Decommissioned (2016) Movie Script

Come on, that's ridiculous.
Get over here, buddy.
- Ahh!
- Hey!
- That is so unfair!
- What do you mean it's unfair?
- He was cheating!
- No way, he does not cheat,
he has never
cheated in his entire life.
Do you hear your mother?
What kind of weight advantage?
Oh, you mean this weight
I do like that kind
of weight advantage.
- Come here.
- Hi.
Eww! Dad!
- Eww!
- So gross! It's so yucky.
Get a room.
- Oh, shit.
- No! No, no!
I'm sorry!
Hold on, hold on.
It's price. Be right back!
Hey, what up, handsome?
Hey, what's up?
You throwin' the ball
around with the little one?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Alright, well listen.
Sorry to bother you on a Sunday.
I got this work to do,
we're gonna deal with it.
We have some new information
but I think we have to walk
the client through it.
- Okay.
- Okay, what about tomorrow
morning, is that good?
- Yeah, Monday it is.
- Great, well say hi
to little fella for me.
- Of course.
- Okay, mate. Alright, bye.
Alright, bye.
Hello, my dear.
Alright, everything in order?
- Yep.
- Thank you.
We're good to go.
My fellow Americans.
Today in America, a teacher
spent extra time with a student
who needed it,
and did her part
to help lift America's
graduation rate to levels that
have been unsurpassed
for the past three decades.
An entrepreneur flipped
the lights on in her
high-tech start up company,
and did her part to help add to
the more than eight million
new jobs that American
businesses have created
over the past four years.
An auto worker fine-tuned
some of the best,
most fuel efficient
cars in the world,
and did his part to help
wean America off her dependence
on foreign oil.
Now innovators
in America's top industries
are leading the world on
a path to a brighter future.
And it's time that our sworn
Smells good, baby.
I'm starving!
Since the cold war,
our government has
employed a task force...
This guy's going to
make a difference.
Now for decades, they've kept
a close watch on us.
As we've slowly
given up our rights...
- ...our privacy,
- you're such a pessimist.
No, I'm a realist.
Four years isn't that long.
People like empty promises,
you know?
There is no domestic threat
great enough to warrant
the violation of the rights
of the American people.
And while the
us constitution contains
no express right to that end...
Speaking of promises...
I think you owe me
one, don't ya?
- Hm?
- Mm-hm, I might.
I think this is collecting.
That's right.
K, papi.
Oh, by the way--
no, no, no, no, no, come on.
Where do you think
he learns it from? Hmm?
Come on, can you go help him
wash up?
I'm just lookin' at you.
You gotta take out the trash.
incurred by the American
people at the hands of the NSA,
the FBI, CIA,
or any other special
intelligence task force.
My fellow Americans,
I will continue to work
tirelessly to ensure
that privacy of
the American people is upheld.
And that the American people
are neither surveilled,
nor monitored,
that we all feel safe
in our homes,
secure in our streets
and in our businesses.
My fellow Americans,
thank you for tuning in
tonight and listening.
May god bless you
and may god bless America.
Easy there, buddy.
I think it's a little
bit past your bedtime!
- No way.
- No way?
No way, what are you kidding me?
Get over here
you little munchkin. Ooh!
Time for bed.
Alright, spider monkey, bedtime.
But, dad?
I'm not tired.
Alright, I'll tell you what,
if you don't tell your mother,
I'll read you another chapter,
- Pinky promise.
- Pinky promise.
You know that's real right?
Hold on.
Another chapter it is.
So, oh, this is a good one.
"This is not what I asked for,
this is not what I planned.
When I said, 'okay, you can bury
me, up to my neck in sand.'"
Go to sleep.
I'm turning the lights out.
- Hi.
- Hi.
God you smell good.
Come here...
I love you.
You gotta be fuckin'
kidding me with this trash.
What the fuck is this?
Put him in the bag.
Go get the wife.
Got it.
I got the front.
I'll go grab the kid.
Come on,
i know you're out there.
I can hear ya.
Look, I don't know any
answers to your questions.
Please, just let me go.
Why don't you just
tell us the truth?
Look, I'm not lying.
Your name is Steven white
and you're an operative
for the agency!
My name is John niles.
I'm an insurance salesman,
that's it!
Son of a... fuck!
I'm telling you the truth man,
i swear to god.
I'm an insurance agent,
what do you want from me?
Fuck this shit.
What do you
know about operation jackknife?
I don't know anything
about operation jackknife, man.
What do you
know about operation jackknife?
I have no idea about that!
- Who's your contact?
- I got no fuckin' contact.
- Who's your contact? Huh?
- You got the wrong guy.
Give me something.
You gotta give me something.
We're gonna do this all night
until you give me something.
Who are your contacts?
Come on, buddy.
Tell me something.
I don't have
any fucking contacts.
I don't have
any fucking contacts.
You don't have any contacts,
Who you working for, huh?
Make it easy on yourself,
come on. Speak up.
You can torture me
all day, fool.
I don't have any
answers for you.
I can't hear you!
Who are you working with?!
I don't know what to tell ya.
I'm a fucking
insurance salesman.
Alright, you're an
insurance salesman, right?
- I'm an insurance salesman!
- An insurance salesman, got it.
- Yeah, that's it!
- I hope you life insurance,
mother fucker.
Let me get something
out of this guy.
You're a fuckin' dead man
if you don't start talking.
Come on, give me something.
You fucking confess.
Alright, you're right.
My name is Steven white. Okay?
I used to be an agent.
I retired.
They forced me
out of the agency.
I have no fucking idea what
operation jackknife is.
I have no idea!
I don't work for
anybody anymore. Okay?
I'm a family man.
I got a wife, a kid, that's it.
I swear to god.
Hi, babe.
- Mark?
- - Mom!
- Help! Mom!
- Mark! Mark!
- Mom! Help.
- Mark!
- No, no, no!
- Mom! Help!
No! My little baby!
What do you want from me? Huh?
Listen to me, is mark with you?
- No!
- Do what I say, okay?
I'm gonna come get you.
Okay? Hold on, I love you.
You're getting the picture now,
Yeah. Don't fuck with my family.
You understand me?
You are not gonna do shit.
You're not giving the orders
here, pal. We are.
And we'll let your family go
after you do something for us.
You mess with my family, I swear
to god I'm gonna hunt you down.
You fuckin' be easy, buddy.
I'm gonna kill you.
All in good time.
Kill my family, I swear to god.
Prep this son of a bitch
for transport.
Your family, their lives
are in your hands.
Your life is in my hands.
You hurt my family, I will
find you, I will hunt you down,
and I will kill you.
Do you understand me?
You ain't gonna do
a goddamn thing!
Number three
step forward please.
- Is that the man?
- No.
- You're sure?
- I'm sure.
Step back.
Number four,
step forward please.
Is this the man?
That's him.
It was dark. This is the man
who climbed in your window?
- That's him.
- You're sure?
I'm sure.
Take number four
to a conference room please.
Detective Weston...
Can you come with me, please?
I'll be right back. Excuse me.
Well, that looks like
precision shooting.
We got five dead bodies,
enough physical evidence to fill
a couple of evidence lockers.
I'm busy just thinking about all
the paperwork that's gonna
come from this one.
Who was the primary
on the scene?
We got a call from
a couple kids, thought
they heard firecrackers.
Needless to say,
it wasn't firecrackers.
These kids gonna need
a lot of therapy
in the near future, huh?
- Probably.
- Where you going?
Get back here,
I'm talkin' to you.
- You got a problem with me?
- No.
Carle, why don't you
fix your fuckin' name tag?
- Get the fuck out of here.
- Yes, sir.
Detective Walsh.
- Detective--
- walk me through it.
Well, evidence is scarce
and CSI has not shown up yet.
We've pulled what we can
from their drivers' licenses.
Based on time of death
and weapons used,
we can give you an approximate
idea of what we think happened--
at this stage of the game,
approximate is fine.
Let's go, come on.
Okay, so here we have
a Jim Lee and Damon Reeves.
Jim was an accountant.
Damon, he worked at a bank.
The thing with Damon,
is that his wallet was missing.
we're thinking
the guy who killed him,
also took his wallet.
His weapons were
missing as well.
So our boy is armed.
Considering the carnage,
I'm not surprised.
Over here we have Sean Reeves,
a Mike power and Martin chance.
Sean was a teacher, Mike was
a vet and Martin well, uh,
he was a nurse.
That's a pretty rough
looking nurse.
How bout this guy,
the black guy?
that's the interesting thing.
See we can't find
anything on this guy.
When we pulled up the
driver's license we found,
it came up with
a Peter Morris.
The thing is, the Peter Morris
we found has actually been
dead for over ten years.
We'll know more when we get
the test results back.
What about the guy in the chair,
what do you have on him?
Well, what we can tell so far,
it looks like he single handedly
killed every single guy here.
We have no idea who this guy is.
Once we get the test results
back from his blood, urine
and whatever he had for lunch,
we should know
a little bit more.
So, they beat the shit
out of this guy,
and he still manages to get
loose and kill all five of them
Well, that's just perfect,
we should close this case
by lunch tomorrow.
Why is this funny?
Officers found that
with a bunch of kids.
Well, that's a high end cell
phone for a kid, isn't it?
That's exactly what
the officer said.
We ran some tests
on the last calls made
and they match up with the exact
time of the victims' death.
On top of that, we have a
John and Rebecca niles address.
We don't have anyone
here with that name.
Did you send a black
and white to this address?
Well, you better send backup
because if John niles is the guy
who was in this chair, it's
gonna be a fuckin' disaster.
So what are you thinking,
it's some sort of undercover
operation gone wrong?
I have no idea,
but these mother fucking fake
ids are getting me pissed off.
Yeah, Weston.
Sorry, sir.
Assist detective Walsh.
I can't hear you,
you got, you gotta..
Wait 'til I'm outside.
Hang on.
Take the next exit,
let's get out of this mess.
Okay, there you are.
No, I couldn't hear you inside,
so now I'm going outside.
Marie, I couldn't get any
reception inside, now I got it.
Is everything alright?
Marie, call 911.
I am really impressed, Johnny.
You aren't rusty at all.
You hurt them, I swear
on my life I'll kill you.
After what you pulled at the
warehouse, I don't doubt that.
Listen, John, this is simple:
Do what we ask when we ask.
This is a time sensitive
situation. So no more games!
You don't need them.
All you need is me.
Tell me what you want me to do.
Oh, and John, you might
want to leave your house.
Right now.
Dispatch, we're on a site
at 15925 Dawson Lane.
It's pretty quiet,
we're gonna go check it out.
Hold up. Door's open.
Drop your gun, drop your gun!
Drop your gun!
Drop your gun, man.
Drop your gun!
Drop your fucking gun, man.
Think about
what you're doin', man.
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
What the fuck?
Don't be stupid.
Think about what you're doing.
Are you kidding me?
There you are, captain.
Your itineraries are in the
final draft of your remarks.
Thank you, Roger.
Any updates on that, uh,
on that CIA bt 85
legislation, you know,
I want to move quickly on this,
as we've made privacy our
central theme and main focus.
I can have you a copy,
sir, in a couple of hours.
- Do you have my glasses, Roger?
- No, no I don't have 'em.
Alright, well, looks like
that's gonna have to wait.
- Mr. president, five minutes.
- Thank you, Roger.
Here, let me help you with that.
- Ahh...
- Mm.
You know how much I hate
these dog and pony shows.
- Oh, I know.
- Be a love and go for me?
- You'll be fine.
- Says you.
showing up to this dog
and pony show wearing,
oh, good, lipstick.
Well, might be an improvement.
I don't think so.
I still feel like
it needs some help.
Yeah, it's me.
Meet me at the spot
in one hour.
Be there.
Look, I'm trying
to tell you what happened.
This guy, he went through us
like we weren't even there.
Cut right through us.
Shit, he had me dead to rights
he could have killed me.
Shit, for that matter
he could have killed us both.
Just sit down.
- Green.
- Waters.
It doesn't change the fact
that we have what used to be
a warehouse full of dead cops.
Well, I mean seriously,
ask yourself...
If this guy's such a stone cold
killer than why the hell
would he go through
the trouble of taking us down
with his hands
instead of using a gun?
I mean, Christ, he had
a gun in each hand by the time
he was done dancing with us.
I don't know.
That's what I have to find out.
Sir, I'm just sayin, I think,
I think you should look
a little deeper because I'm...
Well for the moment he's my
only lead, which makes him
my only suspect.
Real question is,
who is John niles?
What the fuck did you
get me involved in?
We had solid intelligence,
there was a major threat
on some government officials.
We wanted to get you
on the inside to find out
what their planning.
You didn't tell me
the risk factor.
- You threw me in blind.
- We didn't know the facts.
Oh, you didn't know the facts?
Well, now people are dead.
And they have my family.
You threw me
into the fucking lion's den.
And I apologize. We didn't know
they'd get your family.
- Do they know I'm a plant?
- No, absolutely impossible.
I did this because I owed you.
You said it would
be a no risk operation.
They have
my fucking family, Mike.
- That's not low risk.
- I know. I apologize for that.
Stand by me,
I'll give you my word.
We'll get your family back.
The men you took pictures of...
- Mm-hmm?
- They report to this man.
- David Marino.
- Yeah, we met.
Who is he?
Not only does he do
a lot of killing, he enjoys it.
Who does he work for?
The CIA.
You're kidding me.
Be ready at 12:00.
Marino's lost it.
He's got his men
hunting everybody.
If he gets out of prison--
so this is operation jackknife?
Until recently
it was just theory.
The president signed
his own death warrant
when he tried to
decommission the CIA,
but now they want to make sure
that you're involved.
Why the fuck
do they want me involved?
You're the perfect scapegoat,
- You're off everybody's radar.
- This is happening?
Yeah, but we've got you covered.
They're gonna fuckin'
hang me out to dry.
They're gonna leave me
on the fucking roof, Mike.
John, you fucked up,
you got to pull it together.
Your family's side of it,
we'll deal with.
But you gotta
stay off the radar.
Now, listen, if anything gets
too hot, this is your fail safe.
It's got everything about
the president, CIA, Marino,
9/11, the fucking works.
This is your get out of
jail free card, John.
This mother fucker
will save your life.
So guard it with your life.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
Let's go, John.
- Take the roof, John.
- Yep.
Here, take the keys.
There's a car downstairs, go!
He's out cold.
- Dad!
- Mark?
- Dad!
- Mark!
- You okay, buddy?
- Dad!
You've had your proof of life.
Now the next 30 seconds
will determine whether
your family lives or dies.
So you better be
pretty fucking convincing!
Why did you contact this man?
Price was my handler
back when I was an agent.
I knew I couldn't
go to the cops,
he was the only one
i could turn to.
He said the guys
at the warehouse were CIA.
But he had no fucking idea
why I was involved.
- And?
- That's it.
Your goons showed up.
Alright, I suppose since we
don't have the luxury of time
we're gonna have to trust you.
You find anything?
Nothing. Price didn't have
anything on his computer.
No mention of either
jackknife or niles.
Alright, we move forward.
John, you do what we say
when we say it,
and your family will be okay.
And this will all be over.
Alright, go ahead.
Sweet dreams, John.
- Everything ready, Marino?
- We're in good time.
I don't have to remind you
what's at stake here,
do I, agent?
The surveillance program is
a critical part of our national
defense system.
This bill our president passed
is not only unconstitutional,
but it undermines the exact
fiber of all of our defense
Our enemies are no longer
faceless foreigners.
We have snakes in the garden,
Marino. Wolves at our gates.
And we must do anything
and everything in our power
to protect this country.
We can no longer
trust the president to do so.
Don't disappoint me.
Don't let your country down.
We'll be in touch.
John? You do what we say,
this will all be over soon.
I got it.
Roger, I'm going over
the bt 85 document
and everything looks good.
So I'll sign off on when I,
uh, wrap up this circus.
Just make sure to let the
director know it's being signed.
It won't go into effect
so, I want a smooth transition.
It'll be best for everyone,
I don't want any fallout
on this one. Thank you.
Now look,
we're watching everything.
You getting the picture now,
Move east along 42nd street.
Turn north.
Enter the building.
- You ready for this?
- Yes, sir.
Poacher's on site, we'll meet
you at location foxtrot.
Sometimes a great
sacrifice is necessary.
Your leader is weak
and you're in combat.
You remove him
in order to survive.
You're never going to
get away with this.
Look people still argue as to
whether or not oswald acted
or if he even took the shot.
At the end of the day
it didn't matter.
The president was still dead.
Pick up his rifle.
What if I can't do it?
Can't is the cancer of can.
Now for the sake
of your family,
I suggest you give it
your best effort.
The clock is ticking, John.
We don't have
time to debate this.
And you're the best there is.
Take the shot, John.
Take this shot,
John or your kid's gonna suffer.
Fuck you.
Just take the goddamn shot,
niles, stop being a pussy!
Negative, sir.
No sign of him anywhere.
About to do a sweep
of the perimeter.
It's done.
The president's down.
You got your patsy.
Now release my family.
You're not giving
the fuckin' orders here, pal.
You got that?
or I'll walk to the nearest
television station
and tell them what I did
and why I did it.
You really think anybody's
gonna believe you?
Especially after what
you've done?
I'll shout so loud
they'll have to listen.
You want me, let 'em go.
Niles, you're in no
position to bargain.
Fucker hung up on me.
Release the kid. See if we can
flush the daddy out.
You better find your daddy, kid.
Does anyone have eyes on niles?
Go, you go!
Dad! Dad!
- Dad?
- Come on, kid,
show us where your father is.
- Anything?
- Nothing, no eyes on target.
Mark, come here, buddy.
Fuck it, just shoot
the little bastard.
Come on, buddy.
Come on, buddy, come on.
Come on, come on.
I am not paying 400 dollars for
aspirin. Four hundred dollars?!
For aspirin?
Four hundred dollars?
Are you guys kidding me?!
I don't have insurance.
What happened to
affordable healthcare?
You better get your supervisor,
you better find the president,
somebody needs to come to this
counter and talk to me today
cause I'm not leavin'.
Uh, ma'am, I'm, I'm just a temp.
The receptionist will be
back sometime later.
She's at lunch right now.
I need a doctor.
I need a doctor.
It's gonna be okay, buddy.
Look at me,
you're gonna be fine. Okay?
I said I need a doctor!
You're okay.
You're gonna be okay, okay?
- Daddy!
- I got you.
You're alright.
I'll be right here.
Don't worry, sir,
he's gonna be okay.
I'm right here, son.
This is standard procedure
every time we have
a gunshot victim.
- Yeah.
- We need to...
Make a report, you understand?
Yeah, I understand.
Let me start with
your first name,
It's just company policy,
we have to get this report done.
I know I understand
company policy,
my son is down there,
he's been shot. Okay?
Sir, at least let me
help you, okay?
I just need this for the report.
Okay, okay. Alright, fine.
Go ahead.
- It's for you.
- It's for me?
- Hello.
- Hey, Johnny.
How's little mark?
Hold on a second.
Hey, bud, it's my father.
He doesn't know about this yet.
Will you give me
a couple seconds? Please?
- Sure, make it fast.
- I appreciate it.
- Yeah.
- - Johnny.
Johnny. You know how
this ends, don't you?
I did everything you asked me
to, what are you doing?
Johnny be careful,
you don't want that guard
to hear too much.
Alright? It might be
hazardous to his health.
You don't want his death on your
conscience now, too, do you?
Yeah. That's right.
Now, look,
you turn yourself over to us,
then I let your family live.
This just ends, right now.
You touch my family
i swear to god I'm--
Your family's lives
are in your hands, not mine.
and your family can't afford
for you to get arrested.
Now you take out that guard
and you take his cell.
- Alright?
- Yeah.
We'll be in touch.
No, he's gonna be fine, he..
Yeah, don't worry.
I'm here with him right now.
And she knows. Yep.
No, it's gonna be okay, dad.
I promise.
captain wants to see you.
You wanted to see me, captain?
Sit down.
Your perp just hit the
number one most wanted list.
We have just been informed that
American John niles has been
identified as the prime
suspect in this morning's
attempt on the life
of president Ford.
It is believed niles,
also known as Steven white,
was formerly a special forces
operative who later
worked in one of our
government's anti terrorist
Exact details have yet
to be confirmed.
We had him. We had
the cellphone, we had him!
Every badge, every patriotic
nut job is gonna be lookin'
for this guy.
His life expectancy just dropped
about a thousand percent.
I want you to get him first!
Captain, we're gonna
be under a microscope with this.
I don't care what
the press says,
I want you to get this
son of a bitch!
You hear me!?
- Dead or alive?
- I don't care!
Either way or both!
I got it, captain.
Get the fuck out of here.
Waters! Get in here!
Sit down!
John niles has been identified
as the prime suspect in this
morning's attempt
on the life of president Ford.
It is believed niles,
also known as Steven white,
was formerly
a special forces operative
who later worked with one
of our government's
anti terrorist units.
Exact details have yet
to be confirmed.
I thought we had
an understanding.
Niles is to kill the president
and you're to kill niles.
Niles is now god knows where
and god knows who
he's talking to.
you can forget about the
decommissioned of the CIA,
we're done, we're through.
This will all be over soon.
There's not gonna be any trial,
we're not gonna spend
any of the few couple years
in club fed.
This is treason!
Fix this, Marino!
- Fix it!
We need to start
reducing his options.
I want everyone with a gun
and a badge after this shithead!
Well, what are you waiting for?!
Excuse me,
detective Weston with the pd.
I'm looking for
the head of security.
Someone's giving him orders.
This is your fail safe.
It's got everything about
the president, CIA, Marino,
9/11, the fucking works.
This is your get out of
jail free card, John.
Modest storage for rent.
What the fuck does John niles
have that he needs to hide
in a storage unit?
Yeah, can you get me
through to the secret service?
Please hold.
- Yeah, this is Thompson.
- Hello, detective Weston here.
I'm investigating a case
that involves the prime suspect
in the presidential shooting.
What can I do for you,
Well, we just discovered
that John niles has acquired
a substantial amount of fire
power from a storage locker.
How is that possible
when he's on every agency's
and police force
most wanted list?
Listen, maybe you can
read about that in the report
written by somebody who has
the time to write it,
but right now
I'm more concerned about
why he wants that fire power.
You see, I haven't heard
anything in the news
about the president's condition
so I'm assuming
he's still alive,
which worries me
that maybe John niles
His condition is classified
and I'll take what you said
But rest assured that
the president has sufficient
protection from both the secret
service and homeland security.
We don't need city police
clouding the issue with
their theories and ideas.
Okay. You're right.
President's already been shot
and you guys have been
doing a fine job.
These fucking assholes.
- This is Pete.
- Yeah, Pete, it's tom.
I meant to get
back to you earlier.
You have any news on the victims
in the warehouse explosion?
Listen, the explosion didn't
leave us much to work with.
It's gonna take awhile
for the lab to piece together
anything from the remains.
I ran the names that you gave me
and nothing came
back on our systems.
These guys are a little
too clean if you ask me.
Maybe you should try the CIA.
You think these guys are spooks?
I don't know what to think.
Weston, I wish I could
but I don't have
access to their systems.
Pete, you may have to break
a few laws, okay?
Alright, man.
But you owe me.
Someone has got to find me
John niles.
- Sir.
- What?
Can't you see that I'm talking?
I think I got him.
- I want this guy dead!
- Understood.
Get up.
Get up!
We got a hit on our guy.
We got a hit on niles from
two separate street cams.
Fucking beautiful.
Finally, a break.
Hun, run now!
To the broken window, go!
Hurry up!
I'll meet you there.
That was a pretty ballsy move.
Non-lethal shot.
Well, maybe I was just rusty.
You just guessed
there was a second shooter.
But you've won nothing here,
This doesn't change
a fuckin' thing.
Mission isn't complete.
Let's go,
down the fire escape.
Okay. Please take her.
Take her into custody.
Take her
into protective custody.
I'll take care of this fuck.
Come on, boss.
Let's go. Come on!
Tough guy, huh?
John niles, I did that for your
own safety to make it look real.
You're lucky someone didn't
shoot you dead back there.
You really know how to ruin
a man's day, John.
I spoke to forensics, it's gonna
take like a year to fill out
the report of everything
that you've done.
Yeah, well if they're lookin'
for the answers
they'll find 'em.
The truth is out there.
I just draw attention to it.
but another man might say that
the guy who shot the president
decided to go to war
with the CIA.
My family's okay.
That's what matters.
I need 24-hour
protection on them.
That includes mark,
in the hospital, you understand?
I already, I already
got a man at the hospital.
But I doubt you're gonna be
able to talk your way out of
all the shit you've done today.
he said your son's out of
surgery. He's gonna be okay.
Thank you.
This is unit 3-4-2-1,
president is out of surgery
and is stable.
Please dispatch all available
units to the hospital now.
- So he's not dead.
- No, he's not dead.
Because I'm a soldier,
not an assassin.
But he's lucky it was me
on that roof.
Otherwise he would be dead.
That'd be pretty hard to prove.
Yeah. Why don't you come
look at my pocket.
Maybe that'll help you
out a little bit.
Been working
with homeland security.
Time to set
the dogs on Mr. niles.
Once niles is dead,
we move forward.
The president
doesn't leave alive.
Listen to me,
something's not right.
It's a road work.
They're workin' on
the fuckin' road. Calm down.
I'm telling you,
it's not road work.
Hey, come on, guys.
Pd. You gotta let us through.
Hey, just let us make some room.
Weston! Weston! Weston!
- Hey!
- - Weston!
It's about time.
I was shot.
But you're wearin' a vest.
It still hurts.
I should've went in the FBI.
They got better body armor.
I take it you believe me then.
I believe they wanted him
to take you alive, John.
So what's your play?
Go to the hospital, save my son.
Stop 'em killin' the president.
That's the play.
You kill every treasonous,
cop killing bastard
along the way.
Only one problem with that.
My face is plastered
all over the news.
Can't just
walk through the front doors.
I got it. I got it.
Mike, you still got that
relative in the fire department?
Weston, we just got word from
the secret service director.
They're moving
the president today.
That means
it's David's last chance.
Once the president gets
on air force 1 and lands in DC,
he's untouchable.
Shit, the only window
they have to get him
Nah. Security's
way too tight on his floor.
They'll never get to him.
Maybe they don't have to
actually have to get to him.
What do you mean?
Maybe they just have to
get close to him.
- What floor is he on again?
- Same as your son.
Shit come on, let's get ready.
Put you under. Put your feet up.
Slow down.
- Careful.
- Alright, get the end.
Excuse me.
Yeah, I'm detective Weston,
We got a prisoner here.
I gotta get him checked out
before I take him upstate.
Can you help me out?
Right this way.
Okay, so we'll put him
here in room a for now.
And we'll send in a doctor
as soon as we have one ready.
Alright, come on, come on.
Ma'am, excuse us, please.
President's on the next floor.
Let's go.
Get down.
Fire alarm.
You guys split up;
See if you can find
another way off this floor.
- Yes, sir. Copy that.
- Let's go let's go.
Shit, fire alarm.
Get to the stairwell, go.
This is Thompson 1-5
with the president,
fire alarms goin' off.
Secure the room right now,
secure the whole floor,
send me five more agents.
Potus is secure.
End of the hall.
- I'm callin' backup!
- 911, what is your emergency?
We are under attack.
We're at the St. rose hospital.
Send backups.
Send everything fucking
thing you have.
Regard every fucking agent is--
Fuck this,
I'm waiting for backup.
Theirs or yours?
If I get to the president first
at least we have some hope.
- You're sure of that?
- Here's what I am sure of:
Because you know what?
To the untrained eye, it looks
like we're shootin' our way in!
You're not making me feel
very safe, John.
- Hey. You okay?
- Hey.
I was shot twice in one day,
John, go fuck yourself.
- You'll live.
- What are you waiting for?
Go get the motherfucker.
Ah, fuck.
- Hey, fucker.
- Back off, Johnny!
Hold it right there, pal.
Pullin' that fire alarm
was a nice touch.
I didn't expect that.
But now you're
stuck in here with me.
This is the detonator.
And your car is packed
with enough semtex
to blow up
this place to fuckin' hell.
So let me tell you how
tomorrow's headline's
gonna play out.
- Please do.
- After his botched attempt
on the life of the president,
John niles went on
a killing spree,
which included several CIA
agents, secret servicemen
and local law
enforcement personnel.
Niles then returned to the
hospital on a suicide mission,
intent on
killing himself, his son,
and the president
of the United States.
A suicide bomber?
That's your plan b?
Sometimes a great sacrifice
is necessary.
And you know what?
You're still the patsy
and I'm gonna die a hero!
- Hold that.
- Hm...
Hey, what are you
doing over there, bud?
I think we got a little
Picasso on our hands, hun.
Let me see.
Daddy kick bad guy butt.
Yeah, daddy's definitely
kicking bad guy butt.
- Wow.
- What did you say?
Daddy kicking bad guy butt.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
You know he's your son.
No, no, no, he actually
comes from your loins.
That's correct.
You know what I think
we should do?
I think we should take these
two pictures of daddy's, um,
butt kicking.
- Yeah.
- And put them
in a very special place,
and then we'll take this picture
and put it on the fridge.
Nah, I think we should do this
one on the fridge.
- Yeah.
- Special place.
Yeah, okay.
So I'm just gonna take
these two right here
and then let's take this
one over to the fridge.
- Good job, bud.
- Very good job.
Hi, price.
Turn the TV on.
Channel seven.
Good morning America.
Today we are here
to honor two men.
Who have not only demonstrated
great strength of character
but remarkable bravery.
They're willingness to put
their lives on the line
and in harm's way,
to save my life
and the lives of hundreds
of Americans by preventing
a terrorist attack
on American soil
is nothing
short of inspiring.
Our guy Weston's looking
pretty photogenic.
After you gave him
all the credit.
Well, they couldn't exactly put
a medal on you for shooting
the president, could they?
Besides, you two
are a good team.
By the way, there are only
three people in the world
that could take that shot.
President should be grateful
that I was one of 'em.
And I'm the one that should be
getting the medal here.
You know how much shrapnel I'm
pullin' out of my ass right now?
Yeah, you bored
at your day job yet?
Oh, no.
I'm not bored at all.
I got something
a little bit special
could use your expertise.
Okay, let me guess.
So you can give all
the credit away, right?
At least tell me
you'll think about it.
Okay, thanks for nothin'.
Alright, I'll talk to you.
Looks great.
I still like daddy
kill bad guy look.
I'd like to introduce
to you, America,
captain Jake Barlow
and detective Thomas Weston.
Two true Americans.
Thank you, Mr. president.
Just doin' my job.
- Thank you, Mr. president.
- Thank you, sir.
We are just glad
that we could be
in the right place
at the right time
to protect you, Mr. president,
and the American people.
And remember,
Barlow for mayor 2016.
There you have it,
ladies and gentlemen.
May god bless you, and may
god bless the American public.