Death Whisper (2019) Movie Script

Cindy, no, please.
Alex, that is ridiculous.
I'm serious, Mom.
There was a student here at Abdi Bangsa
they called her Cindy the Sadist.
And why they called her that?
Because she bullied three of her juniors
until they died.
A lot of people know this story.
Where did you hear it?
From my friend's brother.
He is an alumni of this school.
So, he went and graduated
from this school?
Yeah, but still...
Stop it.
Why do you pay attention to
a silly rumour like that?
Just focus on the positive things.
In fact, you should be grateful
to be accepted here.
A lot of successful people
went to this school.
I know.
I've heard your pitch before.
The school's discipline system
is very good.
Seniors abusing juniors?
That's not discipline, it's fascism.
As long as it doesn't
cause physical harm.
Seniority is good.
It's good for character building.
Hey, slaves!
Not slaves.
We are humans now!
That's right.
What did you bring me from Korea?
Limited version!
Thanks, Erika!
I didn't know you're into Korean drama.
Shut up, Andre.
This is a Korean box office horror film.
About a ghost in a high school.
You know the devil likes horror stuff.
You're the devil!
-Thank you.
Don't feel too special.
You thought
she didn't bring me anything?
Not to mention if they know about dad.
So what?
Maybe they'll be excited.
Excited to make fun of me, right?
Dad always wanted you
to become a successful person, Alex.
Graduating from this school is a start.
I know.
That's a good boy.
See you later, Mom.
Study hard, okay?
A freshman, right?
See you at the hall, okay?
Seniors abusing juniors, huh?
What a drama king.
(Academic Year of 2000, First Day)
It's about time
a student from this school...
in the International Physics Olympiad.
Yes, Ma'am.
I will do my best for our school.
Good luck, Kevin.
I will be rooting for you.
Thank you, Ma'am.
I have spoken
with the head of foundation.
If you maintain
your performance this year,...
you'll be able to go to a prep school
of your choice next year.
Have you decided which university?
Definitely Yale. Just like my father.
As an alumni of this school,
your father must be very proud.
And you, Erika.
I'm so glad to have you as the captain
of our swimming team this year.
I'm sure we will win
a lot of trophies this year, right?
I believe so.
I believe so, too.
As long as I am here,
everything is fine.
And you, Fahri.
Yes, Ma'am?
Please express my deepest gratitude
to your mother.
Her donation is very much appreciated
by the school.
But still, you have to maintain
an average score of seven, understand?
So, you can further
your studies in Australia.
Yes, Ma'am.
Good morning, Everyone.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Welcome to the academic year of 2000.
I am very delighted to see you all here.
I hope all of you will study hard,...
work well together,...
and keep up a good reputation
of this school.
Don't forget the orientation tonight!
-All first year students must attend!
I repeat,
all first year students must attend!
Do not be late!
All good for me to leave?
Sure, Ma'am.
Mr. Tommy, may I speak with you?
Mr. Tommy, frankly speaking
I am never on board with this tradition.
Is it really okay?
Last year we were in their positions.
Now it's our time to be humans.
Or you want to be a slave again?
I won't be friends with a slave.
Same here.
But since this tradition has been passed
down from one generation to another...
I can only say, please watch over them.
Keep it safe.
I understand.
-I'm going now.
-Sure, Ma'am.
Shut up!
Listen carefully.
Starting tonight, any words
coming from me or other seniors,...
you will listen and obey.
Because all of you are slaves!
I was in your position last year.
A slave.
But now in my second year, I am a human.
Next year, I will be a king.
And when I graduate,
I will become a God.
This is the tradition
of Abdi Bangsa High School.
The tradition that has made us
one of the best schools in Indonesia.
You may have heard
some of our successful alumni...
like ambassadors, ministers, CEOs.
They've been in your positions!
And remember.
Telling on to teachers
or your parents...
equals hardship
for the rest of your life.
You will not only be hated
by the seniors,...
but also our alumni.
You will only suffer for a year.
But success awaits you
for the rest of your life.
Now everyone, do push-ups!
Hurry up!
Come on!
What's that smirk? Do it now!
Come on!
Hurry up!
From the start again!
Hey! Get up!
On my count...
=Death Whisper=
(Day 13)
Day 13 in Hell High School.
As slaves,...
first year students must never
look seniors in the eye.
We have to bow and greet.
"Good morning."
Or "Good afternoon."
(Good Morning, Good Afternoon)
As slaves,...
first year students are not allowed
to use the toilets.
I dare you to come in.
-Or enter the cafeteria.
-Slaves! Who said you can be here?
-We're sorry.
-Get out!
(No Cafeteria!)
As slaves,...
we have no rights of ownership.
Seniors can take our stuff
whenever they please.
And why do we have to live with this?
Because it's tradition.
If we resist,...
we will be excluded.
And can never benefit
the network of Abdi Bangsa alumni...
that has been passed down.
our blood might be spilled.
(Day 17)
Some guts you have using the toilet.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's you. Hi.
I have to use the toilet.
Go ahead, I'll keep a lookout.
No need, a senior might pass by
and you'd get into trouble.
I'll give you a signal.
When I give on,
you stay inside and don't come out.
Good afternoon.
I think it's better to use the toilet
on the 2nd floor.
How dare you tell me what to do, Slave?
It's not that.
But there was a dead rat inside
and the smell is bad.
How did you know?
The janitor told me.
Fine. Give me 10 push ups.
You should be doing 30 push ups
for talking to us, Slave!
Do it now! I have to pee!
Oh, no.
I'm so sorry.
Because of me, you...
Become muscular?
I'm Maggie.
I'm Alex.
Thanks again for before.
Good afternoon.
Going somewhere?
-Where are we going?
-Just be quiet and walk with me.
Check this out.
"Pierre has an ability to see
supernatural beings...
and are not visible
to normal human eyes."
Give me a break. That's a hoax.
Give me your bag.
You never told me
your dad was a celebrity.
A son usually inherits
his father's talent.
Not at all.
I don't possess that talent.
Are you sure?
Why don't we try anyway?
Make things fun.
-I swear, I never...
-Shut up!
No talking!
I heard there are three girls
bullied to death in this school.
Let's see if their spirits
are still around.
-Let's try and call them.
-I don't know how...
What did I say?
Call their spirits.
If this pencil moves,
it means they're here.
Honoured spirits.
If you are here,...
please draw us a circle.
Do it again.
If you are with us,...
please draw us a circle.
-Okay, that's enough.
We're done here.
Was your dad really a psychic?
You still believe this nonsense?
He should be able to do it, Andre.
What is this?
So, this is your talent, huh?
That's a present from my father.
Please, leave it...
Say one more word,
and I'll poke those eyes out!
Just sit still.
That's cool.
You're not bad.
This is scary.
This is really cool.
They say
one of Cindy the Sadist's victim...
died inside this old storeroom.
Your book is inside.
Good luck, okay?
If you see a cute ghost inside,
tell her I said hi.
Go get your book.
(Day 30)
What are you doing
in the girls' locker room?
Which one is Erika's locker?
Please, this is very important for me.
Thanks, Dev!
Dear God, she will be my girlfriend!
Come on.
Change. Fernando.
Can any one of you shoot properly?
Follow through. Almost, but not quite.
Next. Show us what you got.
Who taught you to shoot like that?
Follow the form.
Air ball!
Collect the balls.
You guys have no skills.
Here you go. Smile a bit, will you?
I see.
None for me?
Buy it yourself. I only have two hands.
Thanks, Erika.
So, what else did your mom say?
Well, you know...
she threatened me
so I won't go to Australia.
She's like, "Look at your grade!"
"Just pick a university here in Jakarta.
Say good bye to Australia!"
She said that to me.
Well, that's nothing.
If it were my dad, he would have...
Your father still does that?
Well, sometimes.
At least he said sorry afterwards.
Well, you have it better than us.
Your parents are never home.
No curfews.
No nagging.
And no hitting!
It hurts!
I'll go to class. Bye.
Walk safe!
Don't just look at her.
Express it, Fahri.
Show her your true feelings.
Why are you smirking?
Just wait and see.
You'll see.
-But I was...
-I don't care!
Watch where you're going!
Don't do it.
You ditch today,
you'll be back tomorrow, right?
You'll be in trouble
with the headmistress.
And also...
This is yours, right?
Where did you get that?
Are you working for them?
Thanks for accusing me.
Sorry, sorry.
I didn't mean that.
I was just upset.
You're quite talented.
I took a peek inside.
-You go first.
-You go first.
-You go first.
-You go first.
No, you go.
I was just wondering.
Why aren't you in class?
You're from...
Class 1-B.
What class period are you in now?
It's biology
and their doing practice group.
I'm just cataloguing the plants
around here.
-That's like free period.
-Well, yeah.
Free period is over.
I guess I should head back to class.
Me too.
I changed my mind about ditching.
My pleasure.
-I'm going that way.
-And I'm that way.
He would've been playing football
for 10 years.
"He would've been playing football
for 10 years."
He has been playing football
for 10 years.
"He has been playing football
for 10 years."
He would've been playing football
for 10 years.
"He would've been playing football
for 10 years."
I met your father in hell.
He is waiting for you.
Why is it talking about hell?
He has been playing football
for 10 years.
Today you will die.
You will meet your father in hell.
-You will meet your father in hell.
-You will meet your father in hell.
You will suffer together.
-You will suffer together.
-You will suffer together.
-You will fly.
-You will fly.
-Your head will crack open.
-Your head will crack open.
You will die in great pain.
-You will meet your father in hell.
-You will meet your father in hell.
-You will suffer together.
-You will suffer together.
-You will fly.
-You will fly.
-Your head will crack open.
-Your head will crack open.
Fahri? What's wrong with you?
You're not in class?
Erika, why are you standing on the edge?
(Day 35)
I heard Fahri killed himself
because her mother's requirements.
To have good grades. Poor kid.
Really? His mother said that?
Yeah, she said if he continued
to do poorly at school,...
she wouldn't send him to Australia.
That's why he killed himself.
-Stop spreading rumour, you hear me?
Erika, calm down.
Fahri would never kill himself!
Enough, Erika.
You're right.
Fahri would never commit suicide.
Something's not right here.
When was the last time you're with him?
-When he got upset with that...
Slave! What are you doing
in the cafeteria?
Here's your history assignment.
I better get an eight on this.
Go now!
Passing. Don't forget!
Come on, where's the pick and roll?
Defense! Maintain your perimeter!
Back to your position!
Peter, rebound!
Sub! Peter!
Pranoto, in.
Yes, Sir.
Pranoto, remove your necklace.
Is it okay if I just tuck it
inside my shirt?
Is it so hard to remove a necklace?
Something inside of it?
Some kind of charm?
No, it's from my late father.
I don't want to lose it.
Do what I say
or give me 10 laps around the court.
Then go and see the headmistress.
Eric, in!
Let's start again!
Man-to-man, let's go!
(Filia Bernadette)
(Gold Medalist Jakarta High Schools
Swimming Competition, 1990)
Please wait.
What are you doing here?
I was late this morning.
What's wrong?
Have you ever heard the story...
of three students
who were bullied to death?
It happened 10 years ago.
I think...
they've shown themselves
a couple of times to me.
Alex, what are you saying?
Stop scaring me.
I am serious.
Just now...
My late dad...
was a psychic.
Because of that...
Fahri forced me
to summon the spirits at our school.
Even though,
I don't have the gift like my dad.
But strangely...
ever since then,
I saw them a couple of times.
Alex, you...
Hey! What the hell?
Aren't you supposed to be a nerd?
I got a bad grade for this assignment!
I would've told
the other slaves to do it for me!
Sorry, but you didn't
give me enough time...
Shut your mouth, you rat!
Who is that?
This is not funny.
Damn it, Dev!
You scared the hell out of me!
Why are you still here?
Mr. Tommy has been calling us.
Come on.
Go, go, go!
Maintain the body position, Erika!
Your form! More speed!
Remember your form!
More speed!
Good job. El, 1 minute 17 seconds. Nice.
That body position was perfect.
Keep it that way, okay?
Enough for today.
Erika, get out of the water,
you're going to get a wrinkly skin.
Let me do two or three more laps.
I want to fix my stroke.
I know you're mourning.
But don't hide your tears in the pool.
Come on.
But nobody's at home.
Just a moment, please?
Sure you won't be long?
Since Erika still wants to practice,
everyone gets back in the water!
Just kidding. Go home already!
This is for you, Fahri.
(Day 39)
Are you saying I am fired?
No, not fired.
Suspended momentarily.
Until the board of the foundation
decides the next step.
I don't have any other choice.
Erika's death was partly your fault.
The rules are clear.
No students are allowed
to practice alone after...
But I did tell her to go home.
She insisted to practice
a little longer, how is that my fault?
It's not like you're getting fired.
This school doesn't need
a PR nightmare like this.
What this school needs
is a scapegoat like me.
Am I right?
Sir, do you have anything to say
about the dead student?
Is it related to bullying?
Security, help me out here!
Step back.
-Just go to your friends.
What friends? They're all dead!
Sir, something isn't right.
This can't be a coincidence.
What do you mean?
Before Fahri and Erika died,
they were pissed at the same student.
That freshman slave.
-Yes, him.
He's Pierre Pranoto's son.
He's the son of that psychic?
Now, I know why he refused
to remove his necklace in my PE class.
He said it's from his late father.
There must be "something"
in the pendant.
What do you mean?
He might be keeping a ghost.
When dad encountered
something supernatural,...
did he tell you?
Well, sometimes.
Why are you asking this?
I saw ghosts at school
for several times.
Your dad once said...
ghosts reveal themselves
at their own will.
Some are just trying to make friends.
Some are trying to tell you something
or even ask for help.
Can they have evil intention?
What do you mean?
Well, let's say...
they are summoned by accident?
Why are you asking this?
Never mind, Mom.
See you later.
-Take care.
-Bye, Mom.
Do you think there's something's strange
about Erika's death?
I think we should let the authority
take care of that.
And let's change the subject.
Too early to discuss that?
What are you doing today?
-Attending a class.
-Well, yeah, no shit.
We are in school.
You're lame, Alex.
Come with me
if you don't want to be lame.
Follow me.
What are we doing?
Do you like movies?
-Pick one.
What do you want to watch?
Today, you pick.
We'll go with your choice.
How about a Korean movie?
Sure. Why not?
I don't really like horror movies.
Didn't you say why not?
I am so happy today.
You want to do it again tomorrow?
I can skip first period.
But, let me choose the movie.
Okay, then.
You're coming with me.
Show me your necklace!
My two best friends are dead!
Don't act like nothing happened!
But what's that got to do
with my necklace?
Give it to me now!
Please stop, this is from...
Your dead father! Yeah, I know!
Please stop. Please, don't...
Please, don't.
This isn't over yet.
I will prove that you are responsible
for their deaths!
(Day 40)
Please, Mom!
Mom, you've promised.
Yes, I lied.
Sometimes parents have to lie
for the sake of their children.
Is it true that you did this to Alex?
Is this the first time Andre hit you?
has he done this before?
This is the first time.
I'm giving you one week suspension.
And you can forget
the recommendation letters...
for your scholarship.
You can't do that!
Without those letters,
there is no scholarship!
-My dad would be angry!
-He would kill...
I don't like you
raising your voice at me!
My decision is final.
You can go home now.
Your parents will receive a letter
from us.
I don't know the student
you're referring to.
We're in a different year.
But I am really saddened
about what happened to her.
May God give her family strength.
And I pray that this incident
won't happen again in our school.
Thank you, Esther DeFretes.
Those are comments from some students
on the recent incident at our school.
I, Laras Ridwanto,
and the whole class of 1990...
would like to express our condolences
and may her soul rest in peace.
What's wrong?
I saw the three ghosts again.
There's nothing here, Alex.
Maybe I'm just hallucinating.
Were you also hallucinating
when you asked me to watch a movie?
I was waiting for you this morning,
you didn't come.
I'm so sorry, Maggie.
Yesterday, after we watched the movie,
Andre beat me up.
And my mom saw the bruise on my stomach
this morning.
She reported it to our headmistress.
Andre was called to her office...
and was given a suspension.
And then?
What are you doing, Alex?
Where are you going?
Slaves, what the hell
are you doing here?
Get out!
Alex, you know we're not allowed
to go into the library.
I'm sure those three ghosts
that I saw...
must be the students
who were bullied to death.
And I think they've been trying
to tell me something.
First, at the old storeroom.
Then in the hall.
This morning, in the audio visual room.
And just now,
they're going in the library...
Alex. Please stop it.
I can't, Maggie.
They are here because I summoned them.
And since then,...
two students are dead at our school.
I need to find out about them...
before there are more victims.
I am going the library again
after school hours.
With or without your help.
Where are you, Alex?
I thought you said after school hours?
This is already night.
Just to be sure everybody has left.
What are you doing here?
This is important for you.
That's why I'm here.
Okay then.
What are you looking for?
Help me find the these names.
Filia Bernadette, Laras Ridwanto,
and Esther DeFretes...
on the first year pages.
Let's just go home.
I have to finish this, Maggie.
Alex, where are you?
They're not on the first year pages.
Where are you, Alex?
Where the hell are you, Alex?
They were second year students.
Why were they still being bullied
by Cindy the Sadist?
Second year students
are no longer slaves.
Let's look for Cindy the Sadist.
(Margaret Cindy Riana,
You will always be remembered.)
Alex. Please forgive me.
I just want to punish him.
So he can't hurt you anymore.
But he doesn't deserve to die.
They didn't deserve to die.
Just like you didn't deserve to die.
I know now.
The old story was inaccurate.
"Cindy the Sadist"...
real name was Margaret Cindy Riana.
A first year student.
A slave.
I know her as Maggie.
You were not a sadistic bully.
You were the victim.
They told me what really happened.
They didn't come
because I summoned them.
They came to tell the truth.
For years...
I was alone in this school.
It felt very silent...
and empty.
I was very lonely.
Suddenly, someone saw me.
I got a friend.
It's you, Alex.
I don't feel alone anymore.
But they tortured you!
Just like they tortured me.
Let the school punish him!
Too many people have died!
I promise you!
Our suffering will end tonight!
No more slaves, kings, and Gods.
All students are the same.
We are all humans.
And let the name "Cindy"
be remembered as the Peacemaker.
Who stops this damned tradition.
I beg you, Maggie.
Please, Maggie.
I hope you're right, Alex.
(Academic Year Of 2001)
Welcome to the first meeting
of Abdi Bangsa Sketch Club.
The newest extra curricular club
in our school.
Thank you all for coming.
-Excuse me.
Can I please go to the toilet?
Of course, you can.
What you heard about the school
tradition doesn't apply anymore.
All first year students
may use the toilets.
You may go to the cafeteria.
You may also go to the library.
However you may not...
pee in the cafeteria,...
eat in the library,...
read in the toilet...
Well, I guess that you can do.