Death Spa (1989) Movie Script

- Wasn't that something?
- That was great.
- Great class.
- Yeah.
Goodnight, Amber.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Oh God, Marvin...ha!
Don't do that.
Come on.
You're looking like
a pro, Laura.
Ah, I'll settle for the workout.
You're the last one out.
Make sure you lock up.
- See you.
- See you.
Help! Help!
Please, help!
Help! Help!
Help! Oh...uh...
[TV] Here you are.
Hey, Paulie.
Would you ever sign
one of them for us?
Oh, come on, shake.
Dr. Davis, telephone, please.
Dr. Davis, telephone, please.
Excuse me.
Are you looking
for Laura Danvers?
I'm Dr. Southern.
My name is Michael Evans.
I'm the owner of the
health club where Laura works,
where the accident happened.
Fortunately, it's not
as bad as it looks.
But she has sustained burns
over portions of her body.
Chemical burns.
Chlorine vapor, to be exact.
It's low grade.
Never work without
a spotter, Freddy.
The weight falls on you chest
- and you can really get squashed.
- Oh.
I better take a bit of this off.
Ah, that's cool.
This might be
a little bit much, but...
Us powerlifters like to
pump real iron.
Hey Marv, thanks for checking
out the new diving board for me.
I really appreciate it.
- Did you try it out yet?
- No, not yet.
I will later today.
Be careful.
Uh, it's too late.
Yeah, nice work, Marv.
I specialize in isometric
crisis training.
Freddie, why don't you show
Darla some powerlifting methods?
I think you're the perfect
person to get her going.
Hey, no problem.
So, where do you
want to begin?
Well, that depends.
Well, lets try this one.
I got it, Freddie.
I got it.
I think we should
help these people.
What do you say we
increase the resistance?
I love it.
What fun?
Hmm, now there's something
even I can't improve upon.
Can we see the manager?
I'm Priscilla Wayne,
the manager.
Can I help you?
Lt. Fletcher, LAPD.
Detective Stone.
We have an appointment
with Mr. Evans.
Would you like
something to drink first?
No, thanks.
Yeah, coffee.
All right.
Laura, one cup of
carob coffee, please.
Here you are.
Right this way.
Quite an impressive layout
you have here, Ms. Wayne.
It's a very
competitive business.
It's these extras that
bring in the clientele.
And a little gassing
here and there?
You call this coffee?
She was rescued by
city paramedics.
When they get called,
we get called.
It was an accident.
Yeah, but this accident
nearly dissolved a girl,
like an Alka Seltzer.
Are you making any charges?
I'm Mr. Evans' attorney.
Ms. Wayne mentioned
the computer.
It runs the spa?
The computer helps us
run the spa.
The system is
unique to Starbody.
It controls all the
automatic functions.
Who installed the computer?
Mike, you don't have to
answer these questions.
My programmer is
my brother-in-law.
My former brother-in-law,
David Avery.
Where is he?
Probably in the computer room.
Can we take a look?
Michael, how is Laura?
Less than wonderful.
Who has access to
this command center?
I do.
And David and Priscilla.
But it's David's baby.
What do you mean by
former brother-in-law?
My wife is dead.
Good morning, Michael.
Sleep well?
We have visitors, David.
Lt. Fletcher, LAPD.
Tell him what you know
about last night.
I've been running
all the programs.
There's no breakdown anywhere.
Could someone have
reprogrammed it temporarily?
It's not impossible, but you're
looking at the only someone
who knows the system well enough
not to leave muddy footprints.
Well, that sort of
narrows it down to you,
then, doesn't it?
Were I interested in
a life of crime
would be in computer espionage,
electronic blackmail,
and credit card fraud.
Assaulting women isn't my style.
Where were you last night
between 9 and 11 ?
At home, hacking.
Experimenting with
computer programs.
Are you sure?
These are the computer
printouts from last night.
You will notice the time, date,
and terminal number
on the upper left-hand
corner of each sheet.
Will that suffice?
I'll check it out.
I'd like those back
when you've done, Miss.
It just came off.
- The board came loose.
- Hey, somebody help!
There's been an accident.
Get in here quick.
- The board--
- Are you all right?
It just came loose,
sprung off it,
nearly hit me on the way down.
How does a goddamn diving
board just break loose?
Are you all right?
- Ah...
- Look at me.
Somebody messed with the bolts.
That's just speculation.
You don't mind if
we dust for prints,
do you, counselor?
Shh. It's all right.
It's okay.
A word, David.
Can we keep it to that?
You're here because
you know the system
and because you're
Catherine's brother.
Both circumstances must be
terribly trying for you.
If I thought for one moment that
you put chlorine in the steams--
You'd resort to the only weapon
in your pathetic arsenal.
Jock violence.
I think there's a glitch
in your precious system.
That's impossible.
Why are you so full of hate?
You found some comfort
for your sorrow, I noticed.
But then Laura was always
there for you, wasn't she?
She and others. Huh?
I loved Catherine.
She never wanted that child.
How do you get things
so twisted up?
We shared thoughts
you'd never understand. know?
I just heard about
the diving board.
What the hell is
going on around here?
So, what do you think?
I think they ought to
give you a roll big enough
to hold the damn chili.
No, about the
Starbody Health Spa.
I think they ought
to level the place.
You think this
Evans guy is clean, huh?
I don't know.
My money is on the wacko
in the computer room.
I don't see David clambering up
there and unbolting that board.
This all could be coincidental.
It could be.
37 deep.
You got it.
What quarter is it?
That was the winning touchdown.
Flea market special,
two for the price of one.
I figured I could be
and you could be Tweedledum
I'm going to check out
that diving board.
Did you read the printout on
that Evans guy? About his wife?
Made the front page
of the Times.
She crisped herself.
She was burned to
unrecognizable ashes.
Now, does that suggest
anything to you?
I've got to tell my wife
to start smoking in bed.
Race you to the finish.
You got it.
Mike, I just figured out
what was bothering me
about Laura's accident.
When I left the club,
I know Laura was the
only one left in the place.
Well, how did Priscilla
happen to find her?
Maybe she was working late
and you missed her.
Then I also missed her car
in the parking lot?
You think Priscilla has
something to do with this?
You know her better than I do.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Well, how many reps
can you do?
Uh, 15 or 20.
More if I'm showing off.
Well, why don't you
show off for me?
I never waste effort
in the gym.
Besides I'm Beta,
you're VHS.
Hey, hop aboard.
We're due to make land
in a week.
We're like two ships
that pass in the night.
And one...
And one, bounce it out.
And one, come on now.
All the way down.
Come on, stretch it out.
To the side, one...
And up.
Then back and up.
Here we go.
And up and back, come on.
Up and back.
How about a vegi shake,
I mean, it's kind of
creepy and all.
On Monday,
Laura gets gassed
and on Tuesday,
the diving board collapses.
Oh, this thing.
Oh my God.
Ha, I got you.
It's just a tomato.
That's sick.
Here's your shake.
Uh, sorry.
I lost my appetite.
Back and forth, come on.
Yeah, that's it, all right.
Up in the air.
Yes, come on.
Good jumping today.
All right.
All right. Let's do
the combination,
center floor, first group.
Come on.
What's with the
goddamn bird's nest?
It's a pretty sick joke
considering she's your sister.
What are you talking about?
Whatever you're trying to pull,
you're not going to
get away with it.
You know, Michael,
you need medical attention.
Just watch yourself
or you're going to need
medical attention.
What are you wearing
for Mardi Gras?
Do you think Snow White
might be pressing my luck?
Hey, turn the
goddamn lights back on.
Ooh, not bad, honey.
Can you get us some
men in here, too?
Ah! Ah!
Ah! Ah!
Are you two all right?
Yeah, but to tell you
the truth, Michael,
this place could use
better maintenance.
Yeah, who needs weight
reduction through terror?
I'm sorry about the showers.
I want to extend your
memberships for three months,
no charge.
Drop by my office and I'll
take care of it personally.
Do you think you can
handle both of us
after jazz class tomorrow?
Well, I can sure
have fun trying.
I'll see you tomorrow.
What's it look like in there?
It's calming down.
Darla's cut isn't serious
and Marci should be
out in a second.
She's pretty shaken up,
but she's going to be all right.
Why did you come back to the
club the night Laura got hurt?
I forgot my purse.
Lucky for her you did.
Ahoy there.
How's it going, Freddie?
- Hello, Robert.
- Sparta.
Resistance is set
at 1 20 pounds.
Anyone seen the white whale?
Increase to 1 30 pounds.
Increase to 140 pounds.
Increase to 1 50 pounds...
Help...come here, somebody!
Help me!
- Let go of it!
- I can't!
Increase to 350 pounds...
Increase to 360 pounds...
Tom, the guy is
torn to pieces.
You put those
machines on manual
and you're going to end
what's unique about the club.
The computer had nothing
to do with the accident.
That system of yours
means more to you
than people's lives,
doesn't it?
This system is a marvel.
It made the club a success.
You can't blame the computer for
tiles flying off shower walls.
The computer doesn't
control tiles for Christ's sake.
All right, all right, all right.
Mike, the other partners and
I agree that it is vital that
nothing ruin the success of the
Mardi Gras party Saturday night.
I mean, we had a 20% increase
in membership last year
due to that party.
Now, you put these
machines on manual
and half the stuff
isn't going to work.
I say we shut the
system down now.
I'll make a bargain with you.
The day after the party,
you want to shut down
the whole damn club
for remodeling,
I'll back you 100% .
That won't be necessary.
Mike, it's going to be okay.
You got to trust me
on this one, buddy.
All right.
Aren't you supposed to
be picking up Laura
at the hospital?
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Hmm, sure beats hospital food.
Oh, thank you, sir.
Hmm, that's not fair.
I can't see a kiss coming.
I may never take
these bandages off.
I want you to
move in with me.
Only on one condition.
We take a drive by the club
so I can pick up my things.
See you, have fun.
What are you doing tonight?
You want to come with us?
- Yeah.
- Goodnight.
- What time?
- Oh, about an hour or so.
See you later.
I'll come over
and pick you up.
- I'll meet you.
- Okay, great.
- See you. Bye-bye.
- See you later.
They're going to
lock you in, Marci.
Don't worry about me.
I'll get out.
I'm not much help
to you, am I?
Do you see the one with
number 22 on the door?
Oh yes, here.
Give me a minute
to get to my office
so I can turn the
security lock off
and then you can open.
I'm not going anywhere.
Who is it?
Hi, Michael.
How do you like my costume?
Bad taste, Darla.
Whenever I'm in the club
and even sometimes
when I'm in this house,
I feel a presence.
It's Catherine.
Even in death,
she still has a hold on you.
I feel like she's
reaching out somehow
and causing all this trouble.
It's the dreams,
the accidents,
and those messages
on my computer.
I don't know.
Goodnight, sweetheart.
This cigarette case
was found in the rubble
of the mansion
in upstate New York that
burnt to the ground
under mysterious circumstances
at the turn of the century.
It belonged to the
matriarch of the family
who had come over from Europe
in the middle 1 7th century
and built the first
house on the site.
Oh, she was murdered by
her youngest daughter,
beheaded with an ax.
Four subsequent houses
have burned to the ground.
There is no longer a house.
The present owner has tried to
farm the land on which it stood
but nothing will grow.
It is a barren,
dead piece of earth.
I don't smoke.
What I've just demonstrated
is called psychometry,
the ability to acquire,
while in contact with an object,
paranormal knowledge
of its history
or facts about its present
or previous owners.
How does this all help me?
You did bring an object
belonging to your late wife,
Mr. Evans?
Ah, Catherine.
Ah, and a beautiful
marriage it was, too,
until she went into labor
with your child
and something happened
to her lower spine,
a cripple growing
progressively more bitter
and depressed.
Jealous, too. Of you?
Without justification.
After she lost the baby,
I couldn't reason with her.
And then, one day,
she went into the garden,
doused herself with gasoline
and set herself on fire,
burned to unrecognizable ashes.
All of which was in
the news a year ago.
You're going to have to do
better than that, Dr. Moray.
A bird's nest.
That's what she thought
of your family,
like a bird building its nest,
the mama bird,
the papa bird,
and the baby.
Then why would
she kill herself?
You work in this
business long enough,
you see things.
After she died, I didn't
give a damn about anything.
Laura came along, pulled me
out of it, but it just--
But afraid to build
another nest.
But now, you think that your
late wife is trying to kill you?
Well...somebody could be
trying to drive me crazy.
For what purpose?
My brother-in-law,
Catherine's twin.
He hates my guts.
Why don't I come
down to your club?
You can say I'm an
insurance investigator.
You need one.
I'll hang around
until after closing
and see what I can find out.
Do you need me for anything?
One of the reasons that
I left the seminary
for parapsychology,
Mr. Evans,
was the desire to separate
true spiritual phenomena
from fraudulent deception.
There is more to this job than
things that go beep and buzz.
I'll see you at
the club tonight.
You love me, don't you?
I can't do this anymore.
Catherine, we're hurting people.
Yes, you can.
There, that's better.
They're so weak,
and together we are
so strong.
Mr. Evans, a woman
named Marci Hewitt,
a member of your
club is missing.
- Marci?
- Yeah.
Her boyfriend said he
hadn't seen her for two days.
The last he knew she
was going to your club.
Her car was found abandoned in
the neighborhood this morning.
I haven't seen Marci
at least for two days.
What a fantastic
weight reduction program.
People get so thin,
they disappear.
How's the investigation going?
It's going.
Hi, Michael.
Ready to make good
on your promise?
Of course.
Okay, we'll see you
in an hour then.
- All right.
- Okay?
Linda, come on.
The security system
will be off at night,
so you can roam about freely.
Enjoy the evening.
Here's a note for you.
You know, what do
you need, a raise?
Almost ready?
Actually, it's so late.
I've got to run.
Do you think you can
handle Michael for both of us?
- With pleasure.
- Okay.
Hey, let me borrow
your hairspray.
Yeah, here. Okay.
Michael, are you here?
This isn't funny, Michael.
I'm leaving.
What is it?
Turn it off!
Oh, my head!
Help me!
Ah! Help!
It's burning!
My eyes!
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Did you forget your keys?
Laura, it's David.
What's wrong?
Michael asked me
to drop by
and check out
the home terminal.
One of the programs
keeps hanging.
He never said anything to me
about you coming by.
He's had a lot on
his mind lately.
Laura, it's nice to see you.
I was so sorry to hear
about your accident.
Thank you.
Well, I know my
way to the study.
Wasn't it sweet of Michael
to bring you here?
Yes, it was.
It was nice.
How strange for him though
having a woman here so soon
after my sister's passing.
That...That was over
a year ago, David.
It was that long ago,
wasn't it?
A man must get on with
the business of living.
How long will you be?
Do I make you nervous?
David, I know you have
some kind of crazy idea
that Michael
and I were involved
while Catherine was still alive,
but that couldn't be more false.
Laura, I'm deeply hurt.
I have no such suspicions.
And I really liked your sister
even when she was
so mean to me.
I know.
Don't. Don't.
I'm sorry.
I guess I just
want to be alone.
I understand, dear.
I really do.
Would you please...
Would you please answer it?
Of course.
David, I didn't expect
to see you here.
Michael asked me to drop
by with the groceries.
I'll take care of it.
Have you seen David?
Oh, no.
Are you all right?
Sure, just sleeping.
David came by.
What the hell
was he doing here?
Fixing your terminal.
I didn't tell him
to come here.
What's that little
bastard up to?
What is it?
What's wrong?
You're upset.
I saw a parapsychologist today.
God, I am a nervous wreck,
I'm almost done,
almost done.
Give me a...
Just making sure the computer
no longer controls
the air conditioning.
So, tomorrow night
instead of Mardi Gras,
we're going to have
a summer hothouse.
Huh, huh...
[sinister laughing]
Come to me.
Come to me.
I need you.
It's so easy. Then we can
be together forever.
Jump, jump, jump.
Dr. Moray!
Open up!
- ls that you, Mike?
- Yo.
Morning, Tom, old buddy.
Morning, Mike.
Why all the good cheer?
Why shouldn't I be cheerful?
My club's being sabotaged.
Laura is temporarily blinded
and my lawyer has got the
cutest shorts I've ever seen.
We don't know it's
sabotage, Mike.
Where did you find this?
Do you know that I've been
looking for this watch
for the past two days?
You don't know when
to quit, do you?
Mike, I don't know what finding a
lost watch has to do with any...
Are you helping Tom
destroy our club?
I found his watch this morning
in the utilities room.
Are you involved?
Michael, I was...
Which one of you put the
chlorine in the steam system?
That could have killed Laura.
That steam room door doesn't lock.
She should have been
able to get out.
And Robert?
And the broken diving board?
Those messages
on my computer?
I didn't know anything
about any messages.
Mike, I think the strain
of the last week
has been getting
to you, buddy.
It all fits.
The computer system fouls up.
I take the blame and you
and your partners buy me out.
Who else is in on this?
It's just the two of us.
Michael, I really am sorry.
David isn't involved with you?
Priscilla seems to know
more about this than I do.
Have a nice day.
We could still get the club.
We just need to
adjust the spa's books.
I've known some real pricks,
but you're the king.
Priscilla, baby.
Take it as a compliment.
Just stay the hell
away from me.
We should stop now.
I see their faces.
I hear their screams.
It's horrible.
Their flirtations annoyed me.
I am tired of
waiting for Michael.
No, please.
I can't.
I don't want to.
We've only just begun.
Oh, please, please, no.
No, no!!!
Looking for me?
Have you seen David?
Are you all right?
Have you seen a guy
named Moray?
Who's he?
Come on.
The minute you find David,
I want you to grab him.
What's up?
Just grab him
and sit on him.
Then find me.
I'm stopping his
bullshit right now.
What do we need? Stereo?
- Lights? Security system?
- Yeah.
We have generator
power for that, right?
I'm putting the
machines on manual.
And that's the end of that.
I like it.
- Here's my ID card
- Yeah.
If David gets in here,
I want you to be able
to get him out.
That thing stays off.
You got it.
I'm going to break in.
Are you sure this guy
still lives here?
Yeah, he lives here.
He doesn't live here alone.
Lt. Fletcher, homicide.
I want an APB on David Avery.
Male Caucasian,
29-30 years old,
slight build,
about 6 feet tall,
135 pounds,
reddish blond hair,
probably a psycho.
Oh, and get this.
He might be in drag.
Yeah, right.
I knew this guy was a wacko.
I'm going to the club.
Jeffery, Michael Evans.
Oh, hi, Michael.
Has David shown up yet?
No, no.
I haven't seen him.
Go to the computer
room and stay on guard.
Don't let anybody in
except Marvin and me.
Tell Marvin to come to the
front desk and watch for David
or anyone that's dressed like...
like Catherine.
David might be dressed
like his twin sister.
Just get the message
passed on to him.
Well, like, I thought he was going
to be here a half-hour ago...
This place ought to be lousy
with good-lookin' bimbo's.
I'm sure they'll go crazy for
garlic and pepperoni breath.
Got any gum?
Excuse me.
Sorry. I, uh...
I thought you were a friend.
Excuse me.
Sgt. Stone?
Lt. Fletcher?
Michael should be in
at any moment.
There's a bar
in the aerobics room.
Excuse me, miss.
Hey, how did you do that?
You know, you're not supposed
to be in the computer room here.
How did you get in anyway?
The door was locked?
Well, um, maybe you could
stay for a little while.
Nice, uh, arms.
Uh...You know,
I really could get in a
lot of trouble for this.
What's your name?
- Laura, my God, look at you.
- Oh Marvin, hi.
- You look fantastic.
- Oh, put me down.
Oh God, it's great to
see the world again.
Where's Michael?
- He'll be along in a minute.
- Oh, okay.
Come on, Laura.
Let's go get a drink.
- See you later.
- All right, see you--
Did you see that guy?
He looks great.
Want some of that?
How's it going, Jeffrey?
So you're okay?
Hi, Jeffrey.
- Where's Laura?
- Headed for the bar.
- How's her eyes?
- Beautiful.
Okay, great.
Priscilla's looking for you.
Who are you?
Where are you taking me?
Say goodbye to
your club, Michael.
- No--
- No.
[speaking Japanese]
Need some help?
I asked if you could use a hand.
Ah, sure. Why don't you
help with these.
What a hot party, Tom.
What do you think?
Yeah, but it's
hotter in the sauna.
What do you say?
What a shock, poor dear.
The dead past
returning to haunt you.
Hello, Michael.
Resistance is set at maximum.
Hello, sweetheart.
Welcome to my party.
Where's Laura?
Working on her tan.
One flick of a button
and she's fried chicken.
What do you want?
Haven't you been
getting my messages?
I'm lonely.
I want you with me.
Killing yourself
isn't so hard really.
And besides you'll be
saving all your friends.
I will destroy this place
and I'll kill them all
unless you do as I say.
Get away from there, Michael.
Oh, this is a great, Tom.
Ah, ah!
Ha, ha, ha...
Oh God! Oh...
Ah! Ah!
David, I need your help.
You have to go the way I did.
And if you don't,
you're going to
watch Laura burn.
All right.
But let her go first.
Don't give me ultimatums!
If you kill her,
you'll never have me.
You'd kill yourself for her.
You love her that much,
don't you?
David, fight back.
Oh, God.
That weakling
is gone forever.
And your time is running out.
Now is your chance, Michael.
Come with me into the inferno.
Let's die together
and live forever in hell.
What's the matter?
Is he okay?
Everyone in this place
is going to die.
We're out of booze here.
There's more in
the aerobics room.
You know,
this stuff isn't bad.
Keeps you skinny, too.
All it needs is, uh,
a little vodka.
Now what?
- Ah!
- Miss.
Why don't you try--
Give me it...Give me it...
I can't...stop!
I can't get it off!
It's unplugged!
Oh, God...
Come on, get off!
Get off!
Come on.
Oh my God.
No, I can't get it off!
- Somebody!
- Ah!
Come on, get off!
Jesus Christ, get in here!
Come on...
I can't...
Oh my God.
Help, help!
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Help! Help me!
Ah, help me!
What the fuck?!
Stop! Ah!
Somebody help!
Oh, I feel sick.
Are you there?
Hey, Fletch.
Ha, ha, ha, ha...
I got to get to the power.
Can you walk?
Are you okay?
I'll survive.
I'll go get Fletch.
Run! Run!
Alright, bitch.
I'll show you fried chicken.
The computer locked it.
Aw, fuck this computer shit.
What the hell happened?
It's Catherine.
She took over David's body.
Wait, wait, wait.
- Jesus, you finally got it.
- Thank God you're all right.
Nice try, Michael.