Death Trance (2005) Movie Script

Did you hear?
He's close by.
The coffin man!
The coffin that grants your wishes!
Does it really grant wishes?
He kills people for a hobby...
...and once, he declared war on his
own and destroyed an entire country.
By himself?
That's right. By himself?
He uses a gun
What does he look like?
I've heard he's more than ten
times the average man's height.
Isn't that too big?
He's probably not human.
He's a monster.
He has a child with him, but I've
heard that's just for him to eat.
Inside the coffin are all the
heads of the people he killed.
I thought the coffin could grant wishes.
No, that's wrong. There
are treasures inside.
Anyway, it's just him.
Doesn't it mean we have luck on our
side with the coffin out of the temple?
Are you all right? What happened here?
The coffin...
Who took the coffin?
Who were they?
It was one man...
One man?
Don't tell me just one
man took the coffin!
Yes, he did...
When the seal of the coffin has been
broken, the end of the world will come.
He must be stopped at any cost.
Go. Pursue the man.
You got anything to eat?
Yes, sir. You got anything to eat?
Give me all you've got.
Yes, sir. Give me all you've got.
Oh, and that one, too.
Give me your strongest stuff.
Oh, maybe it's that way...
You're the monk from the East Temple?
Where's the coffin?
Can't you speak?
I hate monks.
Need some help?
Before you run away, tell me...
- What?
Have you seen a man dragging
a coffin around here?
- I don't know!
Bull's eye.
I thank you for saving my life but...
I don't approve of your
meaningless killings.
You can only say that
while you're alive.
You're looking for the
coffin guy, too, right?
Be careful.
People around here hate monks.
Those who went to the East Temple
to rob the coffin never came back.
I heard that the monks killed them
and turned them into stone statues.
Isn't that considered killing?
It is to protect the coffin.
Protecting the coffin is important
enough to make monks kill, huh?
By the way...
I gotta say you're one sorry
wimp for a monk from that temple.
That's not true.
Why are you mad?
I am not.
Are too. I am not.
I'm sorry.
Where did you get that coffin?
Is he THE coffin guy?
Did you get that from the East Temple?
He doesn't look so tough.
You got a problem?
What are you gonna do about it?
Our temple has been protecting that
coffin for over a hundred years.
Many tried to get their
hands on the coffin...
...but no one ever took
it out of the temple...
Until that man showed up...
Um, excuse me... Are you listening?
Are you listening?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm also after the coffin.
Makes me want to thank that
man for dragging the coffin...
...from that invulnerable temple.
All I need to do now is to kill him.
Why do you seek the coffin?
Don't act like you don't know anything.
That coffin grants you all your wishes.
Everybody knows that.
My mission is to take the
coffin back to the temple.
What can a monk like you possibly do?
To rob the coffin all by himself?
He must be very strong.
I wonder what he looks like.
During my travels,
I heard rumors that...
...he was three times the
height of a man, enjoys...
Oh, I'm sorry. Go on.
He enjoys killing people and
is a monster that eats children.
What's so funny?
You can't be serious.
Are you trying to scare me or something?
You can say that because
you haven't seen him.
Have you seen him?
Let me tell you something.
It's not about the coffin man...
...but there lives a monster in
the forbidden forest in the west.
But nobody's ever seen him.
Just like your temple,
nobody's lived to tell about it.
Let's play...
Let's play...
Let's play...
Let's play...
Let's play...
What is this?
Take this sword and pursue the man!
I can't use a sword!
Besides, I'm just an apprentice
monk. I am not suited...
...for such an important duty.
If you cannot use the sword,
look for the one who can.
The one who is chosen by the sword,
the one who can stop the destruction!
Find him!
That's some strange looking
sword you have there.
Let me see.
I can't draw it. It's useless!
Um, can you tell me where we're heading?
I thought we're looking for
the coffin man, aren't we?
Will you be quiet?
I'm sorry...
We're heading to the forbidden forest in
the west to find the coffin, of course...
The forbidden forest in the west?
Wishes are granted if
you take the coffin there.
Your wishes will not be granted...
What's wrong with you?
Why do you have to ruin
someone's dream like that?
You know what's really
inside that coffin, don't you?
You don't want to tell me, huh? that case I
won't ask you anymore...
...but I am going to
get that coffin from him!
Can you really do that?
I'm doing it because I believe I can.
If you have any doubts,
then go back to your temple!
When did you...
Please give it back!
Do you know what this sword is?
That is something that our
temple has had for generations.
Give it back!
If you don't know what this
sword is... Give it back!'s useless.
You can't unsheathe this sword, can you?
I will borrow this sword.
You won't be needing it yet.
Give it back!
Wait, wait!
Please hold on a minute!
I'm not your enemy.
I'm looking for the man with a coffin.
Please wait.
He's a cruel, barbaric, vicious
man looking like a monster.
Have you seen him?
Is he powerful?
He might not even be human.
Where is he?
I'm looking for him, I
don't know where he is.
Well then, let me
know when you find him.
I'll take him on.
Excuse me...
Help me look for it!
What are you looking for?
A coffin.
A coffin?
Hey. You gonna keep following me?
Didn't you hear me?
It's annoying. Get lost!
Did you really steal the
coffin from the temple?
You have anything to eat?
- No...
You're lying.
No. You're lying.
I'm so hungry.
If you're the coffin man,
how did you lose the coffin?
Did somebody steal it from you?
I just lost it.
I stole it because I heard
it would grant wishes...
Did you also believe that rumor?
The one where your wishes are
granted if you open the coffin?
But it's not true.
A long time ago, there existed a
ferocious goddess in the heavens...
A ferocious goddess?
Is she powerful?
She repeatedly destroyed
and slaughtered...
...and was banished from
the heavens to this world...
Since then, this world
continuously has battles...
...because of the conflict
the goddess created.
The Archbishop told me.
Conflict provokes another conflict,
and these struggles continue endlessly.
Power is meaningless... Don't you agree?
- What did you do that for?
Your stories are too long.
Shut up!
You didn't have to hit me...
You're the one who asked me...
If I destroy this...
What happened?
Was it you? Did you take my coffin?
Why are you smiling?
You're creeping me out.
Since you have that sword...
Why don't you use it?
Oh, this?
Draw the sword. Then I'll play with you.
That's great. Let's play.
It's not fun killing when
you're not on top of your game.
I'll give you back the sword.
I guess I wasn't the chosen one.
Are you OK?
I'm hungry...
Give me something to eat...
Who is this guy?
Seems to be the coffin
man we were after.
Hey, let's play!
Let's play!
Let's play!
Hey, let's play! Come on.
Let's play!
I want to play more! Come on, wake up!
Let's play!
Is he broken? Let's play!
You lose.
It's over.
No good.
You're weak.
Let's play more!
He's broken.
He is DONE!
He can't move.
He's done.
Shut up.
Are you OK?
Where did she go?
She went to the forest in
the west with the coffin.
Which way is west?
What took you so long?
I was eating.
Excuses? Funny.
Is it?
Don't disappoint me this time.
Let's make it grand!
Is that all you've got?
I don't need it.
You haven't awakened yet.
It's not fun killing when
you're not on top of your game.
You can't win yet...
Do you know why?
This sword is only to be
drawn by the chosen one...
...which means...
Shut up.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play. Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play.
We're happy because
we won, Hanaichi-Monme
We're sad because we
lost, Hanaichi-Monme
Hello neighbor, why
don't you come over here?
I can't, because there's
a monster outside.
Put a pot on your head
and come over here.
I can't, because I don't have a pot.
Put a blanket on your
head and come over here.
I can't, because the blanket has a hole.
We want that kid.
Which kid is it?
We want this kid.
Which kid is it?
Let's make a trade.
Yes, let's make a trade.
Get down here.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Are you OK?
Do I look like OK?
Untie me.
Come on. Hurry up!
That man saved me...
The coffin man?
It's dangerous beyond here...
You should give up.
I'm prepared for it.
Even if a monk lectures, none of them
will understand what you're saying.
That man doesn't understand
what I'm saying either.
Well, I can't go on...
...but if a wish is to be granted...
Please revive my daughter...
It's endless. I guess
it's time to use it...
You're letting me have
some fun, aren't you?
Open the gate! Please, open it!
At last we're here.
What's going on?
Who are you and who is he?
Who is the girl?
What am I supposed to do?
It's the end of the world!
You do know, don't you?
Inside the coffin lies...
...the Goddess of Destruction.
A long time ago, the Goddess of
Destruction dropped me to this earth.
Destruction is a mere game to her.
And the sword chooses the man to
play the game with the Goddess.
But he hasn't awakened yet.
It was ludicrous to think
that I could stop him.
That's it.
He's about to bring the Goddess
of Destruction back to life...
A sealed goddess will one
day wake and act up again.
A new world starts once
the goddess perishes.
What are you saying?
It's too early for you to give up.
Your mission has not yet ended.
You again.
There's the Goddess of
Destruction inside the coffin!
If you release the goddess,
this earth will be destroyed!
Sounds like fun.
This is my mission!
You can grant any wishes, right?
Then bring me someone who's
the most powerful in this world.
I want to fight.
I exist to destroy.
I can destroy anything you desire.
Then destroy me!
My mission... not over yet!
Oh great!
Did the Goddess of
Destruction go to the heavens?
Is there any hope?
He is the hope.