Death Ship (1980) Movie Script

Achtung Achtung! Feind in Sicht.
Alles in Stellung. Alles in Stellung.
Alle Maschinen fr den Kampf bereit.
- You're off course by two degrees.
- Yes Sir!
You've got to watch them all the time...
...otherwise they'll become sloppy.
They'll become very, very sloppy.
I think we should join the party, Captain.
Damn the passengers... see, to become a Captain,
...not a party host... take care of her.
She'll be all yours in another three days.
I will.
Check her position every 30 minutes...
...and tell the purser I will NOT be
attending the over 50s party tomorrow.
Yes Sir!
Unless you'd care to go...
...I'm told you're an
excellent conversationalist.
That depends on whom I'm talking to Sir.
Thank God it's his last trip!
- Come on everyone, let's move!
- Good evening Mrs. Marshall.
Nick, I want to dance!
I wish I was 20 years younger!
You're not Cyril,
you'll have to dance with me.
Why don't you go to bed,
you can't keep your eyes open?
Yes I can!
Another half hour Long John Silver
and you're going to bed!
That's not fair!
She's staying up, why can't I?
I'm older.
Now that's enough, both of you.
Ooh baby!
You can come with me!
Hey, great!
Now we've all had lots of booze
and what have... all must be feeling very happy?
Let me hear yah, happy?
I can't hear you, a little louder,
are you happy?
Oh, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I see our captain has joined us.
Captain, welcome.
On behalf of everybody, Captain...
...I would like to thank you
for a very smooth trip...
...especially the overland section.
Captain, how about a little bow?
Let's hear it for the Captain!
Thank you.
Gentlemen, a little music if you please.
Forty years at sea and you end up being a
straight man for a smart-ass comedian.
I wonder what sort of jokes he'll make
about me when I take command?
None darling.
Nobody ever makes jokes about you.
Am I as stuffy as that?
I wouldn't know.
I hardly ever see you out of your uniform.
Wait until tonight.
Sir... take a look a this.
It's on a collision course!
Twenty degrees port!
Can I have that please?
Is it past your bedtime?
Ben, that's greedy!
Robin, be an angel and take Ben
below and put him to bed.
Say goodnight, Ben.
Come on!
Good night mum.
Good night son.
I'm sorry!
Thank you band, thank you.
Now, Ladies and Gentlemen...
...we are coming to the
end of a very long...
...and beautiful voyage.
How about a little appreciation
for a great band...
...Mal Diamond and the Boys.
Maybe you'll get used to all of this.
I never did.
Cruising around in endless circles... ladies repeating "have
a nice day!" over and over again...
...and then having to
have dinner with them... that they can go back to Akron
or Toronto or wherever...
...and say that they ate with the Captain.
I thought daddy was the Captain?
No dummy, not till the next trip!
Good! Then I can get all the cake I want!
Ben, come back!
Whatcha doing now?
I gotta go!
You've just been!
Well I gotta go again.
It's as if it's deliberately
trying to ram us.
Full to port.
Get me the Captain.
My Husband was so anxious
to come on this cruise.
But, when God calls,
you have to go.
- Pardon?
- He died, just before we sailed.
I'm not grieving.
I mean, he had a wonderful life.
And he would have wanted
me to come on this cruise.
- Are you a religious man?
- Excuse me.
He's a wonderful man.
But he's not religious.
How many more days?
Two and a half.
Are you counting?
Now listen,
you promise you'll forget me!
I promise.
I know.
You say that to all the girls.
You're right.
What do you want me to say?
I don't want you to say anything.
Signal him to alter course!
We have, Sir!
Well signal him again, dammit!
Full astern!
Let's get the hell out of here!
It's going down fast!
Come on!
Come on, let's go!
We've got to hold our position.
Make it easier for Air and Sea Rescue.
They did get a distress
signal off, didn't they?
Of course they did.
Daddy, daddy!
What is it?
There's something in the water!
Give me a hand!
Come on!
It's the Captain!
The poor man!
Make some room.
Give him air.
He's breathing, He's alright.
- Captain, you poor thing!
- He'll be alright.
Is he alright?
What can we do for him?
Wake up Margaret!
Margaret, it's a ship!
Wake up!
Hello up there!
Is anybody up there, Ahoy!
Hello! Ahoy!
Is anybody up there?
Hey! Anybody home?
They've lowered the ladder!
Well at least someone on board heard us.
What would a ship
be doing anchored out here?
I don't know.
Maybe some sort of engine failure?
Steady! Steady!
Right. I got it.
Mind the Captain!
Nick, go take a look.
Hello, anyone on watch?
Hello! Hello!
Anybody here?
There's no one here!
Okay Ben, up you go.
Careful now.
You next.
Come on Robin. Come on.
Come on. Give me your hand.
See where he's going.
Ben! Come here!
I had to go!
You should wait till we find the washroom!
Nick, give me a hand!
Coming Sir!
That's it... that's it.
Hang on.
Hang on!
The Captain!
Nick! Come in here!
Damn your ladder!
We've got to get the rope around him.
Hold him there!
I'll pull him from above.
Okay Sir... I've got you.
- Is he okay?
- Yes Sir.
There must be someone on watch.
- See if you can find 'em.
- Yes Sir.
Give me a hand!
Let's sit him here.
Here, let me.
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
It's not so bad...
...we're out of the water...
...and it's a nice day, huh?
We could clear this mess up... a little shuffleboard, get a tan...
...we'll have a nice trip. Whaddaya say?
What's going on!
Oh my God... Jackie!
Get me down! Please!
For God's sake, can you get me down!
Jackie, grab my hand!
I feel so stupid up here!
You can grab my arm!
Grab it!
What's the matter with you?!
Oh Jesus... Jesus!
Grab me!
Grab my hand!
Grab him! Come on!
It's swinging me out!
It's swinging me out!
Don't let me drop!
Hey... don't let me drop!
Get me back!
Get me back!
Get me back!
I'm going up!
Help me!
Jackie, your hand!
No Trevor, don't!
The propellers!
He's drowning!
He's drowning!
Come on darling, it's alright.
It's alright.
Up you go.
Come on... let's see what's in here.
Ben... is that you?
Yes Dad!
Come on.
- Are you alright?
- Yes.
What do we do now?
Do we just go on?
Be careful.
Watch your heads.
Herr Ashland...
Kapitn Ashland...
knnen Sie Mich hren, Kapitn?
Dieses Schiff hat auf Sie gewartet.
Es ist Ihr neues Schiff, Kapitn.
Knnen Sie Mich hren, Ashland?
Ashland... ist lhre Chance...
...worauf warten Sie noch?
Ein neues Schiff...
Ein neues Kommand.
...Ihre Chance ist gekommen.
This old ship...
seems to have a life of it's own.
Let's keep moving.
Mummy, I'm frightened!
Oh come on Robin, it's alright.
Robin. Come on sweetie.
Come on honey. Nothing can happen
as long as we're all together.
Come on.
It smells a bit funny in here.
I wonder where the crew are?
Wherever they are, they certainly
don't care about this ship.
What nationality can they be?
How about German?
- German?
- Yeah, look at this.
It says... er... "Please replace games
where you found them", I think.
It's German.
I'm thirsty!
Me too!
Come on, let's see if we can find
the galley and get some water, hmm?
Come on Robin, get up.
Listen, I'm going to try and find
some clothes for everyone - okay?
I could use some help with Ashland.
Well I... I'll try and help you.
This it it, mum.
Right Robin, you start over there,
and Ben and I will start over here.
Robin, now be careful
and don't eat anything.
No no darling! Don't drink that!
No, not until we boil it, right?
That's it, there's a good boy.
Anybody there?
The steam comes up here
and runs down there.
That's called condensation.
That's right Robin.
We learned it at school.
Just proves that not everything
you learn in school is useless, hmm?
Oh look!
Darling, there's some water over there.
Oh, thanks.
Has anyone seen Nick?
Hello! Hello!
Who's there?
Probably Nick?
...knnen Sie Mich hren, Kapitn?
Sie sind hier endlich in Sicherheit.
Ich erwarte Sie auf der Brcke.
Kommen Sie zur Brcke!
These old ships'll row on anything.
Even wet blotting paper.
Nick, can you hear me?
This door was locked.
What the hell's going on here?
Did you find anyone?
No. There's nobody on board.
Well, where are they?
C'mon Nick.
Don't let this door shut!
What happened to you?
What is it with this ship?
It's like it's running itself.
Take me to the chart room.
Kapitn Ashland, Sie gehren zum Schiff.
Sie mssen es sofort fhren.
I've gotta get to the bridge.
No Captain Ashland, No.
What... ship is this?
I don't know Captain Ashland.
No-one knows.
Captain Asland. No...
No, you... must lay down.
That's odd.
The course marked on this chart...
...just goes around the Atlantic
in huge circles.
Captain, take a look at this.
This equipment must be
over forty years old.
We can't use this junk
to send out a signal.
Let's hope our first message got through.
Look at this!
This one's about Hitler.
Who is he?
A rather unpleasant man,
he started World War Two.
Is this Hitler?
Not quite...
The King of England.
I know a perfect recipe...
...and everything that worries me...'s simple, shall
I pass it along?
Well if you want to wear a smile...
...and be so happy all
the while, just...
Listen. There's that music again.
He's wrong.
There is someone else on board.
Let's take a look.
Come on Ben.
Let's stay together.
This is incredible.
What the hell are those
engines using for fuel?
All these gauges read zero.
Come on, let's get outta here.
Lead the way!
We've gotta get off this ship!
The lifeboats!
That's odd. I'm sure it was coming
from this direction.
- Not in there.
- Maybe it's in the next room.
It's a movie house.
Movie house? It can't be.
Can we run the film mummy? Can we?
I don't know.
Let's see.
It works!
I know a perfect recipe...
...and everything that worries me...'s simple. Shall
I pass it along?
Well if you want to...
Mrs Morgan...
Mrs Morgan...
- What? What is it?
- It's a movie.
- Come quick!
- A movie?
It should work, It looks well greased.
Let's go below, get cleaned up,
and get the others...
...and get off this ship.
Stop moaning and put the lights on.
I'll get it.
What's happening to... to me?
Mrs Morgan!
Don't touch her mummy!
She's poisonous!
Robin! Come back! Robin!
Help me.
Tten Sie, Ashland...
...das ist das richtige!
Tten Sie, Ashland...
...worauf warten Sie?
Es tut nicht weh.
What happened to you?
Daddy, daddy, I'm real frightened.
Can we all get off this ship please.
Thank God.
It's Mrs Morgan.
Stay with them Nick.
Oh Nick.
She's dead.
Of a seizure. It was quite quick.
At least she won't be in pain any more.
I suggest you assemble everyone
for a burial at sea.
We are gathered here to
pay our last respects... a wonderful woman...
...that sadly, we knew
for such a short time.
Those are quite the wrong words,
Perhaps you will allow me?
Let us pray...
...for the soul of our
dearly departed sister.
O God, whose mercies cannot be numbered.
Accept our prayers on behalf
of our servant departed...
...and grant her entrance into
the halls of light and joy... the fellowship of thy saints
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Almighty God, we commend her spirit...
...and we commit her body to the deep... the sure hope of the
resurrection and eternal life...
...through our Lord Jesus Christ.
The boats!
The boats are our last chance!
Damn it I know it!
Quick, the other boat.
They're floating away, Dad!
This damned ship!
It's like it's alive,
trying to kill us!
Can you step up to the Bridge please.
Would you care to inspect the Wheel House?
Charts, sextant, log book.
Daily sailing orders.
Main steering gear.
How do you like my chair, Marshall?
Ideal for long trips.
Did you say "your" chair?
You'll get one when you are a Captain.
In the meantime, this is my ship,
and I am the Captain.
Would you like to steer her?
All of my previous passengers
liked to do that.
They liked to pretend to be a Captain.
Like you.
But it's no so easy.
Try it.
You took my last ship from me.
You won't get this one.
I didn't take your ship from you.
The company took it from you.
And you know why?
Because you can't deal with people.
You don't know how to handle
a crew or passengers.
Maybe so Marshall.
But I know how to handle ships.
Engine room!
Full ahead!
A captain never leaves his post,
even a pretend captain like you, Marshall.
Ashland, you're sick.
I'm taking command of this ship.
You can't.
No one can take this ship away from me!
Where do you plan to sail her?
Eternity, Marshall.
Come on Robin.
I want you to try and get some rest.
I can't. I'm too scared.
Oh shhh... there's nothing we can do
until tomorrow morning.
Why? Why do we have to wait?
I wanna go now.
Quiet. You'll wake Ben.
Now listen to me.
I want to get off this ship
as much as you do, but...
...we've got to wait until it's light so
we can all see what we're doing.
Daddy thinks it's best that
we stay right where we are.
We're warm, and dry and...
...we've got something to eat, and...
What is it?
Ashland's totally schizophrenic.
He's taken on the role
of a German naval officer.
It's as if this ship has somehow
taken possession of him.
Where is he now?
I left him in the Wheel House.
- Ben's sleeping?
- Yes, yes.
We'll lock ourselves in for the night,
til we figure a way to get off this ship.
What now?
I gotta go.
You can't, not now.
Hold it til morning.
I can't.
Come with me Robbie. Please.
Where is it?
I don't know, but we'll find it.
No Ben.
But it's getting desperate!
Hurry up, Ben!
Okay! I'm ready.
Lori, I love you.
Do you?
Do you?
If you had asked me a week ago,
I'd have said no.
Now, maybe.
Come on. Let's take a shower.
I'm scared.
You're scared? I'm scared shirtless!
It's shitless... oops!
Never mind. I'm just trying to be polite.
- I know lots of other words like...
- Okay wise guy.
I think...
...we should go down there.
- You sure?
- Think so.
You go first then.
- You're smallest, you go.
- No, you.
Men first, Ladies last.
- Since when?
- Since now. Go on!
What ya whistling for?
If we get lost, we can hear each other.
- That's stupid.
- No it isn't.
Nick, open the door.
Hang on a minute. Looks like it's stuck.
Nick... this is blood!
It's blood!
Hold on... just hold on!
Hold on, Lori! Hold on!
Somebody help me!
Help me! Help me!
Ben, are you down there?
Let me out of here please!
Ben, I'm coming down!
Get me out of here! Get me out of here!
Help me!
Lori! Don't give up!
Holt Eure Maschinengewehre.
Munition nicht vergessen.
Schnell, Schnell...
den Patronengrtel!
Alles fertig? Ja!
Where are you?
Answer me!
Let me help you.
C'mon. Let's go find mum. C'mon.
It's Lori.
Stay here, all of you.
Shh... try and get some sleep.
And to our mighty God, we commend her soul,
and we commit her body to the deep!
Ashland you crazy bastard!
We've gotta stop him before
he gets to someone else!
This way!
My God!
What the hell are these?
Gold teeth.
This must have been used
as an interrogation ship.
It's still running.
Come on, let's get the hell out of here!
Come on!
Stop it!
For God's sake! Stop It!
This ship needs blood, Marshall...
...needs blood... must have blood...
...must have blood...
...blood to survive...
...your blood...
...and the blood of your wife...
...blood of your wife...
...the blood of your children...
...blood of your children...
...blood of your children...
...your wife...
...wife... children... children...
children... blood, Marshall...
...must have blood...
this ship needs blood, Marshall...
...must have blood...
this ship needs blood, Marshall...
What's happening?
I don't know what's happening.
But we've got to get off this ship!
But there aren't any boats!
There may be something
we can use in the ship's store.
Keep them back...
Margaret, keep them back!
What is it mummy? What's in there?
It's... it's not... not for you.
Just stay there!
...put these on the kids.
What are you going back in there for?
There's something else in here we can use.
- Come on!
- I'll help you daddy!
- Attaboy, Ben. Grab the other end.
- Robin, you take this.
Pick it up!
Up you come.
That's it.
Come on.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
We've got to stop this ship.
Keep this life jacket on all the time.
Now, do you hear me Robin?
Yes, mummy.
Get down!
No-one leaves my ship, Marshall!
Come on, Ben!
Come on!
Stay down!
Go to the children, quick!
Hurry, children, hurry!
That's right Robin, push!
Go, Ben!
Alright Robin, get ready!
Swim for the raft!
No-one leaves my ship!
Get in there, you bitch!
- Achtung Achtung! Feind in Sicht.
- Alles in Stellung.
Achtung Achtung! Alle Mann an Deck.
Ben... Robin... where's mum?
She's still on the ship!
Alright... Margaret...
Hard to port!
You bastards! When I give an order
I expect it to be obeyed!
Do you hear me?!
Verfolgen Sie eine 30
Grad Steuerbordwendung.
Voraussichtliche Berhrung mit
Feind um 21.00 Uhr.
I am your Captain!
I command you to alter course!
Ben... give me that.
Sit over here.
Kurs und Position ein. 190 Grad
Steuer voraus. Volle Kraft voraus...
It's going the other way.
We made it!
We'll be alright now.
Keep paddling!
That's it.
Roger, base. We'll make just one
more sweep then we're headed home.
Hold it!
I think we've got something here.
Yeah! We have a raft.
One, two, three, four... Yeah, four people.
No sign of any further survivors.
Hello! Hey! Hello!
They seem to be in pretty good shape.
Heading in to execute rescue.
We're safe, Margaret. We're safe.
Robin... we're alright!