Deep in the Darkness (2014) Movie Script

?Daddy what's happening?
Just ...
Sit ...
I will return later.
Please, have a seat.
Thank you.
Leave behind Manhattan Ashborough
It will be a major cultural change for you ...
Cayle Doctor, is not it?
Yes, but I ...
I think it is best for
my family.
It was my wife who I hear on
this practice by a friend of hers.
I see.
If what you're looking space
definitely you find it here.
I'm afraid there is not much
in the way of emotion.
Yes, but I think it had
enough excitement in the city ...
and we are ready for a bit
peace and tranquility.
Well then.
I'll get right to the point, Doctor Cayle.
The death of my husband not me
It was easy.
Yes, I'm sure.
Can I ask what happened?
A rabid dog.
Neil used to walk the trails
behind the house before dinner.
The animal was captured and removed,
so you do not worry.
All right.
For my own closure.
I want to sell ...
The house and its practice immediately.
If the want is yours.
Mrs. Farris.
I'm sure you and your family
They will be very happy here in Ashborough.
Yes me too.
And do not worry about local,
they get used to you.
It is a small town, Doctor Cayle.
They are not used to ...
You stay in the village?
Of course.
I can not imagine myself living
Do not let the dog go up
to the bed.
Will you see a playground for Page?
Bigger than you can imagine.
You should go finish
pack your wrists.
Let Page.
Are you ...
Sure this is what you want?
It is.
So what happens?
It is that we have been talking
of this for so long.
I really never thought we would go.
It's just a big change.
- It is.
Have I printed the map?
There is a road only in this
people love and it is.
Is is the waterfall?
- Yes.
Is there a waterfall?
-. Yes he is.
Do not you see?
- Yes, that is so cute.
Are you happy that we did this?
I could not be happier.
Mommy, I do not feel well.
Jess, baby, what's up?
I have a pain in my stomach.
I want to go home.
This is our home now baby.
Do you agree with that?
Papi is good.
- Michael!
Jess, dear ...
Are you okay?
Why do you laugh?
Honey, what are you looking for?
The keys of the house.
Please, do not go to our
new house covered vomiting.
Just change your pants here.
All right.
Daddy, that's disturbing.
Look who feels better now.
Good morning, I heard you
It is the new doctor.
It appears to be in its first
Yes, I ...
I think so.
- Ha-ah.
Is this your dog?
We find along the way.
Thank you.
Thank you, I'm ...
Michael Cayle.
Phil Deighton.
This is my grandson Tyler ...
We live across the street.
This is my wife Christine.
- Hello, how are you?
And you are?
This is Jessica.
She does not feel well.
Tyler, Jessica give him back his dog.
What is the name of this big guy?
Jimmy Page.
We would be proud to have them
as guests for lunch.
To know my wife Rosy.
And we have enough towels in the
bathroom for you to clean.
No, no, no.
I do not want to cause trouble.
No. No problem.
Come with us.
it's okay
- All right.
Thank you.
By Train.
No, Page.
Sorry, I'll put in the car.
Do not worry about it.
do not worry.
The bathroom is on the second floor.
On the left.
Thank you.
Mrs. Deighton.
Hi, I'm Michael Cayle,
I'm the new doctor.
I hope I have not bothered.
You can not help me.
I heard that the church is planning
have a party in your honor.
Did you hear that Michael?
Actually we are not ...
It's actually more
as a social group.
We would be more than happy to attend.
Some tea?
No, thanks.
Maybe we can meet his wife.
She is still sleeping.
She will be one of
his most loyal patients.
I hope it's not serious.
I fear it is cancer.
That's a beautiful family photo.
Thank you.
Is that your mother Tyler?
- Yes.
She is no longer with us.
Where did he go?
She died last year.
I'm sorry.
Tyler, why do not you pills
your grandmother when she rises up?
I think we should leave.
The move came soon
and I do not want to lose.
He has not eaten anything yet.
I had a big breakfast.
Now they are not unknown.
There will always be a cup of tea list.
Please tell your wife
We would be delighted to meet you.
Of course.
Goodbye Tyler.
Thanks for everything.
Anything just ask.
You know, now that you mention it ...
We have to turn our
light and our cable.
Let me see.
I'll give you the number for light.
All right.
But ...
No cable here.
Well, Ashborough is about community.
But the library has a good
collection of videotapes.
So ...
All right.
Thanks again.
You're welcome.
Until then.
Wise think that little girl
that one day she would marry a ....
Beautiful ...
And strong Doctor.
She knew.
You were always part of the plan.
What is that?
It is the curfew.
When you were in the bathroom said Phil
that the village has a curfew.
Everyone in
their homes at 8.
Are you kidding?
That is too much.
I like.
Family first.
Family first.
Want help with this?
No, that can wait.
Let's relax.
Thank you.
For our new house.
You're still thinking
this afternoon.
I tell you, I think he wanted
I got into that room.
If he wanted you to see his wife,
I'm sure he'd asked.
Probably you heard
the wrong door
He definitely said, go left.
Maybe the other bathroom was broken.
He said he had cancer.
I know.
It seems to me that she was
attacked by an animal or something ...
Enough with Deightons.
I think you owe me a conversation.
All right.
With all the space we have
here I think ...
No, no, no.
I mean ...
All right.
Are you serious.
No more excuses.
Except for the baby.
And I think we should ....
Take our time and make sure
we are comfortable here in Ashborough.
Yes, absolutely!
I love you.
Very good.
Hello Daddy.
Hey, hey, hey!
Give me one.
- Holy shit.
Bubonic Plague
! Daddy! Papi!
Come see what Page did.
Careful, careful.
Teach your mother.
All right.
Loren Hunter.
Have a seat, Miss Hunter.
Cayle Doctor, please.
It is Lauren.
And what brings you here today?
To make sure everything
this working.
That seems to be the pattern
General this morning.
Everyone just wants to throw
out the new doctor.
Can you blame them?
We will see that heart.
How's that?
No Daddy, you have to stay
That's better?
What are those?
Papi ...
Do ghosts exist?
Why are you asking
about ghosts?
Scooby-Doo movies.
There are no ghosts.
But I see in my room at night.
The lights frighten me.
Nothing will happen to you ...
While I'm here.
You promise?
- I promise.
Hello Michael!
Hello, Phil.
Good morning.
I have not seen much since
you moved.
Yes, yes. Everything has been very crazy
and full of patients.
Are you going for a walk?
Yes, I thought ...
Check the trails.
They can be a bit dangerous
if you do not know.
I can help you if you want.
- I guess if ...
All right.
This way.
Are we going to a specific place?
Oh, just a little place that
I know.
It's not too far.
This is incredible.
I thought you'd like.
What is this place?
Just a piece of land
time forgot.
Native American?
Not exactly.
Years ago ...
Actually ... centuries
There was a race of wild men
that populated this area.
They were not Indians.
Were people living in isolation.
And all who trod this earth will be
victims of the savagery of "isolated".
That's what the natives
They called "isolated".
Lady Zellis ...
That brought me here when I
move to Ashborough.
The meet.
She can tell the story
better than me, but ...
"Isolated" grew in numbers
and they learned to hunt.
And people decided to make sacrifices
to keep their families safe.
You know ...
Rabbits, squirrels, deer ...
Any animal.
These are bloodstains.
And they are not of a century ago.
I know.
Are you saying that people
still they make sacrifices?
When I came here first ...
Zellis Lady stressed the importance of
the traditions of the people.
I'm doing the same with you.
Am I saying that you have to
find a dead animal ...
and put it on a slab in the
the woods?
I meant that shopped a living animal,
you put it on the slab and kill him.
All we have done is tradition.
You can not be serious.
After today, you can not tell
nothing about this to anyone.
Phil, it's just folklore.
No, it is not folklore, is legend.
What is the difference?
Well, legends never disappear.
How long do we have to be here?
Do not be melodramatic.
They are our neighbors and your patients.
I know.
I just do not think it will be
happy to see me here.
Honey, that's ridiculous.
Just look, I do not fit the demographic.
Just give them a chance
so they get used to you.
Provided they do not find me
a 'Cave "winner Bible.
What is a "troglodyte"?
You see what you did.
Yes, I am expanding your vocabulary.
I'm glad you could
bring your family.
Of course, of course.
This is my wife Rosy.
And we do not really ... - It's a
Nice to meet you finally, Dr. Cayle.
And you must be Christine.
And Jessica.
Mommy, what's wrong with your face?
- Jess ...
Sorry Mrs. Deighton.
Please do not have to apologize.
Let Jessica. Let us know your
new classmates, okay?
Let me introduce you to all doctor.
Thanks Rosy.
I was hoping you could
end the previous conversation.
I think I already did pretty
Phil clear on that.
Hello Doc., Sam Harper.
- Hi.
And my wife Joanna.
Welcome to Ashborough, Doctor Cayle.
- Hi.
Listen, I have this back pain ...
You know, if you call the office and make a
appointment would be happy to check it out.
Andy Godbout.
I know this rash
that keeps popping up.
My son A.J.
Do not be rude A.J.
Dr. shake hands.
Nice to meet Doc.
- Nice to meet you.
A.J. enters fourth year
As this school year Tyler.
That's great, great.
Are you thinking about going to college
after graduation?
My son does not have to go.
Not when you can follow
the footsteps of his father.
That's Lady Zellis.
Who is she?
She leads the women's club
in the church, but ...
His family founded Ashborough why
She thinks she owns the people.
You do not trust her, right?
Why do you ask me that?
Okay, you should not ...
- Hello Tyler.
What do you A.J.?
Can we talk for a second?
- I was talking to Dr. Cayle.
This certainly would not mind,
Doctor right?
No, it is not, either.
What do you think you're doing?
She's not here, doctor Cayle.
Miss Hunter.
I was looking for my wife.
It's just you and me.
So I think it should
look outside.
What's the rush?
What are you doing?
Only what I have to do.
I have to go.
Cayle Doctor, please ...
You do not understand.
Release my arm.
You can help me, protect me.
?Protect Yourself?
What are you talking about?
What is your problem?
No problem.
All right.
Good afternoon, Miss Hunter.
Hey ...
Where have you been?
It was ... Never mind.
Can we go home?
Hey ...
I just found out ...
her daughter died.
- Who?
Lady Zellis.
It's not important, just let us go.
Jesus, Michael.
Where were you?
In the bathroom.
I thought I heard someone down.
I do not know ...
Just lie down.
Are you sleeping?
Yes, for now.
I'm worried.
He who is afraid of
sleep in his room.
I'm sure it's just a phase.
I think he's starting
to get stressed or something.
It not stressed affection,
only 8 years.
Do not talk to the teacher and she said
Children are beginning to lead away ...
Michael ...
- What?
I am pregnant.
Christine ...
That's fantastic!
I thought you were not ready yet.
What are you talking about ?, why
It was that we moved here, right?
Then you went to see the
"OB" or still ...
I actually started seeing the
village midwife.
It's what all women
here they do.
Who is the midwife?
Lady Zellis.
Come on, you can not see ....
- Please Michael is my decision.
I do not want to discuss this,
It's okay?
All right.
Jessica wants you to
help with homework.
Okay, only I have to finish this.
You know?
I thought that one of the reasons why
It was that we moved here for ...
had more time for your family.
Chris, we can not ...
I know you're busy.
You can help me.
You can protect me.
Please Cayle Doctor!
The church needs volunteers
to clean so ...
I'll be all day in the village.
You've been spending a lot of time
in that church lately.
Michael ...
I thought you were gonna help me in
the office.
Next week, I promise.
I already made this commitment.
Listen ...
Do you hear something in the
yard last night?
Like what?
Nothing, just thought I had
heard something.
Probably some kind of animal.
That's our car.
Let Jess.
Honey, do not forget your backpack.
Thank you daddy.
- Give me a kiss.
Give me a kiss.
Cayle Doctor, this is Mrs. Winston.
I'm afraid I have to cancel
the appointment today.
Hello Doc., I'm Jake Benson.
I have to reschedule the
next week.
Hi, I'm calling a
quote that I have today.
What the hell happened to you?
What happened?
Who did this?
"Isolated" ...
We have to cleanse wounds.
Chr ... Christine ...
"The number you dialed is not in service,
try again or call later "
Let me get this ...
Are you saying that someone killed her?
Who was it again?
Lauren Hunter.
Where is your body now?
I do not know.
I told him that disappeared when
I went outside.
Well, are you sure she
she was dead?
Of course yes!
You of all people
should know that
dead do not rise and
they will walk, Doctor.
Look, you gonna help me or not?
Listen ...
I suppose I could go home
Lauren to see if she's there.
She will not be there.
Do you know what ?, I'll go away
to see if someone can help me.
Calm down and I'm sure
We solve this!
What the hell am I doing?
Need help Doc.?
I imagine that you are a mechanic.
The only one in town.
The car is dead.
Would you mind check?
Well I can tow ...
And if you want to take it to the workshop.
I'll check when there.
No, I have a hurry.
Could you check it now?
If he's dead ...
there's nothing I can do here.
Is something Doc.?
You decide.
All right.
I take it away.
Michael, thank God you're here!
What's going on?
There's a body in the street ...
and they think that it was a "Kill and Run".
Who is it?
- What happened to you?
Michael, I ...
There are rules here.
Hey, Doc.
Everything will be fine.
Do not worry about it.
Christine ...
Are you okay?
Everything was so awful
Christine ...
I'm fine.
- Phil ...
It's Michael.
I can not talk to you Michael.
- No Phil, Phil ...
I have to say what the hell
It is happening here.
Sorry, is that just ...
I can not.
Just forget it, Michael.
Yes, I would like a taxi as
soon as possible.
How many people?
What is your address?
Calle 17, Arlong, Ashborough.
Sorry sir, our service
Ashborough not cover.
Doctor Cayle ...
How do you enter?
- Sit down.
We have not much time.
Time for what?
- Michael ...
They're coming for you.
- What?
You'll have a patient, a female.
You do not know what they are asking,
But Michael, you deliver your child.
Look ...
I do not know ...
- Listen ...
You did not make the sacrifice.
If they did not need him,
I'd be dead.
Who are you?
I am a Zellis.
We speak for them, always
we have done.
Please, Michael ...
Do not defend.
Help them, Michael.
Here's a disease that
we know.
Save them.
I have ...
I have to go back ...
To the office.
I have what I need.
I have what I need!
All right.
All right.
This will hurt.
This will hurt right here.
I can not ...
It has side effects.
I can not.
What happened to you?
Clean the couch.
Come on Jess, you'll be late
for school.
Christine wait ...
Bye, Daddy.
When finished overthrow
my door, I'll be here!
This is all your fault.
Tyler ...
- What is it?
Why could not you
do what you were asked?
Tyler ...
Do not you think that
grass is a little long?
Yes, I think so.
Well go get the lawn mower
and give a small cut.
Yes sir.
Do you put that goat in my store?
It was my job to teach you the way.
They came for me last night.
I figured they would.
Why did not you tell me the day
I arrived, I turn around and I out?
Lower your voice.
We can hear.
Could you warn me.
I did.
I sent the fourth to
Rosy saw.
That was your warning.
I want to leave here.
It is night.
We'll use your car and ...
I do not have a car.
All right.
Then I'll walk.
L.A. It is like two miles from here,
You probably already guessed that Neil Ferris
It was not attacked by a dog.
Even if you escape, no one will help.
They are more expanded than you think.
Well I'll tell Christine.
I do not think you have
to worry about it
What do you mean?
Rosy knew this.
Long before me.
My Rosy.
Will Phil?
They took her, Michael.
They came to my house.
In my room.
I was sleeping.
And they took it.
The recover
It's too late.
I found this ...
This morning, as on their side
from the bed.
Hello Doctor!
Hi Tim, how are you?
Sorry, I'm a little distracted.
Do not worry about it.
Hey, how you practice these days?
Are there many new patients?
Yes, everything is going well.
- Oh that's good.
And how is your wife Joanna?
And must be ready to
childbirth right?
Joanna is not pregnant.
I thought he was ...
I have to go.
The truck is fixed.
Did he say that was wrong?
- Do not ask.
Hey babe, can you go in for a
second? I have to talk to your mom.
What do you Michael?
Where were you today?
In the church with Joanna.
All day?
What are you trying to say?
I think you know more about this
people that what you're saying?
I do not want to talk about it.
I can not speak to that.
Let's go.
We'll get to that truck
and get out of here.
We can not leave, look what
I happened to Joanna.
What are you talking about?
- No matter.
Tell me what you know.
I know enough to keep
my mouth shut.
And you should do the same.
Tell me.
- Let go.
- I said let me go.
I think it's time for you to take
the dog for a walk.
Before it's too late.
- Wait a minute, baby!
Sorry, Page.
Jessica ...
What are you doing out here, baby?
Did take a walk to page you?
Baby, keep your eyes on me.
Come here, here.
Just look at me.
Look at me, me.
Keep your eyes closed.
Jessica Miranda Cayle not return
to leave the house without asking.
Page, he escaped.
You did?
Can we go look?
- He will.
I do not want you to go back to the forest
again, you hear me?
- Come on honey.
It's dinnertime.
When will Page?
What did you say
about going to these forests?
They are not safe.
Good morning, ah ...
Mrs. Wilson.
Good morning.
Jess ...
It's time to go to school.
You know that's not going to help!
Go home.
They will find the way in.
They always do.
Goodbye, Tyler.
Good luck.
Christ, Michael.
Will not let you, Jess.
He heard us Michael.
He heard everything.
I should not have said anything.
Get away from her!
Sorry, Phil.
Do not let him get hurt.
Do not let him hurt to Tyler.
Hello Princess.
Where's Teddy?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
The door had no insurance.
The photos are a bit ...
Fascinating, do not you think?
All these details ...
You capture a close.
Is there something that I can help you?
I have more to go.
Why did you bring this into my house?
I know you've been in the caves,
You have to help.
- Help you what?
Kill them all.
Tyler, I'd like to help.
But I do not know what you're talking about.
You can not ignore this.
They will come for your family
You are the only one who can
approach them.
I'm being watched.
Maybe you should go home.
Yes you talked with people
this people on your situation ...
Let them help you.
Please ...
Zellis the drug, brainwashed
And it does what you want.
She is half "isolated", Michael.
His whole family is.
If you do what you say you protect,
but if not ....
First it was my mother ...
And then there were my grandparents.
Oh, forget it.
I leave this town.
I hope Jessica has more
lucky me!
Hey, Tyler!
Everything will be fine, man.
Just ... we must move forward.
He's right.
Would go useless.
Michael ...
We leave the village.
We can not leave.
Jess has to go to school.
Jess, are you going on vacation?
Shall we go to the beach?
- Sure, wherever you want.
Please, Chris.
We have to try.
All right.
Let's go.
Give me a break.
Good afternoon, doctor.
Why not ...?
Low and walk away from
vehicle for a moment.
Of course.
Not you ...
You'd have an idea of ??what
I happened to Phil Deighton, right?
No more than you have.
I'm sure.
I think it's better go
the station.
I break the curfew.
But you have bags in the trunk.
You left me no choice.
You and I do not go anywhere,
I do not know what you're talking about.
I'll tell you ...
Because you do us all a favor,
And he goes with his family ....
Returned home.
Please, doc.
Have a seat belt
since, Bebe? - Huh?
I want you to close your eyes and
tell me.
Open them when you count to 30.
All right.
1 ... 2 ... 3 ...
4 ...
- Sorry.
5 ... 6 ...
I will not take my family
return to that place there.
8 ... 9 ...
What are they doing?
- Help!
Raise your hands!
Please, doc.!
I do not want to do this but I will!
17 ... 18 ... 19 ... 20 ...
21 ... 22 ... 23 ... 24 ...
26 ... 27 ...
Go Go go!
What's going on?
Keep your doors locked.
Do not open until you return.
Baby, can you give me that bag?
What if you do not return?
I will.
And we get out of here forever.
Daddy, I have fear.
Do not worry, baby.
Everything will be OK.
Stop ...
No ...
Mommy, I want to leave here!
We will, baby.
Just wait till Daddy gets back.
What, baby?
The ghosts are here.
I do not say anything to him!
I promise!
What does the doctor?
- I do not know!
I hope you're not lying to me
I told you I do not know!
I did not say anything!
You have been a problem ...
For too long.
Okay, baby.
I'm here.
Go away!
Back off!
Forward ...
I take it away.
Have they gone?
Maybe ...
Go back!
Get down!
Michael, look out!
Open the door
Is everyone all right?
we are fine.
Maybe if ...
We return home,
And we lock.
I'm dead if we return.
I frame it.
Do I want to leave here?
Please, Daddy.
Do not worry, baby,
that is exactly what we will do.
Find a way out.
Michael, I ...
I need to tell you something.
The baby ...
- Beware!
Is everyone all right?
Jessica let me see.
Let me see, let me see.
Come here, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Well ...
What do we do now?
We're going home.
Michael ...
- Just keep walking.
Are you okay?
- I need to go.
! Go out in!
Go! Go!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Jess ... Honey, come here.
I believe Dr. Ferris discovered something.
I do not think is it a good idea.
We have no choice now.
This infection will spread
faster than you think.
I think we have a chance.
Just be careful.
Junin virus
Have you had any luck?
Just a little detail.
Are you okay?
Not very well.
I think you should go up.
Thank you.
I do not want you to go.
They come for me anyway.
I wish there was another way
So do I.
He thinks it's going to be.
All of them.
Michael ...
I love you.
I love you too.
Where is she?
My God!
She's out!
I'll go for it!
No, no! You can not
that condition, I will!
Bubonic Plague
Baby, let me see if they'll
They hurt.
Okay, tomatoes are.
Tomato are, okay?
Just Swallow.
It's okay?
Come on.
One more. one more.
I can not.
- Try, baby, try.
Try it, you can do it.
Good work, baby.
Good work.
Good work.
You did it.
You did it, baby.
All right.
Oh, my God.
Oh God.
?Daddy what's happening?
Just ...
I will return later.
Let him in!
Do not push!
Christine ...
It was not supposed to be like this!
What's going on?
I wanted to tell you but I could not!
Tell me, what baby?
Sorry to bring you here!
Okay, now ...
Come on.
Push! Push!
Let's push!
Oh, God!
Someday ...
She spoke for them too.