Death Ranch (2020) Movie Script

I'm gonna hang up.
Tonight on NBC nightly news,
you might see a familiar face.
Oh my God, Brandon?
You thought I was
gonna rot in jail
for 30 goddamn stinking years?
Where are you?
Exactly where I said I'd be.
You're still coming, right?
Of course I am.
Okay, then.
We do this exactly like I said,
I'll be waiting here.
Oh God.
Hey, Angie.
You have no idea how
good it is to see you.
Feeling's mutual, believe me.
You look like shit,
little brother.
Well, I feel like
a million dollars.
I bet you do.
I brought you some clothes,
some of Jerry's--
The hell you did.
Cowboy-looking motherfucker's
clothes ain't gonna suit me.
It's a very generous donation
that he made involuntarily,
so try not to trash the
whole damn outfit, all right?
Fine, fine,
I appreciate the sentiment.
Your raggedy-ass self
gonna have to walk,
'cause you ain't
getting in my vehicle
wearing no smelly-ass
prison getup.
You gonna make me
undress out in the open?
Ain't nobody looking at you.
Motherfucker, shit.
Be quick, though,
give a motherfucker
a heart attack,
see you naked in the street.
Haha motherfucker.

Damn man.
Anybody out here try
to fuck with my wheels,
I'm holding you
personally responsible.
Get off my back man, damn.
Ain't nobody out here, Clarence,
nobody been on this damn
ranch since granddaddy died.
Nobody but us.
Hey, Angie.
You positive they won't come
looking for me out here?
Not a chance in hell.
We always said this was
the perfect hideout.
You'll be all right.
There it is.
Safe haven.
Brings back all them
summers we spent out here,
when we were kids.
Bran was too small.
Nah, I remember.
it's falling apart,
that's for damn sure.
I'd say it's an upgrade, sorta.
This place got dusty,
real goddamn dusty.
How long, exactly,
is this shit gonna take Brandon?
I didn't agree to
no extended stay.
Come on, man,
you know how it is,
my face will be in the
papers for a week, maybe two,
till they find another brother
to pin all of
society's problems on.
Right, with all these sex cults,
and blood-sucking hippies about,
this shit should
blow over in no time.
Y'all, we can make
tracks through Georgia,
we can settle in Florida,
they got this new attraction,
Disney World. Disney World!
It sounds good, right?
Oh, Disney World,
that's where I'd certainly hide,
if I escaped from
the penitentiary,
and was trying to
keep a low profile.
Right next to Mickey.
Shut the fuck up.
Clarence, relax man.
This shit start to
fuck with my allergies,
you two's on your own!
Right where I left 'em.
Anybody tries to fuck with us,
they're gonna have
another thing coming.
They ain't
gonna have nothing coming,
'cause they'll be dead, shit.
Oh yeah.
Nope, the idea is for
us to stay out of jail,
you ain't taken the both
of us back there with you.
Goddamn it,
should've stashed more liquor!
You can
have it all man.
Oh, I'm gonna.
What the...
Oh, real nice,
leave me with the
fucking peashooter.
And here's Rob
Robson with the latest.
The state
board of education
meets tonight, but does not
expect to act upon demands
by federal civil
rights officials,
for desegregation of five
predominantly black
elementary schools.
Superintendent John
Hill has stated
that the board will not
consider another plan
until a federal court
rules on complaints
about the board's plan
to completely desegregate
grades seven through twelve.
Dr. Greer told NBC education
reporter, Hal Williams,
that more desegregation now,
would pose a real
political problem
for local, and
federal officials,
wishing to--
Officials at
a federal prison
in downtown Memphis, say
they knew they had a problem
when they came to
work this morning
and found a makeshift rope
running down the side
of the building.
Oh, you sneaky
A dangerous criminal is
on the loose this morning,
and the FBI is offering
a $10,000 reward
for information
leading to his capture.
Ten thousand.
I can fucking do me with some
ten thousand, shit.
24 year old Brandon Cobbs,
was facing a 30 year
sentence for armed robbery.
A search is now under way
across the state of Tennessee.
Hey Brandon,
you're famous, man.
The beauty of the
new Toyota Corona Hard Top
isn't only the way it
looks on the outside,
inside, the all-new
Corona has a rear seat
that folds flat giving
you six feet of space
from the front seat, to
the tip of the trunk,
get your hands on a Toyota
and you'll never let go.
You've got what I need
To let love in my life
You've got that
sweet sensibility
All them years
I was waiting by your side
It was such a fine line
Then you set me free, yeah

You've got something
going on, and I say
The fire is burning
through my seams
I know it's hard to find
But we know we got the time
To make this thing
work overtime
Until the sun goes down
I want that free time
Oh, sweet love machine
I want that free time
Oh, sweet love machine
Being here, it's like
going back 10 years,
back to when we were kids.
Kinda crazy, right?
Simpler times for all of us.
Sometimes it's good to
get away from it, though.
-Take a moment to stop,
assess where you're
at, you know?
I missed you, Bran.
I miss our family.
Yeah, me too.
I was so scared for you,
I know you didn't do those
things they said on the TV,
you just got in with
the wrong crowd,
we got you out now, right?
You always know where I'm at,
as long as you stay
out of trouble,
stay out of trouble--
I hear you,
I hear you.
You can come
stay with me and Jerry,
you're always gonna be welcome.
He don't mind you
being out here?
Oh, he minds,
I told him I was helping
Clarence for a couple of weeks.
That was bad enough.
If he really knew
what I was doing,
he would flip out.
You two going good, though?
Yeah, yeah,
real good,
he's buying us a
condo in Knoxville.
Shit, that's cool.
Yeah, yeah,
so you got somebody?
Where, back in prison?
nah, I ain't got
nobody out here.
Sure beats being in there.
You've got me and Clarence,
that ain't nobody.
Yeah, but you two've got
things all set up, you know?
You and Jerry,
I ain't like that.
Be like that, Bran.
You busted out of jail,
you're laying low,
soon you're gonna have
another chance at this,
so don't screw it up again.
You got your whole
life ahead of you,
just hanging by a thread,
it's like you keep
pulling on that thread,
like you're trying to
screw yourself over. Why?
I don't know.
Well, you got two weeks,
maybe longer,
to figure it out.
So figure it out.
Hey man,
look at your drunk ass,
you was dancing, huh?
So, sitting around all dusty
for the next few weeks,
fun, fun, fun.
I would do it for you, man.
I don't know,
this "on the run" bullshit,
sounded way better in my head.
You want one?
Thanks, man.
Tasty, huh?
What's up, Clarence?
Now, I don't wanna
know if you did,
or didn't do it,
I just need you to know you
ain't gonna try that shit again.
A cop says something
about a kid,
what happened to him?
You gotta put that
behind you now,
mistakes happen,
and you learn.
He ain't die or nothing.
I said leave it, Brandon.
Fuck man, all it
was supposed to be--
Hey, I said I don't
wanna know about it,
you're out now,
that's what matters.
You get back in,
you do anything like that again,
you'll have your sentence
right here with me.
I taught you better,
that's for damn sure.
Oh, quit acting
like you dad now.
Oh, I ain't dad,
if he was here,
he'd knocked some
sense in your dumb ass,
so now, you're
gonna listen to me.
Angela's been through
enough shit, enough times,
finally, she's in a great place,
and it's all on us
now, you especially.
I'm here for her more than
I am for you, remember that.
Thanks brother.
Jerry, he don't like me,
I've done some dumb ass
things that can't be undid,
I know that,
but you,
you can do better, man.
You got yourself
a second chance,
right here, right now.
Do right by this family.
Do something good with yourself.
It's too late, man,
I fucked up.
Well, we all fuck up,
nobody's perfect,
so nobody's gonna
take pity on you,
you ain't no special case,
so man the fuck up,
that's all I got to say.
No, let go of me,
no, no,
help, help!
No, no.
No, stop!
No, God no!
No, please, no, no.
God, no!
Please God, no.
No, no.
Please, let me go!
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Run, run for your life,
they'll kill you,
and they'll eat you.
They're sniffing us
out like wild dogs,
and we're the goddamn meat.
Hey, wait.
Angie, Angie,
Angie, wake up,
Angie, wake up,
Angie, wake up.
We gotta go now.
- Where're Clarence's keys?
- Is it the police?
It ain't the damn police,
where are the car keys?
I don't know, look in his bag.
Where the
hell is Clarence?
drunk, I don't know.
What's wrong, Brandon?
You're scaring me.
Well be scared,
but just stay real quiet.
What kinda hell is this?
We gotta go, come on,
let's go!
Who are they?
Oh, shit.
Come on!
Come on baby,
come on, come on,
don't do this to me.
- What the fuck is this?
- I don't know.
What do you mean,
you don't know?
Come on, come on!
Get out.
They're gonna barbecue us,
Angie, let's go,
come on!
Come on!
Fuck you,
fuck you, motherfucker,
fuck you.
where're you going?
Howdy doody, thick
You hear that screaming
on the other side
of that wall there?
That's your friend.
Bubba's carving us
up some black meat.
Do you know why
we eat black folk?
Because Negro flesh tastes
so goddamn good.
You see,
you dark skins have only existed
to be food for the white man.
My cousin Delmar,
he'll tell you,
it goes way back to
the ancient times.
You have always been our meat,
so we're gonna take it
back to the natural way,
where you're kind ain't
nothing but a food source.
I said stay the hell
outta here, dammit.
Tasting good, Bubba.
Now go back and finish him off.
Stay the hell outta here.
What're you tryna do,
burn the whole place down?
So, you like playing with fire.
Let's see how much blacker
we can get your balls.
Yes, that's it.
Yeah, nice and crisp.
Just the way Jeb likes
his meat.
Oh no you don't.
No, no, no, no--
Get off me, man.
That feel good, motherfucker?
Ah, fuck.
What took you so goddamn long?
What'd they do to me, Brandon?
I can't feel my arm,
it's numb as hell.
Fuck, Clarence.
Fuck them, man.
-Oh shit.
-Pull yourself together,
I don't
need that shit.
Pass me that whisky.
Fuck, where's Angela?
I don't know, man.
We came out here 'cause of you,
so you better find her,
and make sure she's all right,\.
Swear it, little brother.
I don't care what it takes,
you just get her off this
goddamn death ranch alive.
I gotta get you to
a hospital, man.
Motherfucker, we're 50 miles
away from any hospital.
We're in the middle of nowhere,
I'm fucking dead, man,
so just leave me
here to die in peace,
with my goddamn whiskey.
I ain't leaving
you here, Clarence.
I'm your big brother.
You do what I fucking say,
stop wasting time.
All right.
You want a cigarette
before I go?
I was trying to quit.
Still trying?
Keep this fucking
lighter too, man,
I never wanna see
that shit again.
Hang on,
they didn't find the guns,
I put 'em back in the barrel
before we went to sleep.
That was stupid.
I could've saved
your dumb ass.
Well, I might've
saved yours instead.
Now, go and give 'em hell.
I'll find Angie,
and we'll come back for you.
Well, well, well,
looks like I caughts me
a little black baboon.
Looks like you caught
yourself a bullet.
Get your sorry white ass
against that barrel.
Come on, move!
Against the barrel.
Look at me, asshole.
You can't talk to me
like that, nig--.
I can do whatever
the fuck I want.
The girl I was with,
where's she at?
-She's dead.
-Don't fuck with me!
She's alive.
She's alive!
You better pray to
God she's still alive,
'cause you'll be in
a whole 'nother world
of suffering if
you've hurt my sister.
I swear to God.
They've got her in,
in the fuck pit.
Go on.
Some of the others don't like
eating the women right away,
they like to keep 'em awhile,
I don't approve of it,
and they like to get
themselves a taste
of that chocolate pussy.
Under the trap
door, in the back.
Where, motherfucker?
Behind the barn,
it's underground.
You like human meat,
you sick fuck?
Here, have some of your own.
Eat it!
Chew it up, whitey,
or I'll blow your
motherfucking head off,
fucking swallow
that shit down, too.
Stay down!
Fuck pit, huh?
Oh yeah, open those legs.
Yeah, good.
Spread those legs.
Open those legs, bitch!
I'm gonna give it to you,
I'm gonna give it to you good.
Goddamn, Cletus,
you done had your
turn a half hour ago,
Joe Bob's next,
get out!
Unless you wanna see
how a real man does it.
Dumb ass.
Hey, Joe Bob,
hand me that goo,
this bitch dun gone dry on me.
No, no!
Mm, that'll do me nice.
What the fuck?
Where're you going Joe Bob?
You wouldn't wanna
miss your turn.
Ah, my fucking eyes.
You all right?
No, no.
I'm mad, Brandon.
I'm really fucking mad.
Clarence is dead.
No , no.
I couldn't save him.
I got some blood
on Jerry's shirt.
I'll have to owe him a new one.
Was it their blood?
Yeah, most of it.
Then Jerry won't give a damn.
Hand me that fucking gun.
You got any more ammunition?
Yeah, plenty more.
Good, they're gonna wish
they never did this to us.
You wanna go to the police?
We can't.
It's you that I'm worried for.
I already lost one brother,
I didn't go all through
all this for nothing.
Let's get crazy.
He in there.
I gotta tell you
something, Angie.
You know that crime that you
think I really didn't commit?
I think I brought this whole
thing down on our heads.
Can't make out no other reason
for this kind of punishment,
I'm sorry, but,
God gonna make me serve my time,
one way or the other.
This ain't your fault, Brandon.
Who else we out here for, huh?
Who dragged you out here?
Don't you be sorry,
nobody deserves this.
Wait right here.
Hey, how many more
of you out here?
About a hundred.
No, a thousand.
Well, right now,
looks like you're the only one.
But they'll be here ,
and you'll be sorry!
But they'll be
too late for you, asshole.
What the fuck?
Delmar's gonna be mad
as hell about this.
Gimme that, gimme that.
I say we go down there,
and initiate a bit
of coon control.
Joe Bob?
Holy shit!
Looking for your friend?
Go get Delmar!
Ow, ow!
Do it!
Ah, my spine,
my fucking spine!
Ah, I can't feel
my legs.
My fucking spine!
I can't feel my legs.
You feel this, sucker?
Guess you did.
Other one hightailed
it into the woods.
Go, I'll take care of this guy.
Hmm, nothing but a
pathetic little white man.
Come on, do it!
I ain't afraid of no
black black bitch!
What're you doing?
What're you doing?
What're you doing?
This is for Clarence.
I may be a black bitch,
but at least I'm the black
bitch that busted your balls.
Going somewhere?
Come on.
We gotta move.
You grab his legs.
How many of them?
I don't know.
What a goddamn mess.
Okay, boys,
I hope y'all are hungry.
Let's fix this.
I ain't
going in there.
I said move, fucker!
Angie, I want you
to know something,
if we get out of this alive,
I'm gonna come stay
with you and Jerry,
in that condo in Knoxville,
just for a little while,
I'm gonna get me
a job, a real job.
And, hopefully,
I can meet somebody there,
she's gonna be
sexy as hell, too,
I'm gonna buy my own condo.
You and me
can be neighbors.
Have you and Jerry over
for dinner most weeks.
How do you like
the sound of that?
I like all that,
so shoot good,
and we will make it happen.
I always shoot good.
Jeb, Bubba!
Joe Bob! Anybody?
Delmar, help me!
These niggers are crazy!
That you, Gator?
You all right in there?
No, they ripped my
goddamn nuts off!
You tell them,
if they come in here,
I'll blow their
motherfucking heads off.
Your might wanna
keep your distance.
How many of 'em?
Two, and they got guns--
Shut the fuck up!
everything's gonna
be okay, Gator.
All I gotta do is talk
to these miscreants.
See if we can get you
out of there alive.
-Hey, you piece of shit,
my name is Brandon,
and that's what I'll answer to.
Nigger Brandon,
you're gonna come out of
there with Gator alive,
and surrender yourselves. Else?
We're gonna burn this barn
to the goddamn ground,
with you in it!
Like hell you will.
You've had your fun,
but you're outnumbered now.
Even if you got out of this,
you're just two
dumb black folks,
nobody gives a damn about.
Hell, no one's gonna
believe your story.
You're gonna let us go?
Look, no one wants to
be out here dealing
with a couple of kill-crazy
on their Sunday afternoons.
You know that,
we know it.
So, if you let little Gator
out of there unharmed,
well, alive,
we're gonna take it real
easy on you darkies,
hang you up on a tree branch,
let you go real nice
and peaceful like.
Hell, I'll maybe
even say a prayer.
A short one.
Or, you piss us off anymore,
there's gonna be a lifetime
of torture for you,
oh, we can keep you
alive for weeks,
make you feel agony in parts
of your body you didn't
even know you had.
So what do you say,
Nigger Brandon?
You gonna like
Gator out of there,
or are we gonna have to lock
you down in the fuck pit,
let Big Willy have his way
with you for a couple of weeks?
Come on, motherfuckers.
Well, now?
We gave 'em
fair warning. Do it!
Go on, get in there.
Delmar, you
fucking asshole.
Go get inside that room!
Go, go!
Surprise mother--
Get the fuck outta there.
Hey, come on.
We gotta go.
Fuck, stop,
just stop.
Shit, Bran,
we can't stop.
You gotta get outta here,
you gotta run.
When he finds me,
I'll put a bullet
right between his eyes,
but I don't want
you getting killed.
Not for me!
I'll slow you down.
You gotta go get help...
from somebody, anybody.
I'm not going on without you--
I can't.
You gotta save me.
It's on you.
It's all on you.
Next time,
be sure to check the damn place
out a little more closely,
before you choose
it as a hideout.
- Go.
- No.
Run Angie, run!
Where are you, niggers?
Well, well.
You killed my clan.
I don't know how you've done it,
but you sure are
gonna suffer for it.
I'll tell you how I done it,
'cause y'all are
the dumbest cunts
in the whole of
American history.
Boy, I'm gonna enjoy
making you bleed.