Death Takes a Holiday (1934) Movie Script

Flowers? Yes, yes. They're
beautiful, aren't they? More.
- All of them, sir?
- Yes, all of them!
My dear!
Oh, Lambert, what are we going
to do with so many?
Beautiful flowers to a beautiful lady!
My dear, I'm not dead yet.
I don't need flowers.
Half dead, anyway.
Oh, you!
Oh, you beast!
I thought I'd be back
before you missed me.
It's getting late.
Father's eager to get home.
He's expecting
Prince Sirki tonight.
Here they come. Come along,
we're waiting for you.
Lambert, sound your horn
for Corrado to slow down.
I... I've got
to catch him first!
Your son has no respect for
the nerves of your house guests.
And he has Grazia with him. Her
mother will never forgive us!
Apparently my reward for a misspent life
is not to be a peaceful death in bed!
The strangest shadow is
following us. Following?
It was right behind us
all the time we were racing.
It's the shadow of a
tree. It isn't a tree.
Sometimes it's close by and
sometimes we almost lose it.
Let's lose it!
Let's go fast enough to reach
the illimitable! Whatever that is.
Oh, it's catching up
with us!
Stephanie! Stephanie,
Are you all right?
Quite right, my dear.
And the others?
It's ridiculous!
We all ought to be dead!
You, Cesarea?
I marvel I'm still alive!
Heavens above!
The flower vendor!
Oh, I'll never
forgive myself for this!
Flowers, sir?
Fresh autumn flowers.
You're alive?
I think so. Yes, sir.
But Celeste... she's hurt?
You know, there... there was
a curious shadow before me.
I couldn't even see
the cart.
It's unbelievable that
no one was hurt. Yes.
Uh, in case you find
any further injury.
Yes, Excellenza!
looka what I got!
Whee! Don't tell me we're here,
just as if nothing had happened.
Nothing did happen.
What are we going to do
with these lovely flowers?
Throw them at people
we don't like.
You, for instance!
Or you!
That's for your best...
What's going on here?
That drew blood!
Children, children!
Those beautiful flowers!
Absolutely mad,
all of them!
Oh, you beast! What a ride.
Is my hair completely white?
Completely. Help me
get this off, will you?
We almost had an accident. Almost!
We flirted with the coroner's
inquest and passed on.
What happened, son?
Oh, I don't know.
My headlights must be
out of order.
There was a curious shadow in front of
me, and I didn't see the cart at all.
A shadow...
that's odd.
And just that last second some
instinct told me to swerve.
Oh, that instinct came
to me somewhat late.
I hit the cart. You did,
sir? Was anyone hurt?
No, nobody hurt,
not even the vendor...
though he went flying through
the air like a great crow.
Yes, he did fly a bit,
didn't he?
Good evening, Fedele. Good
evening, Eccellenza, Contessa.
I've had a glimpse of deep waters
tonight, and I don't like it.
You know, there seemed to be something
desirable in flying over the edge.
I had a curious glimpse of it. Yes, well
you ought to take something for that, Alda,
and I suggest a whiskey
and soda. Thank you.
Why are you so silent?
What's the matter, darling?
Oh, don't worry about me, Eric.
I'd only disappoint you.
Why would you
disappoint me?
I'm too restless
for marriage.
Besides, I've had that once.
Your whiskey and soda, darling.
Ah, thank you.
Maria, did you think
we were never coming back?
No, I've been playing solitaire.
Is Grazia with you?
Your daughter is
in the garden with my son...
uh, our son, darling.
Grazia, dear.
Corrado, isn't this
the strangest night?
There's something miraculous
in the air,
like an old story you can't
quite believe.
I can almost hear a rustling
of wings in this garden,
in this moonlight.
Shall we go in now,
Darling, are
you all right?
Of course, Mother dear.
I was so frightened when
I heard of your accident.
But we had no accident,
did we, Corrado? No.
I like going fast.
It feels like wings.
Don't, Grazia. You disturb
me when you talk like that.
Oh, we think you've
been free long enough.
When are you going to fold your wings
and be my little daughter-in-law?
Father's going to build us
a villa in the woods, Grazia,
just at the top of the cliff. How nice.
Thank you, sir. Oh,
I'd do anything for you.
- Let's make it next month, Grazia.
- Do, dear.
You could be quite ready in a month.
I wish I could, but...
We could spend the winter in the
Riviera, and in Egypt and Greece.
You know how much you want
to see the Aegean Isles.
It's only a question
of making up your mind.
You know I love
you all,
and I want
to please you,
but I...
Don't you see?
I'm not ready.
But why, Grazia?
Because life is too...
There's a kind of happiness I
want to find first, if I can.
Aren't you happy
with me?
Yes, dear, but that isn't
quite what I mean.
I wish I knew how
to tell you.
There's something out there
that I must find first...
something that
I must understand.
May I go with you?
I'd rather be alone,
if you don't mind.
Leave her alone, my boy.
Life'll tame her fast enough.
She worries me so.
Oh, I shouldn't worry about her.
She's so young, she's just a
little frightened at the whole idea.
Bad evening for you, dear?
She's so lovely, Mother.
Yes... delicate, so fine. You'll win her.
If I deny every human impulse, if
I live only in music and poetry.
But love is music,
and love is poetry!
But Mother, one can't live
on beauty alone.
For instance, one occasionally
likes a drink.
Tonight I'd like a dozen
after what I've been through.
You'll never win her
that way. I know, Mother.
She loves you.
I'm sure of it.
And I love her till I'm half mad
with it, and there's nothing to do!
- What on earth was that?
- It's Grazia!
Where is she?
Is she hurt?
What's the matter with her? What happened?
I don't know. She was just lying
here. Get her into the house, quick.
Here, is she wounded?
It's all right, it's all right.
Get the couch ready for her.
Here, right here, Corrado.
There, on the sofa.
Is there brandy, there?
Brandy, quick!
Here, lift her up
a little, here.
Poor child. Poor child.
Oh, poor little dear.
No, she can't
take this yet.
Don't let it come in!
Oh, please don't cry so!
What do you suppose happened? Some
prowler may have frightened her.
Too much moonlight.
She'll come around.
If anyone's harmed her... Eric,
take Fedele and search the grounds.
Yes, sir.
It's Mother!
What frightened you?
Darling, try to tell us
what happened.
I don't know.
There was something
cold and terrible.
I was sitting by the
fountain, watching the water.
I could hear the music.
And then a shadow blew over.
That's what it was, a shadow.
It's all right, Grazia. You're safe
now. And then an icy wind touched me,
but it wasn't a wind because
all the leaves were still.
Perhaps you fell asleep,
and dreamed.
No, I saw it!
What did you see?
A shadow,
an enormous darkness.
And yet it wasn't a shadow,
because the moon shone through it.
Oh, Corrado, I felt
something behind me, running.
There wasn't any sound, but I felt
someone! It's all right, Grazia.
It all comes of this fast driving.
You scare everybody
to death.
Yes, yes, that's it, of
course. I-It was the drive...
and the danger. Something
touched me... something cold!
We'll have to get her to bed at once.
You must stay here tonight, Maria.
So many guests!
Nonsense, Maria.
Go and get the room ready.
Ridiculous when you can't go into your own
garden without being frightened to death.
I've told Lambert time and time again
we should have a watchman for this place.
It's much too big.
Yes, dear?
Give Corrado your jewels
to put in the safe.
If they're going to rob us,
they shan't find anything.
There, there. You'll be in bed in just
a minute and you'll feel much better.
Lambert? Tell Fedele
to lock up the silver...
all the silver!
Alda, would you mind if I slept
in your room tonight?
I'm still tingling
from that scream.
You know,
I rather wish you would.
I don't want
to be alone, either.
I thought you modern girls
had no nerves.
- Hah! Have you none?
- None at all!
Great Scott!
Midnight, and everyone
calm and collected...
even the baron.
Come along, Rhoda.
I think I'll feel safer in bed.
So shall I.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night, Rhoda.
Good night, Alda.
These children go too fast. None
of them'll live as long as I have.
Will you be sure to lock all the doors?
I'll-I'll see to it.
Good night.
Good night.
Well, he got away...
if there was anyone.
We've searched the grounds
thoroughly, sir. Not a sign of anyone.
Did you go as far as the lake? Yes, sir.
Would you like me to make the
rounds of the house with you, sir?
Oh, no. Fedele will look
after that. Thank you, Eric.
Then if you don't mind, sir,
I think I'll go up to bed.
Quite all right. Good
night. Good night, sir.
Will Your Grace have
the curtains drawn?
Uh, what? Oh, no, no.
You can leave them.
Uh, put out
some of the lights.
Yes, sir.
Will there be anything
further, Your Grace?
No. No, thank you,
Fedele. Good night.
Good night, sir.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Answer or I'll shoot!
It's quite useless
against me.
Who're you?
Is this some horrible
If it is...
Strange as it may seem,
this is my natural appearance.
Seems incredible,
doesn't it?
You see, I am not
of your world.
I am... how shall I
describe it?
A sort of vagabond
of space.
I am the point of contact...
between eternity and time.
Do I make myself clear?
Evidently not.
I told you
it would be difficult.
Perhaps you'd better sit.
No, no, no. Here.
Your back may need
You see, I am...
or I was, until I
crossed your threshold...
But please
be reassured.
I am not on
my usual mission tonight.
I have already stood beside one of
your number tonight, without harm...
that lovely girl
in the garden.
Ah, then... then it was you! Yes.
Doesn't that reassure you that
I have no fatal intentions?
Yes, yes,
it-it does, rather.
That's better.
In a moment, we shall be,
I trust, quite good friends.
I am about
to take a holiday.
I shall take
only three days.
After that,
I must go back.
Why... why do you
do this?
For a number
of reasons.
For one thing, to discover
why men fear me as they do.
Do-Don't you know?
How should I know?
What could terror mean to me
who have nothing to fear?
Can you conceive how weary I am
of always being misunderstood?
I see things
that are gracious...
and young and fragrant.
But if I come too near, if they
feel the presence of my shadow,
a horror comes upon
their minds.
If I touch a flower,
it dies in my grasp.
Can you conceive
how lonely I am...
when there is nothing
that doesn't shun me,
that doesn't fade
as I come near?
Yes. Yes, of course.
There is something here
to be known and felt...
something desirable that makes men
fear me and cling to their life.
I must know
what it is.
Will you accept me for
these few days as a guest?
As a guest!
Oh, don't be alarmed!
As a mortal, of course.
I assure you, I shall be
quite a man of the world.
Yes, oh, well, of course
in that case, I, uh...
I should be
most happy.
That's extremely
kind of you.
Will it be a great trouble
for you to put me up?
Oh, no, no, no.
Not at all, not at all!
I have a suite of rooms prepared
for an old friend who is expected...
uh, Prince Sirki.
Indeed? Prince Sirki of
Vitalba Alexandri? Yes.
Prince Sirki will not come to
see you... not in this life.
Oh, I... I understand.
Was the Prince known to your
family and your guests? No.
I shall be Prince Sirki of
Vitalba Alexandri for three days.
Please understand that my presence
in your house will not be a menace,
but a protection.
Thank you. On one condition,
on which I shall insist.
Yes? I am to be Prince Sirki, no other.
I shall be a mortal, and I must be
treated as a mortal in every particular.
No one under this roof shall show repulsion
or fear, on pain of my instant displeasure.
I understand. If my secret is
divulged, I shall leave instantly...
and return
in my proper person.
Do I make myself clear
this time?
I understand,
Your Highness.
I am to become a mortal.
I shall feel blood
in my veins,
the warm blood of life.
I shall feel my desire
becoming flesh...
and my hunger taking on
the fire of blood.
I shall know what you know
and feel what you feel.
My hunger shall be appeased
for an hour...
my hunger that is
as old as time.
And those that I love
need not be afraid.
Not afraid!
Not afraid!
I am beside myself.
My holiday is just caprice...
a mad joke I play with life.
But what a monstrous,
what a sublime joke!
I, Death, do hereby
take on the world,
the flesh
and the devil!
Stop him, stop him!
Your Grace, what is it?
Corrado, for heaven's sake!
Corrado, stop, man!
Come back instantly!
Shall I call the servants, Your
Grace? No, no. Turn on the lights.
What is it? What's
happened? We heard shots.
Lambert, are you hurt?
No, no one's hurt. Fedele?
Yes, sir? Prepare the
rooms in the left wing.
That was a messenger. We...
we are to have a visitor.
A messenger?
are you all right?
Yes. Yes. I...
I don't see why your
pistol fired. Mine didn't.
What do you mean?
Oh. Oh, nothing,
Will somebody quit firing
cannon under my windows?
I was just on the point
of getting to sleep.
Fedele, I told you to get those
rooms ready instantly! Rooms for whom?
He said something about a guest. Corrado saw a
fellow running in the garden, and fired at him.
Now it turns out he was a
messenger. Yes, yes, that's it.
He was a messenger from...
from Prince Sirki.
Ooh, so he's coming at last.
Yes, he's coming, all right. You
shouldn't fire at people you don't know.
No, you-you might have angered him. Hmm.
I should think it might anger
a man to fill him full of holes!
When is he coming, Lambert? Tonight...
at once.
Oh, my goodness!
I want to tell you all
something very seriously.
This guest whom we're expecting
is no ordinary person.
Now, if he should appear eccentric, or...
or strange in any way, take no notice.
Treat him as a... as a prince
and a gentleman, always.
And above all,
you mustn't be afraid.
But Lambert, I don't understand. And no
matter what happens, you must never shun him,
or protest, or...
or run... or run.
Oh, it would do
any good if you did.
You can't run
from things like that!
I don't think I want to
stay here. Oh, you must!
You-you-you must stay! You must all
remain if you value your lives...
or mine, or anything else
in this world.
His Highness, Prince Sirki.
Uh, welcome, Your Highness,
to the Villa of Contentment.
Thank you, my dear duke.
I am happy to be here.
We are more than honored,
Your Highness.
And now,
may I present my wife...
La Duchessa
di Catolica.
Your Highness is
most welcome.
Thank you. I have rarely
been so charmingly received.
And now, Your Highness, may I
present the rest of my guests?
It would be
a pleasure.
La Contessa di Parma.
May I say that I had not realized that the
women of your country were so beautiful.
Your Highness is most kind.
I wish that we might
never meet...
when you are
less beautiful,
and I must be...
less kind.
Miss Rhoda Fenton,
Your Highness.
Ah, young and firm
and full of life!
And it lies so trustingly
in mine! Hmm.
Thank you, Miss Fenton.
You have done me
a kindness tonight.
The Baron Cesarea, sir.
A statesman important
in the affairs of the world,
who now looks back upon a
long and interesting life.
I am delighted to meet the baron, at last.
And I to meet you,
Your Highness.
Considering your
distinction and age,
it is surprising that fate
has not introduced us before.
Uh, Mr. Eric Bagley,
Your Highness.
My son, Corrado. Ah, the
son who drives so furiously!
My friends... permit me
to call you my friends.
Your Highness.
Make no change in your plans
because of my sudden appearance.
I should like to join
in your pleasures, if I may.
I beg you not
to make a stranger of me.
Oh, uh, well, will...
will Your Highness...
will Your Highness take
some little refreshment?
Uh, refreshment?
Yes, a glass of wine.
Oh. Oh, yes.
Yes, a glass of wine.
Yes, yes. Corrado!
Oh, let me do it.
I have never tasted wine...
of your country!
May I drink to this
delightful household?
I believe that is one of
your customs, is it not?
It is, Your Highness, and for
myself and my guests, I thank you.
Oh, no, allow me.
Your Highness.
Thank you.
To this household,
to life,
and to all
brave illusion.
Yes, wait a minute.
Ah, I think I shall
enjoy your wine.
It goes pleasantly
in my veins.
Yes, it is
a consolation at times.
Hmm, you see? Already I have
learned one fact of importance.
- The rooms are ready, Your Grace.
- Oh, yes.
My rooms? Uh, yes, Your
Highness. At your pleasure.
Mmm. If you will forgive me,
I think I will go now.
Good night,
my friends.
Good night, Your Highness.
My holiday begins
most agreeably.
Your Highness, may I present
the Princess of San Luca...
and her daughter, Grazia.
Principessa! Principessa!
A miracle! A miracle!
In the night, the autumn bush
is covered with fresh roses!
We must send tidings to the priest.
He will want to bless the sacred bush.
I'm afraid the good father
will be very busy.
Look, all the bushes
and vines have fresh buds!
Good morning!
Good morning,
Your Highness.
Are you getting up?
Say, there's
something wrong about this.
It's only 9:30, and you
never get up before 12:00.
Go to sleep, darling.
Oh, I remember!
We're to have breakfast
on the terrace.
He's here... the prince.
Well? Nothing, except you
meant to steal a march on me!
Not at all,
my dear.
You're a very sound
I tried and tried
to wake you.
I did sleep. You know, this is
going to be one of my good days.
I hope so, Rhoda dear,
for you sake.
Where'd you get it?
You can't have him, my dear,
so you needn't plan on it.
How far do you go,
as a rule?
Well, with him...
- Wait for me till I have my bath?
- Nope.
All right.
It's a war!
Wear your prettiest thing,
Princess! I'm not myself
a princess, you know.
Let me call you so.
In mockery?
No, no, quite really.
You shall have a rose for that.
Oh, no, no! They wither on me.
There are people like that, you know,
who-who wither the flowers they wear. Please!
This one's hardly opened yet.
It'll last a long time.
This... Uh,
Thank you.
Good morning!
Good morning, my dear.
Good morning, Your Highness. Good morning!
You slept well,
I trust?
As I never slept before!
Uh, Grazia, you will
breakfast with us?
No, lazybones.
I had my breakfast hours ago.
What will Your Highness
take for breakfast?
Well, to tell the truth,
I have never given
much thought to my diet.
May I... may I suggest
a little...
Cora, have you seen
my other shoe?
Why don't you wear
another pair?
No, these match my dress
so nicely.
Why, here's your shoe, my dear!
I was sitting on it all the time!
You! Oh...
Good morning, good morning!
You're looking well, Baron.
Last night I suddenly said to myself,
"Why get older? Why give into it?"
And from that moment,
I've felt younger.
Hmm. And it seems to be
linked with your arrival.
You're not a physician,
by any chance?
I, uh, have something
in common with them.
You know, not in years have I felt
as I do this morning about food,
and about everything.
A little of that, Fedele, thank
you. I've had to be careful...
about eating and drinking...
no appetite.
Indeed. I've been much too careful.
From now on, I'm going
to act like the young bloods...
eat, drink and make love.
Who's the lucky girl, Baron?
Never mind, now, never mind!
You keep out of my way,
you young whippersnapper!
Be careful, Eric.
Don't cross him!
I shall be
a four-bottle man again.
You know what that means? Very well.
I have known many four-bottle men.
They were so cheerful.
- They were not even afraid of me.
- Afraid of you?
Well, I, uh...
I have been known
to inspire fear.
So sorry, darling!
Good morning, good morning!
Good morning! How are you? Good morning!
No, no, Your Highness. Don't
get up. I'm simply starved!
No wonder, darling,
the way you rushed dressing.
Well, come along. Move over! What?
Give me some room,
And how are you this glorious
morning? Very well, thank you.
Have any of you seen
this account of the man...
who jumped off the Eiffel Tower last
night and picked himself up unhurt?
No. Poor fellow!
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
He was probably
desperately unhappy.
I should do something
about that.
You? I, uh... I might write
him a note of condolence.
What a divine
sense of humor!
I am glad somebody is
beginning to realize that.
But seriously,
I feel somehow personally
As if you'd neglected something. Exactly!
Well, it just wasn't time
for the Old Man to take him.
I beg your pardon,
"the Old Man"?
Oh! Oh, yes,
the Old Man!
I can assure you that if the Old
Man were always so neglectful,
there would be serious
I think that's a possibility most
of us would be willing to risk.
Then, there's this situation
on the Algerian front.
Big night attack planned,
then nothing functions.
Something wrong
with the powder.
Don't worry,
my friend.
Your sacred privilege
of blowing each other to bits...
is quite safe.
Good morning, good morning.
Ah, the mother of the
beautiful Grazia! Good morning.
- Maria feels they must go home.
- Some of your guests are leaving?
Th-Th-The Princess and Grazia were
only here for the night, Your Highness.
Uh, Maria, won't you consider
remaining a little longer?
We shall miss you, you know. I'm sorry.
No. No we shall.
Good-bye. Good-bye.
I'm to go home at once,
it seems. I am sorry.
You're not to be here
long? Three days, in all.
Coming, darling?
Yes, Corrado.
Good-bye, Your
Highness. Good-bye.
I'm afraid
I'm sorry to go.
It has been
a great pleasure.
Come, dear. The car's waiting. Good-bye.
Good-bye, Grazia.
Your Highness,
they were not house guests.
They were only here last night because...
because Grazia had been very frightened.
Ah, yes...
in the garden.
She is so young.
And so lovely.
It is well for you, my friend,
that she went reluctantly.
Your Highness, you forbid me
to tell them who you are.
My control is not absolute! It
is unimportant. She will return.
Prince Sirki, it's such a gorgeous
day. How shall we spend it?
Is that what one does
with a day... spend it?
Mmm. In my time, we merely filled
in the days. We spent the nights.
Ah, your days were glamorous,
Five beautiful creatures
depended on me,
all at one time, for their pleasure...
and profit. Think of the fatigue!
Come on, we're going to see that your
three days are never to be forgotten.
No? Countess Alda,
are you not coming?
Oh, yes, I'm still in the party. Mm-hmm.
I suggest we go to the
Villa Surbolonie for lunch.
No, then we'll miss
the yacht races.
Oh, my!
I can't believe it!
It's a miracle
they weren't all killed!
I know I saw that horse
step on him.
Perhaps it, uh... it just was not
time for the Old Man to take him, hmm?
Positively, you must
come over and watch him!
He's doubled
seven times on the six.
If he's right once more
he'll own the place!
But you shouldn't double
again. Shouldn't I?
Oh, no.
You'll lose it all!
Shall I or not?
Yes, play it.
I think the world's all yours
tonight, to do with as you choose.
Shall I? Yes, play it. Play it all!
Your Highness, I am very sorry, it's against
the rules of the house to double again.
Well, but you make it...
you make it necessary...
for me to take a great deal of
this... this metal away with me.
I'm sorry,
Your Highness.
Oh, thank you!
Thanks, Your Highness.
Giving it to me?
For me?
Me too!
All down.
He must be
very rich!
He's very exciting, but
we don't seem to be to him.
Out here is the night,
crowded with beauty...
and you herd inside in smoky rooms,
feverish over little games... why?
Why, one comes here to gamble,
and one gambles to win. Hmm.
It seems to me that men have not begun
to discover the magnificence of this life.
Will you tell me what in
the world you're looking for?
I came here looking for a game
to play... a game worth playing.
I have been among you
two days,
and what you do
with yourselves...
still seems so very
futile and empty.
There are only three games:
Money, love and war.
- Have you tried war?
- Plenty of it.
I could never make out what it
was they were fighting about.
It's usually
a flag, isn't it?
Or a barren piece of ground
that neither side wants.
Well, I suppose they... they fight to make
themselves heroic for someone they love.
Ah, so! It all comes down to one game.
One game... that's what it comes to. Hmm.
One never grows tired
of love.
Shall I tell you something,
This last great game of yours,
this of which you never tire,
seems to me to be
the strangest, the saddest,
the emptiest of all.
Can it be that you're inexperienced
in such matters? Entirely.
Oh. You don't know
what you've missed.
One pair of lips will change
your mind for you someday.
Whose mind do you want
changed? I'm good at that. Hah!
I have found the Americans
a most engaging race. Yes?
They proceed with such disarming
directness toward what they want.
And right now, this American
wants to walk in the garden.
You'll excuse us?
I'm the last man in the world
to interfere with romance.
You know, uh, I have had
great pleasure...
in watching you these...
these two days. Thank you.
It is peculiarly refreshing
to me to be near someone...
who is so... so very fit,
Well, I do have that to
recommend me. I am healthy.
And I have known
so much of illness that I...
I take a singular interest in young
and budding life... in vigor, in bloom.
Oh, please don't stop.
In what key shall I go on? Say anything.
Uh, Miss Fenton,
what-what is love?
What does it
mean to you?
Why... why to find some
splendid man who loves you too.
Like myself, perhaps?
And to live with him
the rest of your life.
Um, but if the rest
of one's life...
were only a few days
or a few hours,
would that be enough
to justify love?
What a morbid idea!
You know, I've noticed that about you.
You're inclined
to be a little...
Well, perhaps it's
the foreigner in you.
And, uh, you find
the trait distasteful.
Oh, no. I think
you're fascinating.
Uh, at any rate, I...
I have your answer.
Why, I don't remember
saying no.
I suppose what
I really meant is, uh,
that I am not
a marrying man.
Oh, is that all!
I don't care.
I don't care,
really, with you.
I don't care at all.
Hmm, it's interesting... very. What?
What such a suggestion
does to one.
This strange... almost the
beginning of an emotion...
which one feels. Did you bring
me out here to analyze me?
Yes, or to analyze
myself, perhaps.
But it is amazing how the pulses
stir at the mention of such subjects.
Even with me!
I did not believe the baron, but this
promises to be really interesting.
So you've discussed it all
with the baron!
Oh, there is no doubt of it...
I have offended you! You have!
Forgive me.
Oh, easily.
If I'm not your type, well,
I'm just not your type!
The baron will
be disappointed.
His Eminence,
Cardinal de Valle.
Their Excellencies, the Ambassador
of Spain and Madame Monte.
Kind of Your Eminence to
come. I am glad to be with you.
Hello, Signor, Duchessa.
vous etes ravissante.
Comme un reve.
Yes? Vos yeux sont tres brillants.
Well, I don't know just what that means in
English, but if it sounds like the French...
Your Highness perhaps
does not care for dancing?
Oh, yes. I found it
somewhat stifling inside.
I had hoped to make
your last evening, uh...
Yes, my last evening.
I leave at midnight.
Don't let me keep you
from your guests.
Eric, who is
this Prince?
What is he, he draws
and frightens us all so?
Alda, are you
in love with him?
Fascinated, completely.
My darling, can't you think
yourself out of this?
It's not only that I'm jealous,
but I'm worried about you.
Come on. Let's dance.
I'm too restless
to dance.
Let's go into the garden, then. Not now.
Yes, things impossible.
Tell me.
You are
so fortunate here.
I think I used to
despise you all,
with your little whims and
desires, all leading up to nothing.
Now there is nothing I want
so much as to share them,
and I cannot.
I was just thinking
all that of myself.
My dear countess, you can have
whatever dreams you wish.
But suppose you had been set down,
for a few hours or a few days,
among the inhabitants
of the moon,
and that was all the life
you could have forever...
you knew no one there,
and no one dared to know you?
Do you really
feel that?
I am not one of you.
Then I wish
that you were.
You do?
I've waited
for someone like you.
Even though I am not
what I seem?
You are, though.
I am a fear, a shadow,
a wandering thing.
Isn't there a story
among your legends...
of a merman who came
asking a woman to love him...
so that he might have
a soul?
Well, if there is, I'm sure
she gave him what he asked.
She'd give up her own soul
gladly. If she were in love.
Yes, if she were
in love.
You see, I have come
asking for that.
Of me?
But also, it is impossible. Why?
Because you will take
one step toward me...
and know my secret,
and lose courage.
Try me.
You can give me a soul only if
you know me and can still love me.
Look into my eyes.
Look deep.
What do you see there?
Look into those shadows. Let your
thought go to its wildest reach.
I will you to know who I am!
No, no!
I want to live!
Eric! Eric!
Eric! Eric!
What is it, darling?
What's the matter?
I don't know, only keep me
away from him!
There's no danger, darling.
What danger could there be?
Oh, keep back...
keep back all of you!
How do you know when he'll
strike? Alda, Alda, be quiet!
Why, there's nothing
to harm you!
Alda, my dear.
Tell me what's happened.
Nothing! I don't know!
I don't know!
Sir, it's evident that your
presence here is unwelcome.
It has been made apparent in
many ways. Why are you among us?
Corrado, he's my guest! Guest or not,
I'll ask him what I like, and he'll answer.
My father says he has cause to
fear you. Who are you? Corrado!
I'm afraid I have no answer
for you, nor for anyone.
I warn you, however...
I've heard
that warning before.
Would you threaten the stars
because you dislike your destiny?
I came among you to warm
my hands at your fires...
your poor, pitiful little fires
that flicker out in the night.
Well, let them all go out! One
means no more to me than another.
Let them all go out,
if only I can save one spark
for the eternal cold!
Go. Go, Corrado.
Go instantly.
Let me speak
to His Highness.
Grazia's here.
She's looking for you.
All right, Mother.
Your Highness,
I hope that you...
I have been caught in this
web of flesh, Duke Lambert...
caught and tortured.
I thought to put it on like a
garment and cast it off as easily.
But to put it off is to die...
to die without having lived!
To die alone, without loving
or being loved,
and that I will not have. But your
promise... your promise to harm no one.
What does my promise matter when I
set it against this torture I feel?
What if there should be
one death among you?
You have years to live,
have you not? Years!
And I have
what remains of this day.
The very lovely and serene
princess of all delight.
My name is Grazia.
How charming of you.
Grazia, then.
You make it
sound like music.
It is like music.
It has overtones
that go singing on and on.
But they are not sad.
They are full
of grace and light.
When you speak like that,
I hear music, too...
great sweeping chords.
May I?
I could say
so much more.
Your Highness is being
very kind tonight.
I wonder if I am...
being kind.
Perhaps I should have
said gracious.
No, no.
Not gracious, either.
I have learned that even
the mightiest...
must sue
for certain favors.
Well, perhaps you're unfamiliar
with this custom, also.
When a gentleman is tapped on the shoulder,
he releases the lady to another partner.
I am grateful for the explanation.
I myself have touched
many shoulders,
but, uh,
for other reasons.
why did you come?
Oh, I don't know.
I kept wanting to.
I wanted
to see you too, but...
I didn't want you
to come just now.
Will you do me a great favor? If I can.
May I stay close to you
this evening?
I love you,
and I'm afraid.
But there's nothing to
be afraid of, Corrado.
You don't know.
Yes, I do.
And I'm happy to be here.
I wanted to come.
You mean you know what we're afraid of?
And it doesn't
frighten you?
come back to me.
There's some
terrible danger.
No, not danger...
Please don't be unhappy,
I love you in some way
I can't quite make clear.
If I didn't feel
so far away,
I'd be in your arms now, crying
and holding you close to me.
I want to do that,
but somehow,
I think I never shall.
you're trembling.
I feel
a little cold.
Will you get my cloak
from the hall?
Yes, of course.
The buffet is
served, Eccellenza.
Oh, yes.
thank you, Fedele.
You are cold.
Father, what is it? What?
Oh, nothing, nothing.
Where are you going?
Why, Grazia
wanted her cloak.
Oh, no. Not now.
Why? Why not?
Prince Sirki has brought
her a cloak. Prince Sirki!
Father, she's hypnotized,
fascinated. We must save her from him!
No, we can do nothing.
What do you mean?
If we could, should I
be standing here now?
Lambert, what is it?
Oh, nothing, nothing.
Grazia's gone out into the
garden with Prince Sirki.
Prince Sirki? Why not? What's
wrong? Oh, Grazia's in no danger.
What's happened, sir? There's
nothing to be alarmed about.
But you're alarmed, Father. You're
terrified. There is some danger.
Oh, let me go to her.
No, no. Wait, wait.
Then I'll go. No, I forbid
you. You're risking your life.
My life... what's my life or yours?
You said you'd die for Grazia.
I would if it would save her.
Father, tell me who this prince is.
I'll know or I'll kill him! Kill him!
Why, if he but put out his
hand, it'd mean your life.
I don't care. I only know that Grazia's
in danger. No, no! Wait, wait, wait!
He's not Prince Sirki! He...
No, no. Don't tell, don't tell!
He is the one
whom all men dread.
He is Death!
What do you mean? His Majesty,
Death, amusing himself on a holiday.
No, no, Lambert! Amusing
himself with love.
Now, you take one step
to save her and she's lost.
If you won't think
of yourselves, think of her.
Perhaps you can tell me
what I have been doing.
I think I can, almost. Tell me.
I think you've been
holding life in your hands,
as I do
I think you've been a
little afraid of its beauty.
Oh, you do know.
Child, something new
has been born in me,
and I know the meaning
of this life men lead here.
A moment ago I knew only that men
were dust, and their end was dust.
And now suddenly
I know for the first time...
that men bear a dream
within them...
a dream that lifts them
above their dust...
and their little days.
And you have brought
this to me.
I look at the stars in the water,
Grazia, and you have given them a meaning.
I feel the earth under me.
It's no longer the earth
which men become,
but a world which you have made
for me which we share together.
And yet,
I am alone too.
Still alone.
I think we'll never
be alone again.
It comes easily
to you, Grazia.
But for me,
I shall hear your laughter
in every wind that passes.
I shall hear your footsteps
wherever you are,
when our two worlds
hold us apart.
Why should we
ever be apart?
Oh, what is this that's
happened? Who are you?
- Sirki.
- I don't mean that.
You seem to come
from a distant place.
When I'm with you,
I see depths in your eyes that are
like the worlds I visit in sleep,
and beneath your words is a
sound I've heard in dreams.
And when you leave me,
the light goes from the sky.
You're like the mystery that's
just beyond sight and sound,
always just beyond
my reach.
Something that
draws and...
and frightens me. Oh, Grazia,
Grazia, don't be afraid of me.
I am Sirki who loves you, more
than any man could love you.
I am Sirki who needs
your warmth and your beauty...
more than any man
could need it.
I say your name
over and over,
until the music
runs through my soul.
Listen to me, Grazia.
I am a great power,
and I am humble
before you.
And tonight
I must go back to my...
my distant kingdom.
Will you take me
with you?
Take you?
I should be
so unhappy...
Take you?
Oh, no, no.
Don't tempt me.
But Grazia,
give me one hour of you.
Let me hold you once
and feel your life.
You are the meaning of beauty
that I must know.
Oh, Grazia,
let me hold you,
let me feel
that last ecstasy...
and know that I have lived.
Oh, my love!
My love!
Do you think he'll surely come? Oh, yes.
I think he'll come back
and say goodbye to his friends.
But Grazia...
I don't know.
Perhaps he will be kind.
He may take Grazia, or...
all of us.
We have courage
for that, sir.
I think you're all wrong
to be afraid.
I talked to him
about dying,
and he said,
"Has it ever occurred to you that
death may be simpler than life,
"and infinitely more kind?"
He said that?
And when he spoke,
I had a curious feeling
that somehow he knew.
So, you have
broken your promise.
Yes. I was
desperate, sir.
It was my son's life against
my promise. I had no choice.
I am not used to
these distinctions!
I thought we should part as
friends, with kindly remembrances,
but now my shadow
has come between us.
Surely not already.
No. I am a mortal,
still, for a few minutes.
No longer as Prince Sirki
of Vitalba Alexandri,
but as myself,
with my own feelings.
In a few moments,
I shall be what I was,
and for me, too,
there will be an end.
But you're above pain and loss. Am I?
I thought tonight I had reached
the end of my experiment.
I had found love.
But it was not
the end.
Beyond that, I have found
the pain of losing love...
if I must lose it.
But it must be lost to you! Why?
Because you are...
My dear duke, thank you
for defining the problem.
Your Highness, won't
you give her back to me?
You who have been cruel
often, will be again.
But must you be cruel
to me this one time?
It's your pain against mine. But I
gave her to life! To life, not to...
Why should I deny myself
because of your childish fear?
You know nothing
of the meaning of death.
You're speaking of
your own need, not hers.
I'm asking
for her life.
A life which I must
sometime take.
But she's so young! I tell
you, to go with me now, in love,
would be triumph, not
death as it is known to you.
Oh, in God's name!
Give her
back to me.
One lover must
always lose.
But not like this,
not with death.
There are worlds between us,
and I cannot reach your minds.
Why do men fear my coming?
You have
ten minutes more of life.
After that,
what can you give her?
Sleep, perhaps,
and the release of dreams.
And beyond that...
There are no words
by which to tell you.
But that is death to us,
and to her.
A word you have been
taught to fear.
A symbol of the unknown,
and because of that word,
you would keep her from me.
I would only lead her
through the gateway...
to the life
that lies beyond.
Your Highness, we are not
answered. Are we to keep Grazia?
- Is she yours even now?
- But she doesn't know who you are.
Now, if she knew, what
would she choose? Yes,
even Grazia was born
to fear the face of death.
She would die with me now,
as Sirki.
- I cannot tell her!
- You gave me your word.
And you think me bound by that? I
do. An honorable man would be bound.
Because I assume your flesh,
must I assume your weakness, too?
Then pity
our weakness.
I've seen pity
struggling in you.
We beg
the life of Grazia.
I bound myself
to life,
and with it to the little
rules by which it is lived.
And now I must
bow to it.
What a monstrous comedy!
Where's he going?
To fetch Grazia.
Oh, what will he do?
What will he do?
Oh, now, now.
Wait, Maria. Wait.
She will come. You will give her back?
No! It is for you
to call her back.
For us?
She is coming.
Your Highness,
did you call?
Grazia! Oh, Grazia, darling,
I've been so frightened!
So frightened!
Grazia, don't run away like
that again, not in the night.
But I was quite safe
with him, Mother.
I love to be with him.
I must stay with him always.
I know he seems a little
terrifying to you,
but I'm happy with him,
and safe.
He's kind, Mother, and more tender
than anyone I've ever known...
even more tender
than you.
Don't, Grazia. You don't
know what you're saying.
Why are you all
so strange?
Why are you
suffering so?
I've found my love. There
ought to be lights and music.
Save her! Tell her what you will.
What is there
to tell?
Do you think there's
anything I don't understand?
I love His Highness,
and I must go with him.
Your Highness, you
must. Say what you like.
It will make no difference.
You must! It's nearly twelve!
I know. Grazia, I came
to this house as a jest,
made love to you
as a jest.
You're trying to destroy my
love because they wish it.
- It was not a jest. - Someone tell
her quickly, while there's time.
Corrado, she's cold.
Take her in your arms.
Grazia, Grazia,
don't you hear me?
Yes, I hear.
Grazia, dear,
won't you stay with me?
I can't, Corrado.
But I shall always
love you.
Grazia, listen. You must stay
here with those who love you.
If you went with me now, you
could never see them again.
Why must you say these things to
me? They can make no difference.
But you don't understand.
My holiday is over.
I am going at once.
I'm ready. Oh, no. You can't come with me.
Yes, I can.
Shall we go now?
But you...
you don't know who I am!
You are my love...
my love!
You heard? And you wish me to
speak and destroy this happiness?
You must.
Oh, Grazia,
my little love,
it was not a jest.
Goodbye, my friends.
Remember that there is
only a moment of shadow...
between your life and mine.
And when I call, come bravely
through that shadow...
And you will find me
only your familiar friend.
Goodbye, Grazia.
Now you see me as I am.
But I've always
seen you like that.
You haven't changed.
You have seen me...
like this?
Yes, always.
Then there is a love
which casts out fear,
and I have found it!
And love is
greater than illusion...
and as strong as death.