Deep Hatred (2022) Movie Script

Stop, no! No!
No, no, no! No, no!
No, don't do it!
Don't do this to me!
No, no, no! No,
no, no, no, no, no!
No, no, don't do
this! Stop, stop!
No, no!
No, no, no! No!
No, no! You don't
have to do this!
20 years away from this place
and it's still the
same piece of shit.
Cindy, how did you
get me to come back?
We came here here with Mark.
You joined us because
you wanted to.
No, he joined us because
I convinced him.
So, uh, you guys wanna
get outta here, or uh,
you just wanna fry
in the sun all day?
Beautiful place, huh?
I should've come
earlier to see him.
Hey, hey. There was no
way you could've known.
Don't blame yourself for this.
Wow. This place is beautiful.
And old.
Stop it, Nathan.
Hey, Jen. You
wanna come help with this?
Let's hit the pool.
- Jen, wait.
- Come on!
I wanna soak up the sun.
After you, m'lady.
- Thanks for coming.
- You're welcome.
Looks like the children left
the bags for us to carry.
Oh, what a mess.
Smells like mold.
Bet the house was
already like this
while he was still living in it.
Oh, I doubt it. Who
would live like this?
You didn't know my father.
Are you scared of
the water or of me?
Little of both, I guess?
Hey! Can you hear me?
Are you comin' or not?
He was hoping you'd
come back, wasn't he?
You almost gave
me a heart attack.
Baby, you need to relax.
You are way too stressed.
- I know.
- Come on.
You'll feel better
after a massage.
See somebody
tidied up the place.
Now I know who to call
when I need housekeeping.
Ha-ha-ha. You could've
helped, couldn't you?
Mm, I would've loved to, but uh,
your friend here
wouldn't give me a break.
Oh, sure.
So, uh, why's everything
look so odd in this place?
'Cause it's a commune
and my father liked
to keep it that way.
Mm, I see. Wanted to, uh,
keep the bohemian vibe, huh?
- So, how's the pool water?
- It was amazing.
Pity that Nate was
too shy, you know?
I wasn't shy, all right?
I just wasn't in the mood.
By the way.
I saw one of those, uh,
ridiculous scarecrows out there.
You remember those?
Yeah. Wow, I do.
What do you mean, scarecrows?
Oh, you wouldn't
believe it, man.
Now, they're not
called scarecrows.
I can't remember what
they're called, but,
they don't scare crows, right?
Instead, they're meant
to scare away spirits.
- Spirits?
- Oh, yeah.
Should we make a toast?
To the haunted scarecrows.
Stop it, Nate. Isn't funny.
- Scared?
- Stop!
- Cindy!
- Beth, Adam!
You look so beautiful.
How are you? It's been so long.
Hey, Cindy, this is
for you. Sorry to bother.
No one showed up
around here since Bob.
But then we saw the
car and we thought...
You look just like your mother.
Thank you.
I wanna introduce
you to my friends.
This is my boyfriend Mark
and that's Jennifer and Nate.
Nate used to come here
a lot when he was a kid.
Do you wanna eat with us?
No, we don't wanna bother you.
We have cold beer.
No, we don't wanna intrude.
We just dropped by to say hi.
I guess we could stay
just for a little while.
Okay, maybe just a little bit.
So, how long are you
planning to stay?
Just a few weeks.
We wanted to really
use this time to relax.
You know, to unwind a bit.
So, you know Cindy since
she was a little kid, right?
Yes. Cindy was an adorable baby.
Yeah. Bob and I
grew up in this place.
This was just a small commune,
you know, very humble place.
Sure, you lived
like real hippies.
His grandpa used to come
here a lot on business.
Right, Nate?
Yeah, I guess so.
He used to bring me along
with him. I was pretty young.
Your grandfather wasn't a
very affable person, you know.
I guess that depends
on how you look at it,
because in his opinion,
you were all hillbillies.
Come on, it was a joke!
Stop it, Nathan.
Beth, we really gotta go, hm?
Uh, just one more thing.
I think you should be very
careful when you go out at night.
Beth, uh...
Okay. Bye, kids.
Jesus, huh.
Hey, lovebirds. We're
goin' out to the pool.
Or you can stay in there?
Hey, Mark!
So, uh, how long before
we die of boredom
in this godforsaken place?
Anybody home?
Yeah, I uh...
I just remembered I forgot my...
Come in.
What the...
Nate. We're gonna
go for a stroll.
Where'd they go?
For a walk?
Jesus, this is horrible.
Weren't you afraid
of those things?
Course I was, but Nathan
was more afraid than I was.
Mm, really? Good
to know, "Mr. Butch".
I missed this place.
But I always felt like my
dad didn't want me around.
Such a peaceful place.
I wish I could stay
here forever.
What's there?
One of those
houses built for the hippies,
like Nate calls 'em.
Sometimes we played
"hide and seek" here.
Scared shitless of this place.
But weren't the houses
already empty at the time?
One of the workers died here.
Others left here, you know?
Hey, girl!
Get me out of
here! I'm innocent!
You bitch. This isn't funny.
Come on, woman!
I haven't smelled pussy
since they locked me up.
Come on, Princess Leia.
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's just a shiver.
You're too stressed out.
I think we should drink
something relaxing.
Maybe you're right.
I guess I need it, too.
Oh, yeah? May I know why?
Oh, prince charming.
I think it's time for us
to take this relationship
to the next level, you know?
Does he know that?
Nathan is a nice guy.
He acts all snobbish,
but he has a kind heart.
He suffered a lot when
his grandfather died.
He was his hero.
It's what made him bitter.
What about you and Mark?
I wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for him.
I can imagine.
What about that drink?
It's waiting for us at the
house. Let's go.
I think I've had enough,
guys. I need to go shower.
Sounds like a good idea.
Ooh, shower party.
Man, you're silly.
I wanna show you something.
I wanna surprise Cindy.
You're serious?
Oh, that's so corny.
You guys barely know each other.
You wanna give
her this cereal box ring?
Think about it.
Seriously, though. This
place is such a trip, huh?
Stop it.
What? I mean, look at this.
It's like they're
living in the dark ages.
Hey! Where were you?
Look what I found upstairs.
Oh! Throw this away.
Cindy wasn't allowed to
have any Barbies, so uh,
she had to play with
these dolls.
Stop it.
What're you talking about?
Cindy, what's wrong?
I guess she doesn't like
Barbies anymore.
Get rid of that, Mark. I
don't want that in this house.
- But it's just a doll.
- And ugly as shit.
But what is this? Geez.
I don't care, Mark!
Throw it far away!
Okay, okay!
Yeesh. Sorry.
I tried.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It shouldn't end like this.
What happened, baby?
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, calm down.
You okay?
Yeah, I am.
Baby? Talk to me.
What's wrong?
It was just a nightmare.
This place is
messing with my mind.
Come here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
The clutter never ends, huh?
Tidiness wasn't my dad's forte.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Looking for anything specific?
The house documents, mainly.
Hey, check this out.
This farm's land was a gift?
As a payment of services
rendered, I think.
I was small. My dad wouldn't
tell me those kinda things.
Is this your dad?
The house was in the woods
and they lived off this land.
Then Nathan's grandfather
bought everything off
and put them here.
In return, they would farm
the land as in a partnership.
Your dad.
He looks like a leader.
Look at that.
I have a better idea.
Why don't we...
Come here.
Hey! Sleepyhead!
- Good morning.
- What time is it?
Around one pm.
I passed out.
You deserve it, girlfriend.
They wanted to wake you up, you
know, but I didn't let them.
Let's enjoy the day!
Can see the boys are
already enjoying it.
Who would've thought that
this old city boy would
eventually find himself enjoying
this godforsaken country?
Well, my grandpa
always used to say
that when things start to look
gloomy, crack open a beer.
That was a man of vision.
What did he do?
My grandpa? Business, Mark.
Yeah, but what kinda business?
Opportunities, you know, um...
I guess an agribusiness
popped up out here and, uh,
that's what drove him out
in the middle of nowhere.
Your grandfather got
rich over here, Nate.
- You know that, right?
- Uh, yeah.
Well, that doesn't mean he
liked livin' in this rat hole.
"Rat hole"? Really, Nate?
I don't like when
you talk like that.
My father raised me here.
I didn't mean it that way.
It came out wrong.
Sure, if it isn't the
way you like things,
it's shit, right?
Hey, we should do a toast, mm?
To our trip, to your father, mm?
To Robert!
- To Robert.
- To Robert.
To Robert.
Hey, guys. I'll be right back.
I knew you would come
back for your baby, hm?
You're so hot.
So you think...
Jen! Jen!
Shh, it's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Easy. Easy, it's okay.
It's okay, Jen. Calm down.
What happened?
There was someone in here,
trying to smother me.
There's no one else here.
You, you must've choked.
No! I was attacked, I'm sure!
It's okay, it's okay. It's over.
It was just a scare.
It wasn't just a
scare, I was attacked!
Okay. Okay, fine.
Fine, let's, let's
all just calm down.
I'm gonna go get some water.
What the hell was that?
I don't know,
Mark, but I'm scared.
Oh, no. Don't worry.
She just had a little
bit too much to drink
and had a breakdown,
or something.
Nobody drinks that much and
thinks they were attacked.
There's something wrong.
Well, there's no one
else here, besides us,
and I don't understand how
someone could just walk in and...
Beth, you scared me.
What happened?
It was Jen. She
had a breakdown, I think.
It wasn't a breakdown.
She said she was attacked.
Is there anybody else here?
She said someone
tried to choke her.
Choke her?
Well, if everything is okay,
I'm gonna go back home.
Excuse me.
Oh, Beth! May I
walk you to your house?
Have a seat.
I made some tea.
No, thank you.
Jen seemed really hysterical.
She honestly believed
that someone attacked her.
It's camomile. It's
good for the nerves.
Something's goin' on,
Beth, and it's not just Jen.
Everyone's been acting a
little weird. Hell, even I am.
What do you know about
Cindy and this land?
Not much.
I know that Robert acquired a
house from a group of people
and that Nathan's
grandfather was the owner.
They were in business together.
Don't touch that!
Well, I was just
curious about why...
You have no respect
for us and our beliefs.
You're always sticking your nose
into other people's business.
I'm sorry, I...
Is that Cindy in that photo?
I always pray for
our little girl.
Since she left.
I know her father protected
her, but you know.
You can never be too safe.
Protect her from what?
The drowned.
Scaring the kid, Beth?
- Hi, Mark.
- Hey, Adam.
Mark told me about problems,
and weird things are happening.
- Oh.
- But I...
Really uncanny
resemblance, right?
That's Caroline. Cindy's mother.
Who are the others?
Well, that's Bob.
Cindy's father.
And the handsome one
over there is me.
What about this one?
That's William.
Yeah, we all lived
here in the commune,
when it was just the forest.
What happened to him?
Oh, he left a long time ago.
He was an idealist, combative-
- he's dead!
He wants revenge.
Hey, Mark. Let me take you home.
Come on.
Later, Beth.
Drake. It's all his fault.
Now, Mark, don't pay too much
attention to what Beth says.
She ain't feelin' good in
the head, know what I mean?
Yeah, but Adam,
could she be right?
I mean, Jen's
situation is one thing,
but I think something's
going on with me, too.
I've been seeing things
and I wouldn't be surprised
if the others were, too.
And then there's the scarecrow
things and the, the puddles.
And that weird
creepy tied up doll
I found in the
attic the other day.
It's just too much to be
a bunch of coincidences.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait. Did you say "doll"?
Yeah, it was all tied up.
What is that, some kind
of ritual or something?
Yeah, Bob did do some
witchcraft to protect Cindy.
That's what he told me.
So, what'd you do with the doll?
Oh, well they all yelled at me,
so I went to the pier
and threw it in the lake.
You threw it in that lake?
Mark, whatever you're
doing here, finish it fast.
It's not safe for
Cindy here anymore.
Well what did she
mean about Drake?
Later, Mark!
God damn it.
God damn kid.
Of all places, he had to
throw it in the fucking lake!
Damn it!
Oh, shit!
So, did you talk to her?
I tried to find out if
there was someone else
here at the farm.
I don't know.
Some kinda suspect or
something we could talk to.
It seems that Beth isn't
exactly in her right mind.
Yeah, I think so, too.
I'm gonna go for
a run. Wanna come?
Oh, I...
Well, I was thinking
we would finish
going through your
dad's old stuff.
I don't know, just to get it
over with, once and for all?
What do you say?
No problem.
See you soon.
Well, don't go too far!
Stay on the premises!
Looks like he drowned.
No marks. Nothin'.
Or it could've been
a heart attack.
- We need to call the police.
- We need to tell Beth.
We can make the
call from her place.
I think we should
get out of here.
Nathan's right. We
need to talk to her.
No fucking way!
Jen, we need to talk to Beth.
I'm not going!
I'll be waiting for
you guys at the house,
with all my stuff packed up.
Let's go, Nate.
We'll be right back,
all right? It'll be quick.
You're not going with me?
Cindy needs our help.
She just lost a friend.
Adam, remember him?
Who's gonna help me?
Beth, I mean, I'm so sorry.
Beth, we need
to call the police.
Why the police?
They never get here in time!
Beth, please calm down. I
know it's a difficult moment-
- wait. What do you mean
they don't get here in time?
In time for what?
Don't you know the story?
Your grandfather never told you?
You know who killed Adam!
Beth, you're scaring me.
We are all dead!
Let's get the fuck outta here.
We can call from the house.
We are doomed.
He's taken by a deep hatred.
He won't stop until
he gets his revenge!
The drowned, Cindy!
The drowned!
Let's find Jen
and get outta here.
For the fist time,
I agree with you.
No one can help you!
No one can help you!
No one can help you!
- Crazy bitch.
- What if she's right?
What if this drowned guy did it?
What? Seriously?
The old man drowned
in booze. Wake up!
Can we please get out of here?
Jen's right. We got
nothin' to do with all this.
And if we don't leave
soon, they could blame us.
Blame us for what?
Just calm down, everyone.
We're all too nervous.
It's dead.
That's enough. I'm
getting out of here.
Jen, wait.
What did she mean about
your grandpa's story?
Excuse me, I wanna check on Jen.
No, wait a minute. Answer me.
He had something to do with
this guy's death, didn't he?
What do you know about it?
Absolutely nothing.
I wasn't even born at the
time, now get out of my way.
Jen, you don't have to do this.
I'm sorry, Cindy.
I'm just as upset
as you are, Jen.
We came here to
help Cindy and...
It was an accident. He drowned.
I won't spend another
minute in here, Nathan.
Jen, please calm down.
This is all wrong.
She's right.
There's something on this
farm. I know there is.
Mark, you're being a jackass.
Maybe you should help Cindy,
instead of buying
into this paranoia!
She's all your care about,
right, Nathan? What about me?
What're you talking about?
Do you think we're all idiots?
Calm down, Jen! It's
not what you're thinking.
Really, Cindy?
So you're telling me
that you haven't noticed
that Nathan has a
huge crush on you?
What the fuck are you
talking about, Jennifer?
This is the last thing
I need right now!
Liar! Go fuck yourselves!
All of you! Leave me alone!
Jen! Come back!
I'm gonna go pack.
Someone fucked up our tire.
I'm getting the fuck outta here!
Even if I need to walk away!
Fuck! This was
our fucking spare!
We're never gonna find
anybody to fix this.
We're 15 miles
away from anywhere.
Fuck this shit! I'm leaving!
Nathan. Tell me this wasn't you.
- Mark, not the time!
- Sure it was me.
And I forgot to tell you I
also drowned the old man!
I'm not fucking joking!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Nathan! Nathan!
Keep it down! She
just fell asleep.
You're the one who's in danger!
Come on.
- No, go.
- Okay, stop.
Go, Mark. Listen to me.
It was hard enough calming
Jen down after her meltdown.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Look at this!
This is a lie,
Mark. It's bullshit.
My grandfather was
an honorable man.
Nathan, he wants you!
Who? You're starting to
sound like that crazy old hag!
- Wasn't it raining?
- Do you see anything, man?
Mark. Look at this.
How the hell did it end up here?
Let's get this
fucker and end this.
- There's nothing here, Mark.
- Shh!
- What are we doing here?
- Can you shut up?
Did you hear that?
What was that?
Hey, Mark, you good?
Where are you?
Cindy. Cindy.
Cindy, are you okay?
Where are you?
I tried.
I just wanted you to
be safe, my darling.
I had no idea it was
going to end this way.
Cindy! Oh, my gosh.
Cindy, Cindy.
Cindy, Cindy, Cindy.
Oh, my gosh.
Nathan! Nathan, Nathan.
- Wake up.
- Oh, fuck.
What was that?
You believe me now?
I just bumped my head, Mark.
Let's go.
- Cindy!
- Jen.
What happened?
I hit my head. Where's Jen?
I don't know where she is.
- Hey, guys, I'm scared.
- Take it easy.
We'll find her. She's gotta
be around here somewhere.
- It must've got Jen.
- Shut up, Mark.
Nathan, we've
just been attacked!
Attacked by what?
Stop this madness.
She could be down by
the lake or the creek.
No! Don't go with him!
Mark, she's my friend!
She came here because of me!
I said no! It
could be too dangerous!
And we'll wait to the
morning to get help!
Good luck with that.
Are you crazy? What
if she comes back?
Cindy, wait!
You wait!
We're going to find Jen!
Have you seen Jennifer?
You don't think your
friend would be crazy enough
to run off on her own
at this hour, do ya?
- No.
- I know.
Jen. Always
giving me a hard time.
You knew what you were
getting into. Now live with it.
Nate, when we find Jen, you
should really give her a chance.
- A chance?
- Don't pretend to be stupid.
You know what I'm talking about.
Maybe you're right.
After all, my favorite
isn't available.
What're you talking about?
You know.
Nate, we're here to
find Jen. Remember?
Come on. Let's go.
He will come for us.
The drowned is free
and wants to avenge his death.
What does he want
from us? Who killed him?
He was going to
denounce old Drake.
Will refused to accept that
our commune was used as a front
for drug farming.
He ended up being
thrown in the lake.
Adam and Cindy's father didn't
do anything to help him.
Do you understand now?
We all betrayed him.
We were all seduced by
the old man's scheme.
When will found out about it,
he was incriminated
by Nathan Drake.
That's why Nathan's in danger.
Well, there must be
a way to stop him.
How did he even return?
Cindy's father
could keep them away,
but the gates have been opened,
by you.
The doll.
He has returned,
and his hatred
will grow stronger.
Till he gets his revenge.
The ritual made it
so that his soul
will never leave this place.
I taught him how to use his
hatred to keep him here.
You taught him?
I'm sorry.
I was in love.
And I didn't want to lose him.
The hatred will keep him here.
Well if you know the ritual
then you know how to stop him!
You have to free him!
He's trapped.
Free him.
The receptacle that
contains William's soul
must be broken.
You don't have much time.
It's nothin'.
Beth told me everything, Cindy.
William performed him a
ritual that keeps him alive.
He's the drowned.
And the only way to stop him
is to break the Clay vase.
You have gotta be
fucking kidding me.
I know where the vase is.
Let's go.
That way.
It's there.
Oh, shit.
What's wrong, Nate? Don't
you love me?
It's over.
It's okay, it's okay.
Come on.
It's over.
It's over.
What're we gonna do?
Let's go.
Bye, dad.
No, please!