.
wipe with it.
I will make splints
and I'll put them
while sleeping.
Thank you, Doctor.
Do not worry.
Everything will be alright.
Is not there.
The weapon is not there.
I wonder who took it?
I do not know.
Hope it is not important.
''Sometimes I want for this gun
in her head
and then slowly
pull the trigger.''
I spoke with the Supervisor.
He charged me the case.
We will be responsible
until we reach the port.
- I am at your disposal.
- Thanks.
What can you say about that?
Shot her with a bullet
very small
The revolver was
well near the head.
Here we can see
What drug? Can not speak English?
I mean the singed.
Yes, the singed.
Excuse me.
Well, well
- What follows from all this?
- Huh?
I think it's easy.
Mrs. Doyle was dying ...
wanted to identify the killer
soiled finger
with his own blood
and''J''wrote on the wall.
What you say is nonsense.
She died instantly
- Really?
- Did not have time to write.
It was a joke?
Very small
and not very good taste
But the''J''is on the wall.
We have to explain why.
It seems a gesture
childishly melodramatic.
What was the time of death?
Been dead for at least
six hours
and no more than eight.
ie between midnight
and two in the morning
What is extraordinary.
Because it means
Miss you. Jacqueline
could not have done it.
You even told me,
Mrs. Doyle left the salon
shortly before 11:45
to go to bed.
From that moment on
Jackie has been with
Mlle. Rosalie and Mr. Doyle
or Mr. Ferguson
and Mlle. Bowers,
that morphine injected into it
and stayed with her in his cabin
all night.
Simon Doyle is eliminated
due to his fractured leg.
I suppose it could not
walking wounded?
Not a step, I guarantee.
Good! Hopefully the process
I'm afraid not, sir.
Almost everyone in this boat
understand why Miss. Jackie
hated Mrs. Doyle.
It was the person needs
for a''plot''.
At least, sir,
can not suspect me.
Why not?
Had a motive to kill her
second discovered last night.
Then he heard the conversation.
But that was no reason.
I could proceso it.
And risk the ruin?
The murder was cheaper
And safer,
if not discovered.
- I could not do something.
- I do not agree.
At the time of shooting
against Mr. Doyle
you could be on deck
perhaps suffering from insomnia.
You may have heard the voices
and looked out the window
Salon ...
have seen what happened.
Go to sleep.
Can not treat me well.
Hey, Jackie.
I'll kill you first.
He could remember the position
the revolver
Then when they called
in his cabin
could grab the gun
while attending Mr. Doyle.
when all was silent
may have left the cabin,
without knowing that his patient,
gone to the cabin
Mrs. Doyle
and shot her.
No, Doctor,
I can not delete it.
what are you implying
An insult, yes.
Do not stay here
to be insulted.
Find anything in glaze?
Do not catch flies
with vinegar.
- What was that?
- An old French proverb,
too long
to explain
Let's prepare
for an investigation
customers who pay.
As time passed,
according to his calculations,
between the time
you and the doctor
Mr. Doyle drew hall
when he returned to
to get the gun?
- About three or four minutes.
- Three or four minutes.
You were near the hall
when he heard shooting.
It is totally possible
noticing the position
the revolver.
I agree.
Totally possible.
Also entirely possible
hoped that the hall
was empty
caught the revolver
and then said
that he had not found.
And then, before informing
Dr. Bessner of disappearance,
could use it to kill
Mrs. Doyle.
Could have done it,
but did not.
And you, Miss?
Could pick up the gun
before leaving here,
while Mr. Ferguson
Mr. Doyle served.
- I'll call Miss. Bowers.
- Right.
When he was seeking
Mlle. Bowers
could have passed
the cabin of Mrs. Doyle
and shot her.
Would just
one or two minute delay.
Mlle. Bowers, wake up.
Miss Bowers.
Please come.
There was an accident.
Why do we
we would have picked up the gun?
We had no reason
to murder her.
But she was''a parasite
a parasite on the skin
society ...
I deserved that kill.''
- Yes but ...
- Yes, sir, that killed
as an example for others.
Nasty French spy.
Belgian spy, please, sir.
And you, Miss ...
was anxious to avoid
great harm to their mother.
I could not have done it.
You asked a question
ha two days. I will answer.
You are right, Miss ...
one can not defame
the dead.
You're horrible.
Pretends to be kind and respectful
and only wants to deceive us.
I must discover
what is hidden, miss.
The truth.
Then, after applying
morphine in Miss. Jackie
- She did not move for nothing?
- Exactly.
Nervous reaction,
alcohol and morphine together
would have sunk the Titanic.
No way could
she was the killer?
Not in any way
may have been her.
But you could.
Yes, ma'am.
Suppose you were
on deck when shot.
Saw what happened
and knew where
got the gun.
Young lady, come with me.
It will be more useful than this fool
who is afraid of blood.
While Mr. Ferguson
and Mlle. Rosalie
helped Dr. Bessner
may have left his patient
and rose to get the gun.
Had enough time,
before Mr. Ferguson
return to search it.
Then he could have gone
the cabin of Mrs. Doyle
and shot her.
What nonsense.
Why would I kill
Mrs. Doyle?
Because her father
Ridgeway was Melhuish,
whose unscrupulous business
ruined his father
and condemned you
to a life as a maid.
Where'd you hear that?
Same lady, girl,
three days ago.
How dare you hear
a private conversation?
Some voices were heard
Is this true?
Yes it is.
Why would kill her for something
that happened years ago?
Why still resents
deep effects.
No, ma'am,
I am not convinced
he's talking about.
Had the means, motive,
the opportunity and more ...
the willingness to kill.
Mr. Poirot has ended?
For now
but be prepared to answer
more questions if needed.
I will not.
Mr Poirot.
It is true that the Linnet?
Totally true.
I did not kill her.
I know everyone thinks that
but not killed
Quiet, mademoiselle.
We know we did not.
We have evidence
- Evidence.
- Thank God.
But Simon? okay?
The doctor seems satisfied
with your state.
It was crazy last night.
It could have killed him.
Do you think he will forgive me?
It is very likely.
I know that men
feel less attracted
who treat them well.
Mlle. Bowers,
accompany her to her stateroom.
Later we'll take you
to visit him.
I think we should
seen it first.
He should be awake.
Good idea.
What else
confuses me if
is the revolver.
- The revolver?
- Why disappear?
I do not understand the importance of this.
In many cases this happens.
Even when you want
a plot? No.
Why bother to
J''''writing on the wall,
with blood,
and then hide
revolve the''J''?
I understand what it says.
They found something.
One thing is certain ...
There was a fish
that killed Mrs. Doyle
"You okay?
"Yeah, thanks.
I think I lost consciousness.
Eat something. Will give you strength.
I do not want food.
You do not?
"So I can ...?
Please. Feel free
I can not believe it.
Linnet is dead.
It is a severe blow.
I suppose everything indicates
that was Jackie ...
I know that would not commit
a crime as well.
We know that there was
Mlle. Jackie.
Thank God.
Have you any idea
who may have been?
Well, either.
Yesterday she said
that everybody on this boat
were his enemies.
We have reason to believe
she was right.
I came to see if he was comfortable.
The comfortable as possible.
Thanks, Louise.
You've found the body.
Maybe you can give us
some light.
How, sir?
Are you accusing me?
A respectable girl?
- I swear on my dead mother ...
- Quiet, Louise.
No stories.
Just tell the truth.
Lord detective, believe me.
Everybody loved
poor Mrs. Doyle. Age ..
He was young, beautiful.
Nobody would want to kill her.
Louise, this is not true,
including you ...
They might say something
that everyone understands?
She said that everyone loved
Mrs. Doyle.
At least it is something new.
When was the last time
Mrs. Doyle saw live?
Yesterday evening, sir.
I was in her cabin,
helping her to undress
And then where did it go?
For my cabin,
where else?
And not seen or heard anything
that can help us?
How, sir?
My cabin
is on the other side of the boat.
it could not sleep
if it had gone on deck
might have seen the killer
enter and leave the cabin
But as was ...
Lord, I beg
who understands my situation
What more can I say?
Nobody is
accusing you of anything
Do not worry, Louise.
I will protect you.
- You are very good.
- But ...
if he had not returned direct
to his cabin
had time
witnessing aggression
Mr. Doyle in the lounge.
- No.
- Yes.
Could have walked
the deck and see everything,
in due course
take the revolver
back ...
and kill Mrs. Doyle.
Lord, is being
Why would I do something bad?
I know all about you
and his novel
and opposition from Mrs. Doyle
when he wanted to go.
But I have no money
or references.
My only option was to stay
The hated for it.
But did not kill her.
One last question, Louise.
Where are the pearls
Mrs. Doyle?
Her pearls?
She wore them last night.
She left them at the table,
near the bed.
They were there in the morning?
My God! Not even looked.
I approached the bed,
I saw the lady
screamed and ran out
the cabin.
Did not even look!
But I, Hercule Poirot,
I have eyes that watch everything.
The beads were not
on the table this morning.
Had evaporated,
- We must find the gun.
- And the pearls.
This should not be
very difficult.
That heat.
You're right.
I'll change your shirt.
Let us pause
to cool down
and let the gray matter
See you in five minutes
I wish to thank
the very timely help.
It was a pleasure.
Heard you called SOS.
- Do you think it was on purpose?
- Of course
but a simple snake
will not stop an investigation
Hercule Poirot.
How is your research?
With intelligence and discretion?
- Nobody to put handcuffs?
- Not yet.
There's a snake
killed there.
Kindly send
removes it. Thanks.
Come on Race.
A snake? Not possible!
I had never seen a reptile
first in a cabin.
Who's next? Pennington?
We know how it is.
It's dangerous.
Poirot Lord, I guess.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Perhaps allow
that we follow?
Of course.
- Yes?
- Its cabin is close to Mrs. Doyle?
That's right.
He heard something strange
last night?
Of course it does.
I sleep very lightly
and something woke me up,
as a click.
A click?
Yes, with a champagne cork
when bursts
A champagne common
is clear and
is not a good crop.
They make a noise
much more discreet.
It could have been
a small weapon and not a cork?
Quite possibly.
Although it should
take into account
my little knowledge
Find! Good!
What a wonderful success!
The camel.
And there is no error.
Gentlemen ...
Gentlemen, I am sure
we find what they seek.
- Thank you, Mr. Chowdhury.
- It was a pleasure.
Without doubt
is the weapon of Miss. Jackie.
A new 22 Derringer,
- Four shots.
- Two bullets fired.
A scarf for man ...
Looks like blood.
A marble ashtray
to sink it.
And my shawl.
It's yours, madam?
Of course it's mine.
I lost last night in the lounge.
The murderer involved in the churning
to muffle the noise of gunshots.
What impertinence!
Crown Prince Carol
gave me this shawl
People have no respect
the property of others.
Neither of the other for jewelry.
In that regard, sir?
I refer to pearls
Potsdam, lady
that belonged to Mrs. Doyle
and were subtracted.
And why look at me
with that known
What has
Pearls me?
I'm the nasty spy
intruder, ma'am.
I heard that he admired
those pearls, which would
All his teeth''
to possess them.''
Maldita Bowers.
My theory is that you have
an obsessive love for jewelry,
that coveted pearls
Mrs. Doyle
and it was decided
to possess them
even through theft
or murder.
Do not deny it, ma'am.
I can see her walking
the deck yesterday evening
hoping that Mrs. Doyle
Go to sleep.
See what happens in the salon.
Hey, Jackie.
I'll kill you first.
When the hall is empty
takes to get the gun.
Go to the box
Mrs. Doyle
knowing her husband
would not be there.
Throw it
and then steals the pearls
the bedside table.
Take that back
or I'll sue him for slander,
with the utmost rigor.
Will not match the rigor
which will check with
this boat
especially his cabin
in search of those gems.
I wish you a good afternoon.
You are a detestable
arrogant French.
Arrogant Belgian
Please, lady.
Need to be so rude
with you?
- It seems to accuse everybody.
- With good reason, sir.
Do you think that the old
not murder?
I think she
is with the pearls.
The question is whether he killed.
to get them
Mr Chowdhury.
Good luck.
- Yes, sir?
- We sailed now
I already gave the order.
Right now the coach
is working in the boiler.
Why the rush?
Friend, I feel the presence
evil around me.
The sooner we get
the Wadi Halfa, the better.
Keep it
in a safe place.
Beginning the search
It's the last cabin.
Maybe he played in the water.
Forget missing
Pennington's cabin.
We'll review it now.
Hi, guys!
Our journey continues.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
Take a drink with me?
This wonderful young
just prepared
the most extraordinary mixture
native fruit juices.
It is called Golden Sebek
in honor of the God of the Old
City Crocodilopolis.
Not for me.
sometimes yank the dog
but not crocodile scales.
Race ...
How will the research
this tragic event,
Mr. Poirot?
Normally, as they say,
The crime of passion.
The primitive instinct to kill,
so related
with the sexual instinct.
I feel sorry for the poor
crazy Jackie,
changed their emotions,
your blood boiling,
wanting revenge on those who
stole her man.
Yes, of course
but may have been somebody else
a reason
also good.
The lady, Mrs. Otterbourne.
- What was that?
- Now, her daughter and the lady know
that do not defame
the dead.
We no longer have to pay
that massive reparations.
- Yes but not to kill for it.
- No?
Another of these things gold.
Mrs. Otterbourne,
I see her looking at the hall,
through windows,
for that, as you said,
poor crazy Jackie,
shooting with Mr Doyle.
And then
when everyone leaves,
I see it going to get
and then moving furtively
kill Mrs. Doyle.
My world is love,
of passion and romance
and not cruel crimes.
Now, please
leave me in peace.
If the upset,
Life can be very cruel!
We need the courage
to face the slander of life.
The crocodile lost
their scales.
What most annoying woman!
Why not kill,
I wonder?
Maybe someday subscribers
of libraries
to meet and hire
a murderer.
Mrs. Van Schuyler
is very silly
to play with
Hercule Poirot.
You know it has no evidence
she stole them.
The return of Pearls
does not mean never
not killed
to steal them first.
We need to find
the document that he tried
Mrs. Doyle to sign.
What is this?
- Poirot.
- Yes?
Ms.. Jackie was not the only
passenger who traveled armed.
It was not killed
the Linnet.
Obviously not.
How many words
You see better. See
What drug are you doing?
Viewing your documents
Particular, sir. It's not obvious?
You what?
Perhaps it is common in Paris
messing with things beyond
but we are not
in Paris.
Brussels, sir ...
I do not care if it's Borneo.
Not entitled
to be here.
We have every right.
While the police did not arrive
The Company has instructed
No relation
with my documents.
They prove that, despite
Wedding of Mrs. Doyle,
you still trying
control her money.
So what?
There is no law prohibiting it.
Has the law against fraud
and mine contractors
do not like it
Who are they?
English Mrs. Doyle
and we are not satisfied
to see how you
and his partner are careful
her business.
- Go to hell!
- One moment.
- Everything is in perfect order.
- Would that it were true.
I think we came to do it
sign this proxy
and failed.
So was the
Temple of Amun.
He climbed to the tallest pillar.
There he pushed a stone
that fell
and that for some, not killed.
You can not blame it on me.
Get out!
I've heard too much garbage.
One day you will hear more trash mouth
of a public prosecutor.
This is yours, I guess.
Let us prepare for dinner.
J'ai faim''.''
- Poirot,''you have a woman''?
-''Femme''is a woman.
J'ai faim''''is''I'm hungry.''
I need to talk to that young
I'll see you at the restaurant,
Ask me les morilles''''
Ah, eel!
How are you, young lady?
Hardly, Mr. Poirot.
I'm so ashamed.
His wife died e. ..
Now he's all yours again.
It is wrong to
he comes back?
I still love him
now he needs me
more than ever.
Mr Poirot, could ...?
It could take me to see it?
Only five minutes.
I do not see why not.
If he wants
and the doctor does not object
I'll ask.
The fever broke.
Okay, Mr. Poirot.
I have no objection
if the visit is short.
- Five minutes max, right?
- Thank you, Doctor.
Miss Jackie.
You can see it now.
Thank you!
- Hi, Jackie.
- Simon.
Sorry for the Linnet.
- Thanks.
- Simon, I did not kill her. I swear.
No need to say it.
I know.
Forgive me, please.
Last night I was crazy.
He could have killed you.
With a gun
decoration like that?
Will you ...?
Will walk again?
Do not be silly.
In Wadi Halfa will take me
the bullet and stay like new.
Remember that only five minutes,
Simon, I'm so sorry!
No need to apologize.
What is this?
I ordered a plate of morilles''.''
- And what's that in your country?
- Champinhon
I thought you wanted an eel.
They just have it.
- Ask another bottle.
- Why?
Because the remains of the bottle
yesterday contained verdigris.
- Verdigris?
- Yes, grain had.
It is the normal sediment
Chateau Petrus wine.
- Want a cup?
- No thanks.
Keep your wine
I'll take the whiskey.
Always drink whiskey?
Wine ...
How strange!
Of course.
Can I sit?
Poirot, in my opinion,
all could have done that
everyone had a reason
for this.
It's incredible.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Good evening, ma'am.
Come quickly.
- Call Dr. Bessner.
- Yes, sir.
You know what this is?
Looks like a piece of note
thousand francs.
It must have been blackmail.
She knew something killer
of Linnet Doyle.
As we were idiots!
I knew it.
What she said this afternoon?
''If you could not sleep
Had he been on deck
might have seen the killer
enter or leave the cabin
Lady Doyle.''
That's what happened.
She saw the killer.
And because of their greed,
now dead.
And how does this help us?
We do not know
who killed them.
No. This is not
exactly true.
We went the wrong way,
We know almost everything
what there is to know.
But what we know seems
looks awesome.
All the time the murders.
He died less than
one hour
The beheaded.
With a thin knife.
One like this.
Very interesting, Doctor.
sure you do not miss
none of yours?
So now I think,
Ludwig Bessner,
I killed this humble servant?
My God!
What I have to do
with the issues
of the lower classes?
It is well known that they do not suffer
neurosis ...
only animal passions
- Take your body to the chamber.
- Yes, sir.
Think you already know, huh?
I confess that I have
no clarity.
Dr. Bessner told me
what happened to the maid.
I need to talk to you
and Mr. Doyle immediately.
I would not get.
Dr. Bessner is boring.
My good man, I know.
But an upset
will not stop me.
Believe me, I know everything
Mr. Doyle, I know who killed
Louise Bourget.
You know who killed Louise?
Easy. Do not scream.
Mrs. Otterbourne,
can not stay here.
He needs rest
is of vital importance.
I know everything, everything, believe me.
Look, I will not tolerate,
Mr. Doyle, I
Salome Otterbourne
triumphed where
others have failed.
I'm still best detective
that the great Hercule Poirot.
Mrs. Otterbourne,
God, calm down.
Now tell us the story
from the beginning.
- I refuse to speak in front of him.
- So do not tell.
Outside, now.
- The fever has increased the confusion.
- Doctor
will rise more if we do not hear
what she has to say.
- Mr. Doyle.
- It's about my wife.
Yeah, okay.
You can get 3 minutes.
Three minutes.
And lowers his voice, see?
What a woman!
Nasty little man.
Madam, you have evidence to prove
Who killed Mrs. Doyle?
I get it and I do.
Would you agree,
is not it,
that whoever killed
Louise Bourget
Linnet Doyle also killed?
It is quite possible.
I saw who killed
Louise Bourget
with my own eyes.
Please proceed, ma'am.
I was in the stern of the boat,
talking to a crew member
I showed
A buffalo and a camel, together
in a plowing match.
He saw everything in the moonlight,
of course, is not it?
- Yeah, right.
- Yes.
I have a vision
Well, I walked away ...
and suddenly, when I went
the corridor
I heard a scream.
Came from the cabin
Louise Bourget.
Then I saw that the door
box opened
When the door opened wider
I saw it was ..
It is the Pennington.
I heard a sharp click.
What now?
Shot at
Mrs. Otterbourne.
- Mr. Pennington.
- Yes?
It's your gun, I think
Anyone can
have it taken out of the cabin.
They knew it was there.
There are some who always said
take gun when I travel.
The killing must stop.
I took too much.
I want to see everyone in the hall
where all will be revealed ...
here ...
thirty minutes.
I do not believe.
My mother died.
Must have discovered something.
My God! Poor thing!
I loved her, though.
And now she's gone.
I can not assimilate it.
Suddenly I was ...
No, it is not.
I'll look after you.
Poor Mom.
You would not have missed it
while alive.
ladies, gentlemen.
The game is over.
I, Hercule Poirot
I now know without a doubt
Who killed Mrs. Doyle
Louise Bourget
and Mrs. Otterbourne.
Foolishly I started the research
with the preconceived idea
that was a witness
the scene of aggression
between Mlle. Jackie
and Simon Doyle.
That this person had
taken the gun
after all
had left the hall
and would have used
to kill Mrs. Doyle
and try to incriminate
Mlle. Jackie.
As you will see, friends,
suspects were not lacking among you.
It could be someone who tried
shut your mouth defamatory.
Or who ascribe the ruin
the father of Mrs. Doyle.
Or someone obsessed
the idea of a theft.
Or someone resentful
with the heirs of fortunes.
Or someone with a firm decision
to save his mother
from financial ruin.
Or even
someone to escape punishment
as curator fraudulent.
Or someone who mistook
the victim's identity.
And then ...
I remembered something
very important
That night I slept soundly
rather lightly,
as is my custom.
Why was placed
something in my wine
by someone who did not want
I was present
the events of the night.
Very easy.
The open bottles
are left on the tables.
You, sir
returned the bottle saying,
using their own words
I had verdigris.
This, in itself,
implies premeditation
by someone.
It means that yesterday
before 7:30,
the crime was already decided.
There was something that confused me
from the beginning.
If the intention was to blame
Mlle. Jackie ...
why the gun was not
Mrs. Doyle's room?
and then get it.
The killer had pulled a gun
because it ...
or she had to cut it.
There was another reason.
And there was something more.
Dr. Bessner,
you examined the body
Mrs. Doyle?
Remember the scorched
around the wound?
The gun was very close
your head when shot.
This correct.
But when we recover
the weapon of the Nile
she was involved
this silk shawl.
Evidently they had fired,
through it,
supposed to cushion
the noise of the shot.
Dr. Bessner,
if he had been shot
the shawl
would not have singed
the temple of Mrs. Doyle?
I mean, the shot that killed her
could not have been fired
using the shawl.
So maybe it was the other.
What Jackie of Bellefort
Simon Doyle shot.
But we had a witness.
We knew it was not.
There was a third shot,
which we know nothing.
only two bullets were missing
the revolver.
The next curious
occurred in the cabin
Mrs. Doyle.
There I found two glasses
of nail varnish.
In a jar was marked
but the few drops
who remained there
were not rosy but
and instead of smell
normal enamel,
Friends, it was red ink ...
I had a connection
with this scarf,
we find
along with the revolver
wrapped in the shawl.
The paint comes off easily
leaving a stain
Then something happened
that explained everything,
without a doubt.
Louise Bourget was murdered
because he was blackmailing
with the killer.
We know this not only by
piece of thousand-franc note
we find
between your fingers inert
but also by a few words
who said curious
this morning.
could not sleep if ...
it could not sleep
if the deck
might have seen
the killer
enter or leave the cabin
What, exactly,
it told us?
What, exactly,
she told us
with that?
If she was on deck
she saw the killer.
Yes .. but still did not understand
I refer, sir.
Why do we say this?
As a sign?
As a sign, of course.
But why us?
If you knew who the killer
Could do something
tell us or shut up
demand for money
the person involved.
But he made no
of both.
Used the conditional tense.
If he had been''...''
Could only mean
it was a sign, yes,
but it was a sign
for the killer.
That is, it was present
at that time.
But besides the two of us
just another person
was present.
Simon Doyle.
The doctor was always there.
She had to speak.
- Perhaps not had a chance.
- Do not be so ridiculous.
I do not think that is ridiculous.
I remember well your answer.
''Will protect you.''
Nobody is accusing you''
Exact security
she wanted to e. ..
Mr P.
This time it was ridiculous
no doubt.
I have witnesses to prove
that could not killing the Linnet.
I know you have ...
but rather killed
and Louise Bourget saw.
What nonsense!
I say that Mr. Doyle
could not move
with a fractured leg.
This I testify
before any court in the world.
And I'd have to say
that their testimony is
- Irrelevant.
- Irrelevant?
I have witnessed
where psychological
most complex of the century.
Just my testimony
Strutzrumple saved ...
the murderer of Dresden,
- And in the case of ...
- Easy.
I just said it is irrelevant
because he began attending
Mr. Doyle
five minutes after
to shoot him.
He could not move during
those five minutes.
Sure, if they had already
shot. But was it?
what was actually seen.
Ms.. Rosalie
Jacqueline saw the shooting.
Doyle saw the drop to the ground.
And then to go for help
met with Ferguson
I had heard the shot.
He only saw the pressing Doyle
a red bandanna on his leg.
Doyle assumed that
had been shot.
but the assumption
I was wrong.
The bullet missed the Doyle.
It was somewhere else.
And now what happens?
Doyle insists that lead to Jackie
for your cabin
and not to leave alone.
Ms.. Rosalie and Mr. Ferguson
to follow up the cabin.
Mlle. Rosalie
Miss picks. Bowers ...
and all the attention is focused
elsewhere in the boat.
Mlle. Bowers.
Doyle need only
two minutes.
Take your shoes off ...
Grab the gun
under the couch
where Jackie gou
not to meet him ...
runs like a hare
the deck ...
and enters the cabin
of his wife.
After Doyle takes the shawl
Mrs. Van Schuyler
I had hidden,
involves the revolver
to dampen noise
and avoiding the scorched ...
fires a bullet
in his own leg.
Removes a cartridge
that discards ...
and introduces a new
indicating if the gun
is found,
they were only fired
two bullets.
It involves new
stole the weapon in
joins the stained handkerchief
and a marble ashtray
for everything to sink
and throws the packet on the Nile
the window.
Leans back on the couch
squeezing the wound
with another tissue
this time
in agony.
Extraordinary, is not it?
Cost to believe.
Of course it does.
Absolutely impossible.
Why say that?
You even said that he had
heard quick steps.
Why would anyone run?
I know but do it all
Once and for all,
sir, it was not impulsive
was carefully
By Doyle?
Doyle represented only
a role.
It was planned by his accomplice,
Mlle. Jacqueline
of Bellefort.
You must be crazy.
No, I'm not crazy.
It's the truth.
Who gave Doyle an alibi?
You, to shoot the shot.
And who gave you an alibi?
insisting to stay together
all night.
Not true. Not.
Yes, indeed.
To deny that?
You and Doyle were lovers.
Are still lovers.
The plan for Simon
kill his wife
inherit the money,
and then at a later date,
with his former love.
A very bright idea.
You chasing
Mrs. Doyle ...
simulated the wrath of Simon ...
the choice of Miss. Rosalie
as a witness ...
and the whole evolution up to
arrive at the crime ...
the exaggerated hysteria ...
only assumed
a real risk.
The injury to Simon
I had to disable it.
I'm sorry but for me,
if there was a silly ...
was silly to have written
the''J''in the wall of the cabin.
Something melodramatic
I only had one goal ...
delete you.
And who would want to do this except
an accomplice?
But after
the plan began
tangled up,
is not it?
Louise Bourget
Doyle sees the corer to
the cabin of his wife.
You hear the clock
and sees him return to the lobby.
It offers the silence
for cash
and in doing so, he signed his own
death sentence.
Mr. Doyle could not have killed her,
because he could not move.
I swear it.
And he was right.
Ms.. Jackie killed her.
Yes I am afraid that there is no ambiguity.
Shortly before dinner
she asked me to see Mr. Doyle.
Foolishly, I now know that,
I accepted and left them together.
An apparently
remorseful and distraught ...
and the other encouraging.
Simon, I'm so sorry.
I am sure
that when we leave
the tone changed.
All is well, dear.
We almost succeeded.
Louise knows.
She saw me.
Is trying to blackmail us.
Will have to shut up.
- We can not pay?
- The whole life?
Jackie, are you sure?
Give me some money
For what?
That's the hope.
You will be unprepared.
- Where are you?
- In my coat in the closet.
- I love you.
- I know.
Are you crazy?
Do not know
but we can not stop now.
Wish luck.
in their haste
she forgot a piece of
a thousand-franc note
between fingers
the dead woman.
But even more
Mrs. Otterbourne
to see out of the box.
She does not realize
and back to the cabin
Dr. Bessner
to return the knife.
Then, ready for dinner
a little startled and agitated,
arrives hastily
the restaurant.
The Sra.Otterbourne,
when Dr. Bessner account
about the murder of Louise
realizes that saw
the killer
leaving the scene of the crime.
He said he knows who
Louise killed?
Easy. Do not scream.
Mrs. Otterbourne, can not
stay here. I forbid
I found it odd
Mr. Doyle scream
with Mrs. Otterbourne.
Now I know who did it
to warn Jackie
the cabin door.
Mrs. Otterbourne,
God, calm down.
Now tell us the story
from the beginning.
And why, from the beginning
and the whole story?
To allow time
Jackie's act,
what he did immediately.
- ... you have to say
- Mr. Doyle.
It was he who killed his wife.
Mr. Pennington?
Boasted that his father
had taught her to shoot.
and her pride was not in vain.
I saw that I knew ...
He dropped the gun and ran
to his cabin next door.
It was very risky
but it was his only chance.
My friends
that's all.
Congratulations, Mr. P.
-For a fun theory.
It's more than a theory.
is the truth.
And what happened
with the first bullet?
What Jackie shot me?
Good question, yes.
Everyone is looking at this table?
It has a piercing bullet
recent here.
You had time
taking the bullet
and throws it into the Nile.
- Nonsense!
- It's not nonsense.
We have evidence
that the three bullets
are gun
Miss. Jacqueline.
Suppose that.
How to prove that Simon
shot the other two?
Have no evidence.
no evidence
The find, easy.
Not escape.
Not convinced
a jury without evidence.
And where you want
get them, Mr. P.?
With Linnet?
Not with Linnet.
With you.
What do you mean?
ha a very simple proof,
now accepted as evidence
in any court in the world.
It's called''Proof''Moulage.
When firing a weapon
skin are grains of gunpowder
that can be drawn
with a thin layer
This is the''Proof''Moulage.
Sir, can do this?
I suppose you are willing
to undergo this test?
It does not hurt, just feels a little
Jackie, what ...?
What can we do?
It's all over.
Do not worry so much, sir
for me, I mean.
Is concerned, is not it?
A little?
And do not judge Simon
too hard.
Never had the money and Linnet
dazzled with all the
their wealth.
remember what you said?
He said it was''a story
I would marry the Linnet,
she would die and I would inherit everything.''
That's when I knew
who conceived the idea.
Terrorized me.
He knew that try something
totally absurd.
Even had the idea for
the snake in his bed.
And you found another use
for the snake lady.
not to have him killed, sir.
you see,
had to help you.
I always had to help you.
Jackie, I love you.
I love you.
Mr Poirot.
What a tragedy!
A splendid work,
Poirot, I must admit.
Could not have done
I have no wax.
Haunts me, sir.
Haunts me altogether.
Goodbye, Mr. Poirot.
I fear that the description
their cases should expect
until another opportunity.
Alas, lady!
I wanted to tell you
My recent experience
on the Orient Express.
Come, Bowers.
It's time to go.
This place gets
to resemble a morgue.
Thank God
will be one soon.
- Old boring.
- What genius, Bowers!
Need a vacation
I thought of a trip
the Gobi Desert.
Mr. Poirot, I want it
the first to know.
We just became engaged.
Congratulations, Missy.
- Congratulations and good luck.
- Thanks.
- Goodbye, Mr. Poirot.
- Goodbye, sir.
- Colonel Race.
- Good luck.
My young,
an advice ...
as they say
United States
With this thinking?
Thought of Moliere.
Hopefully speak some
known language.
The great ambition''
is to inspire love.''
Read phonetically