Death Whisperer (2023) Movie Script

This movie was made for entertainment,
inspired by real events
from the "Krittanont" story.
All names, characters, behaviors,
and incidents are all fictional.
The depiction of any cultures
or individuals in this story
is not intended
to be derogatory or offensive.
Shallots sell well this year.
Almost ten baht per kilogram.
Any rate is good
as long as we can make some money.
So we can pay for the cure.
I wish things could go back
to how they were.
She's getting better.
You see,
she's even up and about sometimes.
But mostly bedridden.
We have to check if she's still breathing.
Her symptoms are just as they described.
You shouldn't overthink...
Dad! Mom!
Dad! Mom!
- Nart.
- Dad!
- Nart! I'm here.
- Mom!
Hang in there.
- We're coming.
- Dad!
Dad! Mom!
- Nart.
- What happened?
- Are you hurt?
- Mom.
Nart, how do you feel?
Where does it hurt?
My stomach
My stomach!
What should we do?
- Nart!
- What's happening to her?
What's happening to her?
- Nart! Nart!
- Nart.
- Nart!
- Nart!
Mom, have you seen my watering can?
You woke up pretty late.
Luckily Dad isn't home,
or he would've made such a fuss.
I already did it for you.
Thanks a bunch.
Let me help.
Come straight home after school.
Your father's going to take us to a fair.
- A fair!
- Yeah!
They sell cotton candy too.
That's a big no for your sister.
Her teeth will rot.
Mom, when will Yak come home?
Probably in a day or two,
he said so in his letter.
Isn't it strange, though?
He begged to be a soldier.
Why did he suddenly agree to come back?
Go take a shower.
You don't want to be late.
I said, "Go take a shower."
These girls!
Hurry up.
Oh, shoot!
I forgot to tell Mom
that I have cleaning duty after school.
It's the last day.
Classes will probably end early.
Don't worry, sis.
You think so?
Mom won't let me have cotton candy.
Will you buy it for me?
Aww, don't be so sad.
Come on. Let's race to the bus.
Last one there has to buy snacks.
- Go!
- Look at her go.
Wait for me!
Wait up.
I want rice crispies.
You owe me for this morning.
No problem.
You can have as much as you want.
You're the best sister.
You sure are happy today.
Yee, what are you looking at?
Let's go.
I'll take the trash out.
Get off the chair.
Whose desk is this?
Why would they draw such scary things?
Look, sis.
There's more.
The one with the mysterious death?
Let's go, Yee must be waiting.
Come on, Yod! That's so not funny!
You'll give Yam a heart attack.
You know she's easily spooked.
Even malaria couldn't kill her.
You're the one who screamed the loudest.
Shut it!
I came all the way in this cold
to pick you up.
Is this how you repay me? Right, Yee?
Why are you picking us up?
Just came back from the farm?
Come on. Dad is waiting.
Let's go.
Come on, Yee.
- Yeah?
- Hurry up.
I need more manpower, Mun.
There is one plot left to harvest.
Should be done in a couple of days.
It's five kilometers from here.
You can build a shack there.
I do daily pick-ups and drop-offs.
Why are you back this late?
Where have you guys been?
- They told me...
- I didn't ask you.
I had cleaning duty,
so we caught the last bus.
It took a while to drop us off.
If you leave home early,
you should be back by evening.
Not this late.
If this happens again,
I'll have you drop out of school
and help me at the farm.
Yod and Yad can go pump water
into the farm, Dad.
We don't want to be late for the fair.
So, where was I?
You haven't given me a date.
How soon do you want it?
Thanks, Mun.
Please protect our family from illness
and all things sinister and foul.
What's wrong?
Your prayer was unusually short.
I was just wondering why.
And no one in our family is ill.
Come on,
let's go if we're all done praying.
Let's quickly go over there!
- Look!
- Be careful.
- You want some?
- Yes!
Cotton candy?
My cotton candy! Let's go.
Hey, wait up!
Here she comes.
Hello, cutie.
Don't ever run off like that again, okay?
What's wrong?
You're warm.
You probably caught a cold.
I'll go tell Mom.
No, sis. Don't tell Mom.
I don't want to miss the Ferris wheel.
It's windy up there. You'll feel worse.
Just this once.
If I miss it,
there might not be a next time.
I'll tell Mom when we come down, okay?
Hey, Yad.
Let's go on the Ferris wheel
before they catch up to us.
Who are "they"?
Zip it.
Nothing. Come on.
Look at that!
Look! The people down there are so tiny.
Yeah. So tiny.
Let's look around.
Isn't it beautiful?
Yes, it is!
I'm so happy being up here with you two.
I wish Yak was here.
It's great spending time as a family.
Even though we always quarrel
when we're together.
Look at those stalls.
- Be careful.
- Sis!
What's wrong?
There's an old woman pointing at me.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
Not having fun?
Oh, Yee.
Are you okay, Yam?
I saw her too.
She was very creepy.
I don't see any old woman.
Are you all right, Yam?
She caught a cold,
probably from the breeze.
There she goes again.
She always gets sick when we go out.
Let's all go home and get some rest.
Let Yos take her
to the health center tomorrow.
Come on, dear. Let's go.
How could they say you're fine?
You're so pale.
Hey! How did you get here?
Go sit in the back.
Are you sick, Yam?
I'm fine.
The doctor said it's only fatigue.
They gave me these supplements.
Since we're here,
shall we stop by the market?
- Then I can buy...
- You are a grown-up now.
And all you do is fool around.
I'll take that as an "I miss you too."
Sorry, I haven't driven in a while
so I'm a bit rusty.
Pull over.
Now. It's cramped in here.
I'll sit in the back.
Come on. It's dusty outside.
Just sit with me.
You care about me now?
Are you feeling okay?
Here. For you and Yod.
I don't want it. Give it to Yod yourself.
Playing hard to get, huh?
Fine, use it when you stop hating me.
Hey, Yak's home!
Hey, Yod.
A little souvenir.
Yak! Hey, Yak!
Hello there.
Wow! You've gotten so big!
I got you souvenir.
It's in the medicine bag.
Don't let Dad see it. We'll get an earful.
You go get some rest, Yam.
Let's go.
- Come.
- Let's go.
Follow me.
- Yak.
- Mom. Dad.
How are you?
How come you're here
with your brother and sister?
Met them at the health center?
Singh picked me up from the terminal.
Then I met Yod and Yam,
so I drove with them.
Took you long enough.
Harvest season is almost over.
Tomorrow, we will leave at dawn.
You have a lot to catch up on.
Who says I'm here to help?
I'm just staying for a night.
I'm kidding, Dad.
You little bastard!
- Let's go, Mom.
- Come on. Let's talk inside, dear.
Dad bought fried sun-dried beef for you.
I bought it for myself.
What? You're kidding!
Made it just in time.
Looks delicious, Mom,
especially the beef...
You've been out all day
and come home reeking of alcohol.
What's up with you?
Well, if I smell of alcohol,
that means I went for a drink, Dad.
What an odd question.
- You meet friends on your first day back?
- Should I invite them over then?
- Yak!
- Sorry, sir!
Come on. Let him eat first.
You always take his side.
Now he's a spoiled brat.
Don't be upset. Here, it's your favorite.
Bean sprouts with tofu.
You left us to become a soldier,
and we work our asses off here.
I thought
they would've taught you discipline.
Stop it, Yos.
- He's your big bro.
- Big bro my ass!
Yak, the souvenir you got me is awesome.
What you got me is also cool.
I love how my tongue changes color
when I eat it.
A color-changing snack?
Stop buying her those weird things.
Come on, Dad. It's nothing to worry about.
Don't be so strict with them.
Let them go wild sometimes.
You don't want them to become shut-ins
and frown all day
like a constipated person.
- What did you say?
- You prick!
He's not directing it at anyone.
Don't get mad.
Eat up, Dad.
Have some eggplant.
Sis, I've got a headache.
Can you please take me to bed?
You're so frail.
What are we gonna do with you?
Dad forgot to light the candles?
What are you doing?
I'm hungry.
Yam, what did you just eat?
I didn't see you heat anything up.
You can't just quit like this, Mun.
Tell me straight up
if you need more money.
I swear on my mother's life,
this has nothing to do with money.
That's all I can say.
If it's not money, then what is it about?
If I told you,
you wouldn't believe me anyway.
Gosh! What do you want me to say?!
I'm done!
It's such nonsense. Who would believe it?
Hey, Dad.
Let me talk to him.
Let me.
So, are you feeling better?
I'm sorry.
I don't care who stays,
but I can't do this anymore.
I won't try to change your mind,
but tell me what happened.
I don't want to talk about it.
Why not?
Can someone take me to the farm?
I'll hurry and finish all the work today.
And as for you
keep an eye out for your family.
Go pump water into the farm,
then come help me in the kitchen.
We can't rely on the workers.
It's just you, Yod and I now.
Let's finish the work today.
Dad will calm down if we can pull it off.
He's just worried
no one will pack and dry the shallots.
Let's go.
You're up. How are you feeling?
The weather's nice today.
Shall we go for a walk?
Come give me a massage, bitch.
How can you say that?
You can't talk to her like that.
Get out of my face. Piss off!
That's enough!
What's all the ruckus?
I can even hear you from outside.
- Mom...
- Mom.
Sis is forcing me to go outside.
I told her I'm not feeling well.
I don't want to go out.
But she won't listen.
She wants me to sneak out
before Dad comes home.
I didn't say that.
You asked me to go out, didn't you?
Then she yelled
and got furious when I refused to go.
That's not true, Mom.
- She said something mean to me.
- Enough.
Why can't you be nice to each other?
You want your sister to sneak out
while she's sick?
That's not okay.
Why are you here?
Yam is asleep
so I sneaked out.
Would it be okay
if I slept with you tonight?
Is something wrong?
When I woke up last night,
Yam had turned around
and she was staring right at me.
And her expression was scary.
It was like this
That's enough!
I get it.
You can sleep with me tonight.
Now, wash your hands
and go help Mom in the kitchen.
Are you still mad at me?
I know Yam is acting strange.
Don't mind her. You know she's sick.
One minute she's fine,
and the next, she's sick again.
She's also aggressive.
It's like she's not herself.
How can she be anyone else?
Stop talking nonsense.
But, Mom
Come on.
Do you really have to go?
Can't you stay here?
It's just one night. Don't be so dramatic.
Look after the house and your sisters.
- Make sure Yam is eating well, okay?
- Okay.
We finished all the work, Dad.
I already dropped off the workers.
Let's go, honey.
Tell me, when I was away,
did anything weird happen?
What kind of question is that?
You're scaring me.
You idiot!
Didn't you see Mun's face?
This is not a joke, Yod.
You got anything to say, Yos?
The doctor said Yam was fine.
But she's obviously getting worse,
not better.
Have you noticed anything else?
- Yes.
- Whoa!
- How long have you been here?
- Since the beginning.
I heard strange noises.
What noises?
I couldn't make it out.
It was a woman's voice.
An eerie, high-pitched whispering
in the middle of the night.
I haven't heard anything.
Maybe it's the wind?
You know how windy it gets at night.
It wasn't.
Didn't you hear anything, Yak?
It's me.
- Yak?
- Yes.
What are you doing out here
alone in the dark?
Just thinking about something.
Well, I'm going for a shower.
That noise you said you heard
I didn't hear it.
Let's forget about it, Yak.
Maybe I was just dreaming.
But Mun said he heard it.
Did he know what it was?
He wouldn't tell.
He only said, "It's back."
do you think
it has anything to do with Yam?
- You should go shower.
- What?
I'll wait here, just in case.
Yod! Yos!
- Yee!
- Sis!
It's all right. I'm here now.
Son of a bitch!
What did you do to my sister?
I need to go look for Yam.
You wait here, okay?
No, please!
Don't go, I'm scared.
All right.
Come on.
Be careful, okay?
I don't know what's happening outside.
It could be a thief.
Hide in here, you'll be safe.
No, I don't want to.
Don't you want me to find Yam?
Are you more afraid
of hiding in the dark closet
or of losing Yam?
Hurry back, okay?
Why did you come out?
Is it a thief?
I can't find Yam. She's missing!
Get inside! Listen, Yad, get inside!
Yod, Yam is missing. I can't find her!
There! Is that Yam?
Yak, you didn't shoot Yam, did you?
Tell me, you didn't shoot her!
- Yam!
- Get inside!
- Yak.
- Shut the door and light all the lamps.
Listen to me. You need to get inside. Go!
I told her to hide in the closet
before I went out.
It's okay.
Come here.
Hey, how are you feeling?
My stomach hurts.
What happened?
Nothing. You should get some rest.
Look after her.
Stay with her, okay?
I'll light up the lamp for you.
What on earth just happened?
Come on, be honest with me.
She's my sister too, you know.
You two are such lightweights.
I'm gone for a few years,
and you've forgotten how to drink?
Huh? Here.
You even bully us when we're drinking?
Fuck you.
I didn't have time to drink.
I had to do extra work because of you.
For a big brother, you're such a dick.
You're drunk.
I'll let it slide.
When you're sober,
I'm gonna kick you in the face.
It's just us. Let's drink all night.
We might hear the strange noises
that Yad was talking about.
Sure. Cheers!
Hey! Yod. Yos.
Yod? Yos?
Why do we need these weapons, Yak?
- Yam?
- Yam!
- Hey! That way.
- Shine the light.
I saw someone there, I really did.
- Yam!
- Yam!
Where are you, Yam?
- Yak.
- What?
What? Shit!
Where did she go?
- Shit.
- What was that?
- Follow me.
- Come on! Yam!
- Yam!
- Yam?
- Yam?
- Is that you?
- It's you.
- Yam?
- Yam!
- Yam!
- Son of a bitch!
- Hey, wake up.
What did you do to my sister?
Fucking show yourself, or I'll shoot!
- What?
- The light.
- Where?
- There.
Yak, over there!
She's over there!
- Get down, Yos!
- There!
We lost it.
Didn't even know who that was.
Yam was not hurt.
Just curled up, saying her tummy ached.
Then Yos carried her home.
Do you know something?
You can tell me.
Does that woman
have long hair,
and was she wearing
a black funeral outfit?
You've seen her?
At an abandoned shrine
under a weeping fig.
But I shut it.
That person is messing with our heads.
Don't worry.
Go back to sleep.
You guys too. I'll be on the lookout.
Go on.
This is exactly what happened to Nart.
You know about Nart?
I asked around.
Exactly the same.
Will Yam get better?
We'll look for a cure.
Shouldn't we tell Dad and Mom
about last night?
No one will believe us, Yad.
We'll get told off, like usual.
I give you ten baht each.
Share it with your sisters.
Treat yourself at Lek's shop.
Thank you, Yak.
I'll buy pink milk for Yam
and fried pork ball for Yee.
And for yourself?
It's good to think of others,
but don't forget about yourself, okay?
I'll find a cure for Yam.
Bro, I'll go pick up Sergeant Paphan.
Can you look after the farm for me?
You can't order me around.
I always take care of the farm
since you left us.
I'm sorry for leaving you.
You do your thing.
Go find a cure for Yam.
I know you won't let anything
happen to us.
You know, at the fair,
you hit on Singh's wife.
I already talked to him,
so next time
you won't have to sneak around
and hide on the Ferris wheel.
No appetite?
My stomach aches.
I'll buy you pink milk to cheer you up.
Yak gave me this to share with you.
You should keep it, sis.
I won't get to use it.
Of course you will.
Treat me to something nice later.
You want some toddy palm?
You said you were craving it.
Can I go with you?
We can eat there.
You can barely get up.
How will you go that far?
Wait here. It won't take long.
See you.
Go wash up.
I'll talk to Mom.
Let's go.
You okay?
Be quick.
Wait for me, okay?
You told on me
last time I asked you to come out.
You're eager to go now?
What are you talking about?
You can't take her out that far.
She can barely walk,
let alone ride a bike with you.
I feel bad for her
being all cooped up at home.
She needs some fresh air.
I said no.
What's up with this thing today?
I just can't tune it.
- Chauy!
- Yam!
- Get off of her!
- Yam!
You bitch!
- Yam?
- Get out of my house!
- Hang in there.
- Get out!
- Yam?
- Get the fuck out!
- Yam!
- You fucking bitch.
Get out! Now! Fucking cunt!
Get the fuck out!
I told you to get out of my house!
Right now! Go!
May you rot and burn in hell!
You hag!
Like I told you, Sarge,
she doesn't get up at night anymore.
And she eats what she couldn't before.
I'm worried sick.
It's noon and the door is shut?
Mom, it's Yak.
Mom, it's Yak and Sergeant Paphan.
Sarge, Chuay was here.
Yam, what happened?
Why did you do that?
Get lost, you evil!
Don't mess with me, or I'll eat you whole.
Chuay, you foul soul!
I know it's you.
You fool.
You know nothing. My name is not Chuay.
My name is Yam.
Yam, huh?
Even hell
won't take a vile spirit like you.
You're stuck in our realm.
What is this, Sarge?
What's wrong with Yam?
Who the fuck is Chuay?
Chuay recently moved here.
Rumor has it
that she evoked ancient spirits,
that she practiced black magic
and has gone insane.
No one wants to go near her
and risk getting bad luck.
When a bad incident befalls any family,
people think it is her doing it.
Is she here?
Up top.
How the hell can that hag
go up a steep hill like this?
Let's go.
Damn it!
What the fuck are you doing, hag?
What the...
Sarge, tell me everything right now.
And please, no more shaman jargon.
What don't you understand? I told you.
These foul spirits
must possess a body, a host.
They go out looking for prey at night.
But during the day,
they come back here to the host.
But why did it let Chuay kill herself?
So it has no host now?
Everyone goes to a better place.
Human or spirit,
it makes no difference, Yak.
A tooth is what they need
in order to possess the host.
We were too late.
You mean, it chose Yam?
Did it?
Let's hope
that I'm wrong.
But if I am right,
it has a new host now.
Watch your sister closely tonight.
Stay vigilant.
For now
I'll do everything I can.
How is she?
She felt a sharp pain in her stomach.
She took a pill and now she's asleep.
You and Yee sleep in my room tonight.
- Okay.
- I'll stand guard.
Go now.
Come on.
Four hours left.
If nothing happens
it means Yam is not the host.
Place your hand on the flame.
No, no. Yod. Yod!
Yod! Yos?
Yos, wake up!
Yos! Yod!
Yod! Yos!
Yod! Yos!
Yak, wake up. Wake up!
Yod, wake up. Please!
Yos, can you hear me? Yos!
Forgive me, Yak.
Wake up! Wake up now!
Yak, wake up!
Did I pass out? Did I?
You all did.
Damn it.
Yam went to the backyard again.
Yod, wake up!
Forgive me.
Go in the room and lock the door.
Don't open it no matter what. Go.
Follow me.
Show yourself, you bastard!
I won't let you get away.
- You cannot escape from me!
- Yak.
Is it a thief?
Yam is possessed.
She went that way.
Don't be ridiculous!
- Hand me the gun.
- No!
Go back inside, Dad.
I'll tell you about it later.
What's that noise?
Don't mess with me!
Show yourself, you piece of shit!
Don't tempt it, Yak.
Please, don't.
I'm not just tempting it.
I want to lure it out.
If you're so brave, then show yourself!
You'll be dead twice!
Yak, don't tempt it. It might harm Yam.
Please, just listen to me.
Yak, stop being crazy,
and hand me the gun.
- Dad.
- I'll break your head.
Dad, stop!
You don't know shit!
All you care about is fucking work!
You don't care about us.
You don't even try!
I am your father.
Don't be crazy.
Ghosts aren't real!
- Dad.
- What
What's on the roof?
That's a fucking ghost!
Do you believe me now?
Show yourself!
Where is it?
Dad, Mom, please listen to me.
Start a fire, and don't let it go out.
Stay here, in case Yam comes back.
Yos, look for Yam in the drying room.
Yod, search the bamboo grove.
I'll take the farm.
What on earth is going on?
Fucking Yak!
I know you're here.
Come out.
Mom! Mom!
Come here, Yak.
You piece of shit!
Damn it!
Catch me if you can, motherfucker!
Come on!
Yak! What are you doing?
- Get off!
- Hey!
That's Mom! That's Mom!
That's our mother, Yak.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Yad, open the door.
Open it, Yad.
- Yam.
- Yam?
- Mom.
- What?
What are you doing?
Opening the door for Yam.
Yad, open the door for me.
My sister never calls me Yad, bitch!
If you won't open the door,
I'll do it myself.
I'm not afraid of you!
Yad, are you all right?
Open the door!
Are you okay?
Yad, answer me!
Are you all right? Open the door!
It's Mom.
Open the door, please.
- It's me.
- Mom!
Come here, Yee.
- Mom!
- Are you all right?
That was too much.
Mr. Puth, right?
Thank you for coming.
I could not sit still
after hearing from Paphan.
Let's talk inside, please.
Let me look around first.
I'll fetch you something to drink.
Thank you.
That is one giant bamboo grove.
That's where Yam collapsed.
They would surely make fine utensils.
Many people want them.
My dad won't sell, though.
They're his treasure.
we better go inside.
My sister's gotten worse
since this morning.
Be patient.
I'm not done looking around.
These vegetables look nice.
Are you messing with us?
You must learn to control yourself.
A challenge is coming your way soon
to test you.
And it's one you can't win
with sheer strength.
I'm sorry,
I know I'm hot-tempered.
It is time.
Lead the way.
Get out! You have caused enough suffering!
Mom, please come here.
Mom, don't.
You leave me no choice.
Mom, help me.
Hold her, Dad.
Hold her! Don't let her come near!
Mom! Please!
Listen, Mom! Yam is possessed!
Mom, it hurts.
Listen to me, Mom! She's possessed!
Mom, listen.
- Mom.
- My dear.
It's okay. I'm here.
I'm here, dear.
If they dare hurt you,
they will pay for it.
Get out. Kick this old fart out.
Your sister is fine, Yak.
- Mom
- Don't bring anyone else here.
She is fine, see?
I thought you said she's fine.
- Look at her, shivering!
- Dad.
- Get up!
- No.
I told you I'm fine. I won't go anywhere.
Get up right now!
I am not going!
How dare you talk to me like this?
Please talk to her nicely.
- Dad!
- You want some?
- Get up!
- Please!
I said get up!
- Please.
- Dad!
Please, stop.
Don't hurt our daughter. I beg you!
It's all right, dear.
Everybody, leave this room.
Let Yen be with her daughter.
Come on, Dad. Let's go.
Go rest, Dad.
It's okay now.
It is weak during the day.
That must be all it can do.
It will go dormant for a while.
Time is of the essence.
Where do we go from here?
Can we cut down these bamboos?
No way. Father will kill me for sure.
He will not kill you,
but that thing possessing your sister
will surely kill her.
Why must we cut them down?
Cut them down, and you'll see.
Who said you could cut my bamboos?
I did.
Whatever is hidden inside
will be revealed.
My daughter is acting strange, I admit it.
But I'd be a fool
to blindly trust everything you say.
I'm sorry, but please leave.
It is not just your daughter,
but you are also acting strange.
You were like a madman back there.
Is that normal?
Think about it.
This spirit is a master manipulator.
An untrained mind will be easily swayed.
Even a strong mind will turn violent.
I can see right through you.
You're strict and disciplined,
but no matter what,
you would never hurt
your family like that.
Am I right?
Dad, please.
What we're doing here
might be the only way to save Yam.
If we find nothing inside,
I'll do whatever you ask of me.
Come on. Let's do it.
What is that?
Whatever it took from its prey.
Things and organs
that link its soul to the host.
Foul things.
Do not touch them.
You must burn them.
Is my daughter really possessed?
Then do it.
Come on, Yos.
- Yam.
- Yam!
- Yam.
- Don't let her come close!
Stop, Yam!
Stop it now, Yam.
- Let me go!
- Yam.
- Let me go!
- Yam!
- Stop it.
- Don't, dear.
- Mom.
- Yam.
- Stop.
- Yam.
Mark my words. You will pay for this!
- Yam.
- Yam.
- Sarge. Dad.
- Yam?
Yos, Yod, help me.
Sarge, help.
- Yam.
- Yam.
Young man,
take your sister to the doctor now.
Why don't you use holy water?
In your sister's current condition,
saline will do a better job.
In order to survive this journey,
a strong mind is essential.
Young man,
it must be you.
Well, then
Dad and Yos, please stay with Yee.
You two can protect her.
Yod and Yad, come with me and Mom.
You can take care of Yam.
you come too.
Mr. Puth.
Please help us.
You must save her.
Take care of her for me.
I will.
Come home soon, Yam!
What exactly is this thing?
A ghoul?
Way worse than a ghoul.
It has been here for centuries.
Fucking hell. Why did it target Yam?
Is it because she's weak-willed?
Normal spirits target scared children
because they're easy prey.
This spirit is more cunning.
It preys on healthy ones
with no illness nor injury.
A superior prey.
My sister is just a normal girl.
She has faced death, has she not?
When she was an infant, she got malaria.
I had already given up.
But then she miraculously recovered.
She has rarely fallen ill since.
That's what makes her superior.
One among thousands.
When it found Yam, it abandoned Chuay
and possessed her instead.
What about Nart, the girl who died?
It saw her merely as prey.
An appetizer before the main course.
What it will never want to let go of
is the body it possesses.
Hang in there, Yam.
I wish I could trade places with you.
This fog is heavy.
Zip it, Yod.
Whatever you see or hear,
do not speak of it.
That's crazy.
You know it's hard not to, right?
I'll close my eyes then.
Young man,
where are the sacred bullets I gave you?
Here, ready for action.
Save them for later.
Your instinct will tell you
when to use them.
Yam? Yam.
Mr. Puth, will she be all right?
She's burning up.
Young man, it's showtime.
It won't be an easy task
to reach the hospital.
Come on! Come on!
Can I say something now?
Close your eyes.
If we don't see them, they won't see us.
It's coming!
Should we jump off the truck?
Yod, I told you to shut up!
Damn it!
- Well done, young man.
- Yam.
It's gone.
I shouldn't have trusted you.
It haunted us anyway!
Got any more advice?
Should we let it kill us?
Did you shoot it?
Must have been Yak.
Wow! You've gotten so big!
- Sorry, sir!
- Cool.
In order to survive this journey,
a strong mind is essential.
Come home soon, Yam!
Yak. Take care of her for me.
What the hell do you want from us?
What the fuck do you want?
Oh, you're awake?
I was gonna drag you out.
What are you looking for, brother?
Are you looking for this gun?
Please, don't.
Come get it.
But don't shoot me.
We don't want Yam to die, do we?
I only wanted your sister,
but your freaking family
won't mind its business.
Now I will devour them all.
Fucking ghost!
I haven't been with a family
as fun as yours.
I don't regret choosing it.
So fucking fun!
What do you want from me?
Tell me.
How can I rely on a brother like you?
You're unreliable.
A failure to the family.
Three more bullets.
Who should I kill next?
Your mother?
Your brother?
You can hold their funerals.
Don't forget to invite me.
Hey! Hey, stop!
She goes first.
Shoot me instead.
I dare you, shoot me.
How can I refuse such a request?
I reckon you need a perfect host?
The last bullet.
Bon apptit.
Hey, sis. You're awake?
It's really you.
What happened, sis?
I can't remember a thing.
I felt like I was in a deep slumber,
like I've been gone a long time.
Where is everybody?
Yak and Yod took Mom to the doctor.
They'll be back soon.
What's wrong with Mom?
My arm
What happened to my arm?
I'll tell you later, okay?
Why are you crying?
What's making you sad?
They're tears of joy.
I'm so happy we're back together.
Thank you, brother, for saving our family.
We owe it to Paphan and Mr. Puth.
We wouldn't have survived without them.
- Yak.
- Huh?
Did you come home because you knew?
Sarge told Mom to write to me
about the strange rumors,
and that I should come home.
No wonder Mom told me
to pick up our sisters that day.
I'm glad you came home.
Let's go.
When we return home,
I will never sleep in again.
I promise to do your chores for you,
so you can rest.
Can you do that for me forever, sis?
Yes, of course.
Farewell, my sister.
Help! Somebody help!
- Help!
- Yam!
Yam! No, please.
Anybody! Help!
My dearest!
Life is too short.
Let us make the most
of this borrowed time.
Tomorrow is not for certain,
so hold your loved ones near.
Take care of each other.
Cherish every moment together,
as if it were your last.
This is not the end.