Deep in the Forest (2021) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
[crowd screaming]
Welcome to politics today.
We're speaking with professor
Gerald loss Sinclair fellow of
political science at Eldridge
Professor loss is America
becoming a fascist state?
[dramatic music]
Well frankly I think it's
the idea that the United States
could somehow become
a dictatorship.
It's a science fiction.
[dramatic music]
Don't get me wrong I'm not
saying that fascism is fiction
or that fascism doesn't flourish
all over the world
but this is America.
[dramatic music]
We have a system of checks and
balances designed to prevent
any one branch of government
from exercising
an inordinate amount of power.
[dramatic music]
Believe me this too will pass.
America will never be governed
by a dictator
or demagogue or a king.
[dramatic music]
The America of today is not the
Germany of the 1930's.
The average American is not
going to buy into a philosophy
of hatred.
[dramatic music]
We are a nation of immigrants.
How is anyone going to convince
us to hate ourselves.
[dramatic music]
Our democracy is resilient.
We will come through this
and without the civil war some
people are talking about.
[dramatic music]
Look I understand people are
but I can assure you there's
absolutely nothing to
worry about.
Believe me.
It's all Much Ado About Nothing.
[dramatic music]
First up one great American news
we have field correspondent
Malecki reporting
from the capitol building.
Well Charles as you can see
immigrants, minorities,
socialists and other dissidents
are once again protesting in
the streets. These traders
are making it abundantly
clear that they
have one objective.
To destroy America.
Don't you want me to be
The world is going to hell
in a handbasket.
There you're informed.
That's censorship.
Yes it is. Now come on honey,
you gotta go do your homework.
Hail the conquering hero.
You won.
Maria Rodriguez is on a
path to citizenship.
Score one for the good guys.
How was school?
The board is trying to ban
Oh yeah?
Actually it's pretty ironic if
you think about.
It's scary is what it is.
Do you think your law firm could
get involved?
We do civil rights not
I know but
aren't the students civil rights
being violated somehow I mean
they have a right to a complete
education don't they.
They do.
A lawsuit won't do it?
Oh, it was worth a shot.
Don't forget,
we got the Dem club meeting
Hey kiddo.
Mom wouldn't let me watch the
That's censorship.
That's what I said.
You took these with your cell
You have a good eye.
I know.
You also know that when you
use a printer you don't
have to let them dry right?
Yeah but that's how they
do it in all the movies.
The babysitter is gonna be here
soon. Your mom and I will be
back in a few hours.
What's the democratic club?
It's a place where lonely
leftists rehash the same
arguments they've been having
for years.
So why are you still going?
Because your mom needs to feel
like she still the activist she
used to be.
She's standing right behind me
isn't she?
I can't believe you said that!
The activist she used to be.
Come on.
You do more for social justice
in one class then Dem club
has in the last ten years.
You make it sound like a coffee
Okay before we get started let
me remind everyone that
the coffee is on the back table
next to the minutes from last
month's meeting.
[gavel banging]
The September meeting of
democratic club is now in
session and the first item on
the agenda is going to be
the Christmas fundraiser.
I understand that we have some
options here.
You're not serious with
everything that's going on
you want to talk
about a fundraiser?
We have a
process Max. You know that.
Max what would you
like to talk about?
Where to begin?
The suppression of the free
press. State sanctioned hate
crimes mass deportations. I've
even heard
that the government is building
detention camps...
Have you heard that?
Okay okay okay.
Let's start with the camps.
There has been questionable
construction going on in most
Also that the government has
been making lists.
Exactly what kind of lists are
we talking about?
I'm chief of staff for senator
Quick and I...
Would that be state senator
The point is if the government
were compiling lists I think
I'd know about it.
I don't know what to tell you
Who's that?
[gavel pounding]
The information we have is that
government is...
Definitely a government spy.
is listing names of...
progressive academics,
journalists, activists...
May I say something?
I was a professor of European
history for forty years.
We all know who
we are Max.
I'm simply establishing the
fact that I'm qualified to
speak with authority on
the subject at hand.
That guy's really starting to
creep me out.
It's not new the government
is normalizing fascism.
Just going a little further
further each time.
The national socialists did the
same thing.
Hitler didn't start with
He started by
demonizing immigrants.
Harassing dissidents and
controlling the press.
Does any of that sound
If you'll permit me to read to
key article of
our constitution. I think...
Max, I don't think we have time.
Oh my god!
There's been a bomb in the
capitol building.
[cell phones ringing]
They're claiming it was the
It's the Reichstag fire all
over again.
You think the government did
What better excuse
to crack down on dissidents?
Just because there's a motive
doesn't mean...
How are protesters going to
get into the capitol building at
ten o'clock at night?
We are not talking about a plane
or a van.
Somebody had to have security
Due to the latest incident I
think we should
call it a night.
I move to adjourn.
The meeting is adjourned
and I suggest that you all stay
home tonight until we find out
what the government's going to
do about this incident.
What was that about?
[eerie music]
Amy fell asleep editing
Don't tell me, we have an artist
on our hands.
God help us.
[menacing music]
What did you think about what
Max saying tonight?
You're asking if I think the
government orchestrated the
bombing as an excuse to
crackdown on dissidents?
It's a Brave New World.
Sure, you know Max he's always
been paranoid.
Hands in plain view.
What the hell?
You are under arrest by order of
the United States government.
I wanna see warrant.
Now move. I said move.
[police radio and siren]
Grab the girl.
[Officer on bullhorn]
Come out with your hands up.
Mommy, I'm scared.
I know honey, just try to think
of it as a game.
Nancy? Nancy Washington?
Who's there?
It's me. It's Max. Max
What's going on?
I don't know. Is thank you
I'm here to David Gretsch.
And Jack Visby.
There's somebody
else here. Who are you?
Abi. Abi Dabiri.
Dabiri? You're new at the club.
I've only been to a few
How come we haven't
said anything?
I haven't had anything to say.
This isn't a coincidence.
They must be using the Dem
club's membership list.
but who are they?
Where do you think they're
taking us?
Maybe some kind of
detention camp?
Let's hope so.
What are you talking about?
He means it's preferable to the
Everybody out.
This is how they do it.
Anybody with a dissenting
They round you up. Take you
to the forest and make you dig
your own grave
and put a bullet in your...
That's enough.
Mom, are they gonna hurt us?
Just try to be brave okay.
You can take your hoods off.
Oh thank God.
You made it.
Will someone tell us what's
going on?
Are you all right?
I'm sorry about all the
If this is some kind of joke...
Believe me, if there was some
other way...
Some other way!
Do you have any idea what we've
just been through?
I mean Jesus Christ here's
another way how bout you just
fucking tell people first.
People thought we were gonna be
killed for fuck's sake.
Please! I'm gonna
tell you all I know.
Last night the government
started arresting dissidents.
People who have been
signing petitions or going to
Or belong to a democratic club?
What you mean all
across the country?
The president used the bombing
at the capitol building as
an excuse to invoke the war
powers act. Five minutes later
he declares martial law
and the military starts rounding
everybody up.
Thanks to Martin we
knew it was coming.
So you just kidnapped us?
Would you rather be in a camp?
No of course not but you can't
keep us here wherever the hell
here is.
Now listen, there's
armed conflicts happening across
the entire country.
You're a wanted man.
You want to go? Go.
In fact, Martin's heading back
to the fighting he'll take you
with him, sure
and all of you whoever wants to
leave, leave.
Be my guest.
[dramatic music]
So what do you think?
definitely different.
Is it safe?
As long as they don't find out
we're here.
Who owns it?
Someone from the resistance.
Free America, they call
themselves or I
guess I should say
what we call ourselves.
Free America? Smart
branding at least.
Is there any electricity?
Yeah, we have a generator in the
Okay everyone.
Coffee will be ready in about
five minutes.
I'll give you hand Sandy.
Now it really is a Dem club
How are you feeling?
Oh, uh, much
better thank you.
Do you mind if I check your
You're a doctor?
Neurosurgeon, although right now
I'd rather be a cardiologist.
Can I ask you a question?
How did you pull this off?
You mean how did we get you all
Yeah that and this place.
It was mostly Martin. Free
America was organizing on
the dark web for months. A few
weeks ago Martin came to me and
said that all of us
run arrest list
and he was assigned to get us to
a safe house.
Sounded crazy but...
for some reason I believed him.
Are there other safe houses?
All over the country.
Speaking of all over the
country, where exactly are we?
I don't know.
What does that mean?
Well Sandy and I got here the
exactly the same way you did.
The less we know the better.
You mean if we're caught.
Still you could give us some
No I couldn't. The arrest
had to look legit.
You know Martin risked
everything to bring us all here.
You doing OK bubba?
I'm perplexed.
Join the club kid.
Listen, I'm going to explain
everything to you later okay.
Want to go grab a couple cookies
from the kitchen?
Hey no TV but I, uh, I
found a radio.
Raids continued throughout the
night. Thousands of suspected
terrorists have been taken into
custody prompting the military
to declare Operation Patriot
an unqualified success.
So it's over?
That's state media.
See if you can get a Canadian
How much of the military
is on our side?
According to Martin, it's not
just guerilla raids we're
talking full blown civil war.
Here we go.
Here's more of Tom Davis
with updates from the U. S.
Fierce fighting continues in all
major cities throughout
the United States. Preliminary
reports suggest that
casualties are already
in the thousands.
It seems that the Free
America forces are well
organized, well equipped and
prepared for a prolonged
[muffled conversation]
How long can we stay here?
As long as we need to.
Or until the food runs out.
Well that shouldn't be a
Martin will be back in a month
to resupply.
No the...
only concern is that make sure
that nobody knows we're here.
Anybody have a cell phone?
Good because one GPS signal
and we're finished.
I have a question.
Who put you in charge?
Mark risked his
life to save ours.
I'm not questioning that and
believe me I'm grateful
but just because mark is the
president of a democratic club
doesn't mean he is the right
leader in this situation.
But you are?
I didn't say that.
No but you were
thinking it.
David's right. We haven't had a
I make a motion that mark leads
I second the motion.
Any discussion? Hearing none.
All in favor? Ay.
Any opposed.
Motion carried.
Okay well let's get to work.
A Muslim and a Jew putting up
Christmas lights.
That's funny I didn't even think
about that.
You're a journalist. You know
what people are.
All I'm saying is that this
whole Shangri la thing
eventually it's gonna come down
to survival of the fittest.
Are you listening to me?
On top.
Yah vol.
Need a hand?
We've got it thanks.
Suit yourselves.
We're putting the food in that
corner and everything else
over there.
By we you mean...
Not food.
So we're gonna do for clothes?
I'm partial to Armani.
Mark went to a thrift store.
You can't be serious.
Not food.
You said you'd explain
I did didn't I?
Did you and Daddy do something
No, of course not honey.
Then why are we here?
your dad and I want the world to
be a better place.
And this is it?
Not exactly.
What are you doing?
Martin says there was a safe
room behind the display in
the basement where we can all
And you think this is it?
Yeah I do.
I think so.
I was about to do that.
What are you doing?
Taking pictures.
Is the GPS on?
Thank God.
I don't want strangers to know
where I am.
Me either.
So can I keep it?
I don't think that's a good idea
But Dad, we're stuck out here.
My art is my only means of
personal expression.
I'm serious.
I can see that.
All right.
I'll tell you what.
If you actually promise not to
tell anyone.
I promise.
I'm serious.
So am I.
How you guys doing?
We're almost done.
Did you find that room?
Piece of cake.
I'm gonna go make some coffee.
How did you do?
Well, I divvied up all the
Now we're thrift shop chic.
What the fuck is this?
I'm glad to see him good for
Someone has to be on the look
out all the time?
We don't want anybody sneaking
up on us do we?
Can I try?
Use that to focus.
Does that work?
Yeah looks great.
Let's just hope we never have to
use it.
[menacing music]
I see a car.
The basement. Come
on move everybody.
I gotta get Amy.
Food in that corner and
everything else over there.
How about my foot in your ass.
Oh shit!
Amy! Ethan!
We need to get downstairs now.
Okay, okay.
Go, go, go.
Run baby, run.
Faster, faster. Go, go, go.
Get in.
I saw the car first.
Very good work young lady.
But from now on we're gonna have
to whisper.
I found this in the first aid
It might help you hear better.
Yeah that's worth a try.
How many are there?
Just one.
He's not military. Maybe a
If it's just one guy.
We're not there yet.
He might be a fugitive like us.
Who just wandered by a
safe house?
Maybe he's the owner?
Or he knows the owners not here
and it's the best time to rob
the place.
Maybe he'll just take what he
wants and go away.
And what if he doesn't then we
lose the element of surprise.
I'm aware that.
Maybe we could talk to him?
There's an old Russian proverb.
One meets no friends deep in the
Shh. He's coming downstairs.
[menacing music]
I know you're there.
I have a knife.
And I've got a gun.
What's your name?
Jeff Mills.
You're on the run ain't ya?
we're asking the questions.
Says who?
Says the guy with the gun.
I thought we were done for.
Where did Mark get the gun?
He says Martin gave it to him.
What are you doing here?
My job.
Which is what?
I winterize the lodges.
Lock them up. Make sure the
pipes don't freeze.
So what you're saying is you
don't have anything do
with the war?
I've seen the soldiers
So what's the story?
Well he says he has nothing
to do with the war.
Do you believe him?
I do.
So we're detaining an innocent
What are you his lawyer now?
Well it looks like he needs
Let's focus on what we're gonna
do with this guy.
We don't have to do anything.
We just let him go.
What makes you think that
redneck's not gonna turn us into
the first local he comes across?
That guy's country to the core
and I got news for you.
Those folks are not on our side.
That's a classist assumption.
but I'm not going to gamble with
my life just to prove
that I'm PC.
Mark, what do you think we
should do with him?
I think we should lock him up.
Are you serious?
It's ironic isn't it?
Righteous fugitives become
reluctant jailers.
Locking him up.
What would that entail?
I can't believe you're even
considering this. Any of you.
Where would you keep him?
I think it's important to
realize that if we're going to
do this,
we're all
going to do this.
There's a walk in closet. We can
convert it into a cell.
A cell?
We can make it like a bedroom.
What if...
somebody misses him?
He's not wearing a wedding ring.
A guy like that is dating his
right hand and a bottle of
Bourbon believe me. No one is
going to miss this guy.
What about the moral
Look, we're not talking about
hurting him.
That isn't the point.
And what is the point?
It's not who we are.
Am I right?
Maybe it's who we have to be.
You don't have to do this.
Yeah I'm afraid we do.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
You'll get plenty of food.
A shower a day.
This is bullshit.
I agree
it's the best we could do.
Just out of curiosity,
what do you think of the
The president is going to
win this war and scumbags like
you are going to get bullets in
the head.
Jack was right.
That guy is not on our side.
Put his truck in the garage.
On it.
You're not listening to me.
I am listening to
you. What I'm not
doing is agreeing with you.
You realize he's just some guy
who looks after the lodge.
That doesn't mean we can trust
What are you doing?
Looking for something to read.
Shouldn't you be annoying your
You don't like kids, do you?
Why not?
Because they're short.
That's fucking stupid.
Do your parents know that you
swear like a sailor?
They say it's okay as long as
I use the expletives for
Do they have the lord of the
No, just airport thrillers,
celebrity biographies,
What are they?
Gossip for the mentally
How much do you know about the
Now that is a situation we are
going to have to rectify.
You know what this is?
This is a copy of the
constitution of the
United States.
Little book.
Big ideas.
I regard this document with the
same reverence other people
reserve for the Bible.
You know why?
Because this is the owner's
manual for our great democracy.
Fuck off.
Starve if you want to.
It won't be my doing.
How long are you going to keep
me here?
Not a moment longer than we
have to.
Six weeks into what is now being
called America's second
civil war, military strategists
have begun referring to
the conflict as a war of
attrition. Neither side has
significant ground in recent
and it seems certain that
hostilities will extend through
I need a hat and gloves.
What? Why?
It's really cold outside.
Worried about the weather?
The cold is going to be a
It's gonna get worse.
Why don't you call everybody in
for a meeting.
[soft chatter]
Where's Amy?
She's reading up stairs.
Twenty four weeks on the
outside. I mean...
All right people listen up.
Clearly we have some decisions
to make.
Martin is two weeks overdue.
It doesn't look like the war is
going to be ending anytime soon
now we're gonna have to deal
with the winter.
We could throw a Donner party.
Too soon?
How much food do we have left?
About a month's worth if we
start rationing.
What about gas for the
About the same.
We could use the fireplaces for
The smoke. You'd see it for
So what do you think?
One of us is going to have to go
on a supply run.
You realize you are not gonna
have any idea where you are
once you get out there.
I have a watch with a compass.
I'll be back before you even
know it.
Listen, I need you to be in
charge while I'm away.
I need you to do this.
I'll need this.
You know I can still go if you
want me to.
It's gotta be me.
Don't think we're not grateful.
She's right.
You did good.
Hey. Get over here.
You be careful in those woods
you hear.
You too.
Give me a hug.
Yeah yeah yeah.
I'll be back in a couple of
This for Mills?
Yeah it should still be hot.
The gun.
Oh right.
Make sure you bring it right
Where's your boss?
Mark's not my boss.
Man, I really get you doing some
shit work don't they?
Get it? Shit work.
I have a master's degree in
political science.
So that's it.
That's why they have you
emptying my latrine.
Oh why is that?
Because they're jealous.
They know you're the one who
should be calling the shots.
They can't handle that so what
do they do
They make you shit boy.
I dumped my deuce for the day.
Run on shit boy.
Fuck you.
You're not on for another hour.
I know.
I just thought we could talk.
About what?
Do you like movies?
Not particularly.
I ask because the situation here
reminds me of a
movie called The Quiet Earth.
It's the story of a woman who
has to choose between the last
two men on earth.
Not gonna happen.
Never mind two, I wouldn't sleep
with you if you're the last
man on earth.
Come on, I'm a journalist I'm
just asking questions.
The latest reports
suggest that at least six
U.N. infantry divisions have
crossed the Canadian border.
Those divisions are expected to
begin supporting resistance
forces in Michigan, Wisconsin
and New York by the end of
the week.
I think I see something.
Over there.
I don't see anything.
Look again, way in the
[eerie music]
They're not government.
And they don't look like free
It's probably just some
yahoos out to steal
whatever they can
get their hands on.
You mean looters?
Every war's got them.
The U.N. is sending troops to
support free America.
That's great.
Where's Amy?
I don't know.
Amy, Amy!
Amy! What are you thinking?
Where did you get this?
It's mine.
Who else knows about it?
Just Dad.
Thank God.
Mom knows about the phone.
Later. Is everybody
in the panic room?
Sandy went to get Mills.
Downstairs. Go, go, go.
I need you to come with me.
Is there someone here? Help!
Now get on your feet
and keep your mouth shut.
You bitch.
Keep an eye on him.
Jesus, what did you do to him?
What I had to.
There are two armed men up
stairs. Hopefully they're just
gonna take what they want and
then leave but in the meantime
I need you guys to stay back.
What about you?
I got the door.
Shouldn't you have a gun?
All clear.
Let's see we got.
What's the damage?
They took all the valuables they
could carry.
We can't eat valuables.
They also took three
quarters of the food.
We have maybe...
ten days if we stretch it.
What about the gasoline?
Gone. Not what was already in
the generator but
everything else.
We could use the camping
lanterns at night.
And if we run the heat for a few
We're gonna freeze to death.
What do you suggest?
I think we should leave.
Because it's so much warmer out
there in the woods?
food's not coming to us. If we
leave now we've got ten days to
find some.
If we wait
we lose that option.
Didn't Mark try exactly what
you're suggesting?
At least we'll be
doing something.
It's not just a question of
doing something It's a question
of doing the right thing.
what do you think?
I think we should stay.
There are just too many unknowns
out there.
We don't know where we are. We
don't know which army controls
which territories. We don't know
where to find supplies.
We don't know where to find
We only have one gun.
At least here we have a roof
over our heads.
We have some food. We have some
Going out there, blind and
I think that's suicide.
Why don't you tell us the real
reason you don't want to go.
I just gave you a handful.
You know Amy would never make
Now wait a minute.
I'm just saying what
everybody's thinking.
No, actually you're not.
One speaker at a time.
Wait, wait are you in charge
again because no offense but
when those rednecks were having
a field day at our expense back
there you weren't exactly a
pillar of strength.
How come everyone always
prefaces an offensive
remark by saying no offense.
Maybe David is right.
Maybe we do need a new leader.
Now I obviously have the most
leadership experience so...
Not the whole chief of staff
monologue again please.
I think Nancy should take over.
She's strong. She's reasonable.
She's a natural leader.
Nancy is our best option.
I abstain.
I'm biased.
assuming Nancy is willing...
that's five yeas...
one nay...
one absension.
Do we stay or do we go?
We stay.
Democracy's a bitch.
Oh fuck off.
I don't think I've ever dressed
up for bed before.
Amy is wearing so many layers
she looks like a beach ball.
Come on Nance, are you gonna
talk to me?
How could you let Amy keep her
The GPS was off.
Do you really think anyone's
going to believe that?
Is that what you're worried
that's it isn't it
You're worried that if the
others find out about the phone
they'll put somebody
else in charge.
Why didn't you back me this
You mean why'd I abstain?
Because I don't like what this
place is doing to you.
What protecting my daughter?
Our daughter.
Then act like it.
Oh Sandy.
You're gonna catch your death
out here.
I keep hoping Mark will
come driving out of the woods
with some crazy story about how
he couldn't possibly get back
until now.
Not that you're doing a bad job
No, no I get it. I understand.
you want something?
Some breakfast.
Oh geez.
You standing out here and I
No worries.
I'll get on it right away.
Thanks Sandy.
Good morning.
I'll take
three eggs over easy, two
pieces of bacon and a warm
And some French preserves
Or some really old oatmeal would
be great too.
Sit down.
I take it this is some Avant
garde art project.
Toilet paper.
Do you have a second?
Of course, I was just hoping
that the looters had left
something behind but so far
no luck. What's up?
Max didn't do to well last
What happened?
The cold is debilitating.
And I think he's been having
chest pains he's not telling
me about.
How do you know that?
His nitro tablets are almost
I'll run the heating for three
hours tonight and, uh,
could use an extra blanket?
It couldn't hurt.
I'll take care of it.
That's it?
Nancy said to put Mills on half
Given him a full portion.
But Nancy said...
I'll talk to Nancy.
David, how many blankets does
Mills have?
Two, I think.
Take one please, we
need it for Max.
Hey shitboy.
What's this?
Your rations have been
By her?
I don't know. Looks like
somebody got a demotion.
What do you mean?
From a handgun to a crowbar...
That's a demotion in my book.
I don't need a gun to deal with
She took it didn't she? Your
balls and my breakfast.
That woman's a thief.
I'll tell you what.
You want full portions again?
You have to do something for me.
I ain't going to blow you.
How well do you know this area?
Like the back of my hand.
You thinking about making a run
for it?
You are aren't you?
If you do you're gonna need me.
In your dreams.
I know these woods. Sure as
shit know how to get out of 'em.
I can find food, shelter. Hell
I'll even vouch for you if
we run into the government
What do you say?
We got a deal?
[eerie music]
I'm waiting.
Give me a second, I'm thinking.
What's the matter?
It smells funny.
It's old.
It kinda smells like you.
I'm old too.
Where'd you get it?
It belonged to my father.
he had to study the constitution
to become a United
States citizen.
And after passing the exam, he
carried that with him everywhere
he went, the rest of his life.
Like you do.
Max needs to rest.
One more question, please?
It's about the man in the
What about him?
If we keep him without a trial
doesn't that violate
amedment fourteen?
You mean not shall any state,
deprive any person, of life,
liberty or property without due
process of law.
That's a tough question.
I guess I'd have to say
that the constitution
governs policies, affairs and
of the government.
And we're not the government.
We're just a group of people
trying to survive.
What's the difference?
Two pairs of socks and my feet
are still freezing.
Did you tell sandy to give mills
full rations?
We can't starve the guy.
No, but we can't afford to
waste extra food on
the criminal.
How many times do I have to
remind everyone that the man's
only crime was being in the
wrong place at the wrong time?
He goes back on half
rations tomorrow.
That's it? No discussion?
It's not a debate.
I thought it was a conversation.
What are you doing out of bed?
...out of breath, I...
I'm sitting...
Why aren't you under the
I was choking on my back.
We can't have you freezing
Are you having chest pain?
I can't have you questioning my
You heard me.
Orders? Listen to
yourself you sound like...
A leader? What do you want me to
say? Somebody's got man up.
I don't know what to say to
Oh, fuck.
You have to stay put.
You sound like my wife.
I didn't know you were married.
Nearly twenty years now.
I'm sorry.
It was a good life.
Try to get some sleep.
That's not what you said three
days ago.
The situation was
different then.
Yeah, we had three days more
food to keep us going out there.
Where's Ethan?
I'm here.
What's up?
We're discussing whether or not
we should try to make
a supply run.
I thought we settled that.
The circumstances have changed.
Max's health is failing.
I can't be sure without the
proper tests but I think he has
pneumonia as well as angina.
I don't have any antibiotics and
he's out of nitroglycerin
tablets so
there's nothing to treat either
You think we should go looking
for medicine?
Without it...
he won't be with us much longer.
we go?
Wait, we can't sacrifice the
whole group just save one person
You just don't want to go.
No, as a matter of fact I don't.
We made a decision as a group,
that staying here was our best
shot at survival. I don't see
how Max's condition
changes anything.
Abby is talking about the death
I understand that.
We have eight days of supplies
Let's lay out our options.
Option one.
We send one person.
We tried that.
Anybody heard from mark lately?
Option two we send a few people.
That just increases the chances
of somebody talking if
they get caught.
It's got to be all of us.
Max can't go and I won't abandon
a patient.
Fine, everybody but you and Max.
We can't just let him die?
What about Amy?
How well do you think she's
going to do out there?
What about the obvious choice?
We stay here. We do what we can
for Max and we wait for help.
I think we all know that that's
the the safest, most rational
thing to do.
He's right.
We can't make this an emotional
decision. The last we heard
the U. N. was sending troops in
through Canada. For all we know
the war could already be over.
Or it could go on for months.
The true measure of any society
can be found in how it treats
its most vulnerable members.
What are you a fortune cookie?
How about this? The most justice
can be found by doing the most
good for the most people.
I'm gonna go check on Max.
What about the gun?
What about it?
If anybody leaves they're gonna
need protection.
The gun stays with me.
And I'm not going anywhere.
So what?
You have the gun so you decide
whether the rest of us
live or die?
[murmuring conversation]
Max left this for you.
Shall we begin?
Max was a pain in the ass.
But he was our pain in the ass
and often enough our conscience.
Max was not shy about voicing
his opinion as we all know.
But he wasn't just a talker.
Max believed...
that our best chance...
for survival lay in us
remaining within these walls.
So he did what he had to do to
make that possible.
To Max.
Does anybody know a Jewish
prayer for the dead?
We the people of the United
in order to form a more perfect
establish justice,
ensure domestic tranquility,
provide for the common defense,
promote the general welfare
and secure the blessings of
to ourselves and our posterity,
do ordain and establish this
for the United States of
Here here.
To Max.
We're getting out of here.
Stay there.
We're gonna need a map.
Draw the area and anything
else that might be useful.
I thought you said you knew this
place like the back
of your hand.
If we're both going you don't
need a map.
Draw it.
Fuck off shit boy.
Draw it!
I said fuck off!
Ah shit. I'm gonna kill you.
Why couldn't you just fucking
draw the map man?
[whimpers in pain]
You're a real fucking asshole
you know that.
[crying in pain]
[eerie music]
You okay?
I was just
wanting to straighten up some of
Max's things.
You know those aren't actually
Max's things.
I know.
How's Amy doing?
Has she said anything to you?
She's resilient.
You know before
when I said somebody's gotta man
up. That was harsh.
I'm sorry.
Oh shit.
[tense music]
No! How could you do that!
Shit! You fucking killed him!
He was going to tell the troops
about the lodge.
Don't look at me like that.
It's not like you were going to
do anything to stop him.
That's not fair.
Name one time in this whole
fucking nightmare when you put
your ass on the line.
One time when you've had
some skin in the game.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna make him disappear.
One, two, three.
To your cracker.
Yeah right.
Thank you.
Who lit the fire?
I did.
The war is over.
It's true.
We heard on the radio.
Free America won. The government
just surrendered an hour ago.
An hour ago?
We're polishing off what's
left of the booze.
Are you okay?
Mills escaped.
Good for him.
The war is over right.
Don't move! Don't any of you
make a move.
You don't understand.
Shut up.
I can't take all of you
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You don't know do you?
Know what?
The war is over.
Yeah right.
No, I'm serious. The government
We can all go home.
Whoa! Easy, easy, easy. Just
Listen to me. All right you've
been wounded and you're not
thinking straight
but that's okay.
I just need you to try
to focus.
When were you separated from
your unit?
Two days ago.
Okay, okay that's good.
And I'm guessing you followed
the chimney smoke here.
Am I right?
So if the war was still on
we wouldn't be drawing attention
to ourselves with a fire
would we?
Maybe not.
And believe me you do not want
to kill anyone after the war
is over.
A thing like that would haunt
you for the rest of your life.
You don't wanna be a murder do
I'm a soldier.
Now it's time to stand down.
Okay, okay. We got you.
[eerie music]
Nance. You ok?
[eerie music]
[eerie music]
[dramatic music]