Decisions (2015) Movie Script

(jazz music playing)
(phone ringing)
I dont know if im ready to get
back out yet
It's the old friends part that
im worried about
it's not just that
the car's not running right
and I dont really have a way
over there
yeah fine whatever
Im kidding, Im kidding
(girls laughing)
ladies there someone I wanna
introduce you to
guy's this is Vince
Vince this is Christy
Hi how are you (nice to meet
Hi nice to meet you
and Brandi
oh my god Vince
wow (how are you)
good how are you
you two know each other?
we grew up together
small world
I didnt know grew up in
Weatherford Brandi
yeah I guess it just never came
wow so this is the Vince
that we have been hearing so
much about
yeah really I was beginning to
you were a urban legend
here he is in the flesh
(girls giggling)
nice meeting you guys
I need another glass of wine
Vince why dont you join me
it would be fun to catch up
I dont know about the fun part
inside come on
I could use another beer sweet
have at it honey
I'll get my own beer
I just pay the bills around here
it's cool I'll get it
(girls laughing)
this is what I married
he looks good
I mean I though he would be
and more strung out looking but
I did to I thought he would be
totally strung out looking
ladie's seriously
what we said it looked good
so how do you know Matt and
I used to work with Matt
at the paper
how do you know him
well im friends with Lee
so I met him in passing once or
but I dont know him very well
they're good people
they seem like it
so what happened to you
I used to read your article's
and blog's
every week and then you just
long storie
maybe some other time
what about you what have you
been up to
six months now
no kids
Im adjusting
thats about it
so do you ever talk to my
I talk to him every blue moon
what about you
I talk to him on the phone about
once a month
you know
thats a shame you two where
that is not true
your mom could always seperate
I think she was trying to
protect her precious baby boy
for a good reason
and so true you where never her
thats forshure
wow how long has it been
have I seen you since I
I cant remember when
oh my god
you two were such babies
I remember showing you two
when you were freshman
such dorks
hey hey come on now
oh and that time Molly and I
got you two drunk at that party
(both laughing)
thats a running argument with
Dell and I
really why
I should'nt tell you this
of course you should
you shure you dont want a drink
yeah positive
so the argument
about that night is what?
so Dell claims
that if you would of made a move
on Molly
you could of had sex with her
that night
he so didnt have a chance
and I said if he did that then
what Vince
did you think you had a shot
with me that night
maybe I was just a drunk kid
what did I know
I'll be honest with you
neither one of you had chance
oh my god men never change
sorry I shouldnt have said
no its fine I think its funny
ok you two foods ready
your not grab assing in my
kitchen are you
anyways foods ready
chef hooked it up
(music playing)
(music still playing)
I was married for ten years
no sex in the last two
how many times did you cheat on
there was this guy at work
and we have been like flirting
back and forth and
I told Max
that Brandon and I were opening
up the marrige
I mean we both knew it was
already over right
you know
and the next day he filed
two week later we were done
like over, like done
you know fighting no hassle
2500 dollars in ten years down
the drain
we gatta go
you have had way to much to
oh no no no
nope because you know what
that asshole Max
dumbed me
right after I got divorced and
wanna go out and crazy tonight
that is a horrible plan
no your not going any were
were going home
what about you Vince
you wanna go out
I heard stories about you
you used to be a wild one
not any more
my brother told me
that you are crazy and fun
I remember you used to be crazy
and fun
I heard stories about you
crazy and fun
come on
it'll be like old times
you might even get a chance
yeah its tempting but uh no
it's a nice I think im just
ganna walk home
you didnt drive
another long story
you know what you should take my
because my car is out front
and I am not driving tonight
I am not gonna drive
your not driving
I know drive it
I dont wanna do that
bullshit come on take it
look my keys my car is there
my ex has been paying for it
it is totally insured I mean
whats ganna happen what are you
ganna wreck it
you know what Vince
please take her car
ok I will drive her home
I am not leaving her to her own
accord tonight
she is definitely not driving
we will work it out tomorrow
it's good seeing you
hello Vince
I am so embarresed about the way
I behaved last night
no I mean
I really let myself go
sorry if I was a little to crazy
for you
listen I was thinking
I mean im not ganna feel good
about this until
I make it up to you some how
can I buy you dinner?
no I insist
six pm nates
be there with my car
hold on
thats my mom on the other line
I gatta go but
six o'clock just be there
ok nates
hi mom
Im sorry I didnt call you back
last night
no Im not seeing anyone else
I've only divorced for six
whats up Vince
hey Randy wants me to meet her
as far as I know
you cant go there
yeah I know
but I have her car I gatta get
it back to her
hey look
just have Cindy bring you over
here and you guys
grab the car and take it to her
its kinda your fault im in this
cituation anyway
so take two seconds out of your
day and come get her fucking
dont dont start with me just
come get the car
hey hey dont hang up on me
fucking dick
Vince hey
just let me apologize
I am so sorry
about the way I acted last
I just started drinking and
having my own pitty party
Yeah I know thats three all to
there are your keys drive safe
I've gatta go
no stay have a drink
let me buy you dinner
I cant
this place is haunted
how so
I dont wanna get into it
just drive safe alright
no wait im buying you a drink
if you dont wanna drink here
we could go some place else
your shure you wanna get back up
on that horse
its the only way I can cure this
hang over
fine but not here
we really should leave like now
were are we going
not now we will talk in the car
Vince stop
I think she wants to talk to
I know
Hi summer
how are you
Im surprised to see you here
it wasnt my call
this must be your new
she's pretty
was it her call
Im not his girlfriend
were just old old friends
Im shure your fucking whatever
its cool
I've been seeing someone to
good for you I hope your happy
its Joey Donnahey
the singer?
he doesnt think much of you at
all Vince
it was great seeing you summer
but we have got to get going
no stay
dinners on me
my treat
you do what you want im outa
whatever he says
thats a shame
you are really pretty
thanks so are you
and so sweet
he's always like that fyi
look it was nice meeting you
it's Randy by the way
it's Summer
yeah sorry you know
we are not sleeping together
he's my brother's best friend
from highschool
were just catching up
I dont think you have time to
yourself to me
better hurry
yeah me to
guess who was just in here
was that who I think it was
yeah and he hasnt changed one
who was it?
somebody I used to know
oh sorry here is your beer
I better get back to work exuse
so what was that about
some were in this guy Vince
Vince wait
I need to get home
I'll walk with you
just go get your car
thats why I came down here for
no way you are not
getting off the hook this easy
were having this dinner
whats the big deal
I just dont understand what the
big deal is
I havnt seen you ten years
it was great seeing you
have a nice life
I hate sunday
I hate sunday
I get so lonely on sunday
when Brandon and I were married
we were always together on
watching football or just
being together I
now I have nothing to do
sunday's ever
please just have dinner with me
how can I say no to that
I'll tell my brother and my mom
what a jerk you are now
if you dont go
Im surprised you woud come to
place like this
are you kidding I love this
I just always thought you were
high maintence
really I never thought so
popular opinion did
popular opinion huh
well there was that rumor
I got tag teamed at Ray Allen's
pretty shure popular opinion
believed that one
yeah I might have heard that
did you believe
is it true
does it matter
I seen first
what do you think
I never bought it
in fact your brother and I got
are ass's kicked
defending your honor over that
call him right now and ask
yeah I mean we were just
freshmen and we took on senior's
nobody's ganna talk shit about
you and just watch
I had his back
you know what I remember you two
getting busted up your freshmen
oh my god he told me that was a
video game
what was his first to say
I dont know
so was it true
Miller tried to make out with me
and I shot him down
and the next think you know im a
giant whore
Im just glad it was
the end of my senior year
I guess the ass kicking was
worth it then
now it's my turn to ask you a
can I get you something to
yeah I'll have the dollar draft
for you?
well now I have two questions
start with one
are you in A.A
drinking was never my problem
see after I had a couple of
I got hooked on coke for a
drinking, coke just
went hand in hand for me
dont I know you from some were
I know It'll come to me
I just cant place it
I know that I know you
ready to order?
yeah we will have two number
four's, trust me
I think I'll have a dollar beer
it's just a beer
I'll be right out with your
but where do you I know you
god you look so familier
well let me think about it
I'll be right back
so question number two
who is she
never seen her before in my
but she looks like a good
that is not who I was talking
that she
yeah Summer she
my ex
so when did you break up?
six months ago
about the same time
I was going through my divorce
I guess so
so why did you break up?
people break up
is this that long storie
really long storie
well Vince I have all night
what the hell
no secrets between friends
Summer has the Joe mantra o that
she is also a socialite
she is also really into cocaine
so when we first started dating
she had it on her all the time
a little key pump here, there
ya know no big deal
Im Summer's friend Candice
thats right
we were actually just talking
about her
Im shure you only had fun
things to say
about her right
he did
Summe is so incredible
I mean I just love that girl
do you know her
you know I just met her
she seemed like a real sweet
you two were such a great
it's a shame it didnt work out
I'll make shure to let her know
you were here
yeah thanks
why give a sand
she know's everybody everywere
it never stops
all of her friends were into it
key pumbs
doing it all the time
start staying up late just
missing dead lines
all them stories
almost costing my job at the
after that are relationship went
down hill
and you know
it just wasnt the same ya know
its just like reading your name
in the paper
so thats why I was there
so thats why she's dating that
band guy now right
I get it, hate that little girl
I aint talkin about that kinda
new subject
dont watch
ball hits
dont discuss
I dont know anything about them
what about it
how long has it been for you
six months
it was with Summer before
but yeah
what about you
around at the end of my divorce
six months but before that
two years
sounds like torchure
you know
I really dont wanna go home
alone tonight
and cry myself to sleep
do you wanna have some fun
quite messin with me
no really
no strings, no attachments, no
thinking about it
lets just go
(slow music playing)
(slow music playing)
(dog barking in backround)
good morning sunshine
you know for someone who hates
but you shure seem to like
monday mornings
its my second favorite day of
the week
you can set the tone for the
next five days
you can make the week whatever
you want on monday morning
kind of like a new beginning
what time is it
nine a.m
what time do you have to be at
whenever I want
I kinda come and go as I please
of course you do
so enjoy your coffee, get
I'll take you back when your
so how are the kids Janet
well Dell's doing great
his oldest just turned 16
can you believe that
his daughter is 12
and they are great kids
whats up brother
hey brother how are you
Im good man what about you
just keep on breathing
staying clean
you know I owe you an ass
kicking right
your to good for all that
I've got this
remember that time are freshmen
when we got are ass's kicked
I was a
I was just telling that storie
the other night
oh my goodness
where does the time go
how's Randy
that one worries me
she puts on a good front but
I dont think shes handling the
divorce very well
its fifty thousand dollars for
six months
your not ganna find a better
rate than that
you know what we only have so
much space
fine look
If I dont hear from you by
Im contacting John
knock, knock
do you feel any better
yeah a lot better
I cant believe I go so
drunk the other night
(im so sorry) are you kidding me
its fine
everybody understands
I mean look at Matt
he got that drunk
and he didnt just go through a
is that so
its fine
did you get your car back from
Vince last night
hey uhh
speaking of family I talked to
Randy the other day
she said she saw you at a party
she looked good
what does that mean
stay away from my sister Vince
you hear me
I just worrie she will end up
ya know she
she hasnt dated anybody since
the divorce
and six months seems to be
is a long time
to go be alone
well ya know everyone is
different and
Randy's a smart girl
she will bounce back
yeah um I did and
I took him to dinner
he was really sweet about
really, sweet?
yeah I mean
he's just a nice guy
you so did him
didnt you
shut up
I did not
yes you did
man I didnt mean it like that
I know im just bustin your balls
a little bit
hey look im just glad that
she's out of the house
I thought that divorce was ganna
sink her man
I just wish she would let me
help her
it doesnt matter if there
grown and raised
it never changes
I was lonely
Im not judging you
alrite man well listen dont be a
dude lets hang out
you know what
do you mind if we talk about
this later because
I have work to do
somebody is hitting me up on the
other line
we will talk again soon though
so I was thinking
about are just sex
I think we should do it again
thats really straight forward
well I enjoyed it why not
I guess that whole friends with
benefits thing
never works
good because were not friends
were not
I was always thought we were
no you and I were never that
you were always my brother's
come on I always thought we were
more than that
I love your family
even my mom
she always ment well
Im shure she love to hear you
say that
I bet
look this is a path
you really dont wanna go down
we should meet
ya know hook up casually a few
because it feels good
because it could get
(slow music playing)
I have to go
no you dont spend the night with
I dont like to be away
I like being wrapped in your
just shut your eye's and lay
spending the night
it was just sex right
your here
I like when you stay it's nice
thank you
hey Christy and I going out
saturday night you wanna go
ya know I've already go plans
you already have plans
you going out with Vince again
yeah what do you think
I think you guys are getting to
well I dont
I think we got a good thing
why would anyone set it up
isnt there just a little piece
of you
that wants something more
your starting to make me sound
an adult I gatta call back so
I gatta go
have a good weekend
yeah you to
hi mom
no im not dating anybody yet
mom im fine
Im just planning a nice relaxing
home alone with my wine
no that is not sad
mom I had a really stressfull
look you are not helping
why dont you let me wrap this
and I'll call you later ok
can I ask you something
what are we doing
I was ganna lay here and watch
no this
what are we doing with this
I thought we decided there wasnt
a this
well maybe there is a this now
I havnt really thought about
how could you not think about
just keep rolling with this
it's been a fun ride Vince but
I need something more
I dont know
but its just a part of my
healing process
so be it
maybe I was just using you
ya know to not be lonely but
Im ready to find my next one
ya know like
this with meaning
like your next husband
no, I mean not yet anyway
you know what I really want
to have someone there for me
I miss being in a relationship
your not the relationship type
that just means you dont want
I mean come on
Im not shure if im ready for
what woud your mom or brother
if they found out
who care's Vince
were grown ups
Dell would be happy that im
and I can handle my mom
I dont know where my life is
it's certainly not fair
to ask you to come with me
not fair?
why would you say that
I mean look at you, your smart,
your beautifull, your
Im just a recovering drug addict
you know what Vince you dont
give yourself enough credit
your an amazing writer
you know what you just have to
get back to it
plus your beating this
what do you know about
dont do that
you know what I dont need you
I dont need anyone
what if I walk out that door and
go on a 3 day binger
your ganna stand by waiting
wondering, stressing
just thinking if im ganna call
or not
no I wanna go on that binder
with you
I dont wanna go on that binder
at all
thats not what I ment
who do you think you are huh
puting all this on me
this whole thing
was your idea
what im ganna push you over the
edge Vince
are you ganna blame me if you
get high
well then fuck it
why dont we just call that whore
ex girlfriend of yours and
we can go get some blow
is that what you want?
you wanna get high you wanna
stay up all night
you wanna go numb Vince
looks like your having a good
vodka soda please
dont be a bitch
I assume this is about your
not my man beer's
he's not my man
and there enlies the problem am
I right
ya know what did you expect
he's not exactly the man of the
what does that even mean
it means
he's not the same person he was
in highschool
and neither are you
you both have been chewed up
and spit out
you knew what you were getting
you kinda welcomed this whole
how did I welcome this
and you knew he didnt have his
shit together
when you started seeing him
he practically came with a
warning label
do not date me
your right
I saw something go right
ya know before it got serious
yes and he told you about his
and everything he was going
I know but
no buts
you knew
you went ahead with it anyway
because you thought you could
fix him
you cant fix him
you know that
yeah your right
I felt comfortable ya know
I was lonely
you know what answer this ok
so why did he stick around I
if he didnt want this why did he
stick around
why not
he's a guy, your easy sex
what guy wouldnt want that
there's gatta more to it than
just sex
I mean there's got to be
isnt that what you wanted from
the beginning
I mean
that's what you told me
what hapenned
I felt comfortable with him
I started to devolep feelings
I tried not to really
I mean come do you think I dont
know he's a
torchured soul
like I know all of that
and I dont care
I still want him
I feel right when we are
does he?
or is he just taking whats in
front of him
I dont know
maybe you should find out
you ever hear of knocking
Vince I need to tell you
yeah by all means
your damn right by all means
you know what
your a loser
your not a just a loser your a
dumb ass loser
did you come all the way over
at 2 am to tell me im a loser
I came over to tell you your a
dumb ass loser so dont interupt
you know what I might be
the best thing that ever
happened to you
and you wont let me love you
and that makes you a dumb ass
I wanna go with you
damnet Vince I fell in love
you dont want love, you dont
want anything
I know it was just sex but
I fell in love
I guess that makes me the loser
some where between just wanting
to have sex with you
and not wanting to be alone
I ended up falling in love with
dumb ass
I love you
your and asshole, your to
stupid to understand it
so im leaving ok
dumb ass
your dont love me
your just love the idea of not
being lonely
then tell me im crazy and get
the hell out of here
because I cant take this
all these feelings not being
it hurts to much
so bye
I do want you
dont fuck with me Vince
I do want you
I swear Vince dont say that
if you dont mean it
because I cant take it anymore
(slow music playing)
(music still playing)
hi mother
do you remember Vince Ryan
of course I havnt lost my memory
you know what I was just asking
about you the other day
you look better you dont look
like a junkie at at all
thanks nice to see you to
thanks you to
I didnt know you guys were
hanging out
I ran into him at a party awhile
we have have been hanging out a
little bit
so no work today
I took the day off
ladie's, Vince would you give us
a minute
you know what im ganna get a cup
of coffee
alrite sound great
hey Randy I think he's a keeper
were you even ganna tell me
about this
mom I was going to tell you
about it
I was just waiting for the right
tell me when would that be
when your walking down the aisle
you know what dont do this
we were having a great day
does Dell even know about this
no no one knows
someone knows
no one that matters to you mom
nobody from the family
nobody from that old highschool
I never liked him because
always trouble
mom he's changed ok
he was a kid when you knew him
it wasnt that long ago when Dell
told me
about his drug problems
people do not change
mom he's clean now ok
this is exactly why
I didnt wanna tell you about
because I knew you would over
I am not over reacting
look im concerned about you
honey you had a terrible time
with the divorce
I dont wanna see you go through
that again
mom im a grown woman
I dont need you chaperoning my
love life
well somebody has to
face it
you havnt had that great a
record with men
you know what
Im done with this conversation
you know what im ganna go finish
my day
with Vince
how about I stay
that would be a horrible
a horrible decision would be
staying here and finishing this
conversation with you
ladies I think its time we
conclude our walk
great seeing you again
shure was Vince
later Randy
Randy we like Vince
Im glad somebody does
hey it was nice meeting you
good to meet you to
bye Randy
how did that go
how do you think it went
I dont want her to ruin my day
you know
I have this theory
its impossible to be upset
when your eating ice cream
ice cream goes straight to my
whatever lets go get some
your a jerk
(Randy laughing)
I told you ice cream would fix
mine is better though
im glad you think so
(phone ringing)
sorry I've got to take this
what is it now
look I told you we dont have
anything left to talk about
it was not a mistake
Im seeing someone else now
it's over
do you not remember how
miserable you were
dont call me anymore
is everything ok
I've got a long night at work
today was great but do you mind
if we
wrap this up
yeah it's fine
you wanna get out of here and go
chill at my place
I need to be alone
I just have a lot to prepare
you shure everything is ok
Vince quite asking
(music playing)
thanks for agreeing to see me
well I felt bad
look Brandon
Im not shure why you wanted to
see me
what would we even have to say
to each other
there's a lot left to be said
would you remember the last two
years of are marrige
we barely spoke
where would we start now
thats not fare we
we grew apart
now I realize we shouldnt have
let that happen
what part
all of it
you were the best thing
thats ever happen to me
I should have tried harder to
keep you
it's a little to late for now
is it?
I told you im with someone else
what happened to my replacement
she wasnt you
I think you would have liked
I did at first alrite
I realized
she wasnt you
I think you have a serious case
of just stopping and sitting in
I dont
have dinner with me
I dont think so
it wouldnt be appropiate
is it really that serious with
him right now
yes it is
you know what that was a long
time ago
it's dinner
you know what
I've got to go
come on, come on it's dinner
so did anything interesting
happen today
yes I do
I like CSI
you always watch cop shows
you can figure out the killer in
like five minutes
no you cant
cause they always put like a
twist in there
Im smart
you just think you know
(cell phone ringing)
are you not ganna respond
I have nothing to say to her
who is it Summer
you can tell by my lack of
im not interested
dont let me stop you
dont make a thing out of this
it's probably exactly what she
so now you know what she wants
I cant control who texts me
yes you can
block her number
I dont know how to do that
I do
do you want me to do it for you
now she cant text you or call
sounds like your sad
no thank you
Im going to bed
it's 9 o'clock
gatta get up early
for what?
like what you ganna not write
all day
come on I thought it would be
to sit here and snuggle and
watch tv
you know what
just go on, do you stuff
where are you going
Im going home
Im going home
going to bed
by myself
going home
come on
you know what fine
why dont you get out of here
cant move fast enough
hey girl
have you heard from Vince
not yet
have you tried getting ahold of
he should be trying to call me
is Vince
really that type of guy
you know what
I used to think so
I dont know anymore
just call him
no if I call him say it goes to
voice mail
and if he doesnt call me back
Im ganna sit here and go
crazier and crazier just
thinking about it
I hate to tell you this
but your going just as crazy
sitting here waiting
you know what
you should go
I have work to do
let me know if you need
yeah thanks
(music playing)
(country music playing)
dinner tomorrow night
and so were clear
this is just dinner
was that just Randy that just
walked by
who's the guy she is with
I thought you told me she was
so tell me about this guy your
that didnt take long
it seems like an appropiate
why is that
how else am I ganna
know if I still have a shot with
if I dont size up the
there's no competition
Im with Vince now
you have no shot
that's not very fair
we had a 8 year marriage to
figure this out
you would think if we wanted to
fix it
that we could have done it then
I like a challenge
stop your trouble
maybe it's just a buisness
that doesnt look like any
buisness dinner
I've ever been to
so what I talk to my clients
like that to
well I dont are friend to get me
to fool up
I dont even know who it is
my thoughts on that
if you go over there and make a
I am ganna lose my damn mind
its none of are buisness just
stay out of it
were just ganna have to agree to
disagree then
ok your really ganna do it
I asked you not to
and your still ganna do arnt
I am going to the bathroom
you ever think
were that fit
like I said we years to figure
that out
we would of fixed it then
just think about it
a different decision here
a different decision there
you know
If I had just said yes to that
trip to europe
you wanted to take instead of
going out of town on buisness
maybe things would of turned out
maybe if you decided to touch
once in the last few years of
our marriage
instead of spending every night
in the guest room
there were good times in there
to though
I dont know about the last two
years but
there was that trip to Austin
that was fun
the where you got drunk
and puked in the dark alley
and I had to carry you 8 blocks
back to our hotel
yeah thats the one
but that was friday night
do you remember what happened on
after you got over your
I asked you what we should do
you said play bingo
we were in Austin Texas
and you wanted to go play bingo
not go see a great live music
act nope
go play fucking bingo
and remember you called out
bingo to early
(Randy and Brandon laughing)
I thought those old folks were
ganna beat me to death
with their canes
oh my god
it was simple
I fell in love with you
all over again that night
stop it
it's a shame are marriage
didnt stay simple and fun
(cell phone ringing)
hey girl
hey can I ask you something
are Randy and Vince still
as far as I know
son of a bitch
she's here with some other guy
thats probably just a buisness
thats what Matt said
this is not a buisness dinner
well good for her
maybe she's finally come to her
whats he look like?
maybe you know him he's
freakishly tall he's got crurly
dark brown hair
nicely dressed
oh my god
now what
that guy that Randy is with
is her ex
so what
why are we still even on this
so what?
she's making a fool out of are
and you dont even care
I do care but Vince is a adult
he can take care of himself
can he?
I know if you tell him this
there's a good chance
it's ganna push him over the
and what if she tells him
or what if he finds out some
other way
Cindy im telling you
if were not careful with this
it could shove Vince back into
the abyss
your his best friend
dont you think you should tell
tell him what
tell him what
that we saw his girlfriend
having dinner with her ex
adults eat together
not ex's Matt
why did you do that?
it felt right
no it didnt
well why didnt you stop me
I didnt know you were ganna do
you could of stoped me if you
wanted to
I've gatta go
I could take you home
we should do this again
we shouldnt
Im with Vince now
this was a mistake
no it wasnt
it was a good decision
so when
and how do you suggest
we tell him
we tell him now
and just come out with it
thats what we need to do on our
way home
(knocking on door)
hi my friend
come on get in here
I need a drink
what happened
this is a nightmare
why dont you start with telling
why you went to dinner with you
ex husband
I dont know
I tried not to go you know
Vince doesnt return my texts or
my calls
for like two days
Brandon called ok
I dont know
one thing led to another and
I just didnt wanna be alone
was it just dinner
I dont know
what does that mean
that means we just had dinner
but when we were leaving the
he kissed me
what did you do
I just
I just stood there shocked
did you kiss him back
I dont know
I mean are lips touched we
You know Brandon Stable
and boring
you know what I need some more
have all you want but
Im not letting you go home
no just stay here
be safe
you dont need to make another
stupid decision
you think having dinner with
was a stupid decision
if you care about Vince
then yes
you know what fuck Vince
that asshole hasnt called me
or talked to me two days
he doesnt care what im doing
and he doesnt care about me
you know that I am not
as big as a Vince fan
but do you really believe thats
then why isnt he talking to me
I dont know hunny
I dont know whats worse
being married and bored
or trying to date in your
I dont know either
but I can not stay up with you
I gatta go to bed
I got that big stanley project
I wont be up long
let me get you something to
thank you
(knocking at the door)
hows it going buddy
hey Vince how's it going
so you guys didn't come over for
small talk whats up
how are things going with
I dont know I havnt talked to
her in a couple days
did you guys have a fight or
are you guys really
that interested in my personal
life all of a sudden
we just wanna make shure
when we tell you why we are
that you dont slip into the old
Vince again
why are you here?
Cindy and I were having dinner
at Eddie V's tonight
and we saw
Randy eating there to
with her ex husband
I never really liked her
I kinda thought she was a bitch
maybe there getting back
I thought you two were together
so did I
Vince this is not the end of the
Im not ganna slip and fall off
if thats what your worried
and I really need to be alone
right now
you know what why dont you come
stay at our house
we can have a few drinks
and you can crash upstairs
because I wanna be alone
Im ganna keep my cell phone on
make me a promise
that you call me before you call
Im not ganna call her
I've known you for a long time
dont you look me in the eye and
lie to me
you know what
you guys wanna hang out here
you be my guest
but I am out of here
Vince wait
we cant just let him leave
we have done everything we can
its up to him now
think we made the right
I dont know
you ganna tell me were you been
all night
oh my god
Vince you scared the shit out of
what are you doing here
just waiting for you to come
sleeping, I thought you might
make it at some point
I had a little to much to drink
last night
so I spent the night with Lee
how stupid do you think I am
you dont think I know you had
dinner with Brandon last night
thats it, it was dinner
are just dinner
turned into to just sex pretty
I went to Lee's right after
thats the truth
what the fuck Vince
you have no right to be mad at
you havnt returned my texts or
phone calls for two days
two days, two days thats all it
I didnt know you were ever ganna
talk to me again
and I did not run back to him
we had dinner that is it
do you not trust me
you stay up all night with your
ex husband
and you wanna talk to me about
I was not with him for long I
was with Lee
what if I did the same thing
with Summer
yeah dont wait by your phone
fuck you Vince
just leave you always do this
something tell me this isnt a
im just hungry thats all
there are thousands of
resturants in this city
why is Vince Ryan in mine again
you wanna question my motives
or give me a drink
do you want me to grab you a cup
of coffee
I'll have a beer
it's 11am
is there a problem with that
no not at all
just when I thought you become
dull and boring on me
hey goodmorning
how you feeling
god so so rough
if I could of stayed here this
moring I would of
have you heard anything from
yeah he was waiting for me
at my apartment when I got home
this morning
he thinks I spent the night with
did you tell him that
no I
I guess he put two and two
together I mean
Cindy told him about the dinner
when I didnt come home I mean he
or he thinks I spent the night
with him
and he thinks I slept with him
well did you tell him you were
with me
yeah and he wasnt buying that
and that is not the worse part
what is?
Im two weeks late
oh Randy
did you and littel miss thing
get in a fight
yeah I dont wanna talk about it
how about this
you grab some lunch
get out of here and clear your
and meet me back here at seven
and we go have some fun
I dont do your type of fun
anymore Summer
me either Vince
we had are wild times together
I think we both have grown out
of it now
Im serious
me to Vince
I broke up with that jerk from
the band
because he wouldn't stop
we'll just hang out
have a few drinks and
that will be that
it never ends that way
tonight it will
just two old friends
catching up
we will take the test
I was two weeks
I know
you been stressed
you been stressed
work has been hard
your arite
we will get through this
not so shure about this
I told you we'll keep it clean
why dont I believe you
maybe my track record isnt the
I really have changed
prove it
I plan on it
let me go take this stuff to
back and
run to the restroom, I'll be
right back
alrite lets get out of here
where to
someplace quiet were we can
catch up
I know how about your place
you have changed alrite
I know this is stressfull
can I get you a glass of tea or
I dont think I can drink
my nerve's are shot
maybe vodka not tea
sit down try to relax
I dont wanna sit down
I wanna call Vince
do you think Vince
would really be there for you
I dont know maybe
may I remind you
that you two
are not
on the best of terms right now
Vince is not a bad guy
you have your blinders on
your mom and I both
warned you about him
you know what dont bring her up
not now please
but Vince
is the last
thing you need to be thinking
about right now
he's the only think I can think
about right now
you dont need him
no matter what that test says
we can take care of this
I will be there for you
and I will go with you
when and if the time comes
what do you think im ganna do
Im just sayin
that you dont need to bring a
into this situation
you and Vince
you have enough problems as is
you dont need a child
well im certainly not
giving it to some strangers to
I love you
and I only want whats best for
you only have one choice
you know what
my life sucks right now
I dont wanna talk about this I
just get he results of that damn
you need to consider all
your options
before you look at that test
because once you see it
you may not be thinking clearly
all my options
I would have this baby
I mean I dont know if Vince
would be involved or not but
Im certanly not ganna give it
to anyone else
and im not ganna abort it
maybe this is what I need right
the stability that a child would
its a life
long commitment
you cant just get a divorce
in 8 years when it doesnt work
I know about life long choices
I had a abortion before
and I swore I would never do it
Im sorry
I didnt know
look I was and stupid
but I lived with the pain of
that abortion
and the fear that I would go to
hell for it
or that I would never be able to
have my own
my own kids because of it
I understand
what do you think you
you think I just bled for a
couple days
and that was the end of it
no I regret it
and I have regreted it every day
there are nights
that I lay in bed and I cant
even after all these days
I lay there and im
haunted by the
idea of who that person was
and I wonder
Im sorry
that kid would of been a
softmore in highschool this
but I robbed of it of its life
of its chance to even be here
and you know why
I was scared
I was scared, I was a scared
selfish kid myself
you did what you thought was
best at the time
theres nothing wrong with that
it's not ok
it's not ok
I cant do it again
I can not do it again
you have to
what ever you decide
I will be here for you
it doesnt matter
so why dont you tell me what
happend between you and lil miss
something happend i know you
feel ackward telling me but i
stil wanna know i wanna be your
friend vince
why dont you tell me what
happend between you and mr no
that is not nice vince i dont
wanna get into that
its just one of those things we
were better friends than a
why friends
yea like us isnt it funny that
weve came full circle think
about it we are right back where
we started from
this time last year we were
falling in love working on
building a future together
alots changed in the past year
whats changed
so you quit doin blow big deal
its a big deal to me
do you remember the vegas trip
that was so much fun
9laugh) that was my favorite
part of our relationship a lil
lights and city
how full throttle we went
we stayed up three days straight
partying drinking dancing
ya i remember the year you
almost got us kicked out of the
that blackjack dealer was an
how does he deal me nothing but
15s and 16s for an hour
how does that happen really what
are the odds
its too bad it went all downhill
after that
did we really go downhill
we started dealing blow as soon
as we got back and that was fun
fun is not the word i would use
more like toxic
dont you miss it a lil bit
you dont sound like someone who
has quit
i have but i do miss it the rush
the energy
the up all night no pain
euphoria it gives you
whens the last time you did it
maybe right before we left the
you wouldnt bring that shit over
and when have i did what are ya
gonna do kick me out
relax vince im kidding
(bottle set down) when was the
last time you did it
before rehab
dont you ever think about it
and what stops you
why would i
because its fun
not anymore (girl laughs)
(swigs a drink)
(puts bottle down) so you are
telling me if i put a line down
on the table you are not gonna
do it
dont do this
do what
you know what you are doin
is what im doin doin anything
for you
maybe is it
(stop it) it will be like old
times dont summer
(music playing)
music playing)
mmm that was an interesting
ah yeah
(girl moans)
you can say that
i guess you have really changed
is that a bad thing
change is good as long as its
for the better
you werent helping the situation
too much last night
who said that was what i was
trying to do
now what are you trying to do
i dont know i guess i was just
trying to see if it was gonna be
different this time around
and what did you decide
mmm juys still out
you mind if i take a shower
go for it i need some coffee
(bed squeaks)
(thump thump)
(door opens)
(man sniffs)
(sound of foot sliding)
(sound of plastic bag ruffling)
bag noise)
(sound of hand hitting the
(bag noise)
(bag noise)
(door opens) ahh im all fresh
and clean
whats wrong
i should have taken my purse
i... i forgot that was in there
are you alright
do you know how hard it is for
me to look at that bag right
well then this proves you have
beaten your addiction
its harder than you think
(girl scratches arm
you said you wanted it to be
different this time right
well im gonna need you to do
something for me
do what
i dont need rehab
i have fun on occasion
i can take it or leave it
i dabble thats all
what if i just promise never to
bring it around you again
like last night
that was different that was
a test
my powder cost me everything
and you are gonna get it all
before you know it you will be
writing again
and everything will be mlike it
was before
this was a mistake
i was a mistake
(she lets breath out( wow vince
that is just what every girl
wants to hear
(doo sound)
you know what you are a fucking
cocksucker ok
just because i dabble does not
make me a bad person
you jusdgemental fuck
you know what keep the sack keep
it as a going away gift
oh and
in case you need it
(keys jingling)
fuck me
you dick
(sound of guy grabbing bag)
(sound of bag beer bottle
(sound of girls footsteps)
damn it
(keys jangling)
(sound of girl digging in
(sound of door opening and
you fucking kidding me
summer (what) what the hell are
you doing here
you can fucking have him ok
(keys jingling)
(paper sound)
(bag noise)
(urgent door knocking)
(urgent door knocking)
do you mind explaining to me
what the hell that was
last time i checked i dont have
to explain anything to yoiu
you know what i dont even know
why i cam over here
why did you come over here
cause im pregnant you asshole
im pregnant
and i thought you ought to know
about it
can you please say something
its gotta sink in
were having a baby
i dont know maybe
are you pregnant or not
yes i am i just dont know if i
should keep it
do you have any thoughts
im still in shock
so what if we keep it huh
we gonn be some little happy
family vince
so do you see yourself the way i
see you vince
so every other weekend because a
dad made one mistake
i dont see myself that way
ive never been through this
well i have
so you knew what to expect
i know what to expect
i know how you lay awake at
night and you wonder what if
and i know you cant take it back
no matter how bad you want too
and i know that you hope and
pray that you did the right
and something deep inside side
says you did it
and i know how you try to stuff
that down
and drown it out and it never
goes away
it never goes away
and i know how hard
i walk into the street and i see
a baby a 2 y old a 4 yr old
15 yrs later i see that face and
i did that
i did thhat i did that and im
bot of us
(muccled crying
dont touch me
how could you be with her like
do i mean nothing to you
look i ddint know about the
(exasperated breath)
dont say that
theres no our baby theres no
baby yet and you dont get to say
that vince
what you think you are ready to
be a father
yeah maybe i am (girl lets out
well what is that
father of the year material
right there
i can explain that
you know what the last time i
checked you dont have to explain
anything to me
and i certainly dont have to
explain anything to you
its not mine
wait (no)
im not waiting
(door slams and guy bangs on
(footsteps walking away)
mom thanks for rushing right
so why did you call me in such a
there is something i want to
tell you
is it about that vince
i knew he was trouble when you
started seeing him
is he on drugs er
is he in jail steal money from
you or what
nothing like that mom
then what randi what is it
whar were you thinking
i warned you about him i warned
we got in this huge fight and
now he is seeing someone else
so whar di he dump you after you
told him you were pregnant
no i walked out on him after i
told him i was pregnant
oh go who is she
uh i dont know mom
all i know is i need you to be
there for me and the baby
you have already made your
yes i am having it and thats the
only thing i can wrap my head
around right now
have you even thought about
do you know what kind of
problems kids have whose parents
are druggies have
mom vince was not using drugs
when we were together
no what about you
you have problems
how do you know this kiid isnt
going to inherit your problems
because he would have a loving
mother (and no father)
mom i can handle this
can you
what if he is an alcoholic like
his mother
then i will know i was a failure
like my own mother
how did i fail you i have always
been there
really mom have you because the
last time this happend i was too
scared to tell you
no mom this was a mistake i
should have known youd show me
zero support
(exasperated breath) i will not
do that to my child
you are just not thinking
clearly honey
are you high are you on drugs
no mother
look honey i know you had a
really hard time with the
i know
but you cant just go a 180
degrees and become a cougar
party girl its shameful
you were raised better than
in spite of what you may think
you are the one person who is
suppose to support me but you
look down on me and judge me
you know what i dont need that
and i dont need you
what was i thinking that you and
i can have sort of loving
mother daughter relationship
all im truing to say is you have
not been able to handle any
and getting pregnant just proves
you cant handle it
and you cant take care of a baby
you cant even take care of
what if this is my last chance
im not getting any younger
what if i want to have a child
some people just arent meant to
have children
as much as it pains me to say it
honey youre one of them
thats it you know what thats it
you can leave now
you are not helping and i dont
need to fight with you
you jusdge me about being a
responsible mnother
and look what kind of mother
youre being youre treating me
like shit right now
well what im trying to say is
look at you look at your
if you take your time and
honestly look at it
abortion is your best abortion
is your only option
for you for the kid for everyone
oh really are you sure you are
not just saying that because
you dont want to introduce your
illegimate bastard grand child
really brandi
i just want you to start using
your head for once
ok dr averfs remember he is your
there is a clinic right next to
his office
and they have pamplets we can go
down there get them you can look
at them see for yourself this is
the right decision
you know what mom you go get the
pamplets im gonna take a bath
why are you so determined to
have this baby
dont you ge it that there are
risks involved
having a baby in your late 30s
puts you at risk
you would be having a high risk
pregnancy and you have no
relationship with the babies
i dont get it why would you even
consider this
i feel a connection with this
baby mom i dont know i cant
explain it
if it will get you to leave me
alone for a minute
why dont you pick up the fucking
pamplets cause i wont read them
well you better read them
and you better think long and
before you make this decision
the only descion i need to make
is if you are involved in this
childs life
Uh.... Uh....
(grass crunching under feet)
so what are you gonna do
you are getting right to the
what else is there to say
i dont know what about hey randi
how are you
hey randi how are you
(exhales) and pregnant
dont forget that part
so what are you gonna do
you know you can be such an
asshole sometimes
why is it just me vince
you are a part of this too
no im not you made that real
clear at my place the other
vince i was angry
i felt hurt and betrayed
i was trying to hurt you back
we just need to deal with this
no games
no games
all that matters is how we move
forward from here
so what are you gonna do
there you go again
you you you
vince come on this is our
so what are we gonna do
we are gibba fugyre tgus iyt
right now
(birds in background )
you have any original thoughts
or are you gonna go with what i
(walking on gravel)
i dont know if i am ready
is anyone ever ready
im must now getting my shit back
are you sure this does not have
ssomething to do with summer
i mean how would she react if
she knew i was pregnant
it was a one time thing and that
was a mistake
what about brandon how would he
react if he found out you were
nothing happend with brandon
it was a mistake too
look this is beween us vince
we just need to figure it out
can i ask you something
berween you and me
(she takes a deep breath) did
you get high with summer
she just left that bag there to
be a bitch
between you and me
if you wouldn not have walked in
when you did and told me what
you told me
i would have done that entire
and would have went out and got
that stopped you
i would think if anything me
showing up pregnant would have
made you run to it
im gonna be here for you
clean and sober
what about the kid
you gonna be ther for him
of course
say you move on vince
and go have kids with someone
else when you are ready
are you still gonna be there for
this kid
why wouldnt i be
(takes a long breath)
if i decide not to have it
(he lets out a long drawn out
part of me will always feel like
something is missing
i thought you werent ready
part of me is not
part of me is thinking this
couild ruin the rest of my life
but then there is another part
another part of me is saying
you dont want to ask yourself
what if
maybe were stressed out
(sniffing and crying sounds)
vince i have alot of thinking to
i need to be alone
you hundry wanna go grab dinner
no i want to be alone
alone on a sunday
(music starts to play a sad
im not being a total asshole
when pust comes to shoe vince
your not a bad guy
(,isoc cpmtomies to play)
ive made my decision
(in audible)
whens mom coming home
there she comes now
(swing set noise)
mommy (hi autumn)
i missed you
missed you
did you have fun with daddy
what do you wanna do today
i dont know
you dont know
lets go to the mall lets enjoy
our day
ok do you want to get ice cream
mmm how about a popsicle
ok popsicle works
or a slushie
or a slushie (your choice)
(music starts to play)
a Maddy G Tv Original movie