Deep Powder (2013) Movie Script

[INAUDIBLE] Ambrose?
It's fine.
It's a school I go to.
It's a school full
of winners, I guess.
People thought I was crazy
applying to boarding schools.
My parents have to teach summer
school to pay the tuition
and I get straight A's.
My grandfather and my father
both came here and from that
point on their lives were set.
And it's not like that anymore.
We have to work
for what we want.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and
gentlemen, we welcome you
to JFK International Airport.
The local time
here is about 6:35.
MALE VOICE: Hey listen,
if anything goes wrong,
I just want you to know--
is going to go wrong.
ANNOUNCER: --For your safety and
the safety of those around you,
please remain seated.
[DOG GROWL] Please use caution
when opening the overhead.
looking at them.
looking at them.
freaking me out.
OFFICIAL: Passport please.
Skiing in Ecuador?
skied a volcano?
Just be cool.
MALE VOICE: I'm cool.
MAN: Ready?
I'll count this down.
On four-- one, two, three,
and wait-- whoa, whoa, wait.
No, you said on four.
Oh, the flying hip check.
Flying body slam.
No, come on!
Oh, you got me.
Now I'm going to be late.
KID: I told you it was broken.
Thanks little man.
That's really helpful.
Seriously, Josh,
who would you choose?
I already told you.
If I pick Deep Powder
then I'm going alone.
And it's my birthday
so that ticket is mine.
Yes, birthday girl.
Birthday girl.
Come on, you can't go
to Ecuador by yourself.
Besides, it's been going
for, like, 11 years.
It's always done by a team.
That is just part of the ritual.
You and your traditions.
A holy ritual.
It's a drug run.
It's more than a drug run.
Idiot, exactly.
I'm with you on this.
Don't worry.
I am totally fucked
if I get that ticket.
Deep Powder Alpine
Country Club is amazing.
It made me feel like I was
part of this great tradition.
This great group
of friends that--
we were going to
leave some mark there.
Get me-- get me-- oh, look.
Look what you've done.
That was you.
That was totally you.
Well, fuck the wallet.
Give me some shit.
Hey dude!
She dropped her wallet
under the chairlift
if you want to grab it for us.
It's not a big deal.
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
She's down again.
BOY: Come on.
think he's cute.
BOY: Lift guy?
GIRL: You really
think he's cute?
Seriously girl?
Oh my God.
There's got to be,
like, 300 bucks here.
You don't know it's hers.
What do you mean I
don't know it's hers?
She dropped it.
I saw her drop it.
It's right here.
This is the girl.
That is the girl, my friend.
She didn't even look for it.
It's abandoned property.
That's not right.
You know, and as hard
as you've been working?
Here-- college money.
Take that back, man.
Come on, that's my half.
Just-- thank you.
Did you get a 20?
- Who's that?
- Ms. Taber.
Natasha Tabor.
I'm telling you-- everything
in the whole universe
was packed into this tight,
little, tiny, little ball.
And then you know what happened?
It exploded.
I mean it shattered--
particles flying everywhere
all across the universe.
That's not what Ms. Lyle says.
I had Ms. Lyle, all right?
She doesn't know what
she's talking about.
What is gravity?
Gravity is a force.
I don't know what it is
exactly to be honest.
Do you think it's
stronger than love?
Love is not a force.
Yes it is.
It doesn't work like that.
Love is not a physical force.
Don't listen to him.
It's definitely a force.
- Hi, mom.
- Hi, honey.
Hey, mom.
Hi, sweetheart.
You hung these up outside.
They're frozen.
What am I going to wear
to work tomorrow, Danny?
Hey ma, I've got
to talk to you.
Will you guys hang
these up downstairs?
Come on.
Just do it.
Clutch fell out
of the car, Danny.
Middle of the road.
Nothing I can do, OK?
All right, guess who drove
up with his tow truck?
Freakin' Ronnie-- who agreed
to give me a discount, right?
If I agreed to go
on a date with him.
Which I did, but I will not do.
Ma, you spent, like, $500.
You still have, like,
$750 in your account.
Look Danny, I'm sorry, OK?
There was nothing I could do.
I know you're saving up.
Housatonic is right
down the road.
I'm not going to Housatonic.
Oh my God.
You've got to stop.
Housatonic has hockey.
It's a club, mom.
You hear me?
A club.
Do you even know what a club is?
Please explain to
me what a club is.
It's a club.
Mom, look.
Coach said if I can
pay for the first year,
he'll give me a scholarship
for the rest of the way.
You need to let it go.
Move on, OK?
Clutch fell out of the car.
You blew your knee
out in pre-season.
Shit happens.
For the first year
it's $15,000, OK?
That's more than I
paid for this house.
Housatonic costs, like, $600.
I'm not going to HCC.
It's a worthless piece of paper.
How long are you going
to sit up in that booth?
You need to get back into
school is what you need to do.
BOY: A bone.
Hold this for me, will you?
I'm sorry, man.
I'm really sorry.
That was really uncool.
You work at Pine Hollow, right?
Found it.
Christ, if you
don't get into Cornell
there's another booth
up on the east hill.
My man here has got the
west one all locked up.
That wasn't cool.
Just some townie moon man.
Looks like Natasha's
moist for moon man, huh?
Tasha, I'm kidding.
GIRL: You hit a nerve.
- Hey!
Wait up!
I just wanted to say--
thank you.
DANNY: She left that on my bike.
You slam the door in her face?
And then she leaves
this on your bike?
Damn, you are getting
respect Friday night.
What's wrong?
There's no way I'm
going to that party.
I mean, with those kids?
No way.
Wait a minute.
I don't care how
freaking poor you are.
You're going to this party.
That girl is wicked sexy.
You're going to go
and you're going
to let her nibble
your earlobe, you're
going to let her
lube your joint,
you're going let her ride
your rig, you know, get dirty.
Whatever floats her boat.
But you're going, all right?
I grew up with Danny.
Our dads used to take
us fishing together.
You know, he was
obsessed with hockey.
That was his ticket.
I would drive him two hours so
he could get that equipment.
You know, like, a stick
from a friend of a friend.
And then he got this scholarship
to some school, some college
in Pennsylvania.
He always wanted to
go away to college.
But then his dad died and
that was blown to hell, so--
GIRL: Tasha!
Is it for me?
GIRL: It's your dad.
Come on!
Hurry, hurry!
NATASHA: Don't let him hang up.
I've been trying to reach
you for, like, two weeks.
You never mentioned it.
It's in Kenya, right?
Look, I've been
thinking about it
and I really think
I need to come home.
No, I don't--
I don't think I
should stay here.
I promise I will be good.
I won't cause you any problems.
It's different this time.
Dad, please don't hang up.
Dad, please.
One, two, three, war.
That's what you're wearing?
DANNY: What?
That's what you
wear every day.
What are you giving
her as a present?
Big kids don't give presents.
It's not cool.
- Come on!
Come on!
Catch up!
I am king of the forest.
Last one up is a rotten egg.
Oh, you're going down.
Wait, stop.
Are you sure you
want to do this?
Yeah, there's, like, a
17% chance I'll get picked.
Do the math.
- OK.
- Come on, let's go.
- OK.
Go big, go home!
Go big, go home!
Go big, go home!
Go big--
KIDS: One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Hey, be good.
Simmer down.
Simmer down.
Listen up.
We have a run to make.
Everybody from Chestnut Hill to
Penobscot Bay wants our shit.
Yeah they do.
The original lift tickets from
our founders eight years ago.
Each one of these represents
a great run that one of them
had at a great mountain.
But this one--
Mystic Ridge.
Whoever picks this awesome
ticket is southward bound.
I'd be honored.
All right.
Seniors-- seniors--
you know the drill.
Come on.
Go ahead, man.
- All right.
All right.
Been here.
Choose wisely.
BOY: All right.
And the winner is--
drum roll-- Ah, birthday girl!
I'm going down south.
BOY: Congratulations.
Guys, the eighth
annual run of the Deep
Alpine Powder Country Club.
Who will be going with you?
I'm going alone.
Tash, come on.
Are you crazy?
No one's ever done that before.
I am flying solo.
All right, well,
you know what?
Let's drink, right?
To Deep Powder Alpine Country--
like the stars kiss the sky.
Kiss me like the
stars kiss the sky.
it down in there.
Love me like
a school boy loves his pie.
like the wind hugs the trees.
Hug me like the
wind hugs the trees.
This is my bob-house.
Actually it was my dad's.
It's a nice bob-house.
It's for ice fishing.
Oh, I get it.
So you pushed it out on the ice.
No, we don't push it.
It's 800 pounds.
We use a snowmobile
to pull it out.
Make yourself at home.
These are really cool.
We'd catch perch.
TASHA: Do you have a
toilet in this bob-house?
DANNY: Um, yeah.
You open that latch
and just go ahead.
There's no toilet paper, though.
Hey, what were you guys doing
at the bar the other night?
It's this school tradition.
Go on.
Well, a couple of us for
spring break or Christmas we
go down South
America and we score
some high quality cocaine.
And we bring it back.
It's gotten really big.
We get checks from Kingsford,
Bingly, Mount Hope,
you name it.
- Wow.
- It's kind of like flying.
Everyone thinks
it's so dangerous,
but it's actually
safer than driving.
Driving what?
A car.
A car?
That's the dumbest thing
I've heard in my life.
No, it's true.
Flying is safer than driving.
Hey, you guys.
I'm really sorry.
Get in the car.
Hey, you guys.
Please come in the car.
Look, I'm sorry, OK?
Come on.
Be right back.
All right, fine.
I was 10 minutes late.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
Try 40.
Come on, that's
not true, Travis.
Let's go.
- I'm hungry.
Who's that?
It's a friend of mine.
I've got to say, I do think
it's really unfair to just
keep people waiting like that.
- Exactly.
Did you say you were hungry?
LISA: Yeah.
- All right.
Let's see.
I think I might have
some snacks in here.
Some peanuts and chocolate.
I remember when I was little,
my dad or one of my step-moms,
they would always
leave me places.
I remember this one time they
completely left me at ballet.
It sucked.
Where was your mom?
Well, she died.
Our dad died, too.
He got cancer.
What happened to your mom?
She killed herself.
Yeah, that's usually a
conversation stopper.
All right, come on.
What did you do when
nobody picked you up?
I was too embarrassed
to say anything,
so I hid in the bathroom.
Ooh, the bathroom.
What do you think about that?
That stinks.
Yeah, it did.
You go to Mount Ambrose.
That's a fancy school.
I like yours better.
You're starting to
sound like you want to be
joining them or something.
No, I'm just saying they can--
they can do anything they want.
They can go anywhere, you know?
You and me, man, we're
planning right here.
- Give me a Phillips head.
- You don't even seem to notice.
Give me a Phillips head.
I notice.
I don't choose to dwell on it.
Let me see.
What is this?
Let me see this.
It's pretty cool, huh?
It's Johnny Rivers.
See that?
They're hollow inside.
What, all the way?
All the way.
You don't get
it, Coda, do you?
- I get it.
- There's no future for us here.
I'm-- we're just working
and working, I mean--
No, you're working.
I'm managing.
What are these holes?
Um, they're ice fishing holes.
If you fall in, you're dead.
- Yeah.
We're not allowed to go on
the pond at Mount Ambrose.
That's because there's natural
springs under the water.
And where it looks
frozen it's not.
Some kid went in
in like the '60s.
It takes a minute or two.
So we should jump
in the holes then?
Let's go swimming.
I don't know her.
I just know her.
You know, I'd seen her around.
And um, Danny told me about her.
But I get why he would
hang around with her.
I mean, she's super
sexy, you know?
Um, I think she's
a little crazy.
And I think Danny liked that.
So you, um--
you can pack the drugs in these.
And, um, it slides
all the way down.
And then you just--
it closes like that.
And you can literally pack
the whole area under the boot.
They'll never suspect anything.
That's genius.
You think so?
All right.
MAN: Tasha?
Are you in there?
Go, go, go.
I'm sorry.
Did I wake you up?
Holy shit, this
is a lot of money.
I have an AP Euro
paper I have to finish.
Wait a minute.
Sit down.
Just sit down.
I'm going to fail AP Euro.
Not, you're not.
Look, you can't go to
Ecuador by yourself.
It's too dangerous.
And you're certainly not
going to take the lift guy.
His name is Danny.
OK, you can't
take Danny with you.
I'm going alone.
Tash, you're going with me.
Look, this isn't a joke.
Look, it's not an
island vacation.
It's Ecuador.
It's dangerous.
I can't let you do this.
You can't let me do that?
MAN: Are you having fun?
All right, then.
We don't do the run.
You crazy bitch.
But I'm done defending you when
people say that you're nuts,
because you are fucking crazy.
You better not fuck this up.
He's an asshole.
I was lying when I said
I wanted to go alone.
You can have my
share of the money.
I don't want it.
I want you to go with me.
I don't really know
anything about him though.
I mean, I know that-- that--
you know, he-- he
doesn't go to school.
I don't know.
He's not going to school maybe.
Honestly, I-- I don't
know what she saw in him.
I think she just
wanted something
different, to be honest.
She wanted an escape
from her life here.
We're going to find you.
So much fun.
Where is it?
She is so taunting us.
Oh, behind the curtain!
Under the bed!
Under the bed!
We're not allowed
to touch those.
That's my daddy's stuff.
So cool.
You know, this is awesome!
We're not allowed
to play those.
Hey, you guys need to
come get these records.
I'm serious.
No way.
No, no, no.
I don't dance.
I don't even know how to dance.
KIDS: Yes, you do.
I do?
What do I do?
Something like this?
A little bit of that?
All right.
What happened?
We told her not to do it.
They asked me not to.
It's totally my fault. You
have a great collection.
Those were my
husband's records.
You come into my home, and
you go into my bedroom?
You guys go into my closet?
You know not to do that.
Get out.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, Mom.
Let me see you.
Come here.
A lot of people
thought I could
do better than Ken Kolcheck.
He had a beer gut in
high school, you know.
But I just--
I love that guy, you know.
I love that guy.
And there was nothing that
anybody could have said
that would have stopped me.
And I knew that that girl
was trouble for Danny,
but I also saw the
way he looked at her.
There was nothing that
I could do about it.
MAN: Natasha, it's that guy.
I'm not here.
I got the kids a present.
I wanted to get your
mom something, too.
I feel really bad.
It's her that should feel bad.
The way she went off
on you like that.
That's how she gets
around anything
having to do with my dad.
He has a really amazing
record collection.
She should give
them to Goodwill.
No way.
They're your dad's.
Yeah, they're my dad's.
And he's gone.
I mean, maybe he's up in heaven.
Maybe he's just gone.
But she's got to let it go.
I mean, those records-- they
don't bring him back, you know?
You're lucky, you know.
I'm lucky?
This-- this is lucky.
Now she won us the
1979 Wabanaki Derby.
It's a big deal.
That's impressive.
Are you ready for
this kind of luck?
You have to be committed.
Are you ready?
- OK.
- All right.
Tash, I have consistently--
and I can back this up--
consistently despite
conditions been able to
make you laugh for years.
So I think it's in
your best interest
to take me to South
America with you,
because you will have
the time of your life.
That's not going to happen.
And on a different subject--
and I'm not trying to scare you
guys-- but airport security
is becoming a completely
different game here.
I saw last night that
there's been people
busted in Houston and Miami.
And I'm pretty sure that New
York is going to be next.
- Not for coke.
- No.
Yes, for coke.
Now, I reserved a ticket.
I just-- it doesn't make any
sense for you going alone,
all right?
I've got the
connections down there.
I know what I'm doing.
Seriously, Tash.
Can you at least promise
me that you're not
going to do anything stupid?
I'm just worried about you, OK?
I promise I won't be stupid.
I got to go.
We have study hall
in 15 minutes.
You left your bag.
TASHA: Grab my bag.
It's a mandatory class, Tash.
TASHA: Just grab my bag.
I practiced that speech like
in the mirror like 10 times.
You practiced that?
What's up?
Are you busy?
I mean, yeah.
I'm shutting down.
Why, do you want
to play basketball?
The exciting life of a lift
attendant playing video games.
What are you--
She's kind of above
it all, you know?
Doesn't really care
about anything.
She just doesn't care
about school, grades.
She just kind of--
I mean, she lives.
I'm always happy
when I'm around her.
She really made it--
she really made Mount
Ambrose a good time for me.
A good place.
You know, first
she comes off as kind
of tough and independent, but
she's actually pretty fragile.
No, you look like my
grandmother in Miami.
Even Eddie Lamont
doesn't do coke.
That kid's a fuck up.
Try those on.
This pays my whole first year.
I got to do it.
That shit is for rich kids.
How do I look?
Better on me, right?
I look like a giant bug, right?
How about these?
What-- are you going to
join the Highway Patrol?
You look like an idiot.
Oh, man.
Maybe you are an idiot.
I don't know.
I don't know.
DANNY: You're the idiot, OK?
I'm going to college.
Let me see.
Seriously, think.
I have something for you.
Our tickets.
- Oh.
It's just, um-- when you
said Christmas break,
I didn't actually
think Christmas day.
I thought it would be awesome.
No, it would be great.
It's just Travis and Lisa.
I wasn't thinking.
I'm kind of just
free falling here.
I don't even know
where that is on a map.
It's below Columbia
next to Peru.
South America.
Oh, South America.
I had to change the tickets
but it was kind of late,
so I'll be back
Christmas morning.
Well, you're 20 years old.
I can't tell you what to do.
But you are going to tell
Lisa and Travis yourself.
Oh my god.
taxi down to San Lorenzo
on the coast.
I booked you a suite
at the Grand Royal.
It's a great place to stay
since you'll be on your own.
It's only four stars but you'll
blend in with all the tourists.
I want you to stay
off the beaches.
They're not safe.
I'll get you!
Are you alone now?
Are you alone now?
Are you alone now?
should have no problem
getting in touch with Carmello.
And you can trust
Carmello-- which by the way,
is not his real name.
Now, This is the
part that scares me.
Your Spanish-- let's
just say, is pathetic.
Carmello works for my cousin's
friend who's based in Columbia.
They truck the blow across
the Ecuadorian border,
and they send it out on boats
with flowers from San Lorenzo.
- What?
- Oh, thank you.
It was mi madre's.
I got it, OK?
No, Danny.
I want to see it.
Dude, I got it.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Lo siento.
I want to see it.
- OK.
Esta bien.
He's trying to fuck us over.
This is bullshit.
No, I want my money back.
Por favor.
What were you thinking?
- What?
He had a machete.
Now he has our money.
You don't fucking
yell at the guy.
I know what I'm doing.
That stuff was crap.
Who cares?
Now he has our money,
and we have nothing.
Well, that's not my
fault. You're the one who
handed it over like a good boy.
No, I didn't hand it over.
He took it when
you yelled at him.
We're going to be fine.
No, Natasha.
I'm fucked, you understand?
I'm fucked.
But you go back to your cushy
life with your fancy schools.
And I understand.
Yeah, yeah, it makes
you miserable, OK?
But I go back to that booth
on top of that shit mountain
dinero, dinero, dinero.
That's where I have
to go, you understand?
That's where I have--
I don't have any money.
We just lost our money, OK?
We just lost it.
Take my fucking shoes.
- Danny.
Can I sit?
Para tu mama, OK?
Thank you.
I got it.
Come on.
I got it.
Hey, look at me.
You're going to be
great, Danny Kolcheck.
TASHA: I wish we could stay
this way forever, college boy.
DANNY: What about you?
I'm just a little fucked
up right now, that's all.
There's fucked up, right?
And then there's fucked up.
Not like you tried
to kill somebody.
I tried.
Oh, yeah?
TASHA: Yeah.
- Who?
Well, this girl.
She wanted to be put
out of her misery so.
I mean, come on.
Everyone thinks about it.
Not me.
I think it's a cop out.
It's not a cop out.
You shouldn't say
stuff like that.
I wish it was a cop out.
Listen, if
anything goes wrong--
Nothing is going to go wrong.
You're going to jinx it.
It looks good, OK?
We're going to be fine.
- OK.
You've checked it
like 100 times.
You're freaking me out.
You all right?
I think I'm going to ralph.
You OK?
TASHA: Fine.
- All right.
JFK International Airport.
For your safety and the safety
of all those around you--
Passports, please.
Anything to declare?
DANNY: No, sir.
How was your stay?
TASHA: Just a week.
Business or pleasure?
DANNY: Pleasure.
It was a skiing vacation.
two need to come with me.
Terrible habit.
Looks like you're good to go.
You know what?
Let me just check
your skis, then you
can go and have your Christmas.
Pretty big skier, huh?
- Yeah, I guess.
What do you mean, you guess?
Can you explain this?
They're Johnny Rivers.
It's just how they're
made, I guess.
Something wrong?
All right.
You're all set.
Aw, what a cute teddy bear.
Or is it-- no.
It's a lion, right.
It's for my little brother.
How old is he?
He's 10.
I want to know what's going
to happen to Danny Kolcheck.
You've known this
Danny for what?
A couple of months?
Your girlfriend-- her
lawyer is going to have
her out of here in no time.
She's a minor.
But you, you're--
you're 20, right?
I'm trying to do
the right thing.
The right thing?
Smuggling drugs
from South America?
I would say that trusting your
instinct to do the right thing
is about the last
thing you should do.
This is bullshit.
I have to tell you, you're
looking at 10 to 15 minimum.
That's years.
I want names.
I don't think you
did this alone.
If you let me, I can help you.
But first, you need to help me.
Starting with your girlfriend.
You can walk out of here.
need to pay his bail.
Get him a lawyer.
We have to help him.
What you're doing here?
Danny and I got busted at JFK.
I need your help.
You lied to me.
What's going to happen to him?
Listen, you need to focus on
taking care of Natasha Tabor.
I know she's a good kid,
but she gets a little
carried away sometimes.
But she is going to go
back to Mount Ambrose.
And she's going to finish
up her senior year,
and she is going to graduate.
All right.
This is the truth
if anybody asks, OK?
And I do mean anyone, Crash.
We just lockstep on this,
and we're going to be fine.
It's Suzy's choice.
This is not our fault. Cool?
All right.
I'll see you in school.
All right, bye.
Mrs. Schofield?
Hey, this is Duncan
Kazmir calling.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It was very nice to
hear your voice, too.
Um, is Elizabeth there?
I'm sorry.
a little bit about Danny.
We just kind of assumed
what was going on.
We didn't know anything
about the drugs, anything
about the South America run.
We all tell that and we're fine.
Like I said, I don't
see Danny involved
with something like this.
So I don't think he even
knew anything about it.
Maybe Natasha just wanted
somebody to, you know,
tag along with her and
maybe put the blame onto.
Deep Powder-- it's been
going on for about 10 years.
It's just a-- it's a
club that we seniors do.
It's part of our ski team.
It's some-- it's kind
of a dumb little social,
you know, fraternal
thing that we do.
It's-- it's kind of hard to
describe, because it's-- it's--
we make it into such
a big thing here,
but it's really just
kind of harmless.
It's just a club.
It's just-- a-- a barn in
the woods where we hang out.
It's nothing more than that.
And we go skiing every--
every winter.
Um, Kaz's brother, Teddy,
he, uh-- he founded it.
And he kind of was like,
let's find the best peaks,
and let's ride them.
You guys look scary.
We're cool.
Speak for yourself.
I'm far from cool.
We need to know if you're
with us or against us.
Shut up, dude.
Who talks like that?
- What is this?
Some kind of weird
DUNCAN: It's a yes
or no question.
We just need to do
what you told them.
My attorney wouldn't let me.
You talked to your attorney?
Why would you do that?
What do you want from me?
We need our checks.
I don't have your checks.
You're a liar.
I'll be up in a bit, guys.
She's gone.
I tried to pay Danny's bail.
I know it was my
fault. I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's worth at least $10,000.
It was my grandmother's.
Please take it.
Bail is $125--
Ms. Kolcheck, please.
Get off my property.
On gate.
Are you OK?
You need to tell
me what happened.
How did you get
involved in this?
Have you heard from her?
Did she call?
Where's your lawyer?
I have no idea what you think
you're up to here, Miss Tabor.
But the fact that
you even came here
could get my case
thrown out of court,
so I'm done talking to you.
You're a minor.
Miss O'Connor, please.
Danny had nothing
to do with this.
It was all my fault. OK?
Here's evidence.
I have checks, maps, names.
I just told you.
I can't touch this mess.
He had nothing
to do with this.
Do you realize you're
incriminating yourself?
I don't care.
There's a simple
solution to this.
Get your boyfriend to talk.
I can't.
His family won't
let me speak to him.
I'll see what I can do.
COP: This way ma'am, down this--
your inmate's name that
you're here to see?
Um, Danny Kolcheck.
Kissing and holding hands
is across the table only.
Where the hell have you been?
I didn't hear a thing from you.
They wouldn't let me.
I spoke to my lawyer.
I went to your house.
I begged your mom.
I basically had
to sneak in here.
You, um-- do you
remember when you--
when you told me that
you were free falling?
I'm fine.
Just hear me out, OK?
You, um-- you're
so full of life.
I mean it.
More than anyone I've ever met.
If anything were
to happen to you.
Danny, you need to
tell them the truth.
Look, the cops-- they
won't take this from me.
But you can give this to them.
And you can tell the truth,
and you'll be out of this.
Is that what they told you?
Natasha, they tell you
that to manipulate you.
It's their job.
I got caught with
a kilo of cocaine.
It's not your fault.
Yeah, it is.
It's definitely my
fault. Turn you in--
it's not going to help.
Danny, you have to
stop protecting me.
What about your mom?
I can't take that.
What about Travis and Lisa?
I can't live with myself.
Natasha, you have to.
I'm ready to go.
I love you.
Where are you?
GIRL: Say something.
I can't talk you anymore.
None of us can.
Our parents won't let us.
need to hear from you.
I need to know you're OK.
She could be very unstable.
She makes impulsive decisions.
And I don't think
that this is the, uh,
first time that
she's disappeared.
I think this is definitely the
longest she's ever disappeared.
Obviously, if I knew
where she was, I would do
something about it but I don't.
haven't I heard from you?
I don't understand.
I love you.
I think it's pretty obvious
what happened to Natasha.
I don't-- I was the one who
found out that she was missing.
I told the Dean of Students.
I even met with the headmaster.
They didn't do
anything to help her.
They didn't do anything
to try and find her.
mean, Has her dad even come back
from Europe to look for her?
She's been missing
for almost two weeks.
I could have helped
her and I didn't.
A fisherman found her things
in the middle of the pond
in Mount Ambrose.
The hole she busted
through is frozen over.
You need to tell us
what you two talked
about when you last saw her.
Got her.
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Once you see
what they have, you want it.
It's not even just the
money, but it's the whole way
they live and enjoy life.
I've never been around
anything like that.
That's the Deep Powder
Aline country club.
Kaz's older brother
started this tradition
of going down to South America
with a group of his Mount
Ambrose ski buddies.
And they were like
a secret society.
COP: I need you to identify
these Mount Ambrose kids.
Those kids--
I don't even know
their real names.
I mean, that's-- that's Snack,
and that's Crash, that's Kaz.
Kaz was pretty much in charge.
What did they say?
I mean, why would Kaz
say all that shit if he--
if it weren't for the fact that
he was one of the ones that
did it, you know?
I don't even know what to
say to that that you would
try to put that blame on me.
And put that blame
on-- on the rest
of this school and that club.
Yes, I fully understand the
circumstances that we're in
and the consequences.
If I tell you what you
want to know, will you--
will I have a way out of this?
It was supposed to be me.
It was supposed to be me that
went down to get the coke.
They're in the living
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Oh!
Go, go, go!
Get the chick.
Get the kick.
Yeah, hit the chick.
No kidding.
No, it's fine.
I want you to try.
No, it's mine.
- No!
- No.
Come on.
One more.
- Try to pass, Trav.
- Careful.
Hey, you might hit me with that.
You guys can keep playing.
Come on.
TRAVIS: Come on, one more.
Look up and let me see heaven.
From two stories
down you'll pass by.
I hope that you know
my conscious said no.
But you made me
madness a pleasure.
And don't you want?
And don't you need?
And [INAUDIBLE] my fantasy.
With the madness in front of me.
A million ways to love her.
A million little
pieces of my soul.
A million ways to love her.
A million little
pieces of my soul.
The street that you
walk on below me.
Rolls out like a
red carpet, lover.
I know you should enter
my labyrinth of thunder.
Cause my brain is a
structure of wonder.
And don't you wonder?
And don't you need?
A [INAUDIBLE] a fantasy with
the madness that's in me.
A million ways to love her.
A million a little
pieces of my soul.
A million ways to love her.
A million little
pieces of my soul.
A million ways to love her.
A million little
pieces of my soul.
A million ways to love her.
A million little
pieces of my soul.
A million.
A million little, love.