Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018) Movie Script

Deep Blue Sea 2
We took a blacktip shark!
He's fighting !
It's nice to hear!
Come on, Ru, come help me.
Help me, Ru.
Take the hook.
Take the hook. I hold it.
The hook.
It's good, I like.
Go, take wing, Ru!
Its good.
You're a killer, Mad Ru.
Come take a selfie.
Take a selfie.
- What joy ... - To all the sailors.
All ship in the 1-7-9 zone
I repeat the 1-7-9 area, please leave immediately the area.
What is this bullshit ?
If you see an orange smoke on the horizon, you are in danger.
Again, if you see an orange smoke, you are in immediate danger.
Regain the coast immediately.
Do you think they should go?
You are crazy ? Kwame, it bites hard today.
I want to go sheet.
And the last battle drained me of my strength.
Do not make your mop.
The radio did not mention the coastguard.
At every time, it's a greedy fishing boat.
You and I are going nowhere.
We're going fishing.
Come on, fishing.
What was that ?
It will be fine ?
This is a big one, one!
That's why we're here! This is gold branch!
Ru, you saw that?
Have you ever seen sharks swim like that?
What are they doing ?
They bring on a silver platter.
Help !
Kwame !
- Shit. - Ru!
Kwame !
He has someone?
A cottage going nowhere
In the dark water
the blue sea
Changing dreams into nightmares
The against the tide of darkness
In the blue sea
Drowning in the blue sea
Venturing against the current
Falling light
to the bottom
Changing dreams into nightmares
The against the tide of darkness
In the blue sea
Drowning in the blue sea
It's crazy that you have not eaten.
It's crazy that you have not eaten.
He would find me not to his liking.
The idea that white sharks are
killing machines that roam near the coast
looking for a swimmer chewable,
it is only the Hollywood fiction.
These magnificent creatures and unjustly represented
seek only fish or a large seal area.
Whenever a man is attacked,
the shark mistook something else.
Sharks are an important part of the ecosystem of our oceans.
And unfortunately, they are killed
at an average rate of 100 million per year
for purposes as frivolous as a bowl of fin soup.
This is why the institute my mother founded,
Five Oceans Institute,
is dedicated to research on sharks
and public education
the importance of protecting species.
Yes ?
Your video shows you trying to swim with several varieties of sharks.
Are there a type of shark that you do not nageriez?
The bull shark.
This is the most dangerous shark.
It knocks its prey with the thick portion of the tail
to immobilize prior to cling to it as a pit bull.
Their bites are ten times stronger than that of the white shark, so ...
Yes, it would be dangerous to swim with them.
Aaron, you get me?
Received Trent. I see you.
Opens the barrier section 5f.
You go with this expression
on the face, I know you have something to say.
Yes, not one of which I am proud.
We had breakouts today.
- How many ? - The five.
That's five too many, man.
Yes, I know.
I have to check the outer barrier.
These fish are not out.
Finally, I want to thank you for having me.
Thank you.
Dr Calhoun.
- Yes ? - My name is Craig Burns.
What can I help you with ?
Pharmaceutical Durant.
I'm not a doctor of medicine. Where did this come from ?
My client, Mr. Durant, is a fan of your work.
He sees you as the best expert on sharks in the world.
He would like to see you for a new project.
A conservation project?
He prefers to call the human preservation.
So you continued the work with your mother.
It was she who taught me to love the ocean.
She taught me to respect it.
You're very quiet, Mr. Burns.
Why a pharmaceutical company wants to work with me?
Mr. Durant wants to answer your questions.
- When ? - Tomorrow.
- Fifty thousand dollars. Why ? - To share your expertise.
They are yours, Dr. Calhoun. Whether you work with us or not.
This is a down payment.
But if you choose to be part of the project,
Mr. Durant is ready to fund research
Five Oceans of the next five years.
And from what I've read your institute in need.
Was removed grant you, right?
Are not you curious as to what we do?
Aaron ?
What is the most important rule?
Do not piss into the wind and do not pull on Superman's cape.
No. It is the second most important rule, of course.
The most important is to always keep the green barriers.
And they are.
They were green this morning. This evening too.
I do not sleep at work.
So how do you explain that five shark had escaped?
Listen ... It's impossible.
I swear to you. Viewing.
You see ? The system works well. Exactly as I planned.
Yes I tell you that these sharks are out.
I do not understand ! Shit !
You see ? They avoid the electrified fence like the plague.
Wait a minute.
What is happening ?
What is that ?
A tunnel ?
There is a tunnel under the cable.
Sharks can not do that.
Or if ?
We must enlarge the barrier.
It will take a week to look for Cape Town Cable.
We did not this time.
- I talk to the boss? - Not yet.
I have an idea.
It's a joke?
Here Daniel and Leslie Kim.
Daniel is a neuropsychologist, neurobiologist Leslie.
Leslie, Daniel, here Misty Dr. Calhoun.
Misty defends the environment
and withdrew three shark species list
of endangered animals.
So a neuropsychologist, a neurobiologist
and defender sharks walk into a bar.
What is the fall?
There are not any. It's just a meeting of minds.
Excuse me, I must speak to the captain.
We should reach the complex by 1500 hours.
You have signed the nondisclosure clause?
I got a headache just by reading it.
So it's not just me.
It's just a lawyer who wants to justify his job.
- But you signed it? - Yes.
It's been a while we expect this opportunity.
You talk as if you already knew it was cool, Daniel.
C'est Carl Durant.
This guy has a lot of money and he does things with.
And after this weekend,
Besides having financings we do worry.
Yes, he gives his money to anyone who wants it.
We just got married, sorry for the affection in public.
It's crazy to make his bag
and go to sea without knowing what they will do there.
Yes, I did research on my side, but it did not stick.
I do not know at all why I'm here.
I guess we will find out together.
Here. Let's go.
- It's yours. - Your bag.
Welcome to Akheilos.
You mean Akheilos?
The child Zeus changed in shark?
It's him. Follow me, please.
Okay, put it on the road.
Mike, recharge the battery. I'll install other rings.
It takes another diver propulsion vehicle.
That did the trick.
I see you've met our CEO, Trent Slater.
Trent, voici Dr Misty Calhoun.
Can I ask you what's the point?
It reinforces the perimeter fence.
The entire complex is surrounded by these rings.
No, it is surrounded by an electrified wire which rests on the seabed.
These rings are covered with graphite,
an excellent conductor of electricity, as you know.
I use these rings to extend the reach of electricity.
For a little more ...
What you try to keep?
We especially try not to let them out.
They are sharks Bulldogs.
Why do you keep sharks in captivity Bulldogs?
Welcome. I see you've met our guinea pigs.
How many do you have ?
Five, including Bella.
- Carl Durant, you must be ... - Not interested in gossip.
You could explain to me what you do with ...
How do you call? Your guinea pigs?
- Very large guinea pigs. - Sharks do not like the labs.
I love your passion, yes,
but you allow? I'd like to finish the presentations.
- Yes, I'm Misty. - Hello.
Here Dr. Daniel Kim and Dr. Leslie Kim.
Daniel Leslie. Carl Durant.
Now, everyone knows everyone.
What you do not know is that a disaster is about to happen.
Sorry, when I sent for you,
you must have thought you would work with the sharks.
I never make assumptions,
but working with these sharks is a bad idea.
Yes, they are more dangerous than the usual laboratory rats,
but none of them will be hurt here.
That you can not guarantee it.
In fact, if.
Please all follow me upstairs, I have something to show you.
You have not been very polite.
- I was just telling the truth. - Well, go on.
It could serve us.
Be to make the presentation.
As said Mr. Durant, we have a security protocol that ...
- Swimming! - Somebody do something!
Hold on !
Oh, God, I do not see him!
Where is he ?
- Help ! - You're not going to do anything?
Did you see that ?
- Help ! - Stay calm.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
- We just help you! - Quick !
- Oh my God. - It will be fine.
- It's not sure. - It will be fine.
You can do it ! Oh my God !
- Swim faster! - Oh my God !
Another five seconds.
- Do not look behind you! - Come on!
Come on!
- Come on! - Oh my God.
You're almost there.
- Come on! - You'll get there!
Oh my God.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
I should have increased.
Sorry, Aaron, I feel the drama,
but you were safe.
You find it funny?
I think it was an effective demonstration.
You train sharks Bulldogs. It's impossible.
Impossible ? Really ? After what you saw?
How would you have learned to swim training?
I'll explain later,
but first, put on dry clothes, put at ease
and end up in the lab in an hour.
I have not signed for.
- Calm down, I'll talk to him. - "Calm down"?
One of your shark bit my foot.
You imagine things.
Look at my fucking shoe.
She played with me
like I was a toy.
Sharks are not kidding.
You and I know that these are not normal sharks.
It's a good thing they dislike the taste of intellectuals.
It is this nerd who operates the complex.
We have a problem.
- What is the problem ? - Sharks are out this morning.
They have dug a tunnel under the electric fence.
There was an accident. Trent believes they killed the fishermen.
He believes ?
He believes. That means he has not seen.
He was concerned enough to mention me.
So the sharks have dug a tunnel under the electric fence
Trent and followed so far.
- Yes. - Exactly.
And you know why ?
Because they solve problems.
They learn to learn and they love it.
This means that the drugs work.
Every day, their genetic structure evolves. They become more intelligent.
If we learn that sharks have hurt someone,
we will be responsible.
It does not cost that bad publicity.
Sharks are alive because I permit them. It's simple.
I have created and when my search is over, I will kill them.
What do you mean ?
They tracers in their fins.
They can be found anywhere here
or at sea.
And when my experience is over,
I'll kill them, simply.
All. So do not worry about responsibility.
There will be no evidence.
How can you hungry now?
You know I eat when I'm nervous.
You have no regrets? After what makes Durant?
He is eccentric. But money is still there.
If you say so.
Sweetheart, look at me.
Look at me.
You will not regret it. I promise you.
Okay ?
There's something I have to tell you.
You'll find out anyway.
What is it ?
I worked with during the design molecules,
to make them small to affect the faster DNA structure.
I also gave him access to some of your work.
I can not believe it. Since when ?
Seven months.
It's Landside months you lie to me?
No, I'm not lying. I have not told you, that's all.
Why did you do that ? I thought we were partners.
No, we're partners.
But I knew you hesitated because of the shady reputation of Durant.
So you decided to do it without me?
Just to see.
If it goes as planned, we will be rich.
I'm not turned me to science to get rich.
Yes, but with this money, we can do so much more.
No need to kneel to apply for grants.
Listen, if you do not go, we can go.
I think so.
It is already here.
Do me redo it, Daniel. I am not joking.
I must be able to trust you.
I promise you, okay?
We're a team. nothing more is we only hide.
- Stop complaining about you. - That was not cool.
- You're okay. - That was not cool.
Welcome, come on in.
I'm sure you're curious why I called you.
Not everybody.
You finally say.
- Yes. - Good.
I called you because I need your help.
I reached a crucial stage in my research.
Leslie, if I can call you Leslie?
You and your husband are studying traumatic brain injury.
Among other things.
- It includes intelligent substances. - The Nootropics.
My company is one of the largest producer of biopharmaceutical drugs,
- including ... - The performance optimizers.
You have been ratified by the World Anti-Doping Agency.
In this, performance optimizers, of nootropic.
You talk about substances like Adderall.
Nootropics can improve memory, increase concentration,
even speed up your decision making.
So simple stimulants?
That's it. Nothing can increase the intelligence with which we are born.
At least until now.
I developed components
that can actually altering the genetic structure of the brain.
It accelerates the evolution towards greater intelligence.
Although larger.
And we deliver these components by means of target antibodies.
You test these substances on sharks?
It's inhumane.
It is not inhumane.
I will show you. Aaron.
Trent, we are ready for Bella.
Okay, she's out.
They had.
Soft. Very good.
Mike, you got it?
You're not afraid to be so close?
Sharks do not scare me.
The vital data online.
breathing rate of 34-68.
heart rate 42 beats per minute.
Oxygen levels are stable.
She looks fit.
As you can see, our treatment is completely painless.
If a drug binds to the molecular level of antibodies in sharks,
can be accessed with this substance in any area of the brain.
We have already increased the intelligence of Bella per mile.
And you think you get the same results in humans?
I think it is an absolute necessity
if we want to maintain the supremacy of humanity.
Artificial intelligence gets stronger every year.
Soon, quantum computing an exponential acceleration start
the ability of our computers to learn by themselves
and when that happens, they will escape our control
and our world, in the blink of ?? it.
The man himself ...
become obsolete.
And they will destroy us.
But there is another way.
The human brain has a hundred billion neurons.
Our potential is greater than any machine.
Just release it.
So you are the savior of the human race?
You think you are God.
When I succeed,
we will all be gods.
Or monsters.
It was mostly your search
that helped me to go in the right direction.
Your boss is always so passionate?
He has just started to take the new substance.
It seems to excite a little. It's not really a secret.
It administers the substance itself? It's insane.
This guy has built an empire of a billion dollars out of nothing.
He's a genius.
Who am I to tell him what to do?
Have you noticed any negative side effects
in sharks with these so-called miracles substances?
I would not say they are negative.
His view seems to have improved
and it looks like she can communicate with the other sharks.
- You laugh. - No.
So what happens?
I do not understand why you brought me.
What do you expect me exactly?
Bella unusual behavior recently
that does not seem related to its increased intelligence.
I was hoping you could tell us why.
She is pregnant.
It's impossible.
I give him blood samples every week.
We would know if she was knocked up.
You did an ultrasound?
I swim with sharks since I was 7 years old.
I recognize a shark "knocked up" when I see one.
Why is not reflected in her hormones?
You said that the substance alter his DNA.
- It's possible. - Trent?
What is happening ?
Maybe you are right.
I should have realize.
Maybe you were too busy to congratulate yourself.
It's possible.
The genoa is damaged. The boat touched.
In addition, hundreds of liters of fuel
were dumped into the lagoon.
What's going on if the fuel touches the electrified fence?
We oxygen tanks stored in the cabin under water.
I know.
We should take a swab of the throat.
Damn! It was supposed to sleep for another hour!
- You okay?
- Is Bella okay?
- Yes she is fine. - Are you sure ?
Yes ! And I also thank you for asking.
What was that ?
Mr. Durant had a very inconsistent behavior
and took questionable decisions
since it takes nootropic.
I repeated several times that ...
Oh my God ! What is happening ?
- What was that ? - I dunno.
Oh my God.
What is happening ?
- While the barrier is lowered? - Just part.
- How are you, "in part"? - I can fix that.
- It was a blast? - There's a fire.
- This is Bella? - Yes, it is red.
It happens that it separates from the other ...
Non, Dr Calhoun.
There is someone ?
No ! It's not possible !
She turned off the cameras.
It is capable of?
Shit, then.
Whore ! The protection of the hull was cracked!
Release the pressure to not lose that basin.
This corridor is flooded!
It does not smell good.
What is it ?
Did you see that ? These sharks have carved Craig parts.
I have never seen such a shark bite before.
We will all die, right?
No. Everybody calm down. Aaron, one is where?
It does not smell good at all.
Aaron! Tell me where we are? There are several gaps?
Only the corridor is.
For the moment.
Do not say "for now". Why do you say that ?
I've never seen them behave like that.
They are very restless.
Tell me "agitated," it's not that bad.
They're hunting.
This is completely crazy.
That's why they will not?
Even if the barrier is lowered? They stay to eat us?
Wait a minute. That does not make any sense.
If all sharks were out in the lagoon,
who did this to Craig?
I know I told you to never save my search in the cloud
but now you have to.
I can not.
Even if I wanted to, the system does not respond.
Oh my God.
- I just got it. - Understand what ?
What is happening ?
Say it to us.
- Bella is not pregnant. - What?
She put down.
When it was released in the basin, the work had begun.
Whatever've created here, Durant is nasty.
These are not ordinary sharks.
It is a mass of teeth, muscles and killer instinct.
It's the only thing that can explain what happened to Craig.
You talk as if it were a band of super piranhas.
They are worse.
Much worse.
Diving bottles ...
- Look at me. - One can use it.
- Daniel, look at me! - Yeah.
Breathe, honey, breathe.
- I love you. - I love you too.
On s'en it out.
- Yes. - Yes.
You might stop moving in all directions?
It is useless to lose control.
It is not you who said that your security system was infallible?
Yes, it should have been.
Obviously, my job was even more successful than I thought.
If that's successful, I would like to see a failure.
- You have to climb. - I agree.
There's just one problem.
All outputs are submerged.
They may not know for the hole in the fence.
They know it is there, it is they who created it.
So why they do not go? Misty?
- They want something here. - Yes No !
You want to know why chimpanzees are so dangerous?
Because they are smart enough to want revenge. Like humans.
It's lovely ? Yes, it must be that.
Bella is not only smart, it is also bad and wants our skin.
The others are only soldiers who will do what she wants.
We're all screwed!
No time for theories or panic attacks.
We must find a way out of here.
If we could move a call on ...
Genus, a satellite phone?
It only walking surface.
Still a trade secret of our fanatic fearless leader
which puts everyone in danger because he's crazy!
- You said what ? - I said, "Fuck you!"
You will do what fire me? I resign !
How do you get out if there is no exit?
There is another way.
You think about what I think?
- The catchment. - Hold on.
You want to escape by swimming?
It's impossible, man.
I am not calling a foot in the water with the sharks.
Non, point final.
No, Daniel and I do not like too much the idea either.
You do not need to swim.
So we'll do what, teleport?
Mike may cause the diver propulsion vehicle in the central platform,
call the Coast Guard of the surface.
- There is help. - Yes, help, it says me.
Yes, you may have forgotten the baby sharks.
A little important detail.
They had come with the breach of the hull.
They found room, so they'll stay there,
at least for a while.
Okay, that's a good plan, I'm going.
No. We need you here.
No, I'm going.
- Out of the question. - I go.
No, it's too dangerous and that's my job.
I go, whether you like it or not.
No need that you risk your life.
It is for me to judge.
We can not afford all die.
In addition, I am South African, I love stories like this.
These sharks can go fuck himself.
Attends, Mike !
- Mike! - Let's go.
Someone saw?
- Where did he go ? - Someone saw?
- He's there. - I see him.
- You think it will happen? - Yes.
- Oh, shit, there's a shark. - Mike!
Mike, behind you!
Oh my God !
- Oh no ! Mike! - He is dead ?
- He's not moving. - It's fucked.
It's not possible.
Oh my God.
Oh my God !
Come on, Trent.
- He got it. - It will be fine.
It happens in the basin.
Come on!
- I will not see - Where are they?
Raise them!
Let it breathe.
Come on, Mike.
Come on, Mike!
Shit !
Come on!
Its good !
What happened ?
You got knocked by a shark.
You were dead, man.
I should have come and watch your back.
I told you. These sharks can go fuck himself.
We have other weapons?
Of spear guns, of strychnine nitrate?
Okay, everybody calm.
I flares on the boat.
You do not want to do that?
You spent your whole life to protect sharks.
I help people to see that sharks are not monsters.
But your sharks?
You've turned into monsters.
We can not let the sharks leave the complex.
We can not let them mate.
We can not let them hurt more people.
We must kill these damn shark!
Okay, but you do not know
they open the doors to incredible research.
I'm on the verge of making a breakthrough
that will change the course of history.
Excuse me, but you should explain to Mike.
Oh, no, wait, you can not.
You'd like to know why ? Because a shark tore off his head!
Pressure control is lost.
What does it mean ?
It means that everything will explode!
Leslie !
Shoot. Go.
Come on!
- There is too much water! - Help me, do not give up!
Its good !
- It's okay ? - Yes. And you ?
The various sections of this complex communicate with each other?
You want to know if the baby sharks are locked in the corridor is.
It would be nice if they were.
- No. They can be anywhere. - Oh fuck.
How could you get to work for this guy?
It's crazy.
Only since he started taking the substance.
It was already a bastard, but not to this extent.
I should have quit months ago.
So what are you still doing here?
And you, what are you doing here?
You know where we're going?
There is a way out?
Hopefully this is not overwhelmed.
Yes, hopefully.
Leslie !
"Go to Cape Town," they said. "It will be nice," they said!
Shut up. Remind me why we're going in the crew quarters.
This is what is farthest from the corridor is.
Yes, I understand, but we should not get the others?
Dude, Bella babies are on the lookout.
We have to get water.
I know, but my instinct whispered that unity is strength.
Ah yes ? Well mine told me that we should get out of here.
Listen, Aaron. Do not make me do this alone.
Come on, man.
Okay, but you better not Thee planted.
Over there.
Leslie !
Everything will be alright.
How can you be so optimistic now?
I cling to hope.
It's a little desperate, but I cling.
This is the crew quarters. It will be safe.
I think we must find a way out of there.
It is itinerant fish food.
We must move away from sharks and wait until help arrives.
Yes, and if they never arrive, Josh?
Bravo for hope.
In fact, if I want more to find me a job, ignores me.
Dude, you were living in the basement of your mother.
Hey ! Where are the others ?
I saw one. Everyone had to flee by different outputs.
- You're afraid, Durant? - It would be crazy not to be.
It's less fun when it's rabbit holding the gun, right?
If we focused on running away from here?
How? It is blocked.
If it reaches the filter room,
we should be able to go through the vents.
Comment ?
They put bars access for easy maintenance.
Okay, I did not know that.
- Luckily, I'm here, right? - We must find the others.
I know they will be found,
but one must first reach the surface and call for help.
If there is another gap, everything will end up overwhelmed.
Trent is right.
During agrees with me? It gives me the creeps.
- He is right ? - I dunno.
This is the best option we have. Come on, move.
Leslie! You hear me ?
Leslie, where are you?
Shit !
The filtration room is over there.
Shut that door.
Go. Shit, Aaron, I told you to fix the fucking door.
Yes, it's not as if I had not been occupied in the last 24 hours.
You heard that?
Oh my God.
Why do you say that ?
- Get away from the door, Josh! - Shit !
Dude, breaks away from there.
Are you kidding me !
Josh !
I want to die like that.
Oh my God.
Non ! Aaron ! Non !
Josh ?
Aaron !
Josh !
When we get out of here,
I will ensure that you are held responsible.
This is also what I want, but it is I who will go.
You signed a nondisclosure clause.
Yes, good luck to find her.
Your legal counsel is dead.
So you want the end of humanity
so you can save what matters to you.
We're not so different, we just gives value to different species.
It is very different, the opposite.
Well, if you do not stop arguing, I pound shark.
Leslie ?
Daniel ?
Leslie ?
Daniel ?
Daniel !
You're in this pump?
Daniel !
What are you doing ?
What are you doing? Are you crazy ?
You have lost your mind?
Let's leave this place.
You sign his death warrant.
These baby sharks will not reach us.
I should have killed you.
But you'll do it not because you're not a killer.
In addition, if it returns to the surface in time, maybe you can still save her.
That should motivate you.
It's blocked ! During condemned the door.
Back to the surface! Calls for help!
I am getting up.
Try to find another way out, but I was.
I come again.
Where are you going ?
You're not very loyal.
This girl, I understand. It's a fanatic.
But you're here for a while,
you saw what I accomplished in record time.
You contributed.
The answer is before our eyes.
so we can achieve more capacity in our brains.
I did it, I felt it!
I just need a little more time to make it to last ...
You are desperate to the project!
I like you higher in the military.
The soldiers were just pawns on a chessboard.
That's why I broke.
It will take rerentrer there, because a war is brewing.
- There is no war. - The man against the machine!
You may as machines, robots and computers are destroying us.
From what I could see,
it is the man the real threat and the real problem.
You're lost you, Trent.
You disappoint me.
So it's a good thing I do not care what you think.
Daniel ?
Where are you ?
Daniel !
Not by one! No !
Come back !
Leslie! It's me ! Come !
Leslie !
Daniel !
Get out of the water!
Daniel! Oh my God !
Help me, Daniel!
Not touch it!
Daniel! Oh my God !
Leslie !
Non !
Mayday. Coast Guard, the research center here Akheilos,
requesting an emergency evacuation.
We take water, is without power and there is a fire.
It has undergone major structural damage.
emergency evacuation request.
Repeat, emergency evacuation request.
I'm an ace of survival.
Now I have to reach that pipe.
No ! Crap!
Shit !
Daniel !
Leslie ... She ...
I'm sorry, man.
I really am. But then, we must continue to advance, right?
Why ?
Let go of me.
I will not leave you here.
Let me die.
Shake yourself, Daniel. I can not do this alone.
Leslie does not want you lower the arms.
She wants you continue to fight.
I barely knew, but I know she loved you.
She wanted you to live.
Do it for her. Hold on to life.
Do it for her.
I have to live for it.
Do it for her. You can do it.
I can get.
Yes. Go.
Misty ?
- Misty! - Oh my God ! You are alive!
You are alive!
Where are the others ?
They do not survive.
I'm sorry.
I have to live for it.
Tell me there's a way out.
Yes, there is a vent behind the door.
Trent must be on the surface to call for help.
Thank God.
And we are waiting for? Lets' go !
- Help me open this door. - Yes.
Its good.
What's the matter ?
We are not alone. Go!
- What about you ? - I follow you. Come on!
Great advice.
Shit !
Come on!
Shit ! Guys, go away!
Go. We are almost there.
A bar at a time.
Oh shit.
A bar at a time.
- Aaron, the water is rising! - Yes.
Give me the key.
The key.
What? No.
Give me the key.
My work is too important to entrust a hothead in your type.
Give me the damn key
or I swear I'll tear the hands
and I'll throw you to the sharks then.
Feeling brave?
So jump.
Come on!
I leave and get the others.
Do not be stupid, they all died.
We are almost there.
Aaron !
- Keep on going ! - Aaron! I will your.
Come on!
- Come on, it's good. - Trent.
You're with others?
- Daniel. - Go.
- Daniel is below. - Go.
Damn, he's dead.
Whore !
Shit, this is Misty.
Misty !
Come on, Misty!
Do not look back, continues!
Misty! Come on! Swim!
Come on! Faster !
Come on, Misty!
How did you ...
I went through the basin.
You have abandoned me to certain death!
I should throw you in the water, bastard!
Let me go.
Its good. We will be time for that later.
Aaron, where is Daniel?
He did not survive.
You are a demon.
- I am a demon ? - Yes.
Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin,
at a time, each visionary scientist was seen as harmful.
- Cash psychopath ... - Psychopath?
- Yes, you are a psychopath. - Do not approach.
- You are a psycho. - Do not approach!
The Coast Guard!
They had to send a drone to see if it was a real call.
- We are here ! - Hey!
- We are here ! - Right here !
- We are here ! - We are here ! Hey !
Why not you leave us alone?
Just a little alone!
My sharks are amazing.
Perhaps they will put it on your tombstone.
What was that ?
The bridge is taking water.
It means...
It means that this bridge will be submerged in a few minutes.
It is dead.
No. Look. We must swim to the boat.
There are still sharks. There is little chance of survival.
Maybe they left.
It is perhaps still eating the drone.
No way. We expect the Coast Guard.
By the time the Coast Guard arrives, we'll all be dead.
- Hurry up. - Yes he is right.
I not go back in the water with the sharks. Forget that.
You can do it.
No, there must be another way.
If you have a better idea, I'd love to hear it.
Well, it's for your own good.
- Feels good, right? - The farm.
Lets' go.
- Aaron !
- Aaron !
Oh, no.
I told you I was the master of Bella!
Where is Bella!
I not see it. Neither she nor Aaron.
- Shit ! I should not have the push! - Do not inflict it.
You were trying to save him.
She came back !
Come on! Started !
Trent, it will put the parts in the boat!
Started !
Right in the target.
I thought you were dead!
Yes me too.
He led me to the back, but then he let me go.
I used it to hold on to its tail.
I told you they did not like the taste of intellectuals.
Yes, it just a fetish for my shoes.
Go. Let's leave this place.
Wait a second.
No. We can not just go home?
We can not let these sharks alive.
Hold on.
What's this ?
You remember what Aaron said?
About During holding at all costs to keep its secrets?
It was true.
It's a joke.
I am not joking.
It's like in the movies.
Yeah, like in the movies.
My last job was lame,
but at least we had not tried to eat me.
I returned to live in Silicon Valley.
Go. We are out of here.
Lets' go.
I will not go too far.
And if there were sharks?
There are no sharks on this beach. I promise.