Deep Freeze (2002) Movie Script

(wind whistling)
(suspenseful music)
(Lenny sneezing)
- Ah, fuck this shit!
I'm going back up to
Level Two where it's warm.
- There ain't a warm
spot in this whole dump.
Besides, you got the next four
hours of work detail, pal.
We got to carve out the
rest of the fucking hole.
- If you ask me, we should
all be flying out of here
when that relief crew shows up,
not just that we'll just
that frigging Schneider.
- We didn't pull topside duty
like Carl and Lipsky did.
- Keeping a ground crew on
that helipad in this snowstorm
is just plain stupid.
- Yeah well, flying in it's even stupider.
- Hey Munson.
Munson, am I correct in thinking
that some of the decisions
being made around here
by the top brass lately's
been pretty boneheaded?
- Do me a favor.
Don't get me involved.
- Yeah, just do your goddamn job, Lenny,
move some of this shit out of the way
so we walk through here.
God damn.
(Lenny sneezing)
(ground rumbling)
- Shit!
Another frigging shaker.
(water splashing)
Hey you guys still down here?
Hey now that's not funny.
I don't screw around with
you guys on your shift.
(suspenseful music)
Hey, fishy fishy fishy.
Come here, sweetheart.
Come to papa.
(dramatic music)
- What's the matter, aren't
the antidepressants working?
Maybe I should increase the dosage
or prescribe something stronger.
- I'll be doing just fine as
soon as I leave this icebox.
- Don't be so anxious,
we've still got a lot to do.
We've got to get the team up to speed,
and then there's the report.
- Report?
- Look, you are being
paid very well, Schneider.
We're still counting on your cooperation.
We're gonna need your help.
- For how much longer?
The weather report says we're
moving into a bad storm.
I am leaving with the chopper, right?
- Yes.
Yes, you're gonna have 48
hours to debrief the team
and then you'll return with
the transport helicopter.
Until then we have to keep things
as problem-free as possible, are we clear?
- Crystal.
- We are all under a lot of stress.
Just hold on and the team
will be arriving ASAP, OK?
- No problem, Dr. Kelsey.
- Good.
And it's Monica, please.
- Monica.
(dramatic music)
- Hey, we really should've
waited for a break in the storm.
- It wouldn't have mattered.
Our satellite survey says
a larger storm's moving in.
It's the lesser of two evils.
- I think maybe you guys
should've waited on the boat,
till we had some nice weather.
This isn't exactly the
best place in the world
to make an emergency landing.
Know what I mean?
- We don't have that kind of time.
This project's mission is
of the utmost importance.
Anyway Rupert, aren't you supposed to be
the best recon pilot in
the Southern Hemisphere?
- Yeah, because I know when not to fly.
- We're gonna crash?
- We're not gonna crash, Update, relax.
- She's right, you know.
Besides, even if we do crash,
it'll be over pretty quick.
You'll either burn or freeze to death
in a matter of seconds.
- Speaking of freezing to death.
I'm a little cold over here.
- Sorry.
Give me a few minutes, guys.
Sex break.
- You know, when I signed
on for post-grad work
I thought I was going to get
a cushy gig at Woods Hole
or maybe Borneo.
Who knew?
- Now now, boys and girls.
You should be honored that Geotech
recruited you for these positions.
In six weeks you'll all have full degrees
and positions in any
R&D firm that you want.
- Can I help you, honey?
- Sorry Curtis, I was just
seeing if you were awake yet.
- Guess I must've dozed
off for a few, huh?
- Yeah, quite a few.
Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.
- It's OK.
I can think of worse things to wake up to.
- So, Curtis, we never got
to talk much on the boat.
Were you recruited from the grad program
at Lascaux Institute too?
- No, not hardly.
- What school did you go to?
- Well I didn't exactly go to college,
I ran my daddy's drilling platform.
- Curtis was hired from Taxis Oil
to run the geological surveys.
And also supervise drilling.
He and his dad are the
best in the business.
- I thought I was the
geologist on this team.
Why would you need to
hire Roy Rogers over here?
- Maybe because I get my hands dirty.
Any other questions?
So Arianna, what's your specialty?
- Clean hands.
(electronic beeping)
- I thought there was gonna be a crew
meeting us on the helipad.
- There was supposed to
be two men out there.
- We didn't see them.
- I'm sorry guys.
- Sometimes the workers around here
have their own agendas.
- Anyways, I'm glad you made it.
I thought you were gonna hold
out until the storm broke.
- We couldn't wait any longer.
- Could have been a real bitch
if you guys had dropped out there.
Radio's screwy, satellite's fucked.
Even the snow cats are down.
We'd have to go after
you with a St. Bernard
and one of those little
barrels of brandy. (laughing)
Give me break guys, I've been
down here for six months.
Maybe my social skills are a bit rusty.
- We understand.
Uh, let's get on down to the second level,
where it's a little warmer.
I'm sorry I won't be joining
you for the nickel tour,
I want to see Dr. Kelsey.
She's in the lab?
- Yeah yeah, she's down there.
- Terrific, will you bring that crate
to the Dr. Kelsey's quarters, please.
- Right away sir, then
I'll secure the copter
in the Quonset hut.
- I'll try to find Carl and Lipsky,
the two missing workmen.
- Yeah.
You do that.
(wind whistling)
- Without more precise
carbon dating instruments
it would be impossible
to accurately date...
Ted, you're here.
You look like shit.
- I haven't slept in 24
hours, nice to see you too.
- It's been 36 hours for me.
I just always look better than you.
- What's our status?
- Not so good.
We've got to collect the samples
and execute the emergency
plan as quickly as possible.
- Not while I'm here.
- The storm is getting worse,
and I'm not even sure that
someone as capable as Shockley
is going to be able to fly us out on time.
- Wait a minute.
I was supposed to get them here, then go.
- Our highest priority right now
is getting those samples
back to the mainland
and covering our collective tracks.
- That wasn't the deal, Monica.
I was never supposed to be
a part of this end of it.
- Well, now you are.
I've got a remote detonator.
It's stowed with the demolition equipment
on the Moon Pool Level.
Should be able to detonate
from inside the helicopter.
- What about the samples?
- We've got to bring them back intact.
Where's the specimen case?
- Already unpacked, I'm having
it loaded into your quarters.
- Good.
The hard drive on this
laptop has all of my data.
To access it, use the password bad mama.
- You're kidding.
- Excuse me.
Acquaint yourself with it.
You need to know as much as I do.
- Where the hell are you going?
- Well, now that you're here
I'm gonna get some sleep.
Don't worry, I'll be ready when you are.
(wind whistling)
(gentle music)
Big-ass piece of equipment, Ted.
(eerie music)
- I understand why they sent you guys,
but what about Jacobson, why is he here?
- He's one of the project
leaders for Geotech
on this operation.
- I know that,
but what did he come out
with you guys though?
- Kelsey's still in charge, right?
- Far as I know, she is.
- Jacobson is one of our
bigwigs in post-grad studies
at Lascaux Institute.
He and Geotech recruited us
from his post-grad analytical program.
Basically, he's here is our chaperone.
- Hey, wait a second.
You guys are freaking college students?
Hell, I thought young, but--
- Hey, we're grad students, OK?
Besides, you're not so
goddamn young yourself.
- Geotech recruited me from
a Norwegian drilling outpost.
I at least had some
practical field experience
before coming here.
Can't believe it.
You guys are the freaking research team.
- Yeah, lucky us.
(suspenseful music)
(glass breaking)
- Hello?
Somebody's there?
(creature growling)
(dramatic music)
- This is our computer center.
The guys at Geotech said
one of you was a specialist.
- That would be me.
Nice rig.
Is this a Cray mainframe?
- Update's our resident computer geek.
- I prefer the term Cyber Christ, myself.
- Yeah, well if it's
got a microchip in it,
Update's definitely worked with it.
- It appears pretty complex,
but I guess anybody could
operate it in a pinch.
We've got our usual shortwave, satellite,
tight beam laser, broadband radio.
Name it, we have it.
- Is there a backup?
I mean, what happens if
we can't contact someone
using the communications gear?
- Then you're stuck using smoke signals.
Well, let's continue our tour.
Follow me.
- I'm gonna be a while, guys.
- Don't forget to use a condom, now.
- I believe our new research
crew's here already.
- So?
- So there's supposed to be
a couple of broads with them
is what I heard.
- What's the matter, ain't
Kelsey enough for you? (laughing)
- Give me a break.
That ball-busting bitch
ain't nothing to us
but a pain in the ass.
Talking about some new blood here.
- Broads or not, they're still suits.
- And your point is?
- My point is, you still ain't
get any, you smelly bastard.
- This is General Quarters Level.
There's a few secluded bedrooms
down the corridor here,
but this kind of luxury is
usually reserved for top brass
and the executive officers.
And this is our security lockup,
where we keep our firearms.
- Oh, you got a security team?
- Not yet, but perhaps one day
if this iceberg ever gets
fully operational, we might.
Until then there's only
one key to this door,
and I have it. (chuckling)
Come on.
- You guys seen Lenny?
He's still down in Moon Pool?
- Yeah, I guess.
- You guys left him down there all night,
busting his ass alone?
That's cold. (laughing)
- Very.
Ah hell, you know Lenny.
He's probably down there
with Lipsky's old dope stash.
Stoned off his ass.
- Carl and Lipsky, they're in deep shit.
They were supposed to be up
top when that chopper came in.
- No shit?
Where the hell are they?
- I don't know.
Schneider called down,
said they're missing.
- You think Lipsky's off
on another drunk again?
- What, and he took Carl with him, nah.
They're hiding out downstairs,
sharing a joint with Lenny.
- Boys will be sleeping in here.
This is General Quarters.
We have plenty of lockers,
so stash your stuff wherever.
- Uh, what about the girls?
- Well, my bed is bigger,
honey. (chuckling)
We'll get there, don't worry.
This is Clyde Strickland,
Dean Munson, and Jack Krieger.
They're part of the drilling team
until we get this place fully operational.
We have three other men.
Hey, any of you guys seen
Lipsky, Lenny, or Carl?
- Lenny's still down at the Moon Pool,
bringing up some debris,
and like I said before,
I don't know where those
other two yahoos are.
- Whenever you see them,
tell them I want to have
a word with them, OK?
- Yes sir.
- Good, I'll let the boys unpack,
and I'll show the ladies
their quarters down the hall.
- So.
Looks like we're gonna be roomies.
(suspenseful music)
- I can do it.
- Oh, thank God Tom is here.
We have weeks and weeks
of no civilization.
No grocery stores, no
movies, no clubs, just snow.
I'd go nuts.
- Story of my life.
- How on earth do you do it, Arianna?
I mean you dedicate your
whole life to studying.
- I don't know, what can you say?
I love what I do.
- I spent half my time in
college going to parties
and I still got through the 3.0 GPA.
Explain that.
- I don't know, did you
and professor Jacobson
go to the same parties?
- Interesting thought.
Is that a half a pack of
Life Savers in your pocket,
or are you just happy to see me?
- Ha ha.
- [Kate] You can always blame
it on the cold, I guess.
- Maybe you just need
to work out the kink.
- Well, before things get out
of hand, I should warn you.
It's not like college.
I'm not about to slip a
sock over the doorknob
for poor Ariana here every
time you wanna, you know.
- I know.
Why did I take this job again?
- To be close to the one you love.
- Right.
- You guys want to find an
empty broom closet or something?
(ground rumbling)
- What the hell was that?
- About a 2.8 on the Richter scale.
Ever since the Moon Pool
pipeline was extended
about two weeks ago, there
have been mild tremors.
Last I read they were
beginning to increase,
both in size and frequency.
- What is it, plate tectonics?
- Nope.
It's the ice shelf, it's all
coming from the ice itself.
- Jesus.
- That's why the UN got involved.
I think part of our task
here might be to disprove
that Geotech's experimental
drilling techniques
won't be the cause of some
major environmental catastrophe.
- Shit!
Lipsky, Carl!
This is Schneider.
- [Schneider on PA] Lipsky, Carl.
Please report to General Quarters.
Hey, come on guys, this is long enough.
- Do you sleep with that thing?
- No, we're just good friends.
- (coughing) Thought I was
here to drill oil, not babysit.
- Yeah?
So did I.
- Maybe you ought to smile
when you say that, boy.
- Why?
Because I have all my teeth,
and that's a novelty for you?
- Maybe I ought to jerk
a knot in your ass.
- Bring it on.
(suspenseful music)
- Wait a minute.
This guy look familiar to you?
- Son of a bitch.
He's one of them WB kids.
- You're Tom Garrett, ain't you?
Play for UCLA?
- Yeah.
- I'll be damned.
Boy, you played some of the
finest ball I ever seen.
Come on, sit down with us, be an honor.
- Did you just see that?
They just bonded.
It's like watching primates or something.
- Not quite that interesting.
- Hey, y'all seen Shockley,
the chopper pilot?
'Cause I've been looking around for him
since that shaker we had.
- No, we ain't seen him.
- I did.
He's up top of the Quonset hut
checking on the helicopter, actually.
- Much obliged.
So uh, how's the grub around here anyhow?
- It's like everything else, frozen.
- Yeah.
- Once you warm it up
it's not so bad, actually.
- Keep that in mind.
- Good.
I don't know about you cowboy,
but I came here to work.
- So did I.
- Really?
Then we can get going down in the lab.
Come on guys.
- Cowboy.
- You better be nice to her, boy,
that's the prettiest face
you're gonna see around here
for a couple of months.
Except for what you might
find in some soiled magazine.
(wind whistling)
(creature growling)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
- [Schneider] OK boys and girls,
daddy wants to talk to you.
- What's that?
- Light-sensitive biosamples.
We'll talk about it a proper time.
- So, this is our new home, huh?
- Yes, this is the
central research facility.
You, Arianna, and Kate will
be doing your work from here.
- I read the work detail,
and I still don't understand
exactly why we're here.
I mean why didn't Geotech just hire
an experienced field research team
instead of recruiting us?
- For all intents and purposes,
we are a fact-finding team for Geotech.
In six weeks the UN will
send out another team
and they'll replace us.
- Because of the geologic disruption
to the Antarctic Shelf, right?
- Exactly.
Not to toot my own horn,
but you all have received the
best training in the world.
- Yeah, but I thought we were
here to do a routine survey.
- We're here to research
a geological anomaly.
The UN is afraid that Geotech's
experimental drilling procedures
are disrupting the ice shelf.
So before they send an
international committee
to investigate, we're going
to collect our own data.
- So, the UN doesn't trust Geotech,
and Geotech doesn't trust the UN.
- Precisely, everybody
wants their own data.
It's just that we have a very
short window of opportunity
before the UN arrives.
- So, looks like we're gonna
be sharing a centrifuge.
- Not exactly, Slim.
- Curtis here will be investigating
the actual drilling procedures
on the lowest level.
Three weeks ago we were
able to extend our pipeline
down to the bottom of the ice shelf.
That's when the problems happened.
- What problems exactly, Professor?
- Earthquakes, minor
seismological activity,
nothing serious.
- Serious enough that the UN's
Global Awareness Committee
get involved.
- Well, that's where we're
counting on your expertise
to make this facility a
full-phase drilling platform.
If this man says the
operation doesn't check out,
this company will shut down the drilling.
- What about the base fissures,
I understand some of
the structural integrity
is in question.
- Fissures are a natural
reaction to the tremors.
Our foundation is equipped with rollers
that actually counteract the plate shift.
Isn't that right, Schneider?
- Yes sir.
(wind whistling)
- Anyway, we figured we'd
mount the drilling platform
up here and just drop
through the Moon Pool.
- What are we, eight levels down here?
I mean this place looks
more like a mineshaft
than a drilling platform.
How y'all gonna transport the crude up?
Try hauling this topside
there's gonna be a whole lot of crap.
- I don't, know some kind
of underwater pipeline
with tankers.
Ain't my problem, it's Geotech's.
All we do is push deeper.
- Where's Lenny?
- I don't know.
- Probably ditched soon
as you guys came upstairs.
Don't look like he did a damn thing here.
- Where's the rest of your crew?
- Well I ain't rightly sure.
Fact is both Carl and Lipsky
have only they got a taste for the hooch.
Once they turned up missing for two days,
we found him in the machine
room, fried out of their minds.
- That's real professionalism.
- Now god damn it Curtis,
you're just gonna have
to cut us folks down here
a little slack.
I mean we've been down here for six months
in the coldest damn deep
freeze on God's green earth.
Now sometimes a fella's liable to go
a little full goose bozo,
you know what I mean?
- Guys, hey guys get over here, hurry up!
- Christ, Lenny!
- Jesus Christ, must have fell
during one of them tremors.
- Somebody should've
been down here with him.
- Are you fucking nuts,
you fall in that shit,
you'll freeze to death
before we can fish you out.
That's the coldest shit on earth,
what do you think killed Lenny?
Poor bastard probably only
last a couple of seconds
if we was lucky.
(dramatic music)
- And what could have caused this?
Anybody have any ideas?
- This guy could have
possibly cut himself severely
on the sharp ice surrounding
the lip of the Moon Pool.
- Really.
- We have no idea how
severe those tremors were
down at that level.
Could have thrown him around a bit.
- Will Dr. Kelsey be here for the autopsy?
- I've called her but
there's been no response.
We should proceed.
- Am I elected?
I only had two years of med school.
Dr. Jacobson, what's this?
- What do you mean?
- The blue stuff surrounding the wounds.
- Must be some kind of
an industrial antifreeze.
Guy could have spilled it on himself.
- Yeah, but it's only
surrounding the wounds.
- A machine could have done
that for all we know, right?
- The guy impaled himself
on a frigging jackhammer.
How likely is that?
- Not very, and there's not enough blood,
I mean there's blue stuff
surrounding the wounds,
but not enough blood.
- Washed and cleaned by
the water, I would imagine.
As morbid as it may sound,
I feel that our mysterious blue substance
is altogether something else.
- Must be something man-made
Professor, I mean look at it.
- My guess is no.
As our own Miss Owens will tell us,
this region is rich with
bioluminescent flora and fauna.
I know in warmer climates
the plankton and algae
are attracted specifically
to a certain carrion.
I would guess that this
is the Arctic cousin.
- I'd still like to
take samples, Professor.
- I wouldn't waste your time, Miss Owens.
This is simply a work-related mishap.
In fact I'm becoming convinced
that we should reserve the autopsy
until we get to a proper facility.
And we all return to the mainland.
- What do we doing the meantime?
- Well those fellas aren't
too eager to get back to work,
Professor, I can tell you that.
I think the drilling operation's a bust.
- Well we could store the body topside
in one of the smaller buildings.
- There's no way that we
could get somebody out here,
like like the police or
the army or whatever?
- Tom, Tom, relax, it's OK.
We'll return the body on the flight
with Shockley and Schneider.
I realize this is a very taxing,
stressful situation for all of us.
But it is imperative that
we achieve our goals here.
- What about the drilling?
- That's another situation altogether.
I'm afraid we'll have to
seal off the Moon Pool.
- We're as good as shut down.
- So, basically we came
all the way out here
for nothing, right?
- There's still much to do.
We can continue our surveys with the base
and the drilling operation.
And seal off the Moon Pool.
This is no small undertaking.
(wind whistling)
- [Ted Recording] That
wasn't the deal, Monica.
I was never supposed to
part of this end of it.
- [Monica Recording] Well, now you are.
I've got a remote detonator.
it's stowed with the demolition equipment
on the Moon Pool Level.
Should be able to detonate
from inside the helicopter.
- Hey, this place is great.
I got at least a month's
worth of rewriting to do
to get everything 100% but uh,
this is the kind of stuff I live for.
- Yeah, better you than me.
- Yeah, I can see how spending
six months in this place
could drive you up the wall.
- Let me ask you a question.
Why on earth do you think
they'd put a grad student in charge
of a multi-million dollar
research lab like this, huh?
- Jacobson says we're specially trained
on the advanced geological
gear they're using here.
- Bullshit.
Ever hear of a training course?
Like why didn't they take a bunch
of experienced field
researchers and trained them
on the latest operating systems
instead of giving the keys
to dad's brand-new Porsche
to a bunch of kids, huh?
- Uh...
I don't know.
- You're right.
You don't know.
Geotech has more freaking conspiracies
than a goddamn Oliver Stone movie.
And you guys just stepped right into it.
All I'm saying is...
Watch yourself.
- OK.
Guess I got to go back to work, huh?
- I'll see to someone.
- Damn it.
Never even got a chance
to fire up the drill.
(tools clanking)
- If you ask me, closing down this level
is a big-ass mistake.
- How's that?
- Well for openers, we got
the generator right over us.
The main power lines
for this entire complex
were fixed to run down through there.
So if we seal off this level,
and one of the generators goes--
- Oh great, great, great.
We gotta tell Jacobson.
- Clyde, for safety purposes,
we should bring all this stuff up top.
- What stuff?
What stuff?
- Explosives.
- What explosives?
- We used controlled
explosions to carve out
the eight main levels here.
All this stuff here's prefab
but Geotech specifically
wanted us to excavate
down to either rock or the ice shelf.
Shit, there's probably about
a ton of blasting caps,
primer cords, and
construction-grade TNT down here.
How the hell'd you think we dug it out,
with ice cream scoops?
And another thing, it ain't my problem--
- Yeah, I know, I know,
it's not your problem.
Until the next shaker hits,
then we're all flying back to the mainland
without a chopper.
Let's get this stuff out of here, pronto.
- All right, we need to
go to the upper levels,
get the carts, bring it down.
Find a safe place to store all this stuff.
- Fine, let's go get
some carts then, boys.
- I've been on for 12 hours now.
Time for me to take a
frigging shower and sack out.
- You can sleep when we're done, Munson.
- Fuck that, I'll sleep
now, you guys do it.
My shift is over.
Go find Carl and Lipsky, all right?
- Look, no arguing OK, let's
get that stuff out of here.
- Oh, shit.
- What is it?
- My chaw, I left it
by the pneumatic drill.
- No no, we are not waiting for you.
Let's just go up there get this over with.
- I need my chaw.
- You'll live.
- Jesus, you girls go on
up, I'll be right there.
Look, I'll go get it, I'll come back,
hang out by the elevators.
Ain't nothing gonna happen
to me, I'm a big boy.
- Whatever, start rounding stuff up,
we'll see you in five minutes.
(creature growling)
- What the hell am I doing down here?
Stuff tastes like crap.
(creature screeching)
(wind whistling)
- Hey.
- Sorry.
I though you were Jacobson.
- What are you doing?
- Well, since Jacobson's not around
I thought I'd run that
stuff we saw on the worker
through the scopes.
It's definitely biological.
- Well, at least somebody
gets to be useful around here.
- Really.
I thought you were done with the guys
sealing off the Moon Pool.
- You know if I didn't know better
I'd swear that you were happy about that.
- Maybe.
- You don't like what I do, do you?
- I don't like the drilling, no.
If you ask me,
that's what's responsible
for the earthquakes.
I have no doubt that that's
eroding the ecosystem.
- You don't know that.
- I will, that's why I signed on.
We're just a stall tactic.
I mean, no matter what we find here,
whatever happens with Geotech,
they will close down
this particular operation
and move on to the next.
So I'm gonna leave here
with some cold hard facts.
- Maybe you forgot that we signed
a nondisclosure agreement with Geotech.
- Screw the agreement.
If the ice shelf cracks
and floats out to sea,
there won't be a Geotech, it
won't matter then, will it.
- Listen.
I drill oil, that's my life,
that's my daddy's life.
Most kids my age back home,
they're too busy in their
dorm room throwing keggers.
I do what I have to do.
- Look, I saw you down at
the Moon Pool with the guys
he-hawing about your shit jobs.
Meanwhile you guys are
killing off 10 species
of rare aquatic life form with your drill.
- Meanwhile, meanwhile oil
prices go through the roof.
OPEC's stepping all over everybody.
You're probably gonna go home
and bitch about the price of gasoline,
and how expensive your
airplane tickets are to Tahiti.
- Touche.
- Look, it's tough all over.
Besides, the drilling is the
least of what's wrong here.
They're using controlled explosives.
- What?
- Yeah.
Explosives, it's the
cheapest and the fastest way
to move an awful lot of earth
in a relatively short amount of time.
- Oh my God, are they insane?
You think Geotech sanctioned that?
I mean, what are they gonna
do when the UN comes down here
and wants to know what all
the explosives are doing
on a dinky chunk of ice
they're worried might split off anyhow.
- Like I said, it's the
cheapest way to get at the oil.
And around here an
above-ground rig wouldn't work,
it's too cold.
This whole thing is just one
big cost-cutting machine.
- This trip just keeps
getting better and better.
(door knocking)
- Monica?
Monica, it's Ted.
(dramatic music)
- Hey Munson, where the hell is everybody?
Also, where's that kid Curtis,
he's the one that wanted me
to wheel these carts down.
- Wasn't my day to watch him.
Anyhow, I sort of caught him on my way up.
- Now, what?
- I saw him nosing around
in that science lab.
I think he was after
that hot college broad.
- Oh great, he's getting a piece of trim
and I'm down in that
shithole freeze my ass off.
- Curse of the working man, my friend.
- Hey, you ought to be
helping me, I'm short-handed.
- Hey, I don't know about you,
but I'm putting in for leave
as soon as that Schneider
wacko splits in the helicopter.
Lenny, man.
No way am I working down
there after seeing that.
- What about the rest of us?
- You do what you got to do.
It ain't gonna be me.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Hope your skinny ass
slips on a bar of soap!
Piece of shit.
(creature growling)
(suspenseful music)
- Clyde?
Anybody down here?
Hey, Clyde.
Holy shit.
(dramatic music)
- [Curtis] What is it?
- Wow.
- Are you gonna tell
me, I mean what is it?
- Well, we blew the Quantico
DNA reference library
right into the Smithsonian database.
This is about an obscure a
DNA reference as it gets.
- Plain words, OK?
- Well the only reference we
have is from Siberia, from '87.
An archeological dig.
They found frozen Precambrian
insects and diatoms
in perfect condition.
It's a residue from a
really really old worm.
- So, you're telling me the dead worker
was covered with prehistoric bug poop?
- Cute, darling.
The helix matches either a premillipede
they never got around to
classifying as an official species,
Yep an acidaspis trilobite.
- Say again?
- Tri-lo-bite.
It's been I think for
about 10 million years.
It's like a cross between a
worm and a mosquito, a parasite.
- You don't think that there's--
- There's no other explanation. Curtis.
Boy are you easy to screw with.
First of all, there's no way
it would survive the ice and the cold.
That's if it wasn't already extinct
and if it were capable of
movement in the Antarctic.
Second, the only remains ever found,
and these weren't adults,
were fairly small.
You know, like insect size.
So for a trilobite to
have done damage like that
it would have had to have
been the size of a dog.
- How do you explain the DNA match then?
- It has to be something
like a like a premillipede
or a trilobite or something
with the similar DNA route.
OK, worker gets messed up,
drowns, freezes to death.
And the blood attracts these little things
that share characteristics
with the trilobite.
They leave behind the blue stuff.
- So you think that we
accidentally stumbled upon
some kind of new life form thing?
- No, an old one, like a shark.
Something like that hasn't evolved yet.
But yeah, it's a discovery.
- Hoy shit.
What happens if this thing
really is prehistoric?
- A lot of people will come down here
and want to start taking specimens.
- You'll be famous, the
college kid makes good.
- You want my spin on this?
Drilling for oil is good for science?
Not a chance.
- I said you, not us.
Besides, people will always need oil.
And let's not forget that
Geotech owns this operation.
- Maybe.
I think those earthquakes
are a wake up call.
The ozone, the drilling, the explosives.
Geotech decided to slap
Mother Nature in the face.
You start a fight with
her, and she'll get you.
She's big, she's tough, she always wins.
- Monica!
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
- Are you sure it's a good idea?
- Well if I know Arianna, and I do,
she's so chained to that lab
she may never come back up.
- Famous last words.
- Well, we're only going to
be alone for a little while.
- I resent that.
- OK.
A great big throbbing while.
Is that better?
- That works.
- Are you sure you can't reach the boat?
- It's the storm.
I mean, we can send up the tight beam,
but that's gonna take a while.
- Just do it.
- Bastard.
- What do you want?
- Hey, look.
Upgrade, upstart, whatever your name is,
I'm really sorry about
snapping at you earlier
but you don't have the slightest clue
what's going on around here.
- That's, you know, that's OK.
But about that gun...
- How about you split for a little while.
I want to talk to
Professor Jacobsen, alone.
If you don't mind.
- OK, fine.
I'll just get up and go away.
(suspenseful music)
- I want to play a game.
And I'd like to call it
fess up or fucking die.
- What the hell do you think you're doing?
- I fucking saw it.
- Calm down.
- Cut the crap!
I know exactly what you are up to.
All of it.
- Where'd you get that?
- The laptop?
I just came from Dr. Kelsey's room
and I think she saw it too.
- She's dead.
- Yeah.
We won't be needing the radio, will we?
- What's wrong with you, huh, slow down!
- Schneider just flipped out.
Arianna, Curtis!
We got a major freaking situation.
- What's going on?
- It's that Schneider guy.
I guess he's finally gone crazy.
- Whoa, define crazy.
- Well, he's got this big-ass gun
and he's pointing it at Jacobson
up in the Communications Room.
Is that crazy enough for you?
- [Curtis] Let's move.
- Come on.
- I don't think you kids
want to come in here.
I have a gun and I like
pulling the trigger.
Are we clear on this?
- He's serious.
- What are you doing?
- I'm doing what you guys should be doing.
I'm trying to solve some problems here
and you are tops on the list.
- He needs help.
We have to get him back to the mainland.
- We all need help.
I just saw Clyde smeared all
over the edge of the Moon Pool.
And Kelsey's dead too!
- What are you talking about?
- I guess whatever happened
to Carl and Lipsky's
the same thing that
happened to the others.
But none of it matters
anymore, does it Ted?
Soon there won't be
anything left to matter.
- He's delusional.
- I got it on tape, motherfucker!
And I have Kelsey's computer.
You are toast.
- What tape, Professor?
- Professor, that's just
another fucking lie.
He's just getting paid by Geotech
to recruit dumbshits like you.
- Don't do this.
- Tell them about the explosives.
- I...
- Wrong fucking answer, Teddy!
Now tell them about the detonator.
- How many pills have you
taken today, Schneider?
- Not nearly enough.
- That's what I thought.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down and you might
have a life to go back to.
- I don't think you understand, Jacobson.
None of us are going back home.
I've destroyed the
communications for a reason.
You crossed the line on this one.
- What's he talking about?
- He's crazy.
Look at him, he's all hopped
up on antidepressants,
look at him!
- No matter how you twist it,
this thing stops now,
starting with you, my friend.
- No!
- No!
- Guy weighs a ton.
Come on, we'll put him in
a storage closet over here.
Come on you guys, give us a hand.
- Get his key.
- I got it.
- Wait, that's it,
we're just going to leave
him in the closet like that?
- What else am I suppose to do,
I ain't exactly used
to locking somebody up.
- I'm going down to Moon
Pool to check on Clyde.
- No, nobody goes down there alone.
- So, what now?
- I say we get everybody together
and bail out of here in the chopper.
- That's a good idea.
- Maybe even leave Schneider here
and have the guys at the military base
come back and get him.
- Great idea, except there's
no way we can fly out
with this storm.
- We might have to chance it, then.
- Well obviously the first
person we should track down
is the pilot, that Shockley guy.
- I haven't seen him, have you guys?
- It's quite a big place.
- Well yeah, he could be anywhere too.
- Remember, he was
securing the helicopter.
- That's right.
- Where are you going?
- Topside.
- What are you going to do?
- I want to check out the helicopter.
Hey, if Schneider screwed up the radio,
who knows what else he's been doing, huh?
- In that storm you might
not make it to the chopper.
- Somebody's got to go out there.
- Guys guys guys, I hate to bring this up,
but without the pilot, the
chopper's useless, right?
- Exactly.
- Don't pull any heroics, OK?
Walk out, walk back,
don't stop for coffee.
- You know, for a second there,
I thought you were actually
a little worried about me.
(wind whistling)
(suspenseful music)
- The hell is taking him so long?
- Well it's at least 50
feet to the Quonset hut.
- Yeah, he's OK.
What do you think?
What are the chances he'll
come back with good news?
- Judging by our luck, slim to none.
- What were you saying about our luck?
- Shit, I take it back.
(electronic beeping)
(wind whistling)
- Please tell me somebody
accidentally hit a light switch.
- No such luck, I heard
the air pumps kick off.
- Can't be a fuel problem.
- Emergency lights.
The backup has kicked on.
Fucking terrific.
That means there's a major
problem with the generators
- And?
- And, well, all the backup
is is a giant battery.
On a system like this,
got maybe 12 hours of
auxiliary power in there.
Maybe a little more.
- Then what?
- Well, unless we fix the generators
and get them back on line,
we'll freeze to death.
- We can't radio out, maybe
we can't even fly out,
we're up to our asses in dead bodies.
Great, anything else gonna go wrong?
- Yeah, looks like our buddy Schneider's
been real busy since we got here.
We got to get back down and
round up everybody we can find.
- I can't believe Schneider did this.
- Well, he must been
stalking the entire compound.
I mean first Lenny, then the
other workers, then the pilot.
- And Jacobson.
- And Jacobson.
All right, let's just hope that's it.
(door banging)
(door banging)
(dramatic music)
- What the hell?
Honey bunny,
I think there's something
wrong with the lights.
Kate, sweetie.
There's something wrong with the lights,
they're gonna want to know where we are.
(dramatic music)
- There might not be enough power
to keep the elevator running.
- There's an emergency stairwell,
all the way on the other side,
we can use it if we have to.
- That almost sounds worse.
- What's that?
Testing, testing.
- The PA systems gonna be down
till the generator's back online.
- What's the plan?
- All right, first we
gotta round up the troops.
Two of us can check out this level
and two of us need to go
down to the lab downstairs.
How about we just take our
own level, it'll go faster.
- How about, we don't chance it, OK?
Once we get everybody together
then we can devise a plan
on how to get the hell out of here.
- Good idea.
- All right, why don't
you and Update head down,
go room for room, looking for crew.
We're gonna head down to the lab.
All right, we'll meet you back here.
- All right.
- Let's do it.
- Hurry up.
You OK, kid?
- Hell, no.
- Good, I thought I always only one
getting quivers in my belly.
Come on, let's look for Munson first.
(suspenseful music)
- Tom?
Kate, you guys down here?
Tom, Kate, anyone?
No, if they were down here
they would have heard us.
- Maybe.
- Didn't have to say it like that.
- Listen, we don't know what
Schneider's done exactly.
In fact there's a lot that we don't know.
I mean, did you hear what he was saying?
He was trying to get Jacobson
to tell us something.
- The guy was gone, Curtis.
Completely fried, I'm surprised
he didn't start telling us
he was Napoleon--
- No, he said something that
messed with Jacobson, I saw it.
- So you think Schneider
was telling the truth,
that this was some sort of setup?
- Well, this is big business,
I mean who knows, right?
- What the heck is in here?
(dramatic music)
- Holy shit
- I don't believe it.
- What is this thing?
- Like I said before, a trilobite.
- You didn't tell me they got that big.
- They didn't, at least
not in any specimen
ever found in recorded history.
- Well?
- Well, two things.
This is a new species that
no one's ever seen before,
it has to be.
And two, this species has
been dead millions of years
before man ever walked the earth.
- And?
- And well, judging from its condition,
I would venture to say it
hasn't been dead that long.
- There is a third thing
that you're forgetting here.
- [Arianna] What's that?
- Well, this sort of shoot some holes
in the old dead worker
explanation, don't you think?
- You think that thing killed the worker?
- What else could it be?
- I'm glad you've finally
started to come around.
Hey stop shining that goddamn
thing in my eyes, you know!
- Yes, I can do that.
- Now what?
- Now what?
Let's get the fuck out of here.
- Let's just get everybody
together first, OK.
- They're probably all dead, you know.
- Why, because you killed them?
- Hey, wait a second.
Jacobson tried to kill you guys.
- What the hell are you talking about?
- Geotech's in deep shit.
They created this multi-level sinkhole
straight from the ice
into the ocean floor.
Unfortunately, with the
hole in ozone layer,
all they really did was
screw up the environment.
- That's what we're here to determine.
- Not quite.
The UN is coming here to shut them down.
They're about to lose everything.
And then, about a month ago,
they find our little buddy
here in a block of ice.
Suddenly, Geotech is no
longer in the oil business,
and smack dab in the middle
of the biggest archeological find ever!
- So thanks to some
illegal drilling methods,
they unearth a 10 million year old species
perfectly preserved in ice.
- And you know what?
There's two of them.
- Two specimens?
- This one,
and the one that eats people.
- You're nuts!
- Hey, I don't know where it came from.
Maybe it was living under the ice.
I don't even care, the
only thing I know is
it's alive and it's eating
its way through this complex.
Hell, look at it!
You said yourself that it didn't look like
it could have dead for too long.
- Fuck.
- Now they're trying to hide
their illegal activities,
smuggle the dead one back to the mainland
before the UN shows up.
- There's no way they
could have done that, man.
- I think they could.
What if Curtis, our young drilling expert,
accidentally detonated
roughly a quarter of a megaton
of explosives sitting in the
Moon Pool right now, huh?
Yeah, yeah right.
They'd blame it on a bunch of green kids.
You guys.
With the evidence destroyed
they're no longer liable
to the global consortium.
- I still think they'd be able to prove
that this drilling base
was destroying the ice cap.
- Yeah, but lucky for them
that our illustrious professor
Jacobsen and Dr. Kelsey
were able to bring back this
incredible specimen here.
- They were gonna get away with this.
- You know what, who gives a fuck,
let's just get out of here.
- You read my mind.
- This is a big-ass place, man.
- It's nothing, don't worry about it.
After six months you kind
of get used to the place.
Listen, don't worry about it,
we're gonna get out of here,
it's gonna be fine.
This is the corridor to the bunk room.
Let's go in and wake up Munson.
- Can't we just call him from out here?
Do we have to go inside?
- If your buddy was in there,
wouldn't you want to go get him,
make sure everything was all right?
- That's why I don't have any buddies.
- All right, you wait here,
I'll be right back, OK?
Don't go anywhere.
Take it easy.
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
- Jesus, Tom!
Who did this?
- Kate...
- What about Kate?
- It killed...
- What "it," Tom?
What are you talking about?
- Hey Munson!
Still taking a shower?
You in there, Munson?
Old man, you in here?
Not you too, old man.
Oh God, Munson!
(creature growling)
(creature screeching)
(dramatic music)
- Tom.
(Krieger screaming)
(creature screeching)
- Come on!
(creature screeching)
(dramatic music)
(creature screeching)
- So how do we get out?
- With a snow cat.
A Russian military base is
about 25 miles from here.
- I thought you said the
snow cats were all down.
- Listen man, I lied, I
made a stupid joke, OK?
(man shouting)
- What the hell is that?
- Update.
We have to help!
- Come on, let's move, let's
move it move it move it!
(creature screeching)
- Curtis.
- Good shot.
- You OK?
- Yeah, think I'm all right now.
- This thing's dead, all right?
- I wouldn't get too close to that thing.
- Hey, it won't come back to life.
(ground rumbling)
- Now would be a good time to leave.
(water splashing)
(creature screeching)
- Holy Christ.
We have one minute!
- Shit!
That son of a bitch!
- I guess you haven't seen
the end of Jaws, you bastard!
- Looks like we made it.
- Yeah, but at what cost?
- What do you mean?
Now I gotta tell the good old boys
down at the Shit Kicker Bar
how I got saved by a college girl.
- Go to hell, cowboy.
(dramatic music)