Death Rider in the House of Vampires (2021) Movie Script

(Soft Western music)
On a horse black as night
There the Death Rider rides
Well each town he stops in
Will be dying
With the silver in his guns
They'll be dead before they can run
And for this, they call
him the Death Rider
Death Rider rides alone
Oh, the dead line
the path that he roams
Death Rider rides alone
Oh the dead line the path that he roam
- [Death Rider] Hyah.
(clicking tongue) Whoa.
(soft Western music continues)
Death Rider rides alone
Oh, the dead line
the path that he roams
Death Rider rides alone
Oh, the dead line
the path that he roams
(singers vocalizing)
(soft Western music continues)
(Death Rider clicking tongue)
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
- Hey, gringo. (laughing)
(tense music)
I don't think you want to come this way,
but what you got there
on the horse, I like.
Why don't you give that to me, huh?
- Oh yeah?
Why is that?
- (chuckling) Because
that's no good to you dead.
But because you're a stupid gringo,
I kill you quick, okay?
- It's mighty nice of you, mister.
- (chuckling) Yeah.
I am Bela Latigo.
And that is the last name
you're going to hear, amigo.
(tense music)
(punch thudding)
Gringo, come back.
The whole thing, it was a joke.
Can't you take a joke?
The sun, she's coming up. (whimpering)
(Bela laughing)
They gonna kill you.
You gonna die. (laughing)
They gonna kill you. (laughing)
Gringo! (laughing)
You're gonna die, gringo.
Yeah, you're gonna die.
Gringo, come back!
Gringo! (laughing)
(tense Western music)
(singers vocalizing)
(tense Western music continues)
(tense Western music continues)
(tense Western music continues)
(blood splattering)
(gun cocking) (wind howling)
(gun firing)
(fire crackling)
(gun firing)
(fire crackling)
(gun firing)
(fire crackling)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(wind howling)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(gun firing) (blood spattering)
(wind howling)
(bats squeaking)
(hand knocking on door)
(door creaking)
- [Person] What is it you want?
- Sanctuary.
I seek sanctuary.
I have the price.
- [Person] Is she pure?
- Yeah.
Pure as hell.
- Who sent you?
- Bad Bathory.
You gonna let me in?
It's getting bright out here
if you know what I mean.
- [Person] Wait one minute.
(door thudding)
(door creaking)
Bring her in.
We must see her.
- How's this then?
Not too bad, huh?
- [Person] And you are sure she is pure.
- Yeah, through and through.
- [Person] Enter then, to Sanctuary.
- About damn time.
(door thudding)
(Death Rider whistling)
(hand knocking on door)
- [Mina] Miss Carmilla.
Miss Carmilla.
- Stop that banging on
the damn door, Mina Belle.
Get on in here.
(door creaking)
- Miss Carmilla, there's a new gentleman
what just arrived downstairs.
He's brought a lady toy with him.
You know, like they always do.
- Yes I do.
So this gentleman, what's he look like?
- Well, let's see.
He's got on some black.
- No, I mean is he handsome,
you dumb blood trollop?
- (giggling) That?
Why didn't you say so?
I couldn't rightly tell,
on account he had his face kind of cover
with a leather kerchief.
You know. (chuckling)
- No, I do not know.
So this gentleman, where is he now?
- I'm sure they sent
him down to the council.
- Yes, of course.
My dear Mina Belle, we shall also attend
- Yes, Ms. Carmilla.
- Grab my weapons.
(door thudding)
Come on now.
- Yes.
(door clicking)
(soft Western music)
- So, am I in?
(soft Western music continues)
- My good man.
If we felt that you were
in any way an outsider,
you would never have
made it down our main street.
You see, there is a reason
so many seek the comfort of Sanctuary.
Our history, our reputation if you will,
speaks for itself.
But not all are welcome.
(tense music)
- I see what you mean.
It's a good deal.
- It is only for those in our favor.
Cross us and a worse fate awaits.
You have paid for entry
and have been allowed sanctuary for now.
But as a trial only.
- What kind of trial?
- A kind of trial that will determine
whether you are welcome here or not.
- Well, sorry.
I guess I can't be one of the "or nots".
- I suggest that you do.
Very well then.
A room has been made
ready for you upstairs.
They will show you the way.
- Much obliged.
Thank you.
- [Mina] What do you see, Miss Carmilla?
- Shut up?
Oh, he sure is a thing.
That's a fact.
- [Mina] I want to see.
- Stop it.
Will you just...
This one here is gonna be mine.
Bring him to my room
when you're done, little leach.
(footsteps thudding)
(door creaking)
(door thudding)
(tense music)
(Death Rider sighing)
(hand knocking on door)
(door clicking)
- Hey, someone wants
to see you, right quick.
- Who might that be?
- Well, you all just going
to have to come with me,
if you wants to find out,
handsome. (laughing)
- What are we waiting on?
Lead the way.
I'll follow behind.
(nails scraping)
- Why, mister, I do believe you's
trying to flirt with me.
(nails scraping)
(Mina clearing throat)
(soft music)
- Well, come on in, good looking.
- I appreciate the invite, but
I'm right good here for now.
- Well look at you.
All pretty and everything
in them tight black duds.
What's your name?
- Oh, well they called me Rider.
- Rider, that's it?
- Yep.
Just Rider.
Plain and Simple.
- Oh, see that's the way I likes it.
Plain and simple, Rider.
- Well, maybe if we get to
know each other a little better,
I might just tell you the rest.
- The rest?
Oh, I'm looking forward to us getting
to know each other a
whole lot better, Rider.
Plain and simple.
- Miss Carmilla.
Miss Carmilla.
- How dare you interrupt me, you worthle
- It's Count.
Count wants you.
- That's all right.
I can come back later.
This little doll come get
me when you're ready to,
well you know, get to
know me a little better
like you says, ma'am.
Excuse me.
- Rider is mine.
(tense music)
If I even catch you looking
at him for over a second,
I will have you staked out in the sun.
(Mina grunting)
Do you understand?
- Yes, miss. (grunting)
- Well, good.
Because that's just what we likes to hea
Now get!
(tense music)
- Ah, my dear, Carmilla.
Come in.
Please have a seat.
- I think I'm gonna stand,
Count, if'n you don't mind.
- No, no, not at all.
Whatever you prefer.
You know you are my favorite
and I know I can trust you.
- Yes'm, Count.
You know that you can.
- Good, good.
As I thought.
Very well then,
I require a small favor
of you my dear, Carmilla.
- I'm listening.
- It seems you are,
how should you say,
interested in our new guest.
- Just mildly, Count.
A plaything I'm sure I will tire of.
- I don't care about that.
Do what you will.
I want you to be with
him, to keep an eye on him.
What he does, where he goes.
You follow my meaning?
- Is there something wrong?
Did he do something?
- It's a feeling, isn't it?
How do you say, a hunch?
Yes, that's it.
So will you do this for
me my dear, Carmilla?
- Of course.
Yes, Count, whatever you wish.
- Excellent, excellent.
I knew I could depend on you.
Well go have fun with your new toy.
And Carmilla,
this shall remain between us.
You will be discreet, yes?
- Oh, Excellency, you
bet your boots I will.
(wind howling) (cart clattering)
(door creaking)
- Okay ladies, come on.
Get your derrieres inside.
Ain't got all night, you know.
Come on, ladies.
Come on.
- Hey, all the rest of
our stuff's still in there.
- Oh honey.
Don't you worry none.
Just gonna take 'em around the back way
so you gals won't
have to fuss none with it.
Now go on in there.
There's a whole bunch
of folks are waiting on you.
Now go on.
You're a dumb tramp.
(soft piano music) (all chattering)
(soft piano music)
(person laughing)
(person gasping)
(flesh tearing)
(person screaming)
(person screaming) (flesh tearing)
(person screaming)
(person gasping)
(person gasping)
(all chattering)
- Can I get a shot of whiskey, please?
- Rot gut or the good stuff?
- Surprise me.
- Well, stranger, ain't never seen you
at the Sanctuary before.
What's your name?
- They call me Rider.
- Rider?
Don't think I ever heard of you none.
What's you doing at Sanctuary?
(Death Rider sighing)
- I don't think that's
any of your business,
now is it, stranger?
- That's him right there.
That one. (laughing)
Get him.
- Get your hands off of
me, you damn varmints.
You got the wrong one.
- I think we got the right one, Dukey.
We sure got the right one.
You, Count wants to see you also.
Come on.
- Where are we going?
- Oh don't worry about that none.
Count just wants to show
you a little something.
Move it, Dukey, goddamnit.
Lazy son of a bitch.
Move it.
- [Duke] Where are you all taking me?
I ain't done nothing wrong.
- Shut your mouth and keep walking.
(laughing) Watch your step there, Duke.
Wouldn't want you getting hurt.
- [Duke] You got the wrong one.
- Shut your mouth now.
You gonna like it down here.
Oh yeah.
You gonna feel right at home
with all the other rats.
Get moving.
My friend, I'm gonna show
you something real sweet.
- [Duke] I ain't done nothing.
Get your hands off me.
You're making a big mistake, man.
I'm telling you.
- Goddammit.
Will you shut him up?
- I ain't done nothing.
- Gag him.
(Duke grunting)
Come on.
(fire crackling)
See that there?
This here is where we
make up silver bullets.
(silver dripping)
Oh careful now.
You don't want none of that on you.
(laughing) Now let me show you something
Now this here,
well, this here is a traitor
what done turned on us?
Didn't you?
(person grunting)
Take his muzzle off.
Now you going to see what we do
to those that done turn on us?
(person hissing)
Hold his head back.
See, old Duke VonWayne here,
he going to get himself a little drink,
courtesy of one Count Holiday.
I'm gonna enjoy this.
Oh see that there?
That there's molten silver.
Same kind we be making bullets with.
(skin sizzling)
You ever see what happens
when you pour liquid silver
down a bloodsucker's throat.
Oh, now you just watch.
(laughing) Oh yes sir, I'm enjoying this
(laughing) How's that
taste, Dukey? (laughing)
How's that taste?
(Duke screaming)
Oh yeah. Oh yeah! (laughing)
Whooo-wee, look at him now. (laughing)
Big man, there you go.
Drink it down.
(Duke screaming)
Whoo-wee. (laughing)
(Duke screaming)
- [Person] (laughing) Yeah.
(Duke screaming)
I think you're getting a
little sick from it, Dukey,
if I didn't know you better. (laughing)
(Duke groaning)
(explosion booming)
(laughing) Lookey here now.
Now ain't that something?
- Miss Carmilla.
- Liken me a light snack
tonight for me and a friend.
Got anything appropriate?
- I think I got just what
you're looking for tonight,
miss Carmilla.
(bills rustling)
- This here will be a delivery.
- Yes, Miss Carmilla.
I'll get on it right quick.
- [Mina] Hey, handsome.
- You gotta be careful coming
up on someone like that, doll.
- Why?
What you all got in mind?
Miss Carmilla, she requests
your company for a drink.
- When?
- Well, right about now.
I'm supposed to take you to her.
- All right.
Can't keep a pretty lady waiting,
now can we?
- No sir.
Here he is, Miss Carmilla.
- I am glad you could
join me, Rider, for a drink.
- Oh Miss Carmilla,
I never turn down an
off from a pretty lady.
- Mmm.
Now you're getting on my good side.
That's a nice place to be.
- Looks mighty nice from here.
- Mmm.
Well then you're gonna
lack this little treat even more,
if that's possible.
(soft music)
Slightly vintage blend.
Aged 18 or 19 years.
What do you think, Rider?
Pretty little thing, ain't she?
Why don't you come over here, handsome,
get that drink with me.
There's room for two at
this here watering hole.
What's wrong, sugar?
Don't you like her?
- You go on.
Take a big one for both of us,
'cause I want you to personally
come over and give me my drink.
- Oh, I can do that honey.
You got me all hot and raring to go.
(soft music continues)
(blood gurgling)
(soft music continues)
(Carmilla grunting)
(blood dripping)
(Carmilla moaning)
(soft music continues)
(all chattering)
- Another shot.
(tense music)
(chairs thudding) (all gasping)
Bad Bathory.
Well I'll be a son of a bloodsucker.
- What's up, Kid?
Been a while, ain't it?
- I reckon it has now.
Ever since that time... Whoa, whoa, whoa
Hold on now, Kid.
I don't think we want any of that
a-getting out here in Sanctuary.
Now do we?
- I guess you got that right.
(Bad laughing)
It sure it was a time though, wasn't it?
- It sure was, Kid.
(bartender laughing)
Want a drink, Kid?
- Yeehaw!
(both laughing)
Now that's the Bad Bathory I know.
- Hell yeah. (laughing)
- Thanks, but I'm
sticking with this tonight,
if you don't mind.
- Good deal.
(body thudding)
(Bad laughing)
(Bad laughing)
- Say, some sidewinder here using your n
to get into Sanctuary.
- Huh? - Yeah.
- Gunslinger or a blood-drinker?
- Both I reckon.
Don't rightly know.
Name's Rider.
You know him?
- Rider, huh?
Can't say that I rightly do know, Kid.
- Well what you know about that?
- I guess we're gonna have
us another time now, huh, Kid?
- Yep. It sure looks like it, huh?
(both laughing)
- Hell yeah.
(soft music)
- What ya doing?
If Miss Carmilla finds out
we'll both be in trouble.
- Doll, you've been flirting
with me since I got here.
You really care what Miss Carmilla think
- Well, um, no. (laughing)
- Should I stop?
- Mmm-mm.
(Mina breathing heavily)
- I'll be back later, doll.
You can show me where
the Count lays his hat.
- Count don't wear no hat.
- Just be here when I get back.
- Whatever you says, handsome.
(Mina laughing)
Back already, Rider?
Couldn't stay away from
your Mina Belle, now could ya?
(footsteps thudding)
(tense music)
(Mina grunting)
- Mmm.
Now I told you, Rider's mine.
I warned you, you
stupid little blood whore.
(Mina gasping) (tense music)
- No, no. (grunting)
(Mina grunting)
(Mina grunting)
No, no! (grunting)
(Mina grunting)
- Mina Belle,
(Mina whimpering)
for violating the rules of our great hou
where you once so
graciously received sanctuary,
(Mina whimpering)
you are sentenced... No.
- This day.
(Mina gasping)
to death.
(Mina screaming)
at the stake.
(Mina whimpering)
- No.
(dramatic music)
(Mina grunting)
(Mina grunting)
(dramatic music continues)
(wind howling)
(Mina screaming)
(skin sizzling) (Mina grunting)
(Mina screaming)
(Mina screaming)
(fire crackling) (Mina screaming)
(Mina screaming)
(dramatic music continues)
(ominous music)
- Now we ain't never heard
of this here Rider, Count.
So we thought we ought
to come let you know.
- Is this so, Bathory?
- Kid's right, Count.
I ain't never heard of
this here Rider fella.
Let alone, know him.
- You want we should shake him?
- No, Kid.
Time enough for that later.
First I wish to know why
he has come to Sanctuary.
Do this for me.
- Be my pleasure, Count.
Kid, you heard the Count.
We got us a liar waiting. (laughing)
- And remember, gentlemen.
No killing until after
we know his intentions.
- Well now, Count,
we sure will try.
(both laughing)
Yes sir.
We're sure gonna try.
(both laughing)
- Oh foolish Rider.
I'd say he was as good as dead.
(door clicking)
(footsteps thudding)
(upbeat rock music)
- Special delivery for a Mr. Rider.
- What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
- Special delivery courtesy
of a Miss Mina Belle.
- What?
Oh, get outta here.
- Aw.
Now you ain't saying you forget little
old Mina Belle now.
- Why you...
- Oh, so you do remember her?
You done mess with the wrong polecat now
(both grunting)
You shouldn't have crossed me, Rider.
(body thudding)
- Miss Carmilla.
I can't believe you're the jealous type.
- Oh, handsome, you
don't know the half of it.
Sometimes I'm cruel and spiteful.
(both grunting)
- Well, doesn't that surprise me.
(Death Rider grunting)
- Now that is right sweet.
But I can't tell if that's
you, my tender morsel,
or your sweet little Mina Belle's.
(both grunting)
(Carmilla gasping) (skin sizzling)
(Carmilla gasping)
- Now you can call me Death Rider.
(Carmilla gasping) (skin sizzling)
(all chattering)
Bartender, set me up
a bunch of shot glasses.
Get me a couple bottles of whiskey.
Good stuff.
- It'll be $5, hot-shot
(coins clanking)
(bartender sighing)
- Keep the change.
- Kid.
Will you come like a good boy
for some blood?
- Not now darling?
I got me some business I gots
to take care of right about now.
- Oh, why?
- How's about I see you later?
- Okay. (giggling)
- You's new here in Sanctuary?
You says you know Bad Bathory.
Is that right?
Well now you see, Bad Bathory,
he just so happens to be
a real good friend of mine.
- You don't say.
- I do say.
And I says to you,
you ain't no friend of Bad Bathory at al
(bartender laughing)
- Ah.
- Well, look who just strolled in.
- How you doing, Kid?
Who's your friend?
- Oh, well it's funny you should ask
'cause this here is your old friend.
You remember him, don't you?
- Well stranger, I don't
rightly recall us ever meeting.
Where was it you said we met.
- I didn't.
At least to nobody hereabouts.
But maybe you don't recall
because you were too busy
killing all them deputies that day.
- Deputies you say?
Well the, stranger-
- Name's Death Rider.
Friends call me Rider, but...
(both laughing)
- Well then, Death Rider,
if'n I was busy killing all them deputie
how the hell did we have time for howdy-
- Drinks on me, sidewinders.
(bartender laughing)
There you go.
- Thanks, stranger.
It's mighty neighborly of you.
You're all right.
Ain't you having a shot too?
(bartender laughing)
- This don't change nothing.
(bartender laughing)
(skin sizzling)
(person hissing and growling)
(all screaming)
(skin sizzling) (fire crackling)
(all shouting)
(person gasping) (all screaming)
(guns firing) (glass shattering)
(all screaming)
(guns firing)
(fire crackling)
(guns firing)
- This won't save the Count.
(guns firing)
(guns firing)
(fire crackling)
(glass shattering)
(guns firing)
(guns firing)
(all screaming)
- Goddammit.
Move it!
(guns firing)
Die, you son of a bitch.
(guns firing) (glass shattering)
Son of a bitch.
- How you like your drinks, fellas?
(guns firing) (glass shattering)
- Oh yeah.
Oh, come on.
Oh, you're scared now.
(gun firing)
(Death Rider hissing)
Oh yeah. (laughing)
Say goodnight, you motherf-
(guns firing)
(fire crackling)
(Drac screaming)
(guns firing) (glass shattering)
- Cover me, Kid.
(gun firing) (glass shattering)
- You sure are a whip, you son of a bitc
(gun firing) (Kid grunting)
(skin sizzling)
(skin sizzling)
What do you put in them bottles?
(gun cocking)
- My own special blend.
(gun firing)
(fire crackling)
One part whiskey, one part silver dust.
Sure hits the spot, don't it?
(fire crackling)
I guess some folks just
can't handle their liquor.
(soft Western music)
(skull thudding)
- Well what y'all waiting for, huh?
Go on out there and get their money.
Go on.
Go on.
And get their guns too.
You dumb tramps.
(coins clanking)
(skin sizzling)
(Carmilla gasping)
- Thank you, lover.
(soft Western music)
(tense music)
(Death Rider grunting)
- Come in and welcome.
Were you really going
to shoot me in the back?
How unsporting.
Of course we've anxiously
been awaiting your arrival.
What could have taken you so long?
A little business to take care of, hmm?
Dear boy, did you not think we know all
that goes on within this sanctuary?
- What about all them dead
bloodsuckers downstairs?
Suppose you saw all that coming?
- Ah yes.
Well, every now and
again, a purge, if you will,
is not such a bad thing.
Clears out the riffraff, the
hangers on, so to speak.
And it was getting rather
crowded in here anyway.
Don't you think? (chuckling)
- You set me up.
- (chuckling) No, my
young hothead, used you.
That's a better, more accurate descripti
- Son of a bitch. (hissing)
- Hilarious.
So you've come looking for me
and you've found me.
Here I am.
Here I am.
So now what?
Is this when you say
"I'm going to kill you"?
(chuckling) Well go on then.
Do what thou wilt.
Release him, let him go.
This should be interesting,
(chuckling) I suppose
you're looking for these.
(clicking tongue) How careless.
You come here to my home, my Sanctuary,
sanctuary I so graciously gave to you,
and you try to kill me.
Rider, where are your manners?
Is that any way to treat such
a generous host as myself?
Surely you are raised
better than that, boy.
- I was raised to kill
vampires like you, Count.
- And you, are you not also vampire?
Why not kill yourself?
- Because I'm gonna kill you first.
- Oh yes, we've heard that already.
I suppose I should be afraid
or something of that nature.
How droll.
A funny thing, a quirk
of mine, if you will, yes.
Sometimes I like to
keep them like trophies.
Such astounding treasured possessions.
Don't you think, Rider,
especially this one.
Do you recognize her, Rider?
- Now you're really dead.
- Yes I am.
Have been for over 200 years.
- [Death Rider] Stop.
- Is that any way to greet
your beloved sister, Rider?
- Rider, Rider, hold me.
- [Count] You heard your sister, Rider?
- Rider.
- [Count] Give your sister a big hug.
- Rider, hold me.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
(Count laughing)
(Death Rider grunting) (stake thudding)
(skin sizzling)
- Rider?
(sister breathing heavily) (skin sizzlin
(fire crackling)
(Count grunting)
(soft Western music)
- Welcome back, Rider.
- What did you hit me with?
Felt like a cannon.
- There was nothing but my fist.
Very effective, I must say.
Wouldn't you agree?
- Yes sir.
I can't rightly argue that.
This don't change nothing.
I'm still going to-
- Yes, yes, yes.
We know.
You are going to kill me.
Well, why might I ask.
Your sister's gone and
nothing can change that.
(Death Rider grunting)
(Death Rider grunting)
(fire crackling)
(ominous music)
(fire crackling)
(Count laughing)
(silver thudding)
(person groaning)
(person screaming) (fire crackling)
(both grunting)
I underestimate you, Rider.
You are quite resourceful.
But you made one fatal error.
(Death Rider grunting)
This is not my first rodeo, cowboy.
(both grunting)
(Count gasping)
I hope you can do better than this.
Alright, Rider, playtime
is over. (grunting)
(metal thudding)
(guns firing)
Now you're beginning to anger me, Rider.
- Too bad, Count, because
I'm just getting started.
(gun firing)
- No, no, Rider.
This ends now.
Time for you to join your lovely sister.
(guns clicking)
(Count laughing)
(guns clicking)
Poor Rider.
You never really had a chance, did you?
- I guess you're right, Count.
Sure does seem that way, don't it?
- I was going to slowly bleed you,
but don't worry, I'll make this quick.
- Thanks, Count.
I appreciate that.
(grunting) (fire crackling)
(Count screaming)
That's for her and all the others.
(Count screaming) (fire crackling)
(soft Western music)
- Time to get, little lady.
- Hey, that's gonna cost you extra.
(soft Western music)
(door clicking)
- [Death Rider] So long, Count!
(soft Western music continues)
(soft Western music continues)
(soft Western music continues)
- Be seeing you, Death Rider.
- Oh, lover.
You can bet your fangs on that.
(bats squeaking)
(soft Western music continues)
(soft Western music continues)
(soft Western music continues)
(soft Western music continues)
(soft Western music continues)
(soft Western music continues)
(soft rock music)
(soft rock music continues)
(soft rock music continues)
(soft rock music continues)