Decision (2012) Movie Script

Over here.
Over here.
It was steve.
Where are you going?
None of your business.
Out of my way.
I said where are you going?
Everybody says
Your dad's a murderer.
They say he killed
That old lady.
It was an accident.
My dad said it's time
For you and your mom
To get out of here.
We don't want you here.
Nobody in this town
Wants you here!
Didn't you hear
Me honking?
I was about to level out.
Do you think i care
About your video game
And what level you're on?
Jackson, you know i need
Your help with the bags
When i go to the store.
Did you not hear me
Honking the horn?
And how many times i have
Had to ask you not to turn
That stereo up so loud?
Mrs. Johnson's gonna be
All over me if you woke up
Her new baby again.
That's your response,
Don't you care about
Anything anymore?
Why is her baby sleeping
In the middle of the day anyway?
It's a small baby,
They take naps.
Now, come on, i need
Your help with these groceries.
Hey, no cookies
Until after dinner.
Jackson, i said no cookies.
What happened
To your face?
Nothing. I'm fine.
Come on.
Come on, sit down.
Was it that
Tommy matthews again?
I don't want
To talk about it.
I'm gonna talk
To his mother.
No! That will just
Make it worse.
Was this about your dad?
I don't want to talk about it!
I want to move away from here.
We need to.
Huh, we need
To talk about it.
So, do you have
Any homework tonight?
I cannot believe that
They don't give homework
In high school anymore.
What's wrong with
Your dinner jackson?
You're not even eating.
Fish sticks again?
Yes, fish sticks again.
They were on sale,
I stocked up.
You know that money
Is very tight right now.
Besides they're
Not terrible
If you put
Enough ketchup on them.
I wonder who could
That be at this hour?
Good evening, ms. Connors.
I need to speak
With you about jackson.
Please, come on in.
I hope i'm not
Interrupting anything
As the number
That we have on file for you
Has been disconnected.
Things have been a little
Tight around here lately,
But i do have a cell phone
If you ever needed
To get in touch with me.
Mr. Foster,
Please come on in.
Have a seat.
I haven't seen you
In school lately, young man.
He's been cutting classes?
More than class, school.
Let's see, uh--
In the last two months,
Jackson has missed
30 days of school.
But it's gotten worse.
In the last two weeks
He's not been there
A single day.
You've been cutting school?
Jackson, would you
Come over here please?
I'd like to talk with you.
Yeah, and so what?
I hate school.
You hate school?
Well, guess what,
I hate my job at the bank
But i get up
And i go down there
Everyday like it or not.
I don't need this.
Jackson, get back here!
I swear i don't know
What i'm gonna do with that boy.
Ms. Connors, i know
The recent loss of your husband
Has been very difficult
For both of you.
Jackson and steve
Were very close.
They did everything together
But it's just that i don't
Even recognize my own son.
I can't imagine what you
Both are going through.
I have tried to cut jackson
As much slack as i can,
But, ms. Connors, i can't beat
Around the bush anymore,
I've decided to hold
Jackson back a year.
He's going to have
To repeat the 10th grade.
I think a fresh start would
Be very helpful at this point.
No, please don't.
It's gonna kill him.
I know he'll come around.
It's just--he just needs
A little bit more time.
I really don't
Have a choice.
I mean with the excuse time
That he missed following
Your husband's accident
And the recent time--
He's just fallen
Too far behind,
I'm sorry,
But it's out of my hands.
Where do you think
You're going?
Jackson, would you
Please sit down?
Your mother and i
Would like to talk to you.
You can't tell me what to do,
You're not my father
And we're not at school.
Jackson, get back here.
I'm so sorry.
But you see what i mean?
I don't even know what
I'm gonna do with him.
I know jackson.
He's a good kid.
He's just having trouble
Coping with the loss.
But going back a grade?
All of his friends they're
Gonna be ahead of him.
Can't he go
To summer school?
With all the time
That he's been absent,
He doesn't qualify
For summer school.
He's just missed
Too much instruction.
So he'll start over?
He'll be a full year behind?
Not an entire year.
We're a year-round school.
I have a new track
Starting soon.
He'll be able to start then,
In a little over two months.
I think it will give jackson
Time to adjust, to regroup.
Don't look at it
As a punishment.
Jackson will get a chance
To catch his breath.
Believe me,
It's what's best.
What should i have him do
Between now and then?
I mean isn't there anything
He can do studying, anything?
I think the best thing
For both of you right now
Is take a break.
I mean, could you
Possibly go on a vacation
Maybe get out of town
Or something?
You both could use it.
Yeah, vacation.
I mean, even if
We could afford it,
I could never get that
Kind of time off of work.
I mean, i'm lucky that
I even got my job back
After steve died.
Well, maybe jackson
Can go stay with relatives.
I really think he needs to get
Away from here for a while.
A grandparent perhaps.
Both of steve's
Parents are gone.
And well, my relationship
With my own father, uh,
The last several years, it's--
It's been completely
Non-existent, so--
I see.
I really should be going.
Thanks for taking the time
To come all the way out here.
If i ever can be of help
To you, please give me a call.
Thank you.
Ms. Connors,
I maybe out of place here
But do you have someone
That you can talk to?
A counselor, a pastor
From your church maybe?
I-i've had a grief
Counselor but, um,
We don't really go
To church, so--
Hmm. I'd like to give you
The number to my pastor
From my church.
His name is robert haywood.
He was very helpful to me
When my father died last year.
A pastor?
Pastor robert, he's a--
He's a good listener.
Keep it, in case you need
Somebody to talk to.
Thank you.
I'll let myself out.
Hey, jackson.
We haven't seen you
At school for a while.
Yeah, i've been busy
With some other things.
Julie winters said that you
Were getting held back a year?
Wow, word travels fast.
What happened to your face?
So is it true?
Are you getting held back?
Mr. F was over at my house
Today, but i bailed.
Cathy anne, what are you doing
Talking to this loser?
Leave us alone, tommy.
"leave us alone, tommy."
What are you
Gonna do tough guy?
Stop it you two!
Your lucky your girlfriend
Was here and stepped in
Before i gave you
Another beating.
Jackson, wait!
Daddy, it's ilene.
what's going on?
I need your help.
Jackson, breakfast is ready.
Dad, come on!
Wake up, dad.
Dad, wake up!
Dad, the stop sign!
Come on, honey.
It's time to get up!
Good morning.
Do you still have
On the same thing
That you have on yesterday?
Well, you better go get changed.
You're grandpa's gonna be here
To get you in about an hour.
Grandpa's dead,
What are you talking about?
Not that grandpa, my dad.
Grandpa johnson.
Now come on
Finish your breakfast
And then go get dressed.
Mom, what's going on?
I told you, grandpa johnson
Is coming to get you.
I've already packed
A few of your things.
I have to go live with some
Old man i've never met before?
Why would you
Do that to me?
You've met him before,
You were three or four.
It was at
Aunt julie's wedding.
Why are you kicking me out?
I'm not kicking you out.
You're just going to stay with
Him until school starts again.
You're the one that got
Kicked out of school
And has to do a year over.
Now, come on eat up.
Dad's gonna be here any minute.
Well, i'm not going,
You can't make me.
I guess you really
Don't remember
Meeting my dad,
Grandpa johnson.
By telling him you ain't
Gonna do something,
Well that's not
Something i'd recommend.
Listen, the last few months
Have been a blur.
The loss of your dad
Has been hard on both of us.
And i really think that
Right now we've both just--
We need a little time.
It's for the best.
I can't believe
Your sending me away, mom.
Jackson, i'm not
Sending you away.
You're gonna go stay
With grandpa for two months
Just until school
Starts again.
He lives in a ranch.
He's got dogs and horses.
Tons of wide open space.
I think it's gonna be
Really good for you.
But mom.
But mom, nothing.
I need you to do this jackson.
The loss of your dad it's--
It's been hard on you.
And i really think
It's important that you have
A male role model
In your life right now.
I just can't handle you.
I'll be better, i promise.
It's not about
Being better.
It's about us
Both starting to heal,
And, frankly, i need
A little break myself.
But, mom, i don't
Even know this person.
Jackson, this is
Your grandfather.
My father,
The man who raised me.
Sound's like that dad.
He's here a little bit early.
Huh, no surprise.
Listen, finish your breakfast
And then go on, get packed.
Hi, dad.
Come on in.
Let me get a good look
At you young lady.
I tell you,
If you ain't
The spitting image
Of your mother.
Thanks, dad.
Mom's a lot prettier than me.
Come here.
Hmm, what do we got here?
You've got a little bun
Roasting in the oven.
Daddy, you knew
I was pregnant.
Come on.
Come on, dad.
Come on in and have a seat.
Jackson just
Finished up his breakfast
And he's doing
A little bit of packing.
Just finished his breakfast--
It's after 9.
Yes, dad.
He's only a kid.
A kid?
When i was his age,
I've already worked four hours
Before 9 in the morning.
I know, i know and you walked
To school both ways,
Up hill in the snow.
Darn right, we did.
I'm just telling you,
If the boy is staying with me,
He ain't gonna be
Having breakfast
At no 9 in the morning.
Dad, i'm grateful that your
Taking jackson for a few weeks
But times have changed.
People don't get up
At 4 o'clock
In the morning anymore.
I get up 4 a.m., sharp,
Every morning.
Got hungry animals
Waiting for me.
Dad, like i was saying,
I need you to go easy
On jackson, alright?
The last few months
Have been really rough on him.
How about you wake him up
At 6 in the morning?
Hey, honey.
Come on.
Come in and say hi
To your grandpa.
I know it's been a long time
Since the two of you
Have seen each other.
How are you doing?
What happened
To your face, boy?
Looks like you got
The worst end of something.
Some of the boys at school
Have been harassing him,
But i'm gonna talk
To their mothers.
Why, what for?
He's a boy,
That's what boys do.
He needs to fight
His own battles.
How old are you, boy?
Well, get your things
Ready to go.
We've got a long drive
Ahead of us.
Dad, you just got here.
Come on relax
A little, have a seat.
It's gonna take jackson
A few more minutes
To get packed up
And that will give
You and i
A few minutes to talk.
Go on, honey,
Finished getting packed.
Mom, can i talk to you
In my room?
Just give me a minute
With grandpa, okay?
And i'll be there in a few
Seconds to help you out.
If he's getting ready, probably
Wants you to help him pack.
A 16-year-old boy wants
His momma to help him pack.
No wonder
He's getting beat up.
Dad, i need you to go easy
On jackson, all right?
He's not happy about this.
He's not excited about it,
Not one little bit.
I'm gonna go
Help jackson pack.
I'll be back
In just a minute, okay?
See, grandpa's not that bad.
And i should know, i've lived
With him for 17 years.
Mom, please don't
Make me do this.
I'll be better, i promise.
Listen, you're not
Being punished.
Staying with grandpa
Is a good thing.
I know he's--he's a little
Rough around the edges.
But i promise you
You're gonna have a good time.
He's my dad.
And i want you
To get to know him.
So why we've never
Met him before?
Why have we never
Gone to see him?
Well, that's complicated.
That's--that's because
Of your father.
Dad, never wanted you
To see him?
Like i said,
It's complicated.
It goes way back and its--
It's something
I truly regret.
Hey, if i have
To live with him,
Then i should know
Why i've never met him.
Okay, fair enough.
But i only have time for
The reader's digest version,
Your grandpa
And your dad,
They didn't like
Each other very much.
Actually, it was
A little bit more like
They couldn't
Stand each other.
Why is that?
Truthfully, your dad and i
Ran off at a very early age.
And i think your grandpa
Just always resented him.
He resented him for
Taking me away from him.
How old were you?
Times were different
Back then, jackson.
Let's just say
That we were--
We we're very young.
Mom, how old were you?
Wait a minute,
If you're 33 and i'm 16--
I was 17 when i had you.
Jackson, wait.
Hey, i'm ready
When you are.
I'll be outside.
Dad, are you okay?
What are those pills for?
Nothing, just a medicine
That i take, no big deal.
Dad, what is
The medication for?
I'm fine.
Just an old ticker
Every now and then.
It acts up on me.
But i ain't--i ain't
Checking out anytime soon.
So what is the deal
With the boy?
I mean, he just poked his head
In here a minute ago.
He wasn't too happy.
He's pretty mad at me.
He's gonna need
A good bit of cooling-off time.
Well, trust me,
I got things to take his mind
Off of his troubles.
I got a barn
That needs painting.
I got fences need mending.
Dad, please don't
Make me regret this.
He's my son.
He's my everything.
Sending him away, it's--
It's the hardest thing
I've ever had to do.
Hey, i'm gonna take real
Good care of your boy.
Thank you, dad.
I'll give you a call
When we get to my place.
Hey, buddy.
How's work?
Oh, it was all right.
I had a car fire last night.
Man, the thing
Went up like a match.
Hey, i got you something.
What is it?
Hey, a new deck.
I thought you could use one.
Captain davis' kid
Makes this and i thought
I'd have him make you one.
Yeah, my old one's
Really thrashed.
Let see what mom
Got cooking, i'm starved.
Thanks, dad.
Hey, dad.
Hey, sport,
What are you up to?
Not much.
Well, good.
You can help me
With my checklist then.
Listen, i'm not
The one getting paid.
Oh, yeah.
Come on.
That's me.
I got to go, son.
I'll see you back
At the house, okay?
I'll see you back
At the house.
It's showtime, boys.
Let's move it.
Tell your momma
We'll be late for supper.
I was real sorry
To hear about your dad, son.
Excuse me?
I said i was sorry
To hear about your dad.
Yeah, so why didn't you go
To the funeral?
Well, son, that's kind of
I mean, your dad and i
Did not see eye to eye
On a lot of things.
It goes way back
To before you were born.
Well, dad said
You were a mean old man
And you didn't want them
To get married.
I don't know
About the mean part,
But, yes, at that time,
I was against the marriage.
My dad was a good man,
He was a firefighter.
I was real sorry
To hear about your dad.
I know he took good care
Of you and your mother.
Listen, there are some things
We got to get straight
Right off the bat.
I know you've been through
A lot here recently,
But that does not
Give you the right
To disrespect your kin,
Including your mother and me.
You're not my kin.
First off,
You're a 16-year-old boy
And i'm a grown man.
So when you address me,
I expect it to be either be
Sir or granddad.
I don't know
How you were raised,
That's how we do
Things around here.
Second, you're sitting around
Feeling sorry for yourself,
Mad at the world
Ends here, today.
Now i understand grieving.
I buried my wife,
Your grandmother, 20 years ago.
Hardest thing i ever did.
But one has
To understand, though,
The lord has a plan
For all of us.
He got a plan for my wife.
He got a plan for your dad.
Just like he has a plan
For me and you.
I don't expect you
To stop grieving.
I do expect you
To pull up your bootstraps
And get back to life!
Yes, sir.
You know how to drive, boy?
I got my learner's
Permit sir.
Then what am i doing
Behind the wheel.
Good morning.
What time is it?
Oh, about 6.
I let you sleep in.
Sleep in.
I see that shiner's gone.
Well, dig in.
Eat up, boy.
When you finish,
Meet me out in the barn.
Don't forget
To say grace, son.
Are you okay, sir?
I'm fine.
It's just the old ticker
Acting up again.
How are you doing, son?
It's a lot of work.
Them hands
Will toughen up overtime.
Sure is a lot
Of this stuff.
Whoa, yep.
That's the unfortunate
Bi-product of feeding horses.
That will be charlie swanson
Calling about his...
Just finish that one up,
We'll get some lunch.
Yes, sir.
Hi, dad.
It's me.
Well, hello.
Just thought
I'd touch base
And see how
It's going with jackson.
Oh, the boy's
Doing just fine.
He's mucking out
Stalls right now.
I sure don't
Miss those days.
I just wanted to say hi.
I'll let you go.
well, how you're doing?
i've been better dad.
things are a little bit
overwhelming right now.
Well, are you
In financial trouble?
Something like that.
but we'll be fine,
we'll be fine.
it's not your problem.
You're my daughter.
I mean, i know we haven't
Been on the best of terms
For quite a while,
But i'm still your dad.
what's going on?
Dad, i owe a lot of money.
And i'm worried
We're gonna lose our house.
Relax, it can't be that bad.
I mean, your husband
Was a fireman.
I mean, isn't there
A pension, savings?
Steve didn't have enough time
On the fire department
To be vested
In his pension.
Because he was killed
On an off-duty accident,
He's life insurance from work
Didn't even kick in.
And savings-- well,
All the attorney fees
From the accident
Blew with those.
I don't have anyone
Else to turn to.
I'm all alone
With a baby on the way.
I didn't know
It was that bad.
Look, you and jackson
Can come and stay with me.
That's sweet dad.
This is our house.
A home.
The home that
Steve and i built.
The place
We raised our son
And the place i spent
My last few days with steve.
But i'll get through it.
I'll get through it.
Just have jackson
Call me, okay?
Will do.
Thanks, dad.
Take a break, boy, grubs on.
Grab a sandwich, son.
I just want to have
A word with you.
That was your mom
Earlier on the phone.
What she say?
She just checking in.
Just wanted to see
How you're doing.
Did you know
Your mother and you
Were having
Financial troubles?
No, not really.
I know the family of the old
Woman who died was suing us.
Do you know why?
'Cause the police said
That my father fell asleep
When he was driving,
But they were wrong.
He wouldn't do that.
Well, sometimes
Accident's happen.
Not with my dad.
He was a hero.
Thanks for the food.
Now i'm gonna
Get back to work.
Ho-ho-hold up a minute, son.
In this house, we give thanks
Before we start eating.
Dear heavenly father, we-
We thank you
For this bountiful meal.
We know you provided it.
And father i thank you
For this time you've given me
To spend with my grandson.
And, lord, please look
After my daughter.
Help her find her way
Through these tough times.
In your name, amen.
Well, eat up.
Can i ask you something, sir?
You pray every time you eat?
As a christian,
I feel like it's important
To thank the lord
For how he provide for us.
But why?
He didn't cook the food
Or grow it.
Men tends the field.
But the lord provided it,
The lord causes it to grow,
And i feel like
We ought to thank him for that.
I mean, without his provision,
We couldn't live.
So what are we
Gonna do today?
Change of plans.
You know how to ride?
You mean, a horse?
I don't think
We got any camels,
The last time i checked.
Yeah, i can ride.
My daddy used to take me.
Good, good.
I figure we go out
Deer hunting.
We'll spend
The morning packing up,
It's gonna take us a full day's
Ride to get out there and, uh--
Do you know
How to shoot a rifle?
No, sir.
Well, i reckon
It's time you learn.
Eat up, we got to get ready.
It takes a while
To saddle up them camels.
Stubborn animals.
Come on.
Here is all right.
Before we left,
I gave your mom a call.
You know, just to let her know
We'd be gone a few days.
She sends her love.
I'm glad we stopped to let
The horses walk for a while.
My legs are starting to hurt.
Oh, yeah.
Well, we just got
A little bit,
A little bit more to go
On the path,
Then we're gonna have
To ride again now.
We're good to go.
Come on.
Beautiful country around here
This time of year.
Looks like it might
Get cold later.
Son, you're gonna find
Deer hunting and cold
Are kind of synonymous.
How much further until
We get where we're going?
Oh, i think maybe one,
Maybe, maybe two hours.
All right.
All right, then,
You've got to lead.
Pastor haywood?
Yes. You must be ilene.
Um, just a second.
Put away these hymn...
I'll be right with you.
If you're too busy,
I could come back.
Oh, no, no,
This is the last one.
All done.
I'm robert haywood.
Nice to meet you.
I'm ilene connors.
Thank you
For seeing me today.
I was glad when you called
And decided to come in.
Principal foster, he said,
That you helped him
When his dad died.
Yeah, that was, uh--
Gosh, about a year ago.
His dad had cancer
And nate took his passing
Really hard.
Sorry to hear
About your husband.
Thank you.
It's been, uh,
It's been really hard.
Steve was everything
To jackson and me.
Now steve was your husband
And jackson is your son, right?
Jackson just turned 16
And he's struggling.
He's really struggling
With the loss.
Um, he's actually staying
With my dad right now.
Oh, okay.
It's just so hard
To move on.
I mean, i feel empty.
And i know, i know that
We have to stop mourning.
And i know that
We have to move forward,
But i can't.
You don't have
To stop mourning
The loss
Of your husband yet.
The bible says
In ecclesiastes 3:4,
"there's a time to weep
And a time to laugh.
There's a time to mourn
And a time to dance."
What does that mean?
Well, i think it means
That in this crazy life,
There are times
When we just need to mourn.
But it also carries
A promise that
That time of mourning
Is gonna come to an end,
And it's gonna be followed
By a chance to live again.
I don't know how to live
Without steve.
We had so many
Things planned.
Yeah, i know.
Sometimes the plans
We have for our lives
Just don't seem to match up
With god's plans.
God. God?
Why would god
Do this to me?
I mean, why would god
Do this to us?
What could possibly
Be his reason?
I'm not saying
That god did this,
But i do know he has a plan.
I know it's kind of hard
To leave it at that
And it certainly
Won't satisfy your desires
To know all of the why's,
But sometimes that's all
We get this side of heaven.
Let me read something to you.
This is out of
Mark 15:35.
"my god, my god,
Why hast thou forsaken me?"
Who said that?
Uh, jesus.
When faced with death,
Even our lord questioned.
So, how do we,
Here on earth,
Deal with death?
I think dealing with death
This side of eternity
Is simply comes down
To a matter of living.
Uh, i know
That sounds simple.
Ilene, we must go on living
Until the lord calls us home.
My mom, she used to read
To me from the bible.
We used to go to church
Every sunday.
That was before she died.
After she passed,
Dad just stopped taking us.
I haven't picked up
A bible in years.
Oh, yeah?
How old were you
When your mom passed?
I was 14.
Well, girl, i think
It's about time
You start reading again.
The bible.
It's not just
The words of our savior,
Those are the words of life.
How is it coming
With that tent, son?
Good, sir.
I'll be right there.
Okay. I'm gonna
Get supper ready.
Hey, how do you like
Your filet mignon?
We're having filet mignon?
No, franks and beans.
I was just seeing
What your preference was,
You know, for steaks
For future reference.
Here you go, grandpa.
Hey, thank you, son.
So, how long ago
Did your wife die, sir?
She went to be with the lord
More than 20 years ago.
Everyone always says that
When someone dies
That they went to be
With the lord,
But what does
That mean?
Well, son,
We christians know,
We get to heaven
By getting right with god.
Getting right with god?
Yeah, by beginning
A relationship with him
Through his son,
Jesus christ.
Makes me think of
One of my favorite verses.
John 3:16, "for god
So loved the world
That he gave his only son
That whoever believes in him
Should not perish,
But have eternal life."
Perish, does
That mean to die?
Yes, in a physical sense.
Eternal life refers
To one's soul living on
After we've left
Our worldly bodies behind.
It's all in here, son.
What is it?
How to be saved,
How to get to heaven.
The goods.
How does someone
Get to heaven?
Jesus, in the book of mark,
Was talking with his disciples
About just that.
And he said to them,
"children, how hard it is
To enter the kingdom of god,"
He said,
"it's easier for a camel
To go through
The eye of a needle
Than for someone who is rich
To enter the kingdom of god."
And he says that they
Were greatly astounded.
And they said
To one another,
"how then can
Anyone be saved?"
And jesus said to them,
"for mortals,
It is impossible,
But not for god.
For god, all things
Are possible."
Okay, but what does
God mean by that?
He means the gift
Of salvation
Is just that, a gift.
It's not something we earn
Through our own efforts.
Gift? What kind of gift?
The gift of salvation
Accomplished through
The sacrificial death
And resurrection of jesus.
In mark 10:45, jesus said,
"for even i, the son of man,
Came not to be served,
But to serve
And to give my life
As a ransom for many."
So through jesus's
Death on the cross,
We are free from that
Deadly grip of sin.
So jesus came down here
And died for our sins?
It's all in there, son.
I want you to have that.
That was your
Well, i can't pay that.
That's why we had insurance.
Well then, what are we paying
The premiums for?
There's no way
I'm paying that.
Sue me? Sue me.
I just got one thing
To say to that, buddy,
Get in line.
I think it's about time
You start reading again.
The bible?
Yeah, it's not just
The words of our savior,
Those are the
Words of life.
Can i ask you
A question, sir?
Yes, you can.
I understand that jesus came
Down and died for our sins,
But how does one
Become a christian?
A decision, comes
Down to a decision.
A decision?
That's it?
Well, some folks
Make it sound much harder.
But yes, the lord
Has left it up to us.
I mean, he gave us an example,
He showed us the way,
But each individual
Has to make a decision
To allow the lord jesus
Into their heart
And to follow his examples.
His example?
Jesus didn't just
Come to earth
To die for our sins,
He did that.
He also came
To show us how to live.
John 13:15,
"i've set you an example
That you should live and do
As i have lived and done."
Okay, but what kind of example?
Well, forgiveness
For one thing.
Everyone says sorry
Every now and then.
No, i'm talking about
True forgiveness.
For example, how
Would you feel about
Forgiving the fellow
Who gave you that shiner?
He doesn't deserve
That guy's a jerk.
That's not what
I asked you.
I didn't ask you if he
Deserve forgiveness.
He probably doesn't.
I asked if you were
Willing to forgive him.
So jesus forgave some guy
Who punched him in the face?
No, jesus
Forgave someone
Who put nails in his
Hands and his feet,
Put him on a
Wooden cross,
Hung him there,
And left him to die.
With his last breath,
He forgave them.
That, son, is an example
Of pure forgiveness.
What do you want
For dinner?
What are my choices?
Well, we've got
Franks and beans
Or beans and franks.
Well, that's a tough
Call, grandpa,
But i think i'm gonna go
With franks and beans.
Okay, grandson,
Franks and beans it is,
Coming right up.
Hey, while i get
This supper ready,
Why don't you check on the
Tent, make sure it's secure.
We've got some weather
Coming tonight.
Yeah, it shouldn't be too bad.
So much for that light rain
That we were expecting.
Stay here, i'm gonna check
On the horses.
Yes, sir.
Granddad, wake up.
Come on, granddad.
Everybody has to decide
To ask the lord
Into their heart
And turn their lives
Over to him.
Lord, i need you.
Help me!
I don't want
To walk alone anymore.
Come into my heart
And fill me with your light.
I turn myself
Over to you completely.
Lord, i know
This is my decision.
If this is
My last night on earth,
I want to spend it
As your child.
Wake up, granddad.
Get a fire.
We need fire.
Get the lamp.
The lamp?
I'm gonna make
Some breakfast.
Pills, i need my pills.
They're gone.
Do you have more?
No, that was all.
They're gone.
I looked around this morning,
But there's no sign of them.
You've got to go get some
Help and bring it back.
I can't leave you
Here, granddad.
There's gonna be
Another storm tonight.
Son, son,
You've got to go
Get some help.
Granddad, you couldn't survive
One night out here by yourself.
I'm not leaving you.
Ten miles to the
Nearest road,
Nearly about straight
To east, basically,
Follow the river.
I'm way too weak
To walk it out.
I could build something
To carry you out.
It ain't never
Gonna work.
Lord, give me
The strength.
I can't do it--
I can't do it alone.
Come on, grandpa.
Hey! Help me!
Help me!
What's wrong?
Is he dead?
My grandfather,
He's hurt.
We need help.
He needs a doctor.
I think it's
His heart.
I need an
I'm on route 20,
Just before the
Next bridge.
Hurry please.
We're gonna make
It, grandpa.
They're on
Their way.
Is he gonna be okay?
Well, it looks that way.
We got him stabilized.
I think your grandfather's
Gonna be fine.
He wanted me to leave him
And go for help,
But i couldn't do it.
I'd say you saved his life.
I don't think there's
Any way he would've made it
Through the night
Without medical attention.
How about you?
Are you okay?
Yeah, i'm fine now.
That's a very
Brave thing you did.
Well, i had some help.
open up the sky
see the light
Of heaven
open up the sky...
Hi, are you ready
For church?
Mom, i'm heading to the
Church with cathy anne.
We'll meet you there.
You kids have fun.
Mom says hello.
Hi, mrs. Connors.
So, why don't you
Let me drive?
My mom's car?
Yeah, good luck
With that.
Besides, don't you only have
Your learner's permit?
Oh, driven around
By my girlfriend.
Who said i was
Your girlfriend?
You know, you and me.
So, you were just kidding
About the whole
Girlfriend thing, right?
Looks like tommy
Has a flat tire.
My dad said it's
Time for you
And your mom to get
Out of here.
We don't want you here.
Nobody in this town
Wants you here!
So jesus forgave some guy
Who punched him in the face?
Jesus forgave someone
Who put nails in his hands
And his feet.
Turn around and go back.
Back? What for?
Turn around and go back.
Why? So you
Can fight him?
I just need you to trust
Me right now, okay?
Turn around
And go back, please.
Pop the trunk, please.
What are you doing?
Helping you fix your tire.
Yeah, i didn't say
I needed your help.
You didn't have to.
Why would you help me?
Because you need it.
After everything i did,
You'd still help me?
The past is in the past.
I'm not the person
I used to be either.
What do you say
We get this tire fixed, huh?
All right, thanks.
So after we get this fixed,
What are you up to?
Nothing really, why?
Well, there is this
Concert at my church.
Want to check it
Out with us?
I don't see myself
Going to church.
It's a concert.
I heard the guys' singing
Is really awesome.
Okay, but what about
Cathy anne, won't she mind?
She'll love it. up the sky
to see the
Light of heaven up the sky
let the glory
Come in...
Mom, this is
-hi mrs...
-hi tommy.
look at yourself
tell me what do you see
a soul that's been broken
and torn at the seams
you're so scared to trust
and so hard to believe
that anyone hears you
because you need a rescue
pick up your heart
and give it to him
this is the moment
when everything changes
if you're ready to start
all over again
your new life for hope
Can begin
with one decision
just take a chance
what's left to
the love that
You long for...
so lift
Yourself up
into the arms
Of grace
you're going to
Find your way
when you
Pick up your hopes
and give it to him
this is the moment when
Everything changes...

your new life
Will open...
with one decision
one decision
yeah yeah yeah...
just a chance
just have faith
pick up your heart
And give it to him
this is the only way
Everything changes...
...with one decision