Death Valley (2021) Movie Script

[ Roaring ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Roaring ]
Voice on speaker:
Lockdown begins in 60 seconds.
[ Speaking foreign language]
[ Gasping ]
Voice on speaker:
Lockdown begins in 30 seconds.
[ Gunshot]
Voice on speaker:
Lockdown begins.
Voice on speaker:
[ Speaking foreign language]
Voice on speaker: Five, four...
[ Speaking foreign language]
Voice on speaker: Three, two...
- Please, no!
- Lockdown is in effect.
[ Speaking foreign language]
[ Panting ]
[ Growling ]
[ Moaning ]
[ Growling ]
[Whimpering ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
Don't leave me!
Don't leave me! Don't leave me!
Let me go!
Don't leave me!
[ Growling ]
[ Screams ]
[ Grunting ]
Don't leave me!
[ Growling ]
[ Screams ]
[ Screaming ]
Voice on speaker:
Lockdown in effect for 24 hours.
Voice on speaker:
[ Speaking foreign language]
[ Electricity buzzing ]
The facility is under attack,
and has been put into lockdown.
I'm still inside.
Everyone else is dead.
If you want Adam and all
of his research,
get me out of here!
In 24 hours, these doors
will unlock
and you'll lose Adam forever.
[ Groans ]
[Water running ]
[ Growling ]
Come on!
[ Growling ]
[ Growling ]
[ Clangs ]
[ Snarls ]
[ Growling ]
[ Growling ]
[ Helicopter chuffing ]
[ Cellphone rings]
Oh, boy.
Hey, babe. How's it going?
Not good.
I can't keep anything down.
I started cleaning the nursery,
and then I started on the crib,
and now none of the bolts
will fit into any of the holes.
I'm pretty sure
we're just having one.
Wait, why are you in your gear?
You're supposed to be
coming home today.
I know. It's just one more job.
- What? No.
- Hear me out, here, alright?
This one job, it's going to pay
for us
to be able to buy a house
in Kingston, alright?
I'm talking about
a nicer neighborhood.
This is going to be
a better school,
this is going to be
better everything, alright?
And it's all meaningless
if you die out there
and don't come back to us.
Babe, I'm going to come back,
I promise.
How much is it?
James: It's a lot of money.
Marshall needs me
for one more job,
and then that's it, babe,
we're done.
I don't care
what Marshall needs.
You've told him, right?
No. No, I haven't told him yet.
You need to tell him.
I need you to choose me
over him.
Junior: Oh, James!
Please go home so I don't
have to do to this anymore.
I don't want to do it anymore.
Jess: If it makes a difference
between you coming home or not,
leave that one behind.
Hey, when you going to
tell him the truth, huh?
You know that baby's mine.
Fuck off, junior!
James: Alright, I got to go.
Okay. Call me when you get back.
I will call you the second
I'm done, alright?
I love you.
So, what did you
have to tell me?
- What?
- On the phone, Jess.
She said, "so, did you
tell him?"
What did you have to tell me?
[ Laughs] Don't worry,
I already know
what you were going to ask.
Really, what was I going to ask?
[ Imitating vito corleone]
You want me to be
your daughter's godfather.
Oh, good.
Oh, she's back
to being mine now? Okay!
You were a father
for all of two seconds.
[ Normal voice] Hey,
I'm just surprised
you haven't asked me yet.
You know, with all of
my qualifications and whatnot.
You realize a godfather has to
be willing to make sacrifices,
maybe give up their own life.
You're not willing to die
for anyone.
Hey, dude, I would die for you.
Junior, you have one redeeming
quality, you're honest.
Don't lose it.
That's all you've got.
Well, shit.
And here I was thinking
my only redeeming quality
is that I'm an absolute
beast in bed.
Again, why are you lying?
Why aren't you telling me, man?
Alright, brokeback,
couple's therapy's over.
Let's go.
- [ Engine starts ]
- Okay.
James: It's nothing.
Don't worry about it, aright?
Let's go.
You know, if it wasn't
too inconveniencing,
I would at least
try and save you.
Redeeming quality.
[ Plane engine buzzing ]
- Junior.
- [ Muffled music plays]
Hey, we're going through
another run through. Join us.
What is there to run through?
We save the pretty scientist,
The pretty scientist
falls in love with me,
we make some memories,
we have some laughs,
she quits being a scientist
to be the mother of my children.
Rachel: You forgot about
the mini army
that's invading the facility.
Right, the angry militia
that are trying to get
in the front door,
but they can't because
it's nuclear grade?
The ultimate cock block.
Simple, we go in through
the rear,
sneak in through the back door.
Hmm? No one knows we're there
until boom,
the fireworks happen.
Marshall, you do realize
that not everything
is about sex, right?
Everything is about sex
though, rach, except for sex,
which is about everything else.
[ Clicks tongue]
Rachel: Listen up.
Eight hours ago, our benefactor,
samyaza institute,
received a distress call
from one of their compounds
in bosvania.
The compound is
a bio-research lab
that is on the cutting edge
of unlocking the human genome.
A hostile militia tried
storming the compound,
resulting in high
civilian casualties.
The compound is currently
on lockdown,
with enemy militia on
the outside trying to break in.
They have numbers, resources,
and artillery.
If alerted to our location,
the artillery could end us
before we even get started.
They have men searching
the forest for another way in,
so it's important
to be on high alert.
The call came from the only
surviving scientist.
The mission is to enter
the facility,
rescue the scientist with the
research, and exit undetected.
Currently we have
a team on the ground,
and they found
two escape tunnels.
I will join Alpha,
and enter the facility
to locate the scientist.
You two will join bravo, Moses
and preacher, and cover our six.
The mission is simple.
Enter the compound
without alerting enemy militia,
and exit through
the secondary escape tunnel.
In 24 hours, a helicopter will
arrive at our lz for extraction.
If you aren't there
when it lands,
you're walking out on your own.
You know, just saying here,
if we were offered a job,
and my ex was the employer,
I would let you know
that vital information
before we signed the contract.
And I'm just saying
that I did say that.
When? When did you say that?
When I introduced you,
and I said,
"hey, this is Rachel.
We go way back."
What? No, I thought you guys
were stationed together.
Like, you got positioned
Listen, dude, it's all good.
Rachel's cool, okay?
We ended the relationship
Oh, that's good to hear.
[ Metal detector beeping ]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the fuck's this guy
doing out here?
This isn't good.
It's okay.
We're not going to shoot you.
- This is not okay.
- You don't have to run.
He's going to run.
Junior: There he goes,
he's running.
James: This is bravo.
We've been compromised.
We've got a runner.
I repeat, we have a runner.
He's moving southwest.
Move to intercept.
Move to intercept before
he alerts the enemy militia.
Junior: Do you see him?
Do you see him?
- [ Grunting ]
- Shut up.
Shut up, or we'll kill you.
Moses: Well, well, well.
Beckett, Marshall.
We've been here less than
five minutes,
and already the enemy
knows our position.
You may have just killed us.
Do you speak English?
Alright, who wants to kill him?
What are you doing here, kid?
We don't have time for this.
He has a metal detector.
What do you think he's looking
for, bottle caps?
He's looking for the hatch.
James: So, we tie him up.
Listen, kid, I don't
want to hurt you,
but I can't have you telling
your friends where we are.
Do you understand?
Now give me your hands.
Prisoner: They're coming.
The nephilim's coming.
Yeah? Well, we'll get him, too.
Rachel: This is Alpha.
We've entered the facility.
Starting our search
for the scientist.
Going radio silent.
See you on the other side.
Alright, boys. Do your thing.
[ Beeping ]
[ Explosion]
Rachel: Keep your eyes peeled.
We don't know
what we're walking into.
X. Cheng: Hey, rach,
something's not right.
I don't like this.
[ Grunting ]
Rachel: Hey, keep your hands up
and turn around.
What the fuck?
[ Screeches ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Grunt]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Bomb falling ]
- [ Bomb falling ]
- Guys, move!
[ Explosions]
[ Grunting ]
Run! Guys, run! Fast!
Move, move, move, move!
- [ Gunshots]
- Everybody, move now!
[ Gunshots ]
We're being fucking ambushed!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Grunts]
[ Bomb falling ]
[ Explosion]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Gunfire]
[ Groans ]
Beck! Beck! Beckett!
They've got me pinned!
Beck! Suppress your fire!
Suppress your fire!
[ Bomb falling ]
[ Explosion]
Beckett! Beckett,
they've got me pinned!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Bomb falling ]
[ Explosion]
[ Gunshots ]
Beckett, they've got me pinned!
[ Explosions]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Radio static]
[ Gunshot]
Junior: Fuck!
Fuck, this was exactly what
we weren't supposed to do.
Is Moses all right?
He's gone. Beck, we've
got to get out of here.
This place is going to be
crawling with militia.
[ Groans ]
I got you, preach. I got you.
I'm with you.
[ Grunting ]
Shit, how is he?
Looks like it's clean through.
I need a couple minutes,
but I can fix it.
Junior: We don't have
a minute, Beck. Let's go.
Just keep an eye out, alright?
Moses is dead, and he's
staying here, too. Let's go.
Hold that for me, preach.
This is going to hurt.
- Junior: I see movement.
- You're going to be okay.
He's not going to be okay.
None of us are going to be okay!
We are vulnerable out here
in the middle of the woods.
- We need to...
- Alright, I'm not leaving, okay?
If you want to leave,
then do it,
but I'm not leaving him behind.
Yeah, yeah, I see you.
Beck, we're out of time.
There's a hole
two feet right there.
Preach, we're going to
put you in that hole.
We'll come back for you, yeah?
Let's go.
James: Alright, let's go.
[ Grunting ]
You can hide here.
It'll be safe.
They won't see you.
I'll come back for you.
Olek: They can't have gone far.
Spread out, find them.
[Jonah sobbing ]
[ Sobbing ]
[Shouting in native language]
Jonah: Where are you?
- What do you see?
- Jonah: Show yourself!
I think we killed family.
Jonah: Come on!
Olek: I have one here.
[ Speaking foreign language]
Junior: Oh, shit.
Don't move.
James: I thought you
said he was dead.
Junior: Yeah, I thought
he was dead.
[ Screaming ]
[ Gunshot]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Olek shouting
in native language]
Olek: Surrender now,
and we will kill you quickly.
Spread out. Find them.
They have a dog. Take the shot.
You sure you want to start
this gunfight right now?
Take the shot, or he's dead.
He's already dead, Beckett.
Take the damn shot.
Cover my six.
Here we go.
[ Gunshot]
There they are!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Militia yelling ]
[ Gunshots ]
Move over to the left.
[ Gunshots ]
[ Explosion]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
Olek: There's only two of them.
Cover me!
[ Gunshot]
- Junior: Go around!
- Cover!
Junior: Go around!
[ Gunshots ]
I got two magazines.
We need to move, Marshall.
[ Gunshots ]
Move, move!
We got to get to
the high ground.
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
Last mag!
I'm down to side arm.
There's a ravine up ahead.
We have to jump!
There's... there's a cliff!
Cliff! Water!
We have to jump!
You want me to jump off a cliff?
That's your best idea?
Yes! Yes, that's the best idea.
You got a better one?
No, no, I like it, cowboy.
[ Gunshots ]
[ Explosions]
[Water rushing ]
[ Screaming ]
[ No audible dialogue]
- You find them?
- No.
Downstream. It won't be long.
Keep your distance.
Let them lead us
to the entrance.
We will deal with them then.
James: Junior, where are you?
Junior: Hey, Beck.
[ Grunting ]
Over here.
Fucking hell, man.
Junior: So, farmer Beckett,
what's the plan now?
- Beck?
- What?
I'm thinking.
Maybe you're thinking you should
have killed that kid, huh?
Pop, pop, we're in and out.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't
realize we came here
to kill kids, huh?
Is that how you roll?
That's how Marshall
does it, huh?
Kills kids, and he fucking
leaves his team behind?
What are you even talking about?
What do you think
I'm talking about?
You left Moses for dead, and
you made me leave preacher.
Yeah, I thought Moses was dead.
And as for preacher,
we gave him more
of a fighting chance than
they would have ever
fucking given us.
You can be mad at me
when we get home.
Yeah, if we get home.
How far are we from Alpha?
That river actually
saved us some time.
I imagine we're only
a couple clicks out now.
So, we follow the Ridge line.
If we're below them,
we just carry on
and hope Alpha had better luck.
[ Militia yelling in distance]
This is it.
This is where we enter.
Junior: No, no, no, this
is where we meet them.
Well, they should have
been here by now.
Alpha's probably already
come and gone.
James: We can't keep
waiting here.
If those dogs catch us,
we're done.
What are you suggesting?
I say we enter the compound,
we meet up with Alpha,
we exit where they entered,
we haul ass from there.
No, no, no. We move on
to the pick up point.
Listen, listen. We can't
wait here anymore.
Sooner or later, those dogs
are going to find us,
and when they do, we're done.
Now listen, with any
luck, they're haven't...
Marshall! We can't
keep outrunning them.
Alright? We need to go
where they can't.
[ Dog barking in the distance]
Trust me. This is our
best option. Alright?
Lead the way, James.
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunting ]
You're sure this
is the right way?
Honestly, I'm not sure
of anything right now.
Junior: Those dogs
are getting pretty close.
We've kind of trapped
ourselves in here.
Yeah, well, let's hope I know
how to read a map.
I wouldn't trust you
to read a book.
[Yelling in the distance]
[ Grunting ]
James: Oh, shit.
- Junior: What?
- James: Shit.
- What is it?
- This doesn't make sense.
I know it's supposed to be here.
Well, is the map upside down?
No, the map's not upside down.
It's got to be...
Hey! Junior!
- What?
- James: I think I found it.
James: Get over here.
Give me a hand.
I think it's under the rocks.
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunts]
Olek: I hear you
not want to talk.
It's okay. I don't need
you to talk.
I need you to listen.
See that man there?
He not like you.
You killed his brother,
and this is not good.
He wants to kill you
very slowly.
If you help me, maybe
I put in good word,
and he kill you not
so slowly, yeah?
Who's in the bag?
Olek: He speaks!
His name was vitae.
You knew him?
Olek: Not well.
Once infection start, only
can be stopped by burn.
Olek: We have sealed main doors
and locked everyone inside,
but there are other
ways in and out.
You want me to show you
where the other entrance is.
Olek: Yes! We were searching
for them when you came
and killed our men.
We didn't shoot first.
Olek: I don't care who start.
Jonah, you care who shoot first?
Yes, Jonah not care either.
We need to work together.
[ Growling ]
[ Gunshot]
Open bag.
Now you see why anyone trying to
enter facility dangerous.
This get out, kill everything.
How do I know you're
telling the truth?
You don't.
But truth right in front.
You know that thing I was
supposed to tell you earlier?
This is my last job.
Tell you what, we get out of
here, it's my last job, too.
James: The wall.
That's convenient.
Yeah. Where's the body?
Let's hope these guns do us
better than the last guy.
So, you and Rachel, why
did you guys break up?
You, uh, you want
to do this now?
Yeah, I could use
the distraction.
She found out about
my condition.
What, you mean about your
emotional immaturity?
Junior: That's the one.
That, and she said
the sex was too good.
Yeah, that's always
a deal breaker.
[Growling in distance]
We should get going.
It won't be long before
they follow us in here.
I'm more worried about
what's already inside.
Here she is.
What the fuck?
James: Looks like they found
something in the ice.
Fuck the money,
let's get out of here.
Are you done playing detective,
because you're just typing
in random passwords.
No, stop touching stuff!
Man on recording:
The expedition to recover
subject n's body from
the glacier was a success.
But the human trials have
proved devastating.
The foreign blood acts
like a parasite,
and attacks the human DNA.
Atheory has arisen among
some of the scientists
that this specimen is
the biblical species
from the book of Enoch.
And if so, maybe we should have
left it in the ice. Maybe...
[ Recording stops]
Let me sum it up for you.
Man plays god and ends up
creating the fucking devil.
James: Do you remember
in Sunday school
when they used to teach us about
fallen angels and Noah's ark?
I think I missed that day.
James: The fallen angels raped
the daughters of men,
then they created this species
of monster called the nephilim
that would wage war on mankind.
Mankind had lost the battle,
and they were on the verge
of extinction when
Noah built the ark.
God sends a flood,
and he cleanses the world
of the abomination.
I definitely went to
a different Sunday school.
It's just supposed to
be a story, but...
So, what, these guys found
an alien in the ice,
and they're trying to
breed us with him?
[Growling in distance]
- You pull the drives.
- Yeah.
[ Growling ]
Dr. Chloe?
Dr. Chloe?
Dr. Chloe.
Hey, Marshall.
It's you from the past.
You're in a bunker with
a bunch of dead scientists
and maybe some kind
of biblical species,
so check your life choices.
[ Growling ]
[ Banging inside vents ]
Drop the axe.
Dr. Chloe?
It's okay.
Junior, I found her.
It's okay. I'm going to
get you out of here.
You need to be quiet.
They're attracted to sound.
[ Growling ]
Oh, fuck.
[ Roaring ]
[ Grunts]
[ Roaring ]
Junior, help!
[ Growling ]
What the fuck are you?
[ Screaming ]
Junior: Beck! Beckett!
[ Growling ]
Oh, shit!
[ Roaring ]
[ Gunshot]
[ Roaring ]
[ Gunshots ]
James: What the fuck is that?
- Did we get it?
- What is this thing?
- You all right?
- No, I'm not fucking all right.
They're coming.
They're coming.
What do you mean?
There's more of them?
We need to get out of here now.
Yeah, okay, we need to go.
[ Growling ]
- Ah, shit.
- What's wrong?
- They're coming in.
- Who's coming in?
You remember the bad guys
on the outside?
- Yeah?
- Well, now they're inside.
It looks like they're
trying to seal us in.
Anyone want to surrender?
Surrender? They will kill you.
They killed everyone.
Yeah, we already met
them on the way in.
- Chloe: What?
- It's right there.
We can't go this way.
I'm getting low on ammo.
Yeah, I only have a couple left.
Junior: Hey, I have an idea.
Why don't do humans
against non-humans?
[ Growling ]
[ Growling ]
Hey, help me up here.
Oh, come on.
[ Growling ]
I'm going to die,
we're all going to die.
- You know that?
- Yeah, yeah.
We're all going to die.
Let's go.
Anyone else think it's weird
that we're going into a vent
when we just saw one
go into a vent?
No? I'm talking to myself?
[ Growling ]
We've got to keep moving.
It's right below us.
We need to move.
Doc, we got to keep moving.
Junior on recorder:
It's you from the past.
You're in a bunker with a bunch
of dead scientists.
Shut that thing off!
Junior on recorder: So maybe
think about your life choices.
And you know what, check on
the Beckett's because...
Where is it? Where is it?
[ Roaring ]
Junior: Go! Go!
Junior: Keep moving,
keep moving!
Doctor, just move your ass.
Let's go!
[ Grunting ]
[ Gunshots ]
Junior: Let's go, Beck! Come on!
Get out of there!
Poke your head up,
I swear to god.
Come on, you son of a bitch.
Show yourself.
Are you good?
What the fuck are we doing here?
James: Fuck. Fucking
freak show down here.
[ Grunting ]
Are you good?
Are you good, Dr. Chloe?
Because we need some
fucking answers!
[ Retches]
Oh, hell no!
I've seen that before.
What are we doing here, cowboy?
[Yelling in the distance]
Just get me out of here. Please.
We're not fucking
leaving this room
until you start telling
us what's going on.
They're genetic hybrids.
Hybrids? Hybrids of what?
Part human, part...
Something else.
What's the something else?
We called it subject n.
We extracted its blood
and made Adam with it.
Can we go now?
This was that nephilim
shit you guys
were talking about outside.
Oh, god.
What the hell's
wrong with you people?
You find something
in the goddamn ice,
you leave it in the goddamn ice.
James: Here's what
we need to do.
We need to find the other
service entrance.
We go in through medical,
into engineering.
Hopefully along the way,
we find Alpha.
No, no, no, no.
Oh, what now?
I am not going down there.
Junior: Like he" you're
not going down there.
Why? Why don't you want
to go down there?
That's where Adam
started it all.
And I just spent the last
20 hours getting as far away
from there as possible.
How many of these
things are there?
This facility has 22 employees.
How many do you
think are infected?
All of them except one.
Junior: You're the one, right?
You're the one that's
not infected?
Wait, these things
are fucking people?
These are your people?
Maybe they're killing
each other.
There might be less
of them by now.
They don't attack their own.
James: That doesn't
change anything.
We still need to go
down that way.
The facility is on lockdown.
You couldn't go down
there if you wanted to.
We need to go up.
What is wrong with you?
We can't go back up.
The militia are up there.
They followed us in.
Why did you lead them
to the entrance then?
Who are you guys?
Oh, that's nice. Thanks.
Nice to meet you, too, okay?
Your calvary that you sent
a little message to,
your special ops team,
they're dead, and we're not.
And you're in the shit.
So, we're going down there,
with or without you.
James: The intel says
there's another tunnel
that leads out.
We find it, we find Alpha,
and we get out of here.
[ Retches]
Are you good?
[ Breathing heavily ]
I'm fine.
Sounds like they killed it.
Or maybe it killed them.
I think this is it.
Alright, who is this Adam, huh?
Why is he so important?
Adam was the first successful
hybrid created 30 years ago.
He was moved here
for containment
when he became unstable.
You guys put him in containment?
Junior: Come on, Beck,
how you doing?
Working on it.
Subject n's DNA had adverse
effects on adult DNA.
The only way to merge
the two genetic strains
is in an embryo.
Well, great, so he's
a test tube baby.
So, what happened to him?
Did you just hear? He didn't
get breast fed enough.
Nobody asked if he
was okay with being
a science experiment,
and he snapped.
That's what happened.
Okay. Moral of the story,
you have to have consent.
Got it.
Hey, hey! Stop right there!
Drop the gun
and put your hands up!
Do it, and do it now!
Now to the wall!
Move it! Move it now!
Let's go!
We're not alone in here.
No shit we're not alone in here.
Junior: There's something
alive down here,
and it's not human, okay?
We can team up.
No more talking!
Just keep your voice down.
The next one of you
who speaks gets a bullet
between the eyes.
I only need the girl.
The rest of you,
I could kill right now.
[ Screaming ]
Junior: I'm just
spit balling here.
The next time you send out
a distress call,
maybe mention there's a fucking
monster in here with you!
Having known that, I would
have prepared differently.
If you knew, you wouldn't
have come at all.
Junior: You got that right.
So, was that Adam?
Hey, was that Adam?
No, Adam is dead.
Olek killed him.
Olek? Who the hell's Olek?
He was in charge of keeping
Adam contained.
Junior: Oh, wow, huh?
Plot twist.
Caregiver kills the patient.
So, why is he sticking around?
He wants to weaponize Adam's
research, which I have.
Junior: Oh, she has
the research.
That's a little bit of
information that'd be nice
to know ahead of time, doctor.
Chloe: What's the plan
if we get out of here?
Helicopter picks us up,
and we leave this place
like a bad memory.
Okay, we need to follow
the water line to the hatch.
Where did you get this map?
- Chloe: Let's go!
- Sprinkler, sprinkler.
You guys, I have some more.
Which red pipe?
This whole room is red pipe.
I think it's this one.
Why do they make
the doors so small?
Junior: All right, what's next?
The next hatch is at
the end of this level.
Okay. That's simple
enough, yeah?
Let's go.
Shit. We've got a problem.
Yeah, seven feet tall,
likes to kill for fun?
Doesn't talk much,
has a thing for you?
Unless you're talking
about the redhead,
'cause I cancel my dibs.
We're going to come out on the
wrong side of this mountain.
We're not going to make
it to the l2 on time.
Okay. Uh, we find Alpha,
make sure he has a sat phone,
call in a different
extraction point.
And what happens if we can't
find your friends?
[Growling in distance]
I think I should lead
the way, yeah?
Yeah, well, I've got the map.
I should stay in front.
Besides, you have the gun.
[Watch beeps]
What does that mean?
Lockdown's over.
[ Grunting ]
Hey, rach, huh?
How are you doing?
[ Groans ]
Help me get her vest off.
- [ Groaning ]
- Careful.
Hey, you're going to be okay.
You're going to be okay.
Hey, you're going
to be fine, huh?
Yeah, yeah, we found her.
We found the scientist.
We're going home.
It's going to be fine.
What's happening to her?
She has a laceration
in her lower abdomen.
[ Rachel groaning ]
Junior: Oh, fuck. Okay, guys,
we've got to move.
We've got to move.
Rach, we're going to...
James: She can't.
She can't.
What do you mean?
[ Rachel groaning ]
Okay, okay.
It's going to be fine.
Huh? We're going
to get you home.
Can you help us, please?
It's too late.
Once you're infected,
there's nothing you can do.
The hell there isn't!
Help her out!
She's turning.
Hey, can you wake
the fuck up and help her?
There's a medical ward
down the hall.
Find a stretcher we can
use to carry her out.
Okay. Okay, hey,
I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
We don't have time.
I'll be quick.
James: Everything's
going to be fine.
Chloe: Hey, I got this.
Go find us the way out.
Okay, just keep pressure
on the wound.
I'm going to look for
the next hatch.
You're going to be fine.
Hey, everything's
going to be okay.
Hey, it's going to be okay.
It's going to all right, yeah.
It's going to be okay.
[ Groans ]
I'm sorry.
[ Gunshot]
What the hell did you...
What the hell did you do?
I helped your friend.
You put a bullet... you put
a bullet in her head.
Chloe: Once the blood is in,
you can't stop it.
Your friend was turning.
She was in pain.
You fucking killed her.
I stopped her suffering.
Hey, just take it easy.
Tell me why I shouldn't
fucking kill you
- right here, right now, huh?
- Stay calm.
I knew what was happening
to her because I've seen it
happen again and again
to my friends.
This isn't the time, all right?
We can deal with this later,
but right now,
we need to get going.
Yeah, well, I say we put
two in the fucking scientist
- and move on.
- Hey, hey.
- Nobody else has to die.
- Listen.
You don't get to talk!
The person you
cared for is gone.
The longer we stay here, the
more dangerous it is for you.
[ Footsteps and doors
opening above]
Do you hear that?
They're going to be through
that door any second.
We need to get out of here.
No, I'm not moving.
You're not thinking...
Move the fuck out of the way.
No, just take one
second and think...
- Move!
- What the hell's wrong with you?
What the hell's wrong
with me, huh?
What the hell is wrong with you?
I'm trying to save our lives.
Save our lives, Beck?
We wouldn't fucking be here
if it wasn't for you!
What, like this is my fault?
Yeah, it is your fucking fault!
If you had let Moses kill
that kid in the woods,
we would have been in and out.
But no, you're too much
of a fucking bitch
- to pull the trigger!
- [ Growling ]
It's here.
How, huh? How's it following us?
How are you doing this, huh?
Enough! I'm right fucking here!
Let's end it!
Come on, show yourself!
[ Growling ]
Fuck you!
[ Gunshots ]
Come on, let's go!
[ Growling ]
Go! Go, go, go, go, go!
[ Growling ]
[ Panting ]
Where's junior?
I don't know.
Junior, can you hear me?
Oh, what the hell are you
guys doing down here?
Come here.
Oh, you bitch.
Oh, shit.
He's right here.
[ Screaming ]
[ Grunting ]
It's going to hear us.
[ Grunting ]
Pass me the knife.
[ Grunting ]
Junior: I'm sorry.
I need to use your house.
Thanks for having me, man.
There's something out there.
Junior, can you hear me?
Beck? Shit.
Beck, I'm in the morgue.
Beck, I'm in the morgue.
Where are you guys?
[ Slamming ]
James: We've got to
block the door!
[ Growling ]
Ah! Ah! Junior, we need help!
Thanks, buddy. Got to go.
[ Banging ]
Beck, Beck, I'm stuck
in the morgue.
Come on! Come on! Come on!
I'm not going to die in here.
Let's go.
James: Junior!
- [ Growling ]
- [ Screaming ]
Junior, we could use
the distraction!
- [ Growling ]
- [ Screaming ]
[ Growling ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
[ Growling ]
[ Roaring ]
[ Grunts]
[ Groaning ]
Oh, fuck you, dude.
Why did he leave?
I don't know.
Ah! Ah!
[Whimpering ]
[ Militia yelling
in the distance]
Chloe: Shit.
Olek's men are here.
Eventually they're going
to catch up to us.
Oh, great. So, we have
a tape recorder and a knife.
Junior on recorder:
Check on the Beckett's,
especially around the holidays.
That Sunday school story?
They might be in a cult.
And last thing,
be okay with Beckett.
He's got a kid on the way,
and you're happy for him,
so don't take it personally.
And as for you...
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunting ]
You have been corrupted, huh?
This is justice.
You killed my brother.
"Prepare to die," right?
That's the line?
"Princess bride"?
[ Grunts]
You dropped this.
James: Thanks.
You know how to
use one of those?
I'll figure it out.
Let's go fry these bastards.
You need to get me out of here.
Yeah, right after
we get Marshall.
If Olek gets this research,
he'll turn it into a weapon.
And if that happens,
we're all dead.
[ Groans ]
Where is Adam?
Junior: Who's Adam?
Jonah: You don't know?
[ Groans ]
Jonah: It spreads fast, yeah?
You can feel it.
It changes your body.
It also brings truth.
What do you want?
To watch your soul disappear.
What are you talking about?
Jonah: It is very painful, yeah?
First it burns.
Your blood will boil,
feel like fire.
Then you'll see things,
memories that aren't yours.
You will die, and come back,
reborn as nephilim.
Junior: Whatever
you're on, dude,
I'd love just a little
taste of it, huh?
Huh, just give me a little.
Give daddy some.
Just put it...
Jonah: You're a funny guy, huh?
I promise you, I promise you,
that won't last.
But if you tell me
where Adam is,
I will put you out your misery.
I already told you. I don't...
[ Groaning ]
I need some help here!
[ Screaming ]
Chloe: You can't keep
me in here.
You can't keep me in here.
[ Gasping ]
When he's back...
I know, I know, I know.
We will deal with her.
And now, you knowing
truth has set you free.
So, please.
James: So, this is Adam's room?
Chloe: Yes. This is
where they kept him.
He was here the whole time.
Chloe: Oh, god!
[ Gags ]
At least we found Alpha.
Oh, I think I'm going
to throw up.
Junior, can you hear me?
You seem like weak man, yeah?
I will spare you what
happens next.
[ Growling ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Growling ]
[ Roars]
[ Static]
Nothing's getting
through this concrete.
James: There should be
a sat phone somewhere.
James: It still works.
All right, I want you to
follow this tunnel
all the way to the top.
You're not coming?
When you get to the surface,
press this button.
They'll come find you.
Thank you.
Can you tell me that story
about Adam again?
What? Why? We don't have time?
Oh, I think we have time.
Why don't you tell me
the story about Adam,
the one where he's kept
down here his entire life,
and then he kills his captors
so he could escape.
Why don't you tell me
that story again?
What are you talking about?
My wife is 12 weeks pregnant.
She's been puking
since the start.
Now, I thought you
were just sick,
or maybe it all this blood,
or it was this fucking creature
chasing you.
But then I see this!
Why would Adam have
a crib in his room?
You're scaring me.
How far along are you?
You're scaring me.
Don't you lie to me!
Don't you fucking lie to me.
[ Growling ]
[ Growling ]
[ Growling ]
[ Blows air through lips]
How far along are you?
I'm about the same as your wife.
You fucking played us.
This whole time.
Do you have any idea
how many people died
trying to save you?
What would you have done
if you were in my place,
with only pictures
of the real world
and an empty promise that
one day you'd be set free!
I wasn't going to let my son
be raised in this place.
So, what, you just killed them?
Not all of them.
And the distress call? My money?
Just the carrot at
the end of a stick
to get us to come rescue you.
Why? Why wouldn't you just
tell the truth from the start?
You know, I want to believe
that you're a good person.
But you lied. Why?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Let me try this again.
Hi, I'm Chloe.
I was made in a lab, been
locked down here for 30 years,
and I killed my captors.
Will you please rescue me?
Is that what you wanted?
In my experience,
people only care
when they have
something to gain.
So, I guess
the real question is...
Will you let me leave?
I get why you did it.
I'd do anything to save my kid.
But that's why I can't let
you leave this room.
I have a daughter now,
and your blood...
That's too dangerous.
[ Grunting ]
Junior: Come on.
[ Grunting ]
You're a good person, Beckett.
I'm sorry that it came to this.
I'm not going to kill you,
but I'm not letting you
leave this room.
Marshall was right.
You don't have what it takes.
Sometimes to beat the monster,
you have to become the monster.
[ Growling ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Roaring ]
[ Growling ]
[ Groans ]
[ Roaring ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Growling ]
[ Growling ]
[ Growling ]
Junior: Hey!
[ Growling ]
Junior: Drop him, ugly,
or your girlfriend gets it.
- [ Gunshot]
- Move again,
the next one's in your head.
[ Growling ]
[ Coughing ]
[ Growling ]
I hate to break it to you, Beck,
but she's been lying to us.
Thanks for the heads up.
You kill me, and he
will rip you apart.
[ Growling ]
Don't you know?
I'm already dead.
[ Roaring ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Growling ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Roaring ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Roaring ]
[ Groans ]
[ Screeching ]
[ Fire crackling ]
[Gun cocks]
Please don't.
I never meant for
you to get hurt.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me.
You were going
to change everything.
Now what you've done
cannot be undone.
Chloe: I am going
to change everything.
But I'm doing it my way.
[ Grunts]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
[Whimpering ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groaning ]
You know, it didn't
have to be this way.
I was going to let you live,
but you couldn't let me leave.
I will give your daughter
the same gift
that was given to me.
She will bear my son's seed.
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Screams ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Choking ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
Is she dead?
Yeah, yeah, she's dead.
What are we going to tell
people what happened here?
Well, we're going to
say it was your idea to come.
Hey, do I get to be
your daughter's godfather now?
Junior: You said I have to be
willing to sacrifice, right?
Well, I think I just saved
the whole world.
Does that get me in?
[ Groans ]
Yeah, you're definitely in now.
So, you're going to get up,
or do I got to drag
your ass up this ladder?
I'll tell you what,
you go ahead.
I'm just going to rest here
for a little bit longer.
Come on, that's all right.
Let's go.
Junior: I'm not
going anywhere, Beck.
I'm infected, man.
That's why we're
going to get you help.
There's no help.
There's no cure.
The hell there isn't.
All right, I'm not leaving
you down here, so let's go.
All right?
The helicopter's here.
We need to get going.
So give me your hand,
and let's get your ass
up this ladder.
They had her locked up
down here for a reason.
There's no cure.
You don't know that.
Junior: I know you want
to save me, man.
But new mission... get you home.
[ Helicopter chuffing ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Dialing ]
Jess: Hello?
Who is this?
James? Is that you?
James, are you there?
James? Is that you?
Talk to me, James!
Soldier: We have
someone over here.
Pull it in.
[ Helicopter chuffing ]
[ Growling ]