Death Train (1993) Movie Script

The key ingredient to nuclear bombs.
This plutonium was stolen,
gram by deadly gram,
from a German nuclear power plant.
My organization...
The United Nations Anti-Crime
Responds to nuclear terrorism.
So when Karl Leitzig, a German
used this stolen plutonium
to construct two nuclear bombs,
his creations became
UNACO's nightmare.
Dr. Leitzig's "gadgets,"
as we call them,
utilized components smuggled out
of the former Soviet Union...
Highly restricted components
supplied by a renegade Russian
and assembled under his supervision
with the utmost German
You see, the Russian general
needed two bombs
to change the course of world events.
And Dr. Leitzig needed a job.
It was the ideal partnership, until...
Benin... your Soviet garbage.
I am irradiated!
Your neutron gun...
I was testing it and it ruptured!
And the bomb?
What about it?
They're gonna pull a lot of overtime.
I can't release your car
without agricultural inspection.
Radio for clearance... now.
Okay, let's go!
Track 18, engine 4402,
ready for departure.
Out, out!
Get out!
Get out. Out! Come on!
Come on, sit down! Move it, sit!
Now, move!
Stop there!
Shut up!
Nein! Nein!
Shut up or you're all dead! Shut it!
Be careful.
There's only one kind
of bunny rabbit I slow down for.
Would've gone for roadkill,
but rabbit's not in season.
You're buying.
Okay, yes. Thank you.
Hey.- Hey.
Anything shakin'?- No, nothing for
Mmm.- Did you hear about Philpott?
Baa! Broke his wrist at lunch.
Oh no!-Yep.
You did it?
No! Boxing at the Harlem Athletic Club.
There's something for your evening.
4402, track 18...
Slow to upcoming siderail
to allow northbound passing.
Listen, this is 4402.
We don't slow for anyone.
I've got a dozen of your people
and I want the tracks
cleared to Stuttgart, got it?
Who is this?-Your worst nightmare.
Northbound 1507...
Emergency... slow for spur.
Slow for spur! I am
switching you in 500 meters.
We don't flinch.
Shit, Alex.
That was close.
They've just found
two bodies in Bremen railyard.
4402, what do you want?
I want your complete attention,
your undying cooperation
and your first-born.
And I want a clear route to Stuttgart,
or I start killing hostages.
Do you understand me?
The route's yours.
Thank you.
Sabrina, hey, check this out.
Bremen again.
Two in a row in a sleepy town.
Find out the train's cargo.
Will you please inform
your commander-in-chief
that UNACO's
broad range of power
has been sanctioned by
the United Nations General Assembly
and the Security Council? And...
No, just the freedom
to run my own operations.
Look, could I get back to you, please?
Thank you so much. Goodbye.
Wouldn't that imply diplomacy?
Ours is a strange language, Sahib.
You better see what's going on.
I trust this is not another attempt
to get yourself out in the field, Ms.
Actually, I was just on my way out.
After that phone call,
some of us may be joining you.
The Germans have a hijacked train
moving from Bremen to Stuttgart.
And possibly unrelated,
a plutonium theft nearby.
12 hostages,
two dead male employees.
There's been radio communication
with the hijackers.
Let's request a tape recorder,
Ms. Sanchez. Run a voiceprint.
How much plutonium?
Don't know.
Let's pray
it's not a trigger quantity.
Right now, these are
strictly German problems.
You know how they are.
What if the train crosses
a border? Will we take over?
Wishful thinking, Ms. Carver.
I can switch him anywhere you want,
but he might not want to go.
He's on our train,
he will go where I send him.
Give me a spur line.
There's a long one
coming up out of Rohrsen.
Send him there.
Franz, what was that?
I think we left the main line.
Yeah, we damn well have.
I know where we're going.
You stop this thing.
They know. They're stopping.
No matter,
my men are there.
You... you should have had
a coronary by now, anyhow.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
You want to do it?
Nein! Nein!
Nein! Nein!
Open the door!
A hostage has been executed.
Do you like that?
Clear me to Stuttgart.
You jerk me again, and two die.
Now this screen's directly
linked to the Bremen police.
How's the voiceprint coming?
Mmm, no criminal record on this
so far.
Isn't that a Midwestern accent?
Where's he going?
Nobody seems to know
how much plutonium's been taken.
What's that?
That's a direct link
to Bremen's incoming data.
Where did that originate?
New York here.
Leitzig. He's the department head
who smuggled out the plutonium.
But that's highly classified.
They don't knowi ts source,
but they sure want
to know if it's for real.
Ms. Sanchez, prepare a review
of all available field agents.
Sounds good!
Sounds real good.
Do you hear the phone?
It's your ears ringing.
Why don't I get the phone?
Michael? It's Malcolm Philpott.
Huh?! Ho-hold on!
That's better. Who's this?
It's Malcolm Philpott.
Phil, man! How are you?
I can't complain.
Michael, is that the sound
of bluegrass I hear
in your voice, instead of Eton?
Ahh, locals still call me "the Brit."
Of course, not to my face.
Of course. Well, Michael,
it's been a while.
You're not going to remind me of...
Laos? Do I need to?
Phil, Phil, Phil, please, listen.
I've been working on this bike
for over a year now for Daytona.
Qualifying's tomorrow.
Would I call in a favor
unless I needed it?
What's that? I can't hear you!
I can't hear what you're saying!
Say that again?
Then turn her off!
Look, Phil, why don't I get back
to you in a couple of days, okay?
Michael, Europe will be gone!
Oh, really?
There'll be a private jet waiting
at the Lexington Airport.
Where are we headed?
First New York and then Munich.
Bring work clothes.
And Michael, after this,
we'll be even on Laos.
Was that your ex-wife?
Okay, it's confirmed.
No other law enforcement
or news agency
received that mysterious
bomb message on their computers.
No point in frightening half of
Europe before they finish breakfast.
Keep searching, Ms. Sanchez.
That there, yes.
He's new... Rodenko.
Another Russian?
Politics we leave at home.
The major happens to be a former
railway engineer... our only one.
So, Rodenko: Whitlock, physicist:
Kolchinsky, combat chopper pilot:
and Graham.
Who's Graham?
He's a former business associate
from my SAS days.
That will fill the bill.
However, I do foresee the need
for an information analyst,
expert marksman, linguist.
Get packed.
Oh, man!
I see you made it.
I just sat back and sipped mint juleps.
Hey, how are you, buddy?!
Good to see you again!
What did you do,
fall out of your easy chair?
The noble art.
Let me guess...
You should see the other guy!
Oh, yeah!
Oh my, what have we got here?
Your secretary?- No.
You old fart. Your girlfriend?
Your teammate.
hey've completed the radio
patch to the hijackers.
Hello, is someone there?
If you can hear me,
I would like you to look
upon me as your mediator.
My goal is to help resolve
your problems.
How Christian.
If you... care to look at it that way.
By the way, my name is
Malcolm Philpott, what's yours?
Uh... Elvis Presley.
Look, when I get to Stuttgart,
we'll talk then, all right, Malcolm?
Look, just because
plutonium's been taken
and a phantom message
says there's a bomb,
doesn't mean that there is.
The message mentioned Leitzig
and the stolen reactor waste.
Why bother to build it?
Why not buy one off the Ukrainians
or the Chinese?
Perhaps it is an end run...
The least likely source.
We have to assume it's for real.
Is that so? Then why doesn't he
just fly it there?
It's a lot faster.
Maybe... maybe...
Maybe he's afraid of flying.
Phil, can I have a word
with you for a minute?
Now, look, I'm not
questioning your judgment,
but she's kind of iffy.
You are questioning my judgment.
Okay, it's just that
we're going into a situation,
I like to know
I can count on people.
She's too good looking to be
anything more than window dressing.
Michael, Ms. Carver
speaks four languages,
she runs a mile faster than you ever
She's the best marksman
I've ever known.
Mm-hmm, on a range.
What about combat?
That's why you're here.
If you don't think there's a bomb,
why not get the train's radiation
signature from a military satellite?
Good idea, Sabrina.
Satellite report...
Elevated radiation levels in the first car
confirm the presence of fissionable
material on the train.
There.- Mm-hmm.
At least it's not
a wild goose chase, huh?
Is he slowing?
Now what?
You are the UN observers?
Malcolm Philpott, UNACO.
U.N. Anti-Crime unit.
You can observe from over there.
Excuse me, what is your name?
Captain Wolfe.
Captain Wolfe, I understand your
reluctance to relinquish command,
but if you confer with your superiors,
you'll find that I have been
authorized to lead this response.
Since when do you people tell
a German anything on his own soil?
Since 2:00 a.m.
Are you running the board?
Yes, sir.
Route him on line 42,
through the country.
These are German hostages.
It is our problem.
Ms. Carver, patch
me through to New York.
There is a crucial bit
of information that you don't know.
What information?
Hold those people.
What information?
The hijackers may have
an atomic bomb on the train.
May I speak to Hauptmann Wolfe?
Herr Major.-Yeah.
Hauptmann Wolfe.
Er ist ein Englander.
Ja, Herr Major. Ja, ja.
Thank you.
Major Rodenko, Lieutenant
Kolchinsky, I'm Malcolm Philpott.
Sir, we're uplinked.
Major Gennadi Rodenko.
Sabrina Carver.
There will be no calls
without my authorization.
I was just calling
my wife to let her know.
Yes. Look, let me
make this very clear.
No one will know about this bomb.
You will talk to no one,
you will not leave this room
unless I approve it.
We're in a state of martial law here,
and I'm the marshal.
Welcome to the West.
And we're his deputies.
German drivers... damn.
Dr. Whitlock?-Yes?
Hi, I'm Dr. Petersen, Chief of Surgery.
Good to meet you. Well?
Carl Leitzig is highly irradiated.
He has extensive DNA breakdown.
He received over 2000 rems.
How long's he got?
Perhaps 48 hours.
Ah, hell.
Rosie, you got to look
past your bank account.
I never trust banks, Alex.
This isn't about money,
it's about patriotism.
See, I'm an American.
I love my country.
America's lost right now.
See, we define ourselves
by who we hate, right?
And no matter what you say,
the USSR was a very worthy opponent.
'Cause of this new world order
thing, can't use that.
No, once you know who you hate,
everything works.
You handled your first obstacle well.
Yeah, right... you got
to let 'em know who's boss.
Now we adjust our procedure.
I will initiate
all telephone contact with you.
I will keep you informed.
Yeah, right.
I'm C.W. Whitlock, physicist.
I've never made an atomic bomb,
but I've wondered if I could.
It's demanding, isn't it?
Where's the train?
Past Stuttgart. Where's it going?
I'll just hang out here for a while, okay?
Of course the German government
are happy to let them chug on
until they reach Switzerland,
but the Swiss
are demanding action
before they reach the border.
A wise idea, sir.
Excuse me. The hijackers just
received a phone call from Munich.
We didn't expect it...
Missed getting anything.
Damn it. I hope
you're tuned in now.
So... Ms. Carver, stay with us.
It is to be gas somatol.
Subdues motor reflexes
for about two hours.
I would recommend it.
Phil, sleeping gas and the public
don't mix too well together.
Sigi, any unpopulated areas
before Zurich?
Only one... the train
will be there in 40 minutes.
Good. Excellent.
The German military
have agreed to back us.
You'll fly Michael and the major.
Yes, sir.
Are you familiar with the M203?-
We'll use that grenade launcher to
crack some gas into the locomotive.
Wait a second... she's going
to shoot gas canisters
into a train going 70 miles an hour?
Yes, she is.
We've got a situation here
that could make Chernobyl look like
a pop gun, and she's point man?
Point person.- Hey! Now, enough.
She has backup, sir?
Yes, you... helicopter launch rockets.
- Yay!
- All right, Phil.
Michael?- Mm-hmm?
You can't call me Phil in this group.
What do you want me to call you?
"Sir" would be appropriate.
All right.
Let's do it.
Don't let the boys' club bother you.
What if I miss?-You can't.
C.W.- Malcolm.
You've been boxing
with the brothers again?
I told you about that. You all right?
I'm fine. How's Leitzig?
He's dying, but he's got some time
before he slips into the grave.
And he's not a big talker, I'm afraid.
Is there anything we can do?
Sure, run another check
on all of his acquaintances.
You know, his friends, his lovers...
I need some leverage.
Will do.
If we can determine
the amount of plute he stole,
it'll give us an idea of the size of
the gadget that we're dealing with.
What I can't figure out
is who would send
the message about the bomb,
unless it was
one of Leitzig's friends.
Perhaps it was an enemy.
Does Sabrina Carver
have Philpott by...?
Her dad's some
state department honcho,
and a friend of Philpott's.
I suffered under party
member's children before.
Same everywhere, eh?- Ah!
Well, at least
she's not in command.
Get down!
Okay, one shot, Sabrina.
One shot.
Ah, my gas mask!
How's our fuel?
At this rate, we can make
Istanbul, maybe more.
Damn it!
Gas! Gas!
Gas! Gas! Gas!
Yes! Perfect hit!
It's all yours!
All right, let's go!
UNACO 2 and 3, UNACO Leader.
Formate on me. Hold back 50 meters.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay.
Move it, you guys!- Check your loads.
UNACO Leader, target in sight.
Number three, hold position.
Number two, move in!
UNACO 2, system's ready.- Roger.
Fire at will!
On target! I got 'em! It's hit!
Gas in the car! Gas in the car!
Number three engaging. Bull's-eye!
Number three, breaking off.
They are sleeping like babies!
I'm dropping you down.
Two and three, hold back.
I'm moving in.
We're right over it.
We're right over the top.
Number three, pull up!
Steady, bring me down,
bring me down.
Bring me down, Kolchinsky.
That's it.
Okay, to the right, to the right.
Keep with it!
Okay, I'm on! I'm on!
Number two, move in. Stay close.
Hold tight! Wait!
Wait. Easy!
Two alongside.
Moving in closer.
Open fire!
Shit, they are wide awake!
They've got gas masks!
There's a fucking army in there!
Got one, got one!
Give me backup, come on!
Give me some backup!
Can't take 'em out! I'm hit!
- I got 'em!
- He's hit! He's hit!
Aw, shit! Shit!
Kolchinsky, are you okay?
Talk to me, all right?-Yeah.
Hold your fire! What's he doing?
Taken hits, rotor vibrating.
Back off! Back off! Watch out!
Watch this.
You bastard!
Mike! Mike, talk to me.
Pull away! Pull away!
Get your ass down here, now!
Kolchinsky, come on!
Come on! Closer!
Shit! Give me the other clip.
Come on! Get down here!
Oh, God!
Come closer! Closer!
You son of a bitch,
get the fuck off my train!
Closer, Kolchinsky! Get it down here!
Jump! Jump on it!
Eat flames, cocksucker!- Ah! Ah!
Come on, Graham, jump!
Stay right there! Stay there!
Okay, hang on!
Let's get out of here!
Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck it.
Grab on! Grab my hand!
You... yeah! Bastard.- It's okay.
You're okay.
Bad luck, eh?
Yeah, lousy. Real lousy, yeah.
A funeral pyre of twisted metal
is all that remains
of the elite German unit.
Speculation as to the hostages' safety
continues as the train
approaches Zurich,
having crossed the Swiss border
30 minutes ago.
Now we go live to Freight 4402
entering Zurich.
The identity or goals of the hijackers
remains a mystery.
- Hey, look!
- Oh my God.
What we've just witnessed
is an execution by one of the...
No, we're waiting for official word,
but it appears to have been
a cold-blooded retaliation
for the German military's
earlier attempt
to take control of the train.
Two as promised.
This obviously
confirms the hijackers...
But no mention of the bomb.
At least we keep that secret.
I should have known
they'd have gas gear.
They were too well prepared to
Aren't you ashamed?
I told you I'd kill two
if you screwed with me again.
Killing hostages will make no
It's stupid! You're a fool!
What happened to mediating,
You're not taking sides now, are you?
Dispatch, route me to Bolzano, Italy.
The junction's in two kilometers.
And Malcolm, try to calm down.
You couldn't have known.
Tell the dead.
I thought I knew him.
Phil... sir... Angola.
You remember Angola?
This guy fought in our unit,
we fought with this guy.
I don't remember his name,
but I'd swear he's a merc.
Have Yolanda narrow her search
to the mercenary database.
Yes, sir.
"Know thy enemy," sir?- Right.
If he is a mercenary, he'll never
blow himself up for ideals...
He's in this for the money.
He'll never detonate that bomb.
Another assumption.
Examine the route
between Zurich and Bolzano.
Maybe the Alps
will give us an opportunity.
Yeah, sir.
Man, reminds me
of blind dates I've had.
Mmm, hold it!
Probability of a match.
Not bad.
Tierney, Alex.
From the dead hijacker
we shot off the train?
There aren't many R4s...
South African.
Fine weapon, but most governments
don't do business with them.
We're checking the serial number
with the manufacturer
to find out who purchased
this little gem.
And then, we follow the money.
Somebody has to be
financing those hijackers.
Mr. Philpott.
Ahh, and there we are.
AlexTierney, mercenary.
Out of Miami, works for anyone.
Look at that... I could
beat that on one cylinder.
Michael! There's always
Sebring or Watkins Glen.
We've gotten the okay from
the Swiss and Italian governments.
Splendid! Now, as discussed,
the train's route takes it
through one alpine tunnel...
10 kilometers long...
We stop Tierney there.
We block both ends with locomotives
onceTierney's inside.
An Italian railcrew's on its way
to rip up track deep in the tunnel.
All right.
Isn't what we're doing more
important than whizzing in a circle?
Sigi, we'll need
direct radio communication
with the Italian railcrew.
Michael, please.
And if the bomb detonates,
then the effect will be
minimized by the tunnel.
I swear this guyTierney
won't set it off.
What if the control is
in someone else's hands?
I mean, it could be.
Then... our mission will be over.
The bomb will be dealt with.
At its present rate,
4402's about an hour
from the Swiss head of the tunnel.
And there you have it.
Collect insurance, kilometer 842.
Got it. 10-4, good buddy.
Sir, headquarters just called.
Tierney's cellular received
a nine-second call...
Not enough time to trace its origin.
Outside support. Thank you.
Sigi, what's the status
with the Italian railcrew?
Attention, Italian crew...
Sir, 4402's slowing.
Yes, the hijackers are slowing.
Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!
Come on!
Okay, all right. Okay.
Where are they?
Just an alpine grade.
It's yard 842, a supply yard.
Go! Let's go!
I got it.
Great, where's the Italian military?
Maybe they're already inside.
No, they're Italian... they're late.
To hell with it, let's go. Come on.
Philpott, we don't see our
Italian backup, we're moving in.
Sigi, the blip behind Tierney
is our rear blockade?
Yes, sir.
They won't be leaving
the way they came.
And why isn't our Italian locomotive
moving to blockade the other end?
Italian dispatch, what's
the status of your locomotive?
Italian locomotive,
clear to Tirano tunnel, over.
Anything approaching?
Only my lunch.
It's our mediator.
Tierney, we've torn up track
in front of you... stop the train.
That's Mr. Tierney, if you please.
There's no way out.
We'll see about that.
Hey, did you get it done?
Ho! Ho!
Two half-lengths!
Bring the spanners!
They replaced the rail. What
the hell were those Italians doing?
Let's go.
Flare grenades first.
Come on, come on!
- Are we repaired?!
- Not yet!
Rodenko, what the hell
are you doing, guy?
We got to go!
Hit it, we got to go! We got to go!
Okay.- Hit it, we're clear.
Fuck! Fuck. Shit!
- Major!
- I'm okay... flak-jacket.
Shit, I only speak English.
Fuck! Gun's jammed.
Nick, stay down, we'll get to you!
You're covered!
Okay, let's go, let's go.
Move it! Move it!
At least the bomb didn't go off.
Let's not let failure go to our heads.
Yes, Philpott.
Sir, we've got an ID from
the South African manufacturer
on the hijacker's weapon.- And?
It was purchased on a standing
Russian military account.
Russian? What branch?
Spetsnaz. No names
on the requisition.
See if they'll tell you who's
authorized to use that account.
What's it like on the train?
Always two men with guns
watching the bomb.
They never fed us.
We'll get you some grub soon.
Listen, tell me something...
Did anybody tinker with it?
No, the leader
only studied the outside.
There's a locked
telephone keypad.
Detonation code
could be entered right there.
Maybe it's a phone.
Somebody could call it,
like a fax machine.
So, Tierney wouldn't blow
himself up, but someone else would?
No, no, he wouldn't let that happen.
No, Mike, Tierney doesn't
have a clue. He doesn't know.
So despite valiant efforts,
Freight 4402 continues south
with its cargo of hostages.
Brian Poole, BBC, Milan.
Hijacked train 4402 is proving to be
a law enforcement nightmare.
Repeated attempts to overpower or
outsmart the hijackers have failed,
leaving a trail of bodies
along the tracks...
I got an inventory of materials
unaccounted for from the plant.
How good
a bomb builder are you?
You tell me.
A sloppy scientist would use that
much plutonium to make one bomb.
Or he could be
a craftsman and make two.
The latest reports put the train
somewhere in the Alps,
near the Italian border.
Sigi.- Oh, thanks.
There's a great deal of poetry
and fine sentiment in a cup of tea.
I hope there's also a lot of caffeine.
Mr. Philpott, I've got Graham.
Yeah, Philpott.
You paged, "Bwana"?
You alone?- More or less.
Your team's chowin' down.
Hey, Michael, it's your team, too.
The hijackers' weapons search
seems to have paid off.
But there may be a problem
with at least one of the Russians.
No kidding... in my team?
All right, all right.
I think this whole hijacking
is being financed out of Moscow.
Brings new meaning to the term
"Russian roulette," eh?
Do you want me to split them up?
I'll keep a close watch.
All right. Good luck.
It's good.
What did Philpott say?
We tail the train.-That's all?
That and a pat on the butt.
Can't you find a way to just trust me?
I don't know what you're
talking about, sweetheart.
The name's Sabrina.
What are you holding back, Mike?
Not a thing.
I tell it like it is, and it's like this...
I'm runnin' this field operation.
Would you care to sit down?
No... sir.
You going to just stand there?
Hey, hey, hey, speak English.
Porco? What's that, pork?
This is dispatch.
Route me to Trieste, all right?
Arrange for a doctor with supplies.
where do you want him?
I'll let you know.
Global News Network, Munich.
International Affairs Producer.
International, Halloran.
I want you to know that
they have been hiding the facts.
Freight 4402 is carrying a nuclear
Who is this?
I'll call again.
You're not going to believe this. Guys?
Cream, no sugar.
Mmm. Mm-hmm.
Philpott.- Malcolm.
Sir.-C.W., hang on.
It's GNN... they want to know
if there's a bomb on the train.
Just cover it up.
Yes, C.W., sorry.
Leitzig's wavering... I asked him
about the possibility of two bombs.
I'm playing hardball.
It could backfire.
Help! Help!
Get a doctor! Now!
Don't you die, you son of a...
Help's comin', Franz.
There is no such number.
Please consult
your international operator.
Oh, man.
Benin gave us a bogus number.
I can't even call out.
He's left us to die.
You're not going to die.
No! Huh-uh! No!
He's too young! Get me an old guy,
a real old guy. I want a doctor.
Come on.
So much for an agent on board.
You make me wait five minutes,
and I kill this man.
What are your demands?
Is there a nuclear bomb
on the train?
Where's the goddamn doctor?
Is there a bomb?
Would you like to make
a statement?
Go on.
What group do you represent?
When will you release the hostages?
Is it true you are Red Brigade?
Aren't you American?
Stop! Stop right there.
Open your coat.
All right.
Do you have a nuc...
As the siege of hijacked
German train 4402 continues,
the question of how to deal
with an increasingly desperate
situation remains unanswered.
The identity of the hijackers
is unclear, but reports confirm
at least one of the killers
is an American.
One German hostage
has managed to escape...
Karl, why the hell did you do this?
Benin promised unlimited money
if I made him a bomb.
It was an excuse,
and I used it as an excuse,
just to see if I could do it.
But then, he demanded another
and that's when I was irradiated
by his inferior equipment.
Did you finish the second one?
Who is this Benin?
General Konstantin Benin.
It was he who sent the killer.
And where is he now?
I don't know, but get him
and I will tell you anything.-Yeah.
What?! No, English! English!
He'll die unless he gets full
medical care.
Alex, I want... I want off.
No. No, no, stay. I need you.
No, not if I won't drive.
Mr. Tierney?- Patch him up!
I've just talked to my people,
and we can offer you a deal.
Yeah, right.- Now listen...
You're about to cross into Slovenia,
and you haven't committed
any crimes there.
So just give up,
and they will let you walk.
Thank you so much for your concern,
Malcolm, but I don't think so.
But really, thank you for offering.
Mr.Tierney, you stay on that train,
you're a dead man.
So how'd you get to be
such a crackerjack shot?
Do you really care?
I bet you were army.
Biathlon... skiing and shooting...
For the US Olympic team.
We get a medal?- Bronze.
Oooh-eee. You going again?
No, I have another career now.
Uh-huh, what's that?
Sergei, are Russian men
as narrow, rude and charmless
as our redneck
gentleman farmer here?
Redneck? What is redneck?
Hey, I was only getting some
background information on you.
If I'd asked him the same questions,
would have he got into such a tizzy?
I know that Philpott thinks you're
great, but I can't imagine why.
Well, Sabrina,
that's why you ain't boss.
Hey, come on, I'm only kidding.
Mike, I saved your ass in that boxcar.
That you did.
But I bet before this gig's over,
I repay the compliment.
God, you are so arrogant.
Hey, remember...
Only the young die good.
Leitzig's confirmed it.
He made two bombs, both
for a General Konstantin Benin.
Good. Good work, Doctor.
Thank you.
Dispatch, I want Belgrade.
Switching to Belgrade.
That routes you
through Slovenia.
Good news, bad news.
We're all on headsets, sir.
There are two devices... two.
We don't know where the second one
is. It's probably not on the train.
Any change in plans?
I think that Tierney
is considering our deal.
Now keep following the train,
but give him room.
Philpott out.
Sir... Yolanda on the coded phone.
Ms. Sanchez.
Every Russian officer authorized
to use that weapons account
checked out... except one.
Now let me guess...
General Konstantin Benin.
Right.- Where's Benin now?
Nobody knows, not even the Russians.
Thank you, Ms. Sanchez.
That's it.
Men's room.
The death train continues
its mysterious path...
Mmm, what's on your mind?
We were wondering,
does Tierney know
that the gadget might have
a remote detonator?
Well, it's worth tossing around.
With all the bashing
he's been taking,
he must be pretty well roasted by now.
All right, well, you keep
playing the mind games
and we'll tail him through Slovenia.
Will do.- Uh-huh.
Public Affairs.
It's Sabrina. Run this number.
It's from a payphone in Zagreb.
Got it.
Find out the last number called...
Rodenko was the one who made it.
A private call?-Yes.
I got to go, okay? Thanks, bye.
Freight 4402 remains
somewhat of a mystery.
Thinking of quitting?
No, I'm on course.
Rodenko tells me you're
negotiating with the police.
Fuck you, you commie sack of shit.
You're dumpin' out on me.
I can't even call you.
What's your phone number?
That's for security. Now
you stay loyal, you understand?
What's your goddamn
phone number?
Hey, drive this thing! Drive it!
- What?!
- Mr.Tierney...
Screw you.
I was just wondering,
did you know that your bomb
could be detonated by remote?
Just a phone call.
If we knew who was behind this,
we could block any incoming call.
But I'd like to bet that you can't
take that bomb off the hook.
Halloran, please.
The bomb... it is a 3-kilogram
plutonium construction.
The plutonium was stolen from
the Norton nuclear power plant
by Dr. Karl Leitzig,
who also built the bomb.
It is on Freight 4402.
I will reveal its destination
in due course.
Hey, who is this?
Are the facts clear?
Yeah, I got 'em.
Hey, Captain Crunch, take us closer.
What are you doing?- Evaluating.
We will all die sometime.
Oh, Karl, Karl... give me a break.
We're trying to save lives here.
Very well.
The most difficult thing
is the nuclear trigger.
My hardest task was to make sure
that they produce an absolutely
symmetrical detonation.
General Benin got the triggers.
They were 1990s
Soviet designs, yeah?
And that keypad...
Enters the detonation code.
And after one minute... poof.
It is irreversible.
Once the bomb starts,
only I can stop it.
So how do you disable
those triggers?
Dr. Whitlock,
I must save something...
Otherwise you will
just leave me to die.
A bomb on the train? GNN's
Roger Flint reports from Italy.
Unconfirmed reports have
suddenly escalated the situation
on hijacked Freight 4402,
now in Slovenia.
GNN believes there is a homemade
nuclear bomb on board the train.
All right, no one's screwing with us.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
The actual construction
of the bomb seems
to have been carried out
somewhere in Germany.
Well, that changes the game.
Sir, they've pinpointed the number
of the payphone call
Sabrina sent in... Munich.
Rodenko called Munich?-Yeah.
It's a cellular listed
to Blumen aus Deutschland.
No exact address.
Tell the Munich police.
How long are we going
to follow this maniac?
Until we're ordered otherwise.
I don't think Sir Philpott
is capable of making a decision.
But you are?
UNACO chopper, Philpott here.
People, how are we holding up?
Oh, just peachy.
Sir, out in the field it is apparent
we need to make
a more aggressive stance.
Oh, Ms. Carver, that call
you made proved to be unfriendly.
Got it.
Good hunting. Philpott out.
land us on the roof
of the last car... now!
They'll kill us, Rodenko!
They won't kill me.
Do it!
- No! No!
- Next time I'll kill you!
Nail him!
Kolchinsky. Kolchinsky!
He's unconscious.- Holy shit!
Now what? Can you fly
one of these things, too?
That one.-What, this one?
Oh God, I guess not.
Come on, Crunch, come on!
Come on, Crunch, wake up!
Mike! Pedals, Mike!
I'm pedaling, Crunch, I'm pedaling.
Crunch, come on, man.
Okay, you're okay.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Crunch, come on! Come on.
You're okay! You're okay.
You got it?-You bet.
This is to record my intentions,
should I fail or should I die.
My name is General Konstantin Benin
of the former Soviet Union.
The hijacking of Freight 4402
was my doing.
The building of a nuclear bomb
was my plan.
It was not my intention to arm Iraq.
It was my intention
to revive the Soviet Union.
When the last coup failed, nerve failed.
But when the world hears
that a nuclear bomb is
in the hands of Iraq fanatics,
then the Russian army
will be forced to invade
to recover the bomb
for Russian security.
And then, with our army mobilized,
our nerve will not fail
and there will be a new union...
A military union.
What are they doing?
Don't you know I've got the bomb?
We've got the bomb.
I know the code.
I can blow us all to hell.
You want proof?
I can blow us all to hell!
Alex, they believe you!
They damn sure will.
Hey, Philpott.
This is Philpott.
What about my offer?
No, listen, this is my demand.
I want everybody on Earth to know
that I've got this bomb,
so here's what you're going to do...
You get GNN.
I want GNN on this train,
and we'll show the world
that I'm not bluffing.
GNN? You mean a reporter?
Yeah... that curly-haired dude,
that cocky guy, whats-his-name?
By the awesome destructive
power of nuclear weapons.
Roger Flint?- Roger Flint, right.
I want Roger Flint on the train.
I'll pick him up in Belgrade.
Roger Flint.
No, he never saw me.
First I had on the gas mask,
and then in the tunnel
it was too dark.
All right. GNN's Roger Flint
has agreed to do it
as long as he gets an exclusive.
And so, Ms. Carver, you are
to be his camerama... person.
Philpott out.
Ms. Yamamuro, what's the word
on Benin's phone line?
Munich police have a good lead.
We need more than that.
You know about video cameras?
How hard could it be?
Hi. You Pierre?- Ah.
Mike Graham. This thing
still gonna take pictures?
Certainly. You get one shot.
It's for me.
Just one?
Best we can do if you want video.
Stealth video... yeah.
As I wait for the approaching train,
I can say that I have never
covered a story like this.
Yugoslav army troops stand ready
should the hijackers
provoke an armed response.
Though I've been assured that
due to the delicate nature of...
Jeez, what did you step in,
I hear it.
Just quit flickin'
your foot around, all right?
She'll be comin'
around the mountain
She'll be comin' around
the mountain, when she comes...
Now release the vacuum advance
in number two cylinder.
Right, I got it.
He's coming in too fast.
Here it comes.
Freight 4402, approaching us now
at Belgrade Station.
It appears to be having
difficulty stopping.
Brake. Brake harder.
Yeah, I can drive this thing.
The hijackers are motioning us
toward the locomotive.
I can see Dr. Serafal Menigen
held at gunpoint by Alex Tierney.
I recognize you.- I'm Roger Flint.
Right, Roger Flint, GNN.
Who's that?
Lois Dobbs, GNN video.
Come on.
Right, she's on board. Go, go!
All aboard underneath.- Splendid.
Go on, it's in there. Watch your head.
Crunch, you okay?-Yeah.
I thought you wanted
to show your bomb.
Shut up! Keep moving. It's in there.
It's right here, Roger. Fine, good.
Is that on?- Not yet. Roger?
Turn it on. Get this is the shot.
You got this in the shot?
Yes, sir.
And we hope, within moments,
to uplink with Roger Flint
live aboard Freight 4402.
I'm set.- All right, good. Go ahead.
You ready to uplink, Lois?-Yes, sir.
Okay. Three, two, one.
We are now inside Freight 4402,
heading southeast.
Next to me is AlexTierney,
leader of the hijackers.
Our Geiger counter confirms...
Look at Tierney.
Radioactive material
within this ominous steel box.
I'd speculate that the guarded
nature of law enforcement...
Whatever! Hello, world,
this is "Mondo" Tierney.
I have the bomb...
and I'm prepared to blow myself up
before being taken prisoner.
Now, I'm not insane,
and I'm not acting alone.
This is a covert operation
designed to rein...
Tierney's hit!
Get down!
Crunch!- One man, up front.
Michael? Kolchinsky?
Are you there?
UNACO, come in! Anyone!
Yeah, okay. We're okay.- Good.
Come in, Michael.
What's happening?
We're secure. We've got
some wounded down here.
Hurry with medical.
On its way, Michael.
Do svidanya,
We've got a situation here...
The bomb's counting down.
C.W., I need
the defusing sequence now.
Karl, it's counting down.
Technical difficulties.
Need that sequence... no bull.
Karl, do you understand?
It's counting down.
In this order only.
Black, blue...
Malcolm... black, blue...
green, yellow...
green, yellow...- Black, blue...
25, 24, 23...-, yellow...
22, 21, 20.
Michael, orange.
I got that. There's two left.
Wait, wait. Orange...
white, red.
Karl, are you sure?- No.
It's probably white and red.
Probably white and red.
Six, five...
four, three, two, one.
The camera working?
We are hoping to regain our uplink
with Roger Flint and his crew
inside the train.
Ah, we can see activity
outside one of the boxcars.
Michael, the glass is only half empty.
Oh, really, how's that?
Well, Benin's second bomb
needs your attention.
Now?- I can think of no better time.
You and Ms. Carver will be
picked up in five minutes.
Destination: Munich.
Just peachy. Just peachy.
Come on, it's not that bad.- Okay?
You got two legs.
No longer a catastrophic threat,
no longer a rolling hell,
the death train waits, empty.
German railway officials...
Yes, thank you.
The phone company's completed
the tap on Benin's cellular.
One second from oblivion.
For every living thing within miles,
it came down
to that one critical second.
Authorities have just confirmed that
the bomb Karl Leitzig constructed
would have indeed detonated.
German craftsmanship.
Karl, what about the second bomb?
Estimates on loss
of life from the blast...
up to five million people.- Karl.
And from the fallout
and subsequent radiation...
another 20 million people.- Karl.
Many of those casualties
would have suffered burns...
blindness, and eventually, cancer.
Here we go. On speaker.
General, if you are watching GNN,
you know the second device is reliable.
My people in Iraq will take delivery.
Meet me at 34 Zendlinge Strasse
in one hour.
I will have it.
Signed, sealed and delivered.
Philpott calling UNACO 1.
UNACO 1, go ahead.
It's Philpott.
I'm faxing you a firm location
for Benin's exchange.
It's a residential district in Munich.
How'd you get it, sir?
Off Benin's cellular.
Munich police are covering.
You'll just make it.
Sir, he'd never do that.
I beg your pardon?
Benin knows we have his number.
It's got to be a bluff.
It's all we have. You just be there.
If I bought a bomb, I'd fly it out, fast.
Hmm, are you doubting the chief?
How many airports around Munich
can handle private jets?
Besides the international? One.
Let's go there.- Okay.
No way... no, no, no, no way.
Get permission.
Yeah, well, we're on a snipe hunt.
Snipe? What's that?
Damned if I know.
10 years in Kentucky
and I never saw one.
You know, I remember...
I think it was Panama...
There was this hot-shot
lieutenant and he had...
Wait! Wait! Shhh, shh!
You were lucky.- I was smart.
That's a Russian uniform.
Uh-huh, uh-huh. Okay.
Raoul, patch me to Philpott.
Phil, remember that time in Argentina?
You found them!
Just like I said.
We're going to lay low
until we get backup, okay?
Give me your exact location.
You will fly us out of here now!
Go, go! Okay, go, go!
Cover me!
Close the rear door!
Drop the gun!
A clip! Where's a clip?
Oh, damn!
There you go! Here we go!
Come on! All right.
I'm out of ammo.
Where's Benin?- I nailed him.
Now we're even on the box car.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, shit.
No. No way!
Oh God. Think it's got
the same diffusing sequence?
I don't know, I gotta believe so.
Black, blue...
green... Oh God, Michael.
Whoever is hearing this,
I give you the rest of your life.
Yeah, I knew it all along.
You too, huh?
Oh. Oh, yeah.
Oh yeah.
Michael? Michael, come in, will you?
Damn it, what is going on?
Ms. Carver... somebody... answer.
What a night.
What a day.
I wonder who won Daytona.